Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, June 15, 1883, Image 1

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C hristian
herald .
Subscription Price I
One Copy, one year......................
$8 00
One Copy, six months... .................... 1 00
[Entered at the Post-office at Monmouth, as
second class mail matter. ]
Please Notice.
We are not responsible for the opinions and
sentiments expressed by onr contributors, but
for onr own writing alone. Henee oui readers
□anst judge for themselves. We intend to give
space for the free expression of opinion, within
theRmite of sonnd-dtsere<ionTimrt the good of
the cause; bnt not be held as indorsing what
others may write.
All matter intended for pnLHcation in this
paper should l»e written :
__ - ----- ». rt*>
rVt» M*+ ***<4* ""iy-------------------
—; 2. In • ptetntegildehand-. ——-----
8. Let there be plenty of space lsjjween the
4. Write with a pen instead of a pencil, so
that it maj not be defaced in transit.
5. Write brief articles..
6. Expect no attention to articles, notices, or
qnefrtM not Bccr.mpanicd by ynnr name. —
the Lord's day. That city is wicked
enough on other days of the week
without crowding an extra amount
into the Lord’s day. Its pulpit
divines engage in spinning out
theories on the “ Higher Life,” while
its people are off on a fishing; danc­
The county cooperation was in ing or base-ball excursion.
Several days ago we received
The brethren were calling fGr a
preacher to assist in continuing $4.00 in silver wrapped in a paper
their meeting, and we were sorry and.. expressed to us. No post
office, no name and no nothing by
we could not send them on«“.
way of explanation. We can give
We expect more preachers to no credit, nor do nothing with it
Oregon from the East this summer.,
nse--it till we hear from the
We-can make ample room for all parties. Brethren be careful in
the good ones; but those who come sending us money to give full name,
here simply “ for their health,” or post office, how much each one is
to preach to- th4*-~heatKë» will-find to be credited,'etc. This wilt' save
but little to do except fish for crabs. time ami trouble.
We learn that Bro. Bruce Wol­
verton has decided not to remain in
the college work at Corvallis
■another year; but will probably
give part or all his time to preach
Next week the present session of
Chrisliau College will close with
the usual exercises. ' The faculty,
EDITORIAL NOTES. . students and people of the town are
making special preparations to en­
Dr. Bristow and wife from Pleas­ tertain the visitors. They expect
ant Hill paid us a pleasant call on to have a pleasant and profitable
commencement week. A brief pro­
gramme has-been printed in the
Several communications on hand
H erald .
have been crowded out this week.
They will all appear in due time.
One of the ablest, most prominent
and widely known preachers of Mo.
writes Us a note in which he says :
“ Mrs. ------ and I were delighted
with your review of Christian-
Evangelist on Communion question
in review of Bro. Williams of
Chicago. We both said “ good."
A sister in Kansas writing us The H erald is an excellent paper.
says, “The H erald is the best Success to it and you.”
paper we ever saw. We all look
What has become of the San
for the coming of the H erald as
for a letter from a friend in a dis­ Francisco Rescue ? We have not
seen it for several weeks. If you
tant land.”
do not send it on, brother, we will
Brethren examine the date at the
soon conclude that our criticisms
end of your name on the H erald
were too much for you, and in
and see if your time is out. If so,
your judgment, the easiest way to
renew at once, and send us the
answer them was to cut our ex­
money, we need it and don’t wish
change! Send it on, and if your
to charge you interest.
course can not stand criticism, bet­
Let those of our readers who ter abandon it.
wish to ■ get subscribers on our
It would seem that Portland'
premium list preserve this issue of
the H erald , for our space will about now is largely giving itself
/ forbid the list standing more than over to excursions and pleasure
seeking generally, and that too on
one more week, if that.
The Farm, Field and Fireside,
whose advertisement appears in
another column, will be sent vou G
months for 50 cents. It is a relia­
ble established and valuable jour­
The annual meeting for Western
W. T.. convenes at Sumner, W. T .
next week. We have a special in­
vitation to meet with the brethren,
but are sorry we cannot do so just
sow. We have a desire to visit
the Territory this summer, but not
perhaps before the last of July or
the first of August. We expect a
good report from this meeting.
Our agents there will not forget the
claims of the H erald .
We call special attention to the
letter on another page from our
Turkish missionary, Bro. G. N.
Shishmanian. Having formed his
acquaintance while a student in the
College of the Bible, Lexington,
Ky., his letter was intended to be
simply a private letter to ns; but
as it contains matters that will be
of interest to our readers, we take
the liberty of printing it. We feel
a deep interest in this mission and
wou 1<1 be glad if those who are able
would contribute somethingtowards
its support.
The temperance workers of Ken­
tucky are about to run the Hon.
Green Clfiy Smith for Governor on
the single issue of Prohibition. We
greatly fear this is an unwise move,
and if carried out, will result in
retarding the temperance cause in
that State. Too many distilleries
and saloons in the hills of Ky. for
NO. 24.
the preachers to pull prohibition
through this early. Better educate
public sentiment a little more be­
fore submitting it to the people, '
and then there will be no trouble
in carrying the point.
From present indications it would
direction of another Atheistic and
Bloody Revolution. She is seeking
by law to carefully expunge from
the text-books of her schools and
colleges all allusion to God and
Christianity. In the history of
that nation the facthas been Tully
demonstrated that no nation can
exist without the idea of and a belief .
in a true God, and that we think
should Be sufficient warning against
such a tendency at the present
- '
The New York Observer makes
this sensible and pointed reply to a
Roman Catholic paper ; “ When we
said there was nothing in the Bible .
to encourage prayers for the dead,
one of the Roman Catholic journals
took us up and quoted from the
book of Moca bees, to prove the doc­
trine and to convict us of ignorance.
We have no such book as Macabees
in our Bible. It is very convenient
for our neighbors of the Romish
sect to have a lot of spurious tracts
which we call the Apochrypha, out
of which they prove their false <ioc-
trines. But, we would have them
to understand that when we speak
of the Bible we refer to the Word
of God.”
It is not often we take it in hand
to correct our contemporary, the
Christian-Evangelist, in the state­
ment of facts; but really when
speakitig of™ Hie advantages of
Portland as the leading and grow­
ing city of this part of the coast it
sets down its population at 10,000
we are tempted to smile. It is
only necessary to state that for
two or three years past Portland
has ha<l a population of over 20,000;
and to-day she has 30,000 inhabit­
ants and rs said to be by far the
wealthiest city in the United States
to her population.