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fctttixi iifit tin ml ay etentug an J alt
on the back porch, and you can look
for some hlug tit-xt !t k "that will
burst your boiler. Toot. toot, JJ.
and don't get gay until 1 ytu
again." nld Tout a b crawled to
hi bed In t in bay wind w.
Meditation of the Cat
That true virtue ner forget an
fcon,et debt
That the wheat and oal are head
lag rapidly Ui daya.
' "That hop will be 30 cents per
pound before snow file.
That those who did not contract
their hops have the laugh on the
other fellows.
That It will pay you to go to Ir
vine's grocery August 23-24 and ee
the Economy jar demonstration.
That honest failure Is better than
dishonest success, though the world
doesn't always measure it that way.
That modesty has reached its cli
mat when one of our good old maid
dresses their clothes pins In divided
That optimism Is a fine thing and
we notice that every wire pulling
politclian, grafter and standpatter
practices It.
That the religion Is a failure that
takes so much of a girl s time that
she does not get time to help her
mother wth the house work.
That some women's Ideas of serv
ing a tasteful dinner is to have the
napkins folded like the "waiters fold
'em at a summer resort hotel.
That Asa Taylor should not be al
lowed to go to Newport without a
chaperon to see that he Is properly
hooked up before going bathing.
That the young man whose lady
companion fainted dead away on him
in the middle of the road, half mile
from water wished he was at home.
That it's hard to explain why when
a man's own wife is the most aU
tractive figure at a bathing beach, his
eyes, nevertheless, are always roving
That the pet sand toad of Aunt
Lou's amusement croaked the other
morning. Anoihr case of dying of a
broken heart for the j dear ones at:
That the woman is pretty lucky
whose husband whistles as he puts
on his clothes in the morning, even
if he has do more ear for music than
cave lizard.
That the string beans and cucum
ber vines of a Missouri Bottom par-1-ener
got mixed up with each other
and now they are all doubled up and
tied In knots as a consequence.
That it does not require a preter
naturally shrewd woman to see quite
through the male cutey who wears
patent leather pumps and white
silk stockings in the day tmle.
That an entertaining manifestation
at a summer resort is to observe how
the married women readjust their de
meanor to the trim and starchy pat
tern when they're starting for the
jstation on Saturday evening to meet
their husbands.
That it stands you a3 an "easy
mark" to give a poor old bum of a
fakir a nickel, but when the cam-
..f a nnsRed to help the party
keep in power a lot of pork barrel
ravagers, we shell right out and
count it a pleasure.
Monkeyed With Buz Saw
Johnny Quiry, a fourteen-year-old
lad got his hand badly hurt last
Tuesday afternoon while working on
a wood saw. According to his own
statement the saw had been shut
down and was almost stopped when
not thinking of the weight of the bal
ance wheel.nor the fly wheel on the
nglne, he put his hand against the
the saw to try to stop it. The revo
lution of the blade threw his hand
Into the saw teeth badly lascerat
ng the flesh of the little finger and
Siring the bone in a small place.
Mr Wilson grabbed his wrist and
pinched down the artery while he
ied him to the office of Dr. Hewitt
where hte injjurde member was
dressed. At last accountts the boy
was doing nicely.
For Sale.
A quantity of early peaches of the
Charlotte variety; Just the thlngfo
table and canning purposes. Those
desiring peaches can be accommodat
ed by calling at the ranch 2 miles
ZrtZ of town or phoning : . Jther M
" ,64 and their orders will be flH-
d promptly- u- "
Mr. and Mr. peter Kurre and
daughters Bunt and N.dil returned
rtlday from a WU to Clsud Kurre'
l urvtown, 'I Hian count.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Aram ut
back to their bom at Vhaletu this
tn-k, Tb-y wre accompanied by
MUi Luolla lul.'l.
T. A. Rigs. wlf and ton. visited
over Huuday with friends at Italia.
Judge Cha. Woherton of Port
laud vlltd nt mother and brother.
O. A. Wolverlon. Sunday.
The summer school w ill cloae Au,
ut 6th.
Mlm Ad-lla Waiters w the guet
of Mr. Wm. Jones Sunday.
II. K. 8lkafooe and wife will noon
o ta reside near perrydale,
Mr. Sophia Hastings wont to Cot-
Uk t;rov Tuesday to visit her ton.
Rice Ilastlnjta.
Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Jennings of Sa
lem are visiting at the home of Mr.
V. K. Daniel, who la a sister of Mr.
Mr. aud Mr. Harvey Guthrie re
turned Wednesday from two day
pleasantly spent in CorvalUs.
Miss Haiel Lorence returned Wed
nsdeay from Newport accompanied by
her friend, Mla Parker.
J M. Ueiitrv and wife of Indepen
dence were visiting Mr. and Mrs.
J. D. Winn Sunday. ,
Grandma McClaln of this city was
a Carleton visitor Tuesday.
W. J. Steele Is treating bis new
ferry poles to a coat of carbollneum.
T. D. McClain was a Jefferson pas-
snger Sunday.
J. D. Winn was transacting butd
ness in Independence one day this
W. P. Bevens and wife of Ilopda'e
were Buena visitors one day this
V. F Black sold several head of
beef cattle to an Independence butch-
er one day this week.
C. W. Fisk and wife were incoming
passengers from Newport Saturday.
Catnrilav nitrht. While Oil n l" '
hnm from Salem with a party fj
friends, the automobile of Maurice
Butler got beyond his control an-i
went over an embankment. While
none of the occupants were injured
the machine was badly smashed. Ac
cording to the siatement of those whe
were in the machine at the time or
the accident, they were running along
at 'a fair clip when about two miles
below town in the vicinity of Air.
Hirschberg's hop yards where there
is an embankment just at a turn In
the road. The steering gear of the
machine refused to work precipitating
the machine over the embankment
and lodging against the fence at
the foot. Both axles were badly
iprune and the body of the car was
almost a total wrack. This is the sec
ond time the machine has gone wrong
with the same result.
r-r he left ha sislej Hut nothing
had bet a don reU'lv to the Hint el
Joe Itrown, who renldes on the
Lucklaiuuta, and Art MUl-r of Kins'
Valley, happened to meet tu town
the other day and while talking about
the running qualities tf their horse
Jo allowed that he had "lie that
could bet anything MtllT owned for
!0t In too rd dash. Miller, who
had the ueeBry fluo down lu hi
Jeaus, was just as positive thai hi
horse was the swiftest of the two
As a result of the dUpute the malt h
was made and last Sunday afternoon
U Daylejr's was the time and il
ft to decide the question at Issue,
At the appointed time the two prin
cipal and their friends were present
aud they had "long green" with them
The way that money went up would
make one think It advance Interest
on loans made during a panic.
Brown aud nls friends are hspp)'
mourning tbe los of their filthy lu
cre. There was In the neighborhood
of about a thousand people preneut.
Howard Copelaud rode the Brown
Seared With a Hot Iron
or scalded by overturned kettle cut
with knife bruised by slammed door
Injured by gun or In any other way
the thing needed at once Is Huik
len'a Arnica Salve to subdue Inflamma
lion and kill the pain. It's earth s
supreme healer. Infallible for bolls,
ulcers, fever sores, wsema and plh.
25c at all druggists.
Nothing Doing
Mr. Benton Bowers, who has been
In the city the past week looking af
ter his large property Interests in
this vicinity. left for his home Wed
nesday. He Is Interested with Mr.
Carter of Ashland and Mr. Addison
of this city In the tract of land on
which Portland capitalists desired to
set out orchard tracts with a view of
colonizing with eautern people, lle-
WHI Ta Vacation
I!!. itM iiii lo mr.'rm
n r pa ro i Unit her iftilm inn jisr.
lora will be closed during tue luoi.lU
of August she having ilei l.le, iu loke
her summer vailon, Notlee will
be Kltvo of lh tlnle on !il'h kirn
will rKitu Hiroukh the niimi' of
thia paper at which time she will
have rH-lved her t k of fall aud
wlnt.-r goiil which will Ihi of the
lu-t patterns aud .vie
The Lnzlest Man in the World.
would not be contented to be kept
lu the hoiiMB and doing nothing
by rheumatism. Neither are you who
are always buy and active. Then
don't neglect the first twinge of an
ache or pain that you might think
Is Just a "ciltk'Hub well with Hal
lard'a SnowL Inlmeiit and, no matter
what the trouble Is. It will disappear
at once. Sold by Williams Drug Co.
Automobile Breaks Down
Mr. Kaupisch, tbe I'orvalll cream
ery man. was out In his automobile
last Sunday, taking a look over the
country, when about three mile
south of town the machine broke
down and be telephoned in to town
for help. II. Hlrschberg took Ida
auto and went out and pulled him
Into town.
Demonstration at Irvine's grocery
August 23-24.
Granulated Sore Eyes Cured
'For twenty years I suffered from
a bad case of granulated sore eyes,"
says Martin Hoyd of Henrietta, Ky.
"In February, 190:1. a gentleman atk.
ed me to try Chamberlain's salve. 1
bought one box and used about two
thirds of It and my eyes have not
given me any trouble since." This
salve la for sale by P. M. Kli kland.
Large Peach Crop
Th indications are that there will
be a large peach crop this season.
Already the early varieties are being
...orkAie,! nd the trees Hi an oi
orchards In this vicinity are said to
be loaded with fruit.
Tumiember the date August 23-24
at rvlne's grocery. Bo sure to be
There will be preaching in the
United Evangelical church next Sun
day at 8 p. m. by the Rev. M. J. Bal-
lantine, the pastor. Also on the 3d
Sunday in August.
Regular services will be held at the
Chrsitian church next Sunday by
the pastor, Rev. Mr. Mulkey, both
morning and evening. The morning
subject: "The Three Bible Deliveries"
will be concluded at the evening ser
vices. Sunday school at the usual
Washington's Plague Spots
lie in the low marshy bottoms of the
Potomac, the breeding ground of ma
laria germs. These germs cause
chills, fever and ague, biliousness,
Jaundice, lassitude, weakness and gen
eral debility and bring suffering or
death to thousands yearly. But Elec
tric Bitters never fails to destroy
them and cure malaria troubles.
"They are the best all-round tonic
and cure for malaria I ever used,"
writes R. M. James, of Louellen, S.C.
They cure Stomach, Liver, Kidney
and Blood Troubles . and will prevent
Typhoid. Try them, 50c. Guaranteed
by all druggists.
Took in the Race
Moss Walker, S. E. Irvine, Dr. Du
ganne, Jesse Whiteaker and Harold
Fitchard took In the horse race at
south of town Sunday. They went
out In Harold's auto and when about
home trip the pesky thing went down
on them. People who reside in the
neighborhood where the accident oc
curred say that there was a great
expounder of the gospel of the uni
versal faith among the party. They
arrived home a'! ri-rM in time.
si". -"H
iter 'T,... ) " ' v' . 1 1 r ', I '
Into the Palace of Fine Arts there has gone as fine a collection of
works of art as has ever been shown at a world's fair. It Is made up
of loan collections from Great Britain. France, Italy, Germany and the
Eastern states of America. Also there are valuable specimens of work
by the leading modern artists of Japan and China, and many of the more
notable works of their ancient artists.
So valuable Is the collection that insurance In the sum of H.225,000
has been placed upon it with Lloyds. ' '
The building, is absolutely fireproof. It Is of reinforced concrete and
brick and, at the end of the lixpdsitlon, it will revert to the University of
Washington, by which it will be used as School of Chemistry.
10 Per Cent Discount
R. M. WADE & CO.
Teachsri' Ciaminat'Ont.
Notice l hereby given that the
county superintended of Polk coun
ty HI r'H be rx'ilar rxsmtv.atloR
of applli aut for sisto atd county p
per ai Dallas, as follow:
For 8Ute Paper Commencing on
VVedniily. Augui II. at V o'clock
a. ui. and ruiittnutng until Huturdsy,
AuKUt 14. at i p. m
Wednesday I'eliliuiaeshlp. Hlt"ry.
Bpelltng Physical tiiMiraphy, Heading
Thumdsy Written arithmetic. The
ory of Teaching, (iraintnar, lUmk
keeping, PhyU. Civil Government.
Friday Phylolocy, CeiKrahy, AI
gnlira, ConiHMltlon, KnulUh Mtr
ature. ri' h h.I Ijiw,
lioiauy. Plain U'uieity, .hitk1
For tS.un'jr l'tt
welii'dy- I'ni ii.aiiKlitji, liis'ory
Wednendsy P n.anl.ip. IHt"ry
Bpclltiig. Reading. Ph.el tl-"OKrapbf
Thurdy- Wrliten ArlthnmUc, lh
ory of Teaching, Grammar, Pliy''.
Friday Ueography, B h'nd
Civil (ioverilllielit. KllKlth LI' r'
II. C. HKYMOl'll,
8boo Huperliteiidnt Polk County.
Old papers for sale at this offU
at S6o a hundred.
SJVdjif pdJTlJ
Jo spuiyjvpuD ystj
fdyjDflf stSuoj
It is Big'
Enougli to Fit
vtTaia y
of fine Shrlts and gentlemen's Furnishings generally. And the qual
ities are good enough to satisfy the most particular dressers. We
have splenddl values In dressShirts. Negligee and Business Shirts,
new anda ttrcvatle neckwear good and cool Underwear, Union Suits.
Gloves and Hoslrey, and everything that a man needs in Haberdash-
i- aBUBfflCiw
ery. We pride ourselves on ou high values and low prices.
. .jk . ..1
Yours Truly,
O. A Kramer
sl.opj:r BROS.
Tujbular Well Drillers
Same prices for wells drilled with their new larger
, diameter drill. Wells for Irrigation purposes.
. Independence, Oregon
Both Phones