Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, January 30, 1907, Image 8

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    Millions Spent on Intoxicants.
i Continued from tirst page.)
c miniate for a state otlico in Tcn-H-
s.see. democrat or republican, is a
t- :iipcnnce reformer. Senator, a ilemocratie loader, lias
f !jd-4Cil himself to a movement to
2; vo cciy H'lloon from tli state.
(' liloriiims sy that a treat tem
I ranee lesson taught lv the
i . Franci-vo taitliquake. San
1'ianeison consumed much liquor
I iul wan known ns a wide-open
t wn. When t ho seismic ili-;-
tion i laret, tl'cre i the least i t
fort towar.l leal lostrietion of the
li'iuor UatnV,
I t'RK-IU.OOl l n AM I u 1 C Vs
vhieh fact i taken to inti ute that
pure-hloodo.1 American have set
their face against the vice ot
ill unV.entiesv Th'' SD.15l1.nn st.des
received but 4 per cent ot th" im
migrants who came into the conn
try list voar, and they .ire loading
the crusade u j i 1 1 t the salnon.
eelver 1' "v 1 . 1 1 1 Olllce nt ISo ic'en
Oivinii, ,a . im II i:;th i'.a;.
I le names the following vvllnes-es
'lo prove Ills' coutinious residence
.upon :i pit cultivation .!, the liu.l,
vl: .Libit Palmer. .iitfii-'t Sin, !i.
l.'im.'s I.i'hi, Foster Phillips, nil of
Colt. 11; 1 Itwc. ( ieu'.n.
1!.: 1 imin Ti. Kino ,
I 'rank A . Ti ipp. 'f 1 ! 1 M . 1
Any and ;ill 1 r- 1 t 1 l iin lii".
Nel'M'H II..' ab.IV . d'-sel . I I
IV' I UI'SIC (I I I tilt- I 1 I ' I I I ,.1 i I . ' 11
tin .
Olll.'e .Ml O! I ef- ! e
I '. I I V VI I
.NOT lei: nil;
Many s.mtii "cum s believe tint the
abolition of the dive would ;; tar-
-t r occurred, the saloons were ! tlier toward itnptoviu i i!vr coa-
c .osed and kept closed Men whojditions and prove the surest wolu
1 . . t . 1 - -.1.1 . 1. . . 1
lion 01 llie race pronicm mm 1011m
be divise.l. An eiTort is bein
ma le to secure the enactment
law which will prohibit the ship
ment of liquor into prohibition ter
ritory by apph iti interstite coin
voie thev wouid die if thev did
3 at linvo alcohol were made to
1 work clearing away debris, and
it is slid tuiuy of them have stayed
i ti the 'vnter wagon" ever sinco.
li'orth Carolina has also taken a 1
I'.'p.irtmeni 01 tiie intei lor.
I, .111. 1 Ollice ;il lowehuri;, Oreu a.
HccemUr 'Jsth, p.i.u;
N ,'tl.-.' Is h-r.'lv ejven t'.it
sami 1:1. k 1 i:vts.
of Cotl ace Urine, OivpMi, has t. , d
n. 1! iee of his intention to make tlnal
live-year proof tu support 01 Ids
claim. r. Homestead 1'iitry N.
ton ... male .1,111. :.';. Pid. (or the
'antige of the local option law. j merct provisions
t'.-oenshoro, with more than 30.0c Oj The Legislatures of 30 states arc
j-pulation, is as drv as a bone 1 now in session, an i it is probable
South Carolina has the state dis-1 that all of them will consider the
jvnsaiy svsteni. I lapaor ip.iestion in one form or an-'inn stMto whioh ten vp.irs! other. While comparatively few
I ".1 .1 t 111. Ml I . I
1 I, in-1 oiii.'.' iii 1;
.1 1 ssi:
. if M1HH..I ( !
. f In 1 ,1 1 1 1 I , . . i
1 1 . v t 1 1 i-n i- ! 01
el .Im. 1 ' . II 'in -'.
".:!. ni.i.1.' .ta'i I T.
s',. Nl'( s'( ,
Se. 1 1. 111 I . I' 1 1 -1 1 i ;
mi i s.ii.l .i ., .f
I ... .. U O' 1 . . i .
... . II. .... I'll ... ... . . 1 . 1
la j .'.-i on 1. nil urn 1 . . ,,. ,,
1 I. . 4 .... I ...... j... . ..'III T
I .,llll' . ....l.l'l .11.11 P.ll't 'M"'l 'I III
! 111.1 le hefotv IJeytster (Hi.l lo'e. lver
; I . S. lin.l Oltl.'e fit Koseluir-. Oie
.'. in . hi uril lilt I'.mC
I le tiiin.'s the following witnesses!1'!
; o prove liis eoiittti'iuus reshlenei
upon, anil eultlv.illoii o(. the l
I 1; Walter l'.;iker, .1. I. I'.ilnier,
! John Mm tin. John Sears, nil of t'ot
I tap ii'.n i', Oregon.
I'.i-.n.i wns I j. Kiii. Ueul-ter.
U I he
i !
'.'Ml . 1
'! I
1 I
'I SI, 1.
s ;.,
1 !i" s'..
on April ,'.h, ri
lie name-; the
loil.'W 01
i iMi t 11 1 1 ;. Ml
:o regarded the distillers and j men are wt.liPf? to espouse
). ewers' lobby as its real ruler, is cause of total prohibition, it is tin
w trying to keep the legislature deniably true that the movement to
:. in going oo far in enacting laws icstriet drunkenness is .Ninon-wide,
v..ieh cannot be enforced, thus 1 and that takinj the N'atiou as .1
'ikeuing the whole anti-drunken-i whole ilrunkeuness is on the Ue
as movement. In that state the j crease. Thirty millions of our
:.Ioore law permits tin citizens of 1 people, or over one-t!)ird of our
e-iy geographical division in : population, ulrea ly live under pro-
oantj, township, city or ward, to hibitiou laws. Oregonian.
nbohsh saloons by a petition Mnd
iv a maioritv of its citizens. Crockery
Maine is technically a prohibi ! Corbits.
t. on state where the sule of intoxi-; Joe Damewood cuuo in :mi:i
cants is an outlaw business. The I Wild wood yesteidav.
York Sunday laws are strict
1 1 the books, but elastic io en-1
. icement. Iu Chicago, u city !
made up largely of foreign-born'
c Pzens and sous of foreigners, the'
icf mr-nt toward local restriction
of .he liquor traffic is slow. Ohio
11s progressed from a simple pre- , notice of his intention to 111 ike lin.i
eiuct local opuon law to a regula- i "WX N.f
lion which will permit the citizens l(0 i-vt,. i;. p.i, i.,r the L-ts :. am
of unv prescribed district in the 1'. Section 1. Tovshlp s. i:.iiur
. :tv to nrohihir saloons within that 1 - W., nml that suhl pro..; will
territory, the only re.uiremeat UvtV Ur
i eing that a majority of toe citi- ej,)R. on April l ttti. 1 t7.
:c:;sign a petition against them, j He names the following witness,.-
Nebraska has a state inebriate i to prove
1 -
1 n
1 hi
( ).
prov c
11, ui'l
W alt. 1 1
uon. 1 n im I'M.
Uoli. I'i a 111
:;. hi . W i ; 1 i. 1 in 1 ni
:!' ill .
I'o N.. ."IN I., r.
Tlic (ii ivdcy 0! yen liomc Tliccomforts of a club
Tlic luxury of a first class hotel.
Chiented Liirvited
, .
1 r
nophm: roi; a i ion.
lvpartment of the Intetlor
I . ill.l Olhee :it Koselmi Oregon
leeelliler '.'sth, 1 ""I. j
Noti.e is herehv uiveti
ni i;i.i:s 11. i:i.i.i:i:s.
ot rie.isant Hill, Oiei;oa. has iKo.l
notice of hi- intention tu ma k e ti ua I .
!ieear proof in Niippoit of his'
ela 111. lloniestea.l I '.a try No
"'.'Is. ir.a.l" April ;W, !'. tor lie
N W 1 . Seetioti -'1, Townli:p i: S.
um ' 1' W. an 1 thnt s.ifl pro'.fwill
!' !!ia !e hefore ltey;ister anil IJeeeivei
1". S. L.ui'l O.'li.e at Kosei.iiru. Or. - ;
011, on Mareh N PiC
He n. imes t he following witness-,
to prove his continuous r"-il":i.v
upon, and e'lltlvatioti of. the l uel vl:
I'apt.i". l 1 I.UllUlollil. of l'llu'elM',
lire. K-lnholi I'npeiifuo. of l'l.-a--:
ant Hill, Ore.. James O. P.n-to.v.
KllCelie, Ore. , I-'re.l II. Stnster. o! j
l.'r.'i well, ( )fe.
1'.i:mami I.. I'.i'io . Kr .is! 1 it. I
1 1 M ni l: 1. am. ac r JIM: ;;. is;s !
Mil h i: i oi; im p.i.if. ri: j
I 'nlteil States Lainl I !liee,
Uo-el'iirv:. ore.. .Nov. L':'.r.. 1"" '
Notlei I- hereby iven In eon,-'
pllauee with the provl-ioiis .( the in I j
i.f Congress of.lillif ''. ls7s eiitll!e.l '
"An net for the s;ile of timber 1 . 1 n 1 111 !
. 1. . -......... I .. 1 V . '
to prove hH continuous residence , . ,. , . r -7 .
... '.. . ..... ... a aint U ash u'ti i I errilory. as I
law providing for "the examina-!;!.'" a"u " 1 " ! ,xt(.,lt.,i in all the I'uMIe l.mP
ion of dipsomaniacs, inebriates and, johll lK Pam,.r j0,. p;imereH, I s'iUl'-i u l2viin"r ;
nersnns a lietM to the evepssirp msp I V..n ilor.l.ui S .mn..l k' ! JOM.l II M II.M.iiu.i.
, . . .. .v . ,. . ,, .. 1 -. ., , n t .- . .1 I s. I 1 I ,. , , ,1
I , ' 1 I . ' I I l I 1 , U , . . , '
i Tenitoryi of onnii, Iki this 'lay
j filitl in this ctliee his sworn state- 1
i nieiit No. 7'.,j:, f ir the purchase ol the
I SK of NI! i, ; K j of Sl;i, ami SV
NO Ml i: Ol- SI I l,; I i !'
ri:ii iion i roi.'
I Notice K le'lel -IV.
I '. I t 1; o '( fill e . . 1 1 1 : 1 ; 1 .
I s ,!e j- lie. I o.,t 'I tr 1 il
I t he Stale of ( irei; mi .' ,!
I .a lie 1 ei 1 lie I M n .lav
I . 1 . 1 ' N
.1 'si' hi:
1 ..1 i,
Allnnl yen
.era M I'.iulMuineDplis, I u i -1 Smintl a:ul liilormc
iliatc I'tii 11I s via the
1 'i i
1 Liill
u 1 it
)U I!
1 , i"i h
' m o
I ll.
1 1'" I ' .
ol He
1 I
0 I
. I
S s Miaiie'iiit.i s.iiis h
I .
at cost at Miller and j
Nona: for. hi r.i.n a rio
Hepartineiit of the Interior.
Lnn.l Otllee at Koseluiri;. Ore.
1"C. I's, l'.tO'i.
.Notice Is lieivbv uh.-n that
JAM I'.S n. m-:vis.
of Cot tau'c lifave. Oreuion. has ti lo
, 1
I ' -
1 ver,
of morphine, cocaine or other nar- j I'wls. nil of rottaiv limve. nnvon.
-otic dru-s; f0r the cetention, care! L. Konv. ItejfUter. treatment of such persous, and
'.or their parole." The only home
for drunkards' wives ever estab
lished in the Umted States, and
possibly iu the world is at Des
Moines, I a. This was made a re
ality by the will of the late James
Callahan, who left $20,000 for the
purpose cf building it.
In those comrnunitie where the
percentage of foreign-born popula-
xotice roi: rum.i ation,
1 :
Hepartment of the Interior.
Ldml Office at Kosebur;;. Oregon.
Heeeniher lth, !'. "I,
Notice i-: herehv riven that
of Cottage Grove, Oregon has lileil
notice of his; intention to make linal
five-.vear proof in support of his
claim, viz: II,mieteai Kntrv No. fii", ore-oti. on
!T12 maile I-Vbruarv 1. I'.mu for the 1 day of April, I'.hC.
f Section No. 14 , in Townshli
N11. '.'11 Huiitli, Uiinxi' No. i'i we-t. .
M.. ainl will offer proof to sh.ov that
the l soiicht is mol e valuable f-T it -tiinU-r
or stone than for ay;rieuluiral
purposes, aid to establish his claim
to sab! latnl tM'foie W. V. falUni-. I'.
S. ollimls-lolier. at his olliee In 1 1 11-
hafunlav the
lots 4. it anil Section 32. Township
He names (ls- witnessi-n:
!1 S. LaiiL'e " w. and that sanl rroo! .lohu o r.rien. .ia'oi. i.i.i.k. hi 1."-
wlll be nia'le before Ke'ister ami i:e- rane. Oregon; (Mark I". Hcver. nux.
i For Your Real Estate or Business
3 j cjsj" QET IT No Matter What Your Property ,s Worth" or in Whal Town City stale or
lerntory 11 is Locaxea
If I did not have the ability and facilities to sell your property I certainly could
not afford to pay for this nd vertneincrit. This ' ad" Mike all other "ad-".i Is praetlc
iilly sure to place on my list a numlx-r of new properties, and I am Ju-t as sure to sL.l
these properties and make enough money in commissions to pay for the cost ol these
'ads." and make a yood profit besides. "That i.s why I have so lare a real estate busi
ness today.
Why not put your property amotie the number thatuii! U; sold as a result of
these "a'ls.'
I will not only be able to sell it- some timo but will be able to sell it quickly. I
am a spe cialist in quick sales. I have the most complete and up-to-date equipment.
I have branch oiliees throughout the country and a field f, rce of 1111 -u to find buyers.
I do not handle all lines usually carried by the ordinary real estate acnt. I
MI ST SI'.LL real estate and lots of it or out of bu-iness. enn assure you I am
not t-'olne; out ot business. On the contrary, I expect to find, at the dose of the year,
that I have sold twice as many properties us I did th" pa-t year, but It will first be
ncces.-ary for me to "list" more propi-ith s. I want to li-.t VolTfSainl SLLL it. It
doesn't matter whether you have a (arm, a home without any land, or a business; It.
doesn't matter what It Is worth, or wt,re it is located. If you will till out the blank
letter of in.pjiry below and mall it to me today, I will tell you how and why I can
quickly convert the property into ca h, ami will ;ive. you my complete plan
find terms foi handling It. The Information I will Ive you will be of great value to
vou, even if you should decide not to -ell. You had better write today before you
forget it.
If you want to buy any kind of a farm. House or Business, In uny part of the
country, tell me your requirements. I will guarantee to till them promptly and satisfactorily.
David P. Taff, The Land Man, 415 Kan. Ave., Topeka, Kas.
I'.'.'i, oil a ilei'lee tend
court on 1 1 e :' I : !i . i . : N
pMUl in :l stilt H il'' !',' , 1 : ! .
ne was pla-utiit and II
smil h .110 1 I i'.. :i a.ii i.
:.-iid.oit s u ii ,. , w i
i ii fa v or oi sa i I , 1 1 . . i , i ' , ,
I i ! I and a '.'a ai -t a !
dants that ti, .!'.
Iroia - i.-feii-1 i : 1 1 s
Mum I red and I .!'.
Ills i U' 1 I U I'll 1 ! . I ' '. ' I I
ie s i'i vs no I I he i'.i : : ii i .,
ell teen a n I so J mi ,i i i ; , .- . ; .
de, I as Oil-' died .11. d l"C
t he ( lerk -- . iil;, e . i , . , . , .,, r !
f. Hint V I ill t he .' H Ii ,1.1 i . .
1 'in. on I 'ao,. .'!,, ,.f .i,,,,i till
s.u I I '. airt a n I -aid . , . t o-,
d'T ' .1 -ale lo n.e I -d
inn ni" ia tie- naii.e . -f I im
l i.',', 'll : il oi l. i I o -. t , - .
cr. e and iud.-l.t. da, 1 i'
dre.l and Fifteen and .' i '
and Tu en t y -Ii do.ia : .
fi's an I Si- ,'i.t I'. ;i i :, j s , ; .
eo-i - and aei i n I n ,-. , , .
follow ln' dos,--;'-..,i l.i..,! I . .
1 .. 'v; : ii a i nu two I. ', ; i ;
t weitty nine ie, t i,. o l h
east c .nier of t !,. hi!. I. ..
s. lilt i .la It r of tie M
q : I 1 1 . r i f s,.,-i he, p, , a 1 , , .-. ,
South "f l;.anr"e .'1 We t. -no. in
We-t l-' l'"i r "I-. ti.en. e N .!
I'i ids. t heme List I l", I .
tlli lice South l.'.i;.". .,.s 1. ! ! ,
l-e;iin,nLr Ci'Illa ill!,:,; I I; - .1,1.
more or l--s in Lane ( '.,-in!. .
.NoW I Ill-re!'. .! ' ill I he I,. I 1 !
State of Ul'-X"ll .11-1 i '. i ion
Willi mild eeiu 1 1 - .ri and
1 w ill on M'.nd iv I he (l !i da
ruaiy I:hi7 at ih itii i
t he ( loll lit y I 'i ai rt. 1 1 . i ,.
Lane i'i ni ii ly , I M-.-j.-i .a . ! . t ., .
hours "f It a. in. and I I
I o'cl. 'ck p. in. ; . ie r f i - .e !
subject to ledelnj t i !: . lll "I t h
liained i lefeti- la n t - 1 1 lit title
t.-rest ill and to the .0. , ,,
real pi', iperty In i i- I r ' i a t -
deeiee cost - all1 1 ;o'C I 1 1 , 1 1 .' ' . .
Hated :it Dll-el e. I ). .' - i I
:'l-r. I'"'.;
I !. i . f Lane ( o ,n' . ( i;,
1 1 1 : i : 1 1 i s SAi.i: on ia i
Notice is hel'eliy :m'-ii
Vi I I III' i 1 1 an eei in : ' i I ,
the I lr. lilt I '.ill! t of t he -v
o for the t'oiiul V of .a ii
ll.lV of Heecinl-er I " ' i III a
Livery Feed & Sale
A. S. Powell, Prop.
I 4
'i'iic Hotlc Ji);s jivca pcrlcfl scparilt Ion
ol'inc Ical Ores
H S lilaUeSi. Df.NVIlK COLD
i.'i I.
... u
r - i :
I :
ol i
i -,
t i
I )
1. !, V'' I I ,',t ll .'
ipp;" I'lOilllcer-.
ni butt .inv l
e siie if Thin
' S( itrsinail
W. il c.
i a 1 . . w i
..I o-.
Hid I:
lii" t .
S 1 1 1 1
I li !'l on
( '
ol a
1 .
l n, 1 iitnl I tli
l o
M o.
i i ii' oi t ii .
1 e ! i V, I'rC.sldellt
J K'o: i U'oi ue. Sc
I I'ls
it I '.
l id :i:
I 1 1
I no
. ' I'll!".
'I'-'l '
I ( , ,' . I
.,: . i !..-:-,
-Ill S 1 1
1 p
' h
If You Want to Sell Fill in, Cut Out and Mail Today.
I'lease send, without cost to nie, a plan fur finding
a cash buyer for my property which consists of
Town County
State Following hi a brief de-eription
Lowest euidi price
Name Address....
jf iy w; psynK.Tff
If You Want to Buy Fill in. Cut Out and Mail Today
I desirs to buy property cone.-ponding approxima
tely with the following specific itioim: Town or city
County Stain ,
I'lice between and $ I will pay
i if down and balance
ii Kemiirks
j Name AddrcH.s
In on the oth day of Nm . ml r mm; in
Ha id Court .1 a ines L. I i On I a r 1 J 1 i i ' -lir
recovered j'lilnent a.:a .a ' .1
Sherwood defend. in' for tie- -ami. I
Seventi en (I undi id .iii.l 1 i : t l,.!iir
(.17.Vi.imi and for tic- f a 1 1 her son ,.:
(Jne 'llionsaud Hollar- I piuo oo, w hu h
Judgment v as enrolled and dm 1. 1 n d
II 1 he oil ice ui I he lel k of s ill 1 i I
on t he p.'th i lav of Nov end,, i I'a ,''. and
.-aid execution to me doe, ltd . ,.,,
inanllng lue in t he naioe o! toe SI a :
of Oregon that out of tie- p. rsm i!
propei ly of said deiindant or if s-1 1 1
I liclenl collld not be folilld tle ll out o
the real pl'opei I be oieili;.' to aid
(, t oil or after the s lid I'M ft
day of November pun; I -,-iti-iy ihe
above su m of Seven te. a II i nd c d a I, , I
Fifty Hollars :4l7,'Hiuj with -t
a t S p( I' cent siiee Vlav L'li'l I't"., al
torney fees for One Hundred ai d
Fifty Hollars i $ ,-,u imi i and I le - furl her
Hilm of One Thousand Holla i I ' Hum. an
III I'. S gold (inn now due on said
judgment with interest at I he rale ol
is jicr cent per annum in like gold com
from the Until day of .Inly I'lOa and the
further mm of ( ne Hundred Hollar-i
(100.00) uttoriicys fees an I Ten
10-100 Hollars Slo. Iuj c,:-ts ami al .o
the eo, ts of and upon this vsritaiidj
being unable to lind pi:r-ipmil properly
with which lo satisfy said judgment j
costs, and accruing costs I did on the
L'stll day of l)eeeinhe- PriMl e y nil the
f. .1 1, , .. ii.... i . .,.i i ,.
I'.il'M.l.l,: .T. ll.M'l I '.(ll 'l "I" , I ) i
situated ill Lane CounlV, Oiegoii,.
and Lclonudii'' to said 1 1, f. n la n I .1 .
! t
1 A i
a t
. N H
: in,
I N ,1.
( I, ,;-'.,
I I- 1 1' I'.lo
1 ' I ll I ! e
' I -I i
, I I'I 111" -
' I I -' .
1.1 .Hid U
led lo all
! .ii Ni; : . -rs.
I -1 . 1 1 I I ( ) V
Laud ' Ilia e
"el. .' 'III. I H.
I '. ,-n I h it i n cmi -
ision- , ,f he .-i.-t
'.. I s."s. . nt ill. d
al ol tliuli, i l.-mds
I ( a 1 , 1 o I 1 1 i . I , I lie.o .n ,
lime . ii, J',., i'i . i r y , ih
I le- I'llUe' I Old s!,, !(...,
.1. . M' I lev . .11'. .lohtlHoli
Jctlfi ,V Johnson,
I tot ii, v s a I la vv
ojh r suit, .; ; ,, ;,,.
Spe. lal att. a !,,,,, -K,n to Mining
mid i oriioiat l,,n La w .
.'It tornctj -n I - l.ti ic
- ' '' ' ' ' Nl . i iii,-,-! .v t -1 . t a-
CdTTAoi. ',l-;,ii;, (JkM.
H. C.
Ik- I,
w at. r..
cor r.t. i
V. ATl' 1 1 M K KK.
! 1 '. ; . I .i ,-l I'llco
-i;" i:. oi:i'',
' bv . ! o! ';.oi-.t I, K-i'-'.
f . .-. i . - n.ov , . em l y o .a tie, l a I , i o
;'J"iiii"iy, oi i invnn, has this d i y
j ll lei li II I I 1 1 ' olliie hi- sWillll -tateinent
. No. , 1 ' i f .r ii.- nr.-li.-i-e ol t he N L 1 ,
i N I 1 , " l M-etioi, No. U. ,n T..vMi-lni.
No. 'o s i'i! h. La nee o .:, Wet, '.
M . and .v il ! ..ur pr. . I to show I ha t
I lie I. ill' I 'll.' hi I II, ol e V .1 1 1. I do fol
1 it . I iiiiher or i :,.,e I i,;iii f t- ;i.i'ieul
j t iir.d ,'.l I'ose- and to est ihlidi ,U
rl.i iu to .aid baud In line V. .
'. ill. ins, I'.S. ( 'oinini.-aoie r, at hi.-i
olhce in 1 . 1 1 ono, Oregon, on Moielav
the Ph day ot I iliiii.u y, PI117.
lie nauie-, us vvitiie-si's: James I
Sea i s i if - e i a a vv , Oreoi m . ill h v I '.
Mill"i. ol s-aguia w. Oregon; i n-orge
e.ll - of WalleT, I H'l lll. John IL
La le I.T ol I llui.i a , ( reg( m. i
Any and all poison-, ela lining a d-
Veisely t he ,a Imv c-de.-c jbeil lands ai'ei
rei in-led lo lile their claims In this
olliee (ill or l.ef.ll'e said (tli duvof!
l'el.i'u iry, P'u7. ' 1
ins i v vi in i,. i.nnv, n,o,di'i
T.;i: (iuovi;
' All III" 1,1
" si iri'atnii iiH.
l'MI mil MK!)!C VlKi) BATHS
Ordinary Cases $12 per Week.
I'm liirlluT i.aitl.Milan wMiv,,
ir. ii. ;. sciii.i:i:i
riMlir.i: i.AM), act ji n'i; .;. is7s-
N'OTP L l oll I I LLK.'A I ION
I liite.l States Land Ollice,
lb i i burg, Ore., Nov. ... llillli.
Noliee is hen bv elv. ii tlllltill coia
pllaiioc with the provisions of the act
of '. -neiei-s ol June .'!, I -S7H. laitllled
K . r
f con.
The Orldlnl Ltlv CouiiK Syrup containing Honey and Tr. An Improvement over All Cough,
Lunl nd UronchUl Keinedloi. fleftnant to the taste and good alike for young and old. All cough
cyrup containing opiates constipate the bowela. Dee'a Laxative Honey and Tar movea the bowels
nd contains no opiates. Prepared Ly FINK-1 IX MtUICINE tOMPANV, CHICAGO, V. 6. A.
For sale by New Era Drug Store
."!. Sherwood on the 1'Hh d.iv ol' No. I "A" '"d "r "f timber lands In
eiuber P.HM1 or teibseipieii t ly lovvit :
lads 7 and s I'dock r, Mcl'a Hands
addition In Cnlluni' (iiove, iireroii
except t herefrom Ihe lollo vVin;.': He-
'l I) ll I lie; at the H. L. corner of Lot v
liloek G .Mel al lands addition lo Col
ta;'! Hrove, Ore;ron, llieuc i ruiiiiiiii!
north US feet, (hence went ,",') feel,
ttU'iice south .'is feet, Iheiice east .VI
feet to place of lieinnin;;.
Now t herefore in the name of t he
State of Oreomi mid ill compliance
with said execution and in order lo
witiufy said Julian lent costs, a ud acci'u
IntfcostsI will on Monday the 1 1 1 h
day of February PiuTnt tin- sonth .ve i
door of the County Court House in
FiiKcui'. Lane County, Oregon he-
tvveen irie liouis or ll u clock a. in.
and 4 o'clock p. in. towil, ar 1 o'i lad.
p. in. on f-aid di.y oiler for ialn for
cash subjoi't to I'cdi lujit ion, all of I he
above named J. M. Shcrwouds dc
fendant i i).dit , til le and interest In and
to said abuve ilescribed real prop
erty. Huted this 'JMtli day of Heceiuher
ITaai Fish,
Slierill' of Luue County, Oregon.
tli Slates of I abloi'iiia, Oregon, Ni
vada.and Washington Ten ilory," as
esiended lo all Ihe I'ublic I"in,
SI. ites by net of Aieil. I, IhllL',
l.'OY i. HI NILN.
a' )eter, Co. of Lane, Slate (or
lernioiv ) of Oiegoii, has this day
lile In thl i i, Hie.) his sworn statemen t
No. i I'M. lor the p'ii' ol the S
ol SV ..I Seeijoii .'in, ,, toAII
hhipNu. Pi , Lanee I W.W.
will oiler piMo; lo hh,e.v that the land
soiielii Is mole valuable fur its limber
or sione than fur ai Icull uial pur
pn e . i u i lo ent.ahli h his claim lo
.-aid land b.nae W. W. Calkins, j. ,s.
i ii ui i in i .1,. ii n i , , o. 1 1 1 . i iii u e ii i j aiji in
( r' o oii , on u on, lay , i ue it n da
Maich, P.HJ7.
He 1 1, a lues ns wit ne.-ses :
I J.Ieu Tenipli'iu iu, of ion, Oregon,
W'illiaiii Al. S illi. iins, o )e.ler, Ore.',
l!,v ron Hiinien, oi Hi lcr. oi..., .;cj!
VV ill Wn :;ii'T, o He Vli'l , I lie.
Any and nil persons claiming nL
vci -cly I he above-described lands mo
I'Cipieste.l lo hleHli ir claliilH in this
ollice all or belulV Halil 1 1 Ii day of
Ma rch, PHI7.
Time Table.
In ed'ect Sinn lay, Nov. 2't 12 a in
1 ' C It !k III
No IS Cottage (JIOvc Local t.'lo a m
I l.2) ft til
:I.'i p m
Hoi Til IliM'NIi
No 1.5
No i i New Fast 'Pin in
No Hi
No 12
No 14 New Last Train
1 . 2i a in
I.V it m
r.r, .. ...
INo 17 (-ottac drove Jioeal 'J.sopm
1 1
iy ol
0. it I li. IL II CO.
,,, . , . J1,llu 'I'alilo Nd. 4
lo lake effect November 1 llloii.
KHSt ...l,, ;,,, , Tuoi
"ll'l .silt Hilly
n;,. 1 . 1 "'iy I'.-
, Nl" '-'I'I Hia.,,,y. NoJ-Nol
.'" 1 " " 1 I Mil l I, inn I k.ll.v 1 . M I
" ' in 111:11 Ol-HVO
"lll.lllll . .
I I'rrn Oi, r. 1, 1
V! ;40 7 -.'Si
ii.-r.i-7 -Mr .
; WICU H ,, ,. ,or,.H
; -1 : 1 1 .1 r. ilrh
i.l'i !:ll.'. I.V li ...t,.( tr ;,' '
IIHo'J: l.i HI. 11 t "'
. I s,s tldl . .
HllllJDUl 1.1 I'limiHi, Wlllli.lll
aii niiiwHni
.1:filli,l: .',-ji 11
II :l!.i t:ts
11 I'll 4:,Vi
1 1 am
4 :'ii
10: 00 1 4:i)U
JW..njami. L. Fluiy, Keginter.
..nuirviivl;1'! ,""r "'
linoniu vt in, m i,1 1 , ,a ''ion.) r.,rura-
A. B. WOOD, Manager,