Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, February 26, 1903, Image 2

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Absolutely Pure
a urn Arm m twarTwrxnr
Social and Personal.
What Became of Parker." opera
houe, Wednesday, March 4tli.
I"). W, Sears has been laiil up
with rheumatism the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Hubbard were
passengers to Salem Friday morn
ing. Misses Bertha Bohannon and
Louise Waller were in Salem Fri
day. Mr. Ernest Johnson has been
il! this wek, but is much im
proved .
Wanted A s;ir! to do general
h u-v,vrk. Mis. R. H. Host, In-
f''if ,it, ue.
Mrs. A. J. Goodman and Mrs.
W. P. Connaway were Salem vis
itors Friday.
The Misses Mary and Rose Clod
felter were passengers to Portland
Monday for a visit.
Miss Lela Herren returned on
Friday evening's boat from a few
days' visit at Salem.
L. L. Wiprut visited Sa!em the
first of tl,.e week, making a "quick"
trip of it by going by way ot Al
bany. Mrs. M.S. Goft", who has been
spending the winter at Great Falls.
Montana, returned home Saturday
-W. H. Hawley came in Monday
morning from Pendleton, for a
few days' visit with his parents at
. 4 ur.iin drill at n bar-
,:' 1". U. Karnes, of a oargaiu
Jneutmtor and brooder t'r Mile at
. M Annt. .moi.
! mouth, Or.
For Sab'
gain. Impute
Monmouth, Or
Call on J. S. Moore for llerpioidej Notice After March 1st nil
th- dandruff cur. Sold in bulk, j ,,(l,iril , ,. I.ittN Palace Hotel
or applied if desired. ! will be t'i.oll per week and with
The characters, "Km! P.'." room W to 7 per week. The
and "Jim Jones," are wire M public-will take notice,
you Opera house. Wednesday Tke Fraternal 1'nion intend to
evening, March 4th. make the comedy. "What Rccaine
tho best, enter-
John Fluke was able to no oui ...... -
k waUinu urouiHl. vie
last wei
congratulate Mr. Fluke on bis re
covery from his severe illness, lie
thinks of seeking temporarily ft
dryer climate, possibly Southern
The Southern Pacific is fixing
up its grounds in ideal shape. The
..... H. ttia.limr ti l lie various build-
ius. to the motor, etc., have been
'removed and decomposed granite
i substituted. Improvement go on
A motor load .vent to Dallas Sat
urday evening to attend a dancing
party given there. The Indepen
dence orchestra furnished the
music. The pleasure seekers ar
rived home at 1 o'clock A. M. ami
have many nice things to say about
our neighbor town's hospitality.
' Mrs. Hannah P.rown, formerly
Miss Hannah Wengenroth, ot this
city, died Saturday at the Good
Samaritan hospital in Portland.
Mrs. Brown naa a large circle of
taiiiments ever presented by home
talent. Opera hous, Wednesday,
March illi.
0. A. Kramer had one of the
finest displays of pins ami other
lodge emblems in bis window one
day this week that woti'd do jus
tice to ft city store. And we ob
serve that the prices be quotes are
much lower than for similar goods
in the department store catalogue.
lie should tie patronied.
Ol the very same day '.he daily
pc.pers contained an account of the
terrific storms in the east and
middle west there were many
bicycles on our streets and the sun
shone as brightly as in June, A
mere statement of the two con
ditions is more eloquent than any
thing that can b.j written of the
two sections of the country. Il
shouldn't take n sensible person
long to make up his mind.
Mrs. Miles Uendriok, of Mc-
Minnville and Mrs. Hondas, of
friends here who are deeply moved i Cineinnatti, Ohio, are visiting
la lives h re. Mrs
leaves a husband and a child.
llos well Shelley, ft Cornier lode-
luleiiCe business limn, lusiuinn
Mie ! trienus ami r
D.uiglas' ni.iiib'u name
Miss Jessie Brown
I resided in lu-l-qiendenee.
nt'liileiiCe UUSlllC!-.- man, na " ,,. . .
,,i- i , i ii . arrived Sundav Irom W est V irginia
from Hood River lat week. He -
i - .1 , ljand will remain here for a few
is now engaged in the dry goods, . . . .
l , . . . T ' UlLMllllD. .-41- I Mlllfci 11.-- 1WII11IIK HTI "
ami lias recently " -
uie spriiiK i iirj may v evioe
Several young men chartered the
motor Monday evening and atten
ded a private dancing party at
Miss Francis French, who has
been visiting friends in Indepen
dence, returned to her home in Al
bany Monday.
Al Herren, Joe Hirschberg,
H. Mattison, E. E. Paddock, Eli
Ferguson and J. Dornsife were Sa
lem visitors Friday.
"Otto." the German waiter, in
"What Became cf Parker," is a
Jfiftny fellow. See him at opera
" ."ikWedneaday, March 4th.
' On tbt t:l9t ay of the legislative
session U0 Independence charter
went through the house and later
Governor Cwatnberlain approved
We desire to give notice of a
dancina; party at the opera house
Saturday evening. An orchestra
of several pieces will furnish music
for the occasion. All are invited.
Independence Orchestra.
married. He savs that his son,
Ralph, who is now in Alaska, will
return this spring. lUlph aleo re
cently married.
Carl Herren has a badly dilapi
dated nose, the result of forcibly
... i , .
coming in contact wmi a lanuer
that some children had extended
over a fence as a teeter board.
People should he more particular
about leaving obstructions in a
position to endanger pedestrians
who might be passing. j
J. S. Moore last week shipped a
coop of two dozen chickens to Port
land and the returns are as followi-J
110 pounds at 12c, $13.20, less com
mission, expresage etc., leaves a
net profit of $11.4!). Of this number
eight wire this spring cockerels.
These figures show there is a profit
in chicken raising in this section.
It is pleasing to note that the
Independence sawmill is gradually
increasing its capacity and other
wise imDroving. Independence
people should patronize this home
institution and encourage its grad
ual development to one of the im
portant mills of the county. Let
us build up hat which we have in
our midst as well as bring new ones
to our city.
Miss Lela Herren entertained a
number of her friends; at her home
Saturday afternoon from 3 to 5
o'clock. Cards, and music were the
amusements and a dainty lunch
was served. Those present were
Edith Matschke, Frances French
(Albany) Mabel Bateman, Bessie
Taylor, Kathryn Jones, Goldie Ir
vine, Elva Taylor, Edna, Florence
and Laurie Uurnett, Bertha Bohan
non, Lucretia Robertson, Edith
Owen, Lela Herren; Mesdames
Cbas. Fitchard, Thos. Fennell and
Al Herren.
may tcenie lo
locate in Oregon. Mrs. Hendrick
and Mrs. Douglas visited Salem
L. Josse's new residence is grad
ually being enclosed and when
completed he will be the proud
possessor of one ot the handsomest
cottages in the county, it is bis
intention to beautify Ins property
bv Laving a sloping lawn and a
hedge fence and have his property
surrounded bv a street cement
walk, the first residence property
in town to be thus improved. Mr.
Josse is thinking some of building
other residences here. In addition
to his enterprising spirit there are
several others talking of building
in the spring and we are informed
that at least three new dwellings
will be put up as soon as the weath
er is good; Lei the good work go
For Sale Two incubator.
qllili of Hen Mason.
(J. L. Hawkins, of Dallas, wm
north bound Tuesday.
MiH Essie Robertson returned
home- Tuesday evening.
Mrn. II. Osborne and daughter
were passenger to Portland, Wed
nesday, j
Fraternal I'niou organ benellt
at opera house Wednesday evening,
March 4th.
Miss Nellie Harris, who now re
side in Portland, it visiting her
parents here.
The daughter of Mr. and Mrs, A.
Huston is very ill, presumably
with typhoid lever.
When in Salem visit Strong'
Restaurant. It is headquarters for
Independence people,
Mrs. M. E. Hendrick. of Me
Minuville, came in Sundav for h
visit with friends and relatives.
Oi Perkins I
Tit Clbrtd Humorist
la on I.clur Tour of
Timber lenl lit I'mIU t il).
A I 'IVnl. s.ui of J. 1!.
Miss Ella Shufer returned to cuinty i-oiuinissioner, has w
Portland Tuesday, after a hnit ' lii timber claim for 7('lli, (,
visit with her parents near here. ,t reported tlmt J. II. Ten!,
u-v, v.i ;.. f ti,. tt-.r!.!'. lias saw-mill intercut in i
great humorist, appears in Dallas!
tomorrow and Saturday evening.
W. 11, Hawb-y returned lo
Pendleton Wednesday, after a
short visit with relatives in Monmouth.
tor n
a. i
locality lnis sold out
luroo sum nml will nt,,
biisiiicM. The Tenls (
into tln limber inaiiy yet
iiice utid wi le Moiled at. 'f
tract lnti;:l, t 1 1.'5.7" jer h '
w Licit i us much its impro
valley land in wuith n'ld w!;
it is s lid to be an excellent t
her tract it is tnl by far i
vnlt:abl us many rdher. J
A Spli iKllit Itlen.
We notice t hut Maurice J. liul-1
ler, "f this eity, was oce of the win-!
ners in lb.' last prUe contest ol the
Portland Telegram
We de-ire to notify the public;
that our p! olograph galleries. wilH
be closi d on Sundays hereafter. J.j - -
M. McCaleb uml Miss Mollie; The Polk county JUOJ tax
Johnson. wns placed in the humls ofSlir"
Ford for collection Tuesday, I .
ruary illth. Every arranged,
faiilitate thr."
Most of the li
Mrs. Cannon, the alleged para
mour of George Simmons, both of
whom "re in jail at Dallas on a :
has been made to
suing of receipt.
' ileseripllon id real eMail!
charge of adultery, raised sufficient !
lull) "JKI U ,W !;i...ri
. . . ' i been coined into bbilik rwelpts K
last week. ,, .
; will only require signing, etc.,
1 be creamery here hs received' the payment of thw taxes. Tp
a larger churn and the old one has Icoiirse has been a looted bv f
been shipped to J tlerson. Next sheriff ollice at Dallas hoping ,
week we will favor our readers j obviate the unpleasant featurr
with some statistics as to the pro-1 having the taxpayer wail while
fits of dairying gathered Irom pat-1 descrip'ions of several parcels
rons of the creamery. i laud 'e being uanslerml to f
... .. , v. , . ! receipt, which in many cases r"
Glenn Butler, son of N. L. Put- . , . ' ,
ler, of Dallas, and a former clerk
for J. L, SttK-kton in this city, was
married Wednesday evening to
Miss Brown, of Dallas. Mr. But
ler is at present holding a leading
position in the store of Brown A
Alarm Clocks
ft 4?
85c $1.00 $1.25
Another lot of Scth Thomas 8
day Ciockh expected to arrive in a
day or go.
Yours for ('locks
Kramer $ go
Reliable Jewelers
and Opticians.
Independence, Oregon.
Mrs. T. J. Cherrington. wife of
T. J. Cherrington, a photographer
ol Dallas,, died there Saturday,
February 21. of consumption, aged
'J7 years. She leaves a husband,
two sisters, a step-son, North Cher-1
rington. and a step-daughter, Mrs
L. Chapman.
quires a large amount of time ,
patience on t''c part of tho taxpi.
er and greatly reduces the chaiw
of making mistakes in the hu
incident to pay day
A locomotive nml three
loads; of ruila arrived at Ihili
last week for the ruilrond. W
is beinjr pushed a mjiidly u"
W. G. Sharman, our tailor, wus
in Salem one day this ween, and
he did more than the Dutch did
when they took Holland. He took
eighteen ocders for tailor-made
suits. We like to see the spirit of
enterprise evidenced by Mr. Sharman.
A yery kind welcome to all who
attend the Presbyterian church
next Sabbath. Services of special
interest both morning and evening.
Mrs. Jessie Douglas (nee Brown)
of Cincinnati, Ohio, arrived here.
Sunday for a visit with friends and !
W. R. ALU N, D. D. Sd
...Dentist... f
I'uIiiIi-xm Kstiiiellnii
(imih t liiillilim '
Independence Feed Jl'
r ,
Independence, Oregoi