Independence enterprise. (Independence, Or.) 1908-1969, October 28, 1910, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    There's Style in Every Line
QUALITY IN CLOTHES is alright. We believe in it. But
there's one thing which makes clothes stand out and that is
style. No matter how good the cloth or how well the garment
is made if it hasn't style its value is lessened. We
offer you in Hart, Schaffner Marx clothing
both quality and style, designed by men who
thoroughly know how. The workmanship is
superior to the usual ready put on clothes and is
in every way equal to custom tailoring. Hart,
Schaffner & Marx are just about half of what
your tailor would ask for the same clothes.
Come in and look at the new fall line. The
home of Hart Schaffner arid Marx ready-to-wear clothing.
Conkey, Walker
The leading Stores of Independence.
Independence, Oregon
Henry M. BrowBing, a damper, gen-
A man iu. public lite when inter-1
viewed mis winter ou me suojeci. m
woman suffrage said siouiewuere
wuuiu tuo ooruers of mis country tu
ua mere are mothers who are bring
ing up lour presidents, one nuudreu
cttuuict oiticers, tliree hundred sen
ators aud five thousand representa
tives who between the years of 19.W
and lauu will be iuaKiug the nistory
df tixjHunralilv tne
01 ID. IB COUUtljr ' '
By Miss Alice Hill Chittenden or History of tUe worm. - -
.Now York association, opposed to aw- 11, yuuve u.uU "-hwui juuu5 mo..,
One of the fundamental differences of the Suffrage to Women. Mrs. U'rau- called upon the Leader last week,
between the suffragists and Auti-suf- cis J. Bailey, president. , asked for and received our advertis-
fragists as I see it is, that the form-; (Paid advertisement) ' rates au(J pajd fQr tyQ announce.
er clings to the belief that the ballot j ments of public speakings to be held
itself ds a panacea for ail existing ev-Storic8 at Less Than a Cent Apiece CoUage Urovej Q(,t 9 and We
lis aud all powerful as a remedial Jfl tlle ity.lwo issues of a year s soon aSl.ertained that thla very n,ice
agent of government, while the lat- ,h youth's Companion, prints and effeminate appearing young man
ter recognizes in these opening v huudI.ed anQ fifty stories. ' was the duly authorized agent of the
years of the 2l)tli century, the uu.b.- fully two bundled ana y i-ureater Oregon Home Rule Associa-
opmont of a power more potent than(Tue BUbscr.ptiou price of the tlon.. , whoae business it is "to pre-
the ballot a power which at present ls but $1.75 80 that the stories w"jvent ..0regon 0ry in m0(f. and aIs0
we call educated or enlightened J)lIb: 1 1033 tuttn tt cent apiece, without reek- to put iuto effect a -Home Rule"
lie oplnloni The ballot hasn t solvea. t f ,he contents scheme wherebv tinhorns, booze-fisht-
our child labor problem Jrjul sketches, the'ers. pick-pockets, pimps and other
Will. TUe UUHOl I1U3U L Bl'l'U I." v., uui,uuiv., - likfi
negro trouble, it has tended rather
to complicate it, but an awakened
public opinion has decreed that
these problems and others akin to
them shall be taken, out of the realm
nt n,.iiti,'n unit be considered and
"Home Rule" scheme would bring
about in Oregon towns and cities.
1 "Settle It now and settle it right?"
Of course we will. Cottage Grove
tile era, yiiupa auu umt.
I like floating gentry can be run into
doctor's weekly article, papers on,
tnwii in sufficient numbers tn carrv
popular topics by famous men auu,a municipal election for booze or any-
Although the two hundred and nay
j,.u f,, on nnminmfn nd hu-L.i ,t-i.,u in varieLv ot scene
uMi .wiii viw nnl this, i .u e tiwlflnr Hkiii una trum iutib - lUlVUiOlLJ w.
1.. ;it0 thrnnHi th ccwiferenc-, ,at,Qraftpr.riiictlnff. they cannot
os and congresses on child labor, tne,-be excelled. '
care of dependent emiuren, Tho Announcement n .
losls and other questions, which are!fu nmstrated, giving more detailed
being held throughout this country, .partlcuiars of these stories aud other
today. And In these conferences tlw features which greatly enlarge
current ls-
woman's voice is heard equally witn t, .mper wiii be sent to any
the man's. She isn't excluded fom frue with 8au,pie copies of cu
participation in such wore oe cause BUus . ,
..1.. vet TiR ther is her influ- ,,, , , D,,t,spri pr receives free
u imou 1 - , lively ov. -
.nr.Q lRssened as a of these i rnmnariion's Art Calendar foi
communities for that reason. Here is :19 , nthographed in thirteen colors
a great field of activity and useful-1 ld and if the subscription is
r rpni chance to serve thei ,,7. t ,.,. an the issues for
real chance
I do not hesitate to say that those,
ot us who are opposing the extens nul
of suffrage to our sex, entirely ellmi-,
nate the personal element in our con
sideration of this subject. It. is not
a question of whether we want to
vote or do not want to vote j
We have the welfare and develop-.
Kills A Murderer
a mernaess murderer is Appemdlclt-
SrrstXuTrJemVlaUon T th. ta with many victims. But Dr. King's
covernmental principles invuiv, ijNew "e run v
such "a ati oiimiilatA stomach, liver
i.,tio.,nrcr rhance" as Mr. Ulad- .,( ), rlnireinE'
stone called woman suffrage, would . curln Con.
!.e.r , " mBn and the home, and , Btl0atlon; Headache, Biliousness,
firmly convinced that
able vou to "regulate your own whis-
Altnougn tne iwu Uu..-- - key bu8lnosH... If this "Home Rule"
stories cost so little, tncy 7 scheme had not proven wholly and
solely advantageous to me nrewery
ami linnrtf. lntprfst irivinc them HOW-
er to control the municipal elections
in tne towns ana cities, uo you sup
pose for a minute they would be
spending , thousands of dollars and
employing on princely salaries the
best speakers in. the land to try to
convince the people that a bunch of
falsehoods is truth and that the. way
to destroy booze is to establish wide
open towns and drink it all up?
"Home Rule" if put into effect in
peaceful, progressive and law-abiding
Cottage Grove would very soon bring
about contention, strife, bitterness,
distention and hatred, in fact trans
form a non refill hanov and prosper
ous little city into a veritable hell
on earth.
The life of an aldermanie body in
a "Home Rule" town wuold be one
prolonged agony and no. decent, law
abiding citizen would long consent to
aorvo in siirh a canacitv. thereby
turning the affairs of the town or city
over to those not adverse to dhub
toiinn on nnn. enforcement, of the
" " . .
laws. Blind-pigging, bootlegging, wit
all their attendant evus aim oujc-
ditfons edi-;
liuiiauirj 1
fying and to be patiently tolerated
In preference to the state of disorder;
and anarchy which this so-called
the remaining weeks of 1910. THIS
vmiTU'o priMPANION. 144 Berke-
jyu in w -
ley St.. Boston.. Mass.
New subscriptions received at this
r Chills. 25c at all druggists.
"The Nesmith county boosters,
traveling in an automobile, were
here this morning. The atmosphere
being exceedingly chilly they soon
moved on. Our people don't believe in
county butchery to further the per
sonal ends of a few schemers." Rose
burg Review.
"If all the voters of Oregon wno are
opposed to the proposed wholesale
formation of new counties vote ''No"
at the November election, they will all
be defeated, but if those opposed
merely pass the county propositions
up without voting on them at all, they
will carry by the "Yes" votes cast for
them. This is a fact that it would
be well to remember on election day."
Eugene Register.
"There are seven new counties pro
posed, and may be more for us to
vote on next November. Don't you
think our taxes heavy enough at pres
ent without taking on this unneces
sary additional expense? Look into
thi matter before voting time. Echo
A Good Position
Can be had Dy aniDitioug young
men and ladies in. the field of "Wire
less" or Railway telegraphy. Since
the 8-hour law became effective, and
since the Wireless companies are es
tablishing stations throughout the
country there is a great shortage of
telegraphers. Positions pay beginners
from $70 to 90 per month, with good
chance of advancement. The Nation
al Telegraph Institute of Portland,
Ore., operates six official Institutes
in America, under supervision of K.
1L and Wireless Officials and places
all graduates Into positions. It will
pay you to write them for full de
tails. 17-22
A good pair reading glasses
JT $1.00 at Kramer's. tf
Oregon apples , will be heard from
at the different apple shows of the
northwest this fah. There Is close
rivalry between the apple states as
to which shall taKe tne chief ppzes,
land on, this account the Oregon grow
j ers will be put upon tneir niettie.
Eugene has held its appic saofl
and many specimens of perfect fruit
; were exhibited. Albany will have a
I fine apple show on. November 9, It)
.and 11. There is keen interest in the
; outcome and the many prizes will
be sharply contested for. These shows
will bring out the best apples in their
localities and the prize fruit, together
with that of other sections, will be
sent to the ' Oregon Apple Show at
Portland November 30, December 1
and 2. The best apples will, in. turn,
go to the National Apple Show at
Spokane, the Vancouver show and the
Chicago Apple Show.
Some Oregon districts will make
individual displays at these fruit ex
positions. Hood River epecxts to send
the two finest cars of apples ever
leaving that district to the Spokane
show. One car each of Spitzenbergs
and Yellow Newtown apples will be
entered for the sweep stakes prize,
and as the showing will be gathered
from the large acreage given to grow
ing these varieties, it will be of a
very high quality.
Medford will make a strpn'g show
ing at the Canadian. National Apple
Show at Vancouver, B. C. A car of
fancy Yellow Newtown Pippins will
be sent from one orchard. Medford .
people believe this will be as fine
a carload of yellow apples as has ev
er been Dlaced on exhibition. Medford
will also send exhibits to Spokane
and Chicago.
for iMnranoa proteMMh EejSWWSRtlng
UlestcDestcr and Gentian
Insurance oompanlea of New York.
than one in advance.