Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, May 08, 1907, Image 4

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Mufcf all chlrk .nllf to Nngtet Vb. Co.
Kptcreil at ht poatotllf at 'oUf Urtve,
iiTKon an rlwu luall matter.
t month $1.00
I .v.'iir -
IS innntliH f..iii
If paid in mlvaiuv.
Clubblnt Pates.
Tin Hohonil.i Nntrvt one yvixr
vltli miv uiip nf th following
li.ittlon one ,ver for mnotuit wt
l ii' lfle Monthlv '-00
Wtvklv Oivjionlan (Portland) J-.'O
Wifkl'v .loiirnal (Portland) fi'.oo
lailv Mining Utvord (lenvr) ."i.f0
Weekly Mliiintf lWord 'J-'-5
I'ailito Homestead ti.'2.
Nortliweni Poultry Journal $17.'
1 hi .nir t 1-)I on nlf bv TltK AMK.KI
'AS MIMMi t'OSiiKKV, l'h mil tier ol lorn
meice litiil'liiiic. l-eiofr, I'olo . here ir
......i..r sin i, flntiii i iti nre til Ibe tail
liiK imperil Irwlu the cmns 111111I11K 'tia 1
Ae WM, Mientitie library anil miller1 e
rillHPAPt.R ikpl on tlicat E. C. Prafce'i
rf.lvcrlisiuK Amicv. filamliii .Merolianis ht
haiiKC Kraiu-iM-o, I'alllornia. w li.'r
for atvrnigin( can I maite lor it.
Wednesday, May S, 1907
ThelotiS trial nnd final acquittal j
of Hinger Hirniann calls to mind 1
Kti injustu-e that is hard to roirect. j
In prosecntinp tbi ram tlje govern-1
ment spent probahlv $ -5 ro and it j
is perfectly right that sufth'ieni j
money tdiould le used to uncover
eveiy stone tht mivh hide a con
vic'ion. Rut on tlje Mher han.l
what is lo b done with the de
fendant? lie wss compelled to
spend large sunm of wouey to
prove his innocence and it is right
tiiat he sho dd have aud spend
every dollar necessary 10 a full and
complete defence, but thin xpense
in itself isa fever& , punishment.
This is not right. If a slate drags
a man in'o court and fail' to prove
its case, then the state should pay
every dollar of legitimate expense
that man has heeu put to in prov
ioz hi innocence. This is true,
however, in all criminal cases, aud
the government is not the only one
that is remiss. The same principle
holds good down through the
state and city courts to the most in
considerate offender. At present,
if a man is charged witb a crime,
no matter how innocent he may he,
he is forced to spend money for
lawyer's fees and to collect testi
mony to prove his innocence, aud
in this he is punished, even though
the jury does clear him of the
charge. Many an unfortunate has
lost all he had in just such a man
ner and it is not right. The state
should reimburse him if he is innocent
Improper actions of the kidneys
causes backache, lumbago, rheuma
tism. Phieules Is a kidney remedy
that will relieve these diseases. Pleas
ant to take and guaranteed to give
satisfaction or money refunded, "lie
lief it every dose." Sold by New I-;ra
Drug Store.
path of a rond that Tim Mill or Mr.
llartiunn as hnilditig, nnd thev
had ample funds to put i' tlnont;h.
doe anyone think they would not
make n better tdiowinjr than lms
thus far been made 0.1 the Isthmus? J
In our time we have met very
few men who did not believe that
they were entirely cointK-tont I-."- ru;
a newspaper on ndw n rd '.tun,
eliminating present o locations, or
to superintend the opi-niii;: and
wot king ol a jrrcat mine. So to ho
ordinary moiIhI it l. i.ks lo inn
a raiitoad. Hut kCuitillv a Stale
Tjcgislatttte or loiigrexs itself I .in
always enough idiots and 1:1 Has
to neutralize honest an I capable
wotk ptoposed evtii in simple
things. (Jive tluin a continental
railroad to handle and it would nt
be a year until men would be prny-
ing for bnll "'tis. Then lli- 1 iu w !
table eniiali-i!ion ot "power in ! d
oral hands- wuil I be eij'ial to i d;ii 1
ly prophecy ot the 'iei i'ii ti,,ii el ,
the Republic. -Salt I.ake SVw
Prepare This Yourself.
For those who have an v 1.1111 i'
lil, 10 I .ttsoi I 1 s . wli wan 1 n -w. 1 U Ii ;
I KhkI and plenty of it, try tlii-: 1
l"lllid't I l.ilnleliiMi, um h.dl'i
ounce: Compound Imii'oh, unej
ounce; Compound Syrup Smsipa j
rilla, 1lire ohhiw:.
Shiike well in a l -tile ;ind I ike m ;
teaspoiitiful ,lo-es alter ni-li ine;il and
at bedtime. Anv iro ph .na.n v . i 1 :
supply the ingredients ut Mil ill eo- !.
Tills is the pi i-m'I i I H .i ui.i !i.
when ln.i le up Nealled ' The ;
talde Trent ment" oy oih. 1- ' I'll- - ,
clone Ulood l'uilti-r." it - i-; i-.n l ,
and certainly d's won!ei m f r - aae j
people wll mi' Hii-kiy, v.-ejil; Jli.d o-.t ;
of sorts, and Known to relieve -1 1 1 1
oils, lon---t aiidinr ea of 1 1 n-m i :
tisni and 1 hi. lile leiekarhe
Make soioe up and try il j
An iilitrtratioii i the fjii-nt in-!
crease in cot-t ot eoiistt iu tine, in: '
gallon canals and striK-tuns m ihi j
west and the diih ulty ;h" (ilcmi I
ment i exptneiu-iug 111 se 111 in.1, '
reasonable prices was furnish d ;
when bids were opctid at Khun tli I
Falls for the excavation of th
Keuo canal. This contract, w hieh
involved the excavation of SO 01 10
cubic yards of eurth nnd rock,' was
advertised for more than two
mouths, but only one bid was re
ceived that of l'apiet (Hebisch v
Jopliu of Porlland, for f,2,S2!i.
An analysis of this bid showed
that the contractor was- asking "
ceDts per cubic yard foremlh n
cavation. Less tnnn nine moi tlis
ags the Government let a coutmcl
for work of this character at less
than 10 cents per cubic yard an
out of 14 bids received, Is cents
was the hihent amount asked.
On the ground that the bid of
the Portland linn wis excessive,
the Secretary of the Iutetior i
jected it and authorized the Kec!
mat oii Service to do the work by
force account. It is probable that
by subdividing the contract it can
be ltt to individuals residing in the
vicinity of the project.
A great many people who have
favored Government ownership of
railroads are hesitating now. They
see the tpectacle of great through
lines of railroad, which have been
managed with consummate ability,
now in the midst of apparently
great piosperity, half stranded ar.u
their managers at their wit's ends
what to do to mtet the traffic that
presses upon them aud at the same
time keep their loads in Working
order. I.ookiug ut this aud then
thinking what the ordinary state
Legislature would do, or even what
Congress would do, thinking men
recoil before the prospect. "Hut"
says one, ''those railroad sharps
manipulate stocks; they are not fair
to stockholders; they discriminate
against towns and firms and indi
viduals." Probably yes, at leaHt
some of them, but a firm execution
of the Jaws would stop all those
things, aud would they be cured
under Government Ov. nership ?
Klecting men to high office does
not change their nature. And with
the best intentions some high of
ficers make but a sorry showing
when given some great work to
perform which is out of their
sphere. For instance, the work of
the Panama Canal has not been, so
far, an unqualified success. Sup
pose that were interposed in the
V v
A f? ?7 m ;
,;n j iwt
U i
J' -
1 4
. Its No Wonder
THIS TO;ilCRY li.-.s.-m iiii- '
mi-use HAT tr.-nK" when n von
siiK r tlir .New Styles .111 i in;.', every
two wetks
t j- ; : . ; 1
ififjh Grade Mears
C.UI: l-S f;
1 1 I I .
si 1 1 Hi. iel 1 uisiM ilcr.s - - I r eou
in jiunl
. I'
t ..... r,iF"" ' :
tinned use means ncrmaueni u
; Fresh Beef, Pork, Mutton and Veal
always i(a(y. ?:
Our Refrigerator
is t lie finest in I hvi u.
' l:rcsh Nsh each Tuesday ami l:t itlay.
See our plant, every tiling new ;tul up t ilnte.
Fred Herrcn. Main H
,y in jui) tu I km! in.
y " . . . . . 1 '
t hi i,i t n ;'ih lee of meilii .1
ieiciili-t.., I'.iH'l U'l .uul l;UKchae
n.i.:(.i l.'.e proliihitiiiir its unc
1 '
in liieail m.ikin:',.
lAmrrieaii h o u s e w i v e s
1 1 I ' 'u
in r u. c viiane i?
. 1 1
j'.'.rUr Hakino
pi u!n t their lli)U.e-
ai 1 1 -i .Mum's wMui's
13 i'urc v. 1 nine l. ream
Tartar Powder is to
for the asking
1 ;
mm : 1
I lcaiUtiartcrs Vnv
Mining and Commercial Men
C. T. LONG, Prop.
be ia llWi
Buy by name J
v i
Coui:l)f and colds cunt r;i-t"d a'
this Sanson of tin y- ir shoiiM Ii iv
immediate attention. I'.i-i s'itivi1
Cougli Syrup contaiiiH Money ami Tar
ami i iincijiiallcii for hoar)-iii'.s,
croup (Hid OonyliM. I'h-asant to laUc,
mother 'iidnr.-ji' It, cliiliin-n Jik to
tuL-ii it ( Hi t 1 1 It 1 11 1 1 .1 ii:l ! 1 -u fti.iM
flic bov. -1m. Sold by .Ww l'a;i )ni'!
Sti.rc. - ,
Th-ie ii a l.lfcuwaki' sjirit of
pioiireswiv'-iiesa, hh wi.U a;; a lar
Mghted vinsj) f comiii condition?',
in the movtiinrnt at Kiito-no for
waterway foniifcctimi with I t i n ul
and the su. A onul fioin v.':
via Monroe t ' junction v.ilh tin
lyong 'fom in iienton county, and
thence through the f.on Tom and
Willamette to Corvallis, tlie pit-sent
heful of regular steamboat navia-
'XOoooooc o '..-" c o .000: 000c j 0
L IV I J -" J . 11. ai:.: . . 1: M .' M. . I
. ? A j
.--a ion il.v j.- --.ii- l iVi-.-v V 11 1 ,. 1 1 m . . i'.ii i i t : 1 i.i . Y,
tl, I h'l .: Ii::r. p 'HI I A I
' ,-.l.- Unit th. v -.ilM-.i l-.u - 0 ' ' ''""' ''' 0 I
, t -1 - J I I - - "II 1 1 1 ; I ' i I f .' i t - . ':.itl.' I V w.. '
1 I 1 . . I . . . I . . I . A V "
; : 1 1 , 1 1 t ti'. i ''lit . . 1 , j . t f) u 1
- .'!ii i:- 1. W.- u.i..l 10 m A Ik I Ii I y
: " ! ( ISill 0M.llll;l!(l! IiIDIC f '
J .nyoii" l-i ir .r .!' I -ioi' - o o i
1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 ii 1 1 1 1 . ! 1 1 . 1 ' m' ; 1 1 1 1 1 i 7 . 9
I,;,',',,-;!',, : . ,,.0, .a- j ' Paid Capital $26,000.00. S
c t 11 ( 1 1 1 i .-: 1 i-. 'i,y t of l.'li y ?
t -nil. Ci.l'.lllllii ' V ' i-.lili- ? -.. V
J oj.h'.r.i' .a- 1 nl 1 o. . i II:- j W. II. Ahrau.t I'ri-ldnit b
t ,iin,- no nil 'in- 1 11 V O It. Lurch - Vii.e-l'rt'.iileiit O
I . . t j j- t 1 1 i t . vi ..f- il if ' C. Hon Kinii - Ciuhier x
J -:.iii'-. v. i;l .' ' , . t il 1 J A. II. Kclio - AinUtant Cahier A
t plion- ai jolnlclv ir.;:. l!vi i v 4 r, O
f : nt i l.oitiidb- !' .1 a 'I- 9 .. V
I nj.i' t ,y I 1 1 l.iiloiy . 1 1 1 I t A 61
in v ;.:." ir 'Im r- "'I'-rwi- 1 o ,' r .'n .--ioi ( :i l i v- I. 'in!. ! I In- I
l'',"!"l-"l " i- , . A i,ii,..-s of tl.n .-it v and .
I ,.. ii 1 , ,. ?, .aiToiimliirr -'.aiii rv. 6 I
in - 11 a l " .0 '' ' " 1 v' ! mt 6 I
action. ' ' o I
1 ........ I . .1 .f...!.i (1 O l
I who is l, I- to I nnd iin.K" 4 Wt Solvit '0lir hn. illc's. A
';o'l all -iiai.mti c t 7 9
t i) . 6
j NOTIONS and WUVCLTIES ; 000000.00000000000000000006
;The Bazaar J j1!
1 Hie 'lRitftilllOllil iilllK i
3 I
, & THE
V I, ivc rrrrivr l finr mw, l"t. fl liinittnmt, Imi'l,l, f . 1 1 w e"""l
I' i I" k ,in,ii ili il uiually ' il at li.W Ciill 41 IcUil, oliuli iultm jjy dlau-
1 iu i, tii-c In iil.rrl.'C tlir Miilijrrlul
r.'..,ii i) lihlii, ;.lu!iii , duoLlF, n.nvrn.r nl. ami (ale, anil Which if revolutionism
the art ul havlnc.
'- .t 4. ; U'J .t I. I ..I t lllll .l M Mil iiiaivc1uu Alt I lit1
itHOI tAUrlilttUr i
W llttb tl.U fr.tiik illr fiA i
i.fl.'f a Ii. I n rll.Ml n- i, I
lULliiir." I Ml...' in I I.Ui I nirf f
lion, is one of the plans proposed.
An outlet of the kind would be
a conHeijuential auset for tlio future
Kugene. The Willamette valley i.s
eamly capable of supporting ft pop
ulation of . million and a half.
There is scarcely a product known
to thfi temperate one that t he
region will not only produce, but
produce iu great abundance and
luxuriance. In the now cropH ex
perts are evolving it is being hhown
that in the immediate future in tho
Willamette valley there will be
Hiicculent foods for livcHtoek every
month i" the year, u condition
known nowhere else, unci an asset
that will mean millions udded to
tin) ( ; j ni t
Cmnjii t
tllOl it V. !lf
ditiuiis, In.
wtalth ot
i '
li-. ; ;iic :i'l-
i- ., ot sin !y,.o
v I i. il ..Il i. v,oi Lable
JMiMioiHioi) a ;f,r in
po-t'iilile i"l' I hi i ;:l i ii'irdiii'ii il V ' '
voi'd section. Tiu ,'. i I' !;f
churacter (,'f tin- -i owid'l rod'n ts
gives' tin.- rc.'ion a ri--.oniec fai be
yond that t' v.liidi il " 'U ' ' ul pop
ulation ban ( oin i i.l ion. It ineanri
u JiJtuie poiiilu' it ii lliat . ill in. Ke j
uf iMit'cii- and oilier ve.lli y towi.n, . .'
iMtic. of -i(ai imi'orbmee, wi altli ! ! 1 ''"'f
. . ; r' $ I'lC'lill'llt.
ami population. A new uiiery 01 :
eo nine ree, : ucli 'is a uabr route
wilh its eheapi-Kl d :ili Itntisportii
lion, would uii in-oMptit'ible
Value fur fJn-ene when tho Willam
ette v dl y .l ii ill tome iiilo its own.
Collage Grove, Or.
Fai'.l uj Cripitul:
i Siii-iiis .iii'l I ' 1 1 f I i , i !-. I'rnii
M ....
an V lo In. in "11 iliJilnVi'U '-.'
i'! .t i l i .1 1 1 j : "'''I , av Uilalilu i
il.ic" in tli l' lali
a iiki.i.i it pi
I-, i.i a... u.nri ir
. :.l . IT "ii lnivit
in i i 'l :. . sallow,
ivi lnl h l i.llilly
inlrii li juirt'i't
i'ui' Jt-gul LlaLki .'u-et oliico
in l.'.n I
. ! J ii lil ' i .1 liiMhuu j. 1
' n ' I"' uiiliirl, in a jilntii
'i- .i-Hi'iiliirn. If yuti
i I I V.' ,' ' Ul H I lilllllliKilf iL
.!o..l.0.'i, l.'"i Aliiclrny bliltf.,
I II r l . I ''il'l I.l Mil, I'M-glill. w
I linUol
f I'.t Kdi.calU Hlfur .l ti will Hot hnn bc lmr.i Ai. t ni' d .Wli.atc f4o, I i.r f
. 't, a - ioiiiii rinl i hi, rvii l'i mm Ititf Hn lit- If t I- i Iv
': " c . t . rv k 1 1. q il'v Bol II 10 n h In ft goU to. u lu ft gon J t r"p. Wl'ti
i-- t'l 'Mill! ti'- UOPift tJ.ftiii it lo ut b.e 1 4. iMr4 iTt'i'ti j , r. r,. t' ' I ' " "
I I ' .1' t . 4 -l K t . b'l p tl.PHI 41 )l (; ..r til I'. ' ltd'' -Ii illi ol. I' elf l'i )
' l i l r , tlv "i 1 'tr..',tf II v Cell Kadlumlt Utruji ill under tl p.n.l'ir ,'o -fw. (4
nmtkunito Strops SQo $250: ffo-.rtjrs, 4? I O
i '..-., 1, Cii Nt.t.K. UnliitMlt' I fCH. L- A l .i'-'-"1 ' i t-.i ii, ft '
' ; r 1 i - i . I..t t - .If titMlr n I .iii to. . u I- - j I -l.loi, 11. i .r . - ,ln tl j IteJ IU UltaMi
1 ' - ; " ' l.atMty l i .1 r , an 1 It, dr tr II'.;.
r."-"" prr.rror sTRoy t ? v ' CMsv.tMnc
i , . , . , ,i. ..'ic, . . ii... .. , ii .... i. i .1 'V- -it - f ln will
, , ii , ... . ..! .i : i. .! ., t- . - - - m ,i - .,.,..,.,,,,,,, .ir p
i .ii 3 ti.c I. j : -.'.- ,i. f .. . ... , ( : UJT at tu4
Griffin & Vcalch Company.
or THE
it (guarantee & Crust
Pays 4 pvr cent, on Savings Accounts
4 " " " Certificates of Deposit
" 3 " " " Accounts Subject to Check
J. Thordurn Ross President
Ceorce H. Hill Vice President
T. T, Burkiiart Treasurer
John E. Aitchison Secretary
Chas. H. Koff -Asst. Tredsunr
240-244 Washington St., Cor. Second