Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, August 29, 1901, Page 5, Image 5

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I Countv Correspondents
Busey. the napthoh'iini man,
was iii these parts a few days ago.
ICHxt v Uuthrie will begin pick
ing Imps iii ihe Williams yard on
next Monday.
Mr. J. L. Ilerschner, of Hood
Kiver, in visiting her grandmother,
Mm. Simpson.
Joe Iirown linn live teams haul
ing out from hit farm in McTim
monda Valley.
Hone Commit, of Buyer, waa in
thin place last week getting a aclec
lion of kodao picture.
Wages are good in tbia part of
the country and Block Bait is Bell
ing at 91.15 a hundred.
llutler fc Coad were in thi city
last Friday procuring affidavits
concerning a private road near
Wheat ! ooming to the ware
house at a lively rate juat now.
The berry la plump and of good
J. W. Miller went over to Mr.
Kaber'a. near Corvallia, laat week
after peachca. They eell for $1.25
a buahel. ,
Aaa Btaata ahipped to the butch
era at Monmouth one day laat
week a aeven-tnontha-old calf that
dressed 380 pounds.
Ed Patras haa juat returned
from the head watera of the Yam
hill river, where he had been ae
lecllng a timber claim.
James Grant paaed thia way on
bin trip to the Klger peach orchard
near Corvallia. He will bring
peachea for all his neighbora.
Uelatley finiahed threshing in
thia vicinity and pulled back for
Corvallia. He run twelve wagona
and threshed aa high as 3200
bushels a day.
Mr. East was looking over the
R E. Williams hop yard a few
days ago and informed ua that the
yield would be large and the
quality first-class.
Can be cured by using Acker's Dys
pepsia Tablete. One little tablet will
ive immediate relief or money re
funded. Sold In handitome tin boxes at
26 cents. A. 8. Locke; druggist.
Three carloads of oata have
already been shipped trora this
Mr. John Wolfe and daughter,
Lillie, returned to Newberg Wed
nesday. Miss Kennedy, of Independence,
returned home Wednesday after a
week's visit at the home of E. C.
We Are Conscientious.
Substitutes, and impure drugs have no place in our store. We
know physicians do not want us to use them, and we won't do it.
Every prescription here is compounded of pure drugs by careful,
competent and accurate pharmacists, who don't make mistakes.
You can trust us with your prescription preparing.
A. S. Locke, Druggist,
Ed Keyl and family have re
turned frin u two weeks' outing at
Min Heroic Latham lft Wed
nesday for an extended visit with
Portland friends.
Archie I)e Voe and Hoy Latham
went to Ia!luB Saturday evening,
returning Sunday.
Jena Morris drove over from
Sheridan Sunday afternoon, re
turning in the evening
Mis Maud Huxler, who baa
been bo seriously ill for some time,
id rcjwrted to be no better.
Mr. and Mrs. G"orge Townsend
drove to Dalles Sunday to be at
the bedside of Mr. Townsend'a
mother, who is very ill.
Mia Effie IMankington, of
Bridgjiort, who haa been visiting
with relativea in thia vicinity the
pant week, returned home Sunday.
The warehouse ia the busiest
place in town at present, wheat
ooming in at a lively rate. It will
be necessary to begin Backing soon,
aa the bins are almost full.
The many friends of Henry Gil
liam will be pleased to know that
he ia again able to be up. He was
able to leave his room Sunday for
the first time in six weeks.
Miss Leonora Harris conducted
services at Concord school house
Sunday. The people of that vicin
ity are well pleased with her dis
courses and it ia probable that she
will continue the work there.
FA 1X8 CITY. ;
15. E. Lombard has gone to Stock
ton. California.
Frank Butler was a Dallas vis
itor Saturday laat.
George Gardner and family have
moved to the hop yard.
Forest fires are raging In the
mountains west of here.
Mr. Talbott is repairing the
county bridge at this place. . '
The condition of Miss Elsie
Montgomery is atill critical.
,Ve are pleased to Bay ' thai J. S.
Montgomery ia slowly recovering.
, Fred Lombard and Miss Edith
Den nin were married Thursday of
laat week. : "; Z Z' " '.
Mr. Todd will soon go to Marion
county to work in a prune dryer
for Dr. Perry. :v ; 1
John Teal was a Dallas caller
Saturday and was also inspecting
county bridges, v vv.
Cal Cramer returned home from
Monmouth, coming by way of Dal
las Saturday evening.
Miss Plankington, of Bridgeport,
has been engaged to teach the
Oakhurst school near here.
Al Harrington, who has n
working for the Luckiumute Mill
Co., contemplates going EaHt soon.
James Klynn. Wm. Southwell,
Win. Alderman and John Mont
gomery were at Dallas Saturday
Win. Fhelton, of Dalla. and
Hon. II. K, Nichols, of Prin.'vill.
were calling on friend near hero
hint KndHy.
PmuI Hunter and Randolph Sut
ler were up al the fifty-foot falls
one day luet week fishing. Thy
report a good time and fine ca'ch.
This week will have completed
the harvest. The yield of grain
was (id around here and at
'Hridireporl and the outlook for a
good hop yield is looked for.
The Griggs store building now
owned by Jack Wagoner, is being
fitted up and will soon be occupi d
by Mr. F. A. Lucas, who intends
putting in a new stock of goods.
At ft recent meeting of the direc
tors of school district No. GO, Mrs.
Milliiian was chosen director to fill
the place vacated by Mr. Reynolds,
who line moved to Benton county.
Don't be Batinfled with temporay ro
lef from iudigestion. Kodol Uyspepsi
Cure permanently and completely re
move! this complaint. It relieves
permanently because It allowes the
tired stomach perfect rest. Dieting
won't rent the stomach. Nature re
cieves supplies trom the food we eat.
The sensible way to help the stomach
is to ubb Kodol Dygpesps'a Cure, hlch
digest what you eat and cannot help
but do you good . A. 8. Ieke.
We had a copious shower of rain
Sunday. ';
Heziie Brunk, who has been ill
for Beveral weeks, f is able to be
about again. - ( "
Miss Bertha Holmes is in our
midst again after an extended out
ing at Seaside. j.
Mrs. Sloper, of Independence, is
visiting her daughter, Mrs. Mur
phy, of this place.
Mrs. A. 0. Brown, tvho has been
seriously ill for several weeks, is
slowly recovering.
: Miss Elnora Clement has just re
turned from a several days' visit
among friends atSmithfield.
Mr. Charles Reins ftnd brother,
Till, of Mehama, made a business
call on Mrs. Thacker last week.
There will be preaching at this
place Sunday, September 1st, by
Rev. Bowersox, of Salem, com
mencing at 4 o'clock P. M., after
which communion services will be
conducted by the pastor, Rev,
Rabing, of this place.
Thos. W. Brunk'a crop is at
present being threshed by Jim
Ball'B outfit. Mr. Brunk has
about three hundred acres ot very
good grain. v It is not known yet
what the yield will be, but it is ex
pected about 30 bushels per acre.
Notwithstanding the cold wet
weather and slow growth in the
fore part of the season, hops are
looking excellent at this place and
growers are jubilant. Picking will
commence in moBt of the yards
about September 5th. The three
yards here, Gilbert fc Patterson,
Docksteader & Murphy and John
Holmes will use about 300 pickers.
Gilbert & Patterson have just
completed their large store and
baling room, besides they have
added to their drying capacity by
building another kiln, making
them four large kilns in all,
enabling them to handle about J
six hundred boxes per day. With
their large amount of room, new
buildings and modern appliances
they now have one of the Ixst dry
ing outfits in Polk county, if not
in the state.
The MisK-a Louise and Emma
Wolfe and Martha Sheridan, of
Salm, visited Mrs. IS. I. Ferguson
Your Face
Khow the mule of your feelings and
the HtHte of your health a well. Impure
Hood makes ithelf apparent In a pale
anil sallow complexion, pimples and
ekiti eruptions. If yon aie freling weak
and worn nut and do not have a healthy
apiM-aran-e you chould try Acker's Blood
Kiixir. It cures all blood diseases where
cheap r-arnapurillan and so called puri
llers fail; knowing this we sell every
bottle on a poitUve guarantee. A. 8
Locke, druwttKt.
I'errytlale Flour Mill.
Hfieclal from Perrjrdale.
The farmers of this locality have
on more than one occasion ex
preVnid a desire to aee a flour mill
erected al Perrydale, and now they
are more than pleased to know
that their decree are to be real
ized. The thoughts of an empty
Hour chest in mid-winter with no
ot:ier recourse than to drive ten or
fifteen miles to the nearest grist
mill makes him hope lor the suc
cess of the undertaking
There ia no question but that
it is a natural place for such an
enterprise, situated aa it ia in the
heart of one ot the beat wheat
growing sections in the Willamette
valley and having no local com
petitors within a radius of ten
The building of the mill hag
been under the supervision of H.
T. Latham, the miller. It is well
constructed and furnished through-,
out, and ia how ready to be turned
over to the millrighta. The ma
chinery arrived Friday and the
work of installing it will be begun
at once. Thia will require about
Legal Notices.
Notice for Publication.
Land Office at Oregon City. Oregon .
July ST. 1901.
Notice la hereby glen that the following
named settler has (lied notice of his In
teution to make final proof In support 01 her
claim, and that said proof will be made
before the Register and Receiver at Oregon
Oty. Oregon, on September 8, 1901. via:
Klorence 1. Wagoner. H. K. No. 127W for the
HW H of Heel Ion 12. T. 8 8..R.7 W.
Hhe names the following winesses to prove
her continuous resldenoe upon and cultiva
tion ol said laud, vis: F. Robinson, of Kails
City. Oregon, Mrs. Sam Tethrow, pf Falls
City, Oregon, Mrs. A. M. Hurley, of Indepen
dence, Oregon, Ivan Woods, of Independence.
Oregon. CHaS. B. MOORB8.
First pub. Aug. S3. Last pub. Sept. 19
Notice Is hereby given that T. J. Jellison
has been duly appointed executor of the es
tate of Rachel l)avldon. deceased. All per
sons having claims against the said estate
are herebv required to present them to the
unclentlgued executor, properly verified,
within six months from the date of the nrst
publication of this notice, or at the office of
Attorney N. L. Butler, at Independence, folK
county, Oregon.
Dated this 22nd day of August, 19M.
Administrator of the estate of Rachel
Davidson, deceased.
First pub. Aug. S.
Last pub, Sept. 5.
MENT. Notice Is hereby given that by order of the
Honorable County Court of the state of Ore
gon, for Polk county, the dual settlement of
the administration of the estate of F.
Hosford, deceased, is set for hearing Hatur
dav, September 7, 1901, at the hour of one
o'clock P. M. of said day. Ail persons Inter
ested are notified to appear at said time at
the place of holding said court and show
cause if any there be, why the petition for
the said settlement should not be allowed.
Waltbk HoeroKB,
Adm'r of the estate of E.F.Hosford, deceased.
0tv Bill
.. ..Pereoual attention given to the distribution ot all kinds of
printed matter. House to house deliyery, at very reasonable pnceB
lor good work. .
IndeDendence, - - - Oregon.
OTI8 I. 1IUTLEK, M. !.,
Physician & Surgeon.
Office in Opera House building,
rtcaidence Phone 6. Office Phone
J. 8. MOOHC,
Tonsorial Artist
Only first-class workmen em
ployed in the "Wigwam." Shop
eituated on North side of C Street.
Bath and Barber Shop.
main street,
Independence, - - Orego.v.
Attorney at Law.
Collections a specialty. Oflice
up stairs in Independence National
bank brick, Independence, Oregon
eix weeks, as such work is neces
sarily slow. At the expiration of
that time it is expected the mill
wiil be put in operation to the ex
tent of it capacity, , which is 00.
barrels pr day.
Experience, ia the Best Teacher.
Use Acker's English Remedy in any
case of coughs, colds or croup. Hliould
it fail to give immediate relief money
refunded. 25 and 50ct. A. S. Locke,
Did you ever buy any of the big
city papers and notice the tig page
advertisements in them by the
dozen? Thev cost thousands of
dollars. What do you suppose
they are printed for? Surely not
to LelD the DBDer alonit! They
are printed solelj because they are
a part of the merchandise business.
No merchant can be successful who
hides his light under a bushel.
K 4-
A i i !-' tl'i v A
monnjotilb Eaundry
a H.D. WHITMAN, Prop. f
4 Should have your Work.
.....Washing called for and de
livered, both in Dallas and Inde
pendence. Washing called for
on Tuesday and delivered on
mork Guaranteed.
Monmouth, Oregon.
Polk County Bank,
Monmouth, f OaaooN.
J. H, Hawlky, P. L. Campbbll,
President. Vice Pres.
Ira C. Poli., Cashier. .
Paid Capital,
Dibkctobs: J. H. Hawley, P. L.
Canipbeil, I- M. Simpson, J. B. V.
Butler, John B. Stamp, J. A.
Withrow, F. S. Powell.
Transact a General Banking
and Exchange Business