West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, November 25, 1904, Image 1

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    The Scmi-Wcekly West Side Enterprise Only $1.60 a Year.
INDKl'KN'DTVr'li' lmv pnTIMTV rttvnrr vrrnrtMrnco or. mru ttTT?.T t i
V. I
J. II. IIavyi.ky,
Iiu 0. IWeu., Cadiier.'
Paid C(kIUl, SSO.OOO
Cam mem,,
Vko President
DtKKvToH J. H. llawley, P, L, Campbell, I, M. Slmpaon, J. B V
Bailer, John H. Blunip. J. A. Withrow, F. 8. I'uwetL
Trawiaota UtiMil Hank ag and Kuchange busint. Draft sold
available throughout ine unitHj Males and Canada.
A Lumber Mill of 35,000 Feet
Capacity to Take The Place
of Smaller One
Will Mean Larger Pay Roll and
Be Matter of Convenience to
Builders Next Year
OAPITALGTOOK, $60,000.00.
a HlRHHBKkO, Pridnt. A11RAM NKLKON, Vira 1 'reairfen
DIRECTORS. II. lUmhtwrf, V, W. I. F. Smith, J, P. Kbodna and
A. nalaon,
A rnral bunking and i-iang builn tri;Ud. Loam mmia. Bills
41nttiitl. t'oumwrcUl erwdila granted. Oepoaita reeeifed on current aoooont
aabjm-l W check., . .
lUJqurtm For -I-
Fine Ggars, Tobaccos, Candies
Pipe ha odUm riv (nx cub
IcfcmrroU mi Hnol Mncluura.
Sod FoucUin (or th bot day.
You art away wilcom.
Independence i to have a nrw
aw mill, The capacity la to b.
8.rj,000 firt a day. The proprieto'e
will be Doutj & Sirapaoo, owner
of the small mill now in operation
The new plant will not he an en
largement of the old mill, for a new
outfit haa been purchased outright.
The machinery will be on- th
ground in a abort time and with no
iarioue mishap to inleriere with
present plana, will b in operation
by January 1.
For ome time, the owner of the
Independence mill have labored
under the disadvantage of being
unable to supply the home demand
for lumber. More hop houses have
bean built in the Independence dis
iriui wim year man during any
single season since the hop industry
waa started and the Independence
Lumber Co.. with the limited ca
pacity of its present mill, could not
fill the orders offered. Lumber by
the hundreds of thousands of feet
has gone into hop houses and other
buildings and people have been
put to the inconvenience of going
away from bom to get their lam
of MisHouil, can be found who will
give over six months to turning up
the leglalalive and lion ton munici
pal sod of the past ten year, who
does not ex pone to the world a con
dition of rottenness more rotten
than was ever befori exhibited in
any community in the civilized
world, it will be because he haa
been suffocated by the stench of
what he exhumes..
LIVERY. FEED AND BOARDING STABLE un.'. mm no outside m.
j aas va uviQi
There is proepect for much build'
Ing the coming year. The4' Krebs
Bros, alone have plans drawn for
forty-one buildings en . their big
Good Rigs for Commercial Men . Specialty,
Good accommodations. Horns welj fed. Fine
Horses boarded by day, week or month.
Telephone Xo. 293
& A i Home Industry Inititution &
WorK Called for Tady DmUrmrmd 9urdr
Bice te Oalreath,
Fine Parlors in connection. Day or night
calls promptly attended to.
Phone 131
Main St, Independence, Ore
W. I lllCe, Embiklmer Funeral Director.
Imlemmletux, Oregon 0P "ncn d wi need 1,000,000
will do. considerable building and
many of the smaller yards will Use
lumber in proportion to their siz
Then then is prospecii for bore
residence and business buildings
than .there' has ; beeo for - many
Bryant A Lucas and "the Wat
kins mills of Falls City and John
son & Co. of Dallas have furnished
most of the. lumber "shipped ' in
from the outside. It is the purpose
of the. new mill to not . only sup
ply the home trade, but reach out
for business. 4 If 35,000 feet will not
meet the demand, a double Bhift
can be put on. turning out 60.000
feet daily.
The shortage in the lumber sup
ply had set others to figuring on
establishing a mill here and per
haps had something to do with the
hurrying up of the local firm in put
ting in a largor plant. Douty &
I o? 1 1 I J I
tr?mm Pimm Oatj Oimpaun minever, uao uau a isrg-
01.00 tut . i .ontemnlfttioft- for anmn
time. '.
Hooth'a Htatfiiiriita.
' Mr. Urecn never made any auch
atatement t me," declared J.
Henry ttooth. receiver of the Rose
burg land office, to the Telegram
correspondent, when aiiked if it
were not true that A. R. Green.
special agent of the department of
the interior, bad not told him he
I 1 1. Til . '
uouni euner resign or oe oib
inic.d." ; Mr. Booth aaid it had been his
intention to resign for some time,
having bad positions offered him
at better salary than' that carried
by the receivership of the Roue-
burg land office. He says he does
not intend to resign under press
I .:. .
ore, averring mat nis conduct in
the land office here has been
straightforward and honest; that
he would positively not resign un
der me circumstances and bad no
reasons for so doing. Evening
The Day Generally Observed
in The Time Honored Way
in Polk County
Everybody Eats Turkey, Thanka
are Returned In Churchea and
Social Time Enjoyed
Thanksgiving has come and
gone It was generally observed
in Folk county. Banks and coun
ty offices were closed, the nchools
took a holiday and people gathered
together in churches and returned
thanka fur ih peace, plenty and
prosperity that here abound.
Stores and other business houses
eenerallv, closed in the afternoon.
Today bones of the traditional
Off For Washing-ton.
C. W. Fulton, United States Sen
ator from Oregon has left for Wash
ington to attend the' short term of
Congress and the special session of
the Senate, which is always held
at the beginning of a new adminia
tration. - Several saw "the fenalor
off from Portland although many
of the stalwarts did not ' put m an
appearance to say - the ' farewell
word. ' -
Senator Fulton promieea to put
in some good licks for a river and
harbor appropriation that will be
of substantial benefit " to Oregon
(He say the needs of the Columbia
bar are the most urgent of all and
that these will be brought to the
attention of Congress.
who havndl !
Finest Butcher Stock
". in Polk County are not giving 711
but are selling it very cheap at their ...
Independence Meat Market.
"Frenzied Finaace."
Thomas V. Lawson in a series of
articles on "Frenzied Finance" in
Everybody's Magazine, is making
it interesting for people in high
places especially the legislature of
Massachusetts. In the December
number Mr. Lawson says:
"As a result of studying at close
range toe juassacnuseiis legisla
ture, its workings and those who
worked it, I do not hesitate to say
"The Massachusetts Legislature
is bought and sold at are sausages
and fish at the markets and
wharves. That the largest, wealth
iest, and moat prominent, corpora
tions in New England, whose af
fairs are conducted, by our. most
representative - cidieni," habitually
corrupt the Massachusetts Legisla
ture and the man of wealth among
them who wenld 'enter protest
against the Iniquity would be look
ed on as a 'class anarchist' I will
go further and say that if in New
England a man of the type of Folk,
The Toledo Reporter thinks Lin
coln county should get back its
portion of the stale tax on account
of the Lewie and. Clark Fair by
putting up a county exhibit. The
Reporter saysf ''Lincoln county has
the resources, has many such as
our fish, crabs, clams of various
kinds, oysters and especially rock
oysters for which no: other county
can compete, besides innumerable
other resources. .. Will we put our
light before the' world at this great
gathering? - This "being the great
est opportunity of the age, let us
stand united in this our great op
portunity, raise wbat we can our
selves, then as taxpayers stand by
our county court and support them
in obligating us for the balance,
feeling assured that what ever we
do. (if done right) b will be as
"bread cast upon the water." Lin
coln county has a bright future,
will we assist to hasten the time?
Our great summer reseurt is tak
ing hold of the , nearts ot men in
high places, and will work wonder-
ful reeults in the near future. ' Let
us all work for the common good
in this exhibit,' banishing selfish
ness, grafts and grafters. - If all
will only do this we assure you
Lincoln county will ' not be found
at the tear in the great procession
on Jane 1st, '
turkev lie bWohinir in back van
for the golden-brown drum stick
and white meat from the breast
with cranberry sauce, were table
attractions in many Polk county
families as well as at hotels and
restaurants yesterday.
In Independence the churches
united to hold union services.
The Presbyterian church waa the
meeting place and the. attendance
was large. Rev. Allen presided
and Rev. Elayer preached a very
interesting sermon. Dr. Thomp
son was belated on account of
wedding ceremony. . The music in
charge of Mrs. Conkey was excep
tionally good.
The only other function of a put
lie nature was a ' ball held at the
auditorium in the evening.
It was given . by the Independ
ence orchestra as a Thanksgiving
Bali and. waa one of the moat en
joyable social affairs that haa been
held in the auditorium. The at
tendance was large, the music by
an i orchestra of . nine pieces was
good and everybody" was pleased
with, the evening's entertainment
Refreshments were served in the
hall by the G. A. R. ladies.
The Kiddell Bros.
Says the American Sbeep Breed-
concerning two Angora goat
breeders of Monmouth, Polk coun
ty, Oregon, who attended the sheep
and goat show at the World's Fair,
fit. Louis: "Those two young Ore
gon boys, the Riddell brothers, who,
alorn of all the Oregon goatmen,
bad tbe grit to come 2'iOO miles to
see he big goat ahow and bank on
the four goats tbey brought, made
a fine impression and earned by
their modeat behavior the good
opiniona of the whole Angora
crowd. The goat show
would not have been complete with
out the two modem little gentlemen
from Monmouth, for whom every
body easily grows into liking. Next
lim you come. boy. l-ave your,
bachelor diffidence at home and
bring along with your coats a pair
of those radiant girls that have
made the Willamette valley as fa
uioiirf for its Iteuutiful women as it'
is forita Angoras and longwoola."
Is It Independence?
Unfortunately for a number of
valley towns, the Southern Pacific
railway runs only through the
suburbs , and passengers going
through on tbe train get a very in-
accurate impression oftbeee towns.
This is particularly true of towns
in which there is an abundance of
shade trees, for tbe trees shut off
the view and leave the traveler al-'
most in doubt whether there really
is a town of any size anywhere near '
the railway station. To make mat
ters worse, residents of the part of
town through which the Jail way .
passes are often careless about the
condition of their buildings . and
fences, the back yards lying next
to the railway. A liberal applica
tion of whitewash and a few hours'
labor With hammer and nails re
pairing fenoea and buildings would
lelp the looxa of things and : leave
a better impression upon the mind ''
of thousands of visitors; wbo will
pass through the valley next year,
going to or trom ut uewia ana
Clark fair. Oregonian. -
t'orvallis will give a poultry show
December 8, ?, 1ft Oyer , 1150
worth . of . fancy poultry , will .be .
given away by local breeders dur
ing the show. -'v1 ; , 'vX'""' '
Th6 Polk County assessment roll as summarized by Asaessor Meyers
has j been forwarded to the Secretary of. State by County Clerk E. M.
Smith. ' Polk's taxable wealth is Bhown in the summary as follows:
.115,763 '
Acres of tillable lands ,
Acres of non-tillable lands .............. .
Improvements on deeded or patented lands .
Town and city lots "
mprovements on town and city lots ......
Improvements on lands not deeded or patented
Miles- of railroad bed ....... 69.49
Miles of telegraph and telephone lines. . ...... 134.50
Railroad rolling stock
Engines and manufacturing machinery .
Merchandise and atock in trade ...... t ..... .
Farming implements, wagons, carriages, etc . .
Money ...
Notes and accounts
8hares of stock ;! , 1,110
Household furniture, watches, jewelry, etc. , . .
Horses and mules .'. . 4,453 ;
Cattle 8,858, ,
Sheep and' goats 39,945
Swine 4,127
Total taxable property. .
Polls collected. J.'-. .....
11,644,515 .
. 255,200
296,330 t
,. 8,590
Enlisting- in Chineae Army'
It has come to light that a consi
derable numder of the Oregon Nat
ional Guard are enlisting to serve
tbe Reform party in China for a
tarm of five - year. : Officers down
to second lieutenant are 'being se
lected, -ft is the purpose to .have
them put in charge of (" Chinese re-1
cruits as drill masters. 1
Embroider a Pillow.
, Yoa will enjoy the occupation
ana mere is notnmg
that will soften down
the - appearance of a
'bare comer, or give ao
Muranoua an appear
ance to any room. .
We have pillow tops in
Many Designs
. a i pnt np m apeoai aauaa
h -, toaellat2Scta. They
' include the following
would cost you over 50 orata.
alitor 2Sc
article, . which, if bought separately,
5 tamped Pillow Top and Back,
4 SkelM RictiartfwMi'a Ealre4dery SI
1 Embroidery hoop and Caaaylf
.Leaaeai nct ana waior pui.