Polk County observer. (Monmouth, Polk County, Or.) 1888-1927, February 05, 1904, Image 1

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NO. 47.
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7 O U
us, as
G. W. HOLLISTER, Manager. ,
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Mill Street
Meeting Held in the Dallas
Church Last Friday.
The annual reunion and business
meeting of the members of the Baptist
Church in this city last Friday was
well attended. An interesting pro
gram was carried out, and the mem
bers are greatly encouraged with the
outlook for another year of active and
successful work. In all the deliber
ations of the day, peace, harmony and
good-will prevailed, and the officers
elected one year ago were re-elected to
serve another year' without a dissent
ing voice.
At 11 o'clock, Rev. J. L. Whirry,
missionary colporteur for Western
Oregon, preached a sermon in keeping
with the occasion on "The Triumphant
Church." At 12 :05 p. m., T. J. Cherr
ington, the photographer, took a
picture of the gathering, arranged
and grouped on the outside of the
church. In this group, conspicuously
seated in the pulpit chair, was Grand
ma Hubbard, now 79 years old and
the only charter member present. '
Full justice was done to a bountiful
dinner prepared by the women of the
church. Nearly two hours were spent
in feasting and social intercourse,
getting better acquainted and talking
over plans and methods for the com
ing year.
Promptly at 2 o'clock the members
gathered at the church for roll-call
and election of officers. Forty mem
bers answered to their names, and the
25 absent members were accounted for.
Fifteen new names have been added
to the church roll during the last few
After the roll-call, reports from all
departments of the church work were
read and discussed. These reports
showed marked advance all along the
line and indicated unusual activity.
The several treasuries showed all ex
penses paid and money, in hand with
which to begin the new year.
Sales of Fruit Trees.
A considerable acreage of fruit and
berries will be set out around Dallas
this year. J. B. .Nunn reports recent
sales of nursery stock as follows:
James Boydston, 1000 apple trees, 500
walnut trees, 500 Logan berry ; J. B.
Stump, 500 walnut ; Dr. Mark Hayter,
200 filbert trees ; H. E. Kozer, 140 wal
nuts and filberts; J. O. Snyder, 900
Logan berry, 70 walnut trees; Dan
Hollingsworth, 200 Logan berry, be.
sides a lot of small orders.
Edward Gerlinger, of Portland, is
in charge of the local office of the
Dallas & Falls City railroad, during
the temporary absence of his brother,
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Dallaa. Oregon
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we will give you the best stock in
county to select from, and guarantee
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est.quality considered.
any papering or painting
on labor or material.
Dallas, Oregon
. " Teachers Won Game.
The Stato Normal basket-ball team
defeated the McMinnville College team
at Monmouth Friday night by a score
of 22 to 16. . Many costly errors and
fumbles were made by the players on
both sides, which accounts for the
large score. The game was called at
7 o'clock, and its close the players
came to Dallas on a special motor
and witnessed the game between
O. A. C. and Dallas College.
L. Gerlinger, president of the Dallas
& Falls City railroad, was in Dallas
the first of the week.
Mrs. Robert Hatton attended the
wedding of Mr. Eollie Leisey and
Miss Dovie McCulloch, at the home of
the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
John McOullocb, near Ballston,
jlagL) lj Cjjj f(tf
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Editor of Rural Northwest Pays High
Compliment to Polk County
There was a time, and it was not
great many years ago, when Polk
County, Oregon, had the reputation
justly or unjustly, of being a slow,
unprogressive county, agriculturally,
Now it is one of the best known agri
cultural counties of the stato, and is
fast acquiring a national reputation
through the reputation of its breeders
of Angora goats, sheep and swine. Its
progressive farmers are by no means
confined to the breeders of fine stock.
but to the latter is due in the main the
fact that the county is gradually but
surely acquiring a reputation which
is not confined to Oregon, but reaches
every portion of the United States
where there are those who are inter
ested in good stock. By far the greater
part of the Cotswolds which have
given Oregon the reputation of being
the leading state of the Union in rais
ing fine specimens of that breed are
in Polk county. The county is be
coming known everywhere in the
United States as a place to go for fine
Angoras. In a few years Polk county
will in all probability be as well
known for its Lincoln sheep as it is
for its Cotswolds at the present time.
It has a herd of Poland China swine
of which the whole Pacific Coast may
be proud. The men who develop such
flocks and herds and give to their
county such a reputation as Polk
county is acquiring are great bene
factors to the county, and the good
results of their work will continue
long after they are gone. It has
already reached the point where the
man who would make a business of
rearing fine Angora goats or Cotswold
sheep will find it more profitable to
start in Polk county than in any other
county in the United Jtates. Unless
extraordinary efforts are put forth
elsewhere this will become more and
more the case. The coming breeders
may as breeders even excel the men
who are now giving the county its do-
served good reputation, but the
breeders of today deserve the special
credit which belongs to pioneers of an
industry. The work of the future
breeder in that county will be appreci
ated from the,, start. The,, present
breeders must overcome the natural
discouragement which results from
knowing that there are very few who
understand or appreciate the nature
of the work they are doing. Such
work as is being done in Polk county
by its breeders of fine stock demands
honor for the men who are doing it.
They may not all be without flaws,
but everyone of them who is skillfully
breeding up a fine flock or herd is do
ing that which will in the end benefit
others much more than himself.
Kural Northwest. .
Candy Store Changes Hands.
C. E. Shaw and Frank Brown have
sold their confectionery store to J.
March, of Salem. The new proprietor
took charge of the business February
1, and will soon move to the room now
occupied by Pfennig's jewelry store in
the Wilson block, where he will fit up
one of the neatest confectionery stores
in the valley. Frank Brown will manu
facture the candy for the new store,
and Horace Webster will have charge
of the salesroom.
Miss Owen Wins.
Miss Edith Owen, of Independence,
will represent the Oregon State Normal
School in the state oratorical contest
at Forest Grove. The young lady
won out over four other contestants at
the local tryout in Monmouth last Fri
day night. Miss Owen is a popular
student, and her friends feel confident
that she will represent her school with
much credit in the state contest.
Goat Raisers tp Meet.
A call for a meeting of the Polk
County Mohair Association atBrown's
hall in Dallas, on Saturday, February
13, at 1 o'clock p. in., has been issued
by George McBee, president of the
organization. The meeting will be an
important one, and all members are
requested to be present. The date for
selling the 1904 mohair pool will be
set at this time, and other business
will be transacted.
State Committee Will Meet.
The Republican State Central Com
mittee is hereby called to meet in the
City of Portland on Friday, the 12th
day of February, 1904 (Abraham Lin
coln's birthday), in room 12 Hamilton
building, at 10 :30 o'clock a. m., for the
purpose of selecting the time and place
for holding the next State Convention,
apportioning delegates to said Con
vention, recommending date for hold
ing primaries, and for the transaction
of such other business as may proper
ly come before the committee.
Harrison Allen, Chairman.
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Supreme Court cf
Court i.i
"The City of Dallas is empowered
tempiated, and no limitations or restrictions are imposed confining its choice
to any particular property. It has discretion within reasonable limits as to
the kind and capacity of the plant it
within like limits to choose the source of its water supply, the route of its pipe
lines and the location of! its reservoirs and pumping stations, and unless
there is clear abuse of it? to the detriment of private individuals and property
rights the courts cannot .interfere to
The foregoing is thes substance of
the decision of the Supreme Court of
Oregon in the appealed case of the
City of Dallas, respondent, vs. Mary
E. Hallock, appellant, i This was a
suit to condemn certain rights of way
over defendant's property, also a
reservoir site and 600,000 gallons of
water flowing every 24 hours in La
Creole Creek, for the purpose of con
structing and operating a water plant
for the City of Dallas. The opinion is
by Justice Wolverton.
Questions relative to the regularity
of the proceedings preliminary to the
condemnation proceedings, the issu
ance of bonds, payment for the water
system, leasing the same, etc., were
raised, but the court holds that these
are matters in which Judge Boise and
Mrs. Hallock are not interested. The
only question in which defendants are
interested are as to the necessity for
the condemnation and the measure of
damages and payment therefor.
The case of the City of Dallas vs.
E. P. Boise was decided upon practi
cally the same reasons as those which
prevailed in the case of Dallas vs.
Hallock, above mentioned.
The decision of these cases brings to
an end the long and earnest fight that
has been waged by the City of Dallas
to obtain possession of certain lands
and water rights needed in the con
S. Loughnry P.-,rT,ase Stock
and FlxUsf ar.J WW Cea
1 between Dulln 11
The Dunn giiy store, which was
closed by its owners about three weeks
ago, pending a settlement with
creditors, was opened for business
Monday morning. The stock and fix
tures have been purchased by County
Clerk U. S.- Loughary, and the busi
ness will be continued by him. Harry
Dunn will have charge of the store
until Mr. Loughary's term of office
expires. The latter gentleman will
then assume the active management
of the business.
Mr. Loughary is too well known in
Polk county to need any introduction
to the readers of the Observer. Prior
to his election to the office of County
Clerk, he had a long and successful
experience as a salesman in some of
tho largest mercantile establishments
in the Northwest, and the work of buy
ing and selling goods is not new to
him. He will conduct a first-class
grocery store and will enjoy a liberal
Putting; Up New Building;.
George L. Hawkins, the Dallas
marble cutter, is erecting a sub
stantial office and workshop on his
residence lot on Railroad street. As
soon as the structure is completed, he
will remove his business from the
present location in the Collins build
ing. The new quarters will be
comfortable and substantial, and will
be convenient to the depot and to tho
business portion of town.
Will Go to The Philippines.
Walter F. Nichols, deputy clerk of
Polk county, has received notice of his
appointment as a teacher in the public
schools of the Philippine Islands.
Mr. Nichols passed the Civil Service
examination in Portland a few months
ago, and had his name placed on the
list of candidates for appointment.
He will leave for the islands early in
Telephone Company Elects Officers.
The stockholders of the Dallas Tele
phone Switchboard Company met in
the parlors of the Dallas City Bank
on Saturday last and elected officers
as follows: R. E- Williams, president;
T. A, Riggs, vice-president; H. L.
Fenton, secretary; Conrad Stafrin,
treasurer. The president, vice-president
and secretary constitute a Board
of Directors. The board was instruct
ed to purchase a switchboard and dis
tributing board and find a suitable
location for the central office. , The
company expect3 togive freeexchange
to all mutual telephone companies
leading into Dallas. The directors
announce that the company will be
ready for business in the near future.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund me money if It
fails to cure. E- W. Grove's signature
Is on aavcb box. lia.
Affirms Decision of Lower
and HallocK Cases.
to condemn property for the use con
may install, and so it has a discretion
control it."
struction of a system of water works.
So confident was the city council of
the outcome of the contest, that work
on the plant was begun a few weeks
after the trial of these cases was had
in the Circuit Court, and at a time
when it was known that Judge Boise
and Mrs. Hallock were preparing to
appeal to a higher tribunal. The re
sult is that the decision of the Supreme
Court is in advance of the completion
of the water-works by only a few
While these suits have cost the city
a neat sum of money, everything
sought has been gained. Dallas has
a perpetual right to use the water of
Canyon Creek for domestic and fire
purposes, and one or two property
holders will no longer be enabled to
stay the progress of a live and grow
ing city of 1500 inhabitants. In pur
sueing a steady and unswerving
course in providing an abundant sup
ply of pure and wholesome mountain
water, the city council has obeyed the
will of the people as clearly expressed
in two elections. Tho hearty approval
and loyal support of a large majority
of the citizens of Dallas have lent in
valuable aid and encouragement to
the city officers in the long and stub
born contest, now happily ended for
all time. The battle has been fought,
and right has prevailed.
Miss Llna Stouffer Entertains
Her Parents' Home, Satur
day Evening;.
Miss Lina Stouffer entertained about
forty invited guests at the home of her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dan P. Stouffer,
last Saturday evening. The parlors
were prettily decorated with potted
plants, ribbons and ferns, and
numerous shaded electric lights lent
to the beautiful color effect. Mrs.
G. L. Hawkins assisted iu receiving
the guests. Several hands of flinch
were played, after which light refresh
ments were served.
The invited guests were : Mr. and
Mrs. G. L. Hawkins, Mr. and Mrs.
E. C. Kirkpatriek, Mr. and Mrs. H. H.
Dunkelberger, Mr. and Mrs, J. H.
Dunn, Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Stafrin,
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Dunn, Mr. and
Mrs. F. G. Elliott, Mr. and Mrs. Alvis
Lynch, Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Dunn ;
Misses Emma Dempsey, Bertha Full
er, Hallie Reynolds, Effle Brown,
Hazel Butler, Frankie Hayter, Evan
geline Hart, Ednolle Collins. Clarice
Brown ; Messrs. L. F. Daly, Oscar
Hayter, Tracy Staats, Lee Smith, C. L.
Starr, J. C. Hayter, Roy Glass, Dan
Poling, Chester Gates, W. L. Soehren,
J. E. Richter and Fred West.
H. Hirschberg, president of tho In
dependence National Bank, was a
Dallas visitor, Monday.
Chest Pains From
"Tobacco Heart."
Valvular Heart Dis
ease Threatened.
Miles Heart
Cured Me.
The effect of excessive smoking shown by
such symptoms as heart pains, heartburn,
smothering spells, shortness of breath, flut
tering and palpitation, is most serious. If
vour Tieart is in a-v way affected you should
at once bejjin t. use of Dr. Miles' Heart
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heart's action and improves the circulation.
"I am a local newspaper man and
hare been an inveterate smoker since my
bovhood. A little over a year ago I first
noticed symptom of heart trouble, palpita
tion and acu'e pti is and a peculiar, I might
say, indescribable. feeling across my chest
Local physicians said I had tobacco heart'
1 quit smoking for a while and took regular
dose, of digitalis and belladona with some
relief but the same old symptoms were still
there. A friend of mine beri recently died
of what the doc'or said was valvular disease
of the hear, Knowing that his symptoma
were similar to mine I felt that my time too
was limited, although I am still a young
man, in my thirty-ninth year. In Skillman
Sc Stone's drv.z store here Dr. Miles' New
Heart Cure wis recommended. I began
raking it and 1 can positively state that it
ffect is marvelous. I have just finished my
third bottle and feel like a 'kid' and believe
I am cured. Th:s letter is the spontaneous
utterance of one who wishes to think you
for benefits receive i" W. V. Grant,
Seattle, Wash , formerly of Spokane, Wash.
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Dc iUlcs Medical Co Elkhart, Ind.
Reorganized Fire Department
Dallas Will Be Well Equipped
With Apparatus.
Agents of the leading fire insurance
companies unite in the declaration
that Dallas will have the best fire pro
tection of any town of its size in Ore
gon when the new water system is
completed. The requirements of the
contract with Mr. Gates could not be
bettered, they say, and all express
surprise at the magnitude of the plant.
T.ll . i it
.uouoie stauaara nyarants at every
street crossing in the business portion
of town and fire plugs only two blocks
apart throughout tho residence district
and extending far into the suburbs
form a system of protection not often
found in country towns and seldom
even in the large cities.
hen it is remembered that the city
mains will bo supplied by a 12-inch
pipe leading from a 300,000-gallon
reservoir, built at an elevation of 190
feet above the street level, and that
this reservoir will be supplied by a 6
inch pipe from a mountain stream
flowing nearly one million gallons of
water every 24 hours, even in the dry
Summer season, it will be seen that
Dallas' water supply is second to none.
The city council has already taken
up the matter of reorganizing the fire
department and purchasing such ap
paratus and supplies as may be needed
when tho new water system is in
operation. It is altogether probable
that the present engine company will
be disbanded and two hose companies
formed. One hose cart will be housed
in the business portion of town, and
the other will probably be placed in
the engine room at the city hall.
These carts will be lighter and
narrower than the cart now in use,
and will be plentifully supplied with
new hose. This is the plan that is be
ing carried out by a number of in
terior towns in Oregon, Heppner being
among th number. The last Issue of
tho Heppner Gazette says :
"Heppner's already good system of
Are protection is being improved.
Five hundred feet of new hose has
been ordered, which makes a good
supply, in fact all that is necessary
for a town of this size. The paid
custodian of the fire apparatus has
recommended tho purchase of three
more hose carts which are needed, and
which will soon be added. The town
is well supplied in both, the business
and residence portion with hydrants
and fire plugs, and with a good
pressure and always a good reserve of
water in case of fire, Heppner is well
Resolutions of Condolence.
To tho relatives and friends of tho
lato I. It. Hughes ;
Whereas, it has pleased tho
Almighty to take from our midst tho
late I. It. Hughes, we the members of
Luckiarnuto Camp, No. 8187, M. W. A.,
beg to extend our sympathy to the be
reaved ones in the death of our friend
and neighbor, and be it
Kesolved, that wo as a camp feel
deeply tho loss of this neighbor from
our ranks, he having been a charter
member of this camp. He was always
ready to do his part, and never shirked
any duty which fell to his lot to per
form. Be it further
Resolved, that these resolutions bo
spread upon the minutes of this camp
and published in the Tolk County
Obseiiveh, arid a copy mailed to the
parents of the deceased neighbor.
Two Heavy Porkers.
Tho two Berkshire hogs exhibited
at the Dallas Goat Show by F. A.
Koser, of Eickreall, were weighed by
their owner a few days after the show
closed. Notwithstanding the fact that
the animals were given light food
while on exhibition, the boar tipped
the beam at (187 pounds, and the tow
at 549 pounds. These splendid porkers
are as fine as can be found in Oregon,
aud were greatly admired by the
visitors to tho Dallas livestock show.
Charles McDonald has purchased
the R. C. Craven property at the West
end of Court street, no will build
two houses on the lots next Fall.
A. Noltner, the veteran newspuper
man of Portland, was in Dallas, Tues
day, soliciting advertising for a
special numlxT of the Rural Spirit.
Lodge Notice : Members of Naomi
Chapter, O. E. 8., aro requested to
meet in the hall promptly at 7:15 next
Tuesday evening. Ella J. Metzoer,
W. M.
Miss Edith Houck, who has been
teaching In the Dallas public school,
left on Monday for Portland, where
she will become a nurse in a hospital.
Her place in tho school will be filled
by Mis3 Lena Stouffer.
Frank Butler, of Falls City, was a
business visitor in Dallas, Monday.
He says the route for the mutual tele
phone line between Dallas and Falls
City is already surveyed and staked
out and the work of setting the poles
will be commenced in a few days.
V -WW::
Absolute! Puro
Worst Thing a Young Man Can Ac
quire, Says, an Astoria News
paper Man.
The worst thing a man can acquire
is a thirst for office. One can take a
chance of all the ills to which a man
can fall heir and not be so seriously
damaged as to get tho office habit.
One may have faults, and who has
not; but the thirst for official honor
will level him when his faults will be
passed over as' just human frailties
and nothing more. How many young
men who have started out well in life,
prospered, become influential, and
have allowed themselves to be ap
pointed to a good, fat federal job.
What has been the average experience
of tho federal officer holder? Ask
those who have had the experience.
Take the average elective office of
the day, and the ordinary business
man would better let it alone. Busi
ness and office-seeking do not go well
together, and to follow one means the
neglect of the other. Once in office it
is a natural result that one should de
sire re-election, and at the end of two
or three terms, one is years behind the
business conditions and probably
worse off financially than when first
chosen. The average man would better
turn a deaf ear to all entreaties to ac
cept an office which would mean the
abandonment of business ventures,
and attend strictly to business.
National Aid Is Asked for Improve
ment of Highways..
There is now ponding in Cougress a
bill introduced by Hon. Walter P.
Brownlow, of Tennessee, and Hon.
Jacob H. Gallinger, Senator from New
Hampshire, appropriating $24,000,000
as National aid for the building of
wagon roads. This sum is to be dis
tributed to each State according to its
population, except that no state is to
receive less than $250,000. The states
or counties receiving this money must
add a like amount, so that $48,000,000
will be expended in the building of
wagon roads.
Colonel Brownlow says that we have
over 200,000 miles of the finest railway
in the world, more miles of railway
than all tho rest of the globe put to
gether, yet we have the poorest wagon
roads of any civilized country. Ho
believes that no one thing will do this
country so much goud as the building
of wagon roads as provided for in this
bill. As they are to be built in every
State of the Union, they will be es
pecially valuable as an object lesson.
Experience has shown that wherever
good roads exist, every one wants
more of them.
City Council Meets.
The city council meeting Monday
evening wa3 well attended, all the city
officers except Councilman Shaw be
ing present. The usual monthly bills
were ordered paid, and the reports of
the City Auditor and City Treasurer
were read. Tho report of the City
Treasurer shows a balance of $5G6 on
hand after taking up one City Hall
bond for $500. An ordinance provid
ing for new sidewalks in front of the
property of Walter Coy and H. B.
Plum me r, trustee, in First Ward, was
read first time. Consideration of the
matter of placing an arc light at the
Railroad crossing on Main street was
postponed for two weeks. The sewer
committee was given further time in
which to prepare its report.
Played Out.
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of the body Sinking at the Pit of tht
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canie so. It must be puritied In ordT to
obtain good health. Acker's Blood Elixir
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Syphilitic poisons or any other blood
diseases. It Is certainly a wonderful
remedy and we sell every bottle on a posi
tive guarantee. Belt & Cherrington, Dal
las. Oretron.
Acker's Dyspepsia Tablets. On lltUs
Tablet will give Immediate relief or mosj
refunded. in htnfitnm tin bex
at !S cents. Belt Cherrington, DaKsa,
.if 1 I; 1