Independence enterprise. (Independence, Or.) 1908-1969, November 12, 1908, Image 4

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gndfpmdfure gutfrprsif.
utd wvrkly from IadewiltucOr
r.u CIim. K. lllcka, PulHtr and Proprietor.
Knurts at Indepeadonee, Ore, poej
oftir m cond-oU. Miller
Subscription. $1.50 Per Yai
You people ho are looking for
desirable country la which to build
bome. do not be deceived. Land
about Independence are without any
doubt the richest la productiveness
of the entire Willamette valley
weans omethtng when It la aald that
Independence la the hop center of the
atate of Oregon. It mean that thta
country has more land adapted to the
culture of hop than any aectlon of
the valley and everybody know that
bop land la the cream of the coun
try. Soil that will grow hop will
aro iv anything.
""here la not the allghteat doubt
that Polk county would lead every
her aectlon of the atate In dairying
were the people to turn their atten
Uon to that pursuit, and they will
wake up to the opportunities of the
1 1 in eg and devote themselves to it
very soon. It will be the pursuit of
first Importance In Oregon within the
next few years. The establishment
of the Swift plant at Portland will
do this for dairying.
It will require many hundreds of
cattle dally to supply the Swift plant
when in operation. It will mean a
better market for stock on this coast
than we ever had. The saving of
freight rates over the Rocky moun
tains will add to higher markets on
this coast. Thre is a likelihood of
the markets of Portland, Oregon, be
ing higher than any other point in
the United States. Why not. when
the Swift plant is in operation with
their deep water advantages for ex
porting purposes.
Home builders should not overlook
these important points. First, they
should come to Oregon, and then to
Polk county, the country of rich soil.
A tou la Judged very largely and jot Interest.
the reputation of the community la I Cornelius and Frank WarkenUn are
given out aUaya by the traveling I Uniting at the home of inelr 'parent
fraternity of the country, and morel Mr. and Mr. C. II. Warkeiuln of
especially by ahow companies. vf 1 811 Creek. They Intend lo leave
course It la not Important to try to I for Half in In a few daya
bold the good opinion of companies
nun have little or no reputation, i Bch Htadachs.
out it is essential to tne reputation TnU distressing dlea result
of a city that reputable romtantea a disordered condition of the
give out a favorable opinion of a tIomach. and ran be cured by taking
town. It i significant anen gooa chamberUln'a Btomaeh and Liver
company says that they do not make Tiuieta. Get a free aample at P. M
Independence for the reason that It Klrkland a drug store and try IL
I not a good show town. Uood com
n - 1 k l..k . I .1.. ...... ,t..n .... I
anouia uo paironixea for mis reason
Superintendent Stymour Submits Ri
port of County School.
and for the further reason that we I
do not want to patronise any other
kind. The management of the op
era house has been very select In
contpanlea of late and It la the duty j
of the realdenta of Independence to
patronise them. Either that or burn The aehool superintendent of Polk
the opera house. We can't afford to county. II. C. Seymour, haa aubniltted
have a bad reputation given us by h following report of the school
theatre companies. of the county to the Independence
Enterprise for publication. It la a
Bryan' atraw votea. which were very interesting report. following
taken in every art of the country is the report for the month ending
easily fixed him out for the White winner so. 19US.
House, but that vote must have been Number of school in session. .. .58
taken with aoine of our SO centa iwya Ulna Total
wheat atraw grown in the good old No. of pupils remain
Roosevelt administration days. month .. ass U4 192
No. of new pilplls re-
Mind Your Business) glsterlng during
If tou don't nobody will. It is month 841 7 1587
your business to keep out of all trou- No. of pupils leav
ble you can and you can and will Ing one school and
keep out of liver and bowel trouble entering another
if you take Dr. Klng'a New Life school 10 9 19
Pills. They keep biliousness, mala- No. of puplla having
ria and Jaundice out of your system. been dropped and
25c at all druggists. then readmitted ..31 33 64
, Total No. registering
RICKREALL. Muring year 1270 1192 2462
Mrs. B. F. Lucas and daughter. No. of pupils drop-
Mira. left the first of the month for Peo aur'n mo. ... si a to
Salt Lake City, where they will vis- - ol UP"B
u .cioi,... - . ta ...i,. maiuing uci .su -ovo
If the American Field can but pre
vail upon the rising generation of
hunters to be sportsmen in the
truest sense of the term; to hunt for
recreation and pleasure instead of for
a big bag: to be satisfied with a
day's outing even before the legal
limit has been secured; to kill only
for themselves and their nearest
friends and not for market; to give
every. game animal and game bird a
fair show for its life, it will feel that
It has accomplished at least a part of
lta mission, and that the time spent
In making the paper what it is has
not been spent in vain.
The Associated Students of the
University" are planning to make the
Oregon Weekly, the University news
paper, a' semi-weekly instead of. a'
; weekly. The change, if made, will
probably take place about the time of
the Christmas vacation. Since the
number of students in the University
Jias become so large, news matter is
much more abundant. Earl Kllpa
trick of La Grande is editor-in-chief
and Dean Goodman of Pendleton is
business manager,
Mrs. John Vaughan and children N'o. of pupils on rog.
visited at the home of her mother. wer since oegin
Mrs. J. V. Klrkland, In Independence
Dan McPeek made a-business trip
to Salem Wednesday.
W. W. Rowell was in Dallas on
business Thursday.
A number of our young people at
tended the masquerade skating car
nival at Dallas Tuesday evening.
Hon. C. N. McArthur of Portland
Ik visiting relatives here this week.
No Case on Record.
There is no case on record of a
cough or cold resulting in pneumonia
or consumption after Foley's Honey
and Tar has been taken, as it will
stop your cough and break up your
cold quickly. Refuse any but the
genuine Foley's Honey and Tar in
a yellow package. Contains no opl
ates and is safe and sure. D. G
Dove. .
nlng of year not
registered in any
other school 1235
No. of pupils that
have been register
ed in some other
No. of pupils over 4
and under 6
No. of pupils over 6
1160 2395
No. of .pupils over 9
No. of pupils over 12
No. of pupils over 14
10 9 19
11 10 21
357 309 666
341 321 662
253 256 509
273 264 537
The farmers are alj busy these
There is some sickness reported
in this neighborhood.
R. T. Pierce is building a goat
John" Neufeldt of Richmond, Tex
as, has arrived and intends to locate
Rev. P. R. Aschlermann, of Col
fax, Washington, is holding protract
ed meetings in the Mennonlte churchy
at Polk Station.
Total 1235 1160 2,'!95
No. of days taught during
month 16
Whole No. of days attend
ance 34892
Whole No. of days absence . . 1537
Whole No. of times late 298
No. of pupils neither absent
nor late 1431
Average No. of pupils belong
ing 2276
Average daily attendance .... 2181
Per cent of attendance 95.8
No. of visits by parents .... 67
No. of visits by members of
school board 17
No. of visits by county super
intendent 12
The following schools were placed
on the roll of honor for attendance,
having made a per cent of 95 or
Many of the farmers attended the Daiias, Smithfield, Peedee, Bridge-
demonstration train at Dallas last port( Ballston, Monmouth, Scroggins,
Friday and say they saw many things
Kffilimr, we mail boxX
jlB to-day
II Jlf I I I
II HI i; I all charge, prepaid to the
W III I in.. -2
We are the oldest and best known strictly
Wholesale house in the Northwest.
For 44 years continuously in business right
here in Portland.
We are now making a radical departure.
In such localities where you are unable to
purchase CYRUS NOBLE we are going .to
sell direct and save you money.
No more danger of refilled bottles.
No more danger of not getting the real thing.
quart bottle, packed in plain
all charge prepaid to the
oeret railroad expreu office for
Pure -old honest whiskey bottled by the
distillers. Every bottle guaranteed.
Inquire of any bank or trust company in
Oregon as to our standing.
w. j. Van schuyver & co.
EjubWdl864 105-107 Staui St, PortUnd. Orem
W. J. Van Scbuyrer & Co NHtuJ Oratoa
P.O. Attn
Ward, Perrydale, Fairview, Goose
neck (100 per cent), Cockran, Oak
Point,' Elkins, Independence, Brush
College, West Salem, Spring Valley,
Harmony, Upper Salt Creek, Lin
coln, North Dallas, Enterprise, Suver,
Etna, Greenwood, Fir Grove, Sunny
Slope, Oakdale, Guthrie, Falls City,
Cherry Grove (100 per cent), Oak
hurst, Highland, East Dallas, Black
The following schools were placed
on the roll of honor for having had
no tardies during the month:
Polk Station, Gooseneck, Butler, Up
per Salt Creek, Rlckreall, Antloch,
Enterprise, Suver, Etna, Concorti,
Parents, school officers, teachers,
and all friends of the schools, please
look over this report and if you see
any way in which you can help to
better the condition of the school in
your community, please do so and I
am sure that you will receive the
thanks of the children.
Respectfully yours,
School Superintendent.
How to Treat a Sprain.
Sprains, swellings and lameness
are promptly relieved by Chamber
lain's Pain Balm. This liniment re
duces inflammation and soreness so
that a sprain may be cured in about
one-third the time required by the
usual treatment. For sale by P. M.
For Bale or trade, three-year-old
mare, or 'win trade for good milk
cow. John Robbins, Independence,
Oregon. 22tf.
Arc made for men who
dress well and who insist
upon having garments of
unusual style and excep
tional quality tf J6 ve
Suits, $10 to $35
Overcoats, $8.00 to $30
Raincoats, $10.00 to $30
Alia, art a c
Mimri k. ,
Satan w
Salem, Oregon.
rail Store
Monday, Nov. 16 to Wednesday, Nov. 25
To keep the standard floating high overall, we are
compelled to clear all broken lots and keep our stock'
in that bright, clean condition that has made Price's
the popular Shoe House.
Big Factory Mistake Sale of Men's Shoes
The factory In making up a large quantity of $3.50 and $4.00 Men's
Shoes have made a mistake in the finish and this lot was not up to the
standard of the Price Shoe Co., so after corresponding with the factory
they have ordered us to sell them out at a great reduction rather than
have them shipped back to the factory.
These are not old out-of-date Shoes, but new, up-to-date
stock, direct from the factory, including brok
en lots out of our regular stock. Every pair having
the Price Shoe Co. label on them must pass the
most rigid inspection and have attained the highest,
mark of superiority known to the Shoemaking world.
Shoes of all leathers go into this sale, Velour Calf,
Box Calf, Patent Colt, Patent Kid, Vici Kid and Wax
calf, in every width and all of the latest toes.
$3.50 and some $4.00 Men's Shoes, $2.50
4.00 and some 5.00 Men's Shoes, 3.50
2.50 and some 3.00 Men's Shoes, 1.95
A large lot of heavy work Shoes at $1.95 and $2.45
and a large lot of high tops and heavy Shoes, rang
ing from 3.50 to 7.00,broken sizes go at big reductions.
13.50 and eome $4.00 La
dies' Shoes $2.95
$4.00 and some $5.00 La
dies' Shoes .. .. .. .. $3.35
$5.00 and some $6.00 La
dies' Shoes $3.95
$1.00 Ladies' and Gents'
Spats 75c
TflE PillCE
Children's Shoes at large re
duction. A great many other bar
gains that we are unable
to quote prices on hers.