Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, March 12, 1903, Image 2

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Absolutely Pure
7A Prtc f Locat:
Wear the grem ul Si
Wm. McMi.'an.a res:, e , , w,pM,m ,. M.
Monmouth, an incoming I j Com rn ! I Crntrr of Polk Co,
engor Wednesday, i ,,,.,, t,,,,,!!.. iiM.r i-.HimM.t .mi
When in Salon NKffi:
Independence people. I ,,.,, w I- n.......; ,
, ..t Sundav at 11 A. i'r.itf,'iim I. '"'
1 nm'H - ,jiw, ...-,,.,111
M u. .1,- lUi.tUt church, followed I ...yo ..n. i.h-..i.- V'f"iM7.--' :hii incoming ,.-". , , - . - th".M'tft IK:,!:'... ;if(,llloo.,.l!1.inK,.llto Monmouth. ) Kl,., Choat and Mm. I.,
by ordi.i.n,, of apt m. f. wher. sh tthlr ,1 lh W. 0. T. Pan,,,,, ,r, to I th, H on ,
Service a usual next tab. win MlH ...,, . L... ,.., i Ihe St. Patrick's J
at the Presbyterian church,
verv kiiul welcome to all.
I Anu-no... Field Vw "
! Wrongest and best. Th
the cheapest. Buy Anrin.
I v...;,-Afur March ll U
hoard It th Liltla I'"!,!.'.. IM-I
t i . o !.. wit-k ami wit".
Will ''I' TO"" I i
room 14..Mt.i 7 pr week. 1 b j,,Hr d Aa Son KoPMaii
public will lake notice. Connection.
Mr. IMni H"f"nl- ,hl1":
... : ..r 1 1... W. (!. T. I'., was Mrn. J. K. por, Mr. R
Davidao? & fudcjti. P'opt
( ' i r; ii x, . "! i if n r M h, TulM
, ioH iiikI it rt iIMl"V,
mi incoming passenger Saturday K,m,x, Mr. Ella Irvine,
... i .. . .1 . I... I. .I...
Jao Tl.url-y evening. March;"''; -ur m.l,s norll. of 1ml.
1. iWt fil to hear tin-in. j.en.l,-i,W.
. pi... A man from Illinois Iwia r.-ntrd
Ilnve four tlioroudiun'ii l i ,
' . . , ii Ui Mr i to. mb property at
mouth Uook nxwlera for val at I ( m
. r i n-:io ... 1 I ft mailt'.
earli. lMHiUiro oi j. u .... t ... , . ., .....
... ,1 Mr- I ('liii'L'otl it improving i I'lnuruiun ol urn .mmm-un. "
Th. K.ofP. l.nlg, will r.aoi. t; ; ; ' ..alv-ini I,,,,,,.- d.-Ioi-ation to Ku.,
that aflfriKMiii. jpontmm'a at lln' M. 1 airim k iit
Amt'-ioaii liohl fimo wrigha twoj
m.uiiiI mora to tlm rl 'than otlifrj f ,t vitatiotm Iiuvj hn-n iiul
inrtkfit ut tin' oaiiHi hfijilit Con-j t(, f1)rmtt upiMiftitl of tin
NfHi.ntly it ia atron;r la-tt-r uml 1 1 () (, turt to thn j.uhli.! d
i li nifr. Vou call him tlia tlitl'-rt-nt if,vonjni( Inurftin "xt
kimlaatli. M. Wade V t't. i nn anrmifd. W promiittt ar4
Mian K.hth ()..n, of thia t ity. ij.lrW it-port lo-xt (w-k,
social andPersonai. .j;,,:;;:;'',!:;;;;:::,.;,, ,,..,,;. ,rt.,..r ,.
St. Patrick's hall.
I)f. W. II. Alii n was in Saloiu
J. Dornaifo was a Salem visitor
Prizes at th St Patrick's ball.
March 17th.
F. A. Douty r.-turned Wednesday
from Portland.
M. Flynn, of Philomath, was in
tha city Friday.
J. S. Cooer was a north-bound
passenger Saturday.
Byion Atkins is spending the
week in Cottage Grove.
White oats for sale. C. E. Ted
row, Monmouth, Oregon.
W. I. Iliffs family moved to the
Ingalls residence Tuesday.
Clarenc Ireland was a business
visitor to Portland Monday.
Clifford McArthur, of Portland,
was in the city Wednesday. !
Go to R M. Wade & Co. for your
paints. Their stock is fresh.
J. E. Kirkland was a passenger
to Cottage Grove Wednesday.
Mr. and Mr?. U. h. I'Vaser visi
ted over Sundav in Portland.
Thos. Poaieroy and N. 0. Clod
feiter visited Corvallis this week.
J. S. Moore has a neatly lettered
sign on the window of his barber
Wanted. A girl to do general
housework. C. E. Tedrow, Mon
mouth. W. J, White, of this county, has
been appointed a guard at the pen
itentiary. L. Josse spent several days in
Portland this week returning home
Mrs. Hamilton, of Pendleton,
visited the famiiy of J. W. Richard
eon this week.
Tohn. Johnson returned to Port
land Saturday, where he has de
cided to locate.
Mr. Cochrane, father of Miss
Adona Cochrane, was an incoming
passenger Friday.
Mrs. M. W. Wallace and Mrs. J.
S. Bohannon returned Friday from
a trip to Portland.
Call on J. S. Moore for Ilerpicide
the dandruff cure. Sold in bulk,
or applied if desired.
Arrangements are made to have
a special scene for Act 5 in the
drama "Damon and Pythias" to
be given by K. of P. lodge with
home talent.
what we need.
with local talent in the near future. ! 'llerod
Paul Wyimui, teacher at JUllstoi.
has reined and i now in the
training department of the Normal.
The drama "Damon and Pythias"
will I one of the hef.t continued
plavs ever presented hi re by home
Iiurrns Kstes and wife leave to
morrow evening for Walla Walla,
Dr. Thi.mPfton went to Ci.rt:
icul h-anuo delegation to Eugene j vV.!ni-duy mornind to ollii iv.
tomorrow. M'. Itutherford iH ti. weddinu' of Mica j
. i...,..' the Normal in lh. ' .f that idaoi', and Dr. Alnk
1 1 .... I Ml 1.11 II....!.,....
daily. What we want is onu in
.).... t.i ..mi. I. it- lli.'in That I
J .... .... i 11 ... I ... I u 1 1
eoiit.-ct will Ihj liel'l in imua", i v ". .......
April 7. in
:. inhibition
Miss Maggie I'o'nerov ).peiilSnii
Uav Willi Ills part-rim hi mm ...I
OH' Willi lll.t lilMllll. I" m'" '").! . , , ,
returning the lirst of the week , J will he awarded a follow.: hM. j f Mlin .,, Ldipronu.t
Dallas, where nhe is clerking.
M. C. Williams, druggist for A
. ... . . .is r.ncke. ia at t ie dome ol in
Wasn., where t hey will live in uiei -
' IfatJier ut Airlie quite ul. U will he
fuUlre Leverul dava vet he tan re-
Dr. Harris returned Mm.iay - wnw .(irk llt tlu, p,,..
from a trip to San Francisco and i
Nevada, but has on no
location as yet.
Mrs. M. Smith returned to her
home at Lafayette Saturday, after
a short visit with h'-r daughter,
Mrs A. M. Hurley
A. W. Stanshury has purchased
some land of the Polk County
Land Company hituated east nf his
prr.-ent premises. lie has hem ex
tensively improving his pmnists.
Mrs. A. M. Hurley's millinery
nm-iiini' I sc helule! fr March
The wifeot Uey. Snyder, of this 1 2utli and 21st. All latest styles of
citv, is in very poor h'-alth-anu j hats and other miluncry on tits
will noon he taken to the Sak-ui ! t)av on above dates A warm
hospital lor treatment.
Don't fail to attend the concert
of the celebrated DeMoss family,
which occurs at the opera house on
Thursday evening, March 1'.).
For Sals Cheap. A pood house
and one and a half lots in the west
part of Independence. A desirable
residence section. Enquire at this
office. . ',
For ?ale at once 25 head hogs,
one milch cow, 2-year-old heifer j
and one yearling. Enquire ot
Black Bros., Monmouth, or at Mix
We desire to notify the public
that our photograph galleries will
be closed on Sundays hereafter. J .
M. McCaleb and Miss Mollie
Mrs. Hamblin, who has been
visiting at the home of J. W.
Richardson, left Wednesday for
Suver, to organize a lodge of Wood
craft there.
The K. of P. lodge are to present
"Damon and Pythias" in the near
future. They expect to put on an
elaborate presentation of this cele
brated classic.
The Independence flouring mill
wants rjeonlu who have four
foot aBh wood for sale to call at the
mill. Contract will be for summer
and fall delivery.
The Corvallis Times says this of
an Airlie boy: "Herman Tartar
arriyed yesterday from Berkley,
California, where he has been tak
ing a postgraduate course in chem
istry. He is to become a deputy
in the office at Portland of State
FchI and Dairy Commissioner
welcome aw aits all.
The Georgia Harper t'o.'s pre
sentation of Dumas, renowned
"Calllille" was one of the bett
plays ever put on the local stage.
Miss Harper, us 'Camille," was the
particular star and her ftipport, in
most jirutB was good.
Dole Pomeroy has been notified
that he is a winner in the prize
contest of a big Boston paper, but
just where h. is numbered he has
not learned. Amcnsr the host pre
miums is an income for life, a trip
to Europe, all expenses puid, etc.
He lias also been asked by the
paper if he would he willing to net
as judge in n contest next year, all
expenses of a round trip to Boston
being the compensation.
. k
te.-l Others will go. 'Portland, which occi.riru j
The prohibition Mat., oratorical morning at th l'rehylerian t l.i
I ...I I ., II,. I ul I itrVHI m.
connection with thi 'j-lic St. Patrick's halltq W j
convention, Pruc h1 ,1M ,iidu..iium on tho n
to bti
iHi; second, and third, ll'. ' nn,t Hmvefiil event of th i;
cash. 'held in I ndeptMideme, Day.
Kev. G. II. Osborne will sp uk in . ticket. To.'. Sp.-ciutor, '2" c.i
tni. city Wednesday evening uud. r J All invited,
auspices of the Workman lodge, j C(l(l 0).(1( K.v..ri.mnt 'i
other np-akers will ! present. M r- j,, ,.,nrK f ,M, revetment i
iKPome will also r.-nd-r "'V-ral ; , j,, ,wcUy Tuesd.iv, i
solos. All are Invited and there is ; i)nuU u- Wo,k w.
no admission f-e. ' griming nic.-ly and hm y
Hon. Aaron Jones, of South ' fully Mt in the work of IciiJ:
Bend, Indiana. Master of the would commciice.
National Grange, will addresa a, jj. ;v. Mt-ElinirVry. of All
. r ... l f I. I 1. 1. 1 . '
im-eiing ai .nonuioui.i. ..i.o. o .o... W,H 1( ,M . T,.w,l,v. Jt
... 1 ."li l l f I u i. ...... ..f ....
r uneof the heavnt tax pa.-ef.,
the cni.m-nt lectures of the Grange : (t iu)(y wM n (fl ,
and all should h-ar him advantage of ihe discount
Miss Kay Ad kins, a sUt-'r f prompt, payment. Ik reporii
Byron Adkitm ami Mrs. J. K. Kirk-!,r u slightly iinprovei
land, and a former nsident of In- heahli. returned Wcdiw-
dependence, w is married yesterday j him, cti niy.
in Cottage Grovo to Van Allison, a'
S" r I Oil,. Mi. I lli'iln f rttl'm. (
II ... .1 .f I'.. I. ...... ' -
. . . tallied rIkhu twelve of her ,(
drove, tile r.M Kiirio -i. imiiN in , . , . .
, . , i friends at her home NtimLin
oem wisnes lor u iiiiim. nun miu- , , , . .
' , ternoon ill honor of her sixth Is
' liliiv (inline noil rolrHKhlti'
Harrv Murnhv. formerlv cur-1 made tint tim miss nleasanllf J
' - - i '
? . t . i .. . .. ...... .1.. t:.ii . f it., t i ! . li., - I
wonisi lor mn wrsgoniuu, . ni , me nuns ioikhi nun u jouy (
hast to accept a position of f.() time.
per week on the Uiilmlelplna ; . ,mr,y wa Kjvwn ,.. M
North American but last week he ! v,.n;,. ii,,..,,,,, i.
received an offer from the Cbieiigrtt f,,uTgelT1PiTtg iirrscnt. W-
Ilecord just doubling his wages and j refreshments were served and
dren'a amusement! constituted
evening delightfully spent. Til
present were: Anta Hartt
he in now head cartoonist on the
Chicago paper at $K.K) per week.
i i ii., i..... i. i .i -
... j.. oiiiiiiii nun oio i:ioir.rii inn: t
. ... ' . . . :l.,l.u T. '!',..... MliJ
house north or .Mrs. Klla Irvine, ".
formerly occupied by Mr. Ilill"s. M0"""11 lroc Wfo
and will move it to the property
flajusieci Vaicnes
. r.
Hy thft Intruduciloo of th
lln of 17 Hutiy Jwl A.IJuntea, t the xtrmply low
..rl.'M. wltlph wa mini. r h.u.
nintift on of the nrinwt Hteps
furward In lb biltory of Watch
mlii i n we iiiivc iu
(.nilorHf iTH'nl of prActU'Kl
(Vf. wali-n Malrnri tnni tnm ie
mill In the right dlrro-
Mi. i. With Uuhv Jewel
CVnteni the prohablllty of
tupping ! reduced lo 1
miMt nothing.
Call In at four Wattb
Maker'a and look fur the
Jewel In tbe Center.
where his residence was destroy
nisi mil ny nre. tie win lauld an
addition to the house. The prop
erty which will be vacated hy mov
ing' the structure has heen pur
chased hy Chas. Smith.
Helen Cooper, Grace and ;
U alker, Maggie Hodge, k
Jones, Arena Sperling, GeiieT;
Cooper ond Nellie Damon, h
Pomeroy, Frank Kirkland, Ma
.MinToy, r raiiK JMraiauu, i"
Butler, Elwoott Hartinan, Juki
Taylor. Gould Cressv. Oist
t W h I ! I'll If IT Wmpui.v Kill riilirl. Wit
.... . " ' ' I
A pleasant birthday parly was i Mills, Teddy Jrvii.
idered A. W, Stanshury ut his j "
Kramer $ go.,
hoin in west Independence last
week. Mrs. Stanshury presented
her husband a rocking chair. On
the same day Mrs. Burma Estes
celebrated her birthday and she
....... -. .. .. i
nun nremaii. ut trio nappy occasion.
Douty's bakery presented her with
a beautiful birthday cake, appro
priately lettered. Those present
were: B. M. E-itoa and wife, C. W
Stansburv and wife. I. R
, - . ,,
and niece, Miss Fitzsimmons.C, M.
Thorp and wife, A. Huston and
wife, I. H, Ingram and wife and
Charles Bnyder and sister.
Illontnoutb Dundrf
Should have your Wort
Washing called for and d'
WashtliK called for oil Ts
4) day ami delivered ou Ht'
4 'ay
4 Work enarantced-
a Monmouth. Oreflon