West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, July 28, 1904, Page FIVE, Image 5

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    County Correspondents Sweep The Field
Fortmost Amonf Polk County
Successful Farmer! U Com
missloner Rlddcll.
Owntr of 45 Acre and In Addi
tion to This he farms TJ)
Acres of Rented Land
( rut
mm! at IJpimwm' " MHn4 an
mV liomi, ulaM,'llliM, or utlief tminM
ufUiiuu itl I rlt bjf Mr. l-um
Jlk county, tha land of fin
farms, blooded mock and luscious
fruit ls( receiving much attention
from other count! ami states.
Foremost among the aucersaiul
, 'farmers of tliia favored locality is
Count ComUaloner Wm. RiddU.
Sir. Kiddoll waa born near AUr
dnhir. Hcotland, w years ago,
At an early an h moved to Can
A and than to California. II
returned to California in a fa
mfi where he waa married. Aft
hit marriage ha moved to a farm i
Unn county whera he lived for
fr roars, lin ally buying the farm
t)pr Monmoutit where he no
tuning in life with hit chi
resources a strong determination to
succeed and burked by braina an
rugged constitution, ha baa dem
witrated tht farming (diversified
farming) pays In Oregon, and pay
all tht tuna. At tha preeent lima
he owns 450 acre of land and in
addition to Una he and bia aoni are
firming U50 acres of ranted land
Hn beautiful fiolil of rat, velrh
and dovr show that hia system of
dirtrsifl! farming haa kept the
Und in eacellent condition.
An a breeder of Angora, goata
Mr. iliddoli baa been particularly
suecensful; at tha laat goat ahow
ild in Dallaa bo won . the Aral
prlia in every claaa entered except
oos, At tha aula fair io baa also
too many premiums and will bo
Jo line thin year with Colawold and
Lincoln sheep and a flock of goata
imported direct from Angora
Province, Turkey.
me man from Missouri or any
other plac that "wanla to be
bown" what can b done in Polk
county, can well afford to take the
time to vit.it thia model farm, for
thre may be seen tha belt of every
wing from blooded draft horses
iown to fancy poultry.
ar. I. X. Mulkey. of McCoy
a bu sines, visitor Monday.
Ed. Huflani and wife of Vanoou
t(r, Wash., are viifiting relative
C. L. Hawley of McCoy is
v''ng at the home of J. II
v- H. DrtHJeuburg of eastern
Ogon is here looking for a loca
Mr. and Mra. L.
L. Palmer hav
It. Palmer and
gone to Koos
' Idaho, where they will make
"" luture home.
H. Johnson haa moved to bia
n k . . .
uino, me Airs. Uattron prop-
"i which he recently purchased
r. and Mra. J. K Johnson of
-fvllis spent Sunday .here with
Johnson's parents, Mr. and
Wr-L. Ground.
J H. llnrreo has bought the
0UM across the street from the
AorM dining hall and is having
Amoved to bia lot just south of
ri- Cell's on College street.
"-ai r.tate tran.f.n for the
wak artaafollowi: 8. K. Crowley
to 8. C. L. Moore bouaa and fjur
loU on College atreet; 0. Nelson to
A. T. Croua reldence on north Col
I'ga atreet; M. Kacre to W. II. Pier
on residence on Independence
traet; A. Uglow to J. W. 0Uh
reaideope on Main street. Several
other salei are partially made and
others are preparing to build, as
tha demand la audi that more
houses must be built.
Will Leonard and wlf of Kent
pent Saturday and Sunday at the
borne of C, W. Leonard. Their
adopted aon, Italph 8hellon, died
at their home in Kent last Tuesday
after a abort illness, and tU r.
wains were interred in the Oak
Grove Cemetery Friday.
Col. II. L. Day, organizer of the
W. 0. W. spunt Friday and Satur
day hers working in the ialereat
of the local camp. Col. Day ia a
thorough drill master and the in
struction given the drill team will
rove cf great value to them in the
future contents.
Among those going to Newport
this wk to enjoy the delight of1
an outing are Dr. and Mrs. Crowley
rrank Fisher and family, Ira C,
Powell and family, V. J. Morrison
and family, Mra. Guthrie), Mra.
McMiltuu and Agnrs Campbell.
Orville Buchanan, an employe of
the Charter Oak Mill Company,
suffered the losa of three fingers
from bis right hand last wet-k while
iu charge of the company's engine
A. N. Halleck and family and
Mra. T. II. Halleck returned from
Newport Monday.
Henrv bchmwt ot 1'ortlanU is
visiting at the borne of 0. K
George Murdock has returned
from Maekeburg and is workiog
C. L. Hawley of McCoy spent
Sunday here.
Mr. Powell was in Salem Friday.
Will Kobinson wss a Parker
visitor Sunday.
Mrs. Conn visited Mrs. P. T.
Peterson Suuday.
Mrs. Brown, of Airlie, visited
Mrs. Fuqoa Sunday.
L. L. Shirer, of Dallas, called on
friends her Sunday.
d Mrs. Ed Steele went to
Sulphur Springs Sunday.
U. W. Swink made
call here thi we-k.
John Lee, son of Mrs. Kerr was
a caller here Sunday.
Will Steele and family went to
Newport Thursday for an outing.
Miss Catherine Gentry, of Inde
pendence, visited friends here Sun
Mrs. Clara Curry visited her
parents Mr. and Mrs. G. U. Holier,
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Richardson
were passengers to uuena ui
Newt Prather and family are
. . . a . i 1
camping at Fish Lake wnere us.,
and game are plentiful.
John Vernon of Falls City is
contemplating an investment in
town property here.
Mrs. McCIain and little grand-
anohter. Fay Wilson, were pass-
ngers to Buena Vista Monday.
Mr. Tyler and Knighton are
.. -!-- r.. Ttin.ua 'inta for
!iauiing day iiui" -
the Pottery Company.
Harry Lacey and Jesae Yost will
U-gin spraying their bops thia week.
Mr. Hannah is hauling bay from
Mr. Wome''a place to tbs logging
John Ritner and car pen tare will
complete tha Fowls hop-houaa the
first of tha week.
Alex Lewis, the Alrlio butcher
was In tbls vicinity buying beef
cattle the last of the week.
Farmers are about through with
their haying in thia vicinity and
and have begun cutting grain.
There was an ice cream social at
the Kioga Valley church Saturday
evening and the proceeds will be
usod for repairing the church.
Quite a crowd fiorn here attended
the ice cream social Saturday even
ing at Kings Valley and report
very pleasant time.
Frank Turner and wife are stop
ping at Mrs. Sarah Price's while
Mrs. Price is away at the Warm
C. StaaU arrived home Saturday
Hops look very well in this part
of the county. ,
Miss Edie Grounds of Bridgeport
was in town Monday.
Wa.ntkd A good teacher for the
public school at '.his place,
W. E. Williams is building
stock barn on his farm.
Farmers are busy cutting grain
here as it is getting very ripe.
W. J. Lurdge of Crabtree is vis
iting G. W. Horner of this place. '
Walter Prinkley and his sister
Anna spent Sunday at Sulphur
0. L. Buck nicham was in town
Sunday from the Charter Oak
Oar road master has done some
nice work in tms part oi me
Airlie will soon be furnished
with drugs at the new drug store
by Dr. Cole.
Mrs. Jane Iledaepeth of Lewis-
ville spent Friday with Mrs. W.
Jap Bagley and family spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Willis
Miss Bessie Ireland of Monmouth
visited here last Saturday return
ing home Sunday.
Ruben Hastings of Pedee was in
townj Monday. He reports there
are half a dozen foxes near. his
A. J. Johnson of Corvallis, and
family are visiting with his brother
uear Kings Valley.
Ralph Williams of Dallas and
Claud Lewis of Lewisville, passed
through here Sunday.
AsaStaats is training his race
horse with Roeco Staats as his
jockey. They are going after the
money at Albany, Saturday.
Maple Grove.
Harvesting is progressing nicely.
Hop buyers are getting thick
around here. ,
Miss Mae Kemp of Dallas visit
ed her mother over Sunday.
Percy Lewis has gone to Eastern
Oregou to spend the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. Evans from Dallas
were visitors here last Saturday.
J. Bagley and family visited- at
Wm. Collins' near Suver on laat
Mra. W. C. Williama vtaited with
hr mother Mra. Evaoa near Dallaa
last week.
Mr. John Ritner will complete
the hop house for Maurice Fowl
thia week.
Mr, Batchelor has rented the
Simpson hop yard for the coming
year, and ia busy moving hay, etc.,
Mrs. Br is tow and little daughter
attended revival services at Inde
pendence last Sunday.
Geo. Ad kin and aon Herbert of
Monmouth returned horns this
week from a few days outing in the
Mr. Paul Roneo the veteran
Cbittim bark peeler, hae quite a
a large crew of hands at work.
They are at work on tha farm of
Marion Smith. Mr Ronco was for
tunate in buying the bark on the
trees last year before the unusual
rise occurred, at a very a moderate
figure. Ilia fiiends wish him auo-
Ralph Dayidson is visiting in
Clarence Tedrow and wife visited
relatives in Albany Saturday.
J. Rhodes and wife, ef Bridge
port attended services here Suuday
Amelia reterson or Dallas is
vi-iting at the home of C. Tedrow.
Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Simmons
have a baby girl, born Friday July
Mr. and Mr. A. J. Richardson
of Buena Eiata were guests at the
borne ot E. Davidson Sunday.
The citato Sunday School Or
ganiser was through here Saturday,
talking up the Sunday School
J. Dickenson and wife spent a
few days of last week with their
aon George and wife.
Cittle Palace pofel
Independence, Oregon
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Fred Loy has his new barn com
pleted, .
Mra. E. A. Miller and daughter
were in Corvallis Friday.
There will be ice cream and free
dance-Saturday eight.
Mr. Frederickson will start bia
bis ntw machine Friday,
Miss. Minnie Maxfield ia visiting
thia week at Mrs. E. E. DeArm
Several of the farmers will finish
catting their fall grain thia week.
It ia better than tbey expected.
Mrs. Comba of California is vis
iting ber brother Mr. E. E. Cham
berlain this week.
Mr. and Mra. C. Brown visited
Sunday at the home of Mra.
Brown'a father,
Mr. Cade and eon of Salem spent
Friday and Saturday with 0. H.
and C. J. D'Armond.
' r, , , . -
Airs. v. ej, dwiiiii iwuiniij vi
. . , n .
much improved in health since
going there.
Mr, McCIain eeeme lost without
the work at the depot where he has
been employed for the past twenty
John Sevier has been quite ill
Retta and Lee Clarke have gone
to the coast on an outing.
Clarence McCaleb and wife vis
ited in Monmouth Sunday.
Miss Verna Walker visited at the
home oi Mrs. Marks last Sunday.
Mr.' Eggleson has bought Ed.
Harmon's place on the Lnckiamute.
Geo Clark, who has been visiting
relatives here, left for Salem Satur
day. Last Wednesday the thermom
eter registered 93 degrees in the
shade here.
James Goodman and Mrs. Clarke
and her son, Jay, took a fishing
trip to the Siletx last week.
Persons by
the Enterprise....
V 44
Melissa Rehwalt, formerly of
this place, was recently married In
Montana to a Mr. Johnston.
Mr. and Mra. Geo. Sullivan and
daughter, Bessie, visited at Salem
Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. and Mra. Wilbur Rboades
visited at the home of Leaoder
Bilyea Sunday.
Hitty McCaleb of Moro, Eastern
Oregon, visited friends and rela-
- 'im jn ,bi vjcinity iMt week
Wm. Yeater, who for some time
haa been very ill at on of the
Portland hospitals, baa returned
There waa a pie aocial at Antioch
Thursday evening. Twelve pies
were sold to the highest bidder and
ranged in price from 23 cents to 75
cents each, the total amount re
ceived being 15.10. .
An ice cream social was given at
the home of Wm. Yeater Sunday.
Quite a number of Iriends and
'neighbors were present. Aftercake
, , i , , ,
and Ice cream had been
I . L .
oaD' foIk8 weni for a Peasant
.boat ride on the lake.
Miss Hattie Herren is visiting a t
D. A. Hodge of Independence
waa in these parts last week.
Mr. Smith of Portland is visit
ingC. E. Wheelock and family.
Miss Mabel Wheel ock has re
turned from Dayton.
William Martin ot Dallas is head
sawyer at the new Oak saw mill .
"Grandma" Herren has returned
from Oregon City. :
H. R. Fish back attended meet
ing at Independence Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Grooms and daugh
ter, Flossie, late of Idaho, are vis
iting Mr. Wonder and family.
Charles Murphy and Jesse Simp
eon of Monmouth passed tb.roo.gb
Antioch Friday enroute to Fall
Will be glad to get your order
for all kinds of ' bread, pies and
cookies, and family cake. All or
ders promptly attended to.
Mr, J. W. Turner, of Truhart, Va..
says that Chamberlain's Stomach acrt
Liver Tablets .have done him mow
good tnan anything he could get from
the doctor. If any physician in thb
country was able to compound a medi
cine that would produce such gratifying
results in cases of stomach troubles
biliousness and constipation, Ws who)
time would be used in preparing tbk
one medicine. For sale by all drug
gists. C. Li- KESTEE,
Independence, Ore.
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