West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, January 14, 1904, Image 2

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Social and Personal.
rfc-air i T ivtmw ft V t -
John K. John-on returned la Kugetie
A new line of fancy itattouery due at
Craven A Moore's.
Mm. Bertha Carriers was a passenger
to Portland Friday.
Mm. Lay ton Fmlth wim a passeuger
to Portland Friday.
K. K. Paddock aud little ho, F.lmer
were lu Corvallla Friday.
Nuts, candies, cigar aud latest Utor
ature at Craven A Moore's.
Julien Hurley has been appointed
ageut for the Jouruul, vice Dean (Joed
inau resigned.
J. C. Hayter, editor of the Polk Coun
ty Observer, spent Saturday eight lu
11. L. Fen ton wan over from DalUs
Saturday, shaking bands with Inde
pendence friends.
Win Mackay returned to Porllaud
Friday, after visitiug bla daughter,
Mrs. 8. K. Oweu.
Vou can get any piier or iiiaga.lne
pulislicd at the publishers price at
Craven A Moore's.
J.S.Kibbey ims none to Morrow coun
ty to visit relatives and expects to pur
chase a claim while there.
Dr. W. I). McNary, one of the
asylum physicians at Hulem, speul
Sunday iu Independence.
L. U. Kibbey is visiting in Wlnlock,
Wash. lie will visit Morrow conuty,
Ore., before returning home.
Our Oak Point correspondent lias
moved to Pendleton, and we hope
soma other enterprising resident of
that place will take up the work.
Mrs. C. E. Ferguson, who lias been
visiting her parents, Mr. mid Mrs.
Luther Grouud. of Monmouth, left
Suudav for r-'alt Lake City, Utah, her
future home.
S.E. Leinmon, of McCoruiick, Wash.,
came In (Saturday evening on the boat,
returning Kunday afternoon. His
s.I.ii. Hrnu mliuuliitlful 1... mujllll .,f l.llul-
ue.'ts Interests he has here.
James Callahon, who lives on the
Clarion county side of the river, was
iiuijced up in an acoident last wek.
A log rolled on his foot and crushed.lt
quite bajdly. He will be cn crutches
for several weeks.
Mrs. A. J. Goodman and son, Dean
left Monduy for Albany, thence to
Eugene, for a visit. From the latter
point they journey to Pendleton, where
Mr. Goodman has bought an interest
in a hardware store.
Polk County BanR,
Monmouth, - Oregon.
J. II, JJawley, P. L. Cami'bbu.,
President. Vice Pres.
Iba C. Powell, Cashier.
Paid Capital, 3o,ooo.
Dibkctohs: J. H. Hawley, P. L.
Campbell, I. M. Simpson, J. B. V.
Butler, John B. Stump, J. A.
Withrow, F. S. Powell. f
Transact General Banithig
and Exchange Bamsoss
Drafts sold available throughout
the United States and Canada.
lHonmoutb Eaundry
II. O. tVii Ira aa , t'rop.
Should have your Work.
Washing called for and de
livered. Washing called for on Tues
day and delivered on Satur
day Work Guaranteed.
Monmouth, Oregon.
I). V. Hoars waa in roruanu u...
Mla Pearl Pcrelval visited Portlaud
this week.
(. A. Hurley md Al Herreii were
Salem visitor Mouduy.
II. Hirschberg, the banker, was i
Portland the ll rat of the week.
Mlxa Lela ilerren lett Monday, for a
several weeks' visit In Portland.
The M. F conference Is to b held
lu 1 udepoiidenoe some time lu May.
Harry Steele, a boy' of Iluena Vwta,
whs committed to the reform school
last week.
Mrs. A. McLaughlin, of Buena Vista,
was a visitor in Independence the llrsl
of the week.
Dr. C. C. Poling, of Dallas, will
presch at the UwisvlUe church Sun
day at 11 ;00 A. M., and at Bridgeport at
7:301'. M.
lv. C. F.Ulredge was a passenger to
tfr.,r.,i MnMitav. on business. He
expects t visit HHkaue, Wash., on
bllsluess this coming week.
About a bilker's doxen Knights of
t..,i,i r,f this eitv. will m to Falls
Citv this eveulnu for the puro-e ol in
stitutinsra K. of P. in the thriving town
of the foothills.
V uimin cull attention to anyone
owing us or we owing them to call at
once at this office or Wagoner store
..) hivn an iindcritai.diiii; with the
undersigned. This Is the hint notice
Clarence It. Wagoner.
Independence Chapter No. t'.'i, B. A,
M.. Installed the following olheers Frl
dav eveiiiuir: K. L. Ketchum, High
Priest; A. K. Lot-ke, King; 1". M. Kirk
land. Hcribe: H. llirachherg, Treas.;
H. It. Parrlsh, Hec.; O. I). Butler,
Cant, of Host: Clarence It. Wagoner,
Roval Arch Captain-, J. VV. Kirklnnd,
U. of 3rd V.) II. H. Jasperson, M. o
2nd V.; J. Dickinson, M. of 1st V.
A wind storm of much intensity oc
curred at 11:00 A. U. Sunday. It was
preceded by several deafening claps of
thunder and (lashes f lightning. 1'art
of the Iron railing from the top of the
Independence National Bank building
w as blown down. Several of the fuses
at the local telephone office were burn
d out. but aside Irom this there was
little other damaue. The storm ti'sui
abated, twlng succeeded by an Ore
gon steady rain.
The ladies of the Heading Club were
entertained on Wednesday evening, by
Mrs. J. S. Cooper, Mrs. P. Bowden
and Mrs. A. J. (ioodmau at the home
of Mrs. A. J. (ioodmau. After a de
lightful evening a delicious lunch was
enjoyed by all. Mrs. A. J. Goodman
having resigned her olilce as president
of the club, Mrs. (). I). Butler was
elected to fill the office. Those present
were: Mrs. V. Jiooge, airs. m. cressey,
Mrs. L. Damon, Mrs, A. Nelson, Mrs.
O. D. Butler, Mrs. G. L, Burton, Mrs.
J. Ii. Hubbard, Mrs. Geo. Conkey, Mrs,
E. E. Paddock, Mrs. D. B. Taylor,
Mrs. H. B. Walker, Mrs. It. II. Knox,
Mrs. K. D. Cravens, Mrs. A. M. Hurley,
Mrs. E. L. Ketchum, Mrs. May Babbitt,
Mrs, Harah Irvine, Mrs. H. E. Owen,
Miss Nellie Burke, Mrs. J. H. Cooper,
Mrs. P. Bowden, Mrs. A. J. Goodman.
Mr. and Mrs. Goodman will bo greatly
missed In the social circle.
Mr. aud Mrs. L. M. Butler are in re
ceipt of a letter 'from their son, Jona
than Butler, who is doing se.-vlce for
Uncle Bam as a member of Company
C. Seventeenth intantry lu the Philip,
pine Islands. The letter recounts a more
or less perilous hlke" into the wilds of
that country and concerning the habits
of the natives encountered says: "At
one place we canoe to a amalltown (and
vou could smell It for two miles) of
savages in front of the homes of whom
were from one to ten poles with a
human head or arm on the top of each.
While there we were very careful not
to get separated, as to be found alone
by a party of them would mean death
and such are the people some of the
newspapers at home are talking about
oppressing and wltholdlng from
them their liberty. There was a scout
cut with ft bolo while guarding two
Moro prisoners at work. The guard
killed both the prisoners as one grab
bed bis gun while the other cut him
with the bolo. The man will recover
the doctors say."
t'lrrlo Instillation.
Hpeeial from Iluena VUla.
The Circle met Friday night, Jan
uary 8, and Installed their olllcera.lu th
prv.enool a large number of visitors.
The following otllcets were Installed
bv Mrs. Geo. rn'olt, of Dallas! Mrs.
Malvlii Baldwin. Guardian Neighbor;
Mrs A. M. McLaiiKhlln, Past Guard-
i... N.-luhbori Mrs. Beveus, Advisor;
Miss Lula Locke, Maglclau; Mb M. J.
Lee, Clerk; Mrs. M. J. Kreuu, Bank
er; Miss A Ida Fruni, Attendant; Mrs.
M. A. Winn, luner Henllnel; M. A.
Wluu, Outer HeullneJ; Mrs. Ethel Bev
ens, Captain of Guards; (I. Iocke,
Guard; Chas. Mastersou, Guard t A.
M. McLaughlin, Guard; Elu Be
ens, Guard.
The following stiort program was
rendered after the installation: In
strumental music. Will and Abel Por
ter; welcome aildress, Bertha Wlnti;
Instrumental solo, Miss Alice Knigh
ton; recitation, "Train to Bracken
burg," Mix Fled C. Thompson; Molo,
"Won't You Be My Hwethearl,"
Lena Baldwin; recitation, The First
Letter," Miss Ida Mae Hmlth; duel,
"My Pauline," Misses Alice and Ethel
Knighton; Instrumental music, Will
aud Abel Porter.
At the close of the program, supper
was served oonsUtlug of oyster u
chiekcii. cake. etc.. to which all did
ample Justice.
The Circle, as well as the other
lodges of this plaoe, Is rapidly bulldlug
up, owing to the active woik of It
members. The enrollment of the Cir
cle Is now nesr fifty, and new iiiem
hers are coming In all the time.
A f!iurprls Tarty.
Special from Buena Vista.
On Tuesday evening, January Mh,
Miss Alice Knighton was given a stir-
prle party. Quite a number of friends
attended, Including Miwe Mae Smith,
Lucy Bolter, 'Fresin Pralher, Eva
Baldwin, Maudle McLaughlin and
Beiiit ArlaiidMin; Mrs. Melviu Bald
win and Messrs. Clrve and JUrley
Prathor, Arthur, Will, Alsd and Hoy
Porter, Willard Met Main, Grant Mc
Laughlin, Martin Conger aud John
ArlundNun. The evening was spent In
playing games, singing songs and with
music. Light refreshments wereserv.
ed about midnight, and shortly after
wards the party broke up.
100 acres of bottom land, 15 acres
in jiruiieH and '! acres of good
open land suitable for Iiojib, For
further particulars enquire of .
L. Cauthorn, Wells, Ore.
A Wonderful Nerve.
Is displayed by many a mau endur
ing pains of accidental Cuts, Wounds,
Bruises, Healds, Kore fret or stiff Jolts
But there's no need for It. Buckleu's.
Arnica Halve will kill the pain umi
cure the trouble. It's the bcst'sulve en
earth for i'iles, too. 'Jots, at A. H
Locke Druggist.
m Mfj
Administrator's Notice.
Notice is hereby given that I have
been duly appointed by the county
court of Polk county, Oregon as the ad
ministratrix of the estate of Bertha
Ohms, deceased. All persons having
claims against said estate are required
to present the same to the undersigned
at the law ollice of Butler A Coad. in
Dallas, Polk county, Oregon, duly veri
fied in manner provided by law, within
six months from data thereof. t
Dated, December .10th, 1903.
Emma A. Ohms;
Kxecntrix of the estate of Bertha
Ohms, deceased.
vvirri purchases or
F. S. Wilson.
Carpel and R9 Weaving.
Patties wixhlng aotk done in this line
will pit aw tall at my .-KI nw one i,n
seslHiid hall Mock north ol Palace
Mix. II". . Ilfii iirr,
I have received l
registration ofvotsrJ
tjr, for the twnelit of;
ollice. and to save i jt
the county, rctjuesti
tcr early. i
Justice (;
J. H. MOOlti;,
Tonsorlal Artist
Only hrst-cliiss workmen fin
ploytl in tin "Wigwam." tfhop
situntcd on North ntdo of C Street.
W. R. ALLIN, D. D. S.
I'slilliMM Kxlruetltm
a SH-i'jnlly.
oiMr llullitliis,
luilrianitiic, Mr
round u Curt for Indigestion
I use Chsmberlain'a Htomncl and
Liver Tablets for luiilgesilon and find
they suit my case better thai) any' dya
pepsla rented, I have ever tried audi
have used many dilli renl reuiedlea. I
am nearly Ufty-one years of age and
have sullered a great deal from Indlges
tlon. I can eat almost anything I
want to now, Gko. W. Kmorv, UK'k
Mills, Ala. For sale by All Druggists,
llow'H Thla?
WeofterOne HunilreT Dollars lte-
ward lor any case of Catarrh that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
I cu
jid to iiju'ti II fUtfi
J'OluU'DCW fr I'tlft I
It liH l'ti fcCVi.
tmico In-hpciidci
Imttut of u piano t
lifiiisc, but by tlie'
nrticlt roarlic ii
llicro will bo on
in llr-nklu btiildiu'
lilii'sl goo.! ever j
Iltdf Jt'Htlcnt, or
tmy other j'liue.
jutiy nuikts n r
liili-gn.tl itiftrti!
ut tlio mine ti me i
to ht ll thoin ut a t
j.rolit; benct tho
gets iheitt for
wwtibl otherwise
tnt'dintn or chef
Tht-y will ex!ulH
lirst limp tho . r
I'inno riuycr, the
iiuist coinplctt;
the rnnrkct. U
worth your while tftl,
ntxl hear this woiftfB
Htnifuent ilay thige
Thcv will ttlo bavbb
Vi i o.b,
ton rhonornpli
bin C5rniIiojthunenJ
ttitcrtaiti their pare
something that wfiyln
jtreriftted by our j W
nitMiibtr this mh
ono week, tttitl if
thinking of purclgon
inslruniftit it will t
. . . 7be
wen to invesvigiue
'a I
mi $f 6:
KshIU nM lair.
ijvnrtu jjium., i
MarK II. Suva
Doinestic TroubleH.
It Is exceptional to to find a family
where there are no domestic ruptures
occasionally, but these can be lessened
by having Dr. King's New Life I'IIIb
around. Much trouble they save by
their great work in Htomach and
Liver troubles. They not only relieve
you, but cure. 25c, at A. 8. Locke's
Drug Ktore.
Carl Herren, who has been working
at Wheatland, has returned home.
Did You Ever in i
Use a Bath Cabins
They arc on almost sure cure for Cohhr
and Rheumatism. I will sell iou euc
AE2 for kiL
Prescription Druggist, Independcrf61