West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, January 10, 1905, Image 4

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    Social and Personal.
A. Telerton of forvallia wu
the eity the last of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. I). A. Hodae were
in Portland the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. U. Cressr were
in Portland the first ot the week.
Mayor Mesaner ia tu Portland on
Mr. Will Craven and children
retrrned from a two weeks' visit in
Portland Sunday.
Mr. nl Mr. Arthur Mo-r re.
tamed Suturday from a visit with
Portland friend.
Misa Marion returnKl to lode-
pendens after spending th holi
days in Astoria with her )aretis,
Misa Kva Hanson caoie up from
Portland Saturday to make her
home with Mrs. Nellie Graves.
Mrs. J. S. Cooper returned from
Portland Saturday.
Mr. Hattie Townsend of Port
land visited relatives in Indepon
dence the last of the week.
Will Mattison and Jim Jones
left Friday for Boise City, Idaho,
just for a view of the country.
Wain Mulkey of Philomath
yisited his siBter Mrs. Thoa. Fen
nell the past week. ' ''
E. P. Tobin representing the
Pacific Paper Company wu in the
city Friday.
Sam Irvine and Jess Whiteaker
are looking over the country in
eastern Oregon in the vicinity of
Baker City.
Mrs. Mable Brown and baby
and Fred Middleham returned to
LotAngles, Cal., Saturday after
spending the summer with their
father, V. F. Middleham at Highland.
Mr. Howard and family of
Albany are guests at the Mattereon
home In this city.
Rev. Dr. IlallinRshead Presldin
Elder of the Portland District will
preach at the Methodist chare
Thursday evening. January 12,
A cordial invitation is extended t
all to come out and hear this aht
A. J. Morgan, arretted tor forg
erv was caucht bv John Moran in
Portland the last of the week and
ia lodged in the county jail
Dallas awaiting trial.
Two citizens of Indejudeno
who siiW'rihed f2.r0rHcli to th
New Years Statesman feel that to
-thr thev should be entitled to
one copv. Or if not this year
they hu to getn next.
Weldon M. Jones and Clarence
Hunt have moved their families to
Corvallia where they have bought
a butcher shop.
O. L. Mc Clun and family
moved here from Philomath.
Rev. J. J. Hundsaker and wife
formerly Miss Grace Smith, have
gone to Jamaica. B. V. I. where
they will make their future borne.
Lee Russell has returned from
eastern Oregon where he has been
since last spring.
V. 0. Boots was a business visit
or in Portland the last of the week.
J. M. Garrison, tbe poultry man
of Forest Grove, spent Sunday
ber. Mr. Garrison taught writing
lessons here over twenty yeara ago.
The Normal basket ball team
went up against tbe real tbing
ast Saturday night at Corvallis
and when the final score was
counted the O. A. C. boys bad
secured 41 points and the Normals
9. The Normal team was badly
Low lUtea on ltarrlman Line.
The Harrltnan lines have done a
very coiuuisndable act in reducing
the rates on cars for Immigrants
bagsrage from Missouri river points
to the Norlhwoel during til
year of the Lewis and Chrk Fair,
Agent Wiloox of this place is in re
ceipt of a letter from W, K, Coman
general freight and passenger agent
in w hich the oeune and scope of the
big reduction ia set out
Sat. Evening Ball
Saturday Evening Jan. 14.
Mrs. Eph Young is visiting
friends in Portland.
Mrs. G. A. Wilcox is visiting
relatives at The Dalles.
Warren and Elias Ferguson
were business visitors to Portland
this week.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Stumberg wil
leave this week for Vancouver
Wash., where they will make their
future home.
Misa Iva Cooper returned to Ml
Angel yesterday. She was ac
companied by her father J. ft
W. W. Percival, Lark Hall, Wm
McAdams, R. L. Gaines and Wm
Mackay were Salem visitors
There will be installation
officers at Homer Lodge K. of
on Wednesday night Dec. 11.
M. Curl, G. C. of Albany, and
R. Stineon.G. K. of R. and 8.
Salem will make a visit with the
lodge at this meeting.,
Mr. and Mrs. Will PicKei of
Portland are visiting Mrs. PicKel's
mother Mrs. Johnson of this city.
Mrs. PicKei will leave in a few
days for eastern Oregon. He has
accepted a traveling position with a
coal company of Portland
Mrs. Wm. W. McOammon,
widow of the la te Major W. W.
McCammon, U. 8. A. arrived on
Wednesday last oh a visit to her
brother, Mr. E. E. McCammon
and wife of Monmouth. Mrs. Mc
Cammon has just returned from a
trip to the Philippines, where she
went to visit her sons, 1st Lieut.
W. W. McCammon, 23 U. S. In
fantry and Lieut. Ed E. McCam
mon, 22 U. 8. Infantry also ' he r
son-in-law 1st Lieut. C. J. Nelson,
17th U. S. Inft Mrs. McCammon
had a pleacant trip in many ways,
but was glad to get back to Oregon.
handicapped by the large floor and
failed to show up much team work
but with a few weeks work under
the efficient coaching of Mr. Thorp
we predict a much better showing.
Mr. Lacev made a visit to
Albany Tuesday returning Wed
nesday. , '
Mr. Fuqua went to Dallas
Mr. and Mrs. C. Boone were
Independence visitors Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Bush visited
relatives in Albany last week.
Mrs. Lida Davidson is visiting
in Portland.
The Spaulding and Simpson
logging crews put through to the
boom about twelye million feet of
log last week.
Mr. Cleve Parker made a visit
home Sunday.
Joe Harlan was a visitor here
this week.
Ralph Davidson is at home on a
visit. ,
Mr. Coman' eays: "In order
assist in the immigration work
bringing aettlem" into the North
west, the tinrrimart lines win re
dace the rate on immigrant niove
ablea, carload, from one u.iller per
hundred pounds from Misour
river common points to hfty cents
per one hundred pound--; or in
other word 4, cut the rate in two
This reduction will apply to all
points on the southern raciuo
L,inea in Oregon to Anhland and
North, so that our section of the
country will have the same ad
vantage in working immigration
from the East as any other section
in the Northwest, as the same
colonist rates are applied from the
East to Ashland aa to Portland in
all cases. This reduction will
amount to one hundred dollars and
over per car. and the rate of fifty
cents is an exceptionally law rate,
being lower than the present rate
on any other commodity.
This action is taken because of
the fact that th low passenger
rates on account of the Lewis a nd
Clark Exposition the coming year
are expected to bring a large
number of people from the middle
atates and the east into this section
and the extra inducement of such
a very low rate on their household
and personal effects leaves ni ob
stacle whatever in the way of their
coming to our section of the coun
try to locate, so far as the transpor
tat'on part is concerned, and it now
remaina for our people to put forth
the attractions and inducements of
the country itself, in the way of
climate, sure crops, great possi
bilities for the future, etc., to take
full advantage of tbe opportunity
offered by the railroads to settle up
tbe country during the coming
made in all
leather and
style e. ,
1 A I 1
sVlTrt TMC CNAiuCTrl V
. i
jffice: S3.30
Peoples a$If,$tore
A largo shipment to arrivw in a fw
beveral million feet of logs were
floated down the Luckiamute the
past week. '
Sixty years ago the first tele
graph line between Baltimore and
Washington was completed. In
1903 the number of telegrams
sent was db4,84,44, on an
average of a million a day.
riiciuccq i nr.iio. ?
Moore's Hair Invigorator and
Newbro's Herpicide for dandruff
and falling hair or diseased scalp
sold In bulk, 50c 8 oz., or applied if
necessary by Moore & Taylor's, the
barbers on C street.
If it is neat, np-to date job print
ng you are looking for, stop at
this office.
Mrs. J. W. Richardson Sr. has
for sale, at her home on Monmouth
street in Independence, California
Medicated soap. Price 10c per bar
or three bars for a quarter.
Mrs. J. W. Richardson Sr. has
for sale, at her home on Monmouth
street in Independence, California
Medicated soap. Price 10c per bar
Rex Womer and bride have been
visiting his eister in Independence.
Re u bin II an tines was an Airlie
caller Tuesday.
Bluford Bush and Henry Pulse
were in Airlie the first of the week.
Velna and Phyllis Bush of Inde
pendence who have been visiting
their grandmother returned home.
Dress Making:.
Fashionable dressmaking, at
reasonable rates. Children's suits
a specialty. Rooms at Mrs. M. A.
etherow's, Monmouth Street.
Mrs.' Watson.
Meet every Wed. night
la Mitchell Hall.
Arthur Moore, C. C-
W. Riebardsoa. K. of R and 8.
Chamberlain's Cough Itemcdj
Absolutely Harmless
Tbe fault of giving children rued
icine containing injurious ctutmtances,
is sometimes more dkantrous than tbe
disease from which they are suffering.
Every mother should know that
Cbamberlin's Cough Remedy is per
fectlyaafe for eeildren to lake. It
contains nothing harmful and for
coughs, colds and croup ie unsurpassed.
For sale by T. M, Kirkland tbe drug
git, Cured Lumbago
A. B. Caninan, Cblcbago, writes
March 4' 1908. "Having been troubl
ed with Lumbago, at different times
and tried one physician after another,
tben different ointments aod liniments
gave it up altogether. Bo I tried once
more, and got a bottle of Ballard's
Bnow Liniment, which gave ma al
most iDstant relief. I can cheerfully
recommend it, and will add my nam
to your list of sufferers." seld by A. 6.
Best Assortment
Latest Styles
We can fill your orders complete
" ' with every thing to match.
PRICES no higher than is asked
for the cheaper castgoods.
. WADE & CO.
Independence Ore.
Get our prieeon Paints, Oils and Varnishes.
The Keystone Field Fence.
fill 1 1 1- HiiifHif?
The Keystone Fence is made of good strong
wire and it is u continuous and entirely inter
woven fence. This means that there is no be
ginning and no end to the stays, but that they
are continuous with the Jong wires. And the
stay wires will not slip and are not made of
Oall and nee our fence os our stock
plcte and prices are right.
is com-
Huston & Simon.
Fine Wlnci,
Cigars, and Beer
on Draught,
or in Dottles, at
Independence, - Oregon
I. L. SMITH; Proprietor.
Flrstclvss Home Accomodation
Monmouth, Oregon. Kates H I'
d7' D. M. HAMPTON"'.
falnlxM Uilnwtlun
Coo par WUt'i
v. . .
E7 ?- W-S,
Undertaker, Embalmer, and Fuateral
Director. Lady Aaaistant
when Derired.
Geo. T. Rodgers $ Co
Barber Shop.
One door south of Poet Offioe.
Fine Baths tn connection with ibof-
Attorney at Law and
Notary Public.
Collections Promptly Made-Title
East Bide Main Street,
yDmuDittcn, Oaw0,,