Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, April 30, 1903, Image 1

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ot Alrllc, IiiMtaiit
ly Klllwl.
"WI.Mt the Little Girl Kid',
Millie Clark
80,0 Ilultie llerren
V aledictory Initio Fiahback
Closing aldrens C. L. Starr
Sung--"Ooodnight, Teacher"
by the school
Collecting an Kxhlblt.
COUNTY, OJiEGON, Avuil :., l'jo;;
lr nijilit ffvice. Tin- Improve-nn-iit
l.oMjtuit ordered on in he
pLcd in tl, city hail to be paid
jointly by it and tin council if
the 0 unci! would Hand the
Nil . .
Iriii ntiif In .r . I. . I . 1
1 ui viib rurti tele
rttifi.i. uihha .I.... t t 11
n , iuv lr WID THIS hai
been working on waa dicused and
it i the ui umo of the league that
any cooperation the league could
do would' be willingly furnished
Independence la my much inter
in Mfing them hare the
proper eervie. If arrangementa
1 1 .1 t . . . .
Lnik. the n-year-old -n f ue muue wnerein their line
Ld Mrs. (I Hlaae, of Daltaa, could be brought to Independence
imiint v kllU'fl al Aim about it would strength. n nm
WedumUy by u-lajr run ov.r by Ln,i .1.. IMmnU ,.. ... pf Win. Riddell, near Monmouth:
. . . r,i. 1 . . I I w v, , wU. . .
rVT. IT!7 Ing to co-operate with them in... Tl.0rtpD nd ,amPIe of
L.u drl.wa the team u! the turinK tl, "-
LvM cau.d by tbe wlie.'laof Nothing else coming before the
Uwdroiiplin Into a bel In lltel meeting it adjourned.
mica catmm ine twai 10 i -
forward ujx.ii the lirnlira KJtOM I'UltK CHKAM.
M boy Ml under (he whwsu.
pwwd over M. bral and Vllt Our Nw Ice Cream Par. ries
Team Han Away HutWere
Slopped llefore Herioiia
Cooper & Hurley hate been col
lading together a nice little dit
1 .
play of Polk county'a products
which will be eent to Portland with
I oik county'a exhibit to be placed
In the Union depot. Their earn
J pies consist of wool, mohair and
rape aed collected from the farm
lor Maturday.
n which were cruMietl in a
I uiauni-r, causing Inaiaut
Mr, Hjuly wat eontiidrraOly
Ibuiutlierwlxe uninjured
mm hi unieil before any J will bare 011 sale next Saturday Cockle;
wold wool from Mr. T. Brunk
north of Independence; Bedder
n oed and Magoon growing straw
berries from the Bannister farm
near Independence; canned Craw
ford peaches and Royal Ann cher-
from Mrs. L. Smith; flour,
bran, aborts, oats, wheat and bar
mulled In Irani or wagon.
kovkmknt m:aiui:.
ley from the Oreeon Milliner &
For the first time in 1903 we Wa rolmilBA C Turn nAun ktt
American Banner and
nlli'i'H yei,f l;a-
IV l !-- II
. jr-in j, ib now Hie prop
eitr of P. T. Peterson, u recent ai-
rival from Nebraska. The above
named farm contains about 150 lleUl 1,1 l'la June 3rd, 4th,
acres of as irood land . rm h th and th.
' "V.
found In Polk "county, the greater
part of which ia in cultivation. L
Another attractire feature of this '""t" CONTEST FOR QUEEN.
farm is a nice yonng orchard, con
taining a variety of fine fruit trees.
One other real estate transfer is
the property formerly owned by
Win. McCurdy, ex-section foreman
at this place. This property, con
sisting of lots 7 and 8 in block 2.
has been purchased bylA. 8. Kerr.
Miss Pearl Percival Jeads
Race With 811.
ce cream and ice cream soda. Gray oats crown by J. II. Krenns-
Owing to the continuous calls we Spelt from the O'Brien Bros.-
L .11 1 A . .1 I . . . 1
unr uaiwwi 10 open the season white beans from K. E. Yarnell.
1 1 ...... 1 - '
UlinportUiit Proouloiia J""' " montli earlier than last also from Mr. John Fluke: barler
up for Mhmihmiuo. year. and oats from Mr. Simon; Red
liurcrOam will bono exception clorer from C. L. Hawley, of Mc
idenendcnce Improvement fro'" laat year and will be made of Coy; Mammouth clover from Sper-
I . a - I
Mid a rrsular meeting on H'e P"re cream and of the very ling Bros.; Defiance wheat by M
Ah. The cuiumiiue on I bet material to be secured, and we Becker, also English rye, vetches,
ie 111 kii iMTitiliiiii fur tha Will irr to a wavs serve on v the timothv anil iMunnnitfl m ' mma
nf Imlepi hdeiice reported bit cream. Loth in ice cream soda
luf the iimiiev hud been the plain cream. Owing to
V 1
That which had nut yet non-arrival of our criuhed
1 ... . . . . . . . .. .
io wotiiil be co ectf.1 uh iruus which were ordered inrouirn
m ponkible. Ian eastern jobbing house we will
ifd the book "Land i M unable to servo crushed fruits
bd been reoeivetl and nil
"liuknow of parties in the
!l might Ijo interested In
1. .r' it 11
7 i 1 oik could receive
"fiid Fast by culling at
ne secretary, 0. A. Hur-
0 Hie firm of Cooper &
iee corirtibting of Dr. Hut
Knox iu.d V. V. Perci
'"id to confer with Mr.
'lie road supervisor, for
of mi, w(mt couj
yarding the road leading
' k Point eehyol hoiiHe.
Mha Rru
in a vcrv bud con
nd i;.i.. i-
i W'H lx! of inestimable
411 Parties along the suid
for a week or so.
Our cream is also packed 111 the
finest porcelain-lined cans so there
is no danger of poisoning from tin
This m a good item for ice cream
enters to remember.
We are now in a position to fur
ninh ice cream in anty amount on
short notice. Wagoner's ice cream
CloMlnjf Kxerclses.
nice Burbank potatoes by Sloper &
Patton; dried Italian and Petite
prunes by D. Hodge, and peaches
by D. L. Hedges; alio an excellent
sample of hops from II. Hirsch
berg; six ears of corn raised by F.
W. Nurnberger, of Monmouth;
some nice cakes of honey from the
Vernon farm north of Indepen
These samples are excellent and
show the possibility of Polk county
in almost every line of farming.
ff ymi fmyo any thing in irtyn to
The forthcoming carnival at Dallas
on June 8rd, 4th 6th aod 6th promise
to be one of the greatest attractions
No new residences have been erect. I ever atteaipted in this oounty. The
ed excepting the home of Mr Loy firet dJ W,U known a circle day
about one and one-half miles art'te'jf a.
rn r I" "wwuai., UI LUC UttrUITai
01 rarser. vinii.K,nnuHi mm .k
There are many rumors afloat I tivlties attendant upon the four days
concerning a new store building in j f pleasure. Besides the many and
the near future. But as yet these "nea awracuona onerea eacn day by
rumors are without foundation. 7"T.. Si, "J TKK .K "D
will be a number of competitive drills
by circle teams.
We hare transferred the scene v J Thesecoadday will be Woodman
for the Standard and Paragon Sew- day' tbe third dgy is yet Pen for
ing Machines for Marion and Polk d? DWl," WitD?8
counties to Geo. C. Will, the old pioneers. For the many attractions
sewing machine and music dealer, offered on these different days, notice
Any one wishihg a new Standard the big posters which will soon be out
or Paragon Sewing Machine or any of preM' The PrindDal feature of lnter
lnni; rnw ,i . . est just now is tne election of a queen
supplies for the same will please .fc'..,,,.,..,,,.. . .k.
II r ! vaaa uirai sauvt jboii unuiraog kuat
can on Mr. Will at No 231 Com- this, the fourth week of the contest.
mercial Street, Salem, Oregon. finds an Independence lady consider -
Standard Sewing Machine Co. aD'y in the lead. With the exception
t. -7j 7 of last week, Miss Laura Brown, of
i icKel was in the city Mon- Dallas, headed the list, but last week
d"y was relegated to second place by Mrs.
Jea Whiteaker is in Portland "T1" votes are counted
nanh Wmlnaalaii minnmnN n n rl a liar
this wppIt c"cu,u6 "
connty papers.
Visitor Monday. inecoptescenas May ibin ana me
TUb.U n XI liUVU A i-VV I I U St VU'V'U bw -jv
ui me road nnmu In
Urn in M,l....
UP- Committee consist
I. Calbreath, T. 1).
1Da r. E. L; Ketchum
" subscribed fjr that
U1&ea definite reoort to
vw 10 lh :
uiing up 01
fui"id that , inn
uld be gervp.1 - i
"j m i urai
erJ crossing ih .
'thand east int
rrwj. Most of thi.
"We at lndeiienH.
1!6efM. Meri v tr
a- K. Paddock ap
Clrlte the petition
lmaP Of the mm-
"-iro league
'necessary lOOphon
Hpt't'ial from Sunny Hlnpe.
following is the program rcn
lered at the close of the Sunny
Slope school la?t Monday, April
27th: .
Song ''Mount Vernon Bells"
. i , by the school
Invocation V. A. Fishback
Words of welcome. . .Ina Fishback
Recitation Uetta Clark
Floral offering. by four girls
Wishes Kay Shipley
(Jeorgio llerren, Lena Fishback
Recitation Maggie llerren
Worth While".... Lena Fishback
Roys' Opinions". .Georgie llerren
Song "O Come, Come Away"
by the school
Recitation Roy Clark
Recitation Hattie llerren
Duet ,
.Lettie Fishback, Maggie llerren
Recitation Nellie Shipley
Recitation Elda Clark
. .by four celebrated characters
Recitation Orpha Shipley
"Faithless Nelly Gray"
Pearl Fishback
Recitation Jay Clark
the Independenc Improvement
League for their display they
would be glad to receive it.
Parker Changes.
Ice cream at Wagoner's Satnr- to purchase her regal robes.
day and Sunday, I Here is the total vote to date; MUs
I Pearl Percival. 811: Miss Laura
Gu8 Hurley spent the latter part Brown, 719; Mrs. Anna Dunn, 5S2;
oflastweekin Salem. Mrs. Grace Cherrington, 221; Mh-s
, , , , , , Nan Starr, 168 ; Mrs. May Meader,
Wanted. A good buggy horse. Monmouth, 22.
Enquire at this office at once. ' ' : , . . ....
Valley Wool Growers To Com-
r.o tTo..:n r..r -i ti-i
iuiD. "nine neui, oi rarser, was bine.
a business visitoi
"in town Satur-
Parker Speoial.
We are afraid that Parker has
been unable to keep step with her
sister towns in the rapid pace of
nroeression. And now after the
a w
20th anniversary of her birth we
recognize among our prosperous
farmers the same kindly faces that
smiled her a welcome or hushed
her baby sighs on their bosoms.
Perhaps the direct cause of our
inertness lies in the fact that we
have been contented with our lot.
We have desired no change and
when our neighboring towns have
engaged in conflict or clamored for
prosperity we have been content to
idly sit and hear the battles' din
When the new train service was
proposed we did not fall in with
this plan. For, rather than exert
ourselves to patronize an early
train to Portland we contented
ourselves with the consolation that
if we wished an earlier start we
conld start the day before.
During the past year there has
been very little change among our
residents. The Vanderpool dona
tion land claim, which for the past
Henry Ebbert returned to Trout-
dale last week after a visit in Monmouth.
Plans are now being formulated
to combine the entire wool clip of
the Willamette Valley. Wools
will be graded and baled to" meet
trade requirements and shipped
When in Salem visit Strong's" direct to the eastern mills, saving
Restaurant. It is headquarters for all middle profits. It is estimated
Independence people. under the new method of selliug it
Mrs. Ct. L ITawtin. , will add to the profits of the
Hermann, of Dallas, were guests of grwe over 100,000,00 now going
friends here last week. lnto tne Pcfcets ot the miaaie
men. One of the v largest wool
E. S. Hilliard and - one of the warehouses in Portland has been
evening noys were out to their secured and is being fitted up with
homesteads last week. ' baling machinery and grading
Miss Pearl Squire and Miss Mc- tables. When the wools are all in
shape for the market, sale will be
advertised in the East and the
wool sold under sealed bids. Hav
ing several million pounds together
and being properly packed, it
would warrant eastern mills send
ing out their buyers to buy direct
from the range. S. Philippi, the
Cowan, ot Monmouth, were incom
ing passengers Monday morning
on the boat.
Tomorrow night. May 1st..
Grand May Day ball at the
Auditorium by W. R. C. Come
and enjoy yourself.
Frank Skinner is recovering from f largest grower in tbe Willamette
his injuries recently received in Valley, of Stay ton, Marion county ,
the runaway accident. He will be Oregon, beginning tbe proposition,
able to be at work soon. Willamette Valley Wool Growers
Jesse Whiteaker, who has been Union,.
interested in a cigar store at Dal
las, has disposed of his interest and
G. U Hawkins, of Dallas, ha
returned to Independence.
been here the past week doing pre
nninrv work toward erectintr menu-
My ad this week will tell you mpnta in th M. Mix nd E. W.
how typhoid fever is prevented by Coot)er rurial Dlata. Salem firm
using pure fruit juice flarors at aUn rfnW similar work at the
the soda fountain. Wagoner's. i.t n T..;nA
Song "Summer" by school