Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, September 21, 1883, Page 12, Image 12

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Christian liberty is liberty to
laborers in to the harvest.” Let us gards his country’s laws is a dan­ “ live and let live,” religiously; to 7
go into all the world and preach gerous t citizen, and deserves the
develope noble Christian natures and -
.contempt of all true men
• pernrit others tu du likewise; to'**“’
Bro. Creele says in the Christian work on broad planes of life and
Notes and Comments.
Evangelist: “ Six additions to the teach others tp do likewise. He
Bro. Munnell’s' meeting at congregation at Henderson recently. who sees in the commands and
Rucherville resulted' in 10 addi­ We now number 180 members and ordinances of Christ a loving ser­
everything is now in good shape. vice to him and a means of becom­
Have just closed a most interesting ing like him, becomes broad and
Let us lay up treasures in heaven meeting at Murray, Calloway Co., liberal even in the strictest obedi­
daily. Let all our highest and best with twenty-three additions; 10 ence ; and in turn he labors to
be given to our Father.
confessions and baptisms, two re- make others broad and liberal in
All matter intended for thia department
should be sent to J. W. Caldwell, Weut Union,
Owen Co., Kentucky.
We wish to correspond with every preacher
iu Kentucky in reference to the circulation of
the H ebaxj ), and contnbutionB to its columns.
Send'for terms.
Missionary Catechism.
How many inhabitants are there
on the earth ? About 1,400,000,-
...... ........ ..... .... ........
flow many of these are idolaters?
Morgan Morgans is editing a dation.” The good work goes on.
About 850,000,000.
Missouri department. in the Stand, Bro. Creelé'says that'he once op­
How many does this make who ard with ability. We wish him posed the general evangelists work,
either know nothing of Jesus or are much success.
but the good that is being done by
opposed to him ? About 1,020,000,-
of thfì4~ts. system, has converted him.
Brest. C. R-
Female College, at Richmond, re­ Amen and amen.
tion of the earth. •
Of the remaining 385,000,00(1 cently held a meeting at Chaplin,
Bro. Munnell, our State Evangel­
how many belong to the Papal resulting in 14 additions.
ist, takes the position that the
church ? AbouCT95,0nn,0OT).--------
Men who stand before the people evangelists are church officers, and
How many belong to the Greek
to preach should use plain langu­ have authority over the elders of
church ? About 78,000,000.
the church. The authority, of
How many belong to the Copt, age. They should be careful about
course, comes from the Word of
Armenian, and other Oriental their figures of speech. Not long
ago we heard a brother speak of the God. We are inclined to this view
churches ? About 7,000,000.
of the subject, and think if it were
How many are nominally Pro­ howling desert of sin.
acted upon we could do a more
testants ?. About 100,000,000.
A Washington (D. C.) lady is re­ efficient work for Christ. We are
How many are members of the
- '-^4?-rote&tant—churchea ? ~Afiou t~ 2(LL
stand a great deal of thin preach­ We cannoFTTtiTize TTtir forces”and
How do the professed followers ing. Well, is not this, natural ? means as we should. Our spiritual
of Jesus compare in number with But we know of several western liberty amounts to licentiousness.
the others ? They are about one in preachers, who would be quite suc­ We need a fuller development of
cessful in the east, if thin preaching these essential matters, for they lie
at the very root of our success. We
How many Protestant missionary will insure success.
will investigate this question fully,
societies were there at the com­
Sisters, do you read the Christian when the nights lengthen, and we
mencement of this century ? Seven.
How many now ? Over eighty. Monitor? If not, why not? It is can burn more midnight oil. We
How many Protestant mission­ the paper you need. Get it for suggest that Bro. Munnell give us
aries were there in the year 1800 ? your daughters. It is worth more a tract on the office of an Evangel­
than the sensational story papers. ist, &c.
About seventy.
How many now ? About 2,500 Send your name and address with
Of the ordination of the Japan
ordained European and American $1.50 to Christian Publishing Co.,
missionaries at Island Park the
missionaries over 7,000 ordained St. Louis, Mo.
Review says; “ We shall wait and
native preachers, assisted by female
The church at Frankfurt has a see what these ‘ interesting and im-
missionaries, native assistants, etc.,
pressive services’ are to be. The
making a total of about 5,800 mis­ new spire and a chime of bells.
whole business is intensely sectarian
sionaries, and nearly 14,000 native The fashion thereof is like St.
Paul’s church spire in Richmond, from top to bottom, and is intended
to catch the popular breeze.” This
How many of these were received Va. It is 132 feet high. St. Raul’s
is said to be the handsomest spire constant judging of the motives of
during 1881 ? About 24,000.
How many native Protestant in this country. But what about good brethren is certainly unworthy
communicants in mission lands the the soundness of this thing ? Well, of any creature, much less one who
first of this year ? About 540,000. the chime of bells will account for professes to be a Christian minister
that. At least it is an innovation. and journalist. Can the Review
It would be profitable for Sun- Let us have a fusillade all aloniz give a “thus saith the Lord” for
> * '
r day-school pupils to memorize these the line.
judging men’s motives in this
figures. ' Also, let the adult Chris­
wholesale way ? Or can he prove
tians study them and be constrained
The Harper high license law of that these ordination services are
to pray and give for the high ttnd Illinois and the Downing high “ intended to catch the popular
holy wo*rk. What an army of sin­ license law of Missouri are inforced breeze?” We call for the evidence,
ners to convert. Every govern­ in many places. The saloon keep­ and unless it is forthcoming, we
ment is open to the reception of the ers of St. Louis and Chicago organ­ caution our brother to be more
gospel. “ The fields are white al­ ized to oppose them, which shows cautious, os the Book condems “ evil
ready to the harvest. Pray ye that that whisky men, as a class, have speakings,” “accusers of the breth­
the Lord of the harvest send more no regard for law. lie who disre- ren,' “ false accusers/’ &c.'
home will return to it—no need to
lock him in? ‘He who loves God
will keep near him—no need to
hedge him there by forms. Hence,
our best friends are those who are
true and liberal. If they have not
the true means and we have, they
will accept our means when we
prove it to be true and effective.
We and our friends can overthrow
Babylon. This is only a hint—a
riddle. So you may think is all I
have said of Babylon. But, if you *
think it all a riddle, can you guess
the riddlej—G. S. H arney , in N. Y.
^¿Pulpit Treas ttryTVoT. T.“N6. "
2 ; J. Sanderson, D D, Managing
Editor; E. B. Treat, publisher, 757
Broadway, N. Y. Yearly, in ad­
vance, $2.50; to clergymen, $2.00;
single copy, 25 cts. This is an ex­
cellent number. The frontispiece is
a portrait of R. S. Stores, D.D.,
with a condensed, but quite inter­
esting sketch of his life, and a ser­
mon by ^im, “The Transient Mak­
ing Room for the Permanent.’’
These alone are worth the yearly
subscription of the magazine. We
find the following eminent men
represented, each one discussing in­
teresting things in an able manner:
H. C. Patter, D D., O. H. Tiffeny,
D.D., C. S. Robinson, D.D., Bishop
Simpson, Morgan Dix, D.D., G. W.
Blaikie, M. B. Riddle, Canon Lid-
don, London, J. M. Buckley, R D.
H. Hitchcock, Canon Lightfoot,
Canon Wynne, C. H. Spurgeon, &<?.
Among the many interesting topics
we find, “ The Successful Church,”
“ The Rest for God,” “ The True
Home,” “ The Deathless Christ,”
“ God’s Provision for the Believer,”
“ Progress of Theology and other
Sciences,” “ Temperance and Sun­
day Closing,” “ Piaying and Work­
ing,” “ Light from the Orient on
Bible Texts,” &c. There are over
forty subjects treated by nearly as
many authors. We heartdy recom­
mend the Treasury to our readers.
It cau not be surpassed. So far as
we have seen, it has no equal in its
field. The price is in reach of all,