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Charles coward mic-'.
Er.urei l Indcpcndcnco, Or-.
oftVa M rtond tu ni '
Subscription, 1.M Par .-
Tb old ailas Nut fishllt, tn
devil with Br haa bovn IiUh1 ' t.i
Imtllo of thf country atorm i
ID.- mull or.ler lnuca. It hi . i'i
mulling Uv than a iiuuitxr o' 1 1 r
ham mill HuiitufH-mriHi f.-rn i.
UUM '' I'"' IW""1 Hf"" " ,h' '
unl.r i, :i - iiil :ni; l'
ihrmiuh ilif roimiry iiwd -ham a i I
mhi-nlMii-.' hi tin- i'iimr.v ;
TIlP IH'W HUM tlotl li ll!lll tTl-"
j Kit-in. mikI H iifiiit.iiiiriir hiv i
Siolll '!'
,Thi BfiH-iul oiiiliiif ( !' Ilan f
ilils ltcrl-i-y k iii Ik tliu tli-wrlUtl :
iVrimn i -li.l mil l' "v
humllrJ l.y V.- "ai! ''r hou l "'
nimw quuiilUK'o n-lroitl. Th.v tf"
iaHv ai tl-l ik1 'or iil- 11 '
hm.Iv .Ipii.uhI 'I'1- :i uu-.iw'.-
cllllHlf tl.' ! ) . Hi
n v . t ' '" " 1 '
,.u, Tin- i -.mifai-ti. r lu'lnin-lim lu
,(',',. VH I'!"', l '-
tl- k.m1 h! H-m iti I'"4
.. i..-ni' -:... ' i-'" ',' ,h',1'!
Il.e m.itl '." i-'!'1'- '" k"""1 1,1 ""
!!, lul hi n I""' t U.""lvi
Manv line ..v.- pliiwl :! tl- Uglier
-o-i "roiiMni'.i.l"-l I "!" ",r "'n
Tin -..hkIj. m'U .-. fat-r
wtwn UiilavJ In I. '" hV
from cnlnl.'il.
A KlIiRl IIH-I will IIHmlial how Ull
,.i, Im b.i orki..K mil. rii uiH
o,-U-r .-om-i .i" t "I !'' will" ,,""
o UimiHii'l of kUi-l.ii il m.v
Wnod i xt-'ilv.- mi Ih.- wlffn plain
:l, Oil I f!T Bill I.HIMII.T lOl lll
hoiiw-wir. Tli Jferklry M.m and th
n.Hnufa.lurm -o.!ni.a Hh Him tiw-;
ui th iiovm, with Hi "-xult "'' ,l!e
bulnM of lit mll onliT ln In Mf
rt!il ihrouKhoul Hie mliWI wt ha
fHllrn off trfinendously.
Today ttii" Ui !' B ini n
tori eiirollP1 a mintr(i kih) Ik KHinft
nw rrrm!' t it ml of in,a liy-ao
month. Th ryrwm nt '! 1vr--tlKinn
In Ih rh-Hcl farm. It dpi"i
on advert lnient In loen! i!r and
-lrculr. The merchants are furnished
-wit It platea for their notlrei"
nd i-hriilar and are kit supplied with
onIhint new every week or eery fort
tilKht so th' Khali be no cessation of
interest on tiie part of the buyer and so
that th atook shall be kept.movlns even
ly and rapidly. Generally aiieakinK. It Is
like a hime department store, not under
one roof, bul with Its various
scattered throuuhout the fnited States.
Jn this way the business of these country
store has revived Incredibly. Ti e vol
ume of their advertising has Increased
3n per cent In the last two yeirs. and
their business has grown decidedly. The
country newspajiers are Klad to take the
locnl stores" advertisement!' at the lowest
possible rates and to help them fight the
mall order houses, because the latter do
little. If any. newspaper advertising.
Thus far the Berkley system hna been
managed most Judiciously. While the
manufacturers belonging to the associa
tion have kcnt the ro.-; of production
down to the lowest possible notch, they
have received such tremendous orders
from the svstem that they have bce:i nMe
to fill them at rock bottom prices, yet at
a living profit to themselves. The coun
try merchants, who are in a sense their
copartners, are thus ahle to compete suc
cesnfullv with even the h! est of the
muil order houses. The arrangements
w ith the manufacturers permit tiie soods
bai.'.g shipped direct from the factories to
tiie eusiu !! as fast as the orders come
In so there is no expensive Iwdi'ns or
storing of the goods before they are :ieed
ed. In every way. in fact, an effort is
being made to handle the vast business
with the strictest economy, not with a
vie w of centralizes the bulk of the prof
its in one place, but of distributing, them
impartially and equally among all who
are concerned in their making.
There are certain (eutures of this
Berkley system that make It seem
feasible and practical. One is that It
recognizes the principle of concentra
tion and co-operation that seems so
much a part of this age. it meets the
mall order house on Its own grounds of
cheapness of manufacture and elimina
tion of waste. It was organized by
country merc hants themselves to meet
the very question of the mail order
business, men who knew the actulil
conditions and figured out a plan that
would most effectively solve the prob
lem. It takes advantage of the news
papers and thus has a superior kind of
publicity over the mall order houses.
It allows the local merchants their
margins of profits aud yet gets rid of
the cost of middleman and wholesaler.
It confines Itself to some of the leading
articles in which the mall order houses
have made their greatest inroads. And
by gaining the support of local mer
chants and newspaper men it builds
tip a vast organization and one that Is
powerful in every community. More
over, the system has proved itself by
Its results. Already it has had a vast
success, and as its plan becomes
known this success cannot but be in
creased. I am not speaking for the
particular house started In Sioux City
alone. That Is probably only a fore
runner of other houses that will be
started throughout the United States.
There Is uo reason why the merchants
and manufacturers of any section
might not form a similar co-operative
concern. I am only recognizing the
correctness of the principle. On sotne
such basis and along some such lines
an effective tight against the mail
order houses could be organized.
The country merchants and the
country press should realize that they
have in their own hands a powerful
weflpnn' and one that should be de
cisive. Then let the newspapers
and the commercial clubs Join hands
with them, and we have a fighting
forte that would be invincible. A
lnr::t number of manufacturers would
also lend their support. Here. It seems
to me. Is a feasible plan for solving the
Within the words rural civics there
Is embraced a movement which, car
ried to its fullest possibilities, may
well mean the transformation of a
natiou. We are prone to think of
civics and civic matters as having to
Ai .lely with town or city. People
Kviiie in such close proximitjr to one
i, re urvec jo"tim
,,l i . tAHiMilcr Hi'
i- rdttt.- a whole
. ru imt that (he ttri
1 truer uieut loultl
i !' ' .t II
.-i,- -i f
... t. ... i
'. u II t
:1M t l.C 1 I I
.. .. I I
, ,- . i ui.- r
1 i nil) u i S
, ! - tl- f C i
t v. couie when llii
1 l U'lteriiient. th-'
e ihIHUmi. for la.
ui he itidlf lilnul. I
! the srvHtcM fa
,'.! ig f rural roiu
- cr m a time.
I , lly. wIm-ii the In-
. i
I .i. i''.e I i" '
rt'i-i Ui mini ; ''
, i! i I w i- i .1
r i c-h tllrect titillKa-
, -, i i l.'i. Mi I v." ! fOlloW CHI. fill
v is. h .!' iiiui. by ui.'una
. f , , ,-.-., I tr .,-.. ttuloti f;t llltlc.
t,. n. t tn. . i l ie .'li'ptioue niid the
!. .r .. t, a ui clic ! veiitloim ill. tl
, , .a. ..i. ti.i n..ui...iiilni ami U'tui
Inif. inn li lis he. -tune well mure
( li-sely Iniitttd lu lil neighbor, that
i he iHitcra welfui-e hu e-oitie lil-i
.iwu welfare. Thl la Jut n "rue of
ihe fiirmci- nn of hiiv iitlcr Ins.
!n tin' H'-'Alli of Ivlca lie not
Iv I'll- vilvmi'Hi of our rurul coin
l i but of tlx' bill lull US .1
. ,-n- inii only llie IikIU Mitiil farm,
' ,ii ! i I'liiiiuioil.v w hole tlic
t,in t-:;t.-r. I In- hallways M.lliUliit
-i a I dirii-tloli. the sikIhI i-oiiili!lor.i.
. iiMii'iiiilh'H for iiiciilul relnxti
tii ii ii-il di'Vi'li-i'iueiit- nii'l von excit
i jr,:! i, is. c whi -h cxii i.ilf Mmlw1!!
.1. (.. the .(.M:itlve hn!W of the t'
That llctiry J.uics allow hi
,i:-tnri' t- run t.. ihlstli- I "i :rc..:
!y nolMnt.v's !.unIiii's Kit hi" own. Th;
nmv Is- ' ii Up to the p .int w hi re llii
ttrst puff f V.I flcit the tlii-tlc
il.iwn over Into the pii-tu:c of Ills
uclKlil.or. lalit thcie Henry .loici
lm tiiiliiti'iitloiiuli.v till en u liaml hi
his iicl.:hl..'rs- affair, ami his in-l.i:'i-burs
luivo u right to Oeiiiuiiil of Henry
June that he tb his share to rellcte
tin comiuimlly f a pct. A puff of
wind ami a bll of thlstledowu hnve
made of tin- free liidivl.litul respon
sible t't I" the mil.
Kveiy movement which teiul to
bring the ini'iiiliers of the rural com
munity together for discussion "
those thlugs which conceru the com
munity a a whole Is a iliilnct step
forward. Kvery schoolhouse should
le a civic ceuter for the district lu
whic h It Is slttiateil. Every town house
or county neat should be a larger civic
center wherein the leaders in the
smaller centers may meet for the dis
cussion of the work which they are
doing and for the Intelligent mapping
out of futiir plans aloug which these
smaller centers, may co-oiprate.
The "town beautiful" of necessity
means the - home beautiful." aud the
home beautiful meaiis the retention of
the hoys and girls on the farm. Kural
c Ivies lu its , broadest sense means
rural uplift, uplift i.long every line
whidi tends to imike country life more
worth while, more attractive, more in
spiring. i:u:ul civics has no place lu
party politic s, save that It will produce
in each party the best men that can
be put forward. The welfare of the
ni' (imi Is clei-iMiilenf on the welfare of
the Individual, "ml the individual alone
N helpless and hopeless. Patriotism of
the hi'ihest type Is the Immediate and
best product of the realization of com
munal responsibility.
The lycemn in the schoolhouse and
the public forum at the town or couu
ty sent will -onie to mean not only a
more beautiful country, but n purging
of politics which shall ultimately make
our govern inent what we are wout to
claim that It Is and what it should- be
if it is not the Ideal which Lincoln so
tersely set forth as "a government of
the people, bv the people and 'or the
Trees to Hide Billboard.
In one of the back Btreets of Brigh
ton. England, up which the tram cars
pass to the Dyke road and the golf
links, stand four little trees. The road
is not an avenue, and one wonders how
these four llttle-trees strayed there till
the conductor explains that they were
placed by the municipality to hide an
advertisement boarding put up by the
railway line and which mars the view
of a very pretty wooded cutting. As
the company declined to remove It trie
town fathers promptly planted their
trees, and now in the summer the
boarding Is almost hidden from view.
What Is Best for Indigestion?
Mr. A. Robinson of Drumquin, Onta
rio, has been troubled for years with
indigestion and recommends Chamber
Iain's Stomach and Liver Tablets as
"the best ' medicine I ever used." If
troubled with indigestion or consti
pation give' them a trial. They are
certain to prove beneficial. They
are easy to take and pleasant in efie
Price 25 cents. Samples free at P.
ii. iKrkland s.
Uniform Street Tree Planting.
Washington is rapidly becoming fa
mous the world over for its fine trees,
but one kind of tree being planted in
each street. Some of the tine exam
nles are: Pennsylvania avenue, pink
oaks: Indiana avenue, oriental planes:
Massachusetts avenue. American lin
dens, and East Capitol street planted
with American elms. Streets such as
these, planted uniformly with one
species, and that a good species, will
in time make any town famous for
beautiful streets.
Estray Notica
Came to my place about the first
of July, two black fillies and one
gray horse about nine years old and
one bay colt two or three years old,
not altered. Owner can have same
by paying for this notice and dam
ages to G. M. Hoyser, Independence,
Oregon. Phone Bell 14x8. lOt
Satisfactory Results From
Scheme to Beautify Towns.
Cncourag CUanlinesa and Thrift and
Otvaicpa Artiatio TnU-Hsw Lit
Can B Mad Worth Living For
Homo Loving Employee.
A scheme of ptiaa awards aa an In
centive for greater ir of yard and
Kunli'iia by hotiw dweller lina l-eeu
adopted by a lundm-a tlrm lu NeeuuU,
Wis., for the liiiiiii'vemi in of NUitura.
one of tiie poper u i io" on u'"
Menominee river. In northern WW oil
This plan, which mi be fol ovi-d by
any towu. nuirWa mintlu c Mi : I" '''
movement for well Upi i:iiiici a a
civic iK-ceSslty. .Milwaukee Hl belU
ftt by ui li a movement. nil Ishpe
miiiK. Mich., rejoice I" ' I'1'1 ' "
test held annually bv mi iron coinpiiny.
In the Ma if an plan the village Im
Imi-U dlvliiod Into sixteen dNtllcts.
Prlae are oiteivd on a yard Improve
ment contest to cover cleanliness. ,
sliilitilness uml iioiitnett of (he prem
ise. The rottiptttty In Neenah will n- j
mint three tni'ii out of town. who. !
with two resident Judge, will make
three lnsi'clloiis during th season, A
prixe will be given to the jurd In eac:i
r.r the sixteen district showing the
greatest Improvement during the su n
uier. To the last of the sixteen dis
tricts a prize winner's prize will be
offered. In addition to the nrst prize,
there will lie given a cash prize t
every family residing In the nelghlior
hiMKl which -how the greatest Im-j
Seeds, plant, snrnos aim n-
being sold to the contestants at cost.
Milch of the natural beauty of the lit
tle town, which I situated attractively
between high bluffs, was shorn by
lumbermen and Jobbers, who cut ev
ery tree from the hill and valley,
leaving stumps and slashings aa they
passed through.
Ever since the Inauguration of the
vcnl Improvement plan stumiw and
jruh have begun to disappear rapidly,
renclng. grading and the removal of
ock are doing wonders In th? way of
11-peiirs.iice. an! thousands of plants,
shrub and trees are being set In.
stntr lawns already take the place
of riot of weed and Canadian thistle.
The women and children have henetlt
cd In health by the out of dour exor
cise rtleiiilant on the garden work,
and men find recreation and Interest
In working about their homes.
Niav'ura's tinny of willing ben ti ti
tters promise to make their village n
rival of Ishpeming. with Its annual
prize contest nnder the auspices of an
im.i cnmiiiinv. The pri'.e contestants
no. re nre iiersons occupying hind own-
ed by the company, anil a iiumuer oi
classes are posted under which they
may compete. Prizes are offered for
the best kept premises, vine planting,
window box planting nnd vegetable
gardening. The company Issues nn at
tractive booklet with Instructions In
the care of the garden and planting.
The pamphlet issued by the Ishpeni
Ing company speaks editorially on the
subject of garden care.
"We find that the children In the
homes where much regard Is given to
making and keeping It as attractive as
possible are Inclined to be more home
loving and more easily Interested lu
the best thing." It says. "A boy can
have, no better training than that of how to cultivate the soli.
. , ..a
Mnnv vegetable and flower gardens
have been brought to our notice show
ing the value of the work done ny
boys and girls through the long sum
mer holidays. Many a boy and girl
have thus been able to earn their flTst
money and acquire a habit of Industry
in this work which has been a help to
thom throiiB-hout their lives. There Is
no niipstlon about the benefit to the
home or the home lire navtug sucu im
proved surroundings."
As a result of this work the city of
Ishpeming presents a pleasing con
trast to the coal mining and foundry
towns of America and Europe. It en
Joys the distinc tion of being the best
kept of any in the long mining list.
Ishpeming has responded enthusias
tically to the company's invitations for
general Improvement.
The prizes, which are cash, aggre
gate several hundred dollars annually.
There are several first, second, third
mi fourth tirizes in each class. These
are for the tenants of the company..
Besides these the president or tne com
nnnif irives prizes of money to the boys
and 'girls of the public schools who
make the best showings in, nower ana
vegetable gardens.
The company has a fine nursery and
greenhouses, from which It supplies its
tenants at low cost.
Missionary work In the cause of gar
dens has been carried out with satis
factory results In Milwaukee by the
Milwaukee Sentinel Outdoor Art asso
ciation and the Woman's School alli
ance. In Milwaukee the entries for
the first year were 100. This season
1.500 are taking part in the contest.
Many of the native ferns, wild grape
vines and trees have been collected In
the wood and transferred to the
yards. Three prizes have been offered,
not for the best yard, but for the
greatest Improvement under prevail
ing condition. There are special
prizes for children and ' two extra
AM ." I
liiiprMvriiH'til imI one for me areaunf
permtiiieiil Improvement. HU kly worn,
en and hlliUvu are lielti made well
and trti by Ihe Mtlwauke le.
ment movement -Hi. Louis lleimhlU;.
tM )uiidno 10 Mutic.
Major I- W. V. Keiuum In lullldln lleiiguet road throuuh Hie liioU-l-t
n ln of northern l.uaott. Philippine
bind. obliged In study the ehr
Meter of lit . native employee and
adopt evuilttr ItietlHHl of ileveloplnif
their emi'leiicy. He found that tnuali
tt Ihe licit Incentive lu work, He
had a Uml follow tho aanca wherever
they went and play the men
worked. Prom Inlxirera worth ldceiil
a day he di'veioied Ihe men Into mti
alettl machine working- In cailenc
with drum lieat. Plnnlly In rloaln
up the work b mad a wager that the
road woulJ be flnUhed by certain
day. Ha promised v "lsr to
vory lnlorer If ha won tho bet. II
.11 u. .
taansiKo ; - - - - -
ft cow
Call on These Pates and Learn tne usmes.
I " I ' ' t I
Economy Jars
Fruit Game
Er., Etc.
Salem Woolen Mill Store
A I nJl and Compkie Line of
Buster Brown and Whiteliouse
. rr A"nn
Kwry pair aarrautod !
Also Cotton Blankets -.ind Comforts
Corner of Alain and Monmouth Streets
fideijendence, Ore,
We Maku a Specially of Farm Produce
August 23rd and 24th, 1909
Fish and
At well mt
No Rubber Rial
Keeps them perfectly forever, with
all original flavor und natural color
Air-tight, elf-scaling
Wide Mouth No Zinc Cap
Now is the Young Man's oppor
tunity to fit himself out for the
rear of the Summer or for Fall
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Long Pants Suits In
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II tfl f 1 II - A II 11 I J-if