Independence enterprise. (Independence, Or.) 1908-1969, November 12, 1908, Image 5

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Thae are cry busy daja for Mn
mouth people.
Kd. Kulh-r la helping P. II, Mulk.'y
barveet hla potato.
Mra. Clarence Ikiroutiha and dnujth
ler, Marguerite, fruiu Kouth lmlM-n
dence, were visitors In i n Friday
Mr. and Mra. Ir. Hramhamp (if
Starton vlalted at the home of lb
lattrra parenta, Mr. and Mra. J. II
llawlejr, the flrat of he wwi.
Madame J. Dornslfu and O. A.
Kramer and Mr, and Mra. Kr-d
IIM)(M-r atti-nded rliurrh In Monmouth
Sunday nUht.
I'. II. Aran! u f till place, v. ho la
teaching at Greenwood, vtaa home
Sunday, returning Monday.
The fcmople In tlila vicinity are fin
Ishlng gathering In tha potato crop.
JliO fUi U iivt heavy but tha qual
ity It quit good.
While We aay hurrah for JVealdenl
Taft we ran not but admit Ml. Aryan
a belag la moat popular man In
the world today, and wo ahouldn't be
urprlaed If ho onma up again, Ilk
a "McOlnty," four ytara hence.
K. V. Strong'a family went over
to Iallai Bunday afternoon In their
automobllt". The roada were flna for
Mr. and Mra. Joseph Kogcra of
Halm Grove arc having their Infant
aoti treated by Ur. Crowley.
Mr. and Mra. Clay Taylor nf Oak
Grov were pleasant vlnltora In town
over Sunday.
Mr. and Mra. Thell, who built the
home where Kov. V. A. Wood now
Uvea, wcr vlaltlng old frlenda in
Monmouth the laat of the week.
Miss Kdllh Wolverlon of thla place
attended the celebration of her great
grandmother' ninety-third birthday
November 8th at I. M. Klmpson'a on
the I,urklamute. The aged ludy Uvea
with Mr. Klinpaon, who In her young
eat Hon. A fine dinner waa aerved
and thn day rry ptraaanily i i
Aunt J'alay Mlnipson. aa ah la famtl
larly keoan, waa one of Orri'Mi'e
a-arlli-ol ploiirara Th bu lMk
purl re; I'. H l-aiuhaiy and fou
lly of lallae. rratih Muihary and
family of l.tii kiamute, l-afn l.tugtiary
n.i .f.-, I. a. a:u.i-.n and !!-
Wlthlcomba Talha Inlereetlngty
f WlllametU Vallty.
In una of Ma abort talka on the
farming demonstration train, which la
making a tour of the weaiern part
of On-goii at preaent, far. Jamea VVI-
hyrombo, dlrei'tor of the Oregon K-
perlm -lit Htallnu, who liai charge of
the following
the train, referred
Willamette valley In
'The Willamette valley la the
great eat valley In the world, consid
ered agriculturally. It baa a tillable
area of u rea. Only,.
Joo gvrea, or JO per vr, a now be
ing farmed. Thla valley will aupport
a population of S.000,000 people.
There la not an acre but will pro
duce pniducta to the value of flO a
year. When properly cultivated, the
annual return from the agricultural
producta of the valley will be not
ea than a year.
"The climate and aoll of the Wil
lamette valley are practically Identi
cal with thnae of the lain of Jeney.
The letter aupporta a very dense
population, and thla la brought about
by diversified farming and modern
methods." -Salem Statesman.
Mra. May IWdm lUhbltt, bead tf
the department of tuualc and draalna".
ho returned from a two we-ha
atay In Portland on Maturday evening.
baa reaumed brr tlaaa work la tbs
Normal, (taring Mra. lubblit'a ab
aeiicn Mist Florence Jioaden bad
charge of the court In drawing.
MUa Mona Nagle. 'U9. i-tit tbe
latter part of tha week at her borne
In 8berldan.
Mtaa Isla !aughlln baa been oblig
ed la return ij her luim at North
Vamalll on accunt if I.Iimus, The
many fihmlit of Mia l-au.hll.i trust
to the great h, r tin-t may be only tempor-
Notice to Stttla Up.
I hereby glvo notice that I am
about to cloae my harnesa ahop bual
neaa In Independence. All partica
owing mo aro requested to call on or
before November 15, 1908, and aetlle
their account cither by caah or
4. Independence, Oro
No Man is Stronger
Than His Stomach
A ttrong1 man is strong all over. No man can b
atronf who it suffering from weak ttomach with lit
consequent indigestion, or from tome other disease
of the stomach and its associated orftns, which im
pairs digestion and nutrition. For when the ttomach
it wetk or diseased there it a lost ol the nutrition
contained in food, which it the source of all physical
strength. When a man "doesn't feel just right,"
whea he doesn't sleep well, hat an uncomfortable
feelinf in the ttomach altercating, it languid, nervous, irritable and despond
ent, be is losing tbe nutrition needed to make strength.
Sac m mmm thoald sae Dr. Perce'a Coldta Medical
Dlacovery. It core dlmmatta ol roe mtommek and other
riant ot.dlieetlom and uutrltlo; It enrlchea tha blood,
Inrlioratea tha liver, atronithana tha kidney, aoarlthea
Yon can't afford to aocept a itcrtt nostrum at a substitute for thit aon
alooholio medicine of known coMrosmoN, not even though the urgent dealer
may thereby make a little bigger profit. Ingredienti printed on wrapper.
M B Ii A.
A non-Intoxicant, pure and refresh
ing beverage. Brewed from choice
malt and hops. Those who
pronounce It. absolutely the best mild,
non-Intoxicating drink on the market.
Ask your druggist for It. Also for
sale at the local soft drink establish
ments. For prices write
Salem Brewery Association
flECrv & pitUBflCtfER, Proprietors
Fresh and Cured Meats
Fish and Game in Season
Phones, iorm 610; Bell 693
Main Street Independence, Oregon
ary and that ahe may r. turn to grad
uate with her class In February,
Two new aludenta recently enrolled
are Mtaa llatel Jewell of Koaeburg
and Mr. K. J. Hedrh k of Drain. Ilotb
are ripcrlenced teacher and Mon
pioulb welcome tli' m as member of
ber atudetit bod.
Mlaa Agnea Campbell, '01 of O.
A. C, pent the weekend at her
homo In Monmouth. Mis Campbitll
baa been elected one of tbe aatoct-
ate editor of tbe Junior Annual, '09,
of O. A. C.
I'rln. I It. Traver of the Training
Sihool attended the annual Institute
of Clackamaa county at Oregon City
November 4, t and 6. Mr. Traver re
port the Institute aa one of the moat
NUcccMMful ho ever attended. About
SOO teachers weru In attendance. Mr.
Traver spend part of thla week In
Tillamook at the annual Inatltute
Thc'Wo mal Courier will bo laaued
nbuot the 1 1 rat of IX-cember. Staff
meet Inn aro being held and tbe first
laus promlae to be a "winner."
Tbo first football game of the Nor
mal aeunoii wbs played on the college
campua on Saturday, Nov. 7, with a
tjwn team from Independence. Nei
ther team waa In the best trim, ow
ing to lack of practice, but they man-anr-d
to bold each other to a store
of 0-0. Tbe Normal does not main
tain a regular team thla year owing
to IU probable detraction from the
Normal class work. There will prob
ably bo another game or two, how
ever, the next one with Dallas.
The Delphian Society boasts the
largest membership of the societies.
The meetings are spirited and the
members are striving for honors on
the school debating team. The pro
gram for last Friday night roliows:
Song Society.
Hidden Biography Kthel Eakln. i
Violin Solo Leto Wolverton.
Recitation Dorothy Prescott.
Reading, "The Celebrity" Esther
Funnygrams Lillian Anderson.
iKrog chorus Frogs. (?)
Reading Shirley Dorsey.
Solo Susie Hoffman.
Song Society.
The Normal Society entertained the
Vespertine and Delphlans "right
royally" In the gym on last Satur
day night. The evening was delight
fully passed with the program and
games. The program was:
. Address of Welcome D. C. Henry,
president of Normals.
Remarks P. M. Stroud.
Reading Lester Lindsay.
Quartet Messrs. Henry, McNeill,
Ground and Arant.
Funnygrams Francis Phelps.
Duet Messrs. McNeill and Ground.
Address Irwin W. Montague. .
Ice cream waa served, "two-and-a-half
cones apiece!" Who will dare
say the Normals do not know how to
entertain? Long live the Normals!
357 State Street
Telephone 1 1 7
The Court Resort and German
Lunch Place
(Continued from first page.)
think very much of one.
With kind regards, ' we remain,
yours sincerely,
' F. O. Deckebach, Vice-President."
November 4, 1908.
Sections from the charters are
quoted :
Section 26. Provided that the city
council shall never deprive Itself of
the right to regulate and adjust such
rates so that the same may be reas
onable for the services' rendered, at
least once In every period of two
fears: To license, tax, regulate and
restrain bar rooms and tippling hous
es, and all places where spirituous,
vinous or malt liquors are sold. Pro
vided (as usual). '
Section 50. All former acts incor
porating the city or town of Indepen
dence and all acts amendatory of
such charter, and all acts Inconsis
tent herewith, are hereby repealed.
February 21, 1903. '
Patronize ' our -advertisers. They
are the people are making the En
terprise the paper It is.
We have just added a nice line of Japanese
Chinaware. We have had so many calls for
nice small presents, inexpensive and at the
same time something handsome and useful
that we were prompted to put in this line,
ranging in price from 10 cents up.
Cups and Saucers
Sugar and Creamer Vases
Pitchers, Toothpick
Holders, Plates, Etc.
Don't pass us up when you want a nice pres
ent. We have them from the least to the
greatest. '
Yours for Holiday Goods
Leading Clothier
Entire stock consisting of Harness, Whips,
Blankets, all kinds of strap work, all goods
used in harness and saddle making, and
Leather Goods must be closed out. I am
positively going out of business, and will sell
the stock at actual cost.
This is an opportunity for farmers to buy
their horse goods at actual cost. It will not
be their privilege to again have such a chance,
perhaps, in a lifetime to buy at such low prices.
This sale will last only until the first of
December. My stock of goods must be sold
by that time as the shop will be closed on
that date. Other business demanding my at
tention makes it impossible for me to contin
ue the harness shop in Independence.
George C. Dunham
The Harness Man