Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, October 16, 1902, Image 1

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    On-got) JlUtorfcal kciit
TIm .Monmouth iumI Imlepcii.
di'iH'i Organisations NowOih.
Frank I.hcii Fleeted Leader
Now Oorol tlm Ktro llient
HaiiilN In th Mute.
La-d wrvk the Independence and
M.o .uth bands Hinted 8 ":'!,, .V).,Hi rillS were torn loose
H n r-KuIt the new orgimi"i
f 1 1... HirimiM-Hl ill the slat".
t. I. I of thfl Moll-
rr,"m ...
, ,,iu,d wn cho- to a iM '
,,,..(,1,,,, i., .the .. It
,v..d to concert hi r hihi
TIk! store of the people anl for tin- people
(rowing greater every day.
"Write for our Catalogue.
The Gordon Hat
MMuV "'Ml' "Mt fketfMl ntlHh. ,ockfl
111 (he ImPM
Intent til , !
-irin.ii.iHi iu the
Vricc, $3.
Mn' Suits.
A elollilng ilepartinent larger than
any rlntliing utore In Hie valley. We
melt sultM from
$7.50 up to $22.50
miin-n for lailhH., .'I.(M).
Meyers Shoes for Men, $3.50.
Corner Court and Liberty
Will appreciate thedrivi'
if you get your livery
rig from
Good rigs, and prices aro
reasonable. Will board
horses by day, week or
jut Momuoiiltk. M r particulars
i will lm given at h lut'T day.
,'HIIllt III till' Nllllflllltf '
Noverly Injured
0. V. (lirard. the luiU'T ot I he
ItMli'poriUciioe llotiring mills, while
working shout some shafting '
th victim of u tnoxt serious
accident. 1 1 im cloth caught
and wound about the shaflii.g and
wim carried Hrmind in a circular
motion several limes. His head
i 1 . II.. l...:...l 1.!.. fiirltt Hflll
' , . ,
,,,, ,,, lni ;i (..r,.i I rinsed down
land he relieved from hi perilous
It will ho II UlllllhiT of
,M.f(ir Mr (iirur(, cn K,.t ()l,
, . . , j( ill)1)rovin., nicely. .
Furs for Ladies.
.. I..,, all mi r fur from 'America's
loremort fur dealers. e euil ti.m oy
. .....untna Miartf
one wewll
OSc vp to $25.00.
Ladies' Jackets.
(Inly the very latent (tylea are nhown
by un.
$4.(J5upto $25.00.
Dress Goods.
The faiuoii "l'nently Blacks ami
Cravenutten populiir th world over uo
cuiife of their sunenor quality.
Streets, Salem, Oregon.
volk county, oiiraiox, pctokku ic, 1002.
offfich uicwaui of na
Italian KherlfT Want to Itccan
turo a .Jallbreiiker.
Sheriff Storey him received a
letter from Sheriff J. F. Frd, cf
Dalles, Polk Court)', aekinn for
ansislanco in recapturing Itoiunn-
,o (J. Marnland, who e'CupeU irom
the Dallas jail "ctoher 11.
A rewurd of 2" i onVred fr the
ftrrenl of thin mini, who id I--k-
crilH-d heing 19 .van f
feet 2 inched in height, Mwrt hody.
long legf, uniooth round f.e,
Human none, hlue eye and brown
hHir. Kvening Telegram. .
A Itillneit CliiinKe.
SM-c1iil : rreiiiiileoee.
The room formerly ' hh n
drug utort- and at iirenenl occupied
only by the mt.tnflie, in to ! ion-
verted into a more, with an un-to
Jute line of merchandise, hard
ware, etc. Openings are ling ar
ranged in the partition between
thin room and the one occupied by
Mr. Daniel, throwing the two
rooma into one and making a tine
large more that will he a credit to
l'olk county.
l',v his courteous treatment of
all, Mr. KrncHt Cole, who U in
charge of the local emabli-shment
has won the patronage of the com
munity to mich an extent that thia
new venture by Mr. Daniel is al
not certain to be a financial sue
cep. iiuena w proud of he etores and
be 'wak for-lbenv-lirat jfyon-
A Serious Itnitawny.
David Whiteaker had a runaway
last Monday that came nearly end
ing in his death. His home took
fright at a calf, which he and Mm.
Whiteaker were carrying in the
wanon and started to run. The
occupants of the wagon were thrown
out. Mr. Whiteaker received a deep
cut in the back ot the head and a
nevere blow on the forehead For a
time it was thought he could not
live, but there now seems some
hopes of hin recovery. Mrs. Whit
eaker was also badly shaken up
and w a s t h o u g h t internal) y i n j u red
Court House Notes.
Estate of Margaret L. Tut tie, de-
ceanouV-Final account heard and
Estate of Ii. S. Skinner, deceased
Semi-annual account filed and
approved, subject to final account.
Estate of Nathaniel Jlolman, ae-
ct.ttse,lReport ,of sale of real
property filed; hearing nf same con
tinued until October I., at iu
clock a m.
Estate of Cyrus Jones, deceased
Semi-annual account filed and
approved, subject to final account.
Estate of David lleddekopp, de
ceased Semi-nnnual account filed
and approved, subject to final
II. II. Jaeperson, of Indepen
dence, has brought suit against Sol
Stump and others to foreclose a
mortgage for $1,000, on lots 4, 5, 6
and 7, block C in Damon's addition
to Monmouth, given January 17,
1898. Oscar Hayter is the attorney
for plaintiff.
Florence Pygall vs. Herbert
I'VK'ill. suit for divorce, in the title
of a suit liied in Mepurtment No. 2
thin week, l'laintiir alleges cruel
and inhuman treatment and de
sertion. She ankn for a dissolution
of the marriage contract, the cus
tody of a minor child and that she
be given her maiden name, Florence
Seekler. Yates fc Yate, of Cor-
vullin are her attorneys.
D. W. Hears has brought fruit in
Department No. 2 against James
WheeU-r and a nurrilx-r of other de
fendants to clear the title to a tract
of land in township 8 south, range
I west He is renienented by
iittorneys Sibley it Eakin.
Vm. Dean lias commenced an
action in Judge llurnett'n depart
ment against the Luckiamule Mill
Company to collect balance of
22.f on a jO0 note given October
27. 1 HUH. He asks for a judgment
lor f 22."), together with interests at
8 per cent from September .50, 1!))-'
attorney .s fees and costs. Butle'it
Coad appear for tlm plaintiff.
John Hashor t Alexander
Courier, 50x150 feet, lot 3, block M
Falls City. 42.
It V Harris et ux to J I, Combs
3 acres, t 0 s, r 4 w, $75.
Susan Jones to J V Hodson and
and II P McNary, 5 acres, t 7 s, r 4
w, B0.
15 Tartar to Percy Hadley, 101.11
acres t 9 s, r 5 w, 2,022.
Lizzie Harris and husband to
Emily Christian, 10 acre?, t 9 b, r5
J C Claynor to Hester 13 Butler,
parts of lots 29 and 30, Academy
block, Dallas. $1,850.
YV A Hates to John M Taber lea
acres, t 6 s. r 6 w, $2,100.
Lucinda Lemiuon and husband j
to Mmriria L Shafer. lot 7, block 13 ;
" eo-
Hill's Independence, $175.
Simcoe Chapman et ux to W C
McClure, s e i sec 27, t 8 s. r 8 w,
to V'C Mc-
dure, tracts t 8 s, r 8 w, t 9 s, r 7
I IVM w f
w, and t 9 8, r 8 w, $1.
H M Talbott et,ux to Ira Thomp
son, und. i inst. n w i of s wj, w
i of n w i, and n e J of n w i of
sec 10, t 8 8, r 7 w, $300 .
Polk County Bank to II S Cal-
Do you
If so you should -consider
the quality. We carry the
very best brands.
Spider-Ceg Cea
nnn.iD, cookies
NUMlJKIt l(i
kinn. lot 10. block It, 1st ad.l. to
Falls City, $15.
W T Slater, receiver, to McNary
& Ifodnmi. tracts iu t 7 s, r 3 and
4 w, $5.r)U.
J T LeMasters ft ux to K W
Morton, lot 7 Mock 9. Hall's 4th
add to Hallston, $50.
A M Bryant et ux to M C
Hubbard, lots 4, 5, 1G and 17 block
J Ui add to Falls City, $20.
W L (iilson et ux to M C Hub
bard, lots 4, 5, 1R and 17. block J,
1st add to Falls City, $1.
A Shultz et ux to J "Van
Orndel lots 3 block 2, Shultz add to
Da'ias, $00.
(I J Rempel et ux to J G Hem
pel 40.17 acres t 7 s, r 5 w, $1,000.
N E Harris to II O Campbell,
30y.l3 acres, t 8 s, r 5 w. $2,200.
Uernhard Friesen to Morris
Hughes 80 acres, t 8 s r G ' $700,
J J Head et ux to Hodson & Mc
Nary exchange of lots in Eola.
Thomas Shute to Dane Shate. 40
acres, t 8 s. r G w, $1.
Meadline M. Dougan to Ralph
Adams, lots 3 and 4, block 2,
Levens' LaCreole add to Dallas,
John McKinley et ux to Conrad
Htafrin, lots 1, 2, 3 and 4, block 17,
Ellis add to Dallas, $750.
JMHays etux to Horatio P
Shriver, lots 2 and 3, block 1,
Whiteman's add to Dallas, $433.
N A Luther to John Dyer, 25
acres", t OX r 5 w, $350,
Another Pioneer Gone.
Word was received here last week
tbat William Duran, a resident of
this county for years, had expired
; at the home of his daughter, Mrs.
O. C. Beck, at Athena, Oregon, on
October 6, 1902. He leaves four sons
and two daughters and- was aged
75 years. He had a large number
of personal friends who regret to
j hear the sad news.
Stock for Sale.
Ten head of milch cows. One
Durham bull. Twenty head of
young stock. Viola Hall,
One mile south of Independence.
axd luxcu goods.