West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, January 06, 1905, Image 2

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    UJnt Side enterprise
EaWrvd lrulTrti1nc, Ora poUoa
Subscrption. $1.50 Per Var
prBJ4xpirrio! katk
(utteiljr la adranr)
rr jrcar
Hit monlhi,,. ., - ,
... T4
Mingl "pjr.
rWadlns soli lucnuw Hitrlht
Rata on Hlply advartlatac atada kaowa
a appuaauoa.
The patriarch and brainy
man of Oregon is under indict
meut. On Wednesday of this
week the Multnomah county
grand jury returned an indict
roent acninst General George II
Williams, mavor of Portland,
for malfeasance in office, along
with indictments against other
city officials and a long list of
common criminals. The spec
tacle is shockinsr. pitiable. It
set9 the people of Oregon think
in sr. Besides a big man intel
lectually, he has been generally
considered the embodiment of
honestv. General Williams
head is white w ith the frosts of
eighty-three winters. For the
past forty years Oregon has
been proud to point to him as
her leading citizen. General
Williams has served Oregon in
the United States senate. lie
was also Chief justice of the
Supreme Court of Oregon Terri
tory. He was Attorney-General
of the United States in .Presi
' dent Grant's cabinet. He was
nominated by President Grant
for a place on the bench of the
United States Supreme Court,
but the Senate failed to confirm
the nomination. His is the
mind that as Attorney-General,
framed the re-construction act
by which the southern states
were retained in the Union, fol
lowing the civil war one of the
nation has had to deal with.
General Williams has been one
of the big lawyers of the nation.
More, he was a statesman. As
a lawyer, he never descended to
pettifoggery, nor was it even
suspected of him. He has been
considerate to young lawyers
and young men generally who
have been and are today his
steadfast friends. In his deal
ings with mankind he is gener
ous and humane. Years ago
he helped a Marion county citi
zen by loaning him money on a
farm. .The borrower grew care
less and spent bis money in
saloons and with bad compan
ions. The debt grew and the
General remonstrated but to no
avail. The farmer became in
different to his obligations and
the needs of bis family. Inter
est was accumulating with no
effort on the part of the farmer
to meet it. He was offered ai
the interest if he would try and
repay the principal, but no offer
woald appeal. Finally, to save
a part of the loan, the Genera
had to take the land. But the
farmer had a family. After
taking the land he did not want,
a place costing $1400 was pur
chased in Salem two years ago
and given the farmer with the
admonition he go on it and take
care of his family. As to the
merits of the indictment against
General Williams, the court is
the only tribunal to pass up on
them. Neither papers nor in
dividuals are justified in antici
pating the verdict of a court.
The world can be assured how
ever that if there is any lesson
for the public good to be drawn
from General Williams indict
ment, he will willingly submit to
it, let the consequences be what
they may.
The dosine worrit of Mayor
William.' annual message were
"1 have twraonal knowledge
the government of the city lor
more than 40 years, and during
that time Portland has not been
as free from municipal corru
tin as it has been during the
vreaent administration."
On the tame day the uiessage
was delivered the Mayor, his
Chief of Police, Ex-City Engi
neer, City Surveyor and a nura
ber of City Contractors were in
dieted by the grand jury.
The world will take notice
that Port Arthur is uow a Jap
anese port.
The new mayors message
hits the right ring to it.
Hurry back Mr. Heney
Getting hungry for sensations
Help the grange.
progressive people.
Work on the big mill will be-
irm next week, beveral new
buildings to go up in Independ-
nee right away. This is lWi.
Iff Were Mrs. Chad wick.
If I were Mrs. Cbadwick, and Mrs.
Chad wick I.
Some folks of my acquaintance
would 'ay them down and die.
I know some wealthy people, with
stocks, and bonds, and. such.
Of whom I'd surely make a million
dollar touch,
would open wine in magnums
and live extremely high.
(I were Mrs Cbadwick, and Mrs.
Cbadwick I.
f I were Mrs. Chadwick, and Mrs.
Cbadwick I,
would play them to the limit, if
Ka limit, vara f n a alrv
My friends would dine in palaces.
and I would pay the checks,
And millionaires who knew
' would get it in the neck.
I would keep the waiters jumping
and buy, and buy and lipv-
If I were Mrs. Chadwick, and Mrs
Chadwick I.
, , . ... Jober 15, 148, and was well ac
f I were Mrs. Chadwicc, and Mr.1 ; ' ' WM wher
Chadwick I,
Nearly ev'ry lovely city would
float in Extra Dry.
fust now I'm not high rolling, a
tbiDR 1 ao aepiore,
spend it when I have it-a horse
thing I do deplore;
could do no more.
Carnegie! just imagine the Christ
mas gifts I'd buy,
1 I were Mrs. Chadwick and Mrs.
Chadwick I. '
Politeness Pays.
Suddenly the man fell, He was
a dignified person, but as be reach
ed a sleety corner-his feet, set down
with precision, failed to stay set
They flew so high, and the result
was so abrupt, that as the man bit
the walk in a sitting posture ob
servers expected to fee a spine pro
trude from to the top of his bat.
Two youths had seen the episode.
One was a bad youth, and unwise
He laughed. The other was a
good youth, who knew a thing or
two. He hastened to pick up the
fallen man
"Thank you," said the man; "I
am a childless millionaire, looking
foi an heir. You're it. Meantime
take this roll and blow yourself.
Only one condition is attached.
Don't spend a cent on that laugh
ing jackass who is with you." -
Handing over a f 10,000 bundle,
and giving his hotel address, the
man went his way.
.The moral of this is so obvious
that the reader unable to discern
it isn't worth bothering about.
It seems an odd fact, but never
the less it is a fact, that the potato
crop ef the United States does not
fill the home demand. The average
crop is about 575,000.000 bushel
per year, yet in the last decade it
has been necessary to import an
average of : 1,500,000 . .hushels of
potatoes a year in the United
States. , Are not some of our Am
erican farmers, neglecting the
potato crop to their own detriment
When billons take Chamberlain
Stomach and Liver Tablets. For sale
by all druggists.
tar rowiN Arnold
OUR tiroos have I
watching from near at hand the dart, senou., n
changing, introspective countenance of the mikado
of Japan, upon whom ia focused the absolute devo
tion of tKe Japanese people in a manner not only
i- unparalleled tdsewherw, but hardly
traditional sentiment of the wonderful nation wuwn is wo
of all her for and which WILL BRING HER LN 1IO.N0K
I ahall not attempt to dwell upon what I have seen aod heard per
sonally of hie imperial uiajeaty. Other pen may dare to nmlu hun
into paragraph-. Wherever I law that ailent potentate I was art
thinking of th anoient legeads and of the sun goddoas and of Avalo
kitowra. Now that I can only recollect, it U still with something
like awe as well as with profound respect and sympathy thai I recall
the steadfast brows and the stern, sad lips of his imperial majesty
Mutsuhito, wh-e order of the Rwing Sun I have the honor to bar
and of whom I am the humble sen-ant and well wisher, believing, a
I do, that in his auguat handa Providence has placed the duty and
the glory of linking forever together the east and the weet IN A
How It IUpMUHl.
Even the advertiiinB man may
ins i'fl lui mediately following the
holiday- A local in i
eta.ud that R M. Wade A Co. had
received two tons ot wire at the
Independence store. The fact ia
they received a ahipment of two
car loads of trellis wire, twenty
tons each or forty tons of wire.
That firm has wire for further
oidern. In a display advertise
ment for the W. A. Messner store,
the ad man couldn't tell an "h"
from a "k" and advertised ladies
hirts instead of skirts. This the
ladies will appreciate however, for
Messner baa skirts left on band
,nd has one for every lady in the
and. Call and get youra at one.
Joshua McDaniei sends New
Year's greetings U the Oregonian
as follows: Rickreadl, Or., Jan. 2.
(To the Kditor.J-i tats me noeny
today of informing yon that I am
Dioneer of 1844 and a wttlw in
Polk coonty in the sin; of 1S4.
have resided continuouely bere
vr since. I was mamea in uct-
quainted with Dr. Whitman when
waa on my way to Oregon, im
mediately after occurred the mas
sacre of Dr. Whitman and his
ife. Tber) w. call for volun-
Glv..ri.or. AberE
of our first Gv. n.or, Abernetby.
am glad to eee the names of the
old pioneers. 1 would not get to
hear from tbem if I did not per
haps see them in t he Oregonian.
I have experienced (51 Christmas
and New Year's day in thi Will
amette Valley.
Joshua M'Daniel.
The evening of Dec. 81 te known In
Germany as ffj-lvoeter erenlng. InBu
.,va.n Hiniara. excepting: that of
England, the days of the year have
names, and Iec 81 bears the name of
Sylvester, who was bishop of Bome In
h. Mm nt the Emneror ConsUntlne
and was obUged to hide himself In the
UlUUMl. w ' r-
i. t..r,n.ni that Constaatlne waa slilt
nnir.a tn u-flne Dersectiuon. xueu
ten with leprosy, for whloh horrible
disease the physicians could propose
th.. ramtvlv than a bath In the
fhlldren. For UU pur-
yiwu w -
ft nno nhlldren were eatherea, but
Constantino, moved to pity by the
deapalv of the mothersrefused to avail
himself of SUCH a saormce. i"
night be was advised in a dream to re
call Sylvester and to accept the Chris
tian religion, which be did.
Tula evening ia everywhere In Ger
many a time of great rejolcfcig. Par
ties and balls are given, and friends
gather to spend the laat borare of the
old year In merriment-gamea and
dancing and, moat important of all, au
ami divinations. Though these
tricks a as old as the hills, tby nev
er lose their charm. Hot kd ia pour
ed into cold watfer contained in a basin,
and In eolldlfying It forms Itself Into
aU kinds of shapes and figures, 1" whU-h
many meanings can W reaa oj uic
Initiated. -
Empty wakiut abatis, kn fh of whfch
hnrna a tiny we taper, are put to
gettx in a haato of water to swim In
opposite dleeotiom. If they meet two
loving hearts wUl be nnltad in that
year, but if they separate the kve af
fair of those pevrowanted by the shells
wlfl oofna to naught Soung girls
throw aJlppem osw thair heada. It the
polcta oar tbASStppessJtiwoa the door the
vwtmn wlfl pa lunaSad that yavr; if
me Clever mlaa tbs wtofcad dlrer
tWat thav gltSS bars to ranarfn M hone.
0 jaJ ssaTai on wtsub woaoa of cood
eaaesj, Stwad aalvios sr wWaai have
tarn, aseatten. arw paawA sanaid. rwad
aieod W ctf&terA ssfca of
the tSsx! tST V"?-
had the privUege of rplfully
.a a . aa
wen comprehended. It i thi
Fw Kent. Wanted or similar
mxii-rstlirea llnt-a In ttala oolnmu,
23cnt: one month 7 csnia.
FOR SALE Fresh milk cows;
also some pigs. Inquire of Hill
Bros. Independence, Ore.
FOR SALE Cheap, good mare,
weight 1150. Enquire of L.
FOUND In Independence, ladies
umbrella, turned handle, silver
tip. Enquire at this office.
TO LEASE A 100 acre farm
with good buildings, in Linn
county, sixty acres of hop land
ready tr hops. Located across
the river from the Ieeper bop
yard. Address,
J. F. Mayberry,
R. F. D.No.4. Albany Ore.
Annua,! Meeting or the Members
of tre Orerou Fire It el Iff
AixMHailon at
1be annual aafttluti vt the iduiubvis
offlbe Oregon Fire Itelwf Aaocltlou
will be held at McMlnnvllle on Tbwa-
dsy, Jan. 10, 1906, at 10 o'clock A. M.
at Burns' Hall for the purpose or ekwt
Inv three trusteca and for the transact
ion of such other business as mayivf-
ulatiy come befnre it.
Mta and women in this eouoty and
adjoining territories, to represent and
advertise ao o'.6 established bouse of
solid financial standing. Salary to
men 2l weekry. to women 12 ta ftS
weekly with eapensea advanced each
Msodav by cbeek direct from head
quarters. Horse and buggy fiwawhed
when neoeiMary; position permanent.
Address, Blew Bros. & Co., pt. 6.
Mooon Blag., vnicago. ill.
THE Cllt'ltCHI.
United Kvanfellcab
Hunday school it W A. ". '
Keystone ,f Christian
Endeavor at 6:30 V. M.
Evening service at 7 ."' oiiooa.
Miss Ethel Brown, superlnten.
iUTo alUf thSetrvU-s. th. pub-
n'Jtt,nnH Hund.va.lt.
JiKlenc. Ural and third Sun-
day, nuena .,
Christian i'bureh.
Uml and 4th
Sundays by E. C. Wlgmore.
Sunday chimi u
V. 1 "S. C. E. 0:30 1 M
ftletlimtlst Kplscopal t biircb.
Corner of fth and Monmouth
streets; Rev .Elayer.
Muiulay acnooi tu a. w.
Morning service 11 a. m.
run iiitlnff 12 ru.
Evening services 8 (' p.
l'raver meeting syery Wednesday
evening at 7:30.
The piranH J"
the church and the pir l
nleased to see you and render any
helpful services.
ItaittUt Church
The Haptist Church glvsa a cor.
dial invitation to all to worship
with them at both morning and
evening services oeit Sunday.
Lettle Masteraoo, church clerk
flow's This?
any aa oU aiarrmnai cmw "'
Hall Caianb Vf.
r.J.CHKXKV A IXK. Tolada,
w. ii. undmlxaol. ! Soowu K, 1.
t'lwary tot l lul l '. ana bn
prrftcUf tiooorabla la all vukum inn
Mlla aad IHtaarlallT abia lo cmrrf vol any
bliaalloa nuula by bl Bria.
WAt bixa. Kla m
Wlioimla I !". ToW.UK O.
llall a firrb Itin I lalmallr.
artlns Slrartly po lh Ukid aa aapa
urtkKM oT lha tytn. Twtlm.polai ai
tn. ITlca woia ft birtlta. KoM all
Tk llailt family Pllto aw aooHipaiMW.
HU'keuing Miiverlg Pita
of Ague and Malaria can rlivd
andeurtd with Kleeirlo Haters. Tala
Is a pure, tonle uiediulne; of spsiat
bnRt In nialsria, for It eaarts a Ira
curative Influence on the dawnae, driv
Inf Hrndrvly nut of the y'rm. Il m
muelt l prvftrrt l tulnine, liav
ins ihu of this druii'e iJ afirf.
fwets. K. 8. Monday, d HsnrWtta.
Tx., writw: "My bruttisr was very
low with malarial fevrr and jaundlea.
till lie took Klwtrto iilitera, wtiit-n
saved bis life. At A. a L-oekVs dru
stores price Oc, guarantMHi
Itow to Avoid Pneumonia
Ws have asver hsard) ef a siag W
instoDM of a eold resulting In Faswao
ola or other lung trouble when Foley's
Hooey and Tar has been takan. It
not ouly stops the count, but ha)a and
strengthens the Iudkb. Atk for
Foley's Honsy and Tar and retoae any
substitute offored. Dr. C. J. Bishop
of Aft-new, Mhvli., writes: "I bars
awed Foley's Honey and Tar in thrsa
very sever cases of pneumonia with
good results in every ease." Sold by
A.H. Locke.
Hollil Her llx.titv
HarrUt Howard, ofiKH V, Mth tn
Htw York, at nua Uiue had hr bsimy
spoiled with skin tfouUla. Hhs writ
'1 hsd Halt Uhauin or Fmiui tot
yrars, but nothing would curs It, um
I uad llurk ten's Arul Halvt.1
quick and aura liaaUr for outs, bufB
and sores. UiWat A, H, lks. drug
Flno Wines,
Cigars, and Deer
on Draught,
or In Dottles, at
Independence, - Oregon
I. L. SMITH; Proprietor.
rlalw tUinxtvua
la4M,aM, (m.
Barber Shop.
maim ST a tar,
One dir south of Post Oflloa.
Fins Bath in coouaolloD with shop
IxDEraxusncs, Oaisos.
Attorney at-Law,
Attorney at Law and
Notary Public.
CtJIwUona Promptly Made T1U
East 8kl Main Htr.t,
Thr linlrjtemttnet
ami UJSPAitim
Varrtr the Crte-
none Bener
G L Hawkins
Dallas, Or.
UirUe and
I Monnmeaisaaa n
f stones Cemetery
work ste.
0cOs T. Rodders o
Merchant Tailor
Hank lluilding.
railway co.
Ivea Indcnon
lnn. fur M(n
luouth aud Aims
- T: a. m,
t.m ff. at.
Ivrm tiidcrn
tfrnc -or Man
muutaaud 11Im
ll-noa. in.
SUS p. nv ,
L'wn MorimoaLh
f iM a. m.
fc.ll p. to.
mm Alrlle 0
Hnamouth and
) a. ro.
.(i6 p. m.
laM Pa'laS I"'
Monmouth auo
t-m p. m.
?: "
L,M Monmoal
ar iadrpsoikMwa
rst, m.
I p. ru.
ta "
is --S
a-si a r. a.
a MaaatoaU
lur taiiaa.
lia Sksa,
44S pw sa.
tjr staa.