West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, December 13, 1904, Image 3

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    ta8tata returned from Cor
. Suouay.
fVnn tiara it La nil
.... .1 A BUI' '
. j.,. at Independence
'i IhB U"
(iiJ7 'hU
gtaats returned home
a wnii visit at
visited In ' i"l wk.'
ill. M,on started for Pendla-
h, frank Byerley of Dallas
,di,J relatives btw
. .. RflnkUr baa bean In
u, Bump of Forest Orovs wu
parU ImI w"k
n... Simpson and Hud Aloorn
LoM, for tiand Sunday on busi-
w m.
U. E. OiUwpl" left Friday for
,bfMk for monms vmt.
ut. pbr Binipon returned Irotn
,rtlnJ Thursday.
uM Catharine Gentry of Inde-
dioe la vUitiof Mre. Ed Steele,
I lure Crttihlow U vlelUng
J. 0. Devldtoo lelted lo
Lfillli last week. ,
k B. Lacy came home Saturday
ra visit.
glw.KJith Ale'iaoder tWud
UcJ over Sunday. ,j
TbVbaaket Social u a euoceas
4 the entertainment very in
Ueting. From the eighteen baa
Ui told, 119.75 was rexUl.
J.B. Nunn of Detlaa wm here
.twday. -'f
I K!m Lucy end Mile. BolUr are
kI with meaalee. '"
! gaperintendent Burr wu a Tie
br bare end attended the basket (
aaal , f h i
Mf. Woods of Barer assisted Mr.
jua lo hie farm work lest week.
Krt George Weill KM wrrobn
wi callers here on their way
mi Iron a riilt to her too Wll-
. E-N'(ookefiM oloeed hl fruit
drer and returned to h!i Wasoo
county uriii,
A tare rr.. .r . . .
beensowtdlo lhu nKhborbood
The seeding . .JoM( tD(J
rowing grata la in floe condition.
Mrs. W.J. Eakln and daughters
are visiting relatives In Kugen.
, V ' 9 i .
Mia. Lnee of Bherldan ii vUltini
wnn wre. Koreai Cnren.
Mr. and Mn. Eirt Hrt vlit(l
t the home of Petor Cook Uot
Prof. Itamilde, who hit boon
pondoctlng ihootlng gallery hsre,
left fur Fhrldn Friday.
Tl. li.n.n i
wuu mcvuuori, a nigDiy re
)ected citiEen. died Friday morn
Ing at 6 o'clock, after a few hourt
Ulneae. Durkl lock plaoe fiatur
dtT in the riemant Hill cemetery.
Peter Cook made a butinem trip
to I'ortland the patl week.
Orl Trioe, Normin Knob. Ron.
ell Harria and Jim 8ear are down
on the river chopping wood.
Prof. Ityn. the hypnotlit, left
Frldy for Sheridan. JJe Uaght
nme of the young men here to eat
raw potatoea and oniona for peah
ea and flour t and t water for ice
cream. " '
Ceorge MoCoIlock returned home
from hit trip to the 8L Loub Fair
Friday. W.i h
T. K. Koyal, who baa had charge
of a crew of men on the railroad, la
home. He la making aome lm
provetnente oo hia property hero.
' Mra.' Ed ' Wllaoo', -who hat been
running the , hotel . here, left re
cently for Malla, Waeh. ' A chance
for aome on to epeo a hotel.
Mra. HarrJa and' daughter Evan
have returned from a viait to Falla
City. .
' orrvii i 5
Mra. Martha Wilaon of Moaoow,
Idaho, la vUl ting at the home ot
Mra. C. W. Stewrt. " " " "
Remember the Fair at 8uver,
Peck'i Dmd Iloy.
the Roatdl Comedy Coapanr rill
praaent the flneat and. moat mirth
provoking comedy J drama ever
prodooed Peck V Bad Hoy, Thla
Company baa been well and favor
ably known on the Coaat th laal
five yeara. The itbrj of Peok'a
Bad Boy baa ben to generally
read that the play needa , no
further recommendation. The
Ruiaoll Companr olaima the din
tinctlonof having the only real
performing Billy Goat now on the
Amerioan atitca. Billy appeara in
every performance. General
arimlanlon 25 and 35 c-nt. Come
and bring tha children. If you
can l laugh, don't come. .At the
The Margarita Fiecher company
that performed here and at Dalian
a few wttke ago Je having-trouble.
A R, Thome left the, company at
Albany and aued Manager John
Fiecher for $370, alleged back pay.
Since, Fred Lewie and wife have
quit and aued for 14080, back aal
ary. Fischer haa filed a petition
In bankruptcy. " - -
The Independence orchestra will
give one of their aocial dances at
the Auditorlaul Saturday night.
A. J. Gamp haa told bis fine
farm two milea eaat of Dallas to
Clement A. Ramsey, a recent ar
rival from Kanaaa. This farm con
talna 199 acres and coat Mr. Ram
eey 110,000. The place was for
meny ins noma or tbo late Robert
Clow, and it considered one of tba
beet tracts of land id the LaCreole
va'.ley. -Obeerver. " O .'... I
- r
Kev. S. Done, D. D. Dean of the
Tbeoloftca) School of the Port
: land Ualvenlty, Celebrated f 1
Ula Golden WeddlDs;
' lMt Somroer
iu'otLbn ooaoty.
Wj.f) peomber15. Everybody it In
tited to attend
Grain la thla vicinity la look.f.0trtainaeotal Bueoa Viata 'Sat.
if loa. Stock, itpewUUw kf U ordy 'nrgbt' aid report vr good
inftalL jtlme.
Tom 8ampter has moved over Tba Woodmen have completed
arlae&a YiaU, . - ttwlrloaw tbed. It it fifty feet
wvAvna, toe biu-, ummi-t -
ana af Mr., Slume't aheep apd , n V. Cartvaoter. C. J. DeAf
i mood and I. G. Earhart, eaci tcoc
! I A!
h.td Batirday at Geo, BaUl- ".
i't. W. J. Steele and family were In
I J ..... . . . , IvAAwtAflAna tha Aait weak.
I B. Stump sold for BerlsniM
W!: TkfiW -b,hr rf ibrd fThMki
M tbtmaeltae Vh l?'t:t VJ 'J'L.i
kil.l.irii i . il I riraiinn
your paper the tincere thanktSqfj
auxiocu. mrtelf and family lor tna generoua
1 w . . .
J.H. Moran wat lo hls ieloity reaponae ottnepeopia 01 your wwn
iw-l t tha needs MutiHr- family. The
luir ' ", V M i'V'f atTortf ofMr. John urton and
frilteV Jones, eephew of J. L. . hm m niw
moacit, it on bis way w uregon
' 1
Hr. aid Mn. R. M. Roaley
This worthy man bas been at
the bead of the Methodist church
intBs Northwest" tiffM0 yeara,
He bad a double reaaorflo be coa
gratulated oo thia occasion aa he
was totally deaf for yeara, and 9
ipite of his adyanced age, his heat
ing was restored by Dr. Darria,
now'Wied at the IleUl Gail Dai-
laa. no one win attempt 10 quea
tion tha reverend gentleman's word
el ijiti tinblemuihed record it well
koom.i He tells his atory below
in his own words. '
University Park, Portland Ore
gouAn 26, To wham it
i,cerenconH5, to
i v. r.-J tit.. LI
sairjtnt' Was WhHitOAm
4th, I called on TDr. Parrih7 whom,
believed W! 'skilled' Wrist
and pbytlcmn, to restore my hear
ing. . He applied his remedial nd
Pnvau Words For Wei
, The eminent and tuccctrZul eleo
tro'.' and medical ph'yejclan. , Dr.
Dartln, 14 dieoovere! anoT perfect
ed a system of treatment that , haa
cauaed a revolution in the treat
ment of' female dlaeates., When
ever bit electrical and medical
treatment la tested and known it
haa done awar with ezceeaive doa
Inga wifb naoMoue drugs and pain
ful aorgical operations, whereby to
many precious livrs have been loot.
At a dieco'ver. it ranks , with
IIarveys ditnovery of the circula
tion of the (blotKl. ,It' has proved
in more than a thousand caes of
the wornt kind to be a poeitlve cure
for the following female diaeatee:
Ovarian tumors, polypua, . ulcera
tion and dropay of the womb. In
flammation.congeetlon and falling of
wombj paipful and euppreaaed men
struation, bearing, down peine.
backache, headache, racking cough,
melancholy, absence of ambition or
deaire to live; or In fact' any com
plaint having its origin In a dis
ordered elate of the generative and
accompanying organs, whether
from 'contagious diseases, heredi
tary, tight lacing or other canss.' :
1 His method of treatment fa barm
less, pleasant and mild.' Tt ii "ap
plied directly to the parts." can be
applied by the patients themselves.
thus, securing local treatment at
home, and application is easy and
simjjle. Its ourative action on the
inflamed, congested and ulcerated
rarta is immediate. . . -
''pi.. Darrin refrains from ' maklpg
public the names of hnndreds of
ladies , who have been restored . to
heaUb 'with due deference to the
delidacy of their afflictions, f. ; ,
The following card , waa volun-
iarily offered bv a lady desirous of
nejping oiners similarly annoted. ,j
,Dn. Darrin at Hotel Gail, Dallas,
treated me two years ago for cV
tarrhk; neuralgia and rheumatiana,
seal p trouble, deafneas,'f generail
pervona debility,' femalef troubles
and pfcrtiaj paralyaia of the neok ot
the. bladder, with! awtrked'anceeeel
I feel that words are inadequate to
axpreee my gratitude for the greeit
good Pr.D4mn' ha done (for mei,
and f I most, heartily Vreoommend
the doctor Id the 3ioted.- f '
.!.;. !.' 1 MiasrMiom Wells,'f i
..,..frl5? lftth Street Badeth.'" CI !
Ceeied Bids Asked
" t.'S lW.i wini rMtiftf by ' the
mwUnlgt mi Iff M Dtesalber 9th
1901 for um hundred (10O)jr-Ht of grab
oak wood Dot teaa thau wo lorhae is
diameter (alee for forty (40) oor-Jaefgood
Udy flr aatd weed to be telivered otveV
ed tn beaenvot of Nerroal building oot
later tban feptu.r 1 lUOfl. Hlgbu
reearred te nyty any eed all bids. -
tn'r-: ?'.y J.B: V.'Uotler,
Se. fieianU
. ' Notice J ' '
Motloa ia beraby glfen (bat the An
nual afeetlog of tba Stock bolder of
tbe Polk County Land Company will
be held at Independeooev Or., In tbe
fodependtinoa .Nat. Bank building at
10 o'clock A. M. on' 8alrJay, iVoeta-ht-r
Slat, A.1 D. IdtM, for the purpoae ol
la tins offlcera eoii euch other bust
dm a may properly come bt fore old
meettog. ' O. W. Baias, Secty.
Dated Nov. Iltb, 1904.' . !"!
Notice la hereby given that th An
nual Meeting of tbe Bt(xklio'd-r ft
tbe Independence and Moniuouth
Railway Company will he brld at In-
depeodence, Uregon, In tbe Iudjiid
enre Nat. Bank boildlng at 10 o'clock
A. M. on Saturday, December Slut, A.
D. 1904, for tbe purpnae of eletlog; of
flcem and transaction nt aucb otber
buslneas aa may properly come before
aald meeting. D. W. BcahS, Becty. .
Dated Nov. II, 1904.' 1
i! (I J -mm ; "il m ;., 'I ;- :. .
1 (),,., Itemarfcable Cure
"I was much affiluted with sciatic."
write Ed. C Nud, lowavllle, Sedg
wick Co.; Kan.. Kofoir about on crotcb-
ee and au (Taring e deal of pal d. I wa
inoucea to try Ballard a 8aow Llnimnl
which relieved me. '
I need,. three 60e botilea. It i the
treeUtt liniment t , ever . used ; have
recommended it to a number of persons
all axpreee themaelvea, aa beln benlflt
ed by it. I now walk without erutches
able to perform a great deal of light
labor pa the farnv j25c Wc and f 1.00 at
A. 8, Locke. . ...
i 1 ..i.f ,1 'Hit: nvi "'!-
' Kotios i hereby gfvta that the an
ausr BBeetisg of thestockhoUtia of toe
Isdepeiida&M Ni'ul htmk .will .be
held ea Taiay Jabtiiary KJ,1(C b
twoen the hoar of 10 A, K. and 4 P.tf
at the Rack for the porpoas ef aaleodog
a Board of Directora and the tranaeo.
tion of such other buelnee aa may
come before tbe meeting. 1
, , C W. Irvine Caabler.
Dated tblsStb day of Deoemler 1904
We are headquarters for Wire
Best quality,, We can save you
money. Write and gt prices,
Salem, Oregon
The Cyclone Auc
tioneer of i5 year (eIr-
Phone 143
Monmouth, Ore.
Attorney at Law and
, Notary Public.
Collections Promptly. Made Titlea
.'?.? . Ineestigated..- -,
. ; , ; , . . East Side Main, Street, , ,
NDEPEXDENct, ; Oaaooif ,
osa,T TOtrat Mamm AMD apnsniai
effaww f 4teVK4waW9 9 welsdAt ssar'atBei f
i i-I3 IJ(TcZ .
iw minutes, inen
il'H ... 'VJ'.I'HI.I JStT..'
those who ateis
I be ftrrgottent
J. ' A. Rotcoai
iSf 4 Ik. OI BJWVUWM. f
their daughter, Mrs, .Wipfield Ann0,i election "of ofBcera or
l!itoD, at Bridgeport over Suo- Homer Lodge No 24, K. of P. was
bMtt last meeting with the ' roi-
iamatOhmsla op from Hope- lowiag result: ? f J
Umnllll county. ' - ' Arthur Moore. C C, 0 Bar
L. W,.:. VKtr Bei.m.o.Clodf.lte; pnl
tof William Harren tha first Jf. K.R.8.; tC Jon.
lwU'-i i i. i-iU 0D;. 4M)v o,ftMir. t rt: 8. Busk
r . 1 . iil I i 1 bbm . ni mu . 111 v " a' - - v
I . O. O: J. W. Klrkland was" re elect-
lt .. i -lU
ea vi u.w'
Aa turned, atUflMon , jibe ptber
ear, whiob-did not seeoa to yield
readily . 'For tkitf eat.' the rdoetor
gave tha medicine to twe ' at' hdme,
which t am now ps'ing; ' ' I think1 U
thdHy of,i$ wfco are, afflicted, , to
nave thair hearing reatQred, if poa
eible, end I know of no on whom
I think more skilled than Dr. JDar-
tos 'was ilatiei,t
Saturday evening.
the town
A number
'The'lron safe in tha Hood River
nJ folks were present, and . .blown open Saturday
fretaiDatisa d other MTr" flnni,T morning and WOO
u, i
f ,t. .ml monetf taken.
. Lucaa, the popular station robbers made a ean 'get
- enjoying a vacauon in iWr ind n0 trace or jnem oa
Jla. Hel, accompanied by f t
. ' ff '.toe dty election resulted in a
.3urch is visiting relaUvaa r .Kr- toone byi the law
kton, Calif.
"iiity Commtasloner Seth
1 ia returned from a trip to
niaiana Furckase Ctposition
Louis. ' '-'
Paulina Nesmitb baa ra
4 frota an extended visit with
"Portland. ' i
and order ticket, the
nr 1 r...nr for mayor," -.
Sherman or ,
.. .rManondanss Ite-
counciimen. w..-r - t rt
To the Editor? Some time ago t
said something" of regaining my
heartag under tbe treatioa oil, D?j
Darrin, of which I had suffered for
several yearf. On the .Brat atIf'
cetion the deafneaa ot dne) tiar Was
cured, t akrplledi the'- toeiicine
faithfully ana went . again 10 me
doctor who aucceeded entirely in
restoring the lost sense of hearing,
a that when I went out on the
Street It eeemsdiW. be tbM(steat
pity I wasevetin. My- heawlng
still remains distinct, in Jtwth ears
equally goodf ;Nebejmiah Doape. f
fit. PABKELL S uriwnvi who
i'Jor two years prior to going un
der Dr. Damn's electrical treat
D,nt I was afflicted': witk bfeafct
troutle, aoor stomaph, rdyspegei,
bloating and peine, vr. wrna
has cured me. Refer anyone to
me at my borne in Medford. Ore-
eon, or by letter. I meat arheeUy
commend Dr; Darria al i akined
m i . . e tri Jl e.
rirsician. ' J.A.WMU. '
' 1'IA' eM0V5t I1M '
hiiaatleesttrte flnea io thie eolojaav.
0 hhmtm.mi
tV''i ?i'"'' mil' ."lit 7i Ha sbll i
FOR SALE A eopieef Polk eountf
faiKn fif nvar HiHI sk-m mm ham hmA
at Tery.reenaoie. iwurea iS Aa
' ' mlrably adapts to stock raUin.
Bnuire mhli dfSoi. ' ''i. -Jw
BAR3 AI . SALE rr. Some . nice
' Carma1 plga, it weened, t J.0O
Tf''sjeo1ii' nwib ed"-"' 8iiw i
r' Fine thbrooth-bred Poland Chitis.
I "tea pig reidy for eerrioe; $10.00.
Fine thorough-bred Jeraey buW, 4
years old" I2O.00 ami thcrongh.
, bred nice Jersey bult call $8.00.
.Ind.P, 02 i-Ai h -WbiteaUh
FOR SALEnS fresKVrdne
irill hm frmmU In. VlKwMMwW ' Ami
mm) mrmr mm wvm A' VWtUWt USD
class 'cows-t Aled1- one driving
1 horse weight 'Impounds." In
1 auire 61 Claude Kurre. In'deDen'
The ;Keystont3 Field Pence.
5 1 - ' L
, . I 1 1 1 WfweweTgafjyaWaii sss.saaaaw.awsaw.1
r. t 4 )v
fi.iJ3 .II
ine Keystone xence , 19 made- or g
strong wire and it is a ' continuous and' en
i tirel? : interwoven fencei' Thiaefttfe'ihai
" ;:; there ls: 'rid1' beginning and no en-to, the . I9 ).
,,, 1U )0-tli(J --J L r ,
1 . f ftaj. fctbey areupoptinuoosiwitri, tbe a
r. T6ng . "wires.f A nd the-" stay 1 ire$ ' iU "n ot J '
alio and artfnoc made of scran. :..
... r ., ... . Tji .n civ; ur n,.
$r v Qal a,rtdvflee o,(feic.'M,itfR stock xs com-
plete and prtoaa are tight" '
FOUND A sold stick nia with
'agate set, nt H topiee caau atore.
Owner inquire at this-office.
FOR ffeVio' raom house.
good nan wer!. Call or ad
mouth, ''-p -t -'.t.
FOR SALE A good second hand
organ cheap. Enquire at thie
i9.J f.H -)lr l
1 r - 'Jr " s. T ' ' :1ir I
. Huston .Simp.
w 7 ,, 7 ... . ,, t . I
1 iiiniini il-irr I'll mi iiiiij.iMn iiim,mn tuiijt ii, I,, ,
. A CerteJn Care for Croup
When -a'cbfJd (abews1 eymptome (T
croap tbere Is no time' to experiment
with new remedies, d matter bow
WfUy-they eaay be recommended
Tberalsooe preparation tkat cao al-
ways be depended upon. It baa beia
iUVM.ftactX jrt! and bat newer
been known to fail, vlsi Chamber-
lah'C5oW.Beinedy. Give It and.a
quick coi is sore to follow, ktr. C
F. Com pton of Market, Texaa, eaya ef
it, "Ibavad CbambarUln'e Cbogh
Umtdj la teverf eaeae ef croap with
ply children,-aod q tratbfall tey It
always girea proaapt reliat" For sale
by f. at. EirkUod, tb drugfUC . ;V
tt MXTZZTXrZ lb tos,.IrAa.eobdueebjW, ,
rt-t., II fir.
t 1 it) it
2 W.,!?
SrrSAlfrj the Pens, ioosana tkFSbriTTaau,
two- '
a free oft-ouletion ef the Bleed, giving the Muscles aaturtUf'i
Sol sT A iWJBina. !.. a. Ten, writ: "Mr
baa am. wbea I wm parad. J e t
. Beew Uateaaat. wais aBactad a fcslBliTi eeieS - -
fcara ale as4 U lac ell , tieet tiaae aadakist
nFeavdea. . Jetkwoe-" ,.4,
car usearart r r-mi! ewc rwveo, sawats) tat
, t ska,AM aucariTviaa ,jw s