Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, June 18, 1903, Image 3

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prices siaiptma. t
Vo Iiavo ft fi'W famplo win-da loft nml will cIchu out thu entiro Htock at llio &
following priccH: J
L ('no tUl.(H) Uaeycl.', "Pace Maker". .M!.7. One 2.").K) Latonn, Kaoyelo make. . . .21.2. ZJ
Odd MOO Crescent Bicyulo '.'70 One .".(MM) Knell Bicycle, ladies model 21.76
Vi One .'!.'.(K) Hni-ll Hicyt-le 'J7.7. One .'57.60 Snell Bicycle MM) J
( ()iio 40 (Mj Hnidl Bicycle, with coaster .T2.7ri One 60.00 Cleveland, cushion frame. . 38.25 1
i R. tt WADE & GO.'
Our Block in rrilucotl to tin oltovo HwnploH only, and when UiCho aro
gone no more can l hint at thcsi? jnccH. Thoso aro all liigh-grado bicycles.
lUc have a few bargains left in second-band Ulbeels.
A. J: GOODMAN, Manager.
l ..A TII..I.
fommenccmem uk.
(Carried over from page I)
. .
cnU. An exciting inuooor game
lirtball played i the gym
. . .. .i . -i i ....I
k.iuui between uie '"'""'
!,ool team won by the latter
cf g naru ngiu. mo
i d adjourned to the base ball
Lnotid to witness a game Iwlwcen
ulioul team and a visiting club,
ifrsiueof which your reporter
i!td to secure.
Literary Society rrotrmm.
The program lor 8 1. M. Tues-
kv, ii given below, wan well con-
Vfd ami t-arned nut. The various
oibersof the Vespertine. Nor-
Ll aud lnviueibles did them-
m proud. The iaio duet and
its' (pianette revealed what ex
lent musical talent has ben
fraught out by tho tuition ofMiHS
ggins. The piano nolo by Mm.
ibbitt wn superbly rendered, all
fa difficulties of tho "Beinicke
illn.lft" vanishing before the
ianiste's admirable technique.
rs. Bauer completely captured
r audience with her artistic
I'DN. I)eu a's "May Day" and the
mmq Love Song. Director
'jiWclub swincinii was much
Instrumental duet. "The Witches
b; Opening addresH, W. H. Kuth-
Srford : Vocal solo. "My Dream of
ou," Miss Sadie Craven; Oration,
raves Crowlev: Ladies' quartette,
Joy Shall E'er lie Th ne " Misses
raven. 11. Reese Bontley, J.
who; Our Literary Societies
Ycsterduv." Mips Jensen; "To-
lay," W. A. Tupper; "Tomorrow,"
m Hampton; l'iano solo, Mrs.
ay Htnvdon-Babbitt; Club swing
S, Mr, Forbes: Vocal solo, Mrs.
ose-Rlnch-niuinr: "Aux Italians"
'm Gertrude Vernon;. Brass quar-
Commencement Day.
Promptly ut 10:00 A. M. Wed
esday, the Lucas orchestra start-
i the strains of n. lively march
M the commencement j rocession
of I'JIKI fiUl into tlio chapel.
President Ussier, with Mr. Buck-
ham led, followed by the faculty.
Thu graduates came next. On the
platform were seated the class o.
'(K5, the faculty, executive commit
tee of the board of regents, class
speaker, chorus of oO and the Lucas
orchestra. The program was ren
tiered as follows:
March, orchestra; invocation, Mr.
IWickbam; overture, orchestra;
Salutatory and oration, "Follow
the Gleam," Martha NYhealdon;
Song, Normal chorus; Oration,
Did the End Justify the Means?'
Beatrice Anderson; Vocal solo, Mrs.
lloee Bloch-Bauer; Oration, 'The
Key to Victory" Clara Carpenter;
Oration, "Sacajawea, an Unknown
Heroine." Annie Overholtzer; Vocal
solo, Mrs. Rose Bloch-Buuer; Ora
tion and valedictory, "Commercial
ism and Education," Hamuel Even
den; Music, orchestra; Address to
class, Itabbi Stephen S. Wide;
Presentation of diplomas, President
E. D. Bessler; Music, orchestra.
Tiieclaiw rrprwieuUtivea all acquit
ted themselves wllb credit. MIhs
Wheahlou welcomed the audience In
a uraelous salutatory and addressed
lilting remarks in turn to regents,
fuoulty, fellow student" aud class
mates. Her oration was well con
ceived, expressed in choice Kmlish
a-ul forcibly delivered. Her theme
called for Idealbtlo treatmeiutandin
blither leadings. le appealed to toe
bust In man's nature.
Mlm Beatrice Audursm. preseuted a
aketvb of the life of Charlotte Uordray,
with a critical study of her character
Hud the motives prompting her mur
. . t M,.rt ll..r coiiolusiou was
nor in .......
that though her act was unjustillable
her lofty patriotism was highly praie-
worthy. The speaker delivered her
oration In a very liupretmlve manner.
Mink Clara Carpenter began her In
troduction w ith a quolutlou from tbe
Duke of Wellington in which be Is re
Mrted to have said referring to Oxford
University, "There Is where the battle
of Waterloo was won." The speaker
made a strong argument for thorough
Preparation for life's work. Her clear
- aud logical liue of thought was mark
ed by clone reasoning and Intelligent
Mixs Annie Overholtzer gave a de
lightful sketch ol tbe Indian prince
aud interpreter of the Lewis & Clark
exposition, Sacajawee, with a plea for
her recognition in history and Utera
tore and a suuxestiou that such a life
merits a noble monument commemor
ating thin great achievement.
The last speaker from the class,
Mr. Samuel Evenden, pointed out
the iufluenco of commercialism on
education. He deplored the ten
dency to eliminate the "culture"
studies from the curriculum, with
all their liberalizing and 1 refining
eflect, nd argued that our twenti
eth century education should not
only fit a student to "do things",
but to be a man or woman in the
fullest sense, able to participate in
the enjoyments of life as well as in
the strenuous action. Hie conciua
1 1 1 I A-
;ni wmirm were aauresseu
lriends, regents, faculty, students
and classmates. The able and el
oqueut effort justified the selection
rfi- TTupmlen as valedictorian.
qHie-TTOweTftrf'MaTess of Rabbi
alumni. It Is a long time since so
Uiunyofthe former gruduale4of the
O. H. N. K. met the Incoming cla.
At the chapel the exercise were as
follows: 1
The I, liens orchestra Is always par
excellence, tinil on tills occasion was
charming as usual. J. O. JtuHsell, of
the class of 'US, delivered the address
ot welcome. The response by Mls
Estclla Bobbins, 'U.'l, was gracefully
and tlttlngly given. Mrs. Leila Van
Winkle, '1)7, rendered a solo In her
usual happy manner. The oration by
M. V. Hanville. 'U7, was well received.
Frauk Lucas delighted his audience
with his cornet selection. The an
nual addrecsby A. F. Campbell, Christ
Ian College, '71, wis well received and
a solo by Prof. P. O. Powell closed this
most pleasing program.
The aluiriu! banquet was a brilliant
afl'ilr. Following is a list of the toast
given and of the persons who respond-
I to each :
"What I Have Learned," A. F.
Campbell. "To the Class of '08," Miss
Klva WhealdoH. "Itesnonse." Miss
Kstella Itohbins. "Teaching Keml-
nloenees," Hugh Kison. "The U. of
O," M. I. Hanville. "The Profession,''
Miss Millie Doughty. "To the Ladles,"
John C. McCue.
A Happy Occasion.
fi. R. nebrbavD.D.S-
Over P. 0. Monmouth.
Wholesale Beer and Cigar Dealer.
pving taken out wholesale license, I can now sell all Beer and Cigars a
wholesale rai. ...
P Street, - . Independence, uyw...
Bueua Vista Special.
The pretty country home of Mr. and
Mrs. Willard Beveus in the "bottom'
huliiw Huena Vista, was the scene
Sunday of a very happy gathering.
Relatives to the number of thirty con
gregated early In the day aud mirth
and irood cheer abounded, 'the guegt
of honor were P. L. Kennedy aud
rtiiiiphter. of Woodburn: Mrs. Wells
Pantons. of Heastle. and Mrs. Alex
Collins, of Dallas.
A dinner, consisting of all the dell
cacles of the prosperous farmhouse
table, was served and a group picture
of the happy party was taken Dy
CliaH. lirowul
The event was one of universal good
cheer and will be treasured for many a
lnv in the memory of those who were
present. s
Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera
and Diarrhoea Hemedy.
Is everywhere rrcognized as the one
remedy that can always be depended
upon and that Is pleasant to take. It
ia Wet!tallv valuable for summer
diarrhoea in children and Is undoubt
edly the means of saving the lives of a
at niRiiv children each year. For
sale by Kirkland Drug Co.
Improve the Negro's Condition'
By ex-President G'rover Clove-
and. It is foolish for us to blind
ojr eyes to tbe fact that more
should be done to improve the con
dition of our neg-o population. It
should be entirely plain to all of us
that the sooner this is undertaken
the sooner will" a seriou duty be
discharged and more surely will we
gaurd ourselves agaiust .future
trouble and danger. If we are to
be just and fair toward our colored
fellow citizens, and if they are to
be more completely made self res
pecting, useful and 6afe members of
our body politic, they must bo
taught to do something more than
to hew wood and draw water. The
way must be opened for them
to engage in eomething better than
menial service, and the!r interests
must be aroused to rewards of in
telligent occupation and careful
T relieve that, the exiirencv can
only be adequately met through
the inst'umentality of well equipp
ed manual training ana inuusiriai
aphonia, conducted either indepen
dently or in connection with ordin
ary educational institutions, x am
convinced that good citizenship, an
orderly, contented life and a proper
coiicepiiuu ui tiviu iiivu" u
obligations are almost certain to
grow out of a fair chance to earn an
honest, hopelul livennooa ana a
satisfied sense of secure protection
and considerate treatment.
The children's service announced to
occur at the Presbyterian church next
Sabbath evening, is postponed for tbe
present Usual services at this churcn
both morning and evening.
Birthday Party.
Wise made a profound impression
upon the class and audience and
met the high expectations ot an
who knew of his great reputation.
With burning eloquence and in
poetical pictures he pressed upon
the graduates the necessity of be
ing men and women of "vision"
and "character".
Music was furnished by the
Lucas Orchestra, Normal Ladies'
Chorus, and by the soloist, Mrs.
Rose Bloch-Bauer. While all were
well received,' the superb singing
of Madam Bauer was a great treat,
for which the good people ot Mon
mouth and vicinity must thank
the enterprising Music Committee
of the Class of 03.
Dlp'omss were presented t(7""fhT"22
graduates whose names and addresses
are printed elsewhere in this paper.
The class of 3903 has certainly sus
tained the high standard set by former
graduating classes and passes into the
history of the Btate Normal School
marked by high scholarship, leyal ad
herence to its Alma Mater, enterprise
and originality.
Annual Alumni Reunion.
The last function of commencement
week was the annual reunion of the
Special from Suver.
The mnnv friends of Alda Frnm and
Minnie Maxfleld. met at the home of
Mr. andJJj--4L-ran--tftnicraynn
nTof their birthday. Ice cream
mid eake were served.
Those nresent were Mr. and Mrs.
flhamberlain. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Mc
Lane and sou, Mr. and Mrs. W. V.
rnilins. Mrs. Maxfleld. Mr. and Mrs.
vv. J. Steele. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. For
est, Anna Hecker, Carl DeArmond,
Jake Glger, Ralph Collins, Ross Cham
berlain, Otto and Marie Steele, Roy
and Jessie Frum and Mabel McLane.
Tu minimi camDtueeting of the
United Evangelical church, which
wn4 to have been held at Dallas June
19-20, has been indefinitely postponed
on account of the gospel meetings now
being held in Dallas.
At a called meeting of Holly Hive,
si. L. O. T. M.. that order passed
feeling resolutions commendatory of
nr. Thompson's Sunday Maccabee
iHPmorlal service. We regret that
space will not permit of pbblication of
the resolutions. Several otner aeserv
inff Hems are omitted this week for
similar reasons.
Chamberlain's Stomach "and Liver
Tablets are iust what you need when
you have no appetite, feel dull after
eating and wake up with a baa taste
in your mouth. They will improve
vmir annetite. eleanse and Invigorate
your stomach and give you a relish for
your food. For sale by Kirkland Drug
m Shout Jiifl
AND Union Pacific
trh Pullman standard and tour-
: o,. ra rlailv tn Omaha Chi
ton OICCJJIJIJ vu.a . J j V,
cago, Spokane ; tourist sleeping-car daily
to Kansas City ; through Pullman tour
ist sleeping cars (personally conducted)
weekly to unicago, Kansas v,ny, ou
Louis and Memphis; reclining chair
cars (seats free) to the East daily.
Chicago Salt Lake, Denver,
Portland it wortn, umana,
Gnomal TCansmn Cilv. St. 4 .30 D m
9 -.20 a m via Louis, Chicago and
Hunting- H.ast. ..
Atlantic Salt Lake, Denver,
Vvn.Aca Ff .Omfillft.
8 : 15 p in via Kansas City, St 10:30 a m
Hunting- Louis, Chicago
ton. ana .ast.
St Paul Walla Walla.Lewis
Fa8tMail ton.Spokane.Wal
6am via lace, Pullman,
Spokane.- Minneapolis, St
Paul, Duluth.Mil
waukee, Chicago
and East.
7:35 am
70 hours. Portland to Chicago. No
change of cars. Tickets East via all
rail or via boat and rail via Portland.
All sailing dates
subject to change.
For San Francisco 4pm
Sail everv 5 days.
10 pm
To Astoria and way 4pm
landings. Ex. Sun.
AL HERREH, Ag., Independence.
i -