Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, April 16, 1903, Image 2

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Absolutely Pure
f Social and Personal.
Clare Irvine was in Salem Satur
day. Roy Hawkins spent Sunday in
Word Butler's tarantula died
last week.
Salted almonds and peanuts at
J. S". Talbott was over from Dal
las Sunday.
Bananas." lemons and oranges
at Wagoner's.
Take your Mohair to S. M. Dan
iel. Monmouth.
A. L. Sperling was a Portland
visitor this week.
Everything for making paper
flowers at Wagoner's
Fresh milch cows for sale. En
quire "of Henry Hill.
Rsbekah benefit tomorrow eve
ning at the opera house.
Polk county grown red clover
seed at Frazer & Rice's.
0. A. Kramer is "adding anx ad
dition to his residence.
, J W. Felzer and wife, of Rick
real', drove up Sunday
Mel Baldwin, of Salem, was an
over Sunday visitor here.
II. S. Smith, of Lewisvilie, was a
business visitor Saturday.
P A. Douty and A. J GooJman
were in Portland this week
vSoap and Water
This issupposed to be quite a uooil preventative tor all items
of disease, of whatsoever kind. But of what service is the
preventative when not applied. All know that when diflur
ent objects are hidden from our view that they arc the very
' things that are neglected in every instance. The same
rule applies in the soda water business. I" the old style
fountain, where the tilting jars are used to hold the syrups,
they are filled time after time without being washed. In
our new sanitary fountain wo are simply compelled to keep
everything clean, for everything is right in sight, and you
know as a general rule people do things because they have
to. Our eyrups are all kept in bottles, which is the re
sults of later improvements. These syrup bottles have to
be filled every morning and there is where the soap and
good hot water gets in Its work. Our soda fountains has
been kept going all through the winter and is now in fine
condition to take care of the trade. . , .
A number of new drinRs just received.
Harry E. Wagoner,
Main Street,
Calbreath wax a business
visitor in Salem MoiuUy.
T, D Campbell returned last
week Irom a trio u EP,'''
Kemember that Messner bus a
a nice fresh stock of groceries.
Mrs A. D. Davidson was a pas
senger to Portland Saturday.
Deputy Sheriff Eugene Haytor
was over from Dallas Monday.
Lots of new pretty spring and
MinniHT goods nt S.-M. Daniel's.
ail and sc.- the now thini;s iu
spring dress goods at, Messner's.
Julien HmlV luw sullicienlly
recovered to be out doors again.
A. P. Bonzey. 't San Francisco,
is here on his yearly business trip.
Miss Edint Burnett has l'ei in
disposed this week, with Ingri .pe.
Charles Biiyieu was an incoming
passenger from Coryallis Sunday.
Wanted. Kggf. butter and poul
try. Will l'y t"P l,riw
uer. Miss Lena Deir, of lola, Kansas,
is Visiting at 'the home of B. Wil
son. t .'.,llr returned to
MISS lAiuieo
school at Mt. Angel Monday morn
ing. . i , io family ronv for
sple or trade. Enquire at this of
... n...n,... f Albany, was the
jUOy Jeuinuu, .- '
guest of Mrs. 0 winn's family this
Rev. B. J Kelly returned this
week from the conference held in
Geo. W. Henkle, of Corvallis
was a business visitor in town Sun
day and Monday.
Miss Florence Wagoner returned
this week from a visit in Portland
and McMinnville.
A me line of men's, boys' and
youths' clothing, shirti and under
wear at Messner's.
One Short Horn Durham bull
for sale. F. M. Smith, one mile
north of Lewisvilie.
V When in Salem visit Strong's
Restaurant. It is headquarters for
Independence people.
Call on J. S. Moore for Herpicide
the dandruff cure. Sold in bulk
or applied it uesireu.
If you
are in
Ami that need can bo sup
plied with a good honest
wateh from $0 to $:lt, you
ran got 'just what you want
oalling on
Kramer $ Co.,
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Locke were
over from Salem Sunday.
Specialties between acts at
"Hick'ry Farm" tomorrow evening
Hlp the .PvHbekahs in their
piano benefit Friday evening, tb
Master Dick Babbitt waa so ill
the first of the week that a doctor's
assistance was necessary.
John Schriver, who purchased
the P. M. Kirkland home, has been
doing considerable improving.
See "Larry McKeegan" court the
'Widdy Priscilla" at the opera
house Friday evening, the 17th.
Good music at the presentation
of the "Hick'ry Farm," at the
onera house, Friday evening, April
May day ball at the auditorium
bv the Women's Relief thorps
by the Women's , L,orps.
Funds are to be applied to
the hall's indebtedness.
W. W. Allingham, last year's
principal here, was in the city
Tuesday. Ho is now engaged in
the life insurance business.
We wish to announce to the
public a discontinuance if all
dances given by us for the rest of
the season.' If conditions are agree
able, wo may resume tnem next
fall. Independence Orchestra.
Prof. II. G. Frenon left Tuesday
for Weston. His Monmouth posi
tion will remain vacant until June.
Mrs. French will retain her posi
tion until summer, when she will
go east of the mountains.
The pamphlets, descriptive of In
dependence and Polk county are
readv for distribution. Do .-you
have friends in the East to whom
you wish to send them? It' so call
at ttiis oflice and secure them.
Mrs. G alia way will be in town
on the 2.'lrd inst, and will meet the
ladies of this place at the opera
house at 15 p. in. on that date to
perfect sin organization of a Lewis
ana Ulark
are invited.
fair club. All Indies
Dr. Ireland, a Portland dentist,
nent Sunday in Albany with Dr.
A. J. Hodges, a fellow student in
th Chicago dental college. Mr.
roland has been appointed a mem
ber of the, state board. Albany
Good chance for the right man
to make some money half or whole
interest in a tile factory doing a
good business. Cn sell all you
make. Ship by both river and
rail. Owner has other business
ana cannoi aiienu uoui. aimreii
Xewbere Tile Factory. New berg,
1 . A .1 1. .1. A1.1
Campbell jj
Another larco hip.nent of wall paper l.n- ur- :
,-ivo.l cuosisti-gortl., latest destgnsand mlnrinp,. 5.
,ullso cleaning is near at hand n.,1 m tl.o J.
time to silo ft your
m 1.... ,1 (
Several voung men of the town
have arrsngml for h dance at the
"m t IHIl" l' 11.11'- " ' I , , . ,
Z r,ivt,lalargo,hion.ont of now ami ,. r l-at- 5;
iS t,rn Yon u.o cordially invited to mil m aiul . J-
: an.ino onr .took. Fr ho.hoo.ns thoro ""tl.iHR
S ifor than now oloan matting in this 1. no. Me S;
:5 have a largo stock from which you oan H-l.rl.
If Campbell Brothers.
Auditorium Saturday event.l. ' I
The Inilcptntletice orchestra will ... Ci;-fai.,., ,,.Hf Toli
play. All are invited. Come and t.0f4 all,j t JiinliM-t ioiu t y.
have a ood time.
t I FlHST Cl.A"H So. Fol NTAIX 131
W. l. flrisco. who has been
pastor of the liaptist church for
several months past, K
wk or so for one of the houll,n
B,a,es, either K-tucky Lou s.
or South C-roh.,.. II.. J -
lives at Mt. Washington, Jven -
lU y' ... i, f t,.lr
Attomtv A. K. Rcames, of Jsck
... , . ,,
aonv He. was nominated for con
.I . tn... .iv
rress by the democrats at Alnany
r V ' .
Saturday "'''" f "
of spiral abihty and so far a
we know of umjuesuoneu Km
i t.,r
, . ,
The lather oi a. j. o"."'"
, . i ii.. i ,, ...
1 11 IK' 11 lllipl,v'1' J1" 1
.. . .
ins Home in iMinene.
If Al Matthews, who ws in the
rity on the 15th day of last .Nov. ; Jiri,,l,nl nf tl i,Mn,r ,.
reads this notice he will "'""l,,.,, ,lurilll? ni, i,lU.r yfatt resi-
mformat.on ny caning ai u,e p w
... . r ! I.....-.. .I.a
oflice, et Independence, before the
i .,P 1 1... ,w.vl tliirtv iI:ivm
J. R. Morin and son, Itussell, of,
tr.. 1 i iiuitiiwf nli I -
friends in town this week.
Mono is a tormer pu , .sner o. w,e
Entkhoiusk. He will locate some -
m"MnulM "CB"
I have 75 bushels of good Da-
fiance seed wheat for 8 ale. Mrs. J.
U, Uaviuson i arser , wrt-B,
. ,,
1 lie poors nave neeii mimvsii oy
r . t. .:
the uiemoisrs oi me -auies lieauing ,, n..riii
, ' ; the quli-kfdt nml Hiiret reiueilicn ure m
Club and they met yesterday to!r,.ul ,,,.,,,. Mr. p. Wil-
perfect an organization. I liam. f MeDiilI'. Va.. tintt It
... ,
The Geo. . lulds is o,, Hi"
beKt ") cent cigars on the market to -
day. We are closing these goods
out at 7 for 2; cents, at Wagoner's.
i.. Tk-- . . .
io preparation on ino niuncot oijuairf
as a smut eradieator. It in a pre paration tiHod
and reooinnicii(l(!(l by UnvOroon Agrioulttiral
College. J'arniorH will do well to give thii
lorniulaa thorough tent.
Directions: ( )lu; unoi: to throe gallons of
water. This Holution is fprinkled on 10
bushels of wheat, and then thoroughly mix in
order to moisten each grain.
A. S.
to moo k. ' J
i. It.. !..,,. t' .1
t5 (VGQdZ,
: K
; linno;rww ,vi.nillg.
AdmmiHtrator t sale, at the P. H.
S Mc'.'sbrt farm, one tiitln north o?
- 1 , , ' u ..... ... ....
Hide nfiKKMiee mi nuvu.'imj, iiu
- '
-. ai ' p.m. "in wu v
hi id ctt f, var iiiif heifer, one Iwrw,
H ; household Km1, farming uti!,..
- ; MuMM.
J. .H Morin, who is visiting in
iilie citv. lias nr.icticnllv decilrJ to
, , . .i o, i
iicci'pt an oft'r iiiaib-bv tb Mntw'
. .... ,
ard Hiscuit Co. to establish a IwuM
in Portland. I lie institution wil.
, , M
j , M.mLM.
A dancing party was given M
the oi era house Friday evening in
f cluM
. .
Monmouth. As it was the .U4
hoMin, n.ay M.i4eUt.f
. ( A Mm
1 WirUiy ,.f HwU, noW ww rf
jlovelv party gowns worn by th
i young ladies present. A lmn(Ht
! was served in th,. Kot P. hall.
'(illp Keineilles In iircnt IXliliiUil
i When (viIiIm and irii are rMVioi
IwaHeurml ot a vn v ilei'p ami l.ii'll"
j BlllM.k f ,a ,y lHln (l.inlf
1 uin rns,u ,..,y ,,ri.-r trylmr
.. cnil oilier iii'i aral Ihiim with no rl'"'1-
i'onwie ny K.rkitoo i)rut..o.
.1 I J
t. The Independence Druggist. M