Independence enterprise. (Independence, Or.) 1908-1969, July 15, 1910, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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red at Independence, Oro., pout office a second clas matter,
Subtcrlptlon, $1.50 Par Ytar
olio ut'wai'aiur In
jlticu a semi -populist, afterward
Oregon democrat, now a republican agalu and
ublch will contribute uio!l largely to i prominent cntnlldie (or congress
defeat iht republican nrty In the ba returned from a trip to Iowa with
4-ouilng political contest In Ihla m; I alt Ills versatility
U t!.e Capital Journal, edited by Mr.
llofer. who U offering tiia namt for
nomination for governor lo the inal
outetu of the l'riy. Fortunately.
there are two redeeming features
to (h situation: one being the con
tlpated circulation of hla apT ami
the otherMhe positive assurance ol
the party this fall. Col. llofer to the
contrary, not w ithstanding. He I I'olng
everything In Ills power to llamas
the partyeverything except adding
render to hi ppaer. It goes without
ftayini; that he la not adding man)
reader through the Influenee of his
ranting which are becoming almost
a nightly nightmare u him. With an
-iio.j j. tj putt Jj'n 'jiv;
ojns kb .joi i .'ia-oui'M) l 'iniJl
as anything.
If there Is a yellow streak In a
newspaper If bound to show up
sooner or later.
Till urn lu I'.hCi. More recent cop
I of the Enterprise, perhaps, would
afford a more extended biography of
the colonel' later conquest In poll-
lie and purl lea.
Post Card Shower.
Thursday evening, being the regit-
lar meeting of the chapter of the
Eastern Star, and also the anniver
sary of the birthday of the worthy
matron, Mr. I.ulu lllff, the mem
her of the order present planned a
complete surprise on her.
A "Tost Card Shower" was the
urprse, !r. DuiiBtnore acting as
posai ir ter, Mrs. Illff responded l
a few happy ami well chosen remarks
About fifty post card were present-
Press Opinions of Assembly.
The lieu rt t the t;me comes for
holding the primary nomination the
more the people of tile state ravor
V. Huntley.
A banquet was spread at the con
itusiou of the Joint Installation lu
honor of the occasion, thu menu toil
Misting of ho cream and take and
lit the County Court of the State of
Oregon for IVIk County, la the
matter of the estate of James T.
McClaln, deceased.
Notic of Final Settlement
Notice Is hereby given that Mar
garet K. McClaln as administratrix of
the estate of Jame T. McClaln, de
ceased, ha rendered and preaented
for settlement, and filed In said Court
her final account of her administra
tion of said estate; and that Monday,
the 1st day of August. 1910, at the
hour of 10 a. in. thereof at the Coun
ty Court room at the County Court
house at Italia. In said County and
Slate, lias been duly appointed by said
court for the sett lenient of said final
account, at w hlch time and place any
and all object ion w hich may be made
to said final account will be heard by
said court.
Administratrix of the estate of
James T. McClaln, deceased. 4 8
Farm crs and
Hop Growers
For your insurance
why "not patronize
Chas. E. Hicks
(Mil Line ami Mutual Companies
'providing for a 'Sewer fund' for the
payment of the principal and Interest
sad bond und the redemption
Noihe I here! y given that nt a
Attention of property owners w as nuir ,), weenie of die state favor regular meeting or the i n I ouncii or or.
recently called to growth of thistles the .dans f ,r an assembly to discus 1 "-' y "f muepenueice, i'oig i oun- tncreor; declaring an immediate etner-
aud weeds along the stre.-is whii 1: aud recommend candidate for state!1. Oregon, to be held at the Council gency to exist and excepting this or
adjoin their property. Notice was offices. The republican press of the Chaml er of said City on the 2th , dinance from the effect of the refer-.
Kiven bv the citv administration ., fl, r ...,it..,t in favoring It. Thev llu' of J"''. ;'". at '"' I'"'"" of 8 eiiduni", passed by the Cily Council
.i,.,, r..u-.i. ,.-,.. ir. i... cut inun'.i- . .... ........... . ..-i,.. o'clock l). 111. thereof, the said City of of said Cltv on the L'oth day of June. ; of
who ...... "v ...v mis llt-lll MII.-IJ II 111... n-l n iim- - -
but no attention was paid to this or-1 clpIt. aml ,tM.ause they think the state! '""epenaence win sen i.s negotiable j a. p. kmu; npproveu i.y tuo .Mayor
cler. with few ex:-epi"o:is. This work.js t,st s,.rved ly It Lebanon Crl- 0"ln bonus or said t ity.or the pnn-. ot said City on the Stun nay or .lime,
should be atte.ultd to at o:re, ! -rt" ' ,n clpal amount of JIT.noii.oo. In the ag-;A. I). HMO, and ald ordinance took
the weed and t'l'st'M ripen and t:ulr. ; gr -gate. as nntliorizeii by ordinance rrect and came Into full force and
No. 116, of said City, entitled A Hill , effect from and after It approval by
f .r an ordlniince No. 11. An onlln- said Mayor. Said bond are In do-
'a ice authorizing: tho Issuance and' nominations of Ji.M'.OO each, payalde
'sale of bonds of the City of Indepen-j L'o year from the lt day of August,
idence, Oregon, for the purpose of . 1910, (with the' privilege, optional
se 'il is siattered over tov.u.
After a delay of ten ilys or so In
the construction work on (he new En
terprise building work was again re
sumed Wednesday, under direction
of Carpenter Forest Finch. It is ex
pected that the Enterprise office will
be domiciled In Its new quarters
within six weeks. The building prom
ises to he one of the most modern
publishing houses in the state when
Hold Joint Installation
The Rebekali and Odd Fellow met
In joint Installation In their beautiful
lode home lust Thursday night. It
had beea whispered that Valley Eodg
dependence, Polk County,
would display their beautiful robes raising fund for the construction of
in ti:im work for i hp nf the system of sewers In said City of In
Rebekahs and many were In at
tendance out of curiosity. Those Re-J
bekahs who were fortunate enough!
to be present enjoyed a treat muchj
with said City, of paying said bonds
or uny thereof at any time after the
Oregon,' first day of August, 1!15.) and bear
Interest at the into of 6 per cent per
annum, pajablo semi -annually from
August 1, 11(10, until paid; principal
and Interest payable at the First
National Hank of Portland. Oregon,
In gold coin, without costs, charge or
expense to the purchaser or holder
said bonds. Said bonds will be
Mold to the hkhest bidder or bidder
therefor, but will not be sold for less
than their face alue. The said City
Council reserves tho right to accept
bid for any part Jf said Issue of
bonds hereby advertised to be sold.
If bills for a part only of such bonds
bo received, -and also reserve the
right to reject any and all bid.
Hy order of the City Council.
v s. Kt unrc.
4.7 Recorder of said City.
beyond their expectations.
Fellows cf Independence
V. B. Ewing brought to this office
this week a head of lettuce grown on
his little farm, that measured five
feet around. Not alone Is it a curios
ity but is a living example of the
productivity of the productivness of
the soil of this section of Polk Coun
ty. Its equal Is not found in the west.
An item &t news In a copy of the
Independence Enterprise of April 23,
1905, reads as follows: Col. E. Ho-1
fer, editor of the Capital Journal,
president of the Willamette Valley
Development League, president of the
greater Salem Commercial Club,
wearer of a gold medal won In the
contest for writing the best descrip
tive article of Oregon, ex-member of
the legislature, formerly a republican,
The Odd
have the most gorgeous robes of any
, lodge in the state.
The following officers were Install
ed by the Rebekahs: N. C, Mrs.
Ethel Skinner; V. C, Mrs. Nellie
Hooper; secretary, Mrs. Ilattie Henk
le; treasurer, Catherine Jones; con
ductor, Irma Brown; warden, Nellie
Graves; chaplain, Mrs. Bertie Rider;
I. G., Mrs. Ella Hodge; O. G., Mar-
garet Hodge; R. S. N. G., Mrs. Rutn
Conkey; L. S. N. G., Mrs. Florence
Allin; R. S. V. G., Mrs. Nora Mat
tlson; L. S. V. G., Lueila Williams.
Officers installed by the Odd Fel
lows were: N. G., S. H. McElmurry;
V. G., W. E. Craven; secretary, Floyd
Williams; treasurer, C. W. Irvine;con
ductor, Chas. E. Hicks; warden, J.
McLeod; chaplain, Fred Hooper; R.
S. S.( W. M. Huff; L. S. S., Wm.
Walker; R. S. N. G., Edward Rex;
Inner guard, L. Damon; outer guard
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