Lane County leader. (Cottage Grove, Lane County, Or.) 1903-1905, April 08, 1904, Image 9

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ZLbe Xanc County Xcabcr
C h lt t e ™
B u r k C l a i m s in D e m a n d .
No. 51
C all forC on gression alC on ven tion
A corrospoudeut a t Greeuleaf,
A convention of tbe republican
V i s i t s thft C & t b in s o f M in e r s a n d F r i g h t - Lane C O U U ty writes a s follows :
a n . t h e P r o s p e c t o r s .
[ “ Chittem claims” are in demand, party of the First congressional dis­
trict of the state of Oregon is here­
At repeated intervals during the ; and a good many homesteads are
by called to meet in Salem, Ore;
past ten years thrilling stories have i beiug located where there are
Wednesday, April 13, at 11 a m for
c o m e from the rugged Sixes mining canyons containing the tree,
the purpose of nominating oue re
district in Coos County, Oregon, object beiug to peel the bark and
presentative for congress and to
near Myrtle Point, regarding a wild abandon the claims, as there is no
trausact such other business as may
man or a queer aud terrible monster
properly come before tbe convention
which walks erect and which has are of no value as homes under
The convention will consist of 177
been seen by scores of miners and present conditions.
delegates, apportioned among the
Oue man who has squatted on a
The latest freaks of
several counties o f the district as
the wild man is related as follows claim in a canyou debouching into
follows, to-wit: Beutoa, 7; Clack­
in the last issue of the Myrtle Point Cbickahomiuy creek, is peeling the
amas, 18; Coos, 9; Curry, 3; Doug­
Enterprise: The appearance again bark with a drawing knife and drv-
las, 14; Jackson, 12; Josephine, 7;
of the ‘'Wild Man” of the Sixes has iug it in his cabin. He hired 1600
Klamath, 4; Lake, 4; Lane; 16;
thrown some of the miners into a pounds hauled to Eugeue a couple
Lincoln, 5; Linn, 14; Marion 23;
state of excitement and fear. A re of weeks ago and sold it for 9 cents
P o I k , 9; Tillamook, 5; Washington,
port says the wild man has been a pound, though hy this process of 13; Yamhill, 11; total, 177.
seen three times since the 10th of last peeling much of the inner bark is
Delegates or others iu attendance
nn nth. The first appearance oc- I lost, so that the bark is not of the
at the convention muy secure a rate
cured on "Thompson F la t." Wm. I best quality
of one and one-third fares for the
Ward aud a young man by the
rouud trip ou the Southern Pacific
name of Burlison were sittiug by the [ i T h e King Sends H is Best Band aud the Corvallis & Eastern rail­
A cablegram from London to Geo.
fire of their cabin one night when
ways by paying full fare to Salem,
they heard something walking u- \V. Stewart, manager of tbe W orld’s
a receipt for fare paid from
rouud the cabin which resembled a I Fair Music Bureau, announces that
the ticket agent aud having same
man walking und when it came to King Edward lias given his approval
properly certified by the secretary
the corner of the cabin it took bold to the paiticipation of the Uoyal
of the convention. T. A. Harris
of tbe corner and gave the building
Chairman Congressional Committee.
a vigorous shase and kept up n World’s fair musical program. This
Curtis B. Winu, secretary.
frightful noise all the lime— tbe band of 65 pieces will give two
same that has so many times warned conceits daily for six weeks begin­
A n o th e r Strike,
the veuturssoine miners of the ap­ ning August 29. Eight band stands
The “ lady stenographers" of
proach of tbe hairy man aud caused
Rosehurg have gone on a strike,
them to flee in abject fear. Mr. designed to accommodate massed
formed a trust, and through in­
Ward walked to the cabin door and bauds of 250 musicians, Other
timidation or persuusiou induced the
could see the monster plainly as it bauds will come from Mexico,
local lawyers to sign the following
walked away, and took a shot at it
with bis rifle, but the bullet went | countries. [W e have not learned
wild of its mark. Tbe last appear- whether the C. M. A. baud of Cot­ “ We, the attorneys, counselors,
and solictors of Roseburg County
ance of the animal was at the Har­ tage Grove is included in the above
Bar, who can ntford to hire and
rison cabin only a few days ago.
maintain lady stenographers, here­
Mr Ward wns at the Harrison cab­ G iv e Facts A bou t A d vertising.
by promise ami
to and
in this time and ngniu figured in the j Every man or women who is now
with one another to have and to
excitement. About five o ’clock in advertising or intending to advertise
hold said stenographers for five and
the morning the wild man gave the should send 10 cents fur a copy of
one half days of each and everv
door of the cabin a vigorous shaking White’s Sayings published at Seat­
week, amt to release, quitclaim aud
which aroused Ward and one of the tle, Wash, at $1.00 per year:
surrender said lady stenographer
Harrison boys who took their guns
This paper gives practical hints fer one-half of one day of each and
aud started in to do the intuder about advertising system, adv illus­
every week for the other fellow to
Ward fired at the man and he an­ trations, writing
advertisements have and to hold. The one-half
swered hy sending a four pound
ami suggests methods to get more day thus set apart and dedicated to
rock at Ward’ s head but his aim business at less expense.
the other fellow shall begin each
was a little too nigh. He then dis­
It gives the advertising rates of aud every Saturday at 12 M., dur­
appeared in the brush.
all the leading publications and in ing the life of this agreement.”
Many of the miners avow that the
many other ways is worth tbe $100
“ wild man” is a reality. They have per year.
P h eas& n t Law Inoperative.
seen him uud know whereof they
Our special-A paid up subscriber
Game Warden J. W. Baker has
speak. They say he is something may ask all the questions he desires
come forth with tbe opinion that,
after the fashion of a gorilla aud un
.about business and advertising despite the fact that the law mak­
like anvthing else either in appear-.
,, ,
J . "
methods uud receeve confidential ing a closed season for pheasants
ance or action. He can outrun or
replies. One depaitment for bus- until October, 1906, did not receive
jump anything else that has ever
tiers - tells you how to start in a majority vote, it must be enforced,
been known; and uot only that but business for yourself and become
simply because it has been printed,
he can throw rocks with wonderful
nnd that he would make arrests next
force aud accuracy. He is about
Send 10 cents today, if you are October, in case hunters go gunuing
seven feet high, has broad hands
advertising or expect to advertise to for Chinas. In response to a re­
uud feet aud his body in covered hy White’s Sayings, Seattli, Wash.
quest from the Telegram, in which
a prolific growth of hair. In short
the facts were cited, Attorney Geu-
he looks like the very devil.
Were the corn of seven corn eral Crawford has expressed an
states loaded on
wagons, fortv opinion which knocks the game war­
The Leader is just in receipt of a bushels to tbe loud, and placed so
den’s theory in to a cocked hat. The
handsomely illustrated prospectus the heads of the horses would corns
Attorney General says the House <
of the Oregon Securities Company just to the rear endboard of the pre­
bill did not receive the necessary
fine mining properties in Bohemia ceding wagou, and it were possible
vote, and is therefore not a law; that
Mining District, which gives one a for this line of march to cover the
tbe printing of a bill has absolutely
good idea of the exteut nnd value land and sea, an average years'
nothing to do with the vote.— Tele­
of their spleudid property as well as C E o p from these seven corn grow­
setting forth the great amount of ing states would make a complete
improvement woik accomplished in belt of corn wagons six times around
The cities with population above
aud about their group of mines last tbe world. Place the crop of 1902 the million mark are: London 6,581,-
season. The prospectus also con- in cars holding 500 bushels each, 382; New York, 3,437,202; Paris,
taius a circular warning stockholders and allow 40 feet for car and coup- 2,714,068; Berlin, 1,888,848: Chi­
against false reports circulated a- < ling, and we would have a contiu- cago, 1,698,575: Vienna, 1,674,-
gainst their properties aud the un uous freight train 38,378 miles long, 957;
Canton, 1,000,000;
principled proceedings of certain After considering these figures, one Japan, 1,440,121; Philedelphia 1,-
so-called stock exchanges.
The really believes that, in tbe list of 293,697; St. Petersburg, 1,267,022;
Oregon Securitie Co’s properties cereals, corn stands first in point of Calcutta, 1,125,400; Constantinople,
are all they are claimed to be.
iacerage, yield and value.
1,125,000; and Pekin, 1,000,000.