Independence enterprise. (Independence, Or.) 1908-1969, December 15, 1922, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7

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    Friday, December 15. 1922
. TMnppi?xmpxTri? ptt,'c,pdt?tcp
. . ; ; i
ll'iMihtnjct1 Thai the nation'
.iml should bo tho cfiitor of tho
jjcitlonal lifo of thu nation, as well
govermentnl mU-r, U di-numd-
i In ft rww""" hi ino mi.
convention of the National Edu
ction assuvwuun hi liimion, and
Iplwl y the old rUint of the
!0bimtt"n board of education for
,j gnd half mllllonn to bring the
dplul mnoois up to units.
0nO hundred and sixteen thousand
pi-hem thoir rfprt'wntntlvi'M to
(,,5 for the convention, where
fry panned resolution which rends:
"In M'wdftl t"f)nt! the school of
.. I ..II.. I .1
)ig cap''"1 "'I'K U10 nation,
I, brhitlf of tho tmthm we unk iim-
put ut create uimro oi education
.. ..I.. tlf...l. 1... . 4. .
for im? rny Tainngun Whlth
Jul! ho entirely free from party con
pol, to have direct control of iU own
financinl budget," and with a necure
flwncial Income sufficient to make
xm schools worthy of the capital
,ity of the nation."
Washington nchoola art negated,
na down, out of dati, have poo'.iy
teachers; suffer from ovrrcrowd-
the two platoon ayatcm and a
policy of temporising on tha part of
(ooifreaa, tho appropriating power for
fithingtona whools. That the chil
dren of the national capital should
b? at leant ft good ft chsruo for an
idoratiod aa ia given in a thousand
iswll but intensely American and
wholly enlightened town ancl cities,
the thought behind tho resolution
ptsd by the N. K. A., and the moral
force behind tho demand of the pre
at board of education for money
enough to replace old building with
irw, buy sufficient books, and pay
Irtrhrra enough to keep good ones
on the job of instructing the youth of
the nation'a city.
Page Seven
You're the Goodest Old Santa !
'J I i
Those who have atudied the qura-
don of atatc development and betUr
I dvertiiing for Oregon, point to the ing national advertising agency of the
r ' - - - ! -
J 'if . f ft
lii A ' it' iV iy W ,j T?'j
Oregon City Woolen Mills have found particularly our fruits, salmon, lum
ber, etc. It is setimatea inai camer
as have many other advertisers, that
by putting the merits of their prod
ucts squarely before the nation, they
have enlarged their business and thus
absorbed the cost of advertising in the
economics of operation.
This advertising for the Oregon
City Woolen Mills is handled by Bots-ford-Constantine
company, the lcad-
irtut need of more national advertis
ing for Oregon product, Many of
our renders probably saw in last
wet-k'a issue of the Saturday Kvenlng
Pot n double page center spread ad-
w-UMTnetit in colors for the Oregon
City Woolen Mill. In two different
iuufs of the Saturday Evening Post
thi year the Oregon City Woolen
Mill have taken this great
meiit, which i the largest ana mom
eiM-iTive advertisement in the world.
It's cont is 117,000 per Ukuv, but the
northwest, with offices at Portland
nnd Seattle. Botsford-Constantine
company is also conducting large ad-i-pi-tisintr
cumnai?ns in all parts of
the country for such products as Till
amook cheese, Hood River apples,
Snowflake crackers, Albers cereals,
Mapleine, Jantzen swimming suits,
Goodyear rubier footwear, and
Oregon is rapidly approaching the
point where we should have many
other nationally advertised products,
nia cooperative associations and such
products as the Del Monte canned
goods are spending around six million
dollars a year for national advertis
ing. This has helped to build the
wonderful reputation for California
products which exists in all parts of
the world.
If you sit down and think you will
realize these lower skirts are merely
for higher education.
Women powder their noses in pub
lie, so why can't men shave on the
street cars as they ride to work?
Have you heard about the Scotch
man hunting, a reasonable postoffice?
Our idea of a good time is sitting
around wondering how tired we
would get if we were not too lazy.
Salem The loganberry industry of
this part of the Willamette valley
which is again facing: a very uncer
tain future, due to low prices, will be
fully discussed at a meeting called of
all berry growers of Oregon, to be
held in the offices of the Oregon
Growers' Cooperative association,
' Wednesday, December 20.
The associations especially inter
ested in the future of the loganberry
and which will send delegates to the
meeting- include the Woodburn Coop
erative Berry Growers, Springbrook ,
Packing company, Producers Canning
company of Salem, Willamette Valley
Prune association of Salem, Oregon
Growers1 Cooperative association of
Salem and the Eugene Fruit Growers
association of Eugene.
During the season of 1922, there
was canned in Oregon, 243,639 cases
of loganberries. Figured on a basis
of 30 pounds to a case, this means
that 7,309,170 pounds of fresh berries
were used in the 1922 pask of canned
In addition to loganberries canned,
King's Products company evaporated
4,000,000 pounds. It is also estimated
that in Oregon there was barrelled
3000 barrels of 385 pounds each,
amounting to 1,115,000 pounds. It is
estimated there was made into juice
200,000 pounds of loganberries.
Among those deeply interested in
this great Oregon industry, it is felt
that all will depend upon increasing
the consumption of loganberry prod
ucts. In other words, following the
example of California growers in ad
vancing the sale of raisins when the
market was so low that the industry
was about to collapse, something
must be done to bring the merits of
the berry before a larger consuming
Figures are not available as to the
acreage of fruits for 1922 as asses
sore are obliged to make a report only
every other year. Hence the 1921
reports on acreages in the state are
the latest
Based on the 1921 horticultural re
port of acreages in each county, the
total loganberry acreage of the state
for the year was 6253. In the central
Willamette valley the county acreage
in 1921 was as follows: Benton, 100;
Clackamas, 204; Linn, 167; Marion,
38G8; Polk, 268; Washington, 319, and
Yamhill. 423, a total of 5349 acres
for thij immediate section of the
Comparing the year 1920 and 1921
report, it is estimated that there was
an increase of several hundred acres
throughout the state. In the Willam
ette valley counties, there ras a
slight decrease.
Many growers claim that the in
dustry cannot survive on a price of
four cents a pound. Many are asking
for six cents the coming season, but
those who are familiar with the in
dustry at both the growing and sell
ing end, are of the opinion that if
loganberry growing is to continue
profitable, there must be a great in
crease in markets and a much greater
consuming public.
Cooper Building
tste piilr 51
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Kings Valley
Buena Vista
lwai.ii in."""1 "mm
William II. Klepper, president of the
Portland club of the Pacific Coast
league, was forever barred from furth
er participation In the affairs of the
National Association of Professional
Baseball leagues, in a resolution adopt
ed by the board of arbitration of the
organization. Klepper was charged
with making and filling an alleged
false statement relative to the capital
stock of the Tacoma (Wash.) club,
which he organized.
Real and personal property of the
Portland Flour Mills company in Mult
nomah county was bid In for an aggre
gate of $1,172,670 at sheriff's sales
held in Portland. Wallace McCamant,
on behalf of a committee holding $3,
000,000 of the company's outstanding
8 per cent mortgage bonds, acquired
title at the forclosure sale, this be
ing the first step in the plan for turn
ing the properties over to the Sperry
Flouring company of San Francisco.
The Northwest Association of Sher
iffs and Police, which convenes in
Portland January 18, 19 and 20 for its
second annual convention, will pay
particular attention to the problem of
enforcing the prohibition laws, accord
ing to word received by Chief of Police
Jenkins of Portland, vice president of
the association, from L. 8. May, presi
dent, a noted criminologist. The or
ganization, starting out with 100 mem
bers, has increased its membership to
400. A clear-cut resolution in favor of
strict enforcement of the -dry laws is
expected at the session.
Five state senators met in Pendle
ton and agreed to continue to support
Senator Jay H. Upton of Prlneville for
president of the state senate. The
senators present were Ritner, Robert
son, Dennis, Taylor and Ellis. Senators
Upton and Strayer were not present, j
The senators comprise me .eastern
Oregon delegation who had met in
caucus before and agreed to support
Upton. Senator Strayer of Baker, was
in communication with the '"sage
brush" group by long distance tele
phone, and Is said to favor the agree
ment to support Upton.
Incendiarism was responsible for the
conflagration which destroyed the
business section of Astoria, according
to both Mayor Bremmer and Chief of
Police Carlson, and local radicals are
under suspicion-. Investigation proved
that the fire at the outset began in two
separate places, simultaneously, ac
cording to Chief Carlson. At least a
dozen citizens who were in the vicin
ity of the Bee Hive department store
when the conflagration started said
they were certain that two restaurants
one at either side of the department
store-p-were rgaing furnaces, while the
store showed no sign of fire.
The value of taxable property in
each county in Oregon, including that
equalized by county boards and that
equalized and apportioned by the state
tax commission, is $1,009,499,160.38, ac
cording to a report prepared by the
state tax commission. The value of
taxable property in each county as
assessed and equalized by the state
tax commission and apportioned ac
cording to th respective county ratios
aggregated $123,707,064.54, while the
value of taxable property assessed by
the county assessors and equalized by
the county boards of equalization to
taled $885,792,095.84. The report shows
a total of 10,508,027.02 acres of tillable
lands in Oregon, with an aggregate
assessed value of $250,827,512. Tim-
Efficient Service Courteous
Funeral Director and Licensed
- Embalmer -Calls
Promptly Answered Day
or Night
Reasonable Prices
Phones 9821; 9822
Independence, Oregon
Real Estate and Stock Sales t
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come and see you
Phones, Res. 1211J, Office, 1177
Salem, Oregon I
---------- - ......
I Wind Mi II BarberShop I
We appreciate your trad.
Automobile Insurance j
George V. Chesbro
Beaver Hotel Block j
Care of
Yick So Tong
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Tea Co.
Has medicine which will
cure any known disease
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152 South High Street
Salem, Oregon . Phone 28
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned, the duly appointed quali
fied and acting Administrator c.t.a.
of the estate of LAUCIOUS RICE,
deceased, has filed his final account
in said estate in the County Court of
Polk County, Oregon, and said Coui-t
has fixed Saturday the 20 day of
January, 1923, at the County Court
Room in Dallas, Polk County, Oregon,
as the time and place for hearing ob
jections if any there be to said 'ac
count. c a. Mclaughlin
Administrator Aforesaid
John R. Sibley. .
Attorney for Administrator.
Notice is hereby given, to whom it
may concern, that the undersigned,
W. B. Cuthbert, has been duly ap
pointed erecutor of the last will and
testament of Joseph Bezanson, de
ceased, by the Honorable County
Court of Polk County, State of Ore
gon, and has qualified.
All persons hoiding claims against
436,895. The assessed value of 12,492,
445.50 acres of non-tillable lands in
the state is $90,812,562.
Advertising pays. Try it and see.
Isniri estate are herebv notified t
ber lands aggregate 3,379,073.32 acres, nt fte game fo
the assessed value being fixed at $64. if . d Qn or before gix month
JOC Onr rpV nntmc-K vail-to nt 19i(l9.'
from the date hereof, at Independ
ence, Oregon, and all persons knowing
themselves indebted to said estate are
hereby notified to make immediaf"
settlement of the same, with the U
dersigned executor.
Date of first publication Decembb
8th, 1922.
Executor of the Estate of Joseph
Bezanson, deceased, Independ
ence, Oregon.
Fletcher & Ellis, Attorneys for the
' Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned, Oscar Hayter, has been
appointed administrator of the estate
of Rebecca Dornsife, deceased, by
the County Court of the State of Ore
gon, for Polk County, and has duly
All persons having claims against
the said estate are required to present
them, with the proper vouchers, with
in six months frem the date of this
notice to the said administrator at
bis law office in the Dallas City
Bank Building, in the City of Dallas
in said County.
Dated and first published Novem
ber 24, 1922.
Administrator of the Estate of
Rebecca Dornsife, deceased.
NOTICE is hereby given that the
annual meeting of the stockholders
cf the Independence National Bank
will be held on the second Tuesday in
January (Tuesday, January 11, 1923),
between the hours of 10 a. m. and 4
p. m. at the bank, for the purpose
of selecting a board of directors and
the transaction of such other business
as may come before the meeting.
IRA MIX, Cashier.
Dated this 8th day of December,