Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, October 10, 1895, Image 1

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NUMIiKIl 45.
A 4
4 4 A, A . X
r.n TO
HKIUto Ant mun i.
rafw- --j o
0. A. KRAMER, Jeweler and Opticion.
The City Restaurant
win '"' ,x k'"m1
, ri-llt lil'l" "r f '
We try lo niiiUf
, , hit tin lifl
our Sunday I Hu
tu Independence.
McGINN &CATLIN, Prop's.,
f..,i. HI
Don t be bicw
Wl KNOW li it mill "' i'H '', "
L-liiV r.ui If "" tft
i.-i.m,!.er Ihm t in imr lai-uie-H to -U WVve Iim'I -u-i.l-rli- ex in iu
Lm.w ll..' .lvuiiti!i( "'"!'
...,r Drug... W kwp no utlicr kind.
1 ft A t I
When You are wen
nm i ill iir'iaiiv ' nn -
.MKMHKU that we Inui
11,. iiiunv article 'u
I. L.ii i.lrv
may ih-ni'e, tiiini
,ikcnvaiv, Watch.-, ('lo-ks,
Main t.
, l ii.l.-m-i-, Orison.
iiiCity Truck & Transfer Co.,;;
A. W. IKHJUrw . . -
; iMiiiio unit """
fullv moved. . !!
...... .1...... lit ri'HMHI'
' llltlllllK
rut". ' " .... ...... 1 1 .')
. nrif.l OOT WOO!
t 1 1 n i. i 1 ii i'. . v. iji i x...oi ami"
i i.i'i.. rri'I--- -
imii:ii:mi:nci: kciioolh.
The TlrHt llny'K Alti'inlam-ii Lnr-
. . I . f .... M
KitTIiiiii Any rrcvioii i-im.
Tin) Independence, public schools
for lS'.).r-'.)) opened promptly at 0
o'clock Momluy morning, October
. I
7. Tlio attendance was mrg.-i
tlmii lliat of uny previous year on
tin, first tiny of school, Kuch do-
1 4
in faut.tlie riirinry ini'l one or two
other lower ileimrtmentB arc i.imonv
... . . i.i i-
ernwdeil. I liO Kiitht craai!, Ill K '-
ii.-i.nri incut. Iiiih a mucli
...v.ii .... .. j
lur.n.r rei.reHeiitation than ever bo
. :i
fore. bcHiiicH a nuiiiDer oi pnyo
who arc taking a high bciiooi
l'...r..r iiHuiL'tiinc tlio pu-
i,iln to tlu ir reHiective ile.artiiientB
thu entire ncliool wan congi--r;";;'
lit 1 tt till 11 ami adtlri'HKiHi by
in i ' -
rector Shinn ami rrincijial llayn.
. i .i... .....
Mr. Sliinn eongriiiuiuieu n- i'"
i.iU upon their bright and Neat p
iiiul (.'xtcniJiMi u t.n
behalf of the school
board. Ho r,uid the work in wnicn
thev w re now ei.gagcd was -imply
preparatory for their lite work in
the future, and ho hoped each pu
pil would improve the present, op
portunity by mduHtry ami dih-
;,. il, mudicH. They had
niudu marked advmrement in their
stuJii-a htHt year ami ujd eamly
advance onward lh coiiiiuk e.
The school year would coiiht of
..t.l I .i (I, imlv and each pupil
n 1 ! n..t IU
will have to crowa iimo
work into eight. It wart the duty
of the pupil to be obedient to their
teacher and to accord to each
other equal privileges. Tho rules
Id bo impartially
...f.. i m,1 the interests ot all
i.i i... .-..mount to the inter
WUU1U I ..
.. .....tii. f,i A few ltisuljordi-
nute pupil, if uch there bhouia no,
would not be purnuuou w
i: i, u. luu.l. The board of di
i tin Ih'hL interest ol the
recvoin n.v.
w hole Bchool at heart and no etk.rt
would bo spared on their part to
, ,, mil interest oi
itovance u.u -
i. nil.
I'rincipal Hayes welcomed tho
... :.. f,.w brief words and
. - . . . i .tw i i.' i 4 rt 1 till .
, TltUliHlMY, UVlviii'i
riKIKJK. In Independence, Or.,
. ( It.
haiuriiay morn.",
lHir. Ala I.eona.the litiledaugh
terof Mr. and Mru. (1. W.I'ierce,
aged 2 J year.
Tho littio girl' death waiicauHed
from severe bum receive.! uie
evening before, a full account ot
which will b found in anoiuer
column. The funeral was preacn-
ed at the (1. A. 11. auditorium, Bun-
. ti
l..v HfiiTiioon at 2 o'clock, ltev to.
It. Baldwin, olliciating. The ser-
moil wa an eloquent and tuougiu
from the 14th chap-
i .. rtt A matt. laht claiiHo of 12th
verso "l'r.'pure to meet thy 0k1.
a hirie contrreiiation was present,
. ......I to
aim evei y j-
" . e x 1
realizo the sjlemniiy oi me
,u and to appreciate tho de.-p i
i;,..i,i f the bereaved family
im adorned with
I III; t,..rivvv
i :c,i (!.,w,.r. ih irii't of rnaii
..,,,1 -v.nonthetic friend. 1 In
i.tken to the Odd
riTlll.l.l.n .--
Fellow cemetery for interment.
. -.ti-i .l.M V..ur Indcliendw:)
A."J""" ,. i
i..-:.i... rti,n Mir iiciooer.
'.""C ' , ..f
4 lSllo, tno imam uouft... -Mr.
and Mr. J. jin Ow.W,
of inllawation of the bowoie,
Bget) two we. k.
The funeral services were hold at
the family residence Saturday fore
noon, and the remains takn to
the Odd Fellow Cemetery, for in
Hight of all in Leavening Power-Latest U.S. Gov't Report
ago attnetion and usetulness. Ji
is a cause for regret wnen any
ol his youth, promise mid ability
. . . . i ;.i,..,i;r,,.,l
permits himseii io
with eflbrtB to debase the currency
of his country.
A Cool I'rojiosltion.
T..,i,.,.Mrl(.ne.o is now well pre
pared to accomodate almost any
' milt,
state or county organi.auoi.
.... i,;i,ln,
.,,.. r.ioin. Pllice llic
I Ml,:.,,. ,
of the (i. A. It. auditorum; and
while there are a number of im
n ,ri..nt. criitherinzs to ho held then
it mieht not be out ot
ii.jv, 'J oi "
place to suggest that the next
county republican convention be
..eld there. We all know that our
court house room is not suitable.
Dallas Observer.
31 -:TTM'-
Summarized From TH Assess
ment HO" "r
nn. r..t n.r Kiimmury
1 IID ivi'v o -
the askable wealth of Folk county
us returned by bounty -
IIW.IMI acres of
44,0:tH acres railroad luml ....
Town and city lots
improvement-on town and
city lot
Improvements on hinds not
deeded or mtented
Stt.J miles railroad bed ana
rollhiK stock .
08.1 miles telegraph and tele
phone hues. ;
Merchaudise and implements
Alexander-Cooper Drug Co
" . . ... t..wl
i ... ..... bifii nr. iiiiiiu
Always im t V
l.Ul.iU in a lew one. --;; ' ,
.. . W honed the labor ot the """,
. . O .1 . i t ,H .. 1 1.1 flll-Ut I 11114.
1H,1.'1"1 , . . onflr ri.iKes,eto
would be mutually j'. 4757 hors.-s and mines
. e . i. u.',,,v,l .-.,
1, .l..fil 1 he rules 01 mw no iii.nt
UelpIJl. lot .1 ..,-,:. -i.,. and uoats. . .
.1 .. 1. ...... 1 ,,1 the end inai . '
button ery,
Kuhher (lends,
Patent Medicines
' I'eneil.
Etc., Ktc.
. .... nml rrmii 1 order may pre
httr" .,' 5 1, relations!,!.
vail, -ll" ii"Pv: .7 11
. i..M,-l,ers and mi nils would
h., ,,u imiicauio uuxi.ik v..v. t.
school year as it had In-en ni he
. 11 ,1. .11 snciested
,'ua. ' .. . ;J rehto their rt
that me- ,hM-: .
Oross value of all property.
KxempUou t '
, if 2.21.
Carefully -:
)ay or .mk11"
j. r. 0'DONNELL G9,
Total taxnhlo property..
.. . 1 .ultiviited
1 the Pupil march to their re- The average vu.u - -
icdhe departments to the music laml per ftcre is $17.56; unimproved
I.. . ..:.,,. 1 1 ( 7u- mil road land 4b celits.
Ol inn i"1""" ,, , j oi w'i ."i .
" .... 1 11 ...,11 uliniveii SU i.- ,.c ot
...ill l 111! V7. " - In., .. VflTIlM ... niii.iv..
I ne 1110 Bveruno
:il8 irw' . .. J 1. ?0 of horse and mules,
1 . .. . Iniie hers are as sioin. "i ...
ine.iepa, ....... v - heet and goats,
1 H .a.v'-' 1 a
Mrs. Tuck: second
1 "'V . 1.-r third crad
tirade. li ob ...v..j, -
l5!1" , r..,.iU prude. Ml
M .-U I .1 .(' II Ilitl . ll'l." v.. p, . ,
11.11-fifth grade, a TO It HU1a.i.
) . . . . t . ,i..ii.mi 11 1
1 . ni .ii.. in r in 1. nrtimii
a lh crime. r". , -
crade:Miinn;S'!'' x tassical graduate at Sven-
-. . . 1 1 rr lim it. ii" t 1 - . r .1. a
, who ins neeii . ,. ,.
Mis j.oiiu'"-i - , i:ulti.t oriuors i
teaoliing in Portland was oi - stiUes.
ent to take cnarge . -
mi :.. ,...u,.i mime couiu-
. I1IM .11, ,t-v- 1 r... I,., f .v.Mrill.ll.I.
,..-.. IHUl,
considerable uisapmo..- Tn,iinrs Ervan. who is
Miss Longacre wired ne " . . burst8 of
XT l.tir tikmllOOIl LI lilt' I HI; 1 Ll li K
jmiouivj .. ci-,.,.lcet. was 1
l,u nil I U 1 uwuui in. lieo
the silyek-toxoi:ei ok-
sion and
A rector
she would
Scissors, o..--.
Pocket Knives, Table
I.x,s. Axes, Sawfa,
Nuils, Hopo. Ktc.,
I o nn
Sn to take charge of her school. iu Salon,, Martn county Illi-
IHH.i. ... wnrn the . .o.-.i .,1.1 raib.1
FTM... ...ultnrH Ilirnt-liw . ifinii Ktbiciivtu
hoard of directors, b.C. lent an , spending vaca-
T. Layton Jenks and A. ou the farm. He was grad-
J-T. I'W'1- ..,., ..;,hMiitrhest honors from
" ' .-..- w V Ullitu ....... -c .
cir'IAI EXCLKSIOA. .,,1 prse of Illinois col-
. unc-iv
The Oregon Industrial Kxposi- Jacksonville, just after his
tion ha made JZ 17th birthday; studied law with
th Southern Patahc Company 1 Timhnll and moved to
. ti'.ini 1 ttnv 1 iViunii j. v
spi'cial excursion r.itto..v in 1887. He was
!.l McCoy to Portland at a elected to the 52d and re-elected to
ana .1 wr. in- jm,rt
round-trip raie . ' I the tuiii congrwo
eluding the,0ThT excursion Bryan's speech on the Wilson bill
position u.m. k. R j . wa9 one of the ablest ana most ei-
WiU XS il. Oct- nt presentation of the free
"ifr lli and return on Saturday, traJe' doctrine every made auy
Ortober" 19th. rersona wishing to 1Iia private life is said to
$JZ be crowned w ith more than aver-
ni l V,.,,,l, 111 is on her mettle
and, just to show the kind of stulT
.1.,. ; m.lnf. she challenges all
out i" -
creation this side ot cugar xi
. ,1 "i.r.rth of the 42d
11011OW nuvi
parallel." The head and front of
the grand old county's hot indig
1 bv the pie-head-
nauoi. " ,i 1
Winess of that "agricultural how
show" over at Salem lan wwa.
awarding the first prize ior u.e
best county exhibit to Linn coun
... virci nrize to Linn county, in
deed! That parveuue, upstart, un
known commonwealth. In what
. .. ,.,.r nf the Willam-
CUSiaw ajf --
ette valley is it located, anyhow?
..r heard of Linn county
240,030 1 until thise'ivicd and un remit'. ed
, 0,, ! prestige was thrust upon her by a
6,19 , H f, , .. onfa velented.
I Stupid 101 Ol luwii'r"""" J '
I."0"L, 1. ,ioi.,i-Mii courtesy, mein-
lUlUllgl. tti.o -
(i.otio ! hers of the Oregon State board ot
2os,(Mi.-.i .,..,, old Yamhill, like an-
10,8110 I """ .rn 0f
other Sampson, nas uu
1 tU .,i,.tVi TT 1 1ft-
her beautitul iocas imws
taken confidence and in the house
u... r,;,la Whv. didn't every-
OI uei in""-" - . 1
u. j iw.t that she would win? ; catarrh
Of course they did. It was a 3 to
. , . !.i..,- r.vr mnnev. red apples
,i,-ti X uoieitiici
M8T ior pumpkin. Transcript sa.a bo,
1 r .. .. I.I an trif"
Telephone-ltegister b.
1 . 1 - colli Oil
Reporter eaut so. aim
..... k,.i ,M,nv-a-liners from Clie
nts llttlC J-V...-J -
halem to Willamina and from July
to eternity. What right, then,
has Linn county to step in and
L...hiQ tin, t.ride. moult the tail
Ullll.ti" l ,
r 1...... ond knock the tUl-Key fcu"-
bier strut out of old Yamhill, the
proud and glorious commonwealth
where all of Oregon's great men ,
made their fit start. mhiU
won't stand it, Yamhill don
t ...,.. .,o,,.l it. Yamhill is not
nave iu ow --.
eoin' to stand it. Not much! She
is going to ship -all her surplus
products to the Portland expo
Lion and just beat the day
,. ... ..... .,11 ..rpat.inn with her stu-
LlglH out v..
pendoua exhibit. That's what ain-
hill i going 10 ao-
built a bonfire of dried leaves, and
little Ada Pierce, happening to
run too near the fire, her clothing
caught and in a few moments she
was -enveloped in ilatnea. Her
brother Georgie, aged 11, and one
1 t urn fil her children raade frantic
. . . 1..
efforts to suWue the namea, u
with out avail, the brother burning
- 1 ' . A' . a Ia
his hands hadiy in -w
rescue his little sister. The ehUd
was badly burned atxiut tne i-c
and breast, the flesh on one arm
. . . , . t....,i,i&.
was cooked almost to tne Buuu.u.
Her clothes were burned oh, anu
she lingered in awful agony until
five o'clock next morning
death mercifully came to her relief.
The family is prostratea wuu
this being the secona cuu 1-;
have lost in this manner. The en
tire community i m Bymp-mj
with the family in uit
reavement. The Woman's tteiiw
Corps rendered action and sympa
thetic assistance at the funeral and
burial services.
4u.t;i 1
The Statesman says that Salem
does not pay her eounciluaen any
compensation for their rriees J
eeems to as to be only just that
dty of isalem's population, the cap-
ital ot tne grem
. . 1 nf hr
should pay the memue.o
common council, at least, soinemmg
for their services, ltwnoinguiw
ask men to give their time and
11 . 'll. mi 1ACI1
services to the public wivuuuu
Worthv Your Confidence.
The success of Hood's Sarsaparvlla
f.,1o in what-
in conquering kiu.u. -ever
form it may manifest itself i
, v .k,..,on.irli who were
voucnea ior uj muu..--severally
afflicted by this prevalent
disease, but who now rciee-over a
permanent cure by Hood' Saraa-
r ... t f..u ,.tq sinnpar as a
paruia. ocroiuia.ti.v-ff- ,
iumor, or it may attack the glands
of the neck, or break out as dread
ful running sores on the body or
limbs. Attacking the mucous
.nembrane. it may develop into
catarrh or lodging 1.. . -b-lead
into consumption. as
it may, a faithful course of treat
ment with Hood's Sarsapanlla v ill
overcome it, for working upon the
foundation of all disease P"
... ia i.,-ifipo and
blood, tne sysiem 10 """" - - ,
vitalised, and vigor, strength and
health restored to the body.
Sperling Bros.,
Meat Maricei
Choice Meats.
. . . . 1,1.,,, tlist Cast a
Stiadow of Gloom Over
The Entire Community.
A very sad bereavement happen
ed to the family of Mr. and Mrs
i-j W Pierce in this city last Fri
Their little two
aay ai-i-i""" - ,
and a half-year-old girl was burned
j...u diviner at 5 o'clock Satur-
day morning. AIhiui, -
. 1 .ft..Ar.n rhe Mr. and
f riaav
" t;..0 were temporarily
iurs. it" -
absent from home, their children
1 .(K.q were, nlaving in
ana some ', , ,
the back yard and thoughtlessly I
OPEK SUNDAYS 5E0M 8 to 9 a.m.
Free Delivery to all parts
of the city.
Main Street. - - lnaepe
- m- r Drnr
P. H. Murpiiy, nr
ij.,,.irin tr of !
. . .! .. ill
ail MUUa "
The best of
turned out ob
short notioe.
A share of your patronage
. I is solicited.
Main street, - ladepenaeo.
. 1
Ue Us, PowJ". , carriages and Wagons.
S",',"JC"":il - OREGON.