Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, January 30, 1907, Image 3

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    Proposed Oregon Tax Law
(i'linl limril tmiii liiHt un k )
(Tin collector to make weekly stale
Hii'iil To kiM-ji (iiikIm pc nriiti.)
Heel ion h I in 1 1 1 lln duly of
t lie In x rolli-i'tur lo i 111 U ii flnti'ini'tit
l till' llO'l I'll-illl'MM (lllV Of I'lU'll VM l lt
lf till' I'XIII'I It lit II 1 1 1 1 M of tilt' I'M-ll llll'l
enmity ohIi ih liy Ii i 111 nil IitIi iI fur tn H M
iiml 'linll li'M iiiii Inti-rcM , iiihI what
ft i i in 1 1 1 m I lii'irof ii r to he credited to
1ln several f 1 1 1 1 1 m fur mIiIi-Ii they urn re-
fM'f iVflv ClllllCll-ll, olio of which r-lllte-
lni'litM i-1 tit 1 1 lili'l with tln nullity
clerk ami niic fuml-lied l.i tin- m-IhhiI
iMtlct, tuwii, city, "rt, or otlitT mii
lii'jpal tilling it.'i'ticy fur which tin Ii of
H 1 1" 1 1 liniiiillitr II r Ho )l I'l ill, llll'l oik
of w lilcli cliiti iiii'iiN In i-lmll retain on
tile ill bin nlliiv; ii ii, r-1 lit 1 1 exhibit t"
tl iinty clerk f'T ikii 1 1 1 1 nit I lull iiml
' i it n r i mi it i IiIh cullici inn ri iinlir mid
hi -t lib hunk fnlita ililug fi'jiies of tin'
rccciit ,y him givt II fur tin' t It Xi H mi
Cul licli-il . Till- lax collt'lnr t-1 1 it 1 1 keep
tilt" InulleVK reeeiei I , y 1 i III ill sc ill rate
fund-, llll'l tlilill pity till" fitliit" over to
t lie "event I m-Ii'm i i i-l r HtM, tuwii", cit ie",
m ir t , or ut lu r n mn i'-i .n I lining "li
triclH or ngi-m-ii" entitled 1 1 1 r t-t i, upon
I I Hi f I ' i 1 1 ill" l - I'V them, Juiylng 1 1 1 1 1 1
t lie lilii'iiiiil t li'-nuf ti which lliev lire
looped iely enl it led, taking tln-ir re.
"eitrt till -refill ; I'fuV iei, fjMfiul PHI' I
fund- 14 i ill 1 1 lie ri tallied ill tin' llilll'lx f
tl utility t reii-iirer, ami cieiui-d l.y
linn upon the warrant of tli unty
t lel k nt by law piu iileil.
I - .,
II .. I
I .,
.-. i ii.ii : inn
in. Itl-lr 'I III
j.M. in. I . I V
I "I lll.lllll
I M r. III
ll ,..r.,..
I ' i ., I 1 1 1 k' I
tl..- .. inily
ll.'ll J t.i
, In..,.
lit,.,, ,i
I i t..
Mil, f flu
.llr I 1 1 , -1
tin h .ur
..I tlii-. .
Ihr ,
I , . ...II
1 l.tVrn
l..r C.l
In. Ill II S
' I"
I t i'lri , i i I lull :i 1 "I ,
i.f, In i. I llr i.- I,. i
illll ..tt1 ,
"I I'mi, (i.lKr '"I, M.llnll I
Applying niuiiey i! !-ft- f . r
ji-ct to miotln r Peiiitlty.)
Section 2'. Win n liny money kIiiiII
IlllVt" lieell Ciillecteil or fefeiM'il I'V II II V
ollicer fur any di-llncl and siccilicd oli
ject, no k irt lull uf t liein i-linll lie uii.
ir niplii-'l tu tiny utlier ol.ji-ct ur pur-
Willi. ml line nut liority, l.nt plutll
In" kept n fi-pitnilc fnii'l fur Mich Hjieci-lit-t
I object ; nml liny ollicer failing to
comply with the ppivi-lmit i,f 1 1 ; i m-i'-tiuii
flmll he liable ( it lint' nut exceed-
ni! f.MNi, or to iiiipri-'.imii nt in the
fiinnly jnil not exceeding i-ix moiitht.
Ill ( I i.llii , r. Unit 111. Ml, mi llulltfl- I
Tux collect-ir l"i receive nml receipt fur
inuiii-yt iiml county order collected
Section 21. The tin collector shall
receive ninl receipt fur all money anil
futility onlert collected by him for tuxes
in the milliner pre-rriUtl in the follow
ing section In reof , nix) miytnx colli-ctor
failing to comply with liny of the pru
vitiuiiM of t hi" ful low i ng M-i't ion i-hit 1 1
I -1 1 1 I guilty of it 1 1 1 i -' l 1 1 n it ni r , ninl
upon coiiv id ion thereof hIiiiII he lineil
in it film not lex I linn f liio nor more
I hall 1 1 ,01111, ami tin ill t ln-forc w horn
raid tax collector it triitl shall declare
lii.t ollice at Irea-iirt-r nml tux collector
vitcunt fur the remainder of 1 1 1m term.
ii;. & C t.iini., i. .ii. hi ;iin.', no iIuiiik"")
Tax co I led or ' h rcc op I of tn x col led on s.)
Section L'l. The tax collector fhnll
receive iiml receipt for all inoneyH anl
cminty opli-r-" cullertf'l hy him for taxes,
nml hliitll note on the tax roll iiain-t
the proM-rty paiil on, in cohimnH pro.
iicl theretor, t he ilntc of ciich iyineiit
mill niiinher -..f receipt. lit" i-liiill keep
filch i-tuh r -ipt liookn, in whii'lt fhall
ln kept hy him a copy of each imtl every
receipt hy liim it.ttieil, ninl hiicIj receipt"
nml HtuliH hIiiiII If urriiiiK'eil mul mini
hercil coiiHccut ivcly for encli year, ami
i-hitll hIiow exactly the ttmonnt juiiil in
fun!) ami the amount pahl in county
onterH, anil thall hlmw the plact" ami
luti of collection, the jmrpuHo for
which and the property on which tin
taxt-H were itl; hut the iniittert nhown
upon the tax roll may 1k omittetl from
(he Htul) if it contaiiiH a refctence to the
volume, piiK'i" ami line of the tax roll
wherein hucIi liuitttTH are Kct forth.
Such ntuliH or ciipit-H of the rccciptH in
nucd hy the tax collector hIihII iiIho in
every ciihc contain the jxtHtolIice or rt'Hi
tlence atlilrcHH of the tnxiiuycr, which
may he iiMi'eitiiineil ut the time of the
payment of the tax ami then elitt-rel
on t he Htul) or copy of the receipt re
laineil hy the tax collector. No tux
follector hIiiiII receive a larjrcr amount
in county orilcrx from any percon for
taxt'M than the amount of hucIi imthoii'h
futility t-axcH for the year or yearn for
which the myment in tniulo. It hIiiiII
he the tint y of the tax Collector to note
upon each receipt anil copy thereof the
nuniher ami amount of each county or
tier lie hIiuII receive, the amount of the
taxi'H for which hucIi receipt chilli he
given, ami iiIho to write the date of the
receipt upon the huck of each county
order paid in for taxctt, anil at the name
time write or Htmnp acroHH the face
thereof "Keceivcd for TaxiH," and no
county order nhull draw any iuterent
lifter Buch date. Jlenhall keep, iih u
part of the recordn of liin tillice, a collcc
lioti reenter, in which lie nhall mako
jiroper fiitrieH, Hhowing the various
jiniountH collecttHl hy him, the ftnioiintt
thereof collecttitl for each and every Hcp
urato fund, the year in which the tax
no collected hecame due, and the iiuin
liers and da tea of the rcHpective receijita
given hy liim therefor,
(II. & (. ('nni., M-i-tlon 8103, (nirntled
liy Ijiwi of lllllfi, ilmplrr 63.)
Krankneas ud lloaeatf
"Of courso your coiiHtltueuts want a
man who la jcrfcc-tly frank and hon
est." "Yes," nnnwcroil Senator Sorglmtn.
"At the Biiine tlmo moht of them luive
no obJectloiiH to my working throuuli
river nml linrhor appropriations for
places that nevor sw two feet of wa
ter except when It ruins." Washing
ton Star.
The streets of Toklo will scon have
trolley car.
( I !oiihli iiHtfHHUifnlN nml other t-irort
tax collector may coiled.)
Sec) lun L'.!. Whenever the tux col
lector dihCoveiN lliut any propetty luit
heen nHfeHHed more than once for the
Hiime year, hi" hIiiiII collect only the tax
jilntly 1 1 1 1 - theieon, mid shall make re
turn to t he county coiiit of the liiiliiliee
at iluiilile iim-i Mtinent , mill Millll Of
proper ly eri-d ited I I'l-refor ; and when
ever, at any Htne in the collection of
tllXCH, the ollicer Inivilig chltrpt of the
roll shall tliHcover errorn or omit-ni'iim
of any kind therein lm imty properly
correct t he Hitmi" tu con ful lit to t he fndM
ill whatever manlier may he neccHHitry
to make Hiieh iiHHi-nonelit , tax, or other
proceeding whatsoever regular mid
valid, Mich correct ion to he mii'h' in
red ink, or otherwise diHtiiiuuiHlied,
and to he nilied with the initial! of
the ollicer making the Hlimt" Itml the
dale of Hin h orreel ion ,
I 11 A ( '. 1 uln, , n linn lU'l'i )
( ( I m ii ted propel ty Ah -"cHHinent .)
Section 1M. Whenever, lifter the
return of the iihhi -H-lneiit roll to the
county clerk hy the hoard of eiiiali.a
tioii, the ollicer having the JioH-e-fi'ili
of the roll t 1 1 til diHCuver or receive
cridihle information, or if he Iuim rca
huii to helicve that any real or
H"rHoiial property Iiiih, from any caute,
lieen omitted, in whole or ill p:irt, in
the iiMHefmciil of any year or inimher
of ycaiK not exceeding; two yeait prior
to the la-t roll Ho e' and re
tiirncil, or from the nHM-tHment roll or
the tax roll. In-hlnill tiriK'ced to correct
! the atHCHHinciil or tax roll in In- hainN,
and add Hiieh projierty thereto, with
the piopcr vahiatloii, and charge hucIi
property and the owner t hereof w it h
the proper aiiioimt of taxet thereon at
the rate which the Haid prupeity would
have heen taxed had it Im-cii iironcrlv
, iimiii the tax roll for t he ear or yeart
at to which it wan omitted; to eiiahle
i which ollicer Hi i to do he ii herehy ill
i vchIciI with all of the powers of the
ii"i-HMor, hoanl "f eijualiat ion, and
county clerk under the laws in force
during' such years and thereafter. Hut
l I't foie making such correction or nddi-
tion, if the pi-r-on claiming to own said
'. property, or oci upy inn it or in posses
sioli thereof, resides in t he county and
it not present , such ollicer hI ut 11 gi vc Much
pertun not ire in writing of Inn inten
tmh to add such property to the iimhcss
inent tir tax roll, descrihint; it in gen
eral terms, anil requiring such person
to appear It-fore him at his ollice at a
siccilicd time, within live days after
giving such notice, and to show cause,
if any, why such projierty should not
he additl to the assessment and tax roll;
ami if the party so not i lied docs not np-
jt-ar, or if he ajijM'iirs and fails to show
I any gxl and sullicient cause why such
j assessment shall not lie made, the
j same shall he made, ami the officer
I making the correction or addition shall
I tile in his ollice a statement of the
! facts or evidence on which he made
I such correct ion . The notice in this
I sect ion provided may '' given ami
served in the saint" manner and hy tin
, same iM-rsoii.t coinpeteul to serve suo-
p't-nas. Appeal may hi" taken from
the action of the ollicer in making the
correction or addition hy the j'crson ag
grieved within ten days after the action
of such ollicer is taken, hy giving notice
to such otlicer and otherwise iroceeding
in the manner jirovidetl for appeals from
the lioard of eipiali.ut ion .
(New; rr note to trcticii i.V)
(Putyof of lice r having jiossession of
roll PrtH'ccdings; on failure to act.)
Section "5. Whenever any ollicer
ilcscrihetl in the jireceding section shall
discover crcdihlo information, or have
reason to lielicve that real or jfrsonul
property Iiiih from any cause lieen omit
ted, in whole or in part, from assess
ment for taxation for the years t perilled
in the jireceding Hoction, or mich credi
ble information shall he furnished to
such ollicer, it shall lx the duty of the
ollicer having jxissession of Haid assess
ment or tax roll to tuke the stejM jiro
vidctl for In the jireceding Hcction to
jdace such omittetl jirojierty on the
assnt-smcnt or tax roll. If such otlicer
shall fail or refuse on the discovery by
himself, or on crcdihlo information 1 ic
ing furnished him by another jierson,
that projierty has lieen omit tetl from
taxation, the state, on the relation of
any state ollicer or of any taxpayer of
the county in which such failure or re
fusal occurs, shall havo the right to
jiroeood against hucIi ollicer in any
court of romjietcnt jurisdiction by man
damus, to compel such ollicer to Comply
with the jirovisioiiB of the jireceeding
section. In the trial of such a suit the
question of what eoiirititutcH credible
information as heroin mentioned shall
be a question of fact to I to determined
by the court trying the case in the
name manner other issues of fact are
determined. If judgment shall he ren
dered to tho effort that credible, infor
mation has. been discovered by or fur
nished to such ollicer, or that he has
reason to believe that property has been
omitted from taxation, it shall then be
the duty of such officer to forthwith
jilaoo such omitted projierty on tho as
sessment and tax roll in accordance
with the jirovisionM of this ami the pre
ceding section, and such otlicer shall ho
liable for all costs of such mandamus
suit, and for a reasonable attorney's fee
I'ula Flutter.
"Some explorers nro In favor of
hunting for the north polo In automo
biles," remarked the man who reads
the magazines. "Do you think the
plan would bo successful?"
"I wouldn't be surprised," replied the
motorist, who bad Just been In a
wreck. "Automobiles seem capable of
finding every judo from a hlUhlng pole
to a telegraph ole."
IOtiropt'uii Kussia hag a less percentage
of forent tbau tbe United State.
for relator's attorney, which shall lif
taxed as a pint of the costs of such suit
in nil cities where judgment, is rendered
against . such oflni r: Provided, how
ever, that, in ciihi" jiroci-fdiiigs are insti
tuted heieunder on t he relltt ion of any
jiiivali" cili.eii, such relator shall give
liotid to Hit" Hut isfitel ion of the court to
(my nil costs which may be recovered
agnimt him.
ill A, ( I i.inji , w. t ion 3111, rovjir for
(lie ;ish MMint, 1 1 V til'- ln-flff, ol iiiifrly
v. IiiiIi li.el Ih ' ll otinlli it f,.,in tlir riironl toll
ill till- i,r(, illiy yi ;n' full. 'I tir t-AO to linn
l.i-.l i..vlU- ..f tlir fcl'lltl'.ri of otlilMr'l
.,.'.lly Id,- ,li,rr-nt alul to i,r,..ll,i
V'.. in, liV Itt.v olllf I f li.'ivioir .ut. no. ill ..1 th,-
lul', iimjii loitiir lo th- I .- 1 1 1 y r-r if :i r. nolfiit
.oi-l it nol Jur.inl ri.ivi-.ii i in In ,'!r lur lip
I" :il it from ii'rMtini'i oTtfi!i-i l.y Ihr
li.i. l'l of I rl- III,- ;,, t lift, to Ihr
l.'i.iol of f-iii.ili.ilioii rr. oiiiinr r . . I - J l.y llnn f
nlt I 'Ihr i,i, for ;',l Hi ! f j 1 1 r -. tlir , oiiHtilul ion,,! i.IpI'i tt.iii v hit h it,--, y
oil" it lltf.illivt It. Ar I .
ini , i in., i 1 1 1 .
Mol tllor- IlivlliUI
l;i".l lift II fi-M.I'fll
liolnr ;,rr , . UK r r ,ir .1 Sr- I r ' t l'l , Hi
lii mill Is.'t I' S. .'ion I hr tno H'ltiom me
i I' I. 'I nfti r I rifloiim )
(Time fur fimoiit fif taxes I'enulty
Interest ICelillte.)
Section IMS. Tiixch legally levied find
chargcil in any year may be paid on tir
Is-fure the lirst Monday of April follow
ing, and if not so Jiaid they shall lc
coine It-1 i ti tii-ii t : I'rovid'-d, however,
that if one half of the taxes sgitii st any
part ii-ii In r j'lircel of ri al 'rnicrty, or
the taxes on iersoiutl jirojierty chnrgeil
against any individual, he j'liid 'in fir
Is-forethe said fir-t Monday of A pril,
then the time for t In" jiayiiieiit of t he j
reio.'i i inter of sui-ii tax mav Irf. extf-nil-!
id toai.d including the first Monday of
(.t. .her next following, hut if there-
main ing o,. half of such tax be not
.aid .,1, or before the lirst . Monday of
(, toli.-r then such remaining half shall
be .Icliti'iuent, and, besides t he js-tl-
ally, intciest thereon shall he charged
11 1 1 I collictcl lit the rat' ol twelve per
centum js-r annum from the first Moii
ilnyif April jiret fling; nml ujioti all
dclili'iiient taxes there shall he collcct-
ed fruu tin" taxjiayer of such tn xes,
! for t he bent-lit i'f t he county, ten per
centum it" a oenaltv. and fur the henc-
lit of the county or other corporation
uhi.-h mI.,,11 hi.v.. ,.n iter,.-t ,. v i.r.
tion of such taxes interest ut the rate of
twelve centum js-r annum on such
taxes from the tlav on which they be-
come ilelinmielit until t hei r on v ment :
Provided further, that there shall be an
allowance of three tier centum rebate
upon any tax pun! on any sejuinite
cel of real iroerty, or ujioii the js-r-sonal
jirojierty charged to any individ
ual as aforesaid, on or Is-fore the fif
teenth day of March next jirior to the
date when such tax would become de
linquent if not j'aid.
(II. S (.'. ( omp., icction 311ft, no change.)
(Personal jiP.jrty tax, levy and le" ,,,.;. ) those'eounties.
I ersonalty tax to realty.) (;ovrr;i(,r n.amlterlain sent a mes
Sei tiori 27. On or immediately after sage to Isith bouses today asking more
the tirst Monday of May in each year money for the Jamestown exposition.
the tax collector shall jirocced to collect j total of 10 bills have been intro-
all taxes
Ievie.1 in l,iu coimtv nt.i. i...t
lev id 111 ins toiiiitv tijsin jiei-
soiia nroiM-riv. 01 unicn one imii u:m
loiif vi.l
1 I - -
not I mi,! its hereinbefore nrovi.leil on or
1 1 -
111 , 1 t, 1 . .
is'iore tne nrsi .-Monday 01 April, lo-
gether w lib the (tenuity antl interest,
lie shall levy ujioii sutlie'ent poisls antl
chattels belonging to the js-rssonor cor
jHiratiou t hargeil with suchtaxe", if tin"
same tan is- found in the county, hy
taking them into his jiossession, to juiy'rect
such del inuuent taxes. toL'et her w ith in.1....-.. ,. ..,,(;....., 1... ... ,1...
f.-nK mvriimt inti.rmt. n.-n.i 1 1 i.- nn.l
. - r-
other lawful charges; and shall immc
tliatcly advertise such gisids and chat -
tels for sale by jx st ing written or jrint -
e.l nott.-es of the time and jilace of sale
in three public places in his county not
less than ten days prior to such sale,
and if such taxes, interest, and penal-
ties shall not be paid before the time
aj'jiointeii lor sucii sale tlie tax collect-
or shall j)rtcetHl to sell such projierty at
public vendue, or so much theitHif as
shall le sufficient to pay such taxes, in-
terest, and jienalties and shall deliver
to the purchasers thereof at such sale
the jirojH'rty so sold to them respective-
ly, and sucii sale snail tie absolute; elected Jonathan Ikmrne, Jr., United '
ami the tax collector shall jirocced in States senator for the long term and
,- e. . ..... - ... . .. .
...v. ........... ...... ...... ...r,
Monday in NovemlsT, to collect the
rcsi.lue of taxes charged against ja r-
sonal jirojierty remaining delinquent on
his roll. In like manner ho shall levy
ujmn and sell the goods and chattels oj
any person or persons removing from
the county without paying all taxes
charged against them. Whenever after
delinquency, in the opinion of the tax
collector, it be.omes necessary to
..I.. ...... t .
ituu null nnr nr,,i i ni,. I lut rir-wr
cuargo win uix on personal projierty
against, real jirtijierty in orner inai sucu
jiersonal jirojierty tax may be colle -ted, '
such tax collector shall select for the
jmrpose some particular tract or lots of
real property owned by the person ow-'.
ing such jHTsonal projierty tax, and
shall note upon the tax roll opposite
such tract or lots the said tax on per-
sonal projierty, antl said tax shall be a
lien on such real jirojierty from and
after the time the said tax on personal
projierty is charged against the said real
property, ana snail no eniorccu in tlie
same nianner as other real estate tax
(II. & C. Comp., sretion 3107. adilinn nro-
tun. Cunnuiitlaic li. & C. Coiiip., wrciiun
(To lie continued next week)
I'nrle A burr's Idea.
City Nephew Uncle Abner, some of
the city jieoplo accuse country fitfks of
eating with their bands. You dtui't eat
with your hands, do you?
t ..,.!.. 1 Imni. Will I utinnlil bdv nnt
i m id ,
my noy. aiwny maae me uneu uicu
eat out In the kitchen.
"So, you're a Journalist, be ye?"
laid Uncle Joshua, who had come to
town to see his nejihew.
"You bet I am," answered the cub
' r ul S f..
aiag .lflcent mid exjie .slve attire with
the homely gnrb of the fanner. "You
bet I'm a journallst-and with a big
J, too!"
He always wondered why the old
- . .. . . . w .
man nat mad. (Mevelantl l.iHrir
Thursday, January 24.
Salem, .fun. 5J-I. I'.oth li'iuset this
iiflerinsiii ndjourned until Monday.
This is largely due to the state jirintiT
Is-ing unable to secure cnoiiirh coinjiosi
lors to turnout the work tin t iinc and
will a I low him 1 1 me to cult h up.
Th" two houses this morning met in
joint assembly and listened to an ad
dress by Mr l!ryitn.
A hill was int pidnccd in t he senate
M-rmitl ing capital punir-hment for ifih-
hers who are cajit tired armed w ith dan-
gi-rous weiijsuis.
I'.ills were aiso intpsluced in the
senate creat ing the county 'if North
'ir.tnt mi'l create a railroad commission
to be HJiJSiintcd by the governor.
In the house new measures included
the iijijKiintmont of a commission to in
vestigate the fire insurance business
mid titie providing that each county
shall be a judicial district and jirovid
ing for a prosecuting attorney f'tr each
The hill providing for jiubl init ion of
notice of all estrays was jia"-sed by the
house. The senate bill fixing the Lirm
Iinc boundary was also jiassed by the
Four hills were passed bv the senate.
1 '"W P'ovide: l or holding meetings
"f state textbook commission in May
't-'l "f July ; raising fees ,f jurors
, fr "" 2 : ly l salaries
1,1 '"gl" county; Pi turn unexjer..led
H'I"H1 fl""lM '""'k """'y
H'',,""l f"'"1 "lt'1'!"1 of the general fund.
Wednetday, Jantary 23
Salem, Or., Jan. 2.'1. Tliere are
js'iiding in Uith houses an unusually
large tiurnliT of lien bills and in a nui-
junty of cases the advanta,--'es that will
'follow their enactment are conferred
i. I. . .. l. r
"I'"1 ntoornig mun who js riorms
d w ho, under the picseiit stat
"''" 111 '""' ""'", experiences no
"'' "f '""1'i' m getting what is his
, ,""- w '!" ot lose out alt-
. , . i , , .
t It has lieen discovered that all line
,,. , v , i ,
olhcers of the O. VO. have been
cliosen in
..:..i...:.... .,..
violation ii, uir ruuir von-
,, . ,. . , .
P.ejirescntative .Iackst,n lias
iirt iared a bill to remedy the defect.
1 tie lull j'roviiling tliat jurors may
be kejit together in civil actions has
the honor of U'ing the first to pass the
The senate passed the bill agreed
tirioll I .V Tun.. or,. I f inn flvirwv t-Vio
'1 it.- 1 1 1 t
,uctsl re ating to roads and hit-'hwavs.
t. .1. ........ '.. 1
t 1. . ..". . ...... . i:
uoiiuniiii 15 iiii-inuiu iiivij.iiiiu 1111 I'rillt
: 1 . 1 ....... : . .i.
, J III 1 11 U CHI VII L l' vuuuo uuu Oltlic ia lite
1 1 J '
,,,,.ut M.rwiptiint
most lmrstrtant.
Twenty-four new measures were real
for the first time in the house today. 1
This makes a total of l'.'!7. j
Among the l! bills in the senate
were two by llailey amending the di-'
riritiinrv lnu- Onp Tiroviilea for
oiiii, v , ,11 r.-o i ioi,n irvi.iiu uic ojlllltll
li.....: i .i. i. ...
j x. 1 pletlge to Jiarty wtnditlates
1 only. " " j
l fu Ptvtion of Mulkeyand Ilourne as
United States senators was confirmed i
tHllv j jjnt .jo,, 0f the two houses '
1 Jlrt tj',e jaw re,,uires. Tlie journal of
yesterday's elect ion in the- two houses
Vas read and President Haines there-
u,K,n dcclaretl them elected. Mnlkev
.rves until March 4, lt07, and llourne
8ix ywir9 rom tluit date.
Tuesday, January 22.
Salem, Jan. 22. IVit h houses of the
legislature in separate session today
h.,1.1 i.r Mu r.-. ... t
i ii.i . -nuinr mi ura Diuiinniii.
The vote on Mulkey was unanimous
in the house and all memliers of the
senate present voted for him. Three
representatives, Reynolds, Rodgers and
Sett lemier, of Marion, refused to sup-
jort Itourne. These men explained
that they did not pledge themselves
and also that their constituents gave a
plurality against him. Four senatois,
Hooth of Ijme, Ijivcock of (irant, Mil-
. . r ..... .1
ler or J.inn-.Marion and v tiealiton of
asco, votetl agllinsl Jiourne. J tie
senaUira gave much the same reason as
tho representatives for not favoring
The vote stood: Mulkey House,
60; senate, 27. Tourne Uouse, 57;
senate, 2.'t.
No progress has so far been made in
either house on the railroads bills that
provide for a commission, reciprocal
demurrage, maximum nites. taxation
of gross rtyeeijits, etc. These subjects
have hardly been heard of vet in the.
senate, and only one bill has appeared
1 nere reiaung 10 mem. iins is tne
bill of Senator Johnson, of ten ton. I
prohibit ing rebates ami discrimination.
but omitting the commission. In the
house, however, a number of bills have
lieen lniriHiucett. !
A joint memorial was introduced in
the senate this morning by Senator
Mul it asking congress to compel the
owners of the Oregon A California
Ivailroad company to sull Its grant lands
at. me price stipulator in the grant. '
n.t , .. , ,
Jne resolution was reterrea to tne com
,n,tte on resolutions
By unanimous vote the senate adopt-
Will Plan Reapportionment.
Salem As a solution to the problem
of rearranging the legislative represent-
at ion of the counties of the state, Rep-
resentative Jewell today Introduced In
appointment of a committee of seven to
ro,)ort to the house a rcnj.jx.rtioninent
i.tti u.,...,un.,n., w'lt.i ...
V" "Z"l"yrZ
.... ' .i t- Y
annortlonment on the ' laafc h
urn tuveniig huh sunjcci, wising uie
.' ' , "
t . . a t , . .
ed n memorial nsk ir.g congress to re-1 Iun, y to ralroad employes to have
move all tariffs on raw jute, or jute ears "spotted" on their tracks was ln
Ugs. This move will piite likely t nd troduced before Interstate Commerrn
to defeat atiy effort to establish a jut! Commissioner franklin K. Iane, at
mill at the state jienittnt iary . the hearing yesterday afternoon Into
' P.y combining two resfilntions the the car shortage question.
I senate sought, to eliminate one iurikrt-
im trin. KeHohitiomi had been i r,t ro.
- -
diiccd fur the njijHiintfncnt rif a coin
i mitlee t, confer w ith a committee from
Washington on the subject of fisheries
and another committee to confer on
jiilotage. The senate committee on
i resolutions jirovidwd that tine c,irimit-
tee should be. provided, for the two run -
Monday, January 21.
Salem, Jan. 21 . Standing commit
tees, of the Oregon legislature were an
nounced this afternoon by President
Haines of the senate and Sjs-aker
Iavey of the house. In each case the
Is-st places, were secured by the supjsirt
ers of Haines and Ihivey for leadership.
The hunters' license law, it is safe
to say, will Ik" clianged this session.
, Two bills relating to the subject have
already ajijs-arcd in the house.
The normal sch'Kil question is already
a live one in this session. Itnt week a
hill to cut off Irrain and Ashland was,
intpsluced. Ttslny a bill was intro
duced U clone the lirain and Monmouth
I The house unanimously passed over
the veto of the governor the bill to
regulate the manufacture arid sale of
commercial fertilizers. This was one
of the seven house bills of the 1!05
session vetoed by the governor.
Altogether 7" bills were read for the
first time in the house today. In the
senate 18 new measures a jipeared.
i Reorganization of the judicial system
of Oregon is jirojsiseil in a senate bill.
Among the house bills were: To col-
led inheritance tax on estates of $-5,000
and uji, instead of $10,000 as at pres
ent; Isiunties ranging from $5 to $20
I for seal rs of wild animus, two-thirds
I'.l'WOrtl'A 11IU V.Ulll an., OllC-llOI'i
, ,, 1 , , ' .. , ... , .
bv the state; creating the olhce of m-
, , . , ,
rjit-i oii ni mnir-n, uo'i w'ti-nii uiiveriti
, . , .1
the several sections of t tie report of the
,t i
i .. ,, , ,. , t, t
vmut inu t lit. uilotit ir,n of tho ri.rr.rT
I In t lie senate the new measures in-
cludtsl: Kor recijirtjcjil tlemurrage and
: prohibiting rebates and discrimination;
I for tnmsportation of convicts by prison
employes; to purchase land adjoining
. the cajiitol grounds on the east side,
and to provide for working county pris
oners on public highways.
Rash for Timber Land.
torvanis a new rusn ior iimrjer
. ... . .
land is on nere. Jt is not so great as
the one a few years ago
but be-
. . Cjx , 1 1 t ,
1 tu-Min iSt I nn.l Ml e uima hiu-u rumn 1,-,.
vitici Hiiuiii int iiasi icw weens. iiie
timln-r lies 40 to 00 miles southwest of
C'orvallis ip what is known as the Five
Rivers countiy. .Locators come to Cor
vallis by rail and take nvate convey
ances for the rest of the journey. A
carriage to the foot of Alsea mountain
, , ,, i . . . ,
t-aine norse irom men on
is the
i,.,,min.nfi,..-im w
, , . . , .. !. ti i
....., .'.o,,, lI1.wu.1.iorl,u.,u;suffererg and dealers attempted
having made the trip to the woods at0 extort unreasonable prices. This
tew days ago.
The timber is not old fir. It
is sec-
ond growth that has sjirung
the great fire that swept
range west and southwest of
up since
the coast
05 or 60 years ago.
Fruits Apples, common to choice,
5075c per box; choice to fancy, $1
2.50: pears, $11.50.
Vegetables Turnips, 90c(a $1 per
enck carrots 90c3$l per sack- beets
$1 .25(J,1 .60 per sack : horseradish
" ' '
IOC per ptlUHU J SWtH't poUllOeS, CtC JXT
pound; cabbage, 2lc per pound; cauli-
tlower, $2.50 per dozen ; celery, $3.50
per crate; pumjikins, 2c per pound;
squash, 2c per pound; sprouts, 8c p r
j Onions Oregon; $11.15 per hun-
j Potatoes Oregon Bin-banks, fancy,
fl(iU.30; common, 7505c.
j Wheat Club. (57c: bluestem. 60c-
i n-
valley 67c: red. C5c.
Oats Xo. 1 white, $27; gray, $26.
JSarley reed, f'zi .oo(l'-- per ton; the American people for help. Money,
brewing, $22.50; rolled, $23.5024.50. Ilumber and building material most ur-
Rve $1.40,1.45 per cwt. Igently needed." Acting upon the sng-
Corn Whole, $26; cracked, $27 per!Kestion of Mayor Tait, Mayor McClel
on j lan last night announced that he -would
llav ValW timothy. Xo. 1. tUGH be receive contributions, -which
ISjHrton; Kastern Oregon timothy,
$l(!f.l8; clover, $9; cheat, $9; gram
bay, $(.10; alfalfa, $14.
ltutter Fancy creamery, 3035c per
Itutror FatFirst, enide. cream. 3.1 -..'n '
per pound ; second grade cream, 2c less
ptr jiounti.
V.r.rj tlroiTnn nm.-li "l9L."l'in r,
Poultry Avemizo old hens. 13rt?,14e
if mmnh mix..,t chicWena 1 9iTi a.."
spring, 1414; old rootsers,10lle;
dressed chickens, 1617c; turkeys,
live. 17 O 17V..C: turkevs. dresstnl.
choice, 2022c; geese, live, 1012c;
ducks, 1718c.
Vtal Dressed, 5,Sj9) per pound.
Beef Pressed bulls, 23c per pound ;
cows. 4fT15c: country steers. 6r5 Vic.
Mutton Dressed, fancy, 8(5)90 per
pound; ordinary, 67c.
Pork Dressed, 69c per pound.
Savlngs Bank for Albany.
Allmny Albany is to have another
bank. According to articles of incor
poration tiled with the county clerk
here, the Linn County Savlnus bank
'tion can be secure!. The incorporators
of the new bank are 11. S. Myers, F. X.
,..... i , o c...
- ..... ..... ..........
lion wiin a capital BtocK oi fo.uuu.
iL lJLL I d h
1 w ill be ltd first savings bank,
Wahinfr,ton Lumbermen Give Money
to Have Them Spotted.
Seattle, Jan. 23 Kvldenrp Indicating
t Ji ft f tiimtiortrinn Knja tkcwn rv u v 1 nr
Charles K. 'atton, preslnent of thfl
' R,lianre ''liml,,,f Company
Reliance Lumber Company and vlce
pr ttident and secretary of the At la
Kumlxr and Shingle Company, made
tho ut 't t li rr. on t rtxrfncr mraa nt
hit' rirnlnMnn Tn iiv tWr thoVvt-
, tlerue of Mr. Pat ton was a sensation
j would he putting If. mildly. Mr. Pat
. ton had b' en giving gome facts and
figures showing that there was an ap
parent discrimination In the distribu
tion of tars at T acorn a among the
A multitude of witnesses testified bo
fore Commissioner Lane yfeterday
about the car shortage and the crip
pling effect It has had upon the Indus
tries of the state. Not nn!v werp lum
bermen put on the stand, bnt Senator
Paulhamus told of itie sufferings of
the Puyallup berry growers, and the
troubles of the wheat farmers of East
ern Washington were gone into.
The lumber men contended that
while the ear (shortage was particular
ly acute at the present, there had nerer
heen a time for years when they got
all the cars that they wanted. The rate
at which cars moved was gone Into
and it was shown that this has stead
ily decreased from an average move
ment per car of 94 miles in 1903 to
3G miles In 1906.
No attempt was made to dispute the
car shortage by the railroad attorneys.
They sought to show, however, that
the present paralysis of traffic was the
result of the floods In November.
Fate of Swettenham Unless He Can
Give Good Excuse.
London, Jan. 23. The Incident aris
ing from the exchange of letters at
Kingston between Governor Swetten
ham and Rear Admiral Davis now ap
pears to be entering the waiting stage,
as the government, after doing all
possible In the absence of advices from
the Governor of Jamiaca, Is obliged to
defer further action until he r( ports.
In the meantime the trend of official
sentiment is toward having Governor
Swettenham apologize or rftire, but
this is based on the press accounts of
the incident and on letters, and it may
be modified by Governor Swetten
ham's version, giving extenuating cir
cumstances. In the absence of a report from the
Governor to his government, his dis
patch to Secretary Root, which has
been reproduced here, tends further to
mystify the mind of the public, which
finds it difficult to reconcile the Gov
ernor's present recognition of the as
sistance rendered by the American
squadron wit hthe terms of the pre
vious letter.
Mayor of Cincinnati Orders Police to
Stop Extortion.
Cincinnati, Jan. 23. Mayor Demp-
!sey yesterday afternoon issued orders
lu l"e ponce 10 connscaie iooa ana
fuel where needed for relief of flood
action was taken because of numerous
reports of extortion in charges for
transportation and for relief supplies.
Those attempting extortion will be ar-
. rested.
The high water in the Ohio river in
slowly but steadily receding tonight.
The railroads have begun preparations
to resume regular traffic, although it
will be several dayB before tbe tracks
j&re safe.
Relief work continues actively. Six
scnoot Dunamgs nave been turned oer
I'8 mpurary nonies ior uie mine rent,
The city council tonight appropriated
I ft Rum frr n T,ItaT funil iulilih 4a V
sum for a relief fund which la be
ing augmented by private subscrip
tions. Appeals for aid have been received
from many Kentucky towns.
Mayor of Kingston Appeals.
New York, Jan. 23. Mayor Tait, f
Kingston, Jamaica, in his official ca
pacity, has appealed to the generosity
of the American people on behalf tf
the earthquake sufferers, saying: "On
behalf of the stricken neonle. I an-
peal through you to the generosity of
Kingston authorities.
Disgustad With Swettenham.
London, Jan. 23. In a dispatch irom
Kingston the correspondent of the
tion of all I classes at Governoi S
tenhara's conduct and says eo much
rilsp-iiet lo foil- that nmnl -nHll -4 n m -i
his recall. "In every direction the
government has blundered." the cor-
respondent eays and is still blunder.
JnS bady, while it is palpably unable
to cope with the situation." The Tri
bune and other papers publish tele
grams couched in similar terms.
Epidemic Grows Worse,
Chicago, Jan. 23. Local health de
partment records for the number of
contagious disease cases reported in a
single day were broken today, -when
214 caseg were recorded at the city
hall. Of these 145 were of scarlet
fever and 40 of diphtheria. The pre
valence of these diseases, railroad of
ficials report, has caused a marked In
crease in passenger traffic to winter
Fever Among the Refugees.
Aurora, 111., Jan. 23. Thongh th
river has fallen four Inches since Mon
day, the conditions are desierate. Cit
izens are huddled In camps on the
higher grounds tir crowded Into 8chool
nou8e8, ojiera nouses ana cuy nail
Scarlet fever has broken out amous
". J"
...ty . v uif,ivo itvut mo lunvi 1WI 1,
the city.