Independence enterprise. (Independence, Or.) 1908-1969, April 18, 1919, Image 1

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NO. 51
ii,MKi:iiN(; ,N ,,A2v,uS., J,:WKLKY TAX i vi: i-i u ckntJ
t m i' HARMONY.
i: . tii ur correspondent from
r ...r...Ht ..II confiding intercut
ln )lf wore harmonized at a
T0IK '
L meeting the taxpayers of
. L, ,ectii.H f tlw county In I -
-Lns .t-prcM-ntnliva of every. -
' Lf PoH wunty wire In attendance
L county scat. When a special
)jtu,(. m..mmendcd h road bona
' .., xuifioo. the county limit of
Ui-.inn.H. it fining vote indicated
L.m.u approval. SUte Senator
Patterson, 01 .om, - -
iuf the meeting nd Attorney E.
Pinsrki set rotary. While the spce
,mmittee wna delil.eratinsr, Re-
tentative Mr Arthur, who had come
, his ramh at Kiekreall, mtuie a
,mi M'i"''h in favor of good roads
!V the terms f the rom promise the
lowing roiiriK are provided :Wrnding
the Pacific highway from the Urn
to tht Ronton county lines, 21
M; from West Salem to Dallas; 13
from Pallas north, via Ml
ileeV and BalMton, 12 milea; from
rydale to the Finn coi ner .on the
., ... .
finite till!"" ay, eveii iiiiivs,
lias to Falla City, 10 milea; from
Fern Crossing, on the Dalian,
lis Citv line to I.ewisville, and Air-
i, eight and one-half miles; from
rlieo Stiver, five miles; from the
km bridge to the Lincoln store, six
tiles; from lananeui s corner on ine
,'lan-PaIlntun line to the Yamhill
wnty line, eight miles; from Ferry-
le went to the Hallston-
1 1 :
Glass Ib Thinking of
Fifth Loan Are You?
"I aay Unit It take, a higher
type of patriotism to serve this
jiatlon today Unit It required in
:ihe delirium of war. and that it It
jjthe duty of the American people-,
gr.d I believe, thoy will regard It
fas their privilege, to approach
"that question with aome degree ef
ppatrlotlstii and not altogether upon
a commercial basis.
Secretary of the Treasury Car
ter GlUHS.
t in
rirearms oAtnmumtion
Write forCntMogtie
am v am
j3 i " ('Tfiii' r'" ''i1'' ' i f"''"'"iiiii
The Hevuiiue Art of 1U1H provides
tuxea on many articlca of general u
On and after Tehruary 'J.'jUi, 1:)1!),
manufacturers of the following arti
ck'M are rt'uired to pay a tux upon
their product- when gold: Automo
Mica, motorcycleM, tiutoiiioliile trucks
tires, Inner tuliea, parts or arcesnor
iea for automoliilea ami trucks, pia
noa, orumiK, phrioKraplm and records,
tennis rackets, akutea, baseliall K"ods
chewing (rum, cameras, phototrraphie
film and plates, candy, (iieurnw and
cartridge, huniiiig knives, electric
faiiM, th,rins bottles, rijrar and ci
garette holders ftul pipes, hunting
rn.' chooting garments fand riding
habits, articles made of fir, toilet
eoap and toilet powders. The man
ufHeturea of anv of these articles
vhould communicate at once with Col
lector Milton A. Miller to ascertain
their liability. The tax on these ar
ticles doea not apply to atocks in the
handa of dealer,, but only to articles
sold on and after February 25, 1!)19,
by the manufacturer.
Another section of the Act provides
a tax of lft per cent upon aeulpture,
paintings, statuary and other objects'
of art, when sold by any other person
than the artist. 'J'lerefotv, any deal
er handling this class of goods should
apply for information aa to his lia
bility. On and after April 1st, there will
be a tax of 5 per cent upon the s?l-s
of all articles commonly or commer
cially known as jewelry, including
precious metals or imitations thereof,
and ivory, watches, clocks and opera
glasses. This tax is to be collected
by the dealer upon such goods when
sold to the user, and every store in
Oregon handling any of these lines
must collect this tax upon all sales
made commencing April 1st, 1919, In
order that a complete list of dealers
in these goods may be compiled, all
such dealers should send their names
to the Co(lector at Portland, stating
the business engaged in.
On and after May 1, 1919, there
will be a tax collected from the pur
chaser of ice-cream, soda water, and
auch other refreshments of the kind
as are served at soda fountains and
similar places of business. Owners of
Hoda fountains and ice cream parlors
should be sure to have their names
listed with the Collector at once.
On and after May 1st, 1919, the
luxury tax will be effective. This
provides that a tax of 10 per cent
shall be collected by the dealer from
the purchaser on carpets and rugs
aellintr at over $5.00 a square yard;
picture frames trunks, valises, purs
es, portable lighting fixtures umbrel
las, fans, smoking jackets, mens
waist coats, men's and women s hats,
cans !,nos, shoes, pumps, and slip
pers', men's neckties and neckwear,
r- J
Wow a know why leather is SO
scarce and shoe prices so hlH.
Ttfly are asking shoes for ele
phADU. It has been learned that
lephauu suffer from cold feet
during the winter months here.
So Lens of the New York too has
been nttsl out ta new "brorans"
for tho eold months and two
"maids" to taoe 'em up.
Told by.tfte bank BooK
We'll Welcome
Your Visit
I UNTIL you've been to the Farmers State
$ Bank you won't be able'to realize the con-
veniences and advantages here for you.
our Vault for instance. It is constructed of
steel and concrete and is most modern w
time-locking devices. It'll sure inspire your
confidence in the safe-keeping of that money.
Fetch those problems as well as
Here fcr Handling
silk stockings, or hose, women's silk
stockings or hose, men's shirts and
men's and women's pajamas, night
gowns and underwear, kimonas, petti
coats and waists. Practically every
store in Oregon will be affected by
part of the price for which the goods
this tax, which will apply to all that
are sold in excess of the price stipu
lated in the Act.
On and after May 1st, 1919, per
fumes, essences and extracts, denti
frices, and similar articles, as well as
pills, tablets, powders and other medi
cinal preparations, will be subject to
a tax of one cent on each twenty-five
cents, or fraction. This tax will be
paid by stamps affixed to the goods
by the seller. Other new taxes are
on shooting galleries which will pay
$20,00 a year, riding academies which
will pay $100.00 a year, "For hire"
cars to pay $10.00 a year for each
car having a seating capacity of more
than two and not more than seven,
and $20.00 for each automobile hav
ing a seating capacity of mare than
seven. It is the intention of the In
ternal Revenue Bureau to give wide
publicity to the various provisions of
the new Act, but it should not be for
gotten that the taxpayer is supposed
to ascertain his liability, and that
ignorance of the law is not held by
the courts to be a valid reason for
not complying with the law.
-tt X
Saturday at Independence Bakery,
Cream Puffs, Lemon, Cream and Cho
colate Pies.
gives interview!
(From Sunday Portland Journal)
Decorated by the Daughters of the
Empire for service in the volunteer aid
detachment of Queen Alexandria's
imperial nursing service, and by
Queen Mary herself for her work in
Queen Marys National Guild, Mrs.
Mildred Campbell, American-born and
democratic, has returned to Portland
after working for three years side
by side with the nobility in the Bri
tish Red Cross hospital.
Mrs. Campbell joks quite as hand
some in her military uniform as does
the major, who is down from Van
couver, B. C, Major Compbell serv
ed for four years with the Scottish
regiment in France. Red Cross Re
gulations forbade Mrs. Campbell
from poing to France also, so she
spent the war in English hospitals
and in the Queen's giuld, sharing in
the uncertain feeling" of existence as
did her husband.
Life in London Uncertain
For life in London was uncertain,
especially in the early days of the war
Thp maior was spending a furlough
with Mrs. Campbell n the day that
30 or 40 German airplanes sanea ov
er Tendon, bringing destruction in
their wake. The Campbell's fled to
a convenient cellar. It was the bus
iest time of the week, at 11 o'clock
Saturday morning, according to Mrs.
Campbell, when the crowds on the
Streets were the thickest. In one
week, while Mrs. Campbell was on
duty at the hospital, three Zeppelins
passed over the insitution.
"The Red Cross work has been ab
solutely magnificent," declared Mrs.
Campbell, enthusiastically. "In the
beginnig, often a soldier would leave
England in the morning and return
the evening of the same day, wound
ed. Later, as the line advanced fur
ther toward Germany, it sometimes
happened that a man arrived who had
received no attention since the first
aid treatment given some 15 days
"The hospital work was hard, but
titled women entered whole-heartedly
into it, doing kitchen work, scrub
bing floors and attendng to the most
menial tasks with more patience than
many of those who had always been
obliged to do such work."
Presented to Queen.
It was in May, 1917, that Mrs. Camp
bell represented America in a page
ant which .was the mest successful
given in London, resulting in her be
ing presented to the Queen and Prin
cess Mary, The queen was a really
charming woman, according to Mrs
Campbell, who was intensely inter
ested in anythinghat wis American.
Later Mrs. Campbell received a pri
vate letter from her, bearing the
zeal of Buckingham pallace.
Mrs. Campbell also has a book, pre
sented to her by Queen Alexandria,
in whose service she worked.
Two years of Mrs. Campbell's Red
Cross experience was spent in the hos
pital and the balance of the time in
Queen Mary's Needlework guild.for
which she was awarded a medal.
Much of this time she spent with pri
soners of the war department.
The Campbell's expect to leave on
Sunday evening. Mrs. Campbell ex
pects to visit relatives in Indepen
dence until the major receives his
charge, which he expects very shortly
then they expect to return to Port
land where Dr. Campbell will resume
his medical profession.
Easter musical program to be ren
dered by the M. E. choir under the di
rection of Lottie H. Mcintosh, at the
Methodist church Sunday evening,
April 20th, commencing at 8 o'clock
Voluntary "The Palms" Mrs Al
len Chase.
Hymn No. 1. "All Hail the Power,"
Invocation Dr. Dunsmore.
Solo-"Be Ye Glad", Mrs. Mau
rice Butler.
Duett "Calm as the Night" Mrs.
Clare Irvine, Dr. Barrick.
Anthem "Now is Christ Risen,"
Scripture Reading. Anonunce
ments, Rev. C. T. Cook.
Offertory "Bercense" Mrs. Allen
Chase. v
Solo, "Sharing His Sorrows," J. G.
"Minute Men" talk Prof. Reynolds
Solo, "Give Praise in Gladsome
Song," Mrs. Oliver Smith.
Quartette, "The King in Darkness"
Mrs. Irvne, Mrs. Butler, Dr. Barrick,
J. G. Mcintosh.
"Minute Men" talk Dr. Dunsmore.
Trio, "God, Be -Merciful" Mr. Un
derbill, Mrs. Smith, Dr. Hewitt.
Anthem, f'Christ Our Passover,
Hymn 289, "Savoir Again at Thy
Dear Name we Praise" Congrega
tion. Benediction.
Some marvelous cases of the sur
gical are described in the "Medical
Suppliment" compiled by the medi
cal research committee and issued by
the war office.
In one case a soldier had his thumlr
shot away, and as the hand would U
almost useless without it, the sur.
geon substituted the man's own big
toe for the IosJ thumb.
In another similar case the thumb
was replaced by the second toe.
"The patients obtained in this way
movable thumbs that in every respect
were practically useful and natural
in appearance, especially in the case
of the great toe, -since this was ex
ceptionally small and dexterous."
Even more wonderful was the re
placement of four lost fingers by four
toes. The toes, were partly cut
through and the stump of the hand
being attached, the periosteum (the
fibrous tissue that covers the bones)
of the toes were sewn to that of the
finger stumps. The tendons, soft
parts and skin were alsa sewn togethA
er and then the hand and foot were
fixed in plaster of paris.For a month
the patient lay in a very uncomforta
ble position.
At the end of that time the toes
were completely separated from the
foot, and soon after the patient had
a useful hand. At the, same time
he could .walk almost as well as
ever, with a strong and freely mov
able great toe,
-t tt
Easter services will be .appropriate
ly observed .at the Catholic church at
11 o'clock Sunday morning.' All in
vited. . Easter ' will be appropriately ob
served at the Baptist church next
Sundav and Rev. W. B. Stewart will
preach on "The Resurrection." A
general invitation is extended to ev
erybody to attend. Special Easter
music will be furnished by the choir.
Next Sunday at Calvary church,
the Easter season wil be observed by
suecial music and an appropriate ser
mon by Dr. Dunsmore. Services will
begin at 11 o'clock. The public are
cordially invited.
1 1 X '
The Enterprise is now located two
doors south of its former location.
Independence will soon be the scene
of much military activity as a com
pany of State Guards will be perma
nently located in this city, due to the
efforts of Captain Stidd and others,
who have labored hard to accomplish
this result. Last Friday evening a
meeting was called and Colonel May,
Major Reynolds and a number of oth
er army men were here to help organ
ize the company. About seventy-five
men have enrolled and1 after some dis
cussion, officers for the new Company
were chosen with the following result:
Captain, C. L. Stidd.
First Lieutenant Grant McLaughlin
Second Lieutenant Ira Mix.
Chaplain Dr. Dunsmore.
Company physician Dr. Hewitt.
With the organization of a military
company in this city, the state will
defray one-third of the expense for
the erection of an armory ,the county
and town the balance. All officers
and men will receive an annual com
Densation to be paid by the state, as
well as the rental of a suitable build
ing, including uniforms, equipment
and rifle range which will also be paid
for by the state. This will mean a
yearly income to the town of over
$10,000. As will be seen, it means
much to our town and every citizen
ought to put his shoulder behind this
enterprise and give it their united
support. The company will shortly
be mustered into service when it wiH
be subject to the state and national
call at any time.
T .
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