Independence enterprise. (Independence, Or.) 1908-1969, October 01, 1909, Image 4

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En'i re4 at In Jpn Jme. Or., pot
office scoond cUin mutter.
2 -:cnptic", $1.50 Tr Yr
"Merely a party cIk'V will prob
ably oe (leleiise of in onitrtn
ainu's hoii w ho liiU itHViilly been
uM for br ii h of iroinlit.
Kl-H tlun unil t thf now local "I'Hon
Uw IfiCiuly ptHl baa been lu'ld lu towm and clttt ot h t'
of Wanhlnston to dat and of Ihcao
tu bav lion dry. W
ucc In tti elwtlou oouieata in
l iu'oil?r f town, petition "'
now beluji cinu'a " 1 !: ..cveu1. Unvl.
asking for el -cttoii lo b held '
which time It may be deetdetl wheth
er or not ih liquor bimlnesH hall be
pertniited any lontter.
Albany, according to the u.-wnpa-pt'r
of the town, experts to alitp 100
car. of prune this And a! Ill
Uiis U not a good fruit. It 1 said.
W'itlt the crop of bop hamnied
and the good prbe prevailing. It l
pro.ia'ule that more money U1 be
put in circulation in this section 'hi
year than for a uuiawer of year past.
Neither Dr. Cuok or Coniiunud'-r
Teary ha given u any information
a to whether th.- North Pole will de
velop any new species of game for
Mr. Roosevelt to go up and kill.
Three year ago it required thlrty
eighi Instructor to handle the Eu
gene schools. This year flftyfive are
employed. This goes to show how
the schools of Eugene are growing.
If Commander Peary makes his in
dictment of thirty counts stick, which
he ha prepared against Dr. Cook,
that eminent explorer will look like
thirty cent.
The fortune bequeathed by Mr. Har
ri man's will amounts to about $100
010,000.00. The will contains about
1 )0 words and considered as literatur
It certainly holds the record price
per word.
A Portland saloonkeeper was re
c ntly fined fifty dollars for selling
a glass of beer to a minor. If every
dispenser of liquor was given thirty
days in jail for selling liquor to min
ers, we would hear less about Oregon
going "dry" next' year.
The death of tioMTiior Johnson tias
liaused a pang of regret turmignnui
Iho nation. Hi ltC. story would read
I ke a romance In any country ext . -pi
AmerUa. still ihe land of equal op
portunlty. where Industry may over
come poverty and natural ability
welsh far more than social position
and advantage. Johnson1 boyhood
was i;rrouitded by the direst poverty,
hi fa'her a worthless drunkard, com
pelling the boy mother to work over
the washtub In order to support her
children, until the future governor
was old enough to take up the bur
deu of labor himself. And yet this
man, of foreign parentage. became
governor of tils tate In the early
thirties, won distinction and power,
and gained the respect of the entire
nation, without the assistance ot
....aithv nr Influential friends, and
without resorting to the methods of
the demagogue. Hi was a typical
American career, ending all too soon,
and bringing a touch of sorrow to po
litical friend and foe alike, who feel
that his death is. a national bereave
ment. At the time of his death, he
was still a young man who gaveprom
Ise of great usefulness to the plain
people one of whom he still remained
although by force of ability and lnteg
rlty he had thrice been elected to the
governorship of a great state.
The Rainy Season Coming.
The wholesale weather house has
sent in a bill for an early winter
sprinkler and the weather man has
a hunch hat he sees showers sailing
down the line that may unload a wet
cargo and wash ths face of the earth
most any time now.
Die ud your goloshes and oil the
joints in your old umbrella so that a
wet time coming will not sneak up
J, 0. MATTHI6, M. D.
Office Poatorflea Building
Phonaa 81 and 83
r'arm Loan aud limuraifca. Noiai)
Buon Vlata, Oregon.
Office next door to Independence
National Hank, Independence, Oregon
W. R. ALLIN, O. D. S.
Both phone. Cooper Bldg.
Independence, Oregon.
J. 8. COOK
Room 7 and 8, Cooper Bldg.
Independence, Or.
Monmouth, Oregon
Specialty Diabase of Women
Bell Telephone Main 193
Office in Cooper building, room 2
and 3. Office hours, 9 a. m. to 12 m.
and 2 to 6 p. m. Calls answered night
and day.
Four women killed in auto joy ride''"! surprise you
i Vf an A iha rt rsla
last week, three in Seattle and one
lasi wets, ui're iu ocamc ..u i
in Portland, all of whom were joy barn; the summer is goln,
' I In., rarourdll that- mflV
riders out for a "good time," it is
u. a 6"u . .v - lu.tnrb nnll't hUV
alleged is the record for the last u , h
ec . . , , condola because- the rain may be
week. The c ose carriage does not sonaoia o""" " '
seem to be in it with the auto for
night rides
Some of the metropolitan papers
have issued warnings that their north
pole stories are copyrighted. Sinct
a majority of the stories would be
perfectly safe without any padlock
upon them they could save themselve,
much needless trouble.
From a neutral standpoint it looks
if "Joy rides' and road houses in
Multnomah county will go a long way-
create a s.rong sentiment against
saloons in that county and help
greatly in making the state "dry
next year. In almost every instance
It has been gambling and lawless sa
loonkeepers which have made county
after county go "dry."
The opponents of Director t H.
Newell, of the state reclamation ser
vice, are after is scalp. They have
united upon P; H. Thompson, city en
gineer of Seattle, as the man whom
they will urge upon President Taft
to be namsd as Newell's successor..
T. C. Taylor, a resident of Pendle
ton, is now eminent grand commandei
cf the Knight Templars for the state
c: Oregon, having been elected at the
session of the state commandiy U-.
Baker City, September 22.
The constitutional amendment to
take the election of sheriffs, district
attorneys and state officers out of th
people's hands and give the govern
or the power to appoint, as advocat
ed by U'Ren, would cr?ate such a
monster political, machine that it
would eclipse ail other boss rule ev
er attempted in Oregon. Surely it is
-about time for the republicans who
went crazy over the U'Ren fallacies
to regain their senses and adhere
Btrictly to representative government.
The election in New York city in
November will be the most important
one in the country this year. It is
the only election in which the whole
country is interested, the outcome of
which is doubtful. The only other
Important contests are in Massachu
setts , Rhode island, and Virginia,
There governors are to be elected.
ln the first the republicans have a
..Mtnvw. in the second the
democrats will strive to win the r
lal off year victory, and in Virgin!
. r.t sop no reason to iear
that their party record of victory will
be reversed.
r,an Moore for your
Mend the hole In the roof o' your
to wee;
'last farewell that may float out
gentle bluff, but don't forget to car
ry your umbrella.
How to Cure a Cold.
Be as careful as you can, you will
occasionally take cold, and when you
do, get a medicine of known reliabil
ity, one that has an established rep
utation and that is certain to effect a
quirk cure. Such a medicine is Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy. It has
gained a world wide reputation by its
remarkable cures of this most com
mon ailment, and can always be de
pended upon. It acts on nature's plan,
relieves the lungs, aids expectoration,
opens the secretions and aids nature
In restoring the system to a healthy
condition. For sale by P. M. Kirkland
Big Bunch of Bssf.
Nino hundred head of beef cattle,
for which he drew checks aggregat
Ine approximately $30,000, were de
livered to J. C. Mitchell, at Ashland,
Monday of last week, by up-valley an
Dead Indian range stockmen. Thirty
carloads were loaded at the yards in
Ashland that day and shipped out for
the south. There still remain atoui
fifteen cars to be shipped later, cars
not being available for the entire delivery.
The prices pa'd ranged from $3.7.-i
per hundred weight gross for prime
steers, down to $2-50 per hundred
for lowest erade stuff, feeding steers
going at $3.25 and dry cows at. $3.
Notice of Meeting of Board or
Notice is hereby given, that on
Monday, the 18 day of October, 1909,
the- hoard of equalization will. meet at
the county court house at the city of
Dallas, in the county of Polk, state of
Oreeon. to examine and correct the
assessment rolls, to correct all errors
ln valuations, descriptions or qualities
land, lots.or other property or in
correctly assessed as to description m
Quantity, or where assessed in tne
name of a person or persons not the
owner therepf or assessed under or
beyond the actual cash value thereof
d to assess all lands, lots and otner
Drooerty appearing to have been
omitted or that was not assessed.
Petitions or applications for the re
duction of a particular assessment
hall be made in writing verified by
the oath of the applicant or his attor
ney, and be filed with the board dur
ing the first week it la by law re
quired to be ln session, and any pe
tition or application not so made,
rerified, and filed shall not be con
sidered or acted upon by the board.
Assessor of Polk county, Oregon.
Pl-8 between Independence and Sa
lem dailv except Sunday. Pasnengor
and freight business solicited.
Leave Independence .. 9:30 a. m.
Leave Salem 3:15 p. m.
C. E. VanAllen, Prop.
Large sunny rooms, en suite or sin
gle. Electric light, bath and piano.
European Plan
248 N. Commercial t., Salem, Ore.
The best for Sores, Chapped
Hands, Dandruff, Insect Stings
and Poison Oak.
Mr.J.W.RIchard8on Sr., Agt.
Monmouth Street, Independence.
Effective Sunday, July 4, 10
Tram No M leaves Independence d.llyW
a. m.: leaves Monmouth :lo a. m.; arrives
plia: a. m.
Train No H8 leaven n''Pen.(,e,n., ttda"!
10-5(1 a. m.r leaves Monmouth, 11.06 a. m.
arrives Dallas, 1UW .
Train NoW leaves fSlSll
p. m.: Iaye Monmonth 6:.W p. m.: arrive Par
las 0:55 p. til.
Train No 1 leaves I"rt"rtlnMrr??arrive
s , ; leaves Monmouth T:I5 a. m., arrives
AlrlleTa. rn.
.,.!, 7! ip,i-rnrienpnifhee dally at
2-80 P mj. leaves .MiMUncmih dally at 'KM l
in.; ui-rtves at Alriie at 3:2 p. m.
Train No BS lesves Dallas dally ScSJa. m;
leave ;.i..iim.nli .; arrlveslndepen-
denceB:15 a. m.
Train NofKMeaves Dallas dallv lfclS P- .;
leaven Monmouth 110 p. rn.; arrives lndepn.
deneeli5p. m. (This train connects a Mon
mouth for Alrlle).
Train No 71 leaves Dallas dally 7HW p. m.;
lea-esonmouth m.; arrives Inde-
pendeuca 8:25 p. m.
Train No2 leaves Alrlle dally tWK a. m.:
aves Monmouth a. m.; arrives Inde
pBdeiicei):25a. in,
it i i lv J-flR n m.
Train nn. z-iuvt? -m . -j- f. - -arrlvesat
Monmouth i.Mi p. m;.-,arnTe at In
dependence IHWI p.J".
ainless Dentistry
' pf1 '
1 f
n -
'i'vV , W Bi M Rub- rt
Ug.W.LWIi,Pu.'r wflauu " , en
Modern elortrie Qolpmaat. Bern mnthoda.
Cnat of town peopis i
' csn have their plnt .
-'ond bridgework tin
"M..tiaJ in Ann ,1m4 !
, i W will gin you gad
' "12& (old or porceli j
'(,!crao)or ' $3.50
iJ-jMolir Crowna 5. CO
t Gold Filling. 1.00
' Unamsl Fillinfrt 1.00
1' I&htrFHIinn .50
i I' Jl.l.. TiHInm 2.E0
"1 PiatM 5.03
WORK euAKnii bcv ru"
Painless Ijtraction mo whan platan or bridgs worn
i. ordered. Ooniraltatlon Frea. Ton canot pt btte
UinlcM work don. any-hen- All work fiiliy rur-
Wise Beiital Co.
Popularly known as the "South Bend Malleahle,
the range that combines all that is-modern, all that is
foremost in range buildinga work well done. It is
the range that appeals to common sense through its
severely correct lines and elegant finish and by its eas
ily demonstrated practical perfection in cooking ef
ficiency and economy of fuel. ' Riveted throughout
like a boiler "The South Bend Malleable' will, with
proper care, last a lifetime. It is the product of ex
pert range builders who assemble every part with ut
most care. "The South Bend Malleable stands
alone in the world today the greatest of all ranges of
malleable construction. It is the range that vye sell
on trial and easy terms and guarantee absolutely.
Men s Wearing Apparel
of Exceptional Interest
ti a a
I 4 V
If you want to see ever) thing that's new and Jaahionablo In
men's and' young mcn'H toga for Fall, coma to our Btore, Here
yo"uTan7ee the correct styles and fabrics. All of them In the
i . i
..stop's Ready
ailorcd Klothe
0.00 10 $35.00
wcHtiria a .
In no other make will you find such a great variety of strlk
"lng styles, or wide assortment of exclusive patterns. Every
garment displayed is a tine specimen of creative tailoring. At
fhertop notch of excellence
Salem Woolen Mill Store
OrIOl E0DM: A. M. I r . X. tuiara. t i.
School supplies-