Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, August 29, 1906, Image 7

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    Buy Hair
at Auction?
At any rate, you seem to be
getting rid of it on auctlon-saie
principles: "colng, golne,
g-o-n-ei" Stop the auction
with Ayer's Hair Vigor. It
checks Tallinn hair, and always
restores color to gray hair. A
splendid dressing also. Sold
for over sixty years.
' M hair rania mil o hnitlr I narlv lot It
All, I lind lienril tn miirli nIii.iiI Ajer's Mulr
Vllliir I lliriiinl.l I ttiiulil Klvn It a tilal. tin;
i nihI It oninpletely aini'iio't n,n fulling, ami
tin.. In iiiy Imlr ii veiy, "- Mamv II.
I IKI.ll, Siilllllil'lil. Mm.
Made by J. O. Jy.p (', . Lowell, Mesa.
A leu niaiiuratitursra of
'ft u tin m ptxtoral.
No l.n.'lt r iM'rliinli y.
Ml (.imilnri Think of Ilium- prior.
tH'irli-rtiMl -It 1 1 1 1 tt of Mr. ( fT.-f i ci I I !
I low run j on rtju-rt I Ihmii lo U- well
Minn rrttin O, I ilnn't know. The
tinv linil five or n ilifTeri'iit kirpfnl lii-rt
miic or thum tjiiite rrsyrclable and wall
cuvuuliig tnn.
AIkiuI lo MnLe linnar.
"Nonili, nre you piik.-icmI lo llmt o-
lK'I'llllltl Willi 1111111 lll'l lo SCI' )oll no
"Vi, inn'mii, bill I've givi-n liiiu warn
Now 'I her Dua't l-nU.
Clara ln't he iir) lcil If Willlo
Kiiplcigh ii-nMi..)t n 31, ii in night.
Maude 1 riiriniiN ! 1 o j mi 1 lit iilt lie
('liiiu Sure I !i. When I refused
I1I111 li-l nl'lit In mill n didn't 1 arc
w I. at bv iiini1 of him.
How's This
Wp ofTiT Oim II iin tri'il Ih.'Anrn ttrwunl for
Ii) (' -il ntairli that (aiiiiot liu cured 1
Jlall 1 ainrrn nre.
r J. HI M Y A () . I'roi. Tnli'.Io. O,
We, the uinli'Mlgneil, hetit Vim n I. J,
( hniiey 1 1 r the lal Id yearn, nl lielievo lilm
irloi'tlv iiiiiinraMt' In all liu 1 11 1- traimao-
(lima ami lluatirlally able to rarry out any ob
ligations made l.y tiii'ir linn.
W r A I Hi' 1 1, W holeaale I 'rugglats, Toledo. O.
W il.l.lMi. k IhfAM k Mshvi.n, V uulesalo Drug
ll. Toledo, O.
Hell's I aiarrh Cure la taken Internally, arU
Ink directly upon the liml anil uiuroiia aur
In.ea ol the aluin. I'rlrn r. per bulU.
bold by alt I'riiKKlx. Testimonials free.
Hall a family Pills ara the best.
Sh! Iioti't whittle on this
strict :
timer -Wlmt's the matter?
one nick ?
liunncr-- No. I'.ut I'm afraid the vi
bration will knoi'k tin- city halt down.
Chlcugo Newn.
t'nrla Alien.
".V rtirlont (IiIiik ntiotit 11 man that linn
11 lot of Mock In a firo inmiritntf coiii
inny," rcinitrkcil t'in-le Allrn Sjiarkn, "in
that a bis tiro gi'ticrully gives him cold
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Boars tho
glguaturo of
rrop.Tlr lleaenlliiK It.
"Your hiiHliniid," aaid Mm. ItiKlnnii,
Sracioiitly, "i tleridi'dly i n 1 1-ront iitjf and
nii;iiinl, pvi'ii If lie dm' auiiuM inn's lilow
bin own horn a little too "
"It ihn't ()!"' indignantly fxclaimed
Mr. (Jnswi'll. "My hiiHhand nlwnyn list'
liib bundkerchit'f !" I'hiciiBo Tribune.
I'revlona Tralnlntv All for Nothing.
Ilcalcr How does your wife liko the
Willi; machine you toii;ht for her?
You n K IliiKhand She hasn't learned
liow to ojierale it yet. She had an idea
It worked oiuethinK like a typewriter.
TITO rioni-e null all Nert'ima Klai ntes
fl I O JMriimiiently etmil tiy !r. KIiiii-'h urmt
Servi' ll' Hiiiri r. 1-i'inl fur I- U I- 1 : f 2 1 rlivl In. ill . iiiul
IreatlU'. J)r. It. Il.hlln , UI..V.I1 An-li M., I'tiila.,!'.
yoln Tho lawt tlnit I kiiw you you
were IdoU'mk for a position whore you
could keep dressed up all the time. Did
jou K't It?
I licit No. The only Job I could find
one where they keep nil the tltiio
JreHliig me down. Detroit Free I'reiS.
Nothing Accomplished.
"Tlie Boclety paper wpenk of her aa
a youiiK woinnn of many aeeouipllHh
mentrt.' Is alie really?"
"Oh, yes. She's a sort of female
Jack of all trades; not much good at
any one of them." I'hlhulolphla Tress.
Get t the Cause Cure the Kidneys.
Dont' neglect backache. It warns
you of trouble in the kidneys. Avert
the danger by curing the kidneya with
J loan b Kidney r.lla.
J, A. Haywood, a well
known resident of Lu(
kin, Tex., Bays: "I
wrenched my back
working in a sawmill,
was laid up elz weeks
and from that time
c la 14 a wa
had pain in my bac
J whenever I stooped 0
J lifted. The urine wa
badly disordered and tor a long time I
bad attacks of gravel. After I began
using Doan's Kidney Tilla the gravel
passed out, and my back got well. I
haven't bad backache or bladder trou
ble since."
Bold by all dealers. 60 cents a box.
robter-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y,
: 0LD
I 11I011 nml lllierlr.
Flag of Ihe lierocx who left 111 their glory,
Home through our batlln (ieldn lliuu
iter 11 lid II11 me,
1;m,iii'I In minx and llliiniliwil In titory,
Wave o'er nn nil who Inherit their
fume !
t'p with our banner briKht,
Sit'iiiklei with marry lihf,
Sjircinl Iih fair euibli'iiia frifiu mountain to
Hbore ;
While tlirottgli t)ie miimilini' nky,
loild rinj'H the luiliou'H cry
I'lilou and Liberty! one ever moi-o t
Kmplre iiMieejit red ! what f'xj nhnll n-etall
I bee,
Iteiiriu ihe sliinilard of lilurly'n van?
Think nut the of (by fallieri hIiiiII
fail tin1,
Striving men for the birthrlicht f
mun !
Yet If by iimlnem and treachery tillj;bted,
I law 111 the dark hour when the aword
thou miiNt draw,
The 11 with th arm of thy million.
Smite 1 be bold traitors to Freedom and
I.11 w.
Lord of the unlvei
Shield uk and
Kllidn UN,
Trtjatlus Thee alwayi, through ahadow
and ami !
Thou hunt united !i, who nall divide u?
Keep Hi. O keen tia, tbn Many in One!
I'p with our banner bright,
Sprinkled with atarry litfhf.
Spread It fair emblemi from mountain to
aliore ; '
While through tie aoundiug .ky,
IjoikI riiigx the nittion'M cry -
t 11 ion ami Liberty! one ever more!
- O. W. Holme.
lujureil lij- l: poiure to Hie Nun anil
"M'ihI pei-Hoiis," said the hardware
druiiiincr, "have the Idea that If there
Is one IIiIiik In life fi mail doesn't have
t buy twice It In a griiKUtone. The
fact la that they tire mining the beat
heller we have.
"The life of a grindstone la not very
loiitf. From two In three year, on a
fiirni and fnwn it year t' a year and 'i
half In a blncUHiiilth simp put most of
them to the bud. It sometimes hap
pens If a 11 1 11 1 1 draw a poor stmie that
It will be out of service Inside of nix
1 1 j 1 j 1 1 lis.
"There are n Rood many things about
a Ki'ludsione that most persons don't
Uiihw. lor Instance, a mlstaUe most
farmers make Is In leaving the stone
uncu ciimI. When 1 wan a boy the
usual place for the grindstone was out
by the orchard, where It would be han
dy for the men In the fields. The wise
man nowaday houses hl grindstone.
"I't a good, drenching rain come
along and the stone will absorb a lot
of moisture. Often It never becomes
wholly dry again.
"Some pciple have the Idea that let
ting the sun sbl ne 011 a moisture laden
atone will bring It out all right. Funni
ly the nun has a damaging effect. The
defect will Hot be noticeable for a time.
but the stone beconiea oft uml crum
"Most of the grindstones used In this
country come from Ohio and Indian. 1.
( Icvcliind Is the great center uf th.j
Industry, (irludstones are made of 11
jiiart.llke mindHtoiie. F.vcry giludiir,'
leaves new points of the stone protrud
ing and they never, as a rule, wear per
fectly smooth.
"Another reason why a stone I cast
aside after 11 couple of years' service
Is that It wears down considerably and
too many revolutions become necessary
to sharpen the tools. This wear Is
usually most on the softest part of t'ie
stone and It acquires a Jlggly motion
that Is not pleasant.
"There Is practically no difference lr
the tju.illly of the stones turned 011 and
the dITcrcnee In price, ranging for or-
Unary ones from $.r to $7, is due to the
character of the frame and the tpiality
of the wood used. Many of the sUuies
Hold to the big ranches and farmers
are equipped with power attachments
to bo run by windmill force or gasoline
"The fanner Is the best customer for
grindstones. In later years the black
smiths and machinists have pretty gen
erally taken to the use of emery wheels.
l'hese cost more, but they last n great
deal longer." Charleston News and
II la a I'rettr l.lttle Problem Ovw
Which 10 perl a IHaattrrre.
One of my customers Is a man who
has lucid Intervals most of the tlmo,
hut has occasional paroxysms of Insan
ity, ku.vs a writer In tho Huslness Mau'a
One afternoon atiout two weeks ago
he came Into my olllco after everybody
rise had gono home. I Imd Just finished
writing up my cash book and had ruled
It off and brought dowu the balance
on the debit side.
IIo said he wanted to pay aomethlng
on account, but that It must be entered
on that day and not on tho next. To
humor him (as I needed tho money) I
agreod to scratch out my llgures and
lines aud to euter hi" payment that
lie started by asking me what bal
ance I had on hand, and, rather than
luive a row with an Insane man, I read
the figures to bliu. lie w rote them on a
scrap of paper find divided the am iuiit
by three,
lie then an Id that he could divide
nny number by three Unit hail certiln
Is'i'iillarltles ; mid he Mild that If any
number that wan exactly divisible by
thriii should be subtracted from the
quotient he had obtained by divid
ing my cash baliuice by three tlw re
mainder would also be exactly divisible
by three.
For Instil nee, fH.70 was exactly di
visible by three. So. having divided
my balance by three, he subtracted
fH.70 from the quotient ; and he showed
me that the remainder could be di
vided by three.
He then remarked that he was sav
ing to pay me n whole lot more thin
that, am) so he multiplied the remain
der above mentioned by Itwlf and gave
me his clnek for ;tn amount qiial to
that product, lie then Look out of his
jxicket H check that he bud received
for $10;.2'1 u 111) Indorsed that over to
I now noticed that my new balance,
after entering tbew receipts, would I'
exactly ten times my original ha In 11. e.
I started In to make my entries, and
had proceeded only so fur as to get
the old balance and the lines eniKed
from my cash Ixmk, when something
hapM'iiiil. I found out afterward tint
the lunatic had been taken with a vi
olent frenzy and had suddenly struck
me a terrific blow on the side of my
When I recovered consciousness the
man had dlsapiwared. lie had taken
the checks lie had ghen me, as well us
every cent from the ensh drawer.
Kven worse than that, he had torn
up my cash lok and thrown It Into the
oen gnite. where nothing remained of
It but a bunch of ashes and a few
charred cinders. Absolutely tho only
fragment that reinalmsl of it was the
credit side of that last day's work,
which lay on the f!'or near the fire
place. This contained only a few Items. The
figures brought for ward had been
burned off. and as I had scratched out
the balance 1I11 red I mid the sum (in
black), I hud no record of what my
balance was, and I could not and I can
not remember It.
ISut I recollect his peculiar way: He
divided my old balance by three, and
from the quotient so obtained he sub
tracted $8.70. The remainder he mul
tiplied by Itself and be then gave me
a check equal to tho product, be
sides a check for $ lis;. nn. nnd I 110
tbfd that, after 1 slsiuld make these
entrlca, my new cash balance would be
Just ten times my old balance.
I have had two exjiert accountants
figure at this thing, but their calcula
tions of my original balance do not
agree. There Is nearly $1!U difference
between them.
Ilotv Deep la the Alrf
One hundred and thirty-one miles Is
the height of the atmosphere, i:s meas
ured by Prof. T. J. J. Sec, who de
termines the thickness of the air en
velojie by noting the difference between
the time of sunset and the complete
disappearance of blue from the sky.
The moment at which the blue
changes Into black can lie observed
yulte easily with approximate certain
ty by the naked eye when the air Is
clear, and by trigonometry may be as
certained the distance below the hor
izon of the sun at the moment of
change, lly this in cans may be calcu
lated the height of the smallest Il
luminated panicles of oxygen and ni
trogen, which give to the sky Its bluest
tint by the reflection of the smallest
1 wave lengths of the sun's light.
The Instant of change from blue to
black Is possibly a little dKIlcult of
exact observation, but the method Is
not more doubtful than that based on
the observation of shooting stars. The
shooting star method gives a result
not greatly differing from the vanish
ing blue method. The former gives the
height of the atmosphere at Hiy miles.
Stand on One I. en-.
There appears to he no end to the
variety of health exercises, and the
latest Is the most novel of them all.
"Standing on one leg," asserts Stylltes.
"Is the finest exercise In the world."
He devotes a quarter of an hour by the
clock to It every day, and on one mis
guided occasion he actually kept his
balance for twenty-five minutes at a
stretch, "It exercises every muscle In
the body." he dtvlares, "and keeps nie
In tip top condition. I should advise
your readers to begin with a minute at
a time. They will llnd It quite enough."
II i Found the Sepnlrher.
"When you go to New Zealand I
wish you would Inquire after my great
grandfather, Jeremiah Thompson."
"Certainly," said the traveler, and
wherever he went he asked for news of
the ancestor, but without avail, accord
ing to The Dundee Advertiser. One day
he was Introduced to a flue old Maori
of advanced age. "Did you ever meet
with an Englishman named Jeremiah
Thompson?" he asked. A smile passed
over tho Maori's face. "Meet him?" he
repeated. "Why, I ate him!" New
York Tribune.
In Neareh of a Mate.
Clarice Miss YVrlnkles is going to
Europe this summer.
Virginia Ah, she's tried every re
sort In this country. I suppose she
hopes to cure her trouble abroad.
Clarice Her trouble? Why, what
Is it?
Virginia I suppose you might call It
Involuntary singularity, Fuoblo Chief
tain. The average married woman Is not
very well suited with her husband, but
she thinks almost any girl would be
glad to get hlni.
There is nothing1 more distressing than an itching, hurn
ing skin disease, and upon the return of warm weather those
who are afflicted with skin troubles find the symptoms r ppear
ing and know that they will be tormented through the hot
summer months. The blood is heated with humors and acrid matter, and as they arc forced
to the surface the skin seems to be on fire. The treatment of skin diseases with exter
nal applications is all wrong, because they do not reach the trouble which is in the blood.
The most such treatment can be expected to do is, allay the itching and burning and cover
up the trouble for awhile, but as soon as it is left off the disease returns.
All food taken into the body contains, in some form, the elements necessary to sustain
the different parts. One portion is used for
the making of blood, another for muscle,
one for bone, still another for fat, and soon.
After these different properties are ex
tracted from the food there still remains a
portion that is useless, or waste matter,
which is intended to be disposed of through
ihe natural channels of bodily waste, the
Liver, Kidneys aud Bowels. At this season
of the year, however, these organs become
torpid, dull and sluggish, and fail to perform this duty, and these accumulations remain in
the system aud are absorbed by the blood to ferment and sour, producing burning acids and
acrid humors. The blood cannot properly nourish the system while in this impure condition,
aud begins to throw off these acids through the pores and glands of the skin, producing Acne,
Kezenia, Tetter, Psoriasis, Salt Rheum and skin diseases of every description.
ECZEMA appears usually with a slight redness of the skin, followed by pustules from
which there flows a sticky fluid that dries and forms a crust, and the itching is intense. It
is generally on the back, breast, arms, legs and face, though other parts of the body may be
afflicted. In TETTER the skin dries, cracks and bleeds, and is often very painful. The acid
in the blood dries up the natural oils of the skin, causing a dry, feverish, hardened condition
and giving it a leathery appearance. ACNE makes its appearance on the face in the form of
pimples aud black-heads, and is particularly disagreeable because of its unsightly appear
ance, while PSORIASIS, a scaly disease, comes in patches on different parts of the body.
One of the worst forms of skin disease is SALT RHEUM. It discharges a watery fluid, form
ing sores and producing intense itching. The head and face are the parts usually affected,
and sometimes the hair falls out and a mass of sores forms on the scalp.
These aud all skin diseases are due to the same cause burning acids and humors in
the blood, and until this vital fluid is cleansed and made pure they will continue. The best
treatment for all skin diseases is S. S. S., a remedy that is purely vegetable, being made en
tirely from roots, herbs and barks, and acts directly on the blood with a cleansing, healing
effect. It neutralizes the acids and purifies the blood so that the skin, instead of being
blistered and burned by the fiery fluids, is nourished by a supply of cooling, healthy blood.
It goes dowu into the circulation and forces out every particle of waste or foreign matter,
blood. Nothing equals S. S.
general health. Write for our
We make no charge for either.
Novel Mrnna to Karape Hay Fever
Followed by a Hermit.
Warren Carrol, a coal prospector who
has been operating in the vicinity of
the Chetcamp Klver, south of Grande
Etang, Cape Hreton. tells of meeting a
man In the barren lands who has been
living In a tree for three summers be
cause be believes it will cure his hay
Carrol says that the man. who claim
ed that his name wa Strong and that
he came from St. John. N. B., had built
himself a comfortable cabin of one room
In the branches of a giant hemlock
and was thoroughly enjoying life. The !
house was set nUiut forty feet from the '
ground and was reached by several lad-'
tiers which were spiked ngalnst the j
sides of the tree trunk. j
In the cabin was a bed made of
houghs, a stove constructed out of sheet j
iron, three looking glasses, a lamp,
three rustic chairs and thicty-sli cush
ions stuffed with balsam needles. The
place was as neat as If kept by a worn-1
an and was built so that there would
be no waste space. i
Strong was rather reticent, but Car- j
rol learned enough to convince him that 1
the man was In his right mind and that 1
he really believed the "tree cure" was !
doing him good. He said he couldn't!
explain why the hay fever would not
attack hi 111 as long as, he lived In a tree,
but that It was a fact and Be took ad
vantage of It. lie lived mostly on fish
and game, but he had some vegetables
stowed away In hollow tree trunks near
Ilia Knowledge of AVeeda.
At a suburban residence near Phila
delphia there recently appeared an unkempt-look
lug individual who asked for
employment. It chanced that his ap
plication was made to the lady of the
house herself, who was superintending
the transplanting of plants lu the sir
den. "Are you a gardener?" asked the
"Ain't had much experience at gar
denln'," was the reply.
"Can you plant these bushes?"
"I'd hate to risk spoiliu'
"Then what can you do?"
"Well, ilium," responded the
kempt-looking Individual, "If you was
to baud me one of your husband's ci
gars I might sit in the greenhouse an'
smoke out them Insects that's eatln'
the leaves of them rose-hushes." Har
per's Weekly.
Among Frlenda.
"Whew! What, Lottie ltrown engng
ed? That proves what I've always said
that, no matter how plain and badly
tempered a girl may be, there's always
a fool ready to marry her. Who's the
poor man?"
'I am I" Life.
builds up the blood and cures all skin diseases promptly
and permanently. S. S. S. does not leave the least par
ticle of the poison for future outbreaks, but entirely rids
the blood of the cause for all skin diseases.
S. S. S. tones up the system and regulates the
Liver, Kidneys and Bowels so that they will carry off
the natural waste and refuse matter through the proper
channels, instead of leaving it to be absorbed by the
S. in the treatment of these troubles and for building up the
treatise on skin diseases and any medical advice you wish.
HOWAHD K. BTRTOX. Assarer and Chemist.
Leaitville. Colorado. Specimen prUs; oli,
hllwr, I-ad, $1 ; tiold. Sllvr,T.x-; Uofd, &Jc; Zliicor
Copper, fl. Cyanide fetus. Mailing envelop! and
full pr(c list sent 00 application. Control and Vm-
ptre work solid led, lttlexvnctil CarUonaia rt'ar
iiuual iJaok.
DAISY FLY KILLKK destroy a!l the
files and affords
coniH rt loevery
ffrtM i-lAt2l:?te home-In dimmc
jl 'V(iT''fci?y!w0-I rK,,l, H;eepin
files are trouble
some. Clean,
iiHMi and will
not sod or iti
tnre anything.
Try them once
and yi'U will never he without them. If not kepi bv
dea -rs. sent prepaid for 20c. Harold Suinere.
My l-H-Kitlb ave., Brooklyn, N". V.
and confide!
the on rrr
I-ICU i"JL Aim
lsmadt of the best
malm ah, r. black ootllaw
Jul h Aid Mn ttoLand vi b
rtiwwt dwltrs rvnywhtf t
tr.M ntTUt riu
fisimtf!) Townt CANADIAN (LUVHI JT0V CO.
To. ONTO. CA1. BtiSTn. r-iis I'&A w--
mvmuMf ii.Tn.i ir jw vmM
Portland Trade Directory
Names and Addresses in Portland of Repre
sentative Business firms.
IKKAM SKrA KATUHS W. Ki ara ilea ilia U.S.
tvpurator to ba the beat. Write iur free catalog.
Uuielwood Co., t'lnti aod Oak.
MKN'BCI.OTHINO HufTuin Panttlaton, aole
annals Alfred Banianna A t'o.'a correct clotliaa.
KvvrylhliiK la men's ruriilflhtnjr& Morrison aod
bixib siraaia. Oppoelte imaloItK'a.
PIANOS A OIUIANS Many tin Ion runieiiln re
vert to tia aicoiini s rkneHs or removal of buyer
Vrita t'or dencr pllou of p alio now on huiul.
terms, eto. Write loilay. tiilhert Co., i'orilaud
P. N. t). No. 35
HEN writing; to advertisers please
Mention luia paper.
Every reader of this paper can get a package of "20-Mule-Team"
Borax and a bar of "20-Mule-Team" Borax Soap,
with a Beautiful Souvenir Picture 7x14 inches in 10 colors;
Absolutely Free.
For a loniti'd time only, on receipt of 10 cents in stamps or silver (to pay postage
and packing) with ymir name and address nnd your dealer's name, we will send you m
full size package of that universally ustd Household Ne;e sity, "20-MULE-TEAM"
UOKAX; also u bur "L'O-MUl K-TttAM" liQUAX SOAP, fre; and b elude a beautiful
souvenir picture 7xH in 10 colors culled the 'OLD'ri UEVEIUE," wl h a Si.
page-bjoklct giving 1UU0 valuable uses for Iturax ill tin) Home, Kirni, Garden and
);iiry; Ho rax in the Laundry, NtirsL'iy, Sick Itooin aud Ki'chinj Preservativ i uses cf
Ilonix, nnd bints on "How to Have u Clear Complexion" and urticl s on the "Hair and
WHITE NOW I cnelnie a dime with your name and a Mr s nnd dealer's name,
end rereiv" bv return mail thin 'r e nil' r ami snivciiir Addie-itf, lViCitio Coast it rag
Co., Oukluud, t ualoiuiu.
Dear Sirs My body broke out with a rash or eruption
which In spite of all e.Tortg to oure continued to gt worse.
The itching, cBpucially at night, was pimply terrible, it
would almost disappear at times, only to return worse
than ever. I had tried many highly reoommcafled prepa
rations without benefit, and hearing of H. S. S. determined
to Kive it a fair trial, aad was inexpresribly delighted
when a few bottles curd mo entirely, removing every
blemish and pimple from my body. 1 shall not fail to reo
ommend S. S. S. whenever aa opportunity occurs to do so.
Escondido. Cal L. MARNO.
power lully warranted. II Jo. All size an. I
tj lea at loweat prices. Write for catalog.
Portland, Oregon.
6 O
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Egan Dramatic and
Operatic School
Season 1906 and 1907 Opens Sept. 15
j Prepares for Dramatic and Ojratic
, Stage and places (iradiiatcs. liecog-
nized by leading theatrical managers.
Send for Catalogue and list of gradu
ates and their succeeB.
Egan Dramatic and Operatic School
Egan Hill Arcade Building, Seattle.
FRANK C EGAN. Principal.
Dr. G. Gee Wo
Tli a wonderful Chi
nese Iioctor Is called
great becaiiae lis cures
people without opera
tion that are Klven up
to die. He cures Willi
Ihode wonderful Cnl-nt-sj
herbs, roota, boilM,
barks and veicatables
inn are emireijr ul- it , ji J ' It. ,r i
kiiou a to medical scl- "ri 1" Bill) IyT'
enva In Ibia country. Through the ue of Ihoai
hurmleits remedies this famous doctor knows
llieaotlou of over 600 different remedies which
he auccesafully uses In different diseases. H
liuaranieeatocur catarrh, asthma, lung, ibma;
rheumatism, nervousness, stomach, liver: kid
neys, etc.; has hundreds of testimonials.
Chanies moderate. Call and see him. f atlents
out of the city writs for blankr and circulars,
bead stamp. COMSULTA 1 iON a'UKh.
162's first St., S. C. Cor. Morrison
Mention paper. PORTLAND, OREGON.