Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, January 19, 1883, Page 16, Image 16

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    of sufferers by the recent flood. Some Two hundred cases are reported.
A severe electric storm, accompanied
$500 have been collected so far, and ar­
Monmouth and Vicinity.
rangements are in progrtss for anenter- by high wind, at Denver, Co)., on the
Pres. Stanley »has sold his job press to tainment, the proceeds of which will be 12th, did much damage to buildings.
The circuit court has granted, Mrs.
Arrangements are about completed at
Mrs. Foulkea has the thanks of the
for a mammoth wharf, soon to her husband.
editors and printers for some nice birth­
At Moberly, Mo., a shanty belonging
be constructed on the water front pro­
day cake sent to this office last week.
James Davenport, a negro, was burn­
We are having a cold snap just now. perty recently purchased by tbeColum­ ed last night, together With two yonng
Considerable enow can be seen on thé bia and Puget Sound railroad company. children. The parents were absent.
Tbe amount of freight received and
surrounding mountains.
Smallpox is raging at Shiloh, Ken­
shipped by the O. R.
N. Co. at Ore-
We are sorry to learn of the death of
tucky. Whole families are stricken and1
-go» -Cityd uri n g .lhaxuaal...IkCfifiUUflJrtht.
Bister Williams of Amity. Bro. Wil-
7nl7zlna~gY6~ ftHBl ng f iu rn th e p la ce - —-
averages over 250 tons daily.
liams has our sympathy in his bereave­
Smallpox is raging at Salem, Roan
Soarlet fever has made its ap pear an oe
oke county. Thirty cases are already
at Aablaod.
The District Teachers’ Institute for
Oregon has 324 pensioners, who re- reported. The town of Roanake and
Wythorville are quarrantined against
the third Judicial District composed of eeive $36,221 annually.
Salem, and other south western towns
Linn, Marion, Polk, Tillamook and
Hon. R. B. Cochran, of Lane county,
Yamhill counties will be held at Inde- is reported seriously ill at his residence will do likewise, ltoanoke college is
suspended, and the students have gone
pendence, Polk county, on the 27th, in Eugene City..
28th, 29th, and perhaps 30th of March
Tbe school at Centerville, Umatilla home.
The progress of removing the debris
1883. The Institute will be conducted oounty, has been closed owiDg to tbe
of the Newhall disaster is progressing
by the State Superintendent of Publio prevalence of scarlet fever.
So' far the remains of
Instruction, E. B. McElroy of Salem.
Joe Miller, son of Joaquin Miller, five persons have been found in addition
Able teachers and prominent educators died at the residence of his grandfather,
to those already reported.
from all parts of the State will be pres­ H Miller, on the 4th of this month. .
At St. Louis on tbe 14th a fl e
On Saturday night at New Tacoma,
broke out shortly after 4 a . m .
the store of Daniel McCaskell. on Pa­
Pacific Coast.
in the kitchen of the Planter’s House,
A $6000 hotel is to be built at Puyal- cific avenue, was burglariously entered occupying the block on Fourth street,
L n pisooa<..... .... .. ............................................... and over 3000 cigars, valued at $200, U between Pine .and^ShefitpuLand ex-
It is expected that 3500 tons of coal were stolen.
tended to the pantry, storeroom and ser-
A case of smallpox has been discover­
can be loaded from the ooal bunkers now
| vants* quarters. These are all in a
building at Tacoma when completed. _ ed at Walla Walla, Tbe man’s name is building in the rear ’ and detached from
Charley Bryan was drowned in Myr­ Thompson, who recently came from San | the hotel, which was not injured. One
Franciaoo. He has been Bent to tbe
tle creek, last week.
of the servants was smothered to death,
On the 30th three inches of snow pest house.
one was burned, and two others have
Scarlet fever is prevailing in Klamath 1
wm on the ground at Lakeview, Lake
broken limbs.
county. The indications were favorable county, and several deaths have occur­
Chicago is to have a new $3,000,000
red from it.
for more.
Kalloch’s church is to be sold at San
A promising bank of superior bitumin-
At New Orleans the German relief
^n^-coal is being developed near Boze­
fund amounts to $5000.
man. A stem of the Northern Pacific
A barrel of beDziue exploded in tbe
Lot M. Merrill is dead. He suffered paint works of Sendam & Co., Pittsburg,,
railroad will tap this fuel deposit early
very little, and bis last momenta were ■ fatally burning Joseph Inglesby, aged
next year.
The building of tne Northern Pacific painless.
22, and slightly burning two ot|ier (Ar­
Many mills in New England are clos­ sons.
branch to connect Seattle with the main
At Neenah, WTis., a number of busi­
line of that company's road, goes on ing down on account of no supply of
ness houses burned on Sunday ; loss
The Knox woolen and other mills abont $100,000.
A rich b dy of ore has been struck in
At Cohoes, New York, three coasting
the Atlanta mine, Glendale, which for along the river at Camden, Me., are
richness surpasses anything hereto­ compelled to commence running on boys run down by a train received fatal
fore discovered. The new find is a sort half time for lack of water.
Heavy snow storms prevailed in the
Vanderbilt’s trip to California takes
of cavern with probably $100 00 in
the latter part of this month.
A boiler of an engine io the tobacco The date indefinite.
The tug Pioneer, while crossing off
Gottlief Bosk, of New Haven, Conn.,
the bar, was struck by a heavy sea on shed of Wm. Siller, at Newmantown,
the lOtb, which carried away windows, Pa., exploded. Four workmen were a baker was fatally shot by Wm. Ro-
banns, accidentally, in his store.
doors in the pilothouse and gallery, etc, badly scalded.
Smallpox has broken out in the up­
At Stoughton, Wis.’, A. G. Mandt’s
-Pilot Campbell had his arm broken.
Ebeu W. Tailant, aged 50 years, shot per Ottawa lumber sbantier, in tbe Mat- carriage and wagon works burned.
Los, $100,000 ; insured for $70,000.
himself through tbe head on the Sih, at takan district.
Dispatches from the southern pirt of
Ban Gabriel, Cal. dans?, temporary in­
Illinois say an earthquake shock was
During the year past 175,000 persons
At Astoria on the 10th, the jury re­ felt over the State on the 12th. It ex
arrived in Canada, 77, COO of whom went
turned a verdict of guilty against G. P. tended into Kentucky.
Ou the 5th, at Chicago, the weather on to the United States.
Smith, with attempt to murder Wm.
The remains of Gen. ChaDZ^y-^ere
Robertson, and sentenced to five years was yery oold.
Tbe reports that tbe Springfield iron interred at Bazancy. The archbishop
in the penitentiary.
J. C. Cooper lias been appointed sur­ company would cease the manufacture of Rbeims spoke at the grave.
of steel rails is incorrect.
The Baden ministry appeals to the
veyor of Yamhill County.
generosity of the British publio in be­
Joseph L. Wifey died at Newberg, ply suspend that branch
half of the 20,000,000 persons rendered
Yamhill county, on January 5th, aged dull season.
Tbe Newhall bouse iu Milwaukee, homeless by the flood.
72. He came to Oregon in 1860 from
The extent of the flooded country in
California, and was born in St. Law-
renpe eeuntyNew York..
__ _____ Jhe_lQch w»th 75 peopje,
middlo Rhine districts, exclusive of this
A cave occurred in the Indian Spring guests.
tributaries oFthat river, are computed
mine, near Magnolia Cal., on the 10th,
Owing to tbe smallpox epidemio in to be 700 kilometres, or Dearly half as
whereby two men, named Wm. Perkins Baltimore tbe health inspectors have large again as lake Constance. The
and Frim were cr’Oshed to death.
been plaoed in tbe depots and passen­ king of Bayaria has given a second 10,-
German citizens of San Francisco gers are closely examined, and eaoh 000 marks /or the relief of the distressed
have started a subscription for the relief turn-pike i«. watched by policemen. subject«.
A portion of the city of Gran, on the
Danube, is flooded. Eleven houses are
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