Independence enterprise. (Independence, Or.) 1908-1969, November 12, 1908, Image 3

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Society Received Last Yr 4?8 Chil
dren Polk County Not Represent
ed In This Number Institution
Subsists on Private Donations.
Tin' Wtil k i't I In- I'.ii) k' & l.lrlM
A 1. 1 8m lity hint b' li mi well
kuoii ihrnUKliiiut Hi" Mini" of Or
t;on I lint It U uiiiioitt i ili'N to
kIvd any (li'Ulli-il iitcoiuil tf Hi but
Tor tli Infni mill Iciii if ihnxi wlm do
mil know-, it few rxtractH from tin
bint uiiiiiiul report of iin s.k li ly may
l Intel i mIIiik. During tin flm nl
''lir JilHt IiiihI I In' Soi'lt'ly fecihed
:;7:i children. There were on IimiuI ul
I III' lIlM'I'lvllIK I llllc Ml I'l it In imI III"
f I rut of tlx1 yuir U'i, tlniH lunkiiiK II"'
tot ill iminliir i.I iMItreii 4.:h. (hit of
ll.l.i ii ii 1 1 1 1 r 17 Min- fmiiiil pliM i'H to
vulk ft. I which, l.'iH were pliirctl In
fimlly Intuitu where liny reitlvetl
I hill' Itillit-H, hoard iiihI HrhiuililiK.
"2 WITc pljlletl (Mil fur legal tli-
Hon, !M ere ri'liiimil lo purciitM orj
t'l lllllvt M, Wi ll- Hi III III other in-1
III II lltillllH mill I'.' wcle illnclllll Ki-il
1 : at v 1 1 1 k coiiii- of iik' ; making II"'
liil iiiiiiiIh i' IIhiOhi of '',Hi, thiiM
leaving oil liuiiil h( tin- Kvri'U liK
Home tln firm of tlio year M. Out
of the iniuilii'r received dining tin
JfJir there WIT' 217 lll'W CIlHt'H, of
which were boys Mini 70 girls.
Tin iivcrnire gj rf tlr.H wit l.7
mill tlic avi'iHKi- iigt
m-iUHiK Hi" mi'llt-iee l la liuiiiflla
lliiiC li "ii a person buys r-rn-.
seat In fliul I In-ill im- iiil ( by mini"
piTkon i-Ur, ami tlii-ii. railn-r Hum to
miik.1 tin in fi t ui. will ai(i'l oilier
seat five row a lnok. la find later
Ilia! vim r In mmm oitnr pennies
rr .! et ami hav to unm.
A iM-mnii wild a laily In not Hmii In
a Ii iiiimr fur enjo) Inn a lnw,
Ami wbll ar on ihU subject,
would Uh'iuit further that less iml
In III gallery would be tfpprrt latetl
by I In mo Mini wIhIi to liiitr
l(i nn i ifully,
How It Your Digestion.
Mm. Mary IHiwIIiik of No. 2JK Mb
Ave., Hun Kram Ibio, recotumcinlii it
rrliii'ily for uloiiimli troiibli Sli"
.MHya:"(ira(ltiiiln for ih wonderful
effect of Kleclrle Hitler In a line
of Mciii lmllK"Hiloti, ironiit i tbl
h Htliimnliil. I am fully comlnceil
tliat for motion Ii ami Hut trouble
Klectrle Miter in iln lnhi niiiiily
on Hi" market toiliiy," Tli Im ureal
tniilt unit altera! I v iiii'illi'lii" lml,;ii-
llll'H III H K I 1 1 1 . plll'ifles thl lllllllll
uinl U "i ;( i lully helpful In all furnm
of fi'iiuil" winkiit'HH, f.'lc a( nil ilnix-kIhIh.
Member of the School Board of the
County Will Ditcue Many Impor
tant Question, Some of Which
May be Considered by Legislature,
New Market Opens.
Tli" IVoiI""h Mnrki't ojn'iutl fur
IiIInI lll'KH HiIh 1111 nil I II k . .Mi'k.irH, lli-ik
& i'IhIiih Imt urn oM IiiiiiiIh In t!i"
nil-ill iiimki'l lniMiii"N4 uinl wlil i'1v"
I ml- 'in! 'f' ii kooiI In.iikil. Mr.
Ii"i k In hii oM iIhht In liuli in n
(I' III'", llfUlllK lli-l'll (Olllll'l H-ll H'llll
lln- SiirllnK marki'l for f! v - yi-trn.
Mr. I'liiluirliir romi'H InT" from Snl
my uinl l"nn-il lli" irml" of Imt li"i
Iiik l Hi" olil roiiniry.
Youth's Companion Club Rate
Tim Youth' C'oniimiioii ami Iinl
ji"inl"ii''o . Knli rprlH" will bo hoM lo
Ki'IIht llils Kail, Hi" two for J'.'
of Iio.vh !i.:i, Th This l tli" b"Ht offT c-vi r mailt In
followliiK iouiill"H fontrllmli'il lo t r I n coiimrtton wllli Hie Youlh'a C'om-
juiiiiIht: Hukt r ft, lli'iilon .r, Clul- paiiion. Hi iiowuIh to that paper will
Nop I, ClurkamiiH :i, C'oluinblu I, Cooh bo accepted with this paper at that
I, Crook 2, lloiiKlmt 6, Jut knoii 1, price.
JoHephiiio 2, Klamath 2, Ijiiii 12.
f .In ii .', Muflieur 2, Mnrlon 5, Multno
iiiah 117, Sherman 3, Tllliimonk 5,
liilou 2, I'mallllu 5, Wallowa 2,
U'iihco U, U'uhIiIiikIimi II, Yamhill C.
The work of thu Hoys' & (ililn'
Alii Soilety la now bearliiK fruit.
Supt. tiurdiicr naya that they r-
celvo quite a number of letters and
visits from children who were once .
In their cure but who now have be- It Is not often that the amuse
fomo of w, and 'hese visits are nient lovers of this city have an op
very pleasant, as It shows that In I port unity lo see a first-class theat
many cases the children turn out to rical attraction. There are several
bo nootl and useful citizens who oth- reasons for this, but the principal
t-rwlao ' would bo a care and expense one Is: Independence Is known as
to the community. a poor show town. The people of
The donations from the public this city have been gulled so often
neb oo Is of the state and from prl- by barnstorming aggregations that
vate citizens makes It possible for they have formed the habit of staying
the management to care for the away from the theatre altogether
children who come under Its guaru- The consequence Is that only Inferior
ianshlp in the modt economical man- companies can afford to stop here.
ner and also reed and clothe tnein The Alcazar Stock Company Is an
perhaps better than any other lnstl- exception. No better organization
tutlon In the stale, and the Society travels In the West. It visited In
now appeals to all thoBe who have dependence several weeks ago, know-
the welfare of dependent children at lug that the chances were against
heart to subscribe toward this ex- "good business," but the management
cellont Institution this Thanksgiving, hoped that the reputation gained by
Money, provisions of all kinds, fruit, the company during the first engage'
vegetables,, or Indeed anything that ment wotild assure good attendance
is of use in a household, is very ac- In the future. The Alcazar Com
ceptablo. The railroad companies pany will give Independence another
and steamboats have kindly consent- trial tonight, Thursday, November 12,
ed to deadhead all donations sent producing the splendid comedy, "Our
to the Society at Thanksgiving if Minister." This play was presented
plainly marked "Boys' & Girls' Aid In Dallas Monday night, and the Ob
Society, Portland, Oregon." All com- server of that city has the following
munlcations should be addressed to to say of the performance:
the Superintendent, W. T. Gardner. "Our Minister," the play given by
The Receiving Home is on the the Alcazar Stock Company at. the
East Ankeny car line and the man- Woodman Hall last night, was, al
ftgement earnestly invites all inter- most without , exception, declared by
tfst.ud persons to visit the Institution those who were present to be the
lit any time. All its workings are best that had yet been put on in this
open to the Inspection of Interested city by the company. Dallas, so
porspns.. If you want a boy or girl long harrassed by transient compan-
to raUo, apply as above. les, producing Indifferently poor plays
The County Advisory Board for In a more Indifferent manner, should
this county are as follows: H. S. consider itself fortunate In securing
Butz, president; Mrs. Dr. Mahr Hay- a place at least In the circuit of a
ter, treasurer and secretary; D. P. company that possesses real and pro-
gtouffer, J. G. VanOrsdell and Mrs. nounced merit, and should insure it-
O. L, Hawkins.
Seven Year of Proof,
"I have had seven years of proof
that Dr. King's New Discovery is the
best medicine to take for coughs and
colds and for every diseased condi
tion of throat, chest or lungs," says
W. V. Henry of Panama, ' Mo. The
world has had thirty-eight years of
proof that Dr. King's New Discovery
is the best remedy for coughs and
colds, la grippe, asthma, hay fever,
bronchitis, hemorrhage of the lungs,
and the early stages of consumption
Its timely use always prevents the
development of pneumonia. Sold un
der guarantee at all druggists. 50c
and $1.00. Trial bottle free.
self against the possibility of losing
Its new company, by extending it a
large and steady patronage.
Fall to Hnd Reservation of Seat
Already Purchased.
To the Editor: In the spirit of
kindness I wish to suggest to the
management of the opera house that
more care should be observed In
State of Ohio, City of Toledo,
Lucas County.
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that
he 's senior partner of the firm of
F J. Cheney & Co., doing business
In the city of Toledo, County and
state aforesaid, and that said firm
viil pay the sum of ONE HUNDRED
DOLLARS for each and every case
(f catarrh that cannot be cured by
Pall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before me and subscribed
In my presence, this 6th day of De
cember, A. D. 1886.
Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken in
ternally, and acts directly on the
blood and mucous surfaces of the sys
tem. Send for testimonials free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo.O.
Sold by all druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for con-
stli atlrn.
A convention of the members of
llie hi lionl bourds of the county of I
l'i ilk Im in take place In Dallas In
i ember f, ut lb" court houm. This)
iiiim'IIiik will be of mure than orilln- j
my Impiiiiiiiiei- In the hi IiooIh ut the j
minify, for tin ri-BHiiii that this I
lb" year if llie meeting of the leglM-
lalui'e of lli" hi ii i ami I her" ure a
fi'W lleHl'llm Wllll'll HllOlllll b" iIIm
ciihsi i lii (me tli" i,i HHidli of the leg
Ihln'iiri' ,V i pii seiiiiilive of every
Kilio j liuiiiil i.i ill' (Utility slioiiltt at
tend ii" iiit' ii ie,, im tin m ii mi al
lowance of J, i' ' roiiiieiiKiii Inn In g.J
tuvvulil OXpeimi it III til" Hip.
A l)Ht of III" suliji'i'ts whlili will be
illiuiii-seil ai iIiIh mei'ilim lit herewith
printed. If there r any oilier mile
Jitm or mat t vr any member of
Ml ll(in) lllllllll lll'lll'W'tt I'HKI mini to
cnlii" up lir illmii.'-niuii Ml this lil'-et-iri
In- mIi on I rl notify Superintendent
Seyliiour i.ot later Hum November 20.
Sillie'lhe Hileiess nf til" Hi bonis of!
lb" comity ii n iil lo a gnat extent
upon the lnti resl of the school of
ficers of llie futility, it is hoped that
thin meeting will bo largely attended.
The resolutions of this body have in
tin' past had a good deal of -weight
with the it-Miniatures of the male.
Following Is tli" list of mibjeils to
come up for cousitlerulion:
('oi)ipiilhory edncut ion law.
I'liion IIIkIi Schools.
Methods of apportioning school
Int-reaHlng the state school fund.
The unit of administration.
The county treasurer should be
made ox-offlcio achool district treas
Publication of school laws.
Creation of a county high school i
District board meetings.
t cm I
15 per cent off Steel Ranges
20 per cent off Cast Cooks
Just think, we ofFer you a six
hole steel range with high closet
and reservoir for $32.00, with a
15 per cent discount, making it
cost you only $27.20. Where
can you do so well?
To every customer who buys a stove, whether it
is a heater, range or cook stove, vc are going to give
a $1.50 14, oz. nickel plated copper teakettle for 93c
Id per cent discount on all heaters
with a paper lined stove board thrown
in. We have heating stoves to suit
your price. Come and look them over.
We have cut prices on the above
goods and we are going to offer in
connection with them something for
you to cut with, viz.
Cissors, all sizes, - 25 per cent of!
Butcher Knives, - 25 per cent off
Razors and PocKet Knives 33 off
, ' .. it at f
rv it.' . j -. 'vs
Cold and Croup In Children.
"My little girl is subject to colds.
says Mrs. Wm. H. Serlg, No. 41
Fifth St.. Wheeling. W. Va. '"Last
winter she had a severe spell and
terrible cough but I cured her with
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy without
the aid of a doctor, and my little boy
has been prevented many times from
having the croup by the timely use
of this syrup." This remedy Is for
sale by P. M. Klrkland.
Harvey Guthrie of Monmouth was
an Antioch visitor the past week.
Charles Osborne of Black Rock is
having his house repaired here.
Mrs. E. Ftshback and daughter,
Lettie, visited with Mrs. Geo. Heck
of Independence Friday.
Dick Ogle helped Allen Towns to
spray his apple trees Saturday.
Pern Lewis and Blanche McKinney
were guests of the Fishback home
Mr. and Mrs. , Geo. Sullivan and
daughter, Bessie, of Falls City visit
ed her mother and family, Mrs. E.
Clarke, Friday.
O. M. Lehman has the posts on
the ground for a new wire fence.
Geo. Bingham, lately of Idaho, was
In our vicinity last week.
Geo. Swearingen has purchased a
grindstone. He expects to do some
wood cutting this fall and winter.
Mr. Mumma and son Paul of Mon
mouth were here Monday on busi
A Valuable Tip.
After exposure or when you feel
cold coming on take a few doses of
Foley's Honey and Tar and it will
xpel the cold from your system. It
ares the most stubborn cougLs and
colds, and prevents pneumonia. D.
G. Dove.
Please note our window display of the cutting goods
Remember, fifteen days only, commencing November 13th and ending November 28th in order
to get the goods at the price named, they must be bought at the time specified so make this
opportunity yours and buy now.
W. E.Craven, Mgr. , Independence, Oregon
Delay Has Been Dangerous in Independence.
Do the right thing at the right time.
Act quickly In times of danger.
Backache is kidney danger.
Doan's Kidney Pills act quickly.
Cure all distressing, dangerous kid
ney ills.
Plenty of evidence to prove this.
A. J. Wood of 250 Cottage St., Sa
lem, Ore., says: "Kidney and blad
der trouble has been my complaint
and about two months ago became so
bad that I was obliged to do some
thing to ease the suffering. It bo
thered me mostly in the morning.
The too frequent action of the kid
ney secretions was very annoying
and embarrassing. I had known peo
ple who had received the best of re
sults from Doan's Kidney Pills and
procured a box. Before I had used
one box, I was completely free from
every symptom of the trouble. The
kidneys were regulated and my gen
eral health became better. I can
hardly express the good opinion I
have of Doan's Kidney Pills for cases
of kidney complaint or backache."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the Uni
ted States.
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other. 23-24
Notice to the Public.
.Notice is nereby given that my
wife, Margaret Millage, haying left
my bed and board I will not be re
sponsible for any debts Incurred by
her, in this city, Salem or else
where. Merchants of Salem please
take notice.
Dated at Independence, Oregon
October 22, 1908.
Watched Fifteen Years.
"For fifteen years I have watched
the working of Bucklen's Arnica
Salve; and it has never failed to cure
any sore, boil, ulcer or burn to which
it was- applied. It has saved us many
a doctor bill," says A. F. Hardy of
East Wilton, Maine. 25c at all drug
By the provisions of Chapter 229,
Laws 1907, Page 409, notice is here
by given that in sixty days from the
date of this notice it will be unlaw
ful for stock to run at large, under
penalty of $10.00 for the first of
fense and $20.00 for each and every
subsequent offense, to be recovered
from the owner of the stock in Civil
Action in the name of the State of
Oregon before a Justice of the Peace
of the precinct in which such owner
or keeper, or either of them, may
reside; and such penalty shall be for:
the benefit of, and when collected !
paid into, the common school fund
of the County in which such action
is brought within sixty days after !
such animal Is proved to be at large. ;
Dated this 10th day of November,,
24-26 County Clerk.
Closing Out Sale
We wish to dispose of our entire stock
of Cook Stoves, Tinware, Enameled
Ware and House Furnishing Goods
at once. We quote you as follows:
Enameled Ware
10-qt. Enameled Dish Pan 35c.
Sale price .... .... ....25c
14-qt. Enameled Dish Pan 50c.
Sale price 35c
17-qt. Enameled Dish Pan 60c.
Sale price 40c
Tin Boilers, usual price '85c.
Sale price 65c
Galvanized Boilers, usual price
Sale price 75c
Tin Boilers, copper bottom,
usual price $1.00.
Sale price 75c
Tin Boilers, copper bottom,
usual price $2.00.
Sale price
Tin Boilers, large and heavy,
usual price $2.25.
Sale price .... ...$1.65
Tin Boilers, large and heavy,
usual price $3.00.
Sale price . .$2.20
Tin Boilers, large and heavy,
usual price $3.50.
Sale price $2.70
We have a fine assortment of twenty kinds and sizes. Our stock is
at present complete, but will not remain so very long at the above prices
17-qt. Tin
price 35c.
Sale price
Dish Pan, regular
14-qt. Tin
price 25c.
Sale Price
Dish Pan, regular
Granite Iron Pie Plates 10c.
Sale price .. 5c
No. 9 Granite Iron Jelly Cake
. Pans 10c. - .,
Sale price .. 5c
No. 10 Granite Iron Jelly Cake
Pans 15c.
Sale price , 10c
No. 10 Enameled Fry Pan, 30c.
Sale price .... .. 20c
10-qt. Enameled Water Pail 50c.
Sale price 35c
Fine line of dairy pails at less
than the cost of manufacture.
We are wanting to dispose of everything. The above prices are only
samples of what our whole stock is going at. We offer it all at prices
which cannot be duplicated, including bur imported high-grade Stransky
& Wipperman good s.
Spencer Hard