West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, July 21, 1904, Image 1

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vt i.'vrvTir vp.au.
J. II. lUwucY, 1 L. Camh;km;,
President. ' Vice President.
Iua C. 1'oweu., CaKhicr.
Paid Cltl,
Diuectohh-J. II. Hawley, 1. L. riimpbell, I. M. Simpson, J. B. V.
Butler, John JI. Stump, J. A. Withrow, F. 8. Powell.
Transacts General Banking and Exchange business: Drafts sold
ayailabla throughout the Unitml States and Canada.
CAPITAL STOCK, $50,000.00.
II HIKRHBKItO, I'Vert'denT " AlfttAM KKLfON, Vic Pre.Men
C. W.IKVINK, CiiHliMr.
DIRECTOItS.-H. llHtTurrMV. railTF.liniltb, J. P. Kboctoi and
A. Nelnon.
a imneral ImnklnTandMuhwiige bneinww transacted. Iwna ramie. ' Bill
dlufted. " 1.1 credit grated. XtoMNit r,I mi on current account
subject to chec k.
-t- Htadquartm For !
Fine Cigars, Tobaccos, Candies
Pit, in nd! variety from cob Soda Fountain for the hot day.
toVotf ud f in IvWhaum. You are always welcome.
Good Riga for Commercial Men a 'Specialty.
Good accommodations. Horses well fed. line
riga. Horses boarded by day, week or month.
Telephone 2Vo. 293
Oregon State Normal School
ffr,"Y i ... IcourHMi of study, training it
1 r 1 Ai 't i'Vi 1 teaching in town and country
V t i 'S "v J "' H.'land full details about the a
y. J t ;,. McourHeof atudy with the additi
" JHB . . I. ... 1 AdlK.ua
On Short
Plows ana all Kinds or
Edged Cools
ground Ulblle Vou malt
Independence and Itlontnoutb
Independence, Oregon
This school begins its 23rd year Septem
ber 20. 1904. terms in each school vear
utlordliiB equal'opportunlties for begin
I n in K a course In September, November,
ielruary auu April, iuo
for teachers in the normal course with its
assurance of good positions at Rood
wtiKca. Write for new catalogue con
taining lull information concerning
y schools
J course of study with tlie additional ad
vantages attached. Address
Secretary J. B. V. Butler, or
President E. D. Ressler,
A Quorum Gets Together and
Acts on Matters That
Had Been Delayed
Treasury Flush with Funds and
More Coming:. Action Taken
on Sanitary Conditions
After several weeks vacation the
city counnel git together Tuesday
evening and took.up matters requir
ing tlu attention of the local law
Present were; Mayor Cooj.er, and
Councilman Craven, Meaner, Bo
hannon and Kinch. In the absence
of recorder Hbarnian, councilman
Messner acted as clerk.
The report of the finance com
mittee was presented. It showed
a little upwards of 11500 on hand
and between $400 and $500 due in
the city in taxes. Iking no out
standing warrants and all bills
paid up, a motion was made that
$1000 In bonds be called in but the
motion is held in ubeyance await
ing the return of the recorder who
is away ou leave of absence.
The committee on health and
police reported that the waste mo
teriaLrom the creamery, accumu
lated in a pool not far from Main
street had become a menace to the
public health. A resolution was
adopted declaring the creamery
refuse a nuisance, and directing
the city marshal to notify the
owner that it must be abated with
in ten days from service of the no
tice. The " committee on health
and police was instructed to notify
the proprietor of the Little Palace
Hotel and others in the block
bounded by Railroad and Main,
Monmouth and C. streets, that
steps must be taken to improve the
sanitary conditions in that block.
City Marshal Andy Tupper was
granted a 20 days leave of absence.
William Ball will act as marshal
during the chiefs absence.
Colonel -Tudsou Here,
Colonel R. C, Judson of the 0.
R, & N. Company was in town
yesterday. He was met at the
station by Mayor Cooper and
driven over the country by way of
Monmouth and Rickreal. "You
have an ideal country" said the
Colonel befor leaving, "and what a
country it will be when some more
easterners settle in these parts and
go to farming on scientific meth
ods." It has for yeara been Col
onel Juclsot.'e mission to look after
developing the resources of the
country tributary to the 0. R. & It.
line. Now that the O. R. & N. has
been put under the same manage
ment with the Southern Pacific,'
his trip up the valleyat this time
may result in the establishing of a
model farm in these parts as has
been done bv the 0. R. A N. in
eastern Oregon, just to show what
the country can be made to pro
duce. Colonel Judson, under di
rection of the O. R. & N. has pur
chased and deyeloped what is
known as model farms east of the
mountains. Ilia efforts were
very successful. If the railroad
company should decide to nave
Colonel Judson develop a model
farm in these parts, it would eureiy
he an eve-onener. not only to east
erners, but to many of our own
Oregon Development League.
The Portland Commercial Club
baa issued a call for a convention
of the Oregen Development League,
to be held at the Marquam Grand
Theater in Portland August 2nd
and 3rd.. All commercial, agri
cultural, mining stock-raising and
irrigation interest will be repres
en ted; every editor in the etaU
is invited to attend as a delegate;
County Commissioners and Mayors
of all towns and cities will also be
called upon to name , delegates.
The Portland Women Club will
luok after the comfort of ladies
accompanying delegates, and a-
niotig other entertainments, have
arranged for a trolley ride on Aug
ust 2nd, taking in the most inter
esting and beautiful environs of
Portland, and on August 3rd ten
street cars will be provided for a
trip over the entire city.
The Southern Pacific Co. will
sell tickets at the very low rate oi
one fare for the round trip, from all
points on Oregon Lines to Portland
and return, for this occasion, and
it is hoped that every section of the
state will be w ell represented at the
convention, to work in harmony
for the development of Oregon.
Work of Extending Spur From
S. P. to Gravel Bar in
Willamette is Started
Contract will be Rushed and Gravel
Hauling: will Begin upon the
Oimolction of the Road
Railroad building is now on in
Independence. It commenced this
week and will not let up until a
spur from the main ' line of the
Southern Pacific to the river bed,
ia completed.
The track will be about half, a
mile jong and will be an extension
of the spur now having terminus
at Main street to a point on the
river bank a little north of the old
shack at the upper boat landing
Timber and other material and
tools are being piled up along the
route this week, and a gang of men
are at work on the grade. Super
intendent O'Brien and Fields will
be here in a day or two, and anoth
er crew will be put on for the trest
le work and the work pushed to
conmletion. There will be about
(500 feet of trestlinst to be done.
Enough men will be put on to com
plete the road, perhaps in 20 days.
It is being built by the Southern
Pacific and Mr. Hirschbe'-g of the
Independence and Monmoutn Mo
tor line. The river is now low
showing a large quantity of gravel
that will be made accessible by the
new road, and the hauling of grav
el will begin immediately upon
completion of the road. The Inde
pendence gravel bar will be the
source of supply for a great many
miles of railroad, and a number of
men will be kept at work on the
steam shovels and hauling of gravel
here during the summer and fall.
The I. & M road is needing gravel
for ballast; the Dallas Falls City
road is waiting for ballast and the
Southern Pacific can use any
quanity of gravel.
Miss Rena Walton died 'at the
home of her aunt, Mrs. Ed. Jonee,
in Jefferson, Monday, July 18th, at
8-30 a. m., at the age of 28, after a
lingering illness of 1 consumption.
Miss Walton was a niece of R. J.
Tavlor of this city and has at diff
erent times spent several months
in Independence. At the time of
the Heppner flood, Mies Walton
i;in with her brother in that
city and narrowly escaped being
drowned. She was clinging to the speaker, was shown in the men
branches whe rescued from tile tal pictures and illustrations pre
raging waters. Her Drotner job
k;. life. Deceased leaves a mother.
i;.;,,. AlbanT. a litter and alt
,V4Jg - J I I
brother besides a Dumber or other
relatirea. - I
Last Verdict in the Monmouth
i Adkins Case Set Aside
and new Trial Ordered
Experts at Work on the Books of
the Various County Officers.
' Real Estate Transfers
Judge Burnett convened circuit
court, department No. 1 long en
ough Monday morning to render a
decision on two motions he has
had under advisement.
One was a motion to net aside
the verdict in the 'case of Laur?
Adkins against the City of Mon
mouth. The motion was allowed,
the verdict being set aide, and a
new trial ordered. The verdict
was set aside on the grounds that
the jury did not follow the instruc
tions of the court in considering
plaintiff guilty of contributory neg
ligence. In ruling on the motion,
the court stated, that the evidence
ahowed that olaintiff was aware
of th condition of the defective
walk and knew that it was a part
of ber duty to inform the city.
The jury found for plaintiff in
the sum of $2100. In a former
trial, ehe was awarded $800 dam-
8288. ' '
In the casr pf taleb Hughes vs
Geo. E. Lewis, administrator of the
,. of R. L. Skinner, motion of
estate of R. L. Skinner,
defendant for judgment notwith
standing verdict of the jury " was
denied. A further motion for par
ticular judgment jn favor of plain
tiff for only $135 16 allowed.
Divorce proceedings were oegu
by" Viola Welch against Frank
Heal Estate Transfers.
Sherman Lemmon to Lucinda
Baldwin lota in Independence $550.
A R South wick to J R Chapman
lot 1 in Highland Fruit Farm, $5
Geo, Bingham to James and
Mary A Plant 68.96 acres in sec
21-22 tp7s,ofr4w $3500. f
' Luckimute Flouring Mills, to
Gottfried Keller, mill and grounds
(Burns Mill) $6000 "
Agnea B Campbell to J S ABh
baugh lots in Dallas $100
Mary E and J II Moore to C F
Fisher, lot in Monmouth $160. '
Mary Smith to Edward T Plas
ter 40 acres in t p 8 s, ot r 5 w
$1450. -
A A Catron to P H Johnson, lot
in Monmouth $2000.
Laura Frazier to Eugene Bogart,
lots in Monmouth $70.
Laura Frazier (guardianj to E
Bogart lots in Monmouth $70.
E A Thary to C P Cornwell, lots
in Independence $100.
J E and Lucy J Elkins to V A
Hatch lots in Independence $400.
A marriage license issued to S C
Pinney and Miss Ida Riep.
Special Sermon.
A large crowd gathered at the
Auditorium Sunday night to hear
the sermon on "Heaven" preached
by Rev. Wigmore. The choir was
composed of the best singers from
the several churches and led by
Rev. Garmong. Rev. Wigmore
proceeded to give his own personal
views of Heaven in a clear and lm
pressive manner. 1 hat this sut
iAct had received much attention
and careful thought at the hand of
sented, lie spoxe oi tne one view
great many people had of Heaven
illnatratad in the well known
t0nf , "I Want to be aa Angel and
with the Angel Stand," "A Crown
upon my forehead and a Harp
within my hand." Mr. Wigmore
thought this the moet nonsensical
song ever written. lie saia
that he earnestly believed one's
lime in Heaven would be ued to
a far better advantage than pick
ing on a golden harp. Tbee meet
ings have been increasing in Inter
est ever since their opening.
The Big Greater Oregon Develop
ment Convention Meets la Port
land August 2nd and 3rd.
A convention for the purpose of
organizing an Oregon Development
League will be held in Portland
Tuesday and Wednesday, August
2 and 3.'
Every editor in Oregon is a dele
gate at large. ,
The Governor, United States
Senators and Congressmen are also
delegates at large and are expected
to be present.
The Mayor of each and every
city and town in the stale, as well
as the County Judge of each and
every county, is urged to name ten
The president or executive officer
of every commercial, industrial,
agricultural, horticultural, live
stock, dairy, irrigation, mining or
other similar organizations having
for its purpose the development of
an industry is urged to name ten
delegates, and to add himself and
secretary to the delegation, as ac
tive workers are especially desired.
An informal reception for ladies
and gentlemen will be given by the
'"'xtland Commercial Clulb at it
'foetus"' hv" ihe"!6vii5v tJL.
Chamber of Commerce building,.
Tuesday evening "from 8 to 11
o'clock. -
The Oregon Water Power & Rail
way Company have tendered the
use of four large cars for a trip to
Canemah Park, beyond Oregon
City one of the most delightful
trolley rides in America. A com
mittee from the Woman's Club of
Portland will have charge of this
The railroads have agreed to
make a rate of one fare, for the
round trip. '
A program of brief but explicit
speeches on various Bubjects will
be arranged.
The purpose is to secure the co
operation of all parts of the state
in the development of Oregon's
Mayor Cooper is making up a
list to appoint as delegates from
Independence. Ths Improvement
League will also name a list.
Here is your chance for an excur
sion to Portland and an opportunity
to take part in this big develop
ment League.
Mayor Cooper has made the fol
lowing appointments:
W. A. Messner, M. Merwin, A.
J. Richardson, J. R. Cooper, J. M.
Stark. W. W. Perciva), E. M,
Young, Dr. E. J. Thompson, C. L.
Fitchard, Dave Calbreath. J.
Hirschberg has also been appoint
ed by the State Irregation Com
B. G. Leedy, master of the Ore
gon state Urange, was in town
the first of the week. In company
with Granger Hirschberg and be
hind one of "Joe's" roadsters, he
viewed some of Polk county's
farms Tuesday. The Grange, Mr.
Leedy reports in a flourishing con
dition generally, He hopes to see
more interest shown in rolk.
Fjom Junttw-X -Leedy
Corvallis, where he attended a
meeting of the board of regents of
the Agricultural College.