Cottage Grove echo=leader. (Cottage Grove, Lane County, Or.) 18??-1895, January 25, 1896, Image 1

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King W illiam of Prussia, the grand­
father of the present emperor, as em­
peror of Germany, and the consequent
Devoted to the Best Interests re-establishment of the German empire
of Cottage Grove, Lemati and was celebrated in some form or other.
The government of Chile has failed
Bohemia Gold Mining District.
! to float a government loan of £4,-
| 000,000.
A special decree has been issued an
nonneing the coronation of the czar
w ill take place in Moscow in May
E. P. T H O R P ,
Ex-President Harrison has announced
E d it o r a n d B u s i n e s s M a n a g e r
that he and Mrs. Dimmick are engaged
to be married. The marriage w ill not
take place until after Lent.
R a t e s o f S u b s c r ip t io n .
The Panama Canal Company is mak-
ONE YE A R ................... ..................................M2 OO
ing gigantic preparations for railroad
g J tf These rates are strictly in advance.
gNF* .Subscribers wishing a change in their construction.
It is purchasing im ­
p stoffice address should give their old as welL
mense quantities of oross ties and coal.
as new address.
The E cmo -L bader will be sent to subscribers
The Deutsche bank has obtained a
until all arrears are paid and paper ordered to
be d «continued accordiug to law.
contract to issue the Chinese loan of
Any subscriber n ot receiving his paper
regularly will please notify this office im m e­ 100,000 teals, with interest at 5 per
cent, to cost 89 , and to be issued
fP" We invite short articles of general In­
teres t-lon g ones, as a rule, not published. All at 95.
articles must be accom panied by the nam e of
A dispatch from Yokohama says the
the writer, not for publication, but as evidence
of good fulth. We assume no responsibility for queen of Corea
is certainly dead.
the opinions of correspondents.
Eutered at the postoffice at Cottage Grove as There iB no truth in the story that she
escaped at Seoul. Two Coreans have
aecoud-class matter.
been executed for participation in the
A d v e r t i s i n g R a te a P ia d e K n o w n o n A p -
p l ic a t i o n .
A Berlin dispatch to the Standard
says all the German sovereigns w ill
grant a limited pardon to criminals
1UMBEKLAND PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH— upon the occasion of the celebration of
j Sunday school, 10 a . m . Preaching, 11 a . m . the anniversary of the proclamation of
and 7 p . m ., first and third Sunday in each
m outh. Prayer meeting, each Wednesday at the empire.
8 p . m . (•• We are Journeying unto a place of
A dispatch from Peking says the
w h ich the Ix>rd said, I w ill give it y ou ; com e
thou with ns and we w ill do thee good.” — British minister has presented an ulti­
Numb. *0:29.
R ev . C. A. WOOLEY, Pastor.
matum to the Chinese government, de­
f 1HKHTIAN CH U R C H -SE R VIC ES AT 11 A. manding the opening of West river.
M .andK P. m . Sunday school at 10 a . m . The truth of the report has been de­
Y. P. 8. C. E., each Sunday at 4 p . m . Midweek nied in London, however.
prayer and praise services, W ednesday evening
at 7 o ’clock. Musical rehearsal, each Saturday
A series of postoffice robberies has
evening at 7 o c ’ lock.
just been discovered in San Francisco
eth odist c h u r c h —S u n d ay school by the government, and three Chinese
, at 10 a . M. Preaching, euch fourth Sunday
The robberies
m orning and evening. Prayer m eeting, every firms w ill lose $4,000.
Thursday night. •* The Lord is in His holy tem­ were committed by Chinese who had
Kiev. M. O. BRIN K, Pastor.
keys to open the mail boxes.
The Ashantee war in South Africa
is ended. Sir Francis Scott, in com­
mand of the British expeditionary
forces, has occupied Coomasie, the
E P I T O M E O F T H E T E L E G R A P H I C capital, without opposition.
Prempeh accepts all t’ ''J British de­
It is officially stated that Dr. Jamie­
A n I n t e r e s t i n g C o ll e c t i o n o f I t e m s F r o u
son and others who were in prison with
t h e T w o H e m is p h e r e s P r e s e n t e d In * him w ill be released unconditionally
C o n d e n s e d F o r m —A L a r g e A m o u n t by the Transvaal government, and that
o f I n fo r m a t io n in a S m a ll S p a c e ,
the Uitlanders, in due coarse of time,
w ill be enabled to make their demands
Canada is to have a naval reserve
clearly understood.
Whiaky. not wines, w ili be used for
There is a rumor current in Wash­
christening the new battle-ship Ken- ington to the effect that the United
States is preparing to enforce its de­
Peter Hougaard, believed to have mands against the Turkish government
been insane, killed himself and his for the protection of Americans resid­
w ife and five children in Chicago.
ing in Turkey, and the payment of in­
The matter of the Behring sea arbi­ demnity for property losses.
A frightful accident occurred on the
tration treaty ia at last in a fair way
to be settled, Canada having agreed to Midland Terminal railroad. The train
was en route to Denver and Colorado
ita terms.
Vigorous search is being conducted Springs, and was above the city limits
„.for the -hidden wealth of an o ld of Victor, Colq. Fiftee i p a ;,'
Spaniard, who died some years ago in were injured, six seriously, two of
whom w ill probably die.
Los Angeles.
Captain-General Martinez de Campos
The Occidental college of Los A n­
geles, Cal., a Presbyterian institution, formally resigned his command of the
has been consumed by fire. The loss is Spanish forces in Cuba to General
Marin. The ceremony took place in
$70,000, partly insured.
the great salon of the captain-generals’
The overtaxation of the public archi­
palace. There were present all author­
tect’ s office is given as the reason for
ities of the city of Havana and the
the delay in the construction of the
ohief officers of the army.
Portland, Or., public building.
The London Chronicle believes both
Colonel Ingersol, the great infidel,
England and Venezuela w ill institute
has been extended an invitation to
inquiries into the settlement and ces­
preach in a Chicago church, and to
sions of land in the dispnt-'d territory.
give hia views of ideal Chriatianity.
It says this w ill present a basis for the
The second coming of the redeemer renewal of negotiations.
It is now
has been prophesied again by an evan­ most probable that arbitration w ill be
gelist of Baltimore, who thinks the war resorted to.
talk is the beginning of the millenium.
After a two-days’ meeting held in
Through the cheapness of corn, St. Louis, by the Populist national
American distillers, for the first time committee, it was decided to leave the
in ten years, can successfully compete matter of selecting the time and place
in the French market with the Her­ for the national convention to the ex­
ecutive committee. At a subsequent
The candidacy of Senator Allison is meeting of the committee St. Louis
announced for nomination on the Re­ was chosen, and the date set at July 23.
publican ticket for the presidency.
The president of the Manufacturers’
Iowa's congressional delegation is solid Trust Company of Brooklyn, has of­
for him.
fered to place gold in the treasury, and
It has been authoritatively an­ take a recoipt therefor. Being a bid­
nounced that the Yale management der for the new issue of bonds, he sug­
has decided to abandon the project of gests that if his bid is accepted the
a race with Oxford-Cambridge crews, amount be deducted, and the balanoe
returned. It is said that in this way
of London.
the treasury would be afforded imme­
The sultan of Turkey has issued a
decree probibitiug the distribution of diate relief.
The return of Commandant Herbert
funds collected in this country by the
Red Cross Society for the relief of suf- Booth, of the Salvation Army, from
fering Armenians.
London to this conntry is likely to
A dispatch from Loudon says the clreate
the officers and
statements made in the Italian news- the rank and file oi the Salvationists in
the United States.
If he succeds in
papers that Great Britain had ceded
supplanting his elder brother. Balling-
Zilah, ou the Straits of Babel-Mandeb,
ton Booth, in charge of the army here
to Italy, is officially denied.
public meetings w ill be held in New
A dispatch from Vienna says Count York and protest against the change.
Thun, governor of Bohemia, has re­
The wheat market took a sudden
signed, and that his resignation is ex­
pected to lead to a healing of the jump in W a'la Walla and caused con­
Over 100,000
breach between the young Czechs and siderable excitement.
bushels were sold in one day. It
the Germans.
I reached 50 cents for bluestem. One
The members of the gnovernment buyer purchased 95,000 bushels of blue
bond syndicate received a letter from | stem at 50 cents, while another lot was
J. P. Morgan & Co., releasing them j sold at 50 >4 cents, f. o. b. Buyers at-
from the commitment to furnish their tributed the rise to the excessive de-
pro rata of $100,000,000 in gold, taking mand for m illing purposes on the Pa-
payment in 4 per oent government cific coast.
bondi. There is no longer any doubt
The report o{ the immigration inveg.
of the success of the loan by popular I tigating committee appointed by Secre-
tary Carlisle June 18, 1894, has just
The liabilities of Keene, Satterlee & been published. The chapter on Can-
Co., leather dealers, of Philadelphia adian migratory laborers says: The
Pa., whose failure is announced w ill commission nevertheless advises, in
reach N ,000,000.
Nothing can be j view of the injury done to American
learned of the assets. Frederick W. | labor by Canadian migratory laborers,
Satterlee, head of the firm, left the that congress provide a law regulating
city before the assignment was record- immigration into the United States
ed, in company with John M. Fenlin, from contiguous foreign countries, by
a tobacco merchant, who failed at the water or ¡and, in such a manner as to
u m e time, and neither has been heard protect our workmen from the imports-
tion of the transient cheap labor across
Sir Hercules Robinson, the governor
of Cape Colony, South Africa, and
British high commissioner, has sent a
message to Pretoria that matters have
been satisfactorily arranged in the
Transvaal and that bloodshed is ended.
Final agreement between President
Kruger and Sir Hercules Robinson,
governor of Cape ColoDy, regarding the
disposition of the prisoners oaptnred as
the result of Dr. Jamieson’ s raid into
the Transvaal has been oompleted.
Jamieson and the officers w ill be tried
in England. The rank and file of the
freebooters are now on their way to
Natalia where they w ill be turned over
to the British authorities, who w ill
decide the treatment they are to re­
Throughout the German empire the
twenty-fifth orowning at Versailles o f
is t r ^
D e v e l o p m e n t a n d P r o g r e s s o f t h e V a r i­
o u s I n d u s t r ie s o n t h e P a c i f i c C o a s t -
O r g a n iz a t io n
I m m ig r a t io n
B o a r d —O r e g o n .
Umatilla oounty has a movement on
foot to stamp out the Russian thistle.
The Bandon woolen m ills have
started np again and are running at
fall capacity.
Eighteen millions of oans were
made during the past season by an As­
toria can company.
Lakeview has been indulging lately
in rabbit drives, and thousands of the
animals have been killed.
The work on the lighthouse at Cape
Arago has been abandoned for the pres­
ent, owing to rough weather.
A new steamer called the Rath has
been put on the Columbia river by the
Oregon Railway & Navigation Com­
The machinery has been plaoed in
the iron works at Ashland and every
thing is now running very nicely with
a full force.
Material has arrived at Bandon for
the lights and fog-horns at the light­
house there. The tower fixtures are
now being placed.
A cumber of bob-tailed quails have
been reoeived from Ohio and turned
loose near Pendleton.
It is the first
of the variety in that section.
The reports from Tillamook come to
the effect that ther» is one of the
largest runs of steel-hei.d salmon ever
seen in the W ilson, Trask or other
The farmers of Wallowa have placed
ou the market this fall about 4,000
head of bogs, whioh at the prevailing
low prices have realized the owners
about $15,000.
Pendleton’ s first installment of fionr
shipments, is the first ever made from
Eastern Oregon to Australia; it consists
of 5,000 barrels, which in Australia
w ill have a valuation of abont $15,000.
Although little work has been done
on the actual construction of the As­
toria railroad, the surveying is being
pushed right along, and the prospects
of building the road are now considered
Oregon shows a great increase in the
manufacture of butter and cheese in
the past ten years. In 1885 the num­
ber of pounds manufactured was
3,286,928; in 1895 this increased to
Tne Beaver H ill coal mine distriot is
reported to show indications of a very
prosperous future, and an extra fine
vein of coal has been discovered and
small camp ’ uaa grown to be a
prominent district
The state military board have de­
cided against an encampment of the
Oregon National Guard. The expenses
would have been about $20,000, and
the members of the board were averse
to so large an expenditure at this time.
Before the ooming summer is over
upward of 500 more stamps w ill be
dropping in Baker county than daring
1895. Hundreds of men w ill be added
to the payrolls, and pi icer mines w ill
be operated on a scale unprecedented
in the county.
One of the sheep kings of Umatilla
oounty says there is a heavy increase
in the demand for sheep for spring de­
livery, and he believes that sheep w ill
be worth more this year than for some
time past, and that there wonld be an
increase of 75 per cent over last year
in the number of sheep.
Shipments of ice have commenced by
the Oregon Railway & Navigation
Company from their ponds at Ferry.
Their icehouses at Pendleton hold 600
tons, which are nsed entirely by
The oity of Pendleton
consumes about 1,000 tons. Dealers
have not yet commenced shipping.
The Pacifio Northwest immigration
board, an organization that promises
to be a most important faotor in the
near future, in advertising Oregon
throughout the East and turning the
tide of a desirable kind of immigration
in thiB direction, has been organized by
some of Portland’ s most prominent
business men. As soon as ita proposed
subscription fund of $30,000 of which
$10,000 has already been secured, has
been raised, the work of the board w ill
begin in earnest. The new board w ill
have a much larger amount of money
under control, and, with the applica­
tion of basiness ideas and principles to
its expenditure, its work is likely to be
much more effective than that of the
Oregon immigration board, and should
secure for this state its share of im m i­
W a s h in g t o n .
A new road has been opened from
the Sillaquamish at Grand Falls to
Canyon creek.
Walla W alla county is advertising
for bids for the erection of a house on
the oounty farm.
A large number of men are engaged
rebuilding the Northern Pacifio tele­
graph lines between Pasco and Prosser.
The work w ill be oompleted this
A regulalry organized band of horse
and saddle thieves have been operating
in Yakima and Kititas valleys.
The counties that have no bonded
debts in Washington are Cowlitz,
Garfield, Klikitat, San Juan and
A log boom In the Snohomish river,
° nr
containing about 10,000,000 feet of
C o n fe s s e d a n d W a s S e n t e n c e d .
Colorado Springs, Jan. 18.— Robert logs, has broken and the logs art fast
r . Smith today pleaded guilty to im- going to sea.
The saloon men of Blaine have
plication in the robbery of the Wells-
Fargo express office of $16,000 in inaugurated a crusade against the
Grassy Gulch, near Victor, some minors, who have been in the habit
montLo ago. Smith was driver of the of visiting their saloons.
wagon. He says his confederates were | The shipment of Washington lumber
George Smith, recently killed in Vio- to foreign countries inoreaBed from
tor; Gray and Weloh, who broke jail 86,000,000 feet in 1894 to 130,000,000
here some time ago, and a man named feet in 1895 with prospects for still
Mays. Smith was sentenced to six heavier shipments in 1896.
years’ imprisonment
Parties have leased a boom at the
I mouth of the Nooksack river and w ill
H o m e f o r S a lv a t io n A r m y O ffice r s.
Newark, N. J., Jan. 18.— It is an­ begin work at once to remove the jam
nounced that General Ballington Booth that has made steam navigation and
has purchased a farm in Bergen log driving impractical for the last
oounty, near the place of Theodore four years.
A Havemeyer, to be used aa a home
A vigorous fight is predicted between
, , or W0rn.0D, Salvation Army ofloera. the stookmen of the Big Bend, and the
small farmers for possession of the
north half of the Big Bend.. Some of
the settlers are trying to take up land
under the desert law, and the cattle
raisers w ill fight the matter in the
Evertt has several mills in view.
The construction of the Bell lumber
mill, on the subsidy site w ill begin at
The new oompany, who are
rebuilding the burned Smith m ill at
Lowell are actively pushing the enter­
prise forward and preparations for the
foundation of a plant are now being
The local land office at North Y ak i­
ma has an application from the com­
missioner of arid lands for the segrega­
tion of 77,180 acres of land in Yakima
county to be withdrawn under the
Carey act.
The work of selecting
lands and making preliminary lines
for the canal has been quietly going on
since the existence of the oommison,
though advantage has been taken to
a very large extent of previons surveys
The contract for furnishing and
placing the machinery in the flour m ill
at Spokane has been concluded, and
the m ill w ill be in operation about the
first of April It w ill rank as one of
the best equipped m ills in the United
States, being one of the very few hav­
ing only the latest improved ma­
chinery throughout
This establish­
ment w ill not contain a single piece
of machinery or material of any kind
that was ever in place before in any
mill, and every pieoe is of the most
recent design.
Great interest has been manifested
throughout Washington in the im m i­
gration convention which has just con­
cluded its session in Seattle. The re­
sult of the convention was the organ­
ization of a permanent Btate immigra­
tion asociation. The plan of organiza­
tion provides that the organization
shall consist of one member from each
county; that there shall be an executive
committee of seven chosen who shall
elect a president, secretary and treasurer
from their number.
C. L. Webb, of
Seattle, has been elected president.
The oommittee earnestly recommend
that an appropriation of not less than
$25,000 per annum should be made by
the next legislature, and there seemed
to be no doubt that this recommenda­
tion would be granted for the ques­
Id a h o .
The railroad payroll at Pocatello is
$40,000 per month.
A Orangeville citizen intends to put
in a hotel and a livery stable at Dixie
the ooming spring.
Boise City is ready to reoeive bids
for city sidewalk bonds; the improve­
ments were recently voted by the peo­
ple of that city.
The People's Canal Company have
a large number of teams on their work
at the west side where they are grading
a ; rapidly as possible.
The estimated cost of the woolen
mills project at American Falls is
$54,000. The actual construction w ill
probably commence in the spring.
A movement is on foot for the in­
corporation of the town of Wardner.
An attempt was mads to incorporate it
three years ago but the legal require­
ments were not all fulfilled.
Pocatello is the town chosen as the
next meeting place for the Sb-.te
Teachers' Association. The recent ses­
sion at Boise was a great success, and
H. Barton, of Idaho Fall, was electad
There was patented in the state of
Idaho during the year, 9,893 acres of
land in aid of the Btate Agricultural
college, 8,703 for insane asylum, 19,-
954 acres for penitentiary, 1,820 for
publio holdings, 22,383 for soientific
school, 96,492 for charitable institu­
tions, 5,607 for the normal school. Of
public lands in Idaho there were sur­
veyed during the year 430,895 acres.
The Northern Pacifio Company re­
ceived patents for 91,411 acres of Idaho
land during the year.
M o n ta n a .
The war department has issued a
call for bids for the erection of five
brick buildings at Fort Assinnibone.
The bids w ill be opened February 1.
A oolony is being organized in Cen­
tral Illinois to settle in Montana on
government lands. Abont 400 families
are preparing to move to the state in
the spring.
d e m o c r a t ic
W i l l B e H e ld
U n ite d
M ilit ia
H ave
S ta te .
W ill
o f S ou th ern
B een
P la c e d
K e a l .t - T h e
S ta te .
S a id
In R e a d in e s s t o
T a k e th e F ie ld .
Tallahasse, Fla., Jan. 21.— Sensa­
tional stories are afloat here tonight.
Governor Mitchell, at the request of the
war department in Washington, has or­
dered Adjutant-General Houston to see
that the Florida military be placed in
readies» to take the field at a moment’s
notice. The governor, it is reported,
w ill call the militia together tomor­
row. In the meantime, the adjutant-
general is quietly issuing orders.
Similar requests, it is reported have
been sent to the governors of other
Southern states. The story has become
generally known and is causing excite­
ment thronghout the South.
Governor Mitchell and Adjntant-
General Houston were asked in regard
to it, but they refused to talk. Gen­
eral Houston has been in bis office all
day, and has sent telegrams to all bat­
talion commanders in the state. Major
Turner, of Jacksonville, commanding
the First Florida battalion, has re­
ceived several messages from General
The battalion commanders
at Tampa and Pensacola bave also re­
ceived messages from General Houston
during the day.
It is stated, as coming from the ex­
ecutive office, that the Washington
authorities have reason to believe that
a deal is pending between Spain and
England for the sale of Cuba to tne lat­
ter; that the United States is preparing
to resist the transfer of the island, and
that the flying squadron is ooming to
American waters to be ready for the
war with the United States which w ill
inevitably follow an attempted cession
of Cuba.
Dispatches from various cities in
Florida report that the troops are
gathering and that the war fever is
higher now than the day after Presi­
dent Cleveland’ s Venezuela message.
New York, Jan. 21.— A special to
the W orld from Boston quotes Rear
Admiral Belknap retired, as saying:
“ If the British flying squadron
shonld come over to American waters
it would not astonish me. I wrote to
Admiral BnDce, at Hampton roads,
three days ago, that it wonld not sur­
prise me in the least if the flying
squadron Bhould be first heard from at
La Guayra. From the moment it was
annoupoed that the squadron was to be
m i , r , -mod, I made up my mind it
was fV. American waters. I came to
that conclusion because matters had
qieted down in the Transvaal, and the
excitement over Emperor W illiam ’ s
telegram to Kruger had subsided.
“ In my opinion, if that flying squad­
ron does appear in American waters,
under existing conditions, it can only
be construed as a menace to the United
States. ’ ’ __________________
A s a P r iv a t e
c o n v e n t io n
In C h i c a g o
o t J u ly .
th e
C it iz e n a n d N o t
e r n o r - G e n e r a l.
-TO -
NO. 34.
Washington, Jan. 18.— The Demo­
cratic convention w ill be held in Chi­
cago, July 7. That was the decision
reached today by the national Demo­
cratic committee after an interesting
and, at times, exciting session, which
continued until 11 o ’clock tonight.
There was cosiderable difference of
opinion as to the time of holding the
convention, the proposition advanced
by Mr. Thurman who held the proxy of
the New Mexico member, being to
hold it June 2, two weeks before the
Republican convention, and the other
by Hugh Wallace, of Washington, to
hold it Jnly 7. The oommittee de-
oided upon the latter date by a vote of
32 to 18.
The main interest seemed to center
in the choice of the convention city.
For this honor there were four appli­
cants, Chicago, St. Louis, Cincinnati
and New York. Thirty minutes was
allowed each in which to piesent its
claims. The speeches made by distin­
guished citizens in each instance, were
of a high order of excellence, and, at
times, aroused the greatest enthusiasm.
The balloting began at 6 o'clock this
evening, and from the first a long and
bitter straggle was indicated.
first ballot resulted:
Chicago, 6; Cincinnati, 11; St. Louis,
19; New York, 14.
There was practically no variation,
except for the change of a vote or two,
until the twenty-third ballot, when
Chicago began gradually to increase
her vote at the expense of New York.
On the twentieth ballot New York’ s
strength was rapidly disintegrating, her
vote going almost bodily for Chicago;
bnt St. Louis, whioh had tenaciously
clnug to her nineteen votes, also cap­
tured several of Cincinnati’s votes,
and, on the ballot before the last St.
Louis led Chicago by one vote. Before
the last ballot, the twenty-ninth, whioh
was taken shortly before 11 o'clock,
the four remaining votes of New York
were thrown to Chicago, and she ob­
tained the necessary plurality. Sena­
tor Brioe voted for Cincinnati to the
a . G ov­
New York, Jan. 21.— A dispatch to
the W orld from Havana says:
"G eneral Martinez Campos, after
surrendering the supreme command in
Cuba to General Marin, made an in ­
dignant statement to the World.
censor forbids its transmission by cable,
and I send it by messenger to Key
W est.”
General Campos’ statement is:
“ I speak because I am now a private
citizen and not the governor-general
Be it known that I have not resigned;
the government has removed me, and
has done well.
" I feel a great resentment, caused by
the conduct of the parties in Cnba.
Nations exercise their sovereignty in
various ways, bnt the bead should al­
ways rale. The principle of authority
shonld rise superior to all else.
“ I have been opposed, because,
while I may break, yet I never bend.
I have prevented a repetition of the sad
scenes of the last war, and this has
been distasteful to the mob.
“ The situation is this: Here is a
province, distant from the mother
country, where the political parties, by
the attitude they are taking, think to
shape the policy of Spain. If they had
] not this idea, I could speedily show
what the necessities of the situation
are. But they known that they would
find me in the way if they should ask
me to shoot 1,700 students (an allusion
to the massacre of students in the last
war), and because of this knowledge
they conspire behind my back.
“ Yes, this justifies the true saying
that Spain has lost the Americas be­
cause of the Spaniards themselves
“ This is a country of shopkeepers
who want to govern, and it is they who
are sweeping the country to min.
Time w ill tell if this be not so ."
The Boss Tweed gronp in the Poney
mining distriot is now nnder option of
English capitalists. When the sale is
consummated the sum of $1,000,OOOwill
be spent for the purchase of the prop­
erty and the erection of an immense
m illing plant.
One of the largest concentrators for
mining machinery concerns to submit
estimates on w ill be the new plant of
the Katie mine at Basin. It is under­
stood the concentrator w ill have a
capacity of 500 tons. In addition to
this w ill be a smelting plant to treat
the concentrates.
The work of removing the debris
from the Muir tnnnel is being pushed
from both ends very successfully.
About 100 men are being employed.
It is the intention of the company to
N ew s F ro m th e F ron t.
arch the center with brick material.
Havana, Jan. 21.— Further reports
Surveys have been made for an over­
head line to prevent the track crossing have now been received of the engage­
ment between Colonel Galbis and the
the tnnnel at any point.
insurgents near Batabano.
It is said
the insurgent forces that attacked him
B r it is h C o lu m b ia .
were those of Gomez. The troops met
The steel pipe works at New West­
the attack of the insurgents on their
minster have been reopened, enough
knees, and withheld their fire until the
orders being on hand to run several
enemy was within a short distance.
months with a fa ll cords.
The report says the insurgents left
The Clngston creek iron properties eleven killed on the field, and nine
are new being woiked to their full ca­ were fonnd in a canefield a short dis­
pacity, and the product is being tance away. The insurgents retreated,
i it is said, with a numerous loss, while
shipped to Pilot bay smelter.
Some fine specimens of mica were the losses to the troops were insig
brought into Ashcroft the other day. nificant.
Although it is reported that Gomez
They came from the section south,
and there is said to be a large ledge of was repulsed and defeated, it is stated
that he afterward moved south of Met-
mica there.
lena upon Gaines and in the direction
The work of the government bridge
of the village of San Nicolas. These
is to commence at onoe at Vi ctoria.
points are east of the military line of
This bridge w ill give the settlers a
Batabano, and would indicate that
road to the sea on the Indian reserva­
Gomez was successful in his attempt to
tion side of the river, where the govern­
break through the line.
ment wharf is also to be bnilt.
— In a suburb of Macon, Ga., last
The Canadian Pacific railroad bridge
over the Coqnitlam barely escaped be­ week, a house took fire during the
ing carried away by the recent high night and the neighbors gathered to
Dynamite was successfully help the inmates in saving their effects.
used to break up the jam of driftwood Four women carried a large upright
that was tne immediate cause of dan­ piano from th« parlor all the way into
the middle of the street, unassisted.
ger to the fine structure.
R o u t in e W o r k o f t h e F i f t y - F o u r t h
s io n a t W a s h i n g t o n —S e n a te .
S e s­
Washington, Jan. 17.— M ills’ speech
on finance, with frequent direct criti­
cisms of the president and the secre­
tary of the treasury, was the main fea­
ture of today’s session of the senate.
Wilson has introduced a bill in the
senate allow ing mineral propeotors and
claims on Colville reservation the
same as on other public lands. Chief
Engineer Craighill, in a letter to
Squire, estimates the oost for Puget
sound defenses at $2,822,000, not in­
cluding torpedo sites.
Washington, Jan. 18.— There was
no session of the senate today.
9 ev en th
B e lk n a p S a y s I t s C o m in g W i l l B e
M e n a c e t o t h e U n ite d S ta te s.
L E M A T I.
VOL. 7.
Washington, Jan. 16—The house
spent today in further discussion of the
pension appropraation bill. A ll fav­
ored a liberal administration of the
pension laws and the adoption of
changes of the existing laws proposed
by the bill. Shafroth of Colorado in­
troduced a Pacifio railroad bilL It
contemplates a foreclosure sale of the
Union and Cetnral Pacific railroad
properties, and, in the event that the
titles were vested in the government,
there shall be organized a government
railroad company.
The oompany is
to be managed by a board of directors
appointed by the president As soon
as oragnized the property vested in the
United States by foreclosure sale is to
be oonveyed to it. The oompany is
then to deliver to the United States
fifty-year 8-per cent bonds to the
amount of the total indebtedness to
the government, secured by a mortgage
on all the property subject only to
the bonds secured by first mortgage
upon the property in the event the
United States has not purchased or paid
the same. The stock of the new com­
pany is to be sold at publio auction,
and the amount realized applied to the
indebtedness of the gvernment, and
when the latter is tally paid, the stock
holders are to organize a new corpora­
tion. The government railroad oom­
pany is to oonvey the railroad and
porperties to it upon the surrender and
cancellation of the stock of the old
Washington, Jan. 17.— In the house
today the speaker announced the ap­
pointment of Allen of Utah to the oom­
mittee on publio lands, in place of
Curtis of Kansas, resigned. “ A free-
home b ill,” making actual residence
on railroad land grantB unnecessary
where the lands have been fenced and
improved, was pass' d. Grow opposed
the idea of communications being sent
to the house by the president ant: cabi­
net officers for the purpose of creating
legislation, and referred to the letter
sent by the president to Mr. Catching»,
"T h is boose should resent
any attempt by the president or his
olerks to diotate legislation to the
house.” The rest of the day was con­
sumed in discussion of the pension ap­
propriation bill.
Washington, Jan. 18.— The house to­
day passed the pension appropriation
bill, to the consideration of which it
has devoted the entire week, and ad-
journed. Tho clause in the bill chang­
ing the existing laws so as to allow
widows to obtain pensions under the
act of 1890. whose net inoome did not
exceed $500, per annum was stricken
ont. The provisions under the act of
1890, rejecting, suspending and dis
missing applications were allowed to
date from their first application. It
was announced that bills covering the
amendments ruled out would be re­
ported from the invalid pension com
mittee. The pension bill aB passed
carries $141,825,820, abont $50,000 less
than the estimate. The bill was passed
fifty days ahead of any previous pen
sion appropriation bill.
T h e L a r g e s t C h ic k e n R a n c h
A N ew
o n E a r th —
M e t h o d o f G e t t in g
B reeders
E a r ly o n t h e M a r k e t —V a l u a b l e H in ts
t o C h ic k e n K a is e r s .
There has been a decided interest
in the poultry industry of the North-
Speaking of the Gref
try show just closed in Portland, Theo­
Almost everybody takes some laxative
dore Sternberg, the official judge, said: medicine to cleanse the system and keep the
“ Fanciers should train their birds blood pure. Those who take SIMMONS
for exhibition; namely, render them L iver R e gu lator (liquid or powder)
docile and aoenstom them to being get all tiie benefits of a mild and pleasant
handled, so that, when they are laxative and tonic that purifies the blood
iudge the birds 1
the whole systtm.
urougnt before
Detore the
tne judge,
| and
more strengthens
t]lan this: SIMMONS
w ili readily stand at attention, thus LATOR regulates the Liver, keeps it active
showing themselves off to the best pos­ and healthy, and when the Liver is in
sible advantage. In a close show, it j g pod
condition you find yourself free from
is the careful attention to all those M alaria. Biliousness, Indigestion, Sick-
details that secure prizes for the Headache and Constipation, and rid of
that worn out and debilitated feeling.
On the question of breediig, Mr. These are all caused b y a sluggish Liver,
ood digestion and freedom from stomach
Sternberg talked intelligently, as fo l­
troubles will only be had when the liver
is properly at work- If troubled with any
“ There is no bird in the proper of these complaints, trv SIMMONS LIVER
breeding of which all the akUl and R e g u l a t o r . The King of Liver Medi­
intelligence of oui best people sre not cines, and Better than Pills.
brought into action. It is no child's
¿ » - E V E R Y P A C K A G E -« «
play to breed a fine specimen of any H as th e Z Sta m p in re d on w ra p p e r.
kind, and there is no man whose posi­
J . H. Z eiliu & Co.. P h tla., Pa.
tion in life or intellectual endowments
are so great bnt that he can find ample
use for them in the poultry fancy.
“ Breeding line fow ls is not only
science, but an art as well. W hile I i i . u r g e n t . A r e B r i n g i n g M a t t e r , t o a
C ríala—E d it o r i a l C o m m e n t .
like produces like, like appeaarnoea do
not always produoe like appearances,
I Chicago Record.]
but like combinations of blood and an­
Making all due allowanoe for pos­
cestral lines are neoessary for ot rtain sible errors in the latest repot ts of the
sitntion in Cnba, it is still not im ­
No person can really have his yards probable that the insurgents aie on the
in hand until he has bred fow ls long eve of a stroke which w ill Iriu g the
enongh to know the color beauties and . warfare to a crisis. During the last
the color defects, the shape excellencies | few weeks the tight has tie* n waged
and shape defects, for five or six gen- j steadily, the insurgents being ¿.euerally
erationa. Then he w ill begin to have the gainers. General Campos sx-ms to
some knowledge of what one bird have been unable to make any head-
mated to another w ill produce, by rea­ way against his opponents, who, aside
son of his knowledge of the ancestry of from the ad^antgae of a complete fam i-
the birds.
liartiy with the topography of their
“ The true fancier w ill keep a rt lord oountry, are inured to its climate and
of the birds he breeds from, oarefully have abundant refuges in which to take
noting the color, shape, defects, beau­ shelter. Unless the Spaniards have
ties and proportions of each m ating." been resorting to a ruse, and leading
the insurgents on simply for the pur­
W i n t e r L a y i n g Q u a lit ie s .
pose of trapping them, the fall of Ha­
That oertain breeds are better
vana is within reasonable probability.
equipped with winter-laying qualities
than others, has time and again been
W e M u st A c k n o w l e d g e T h e r a .
proved, says Farm Poultry. But that
[Chicago Inter Ocean ]
those qualities w ill amount to naught
W e are nnder no obligations of
unlses proper conditions are oomplied oourtesy toward Spain.
She was one
with, has been equally w ell settled. of the few powers that acknowledged
We know that the Brahmas, Lang- the belligerency of the Confedeia’e
shans, Plymouth Rocks, Wyandottes, states during the war for the Union.
Houdans, and some others, w ill, if in She hastened to assure Great Britain
the proper condition, and with good of the paltiy aj*i g t Met feeble lurce in__
care, lay a good many eggs righc resistenoe to our application o f the
through the worst kind of winter. So Monroe doctrine to the Venezuela issue.
w ill the Leghorns, Miuorcas, or any of Nor are we under any obligation of
the heavy layers; but the latter require s* ntiment. The Spanish government
warmer quarters, and mnoh better care is the most illiberal, the most hope­
than the first lot we named.
lessly unprogressive, in Europe. Cuba
The whole matter of eggs in winter has borne impositions tenfold more
oan only be settled by propor food and aggravated than those which foroed
care. No breed can give eggs if they the thirteen American colonies of
have not warm housing, and suoh foods Great Britain into successful revolu­
as make eggs. During rainy, snowy tion. A congressional declaration in
and windy wheater, hens must have favor of acknowledgement of the Cuban
The farmer who never republic w ill be approved from Maine
bothers about sheltering his fow ls dur. to Florida and trom tho Atlantio to the
ing winter, and who is satisfied that Pacifio.
corn is the best egg food, is the very
I n s u r r e c t io n o r R e v o l u t i o n . W h i c h ?
man who is oontinnally complaining
[New York Independent ]
about poultry being a dead loss. And
Shall we call it a revolution or a
some of this very class write to know
“ Revolutions”
which breed can be relied upon to give mere insurrection?
have been numerous in Cuba, as Senor
us eggs in winter.
So that the only reply to give is the Ponce de Leon tell our readers this
best winter layer is the ben (no matter week, and he ought to know, for he
to what class she belongs) that has the has had lively experience in them.
best housing and the best food. If Bnt somehow the Spaiush power has
one stndies the natures of tho breed on not been overthrown. Senor Palma,
hand, he w ill soon learn what is most who is the chief representative of the
“ Cuban Republic,” tells our readers
this week why Cuba ought to be free;
T h e L a r g e s t C h ic k e n R a n c h .
and he and Mr. Crosby and Senors
A t this period of the year when the Pierra and De Qnesada appeal with
old bens are still molting and half mnch eloqnenoe and earnestness for
naked, and the nights and morning American sympathy, dwelling bitterly
quite wintry, they should have a upon the wrongs aud cruelties and op­
warm house and extra care, and es­ pressions of Spanish government, and
pecially a clean plaoe to roost, says their words cannot but excite sym ­
the Argus, of Petaluma, Cal., which pathy.
is one of the great poultry oenters of
B e f o r e T h e y A r e W ip e « ! O u t.
the coast
[Atlanta Constitution.]
A few days siuoe the writer bad
Let the American people hasten to
the pleasure of looking through the
great chioken ranch of Sprockets & C o., demand belligerent rights at once be­
the largest one on earth, situated fore Spain can gather her forces to
about twelve miles north of this oity, wipe the Cubans out. Let these rights
and we are now more than ever con­ be granted them at once so that the
vinced that cleanliness, proper food struggling Cubans may have this ad­
and attention is what makes healthy vantage in their efforts to secure self-
chickens. On this ranch of 200 acres government
there are tens of thousands of chickens,
H o w S p a in T r e a t e d A m e r ic a .
big and little, yonng and old, and we
[P itt'b u rg Dispatch.]
walked for miles through long lanes of
If a third of the provinces of Spain
houses and yards critically looking for 1 were to declare that they had seceded
sick or delicate chickens and did not and this country shonld recognize them
see one. Not over 160 ohickens were as belligerents in less than three
confined together in any one yard, aud months the proceeding wonld be an
eaoh lot bad a warm house that was exact parallel to Spain’ s action when
kept as clean as a pin.
the Southern Confederacy was pro­
Chickens, like all other animals, en­ claimed.
Cuba is Spain’ s distant col­
joy a change, and a hot breakfast these ony and our neighbor, and yet we bave
oold mornings is actually neoessary if not imitated the unfriendly Spanish
you expect any profit from hens during example under the greater provocation.
antnmn and winter.
Bran or meal
scalded with boiling water and mixed D r. P ric e ’s C r e a m B a v i n g Po w de r.
with scraps or boiled potatoes, which i
World’s Fair Highest Medal and 0 ploma.
at present prices are the cheapest and 1
best food, are also good for a change.
Chickens that have a large range re­
quires less feed, but always remember
that it takes liberal feeding to briDg
eggs in paying quantities.
0 0 worth of lovely Music for Forty
which have grown their new plumage
1 . . Cents* consisting of too pages ^
and are in good order are laying, but, g —
full size Sheet Music of the
brightest, liveliest and most popular
some animal food must be given to w - latest,
selections, both vocal and Instrumental.
secure the best reslnt.
gotten up in the most elegant manner. In-
| F K E B |
C o a lm in e r * S tr ik e .
Columbus, O., Jan. 18.— One thou­
sand miners employed by the Morris
Company struck today on account of
trouble said to be locaL
D r P r ic e ’s C r e a m B a k in g Powder.
W orld 's F a ir H ig h e s t A w a rd .
eluding four large size Portraits.
CARMENCITA. the 8panlsh Dancer,
PADEREW8KI, the Great Plan let,
Broadway Theatre Bldg.. New York City.
M rs. L a n g t r y ’ s S t o le n J e w e l s .
London, Jan 18.— Governor Schust­
er, of the Union bank, of London, said
today it was true that Mrs. Langtry
had brought action for the loss of her
jewels, which were entrusted to the care
of the bank, and which were obtained
from it by a forged order.
Schuster added, however, that the bank
was resisting Mrs. Langtry's claim.
The jewels have been variously esti­
mated in
value from $50,000 to
This great Vagatatela
Vitalizar, the prese rip-
tion o f a famous French physician, will quickly cure you o f all ner­
vous or diseases of the generative organs, such as Lost Manhood,
I’alns In t ie B < ck ,8em > J Emission*. N ervous Debility.
. I'nflmevs to Murry, Kxiiaosting l/rnlns, Varicocele and
ist¡nation. It str |>* a.I lo**es by day or night. Prevents quF-k-
s of discharge, w -»ich if not checked leads to Hpermaiorrnoea and
I B E F O R E i n d A F T E R all the horrors of Impotency. < V 1*1 !»*•: A K ciaaases the liver, toe
| B t f U K L .NO « f T t H
kid-iers.nd th . urlr ary n r .. "I of ail UnpunUta
C U P I D E N E strengthens nnd restores small weak organs.
The reason sufferer': s* -e riot cured by Doctors Is because ninety p*-r cent sre tronbled with
P r o a t a t l t l* . O CPIDEXF Is the only known remedy to cure without mi operation, ¿or*) t»-*tlxnonk
ais. A written guarantee given and money returned If six boxes does not effect a permanent cure*
$L00 & box, six fur $5.00. by mail. Send for rax*circular and testimonials.
Address P A V O L M E D IC IV F . C O ., P. O Box 277b. aau Fra.-deco. Cal / V £<ru V»
J. A. BENSON, Agent.