Polk County observer. (Monmouth, Polk County, Or.) 1888-1927, December 06, 1907, Image 3

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    unty Observer
', of Airlle, Is visiting in
:ton, of Willamlna, was
f Tuesday.
, , farth, of Falls Oity, was
i -or Wednesday.
( : l ,.:n. of Portland, Is In
.. ... r ', vek on business.
: , i i , Linten, of FaUs City,
,ini frin.u in Dallas, Tuesday.
arrived home yesterday
led trip in Eastern Ore-
J, ..n L,
ota toe
jbins went to Portland
r a visit among rela
aa and A. J. Faul, of
. in Dallas, Tuesday
y, on business.
'x E. M. Smith issued
to wed to David W.
Grlgsby, Wednesday.
rton, of Salem, agent
ultural Fire Relief of
i Dallas, Wednesday,
inseth and Mrs. Ella J.
to Portland yesterday,
ie. Calve Bias at the
Haw , i . and Miss Ella Kimball
ma up from Portland yesterday
jrniog for a short visit among
latives and friends.
pson arrived home from
Vfashington, Wednes
S o went to attend the
5 brother, the late W. H
J. B. Thoi,
y, where
neral of !.
"lanimtr Frank Kersey says that
3 stSi cJ uUi for this season has been
arrangcl that more games of bas
eball will be played on the home
iirt than during any previous year.
"ho Women's Foreign Missionary
ciety ii.it t at the home of Mrs. T. A.
inn, T iks .!:?y. A short program
is rendered, after which refresh
snts were served. It was a very
joyablo occasion, and all went home
ppier for having been present.
,Ir. and Mrs. F. M. Collins left for
bland, Wednesday, and will make
sir home in that city during the
ning winter. Mr. Collins has
lered for several years ' from
hma and hopes to find relief in
1 drier climate.
ounty School Superintendent H. C.
mour-visited the Black Bock school
esday. He reports the attendance
ich greater than he had expected, 68
pila being numbered on the roll,
hough the school house Is only a
iple one room Btructure.
Sncouraged by the success of Satur
fa game with the I. A. C, the
;rub" team of the college has organ
i under the title of the Dallas Col
e Bucks, and will arrange to play
many games as possible with the
aller teams from neighboring
'he first basketball team of Dallas
liege, will meet the U. of O. team
the home floor tonight. The 'var
r men are thorough sportsmen, and
1 play for all there is in it, while
1 spirit of the home team is equally
armined. Those who attend may
ct to see a clean, fast, and exciting
Charles and William Hoff, of the
Dallas Handle Factory, returned from
a three days' business trip in Port
land, Wednesday.
The students' band of Dallas College
is making rapid progress, and all
members of the organization are
greatly pleased with their success in
rendering the simpler compositions of
band music. New pieces are being
added to the band continually, and
they hope before the holidays to have
a . fairly large and well equipped
Although the Polk County Poultry
Kaisers' Association is yet compar
atively young, evidence of the wide
publicity It has already received may
be found in the fact that J. E. Beezley,
secretary of the Association, received
a letter last week from a man living
In North Dakota, asking for a cata
logue and the rules governing
exhibits in the poultry show which is
to be held in this city December 26, 27
and 28.
Guy Brothers & Dalton installed
a large electric sign in front of their
establishment yesterday. Its dimen
sions are 12 by 4 feet, and 220 incan
descent bulbs are used to light the
letters, and 1000 feet of copper wire
was required to make all necessary
connections, The sign was built by
Walter Coy, and all of the' electrical
fixtures were put in by Fred West.
Completed and put in position, its
value is estimated at $250.
R. C. Mason and family, of Clay
County, Iowa, have purchased a 15-
acrefarm within two miles of this city,
and will make their home in Oregon
In future. Mr. Mason will devote his
time to fruit farming. He says that
since leaving Iowa with his family,
he has traveled through all of the
Pacific States, and most of the central
states as far south as Mexico, but that
he found no place that seemed to
him to be suitable for a home until
he came into the Willamette Valley.
Stockwell's orchestra will give a
social dance at the Woodman Hail
tomorrow (Saturday) evening. Dur
ing the two hours between seven and
nine o'clock, before the dance com
mences, Professor Raymond will have
the floor for the purpose of giving
lessons In dancing. Special attention
will be given to the three-step, a neW
and graceful dance and one that is
sure to win high favor. Professor
Raymond will continue these two-hour
lessons each Saturday night In future,
unless some other arrangements are
The seventh grade of the Dallas
Public School has organized a literary
society with the following officers
Esie Frakes, president; Clark Van-
Orsdei, vice-president; Loren Butler,
secretary; Fay Percival, treasurer;
Bessie Young, critic; Earl Shultz,
editor; Fremont Dixon, sargeant-at-
arms; Edith Griffith, organist: Cora
Vanskike, Ada Longnecker, Maurice
Dalton and George Fuller, censors.
Programs will be given Friday afterr
noon of each week, and all friends and
patrons of the school are invited to
C. L Crider, of Dallas, was a busi
ness visitor in this city, Thursday.
Miss Loretta Campbell, of Dallas,
was in the city last week visiting the
family of John Beezley.
Rev. Blair, of the Free Methodist
church, who has been seriously ill is
rapidly improving.
The wiring of the Walker hotel has
been completed and it is now one ot
the most complete modern hotels In
the Willamette Valley.
North Cherrington and wife, of Dal
las, came up Wednesday evening to
attend the dance and spent Thanks
giving with friends in this city.
Frank Morrison and family and
Charlie Campbell, of Dallas passed
through this city Sunday on their
way to the Siletz on a hunting trip.
Mrs. Will Hinshaw received a mes
sage from Portland Wednesday morn
ing informing her of the death of her
mother, Mrs. Miller. Mrs. Hinshaw
left for that city on the 11 o'clock train
to attend the funeral.
C. Wood Severely Beaten by
Andrew Trent In Presence of
Growers Called to Meet
Saturday. December
1 P. At)
In Dallas,
14, at
This Is the season of decay and
weakened vitality ; good health is hard
to retain. If you'd retain yours, fortify
your system with Hollister's Rocky
Mountain Tea, the surest way. 35c,
Tea or Tablets. Belt & Cherrington.
Discouraged by the low price of
hops, the growers of the Dallas district
will meet in this city on Saturday,
December 14, at 1 p. m., to discuss
existing conditions. It is probable
that an organization of the growers
will be effected at that time, and a
large attendance is desired. S. H
Petie, of Bridgeport, has been the
moving spirit in bringing about this
organization, and the following call
Issued to the growers will fully explain
its object :
"Brother Hop Growers : Why can 't
we get the cost of pToduction out of
our hops? The buyers say there are
too many hops produced, but I have
not found any one yet that can give
the exact figures of production. If we
are producing too many hops, we want
to know it, and if not, we want to
know it. How can we find out? By
organizing. Why can't we establish
a hopgrowers association and find out
the exact production of the Pacific
coast, and if we have too many, take
some steps to remedy the situation?
It can be done very easily by each hop-
growing precinct calling a meeting
of the growers and finding the pro
auction or his precinct. Let every
precinct elect a representative and call
a meeting of the representatives as a
whole at Portland. Salem or some
other place for the purpose of a thor
ough organization."
Two and Two Make Four.
Dr. O. K. Wolfe, the popular phy
slcian of Falls City was a Salem visl.
tor yesterday. It is reported that his
practice has grown in such a manner
since he has located at Falls City as
to require a partner, which the doctor
will secure during this month. He
has many friends in this city who will
be gratified to learn of his success.
Salem Journal.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Fisher announce
the engagement of their daughter,
Viola, to Dr. Osmar K. Wolf, of Falls
City, the wedding to take place in
December. Salem Statesman.
I vant What I Want
When I Want It
The object of this store is to eliminate all chance when you buy.
'C: Edcrheimer, Stein & Co.
m Chicago
ml 4
J r
-" r
From our policy of ordering only
of makers of the first rank we place
before you none but reliable and
fully guaranteed goods.
It is made better than other
clothing; it wears longer, looks
neater, never is disappointing in
any way and prices are are low as
the ordinary kind.
New arrivals in Boys Suits
Plain and Norfolk Coats with
. bloomer pants, ages 9 to 15. Tne
most desirable Boys' Suits ever"
sold at
$522 $622 $62
o tiies
L j. - , i:. Building
Dallas, Oregon
B. C. Wood, a former proprietor of
the Dallas Hotel, was unexpectedly
assaulted and severely beaten by
Andrew Trent while going from Dal
las to Portland with his wife Monday
afternoon. Mr. Trent, it seems, had
cherished revengeful thoughts against
Mr. Wood, because the latter had
ejected him from the hotel dining room
several weeks ago for creating an un
necessary disturbance.
When Mr. Wood started for Port
land, Monday morn ing, Trent boarded
the same train. Word changed his
mind about going, and when he train
reached the water tank, got off and
returned to town to transact some busi
ness. Trent stopped at Lafayette and
waited for the afternoon train. When
it arrived he boarded it, and stepping
up behind Mr. Wood, who was sitting
beside his wife, dealt him a heavy
blow on the head with a beer bottle.
Stuntlbd by the force of the blow,
Wood was unable to defend himself
and was struck again on the jaw.
Before Trent could strike again, Con
ductor Crocker sprang upon him acd
after a short struggle disarmed him.
Arriving at Dayton, Trent was put off
the train.
Although severely cut and bruised,
Mr. Wood was not dangerously in
jured. It is probable that he will a?k
for a warrant for the arrest of his
assailant. Trent has been a resident
of Dallas several years and until
recently was employed as janitor at
the courthouse.
Mrs. F. R. Rich is visiting in Port
land. F. H. Morrison went to Portland
yesterday on business.
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Coad went to
Portland, Wednesday.
Editor V. P. Fiske, of the Itemizer,
went to Portland yesterday on busi
During the month of December Mrs,
Ella J. Metzger will sell all millinery
goods regardless of cost, as she con
templates making a change in the
Mrs. Jane Martin, a sister of Joseph,
Charles and Henry Black, died at her
home in San Diego, last Wednesday,
aged 74 years.
The squaw wife of Luckiamute
Dave, a Grand Ronde Indian, died
from the effects of alcoholism, Wed
nesday. She had been indulging in a
long spree and was unable to survive
from its effects. The notorious gal
lon house is decreasing the population
of the Grand Ronde reservation at an
alarming rate.
Wanted on Shares.
100 or 125 goats. Inquire at Obser
ver office.
f Than buy a Hoosler Drill. They are unquestionably the strongest, most durable and best built
oi an anus, ine urain reea is one or tne most important parts or a drill. The great popularity
of the Hoosler Grain Drill is due more to Its excellent feed than any other one thing. It is
absolutely a force feed not only in name but in the work it performs, and will sow smallquanti
ties with the same accuracy that it sows large quantities.
"ll-J 1-. .l-J-. .
.. j 11 i JIM
1 .. www
1 i l .9 r II a p. 1 1' 1
Fl 'r
S i I I it I i I
!i I 11 i ill
Now is the time, while your Fall
Suits are new, to get your pictures
ready for Christmas. The gift that
comes nearest the heart of a friend is
a fine photogragh.
12-3-2t Dallas, Ore.
Program at Colosseum Rink.
Skating Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, both afternoon and even
ing at the Colosseum Rink. Admis
sion spectators 10c, skates 25c. Excel
lent music rendered continously dur
ing both afternoon and evening ses
sions. Ladies will be admitted free
on Tuesday evening.
Watch for Special sales on Fridays
at Mrs. Ella J. Metzger's. 11-12-tf. '
Best job printing at the Observer
office in Dallas and the News office in
Falls City.
Money of private parties to loan at
6 per cent on well-improved farms.
Sibley & Eakin.
Men's and women's clothing cleaned
and pressed, at Bartlett's near depot.
Mutual phone 141.
Main street. T. W. Reel, the proprietor,
guarantees firsfrclass work.
Legal blanks at this office.
A full line of White Haviland China
at Loughary's.
L. D. Brown, for Abstracts. Notary
Public; typewriting.
Barham Sr Winslow have a record
breaker for price, in city limits.
For the best cigars and freshest
candies, call on Horace Webster.
Another car of extra Star A. Star
shingles, the celebrated Moore brand,
ust received by the Soehren Ware
house Co., Dallas.
W. R. Ellis, agent for Daily Ore-
gonian and Evening Telegram. Have
a daily paper delivered at your house
by the week, month or year. No extra
charge for delivery.
00 TO
to get your Christmas supplies, We
nave everytning tnat will be neat,
dainty and attractive as a gift to any
of your friends, be they men, women
or children. Come in ; look at our
stock ; price it then buy.
Watch Oar Windows
F. S. RAMSEY, Proprietor.
Mrs. Mary McLench Dead.
Mrs. Mary McLench died at the
tnmeof her son-in-law, A. E. Watson,
In Salem, Wednesday, aged 82 years
She was the widow of the late B. F.
McLench lwho was at one time t
county commissioner of Polk county
She left two daughters, Mrs. Watson
and Mrs. Caldwell, and one son, Frank
McLench, who lives on the old home
place near Lincoln.
Poultrytnen's Meeting.
A business meeting of the Polk
County Poultry Association is called
ror aaturaay, December 7, at a p. m.,
In the County Treasurer's office. All
members are requested to be present.
J . K beezley, secretary.
ri Rib,
Located In the Wagner corner
here you are sure of prompt attention
We consider It as much a part of our
duty to serve you promptly as to sup
ply you with
The Best Groceries
No matter how small your order, we
snail be giaa to serve you. ir you
cannot come in person, send us the
order by any means convenient to you.
We'll fill it just as faithfully as if you
were nere yourseir.
Phones : Bell 63, Mutual 314.
It is not Economy
To do the family washing
at home. When you figure
up the cost of water, soap,
starch, extra fire and time,
and most of all the mess and
trouble that it makes, and
compare it with our price of
6 cents a pound, washed,
starched and dried and 25
cents a dozen for flat pieces,
you will see that you can't
afford to wash at home.
Send your washing to the
Dallas Steam Laundry
Phones: Mutual, 197, Bell, 203
The Best Meats.
Are found in our tender w
and jaicy beef, mutton
and pork. We do our
own killing, and can
guarantee all meats to
be wholesome and fresh.
Give us a trial.
Barnhart S Grant
Dallas, - Oregon
Under New Management
Strictly White Help.
Big Sample Room and
Special Accommodations
for Commercial Men.
$1.00, $1.25, $2.00 per Day
tU Clm IIiiiw uU Dwcy U m Inry
We Wish to Announce
to the public that we will carry everything
usually found in a first-class Furniture Store,
.so have the best line of Carpets, Rugs, etc.,
in the county. We make to order all kinds
of Couches, Mattresses
and Springs.
Also do all kinds of Repairing. 'Framing a
specialty. : :-: :-: :-: :-:
Successors to F. J. Chapman.
Boost, "Don't Knock." There is no
place for the "knocker" in this world or
the next. Show your appreciation of a
good thing when you have it. Buy your
Mill Feed, Poultry Supplies, etc., at the
Dallas Feed Store. You can save two
dollars a ton on your Mill Feed by pur
chasing of me. Try it and be convinced.
The Dallas Feed Store
1 J. H. Moore, Proprietor '
The Best and Strongest
Handles Made
Patronize Your
Home Industry
Western Handle
Manufacturing Co.
Manufacturers of
High Grade Ax and Tool Handles
Carefully Selected Second-Growth Oregon Oatt
Awarded the Cold Medal at Lewis and Clark Fair
Chas. A. Hoff, Manager
Dallas, Oregon
m b VArvhnrlv I q ntPfPQtPn
li IN FINDING GOOD SHOES, and a great many 0
i- ' -n 1.1. -i i. ii. tit
people are nnaing mat our store is ine
m-i in l nnl t A nTT- nrt Si?
m For the city of Dallas and the surrounding country, m
&s Our stock is complete and up-to-date and C
many new customers are coming our way every
day. If you want the best at prices which tell p
m come and see us. All we ask is a chance to
v'.9 ' make e-ood. Yours for trade.
"v o '
i The Dallas Shoe Store, Mrs-inor H
x Jwj nvM kvji kvA . v5 , v5 4 3cv cv j ftvjt 3.vj a ttvt J 4, v j I 5
There's plenty of hum
bug in tea; not one ounce
in a ton Schilling's Best.
Your trocar returns your moocy it fa don't
Vli It; ptf bim.
Tbia iffrtiatare Is on ererybox of tba gorjulna
Laxative BroraoQuinine Tweu
Um imaedy that ctars m eM la daT
The Obsebveb oHlce wants the print
ing you are particular about.