Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, February 28, 1895, Image 1

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Eternal Ylillanc U the Price of Liberty. -Jefferton.
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VOL 2 NO. 13
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U.S. Govt Report
Sells Everything at - --
- Cash Prices.
Cvimiii UuMiioii March 4, 1HH1.
( .... TIIK
if ,
first' National Bank
of lnd"pmidiiie, Oretfon,
Ct; lUl Btook,
$14,00000 u w. nohKiiTMOfi.
,il4l. Vlv rrliltnl.
' ' ', M. IIA"I., Cnnliixfi
J. 8. Oooimr, I.. W. ItoWtimn. le l
Heln.lik, i. W. Whlleaker,
W. W. IVMim.
4 ! heiikln; Iimiii ImnwlH. ur
tail li.i.'" mii iilHiwrim I"
Iwixwlla re-i "'
at rlil. irullm lluiil uiwlr.
ulm lu . m. in I-.
Rational Bankl
Capital Stock, ISO.WIO.OO.
II. MIBKCHDKIUl, - rrmtclfitt.
AP.KAM NELSON", Vice President.
A guirrnl bftiiUiiK and exchnntr b'ti
niM transacted ; Ioiiii iim'l"! Willi
eounUd, commercial credit KrmiU-d;
d(MMlti received on current account
ubject to check, Interest mld on lime
. r. Smith, A. Nelson, I. A. Allen,
II. II. Jasporson, A. J. tioodnmn, D. W.
Mean, II. Hlrel.lHrTf.
Carble Granite
Inth,ix.mlom,o, Oit-
, Etc.
i Correspondence solicited.
Sperliipg Bros.,
Meat Market
. 'if-- -
Clioice Meats.
OPEN 8UNDAY8 FROM 8 to 0 a.m.
Free Delivery to all parts
y of the city.
Mln8Uroot. - Independence.
PH. Murphy, Prop.
all V da will
r jive
The b-t of
turned out ou
abort notlee.
A :;arc of your patronage
: -y it solicited. '
IT-ii'jtreet, Independence
.. T. tmnt 00., raoraiiMae.
4.11 a' of flniUclR. til. from I locho. to
- 34 Inches mnufncUira.
, nicu m TKoramo :
5 z.-7:X ::::::v.::::
1 :::::::::: S Vh:::::::::::: m
EMlm 'm for Uylnf Tile promptly furnUhed
I onlrcU UKon. All work
. t unrsntMd wturucturjr.
:-: : STAGE :-:
Lrav s Independence every morn
ing ( xcept Sunday) at 8:30 a. m.
Uaves Salem at 2 p.m.
Ieara orders at Little Palace Hotel or
at I" 'office.
Pre' t and paaaetifan. earned on rea
ji...a tarm.
I 'mm
The Moral is Plain
.r. I!" A ml h- mu.l
... ..rm k I.Mll.1! ' All.1 lir lllllM
111 lr llllW it Willi ll Will II ' lllll"rillli ww. ... , V. I.- L..I,,. 1,1.
lV"l." I.IM.,.I.I.-.I u....rM uf Kiild wlil.U li., M
aliut, liuU uut rcwlveiI,-ijMp.
nAa or Saddlery OimxIh, open your t-ytn to the fact that we
xell the lxHt (tmaja for the leunt money, and pick uy tho
porno of gdil by purchanind of ua.
Will occupy
Don't be Sick!
When You are Well
For the members of the
Will : Arrive :- This :- Week.
Vj Theso Goods aro all of
M f ilter. T)(isirna and will
The Traveler to Independence ,
SI,.-rka The City Restaurant
Ken.en.lK.r, we gi ve 6 Flrat- .B7JXSS?Sif-'"rt' "
cIuhm Meals for $1.,,orrt
M RS . I CAMPBELL, Trop . ; C. W. HAYES, Man'gr.
Main St., Independence, Or.
Ths ladspeadeace Heat Uatket.
Is now ready to eupply the people of Independence with all
kinds of Fresh and Cured Meats, Hams, Bacon, Sausages,
Lard, etc., at lowest possible rates.
'-Wlint a .11 wuI''J ?.ILI
nl. aiM'' , " " 'VrLJ "
" ni. "".-'V " ..II ! ... I r..ll..W
this space
During at leant Bpven itated rioda in
Ltfu a reiurd aliould he preserved or a
fraou'a likeneMi, an follow.:
I n fun I bond, lluli) hood,. Chll.lbotHl, Itoy-
IiimmI, Manhood, Middle age. Old age,
and 1. II. CUAVKN the photographer,
will aupply you with these llkcneimea at
the very lowtat rutea. Olva hlin a call.
WE KNOW how it uiakei one feel to
be.lck- Hut if you wl!l Reteiek
miieiiibur that it in our biiHinew to aell
Mvilit'ineM. We've hail conniiluruble ex-iwrifiH-e
in pri'imrintr uitHliciiieii and
know the advnnuifre of iibIhk fresh and
piire Driign. We keep no othor kind.
KM EMBER that wo han
dle many articles you
may desire, bucIi as Jewelry,
Silverware, Watches, Clocks,
Main St.
Independence, Oregon
For the
tho most handsome and
be sold cheap. ... H
KRAMER, the Jeweler.
n I I KSj
The Oregon Henutorlnl Deadlock
-A .
Fred Douglas is rd Tbe Astoria
Eailroad A Hew 8ilm Party
Hesry Oold, Imports.
j Kniin tho Onuulan, Hun and HlaU-mn.)
JapaDM laaa FtW BcporUd.
Tokio, Feb. 21. The committee
of the Japaneiie diet has. reported
favorably on the new loan of 100
OUO.tKX) yen. The intcrcHt on the
new loan will not exceed 6 per cent,
lot Wuttd in South Dakota.
Tieuke, S. D., Feb. 21. Woman
suffrage met its Waterloo in the
lcgihlature this afternoon. A vote
was taken on the bill without debate,
and tood 40 ayes and 34 noeu, and
was declared lost.
Iliiuie Ilreuker Arrested.
Smith, a youth of 10, and a
member of a highly respected
family here, was arrested and put
in jail for breaking into the house
of L. F. Anderson. He Bccured
property valued at $200.
Korf CoacUrfitii ArrciUd.
Walla Walla, Feb. 21. Sheriff
Eljingsworth and Police Oillcer
John son raided a counterfeiters
den today and arretted Ur. II.
Greenwood and an accomplice.
The officers also discovered the
dies and other pharnphernalia
use by the counterfeiters.
Ia Honor af Fredrick DoogUta.
Raleiqh, N. C, Feb. 21. A
great sensation was created here
today by the adoption in the house
of resolution introduced by a negro,
that when the general assembly do
adjourn, itadjorns in honor of Fred
erick Douglaks. The resolution
was passed by a vote of 34 to 20, all
the democrats voting against it.
Death of a Uarion Comity Pioneer.
Salem, Or., Feb. 21. Alexander
Spong. a resident of Marion county
for 40 years, died at his fiirm home
north ot Saltan Wednesday even
ing., lie was 77 years old. He
came to Oregon in 1851, locating
at Oregon City for a short time;
thence moving to Lafayette, Yam
hill county, where he lived for two
years, and then came to this
county. He was proprietor of
.Spong's ferry, connecting Marion
and Polk counties at Lincoln,
Hawaiian Cable Bill Defeats.
Washington, Feb. 21. The Sen
ate amendment to the Consular
and diplomatic appropriation bills,
appopriating $500,000 for the con
struction of a cable to tho Hawaii
an islands, was defeated in the
house today by the decisive vote of
152 to 144.
Herman decarled that the Pacific
coast question of cable connection
with Honolulu overshadowed and
transonded all others save only
that of the construction of the Nic
aragua canal. The people of the
Hawiian islands gave us 90 per
cent of their trade. More of our
ships entered the port of Honolulu
than any other port in the world
last year.
The Hew Flag Law in Sew York But.
Albany, N. Y., Feb. 22. Gover
nor Morton today approved the act
to prevent the display of foreign
flags upon public buildings in this
Inoomo-Tax Beeolution ApproTod.
Washington, Feb. 22. The pres
ident has approved the joint reso
lution extending front March 1,
1895, to April 15, 185)o, the time
for making returns of income tax
provisions of the revenue act of
The Taenia Bay Bill.
Washington, Feb. 22. Tbe com
mittee on rivers and harbors has
authorized a favorable report upon
Hermann's bill providing for a
board of engineers to examine the
bar of Yaquina bay. Hermann's
rdan is to use this favorable report
before the senate, believing it will
greatly assist in procuring an
amendment in the appropriation
bill to embrace the provisions of
hia bill.
Killed a Littla Boy.
Walla Walla, Feb. 22. At 11
o'clock today Charlen, the C-year
old son of T. J. I'ose, a merchant
of this city, was sho in the head
and killed by Author Isitt, a 13
year old boy. Isitt used a 22-rifle.
VuriouH reasons are given as to the
intentions of Ihitt. He say he
shot accident) y, but a companion
says Isitt had threatened Itnse
xeveral times during the morning.
Ihitt is in the county jail and will
have a hearing tomorrow.
Arretted for EzLbeadement- '
Don Carlos Boyd was arrested
here today and lodged in jail. He
will be taken to Heppener to
answer to a charge of embezzlement
and forgery made by the Patterson
Publishing Company.
John Bull's Adrice to Brother Jonathan.
IOndon, Feb. 22. The Statist
sayg that the high rate of interest
asked for tho United States loan
is due to the belief that futher loans
will soon be needed, and if the preg
ident refuses to borrow and con
gress does not act promptly gold
will go to a premium. and disappear
from circulation. This will be fol
lowed by a panic in Wall street and
the money market will be paralized
until the elections next year are
over. The true remedy for the cur
rency crisis is a loan to call in and
cancel the greenbacks.
The Aaeocliited Uiinka Report.
New York, Feb. 23. Following
is the weekly bank statement of
the associated Jxinks:
Reserve, decrease 1 13,800,700
Loans " 70i,600
oecio " 6,986,000
Itral tenders, increase. ..., 2,876,600
Deposits, decrease 3,674,800
Circulutiun, increase 287.900
The banks now hold 129,822,775
in excess of the requirement of the
25 per cent law.
Imports and Ex porta.
New York, eb. 26. I no im
ports and exports for the week
Imports Exports
Gold . $1,272,805 $101,985
Silver 2,582 489,102
Dry Goods 4,659,178
General Mdse. 7,069,765
Excitement In Wall Street.
New York, Feb. 23. There is
much excitement in Wall street
over the allotment of bonds. It is
said small investors and sayings
banks will be given the preference.
The syndicate has announced that
the total subscription to the new
4 per cent loan in the United
States amounts to $200,000,000.
A United Btatcs Senator Elected.
Salem, Or., Feb. 23. On the 60
th joint ballot of the joint session
of Oregon's legislature and the 23d
of the evening, Geo. W. McBride
was elected United States senator
to succeed Joseph N. Dolph, whose
term will expire March 4, next.
The decisive vote was: McBride
72; Hare 10; Haley 6; Weatherford
1; total 89; absent 1; necessary to
a choice 45.
Gold for the Bonds.
- Washington, Feb. 23. Up to
and including today the treasury
department has received $29,675,
708 in gold on deposit on account
of the Belmont-Morgan bond pur
chase; it has issued $28,422,774 in
certificates for the same, and has
carried to the gold reserve $29,339,
289. The treasury interest pay
ment on account of recent bond
issues, and the gold bond issues up
to date, aggregate this fiscal year
$23,000,000, or about 11 per cent
of the total receipts of the govern
ment for the fiscal year to date
Antl-ToxlneaSucceaa at Med lord.
Medford, Or., Feb. 23. Wednes
day of this week Dr. E. B.
Pickel received from Dr. Mingus,
of Portland, a bottle of anti-toxine.
and the same afternoon adminis
tered it to a child of John Norton,
residing about four miles south of
Medford. Today the patient was
discharged by the physician. There
have been several cases of diphthe
ria here of late, and the result of
administering this medicine has
been watched, with interest, not
only here, but by the medical pro
fession all over the ttate, as it was
the first case on which the medi
cine was tried in the state.
liurglary at Oregon City.
OrkgonCitv, Or., Feb. 21. J.
P. Iowe's jewelry store was roblx-d
tonight. The nhow-window glass
was broken, and three watches and
two revolvers taken. No clue to
tho identity of tbe burglars as yet.
Mexico and Guatemala.
Gactemala, Feb. 24. It is given
out here that no positive settle
ment had been reached here on
the questions pending with Mexico.
Minister lVLoan has telegraphed
that the Mexican government still
holds for the indemnity clause, and
is not inclined to abate an iota
From oflicial circles it is learned
that GauUmala has made abso
lutely no concessions to Mexico.
Wonderful, If True.
London, Feb. 24, The Daily
Chronicle's Vienna correfpondent
says ' Professor Wagner, of the
Vienna university, expounded a
cure for insanity to the medical
society yesterday. He injects
Koch's tuberculine, causing a fever,
alter which the insanity is dimin
ished. He repeated the treatment
a few times, each injection lessen
ing the insanity until eventually it
Frane and American Cattle.
Paris, Feb. 24. At the cabinet
meeting today, M. Gadau, minister
of agriculture, made an order in
council forbidding the importation
of American cattle into France on
account of Texas fever and pleuro
pneumonia, with which they are
alleged to be infected. This order
is undoublly the outcome of the
persistent protectionist agitation in
the rural districts in the north of
France. Ever since the new cab
inet entered office, M. Gadau has
been besieged by agrarian deputa
tions and petitions'.
A Nehalem Settler Drowned.
Astoria, Or., Feb 25. News was
received here today of the drown
ing in the Nehalem river yesterday
of Charles Caldwell, a settler in
that locality. He attemp"d to
shoot the rapids in a small boat
and was upset The body has not
been recovered. Caldwell was a
native of Ravenswood, W.Virginia.
Tbe Astoria Railroad.
Astoria, Or., Feb. 25. A letter
received in this city today from an
intimate friend of Bonner and
Hammond, of Missoula, conveys
the information that those gentle
men will leave Missoula for As
toria, at an early day, and that
work will begin on the Goble
railroad March 1. ,
Murder aDd Suicide.
Chehalis, Wash., Feb, 25. J.
A. Phillips, a logger about 35 years
old, shot and killed his wife at
Centralia about 4 o'clock this
afternoon. After writing a note
explaining the cause of ths tragedy
he blew out his brain3. Both died
within an hour. The affair grew
out of Phillips' jealousy of his
The Earth Quaked at Oregon City.
Oregon City, Feb. 25. The
earthquake was distinctly felt here
this morning at 4:48 o'clock. A
number of people were awakened
at that time without knowing
what disturbed them, but many
clearly recognized the shock as an
earthquake. The motion appeared
to be easterly and westerly, and
the shaking continued about six
A Free 8!lver Party.
Washington, Feb. 25. It is
understood that the leaders in the
movement to organize a free-silver
party have received advices from
different parts of the country that
such progress has been made as to
make them feel confident that
they will be able to organize a new
party, which will command the
support of silver men throughout
the country. A plattorm Has Deen
agreed upon which plants the
whole party on the plan of frt-
silver, eliminating all other de
mands of the jtfipulint platform of
1892. It ix understood that
General Weaver ia the leader of
tho movement, supported by Geu
eral Warner and Mr. Bland.
Funeral ol the Colored Orator.
Washington, Feb. 25. Not since'
the unveiling of the Lincoln eman
cipation statue in 1878 has there
been such a popular outpouring of
colored people to pey tribute to a
oeneiactor oi tneir race as was wit
neeoed today in and about tho
rrt ...n..i:A ir.:.. i; i
luc.ii'imau Airicuu iMeuioulst
Episcopal chnrch, where thefuner
al services over the remains of
Frederick Douglass took place.
Mtmy prominent persons were
present. The funeral sermon was
preached by Rev. J. G. Jenifer,
pastor oi the church. 1 he remains
.-Ml 1.. ...1 A - I .
in u io jwcneewr, a. I.
I. i a
li naa ren at uiympia.
Olympia, Wash., Feb. 25, Tho
earthquake was felt here at 4:45
this morning. It was more remark
able for length of duration than for
its severity.
An Editor's Bard Luck.
Heppeneb, Or., Feb. 25. Editor
D. C. Boyd, who is charged with
lorgery, was brought down from
W alia Walla by Sheriff Harrington
yesterday morning. Ho waived
examination today," and his bond
was 'placed at i 00, which ho was
unable to give.
Hareonrt Oppose Free Silver.
London, Fob. 25. The Standard
says that Sir William Hareonrt
will, on behalf of the government,
take a verv strong line acainst the
resolution that will be submitted
to the house of commons by
Robert L. Everett, declaring that
a national agreement to restore
free coinage and the full legal
tender power of silver is desirable.
French Embargo on American Meata,
Chicago, Feb. 26. Speaking of
the decree issned by the French
government prohibiting the im
portation of American cattle, Nel
son Morris, a well-known packer,
said: "We shipped $18,000,000
worth of cattle and produce to
France last year, and this great
trorlo la nKenl 11 talv attmvMl Kv
the order of the French goyern
ment. I knew this was coming,
and with the exception of two or
three boat loads, not any cattle or
auy product has been sent to France
in the last ten days. The effect
of the German and Belgium
embargo has been to reduce the
price of cattle of the classes ship
ped to these countries by $10 a
head, and this French edict will
even more unjustly affect the
stockyards." " .........
Botes from the Capital.
Salem, Or., Feb. 26. Governor
Lord today appointed the follow
ing Dr. Herbert W. Caldwell,
surgeon-general, Portland; David
M. Dunn, commissary-general,
Portland; Notaries; Louis J. AdanjB
Silyerton; A. W. Severance, Tilla
mook; C. F. Beltmenrother, Ban
don; L. M. Robinson, Baker Cityf
N. J. Henton, Albany; Albert Tog
ier, Portland. Julia Crosby, 32
vears old. and John Johnson, 42
years old, both of Multnomah
county were brought to the state
insana asylum today, and s. n.
Bennett, who was committed from
Marion county was discharged.
Chester Lawerence, of Astoria,
14 years old, was committed to the
reform school today. The total
number of boys in the school is
A Monument for Colonel Baker.
Sacramento, Cal, Feb. 26. In
the assembly today, the ways ami -meats
committee reported favor
ably a bill for the ereevwa h
$15,000 monument to the memory.
of Colonel E. D. Baker.
Dr. Price's Cream ik,n