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Devoted to Die Mining, Lumbering and Farming Interests of this Community.
NO. 21
r . - sT
And (iciicral Alining New
(lathered from lixchnncs.
Martin Foley
the mines Friday
liiiAll liotll !
Went lo I'll
Mattm Slica 1 mr down Ironi the
Vesuvius on Saturday ami went up
aguiu o'i Monday.
Frank Mtlntytc Juntii-.' if the
IVllCO of It.lllemll District l p'llil-
ing it few dftVH in town.
A V. Churchill 'iii' I I '1 .ink M -llltrn
;nr cxhihing Men- line
sp' cini'Mi-i Itnln til' 11 pi i.;. i I i. s mi
Monto Kico Ridge.
A u k u-l Scium In- is nhin litii.l at
work on bis tl.ii'iiH 111 I!- Ii! n,i 1, (,11
China Creek and cxecls lo make
n killing some d 1 y.
Cli'is, Otteisoii runic down fro til
the cmivhim Lint wck ami ha
C .IAHV lor ll Sll'llt V'l.'.l't'.ll 11 1- '
loro conii at k to wrl.
Duvid I 1 11 11 an I Attorney John
son went up to tlie llmiMitlia roj
ertv last wok. whrre l-otl, arc
Jieavily tiuetiN'ed ioik is leing
j.ushed vioi'ous v on that proj'erty
this summer.
II. ud cani'' d'lvvn from tlie
on ThurM.lay. He r' l ortH
tunt he win vny iinn h pleased with
the outlook in tlie Vcuvius, ()re-jfon-t'olonnln
ami Riei-Mue, which
roj)citieH he i-ited while in (.amp.
Kouhon Tho. n and hn hoii (Mar
once, who h ivc been working for ft
year in Ilohcmia, without once
coming to town, hroko the tcrord
lant wcok, and have hud off for sev
eral weeks, visiting their f-lks l.e
for returning to the dintrict.
lieu Trygstad is in town from the
()regon-( Colorado for a couple of
dftys to see the wife and baby. He
hopes to t'ike them up to camp be-
r.ii TIia iLitL fit tA mill..
is progressing steadily, and itou is !
anxious to see a concentrator built,)
bo that the mine can become a pro- i
j.,ror I
, ,
Will Dsvoiop Copp.r u.po.ii. N.n.r ! art'-r undergoing an operation in j cated here is a growth from smal
fcimmo. I one o the hospitals there, which it i lor things and looks to still higher
Kugcnc, Ore., .Juno 7 Local J is thought will give her p 'mmncnt j ones. God seeks to lift his child
capitalists, including 15. S. Kelsuy, j relief on Monday. Iron up aud only askh man, when he
loliii li'Miy, A. W Gilbert mid
Mmk I' lemming, have r. ;;.-iMed for
Ihepuipose (if (i-vi l'i'MM' copper
deposits 1 1 - it r C'n .v II :ni'l about
I- mile f 1 Mm I Itigene. Thev have
I "i f I1.1 si il id :n n s nl 1 mil 111 that
vicinity ami have options on 200
act es mi ii (
I ( t J 1 liu . Ii"' 11 1 1'inl 1 1 1 1 f in
! roiiHidctiililc J 1 1 -4 1 1 1 1 1 t ni'icli of it
1 being in tht nfi'iVK hpiic. It lii'H
i.ii'li 1 ,i( i iiht of 1 In cc i t t i.l iron-
healing luL.
M- 11111 1
'.villi a 1.1 1
1 Ii ! 111 11 ht'ick coni
,ji ,1 ,, (idti
SIwkiIh Two I'nllcnitn.
I i Ik 1 a' St. a noticed a
Ism 1 r
p' M l' I I t
p' li'MIe, living
o r 1 1 H
1 iHIIH'l.iy M II' lit . ail'l l'"t 1
out his 'in
tli... II-
In."-' 111.
H'-v 11 ill' 1;'
Willi':', III"
ill' ll" S i'.l:,
V.-IV Ii iiril
t ! 1 -' r 1 . 1 1 , . 11
night .111! 1
III. .null I
11 a:w took shots at tio by the orchestra, tho ronirrega
: .t two ol them, th 1 tin and choir singing "O Happy
' .1 . m s ,-n'ht fed iiml )ay" wjt, tlf, Hupport of the hand,
I. 111 lip p. tip ..f its following which Kev. S. -,. Mem-
I l'" I ill was eiL'hlcCll imri.r llw. t ll,,,lict (M.Mroli
'( .n l ;in not
ll.- drought
it.,vr Friday
to have ll.ciii ,
, ..'lller.
t I 111'-
wnt Muvo Wu.a 1'iMii.vint I'lnni, I of Jacob from lierbhoha to Haran,
The u I ,,tMrv.rir plt of the!"M(l Vf ll)0 ,ad'r hlch in,his
Sonth.m IV. IW, wlm-hhas heen 1 ,','CI 'u' saw reaching from earth to
lo.afd at Latham, ()rek'o, is tnak-i '"Ti" . Ul" ' aHcendln
' ' " '',V- ' '
..... .il 1, I., rr I ..I ..
(-11I 1
ThiMpo.P.lile plants consist of ! tho hofu"i of lo .d
.to,K six ket in dimcterit,,Hir.1,,eKft.l0.?f 'T1 ,and 'V?
and ii.r fi' t long, with the noces
Luty tunks und equipment on cars. !
The eroHs ti.' caineity for one re
tort in L'O.'iSo fct tind with two r
toits an averng'i ni' tithly output of
l,2")o,ooo feet is iitt.iined. Tho tics
are placed in the retort filled with
a chl ti le f.;nc solution and hu!
jecte l in a .-t' 1:111 l ath of three
hours, '.ISj devices of heat and fit)
pounds pressure. Tim process em
ployed I'tiug known as the lJurnet
tiing proctss. The plant is equip
ped for trraling lumher with a
creosote process. It j claimed the
results attained have showu tho
ellicacy of the trcatnmut hy the in
crease in the life of the treated
timber over the ordinary lumber.
Timbi rinan.
Clrrvili Court
C.leasoii vh The Crystal ,
ded Mining Co et nl ; to '
recover nimiiiv
WoooeoeU A l'ot-
'tto.neys for plaintiff.
" " "
Mrs. V. A. Lux. who has been
vet ill for i year or more, was
brought home from Portland .
Christian Church Opened Its
Knlargcd ituilding on Last
Sunday with Impressive
I All tlio churches o the town
joined together in tlio dedication of
the enlarged ChriHtian Church Sun
day morning, atout one thousand
.... dr-inr' ntcHptit
Tli llivick i,ini.,l tvilli n c.lni-v
t in-people in a very able prayer.
1 1-v OlHon announced the Hinging
f "Nearer My God to Thee",
Kev. .1. N. McConnell road the text
of the day from the 2Kth Chapter of
Onebis concerning tne journeyiDgs
.' VI- " lllj. ""n Ull
e.,i.r 1. "Tliiu io ,r.A
". ...... i.j
assertion that if the Lord would
PV01 .hil Le wo"1,1 set a" aar
to his (iod
The congregation sang "I Love
! Thy Church () (led, the House of
Thy Abode." after which Rev. Mc
Conneil addressed the people, from
which npeech wo give a few points.
"The chiiK h is the house ol God,
and is a dirtrt outcome ot Jacob's
vow of tho long ago. Wonderful
changes have taken placo iu life, in
people, in places; transformation
sceue8 iu everything, working from
tho lower and poorer conditions to
better ones.
As the beautiful butterfly comes
from tho crynaliH of the ugly cata
pillar, so God has brought man up
from one condition to auother,
changing with him his surround
ings and enviromonts; through a
process of evolution has man been
raised up, not of necessity from the
oWer animals, but from ft lower
mental und moral stage. Jacob's
dream was a true vision of the
things to come, of the growth of
man, and of the upbuilding of the
church, tho worship house of the
lhe house which is dedi-
We must sell 100 boy's and children's suits
this month, and will give 20 per cent dis
count for cash on every sale. The same
discount on ladies' Oxford ties, all you have
to do is to mention that you saw this ad.
necM that ho is wrong to rejjent and
change his manner of life. Jacob's
ladder represents Christ reaching to
earth to bring peace and salvation
to mankind, and this building is
being dedicated as ft temple to the
service of God."
Singing "All Things Are Heady."
Rev. MtConnell then proceeded
to take up a subscription to raise
the balance unsubscribed for the
improvements, which had cest
alout $2200 and of which amount
$11X5 was already secured. The
appeal was ft strong one and after a
short time the remaining $1100 was
all taken up in pledges to be paid
within nine months.
The church is greatly improved
with the additions, and makes a
very fine church building, one of
which the congregation, and the
town, as well may be proud.
As Viu&l tlo Oonkeys Slow.
Henry Fischer of the Brown
Lumber Company returned from a
visit to the Fischer Lumber Co. at
Marcola the first of last week week,
aud states that they have plenty of
logs thero and are cutting 50,000
and Boraetimes feet per day
He has the car number of the car
on wLich the donkey for the Thomas
logging camp was shipped, so he
knows that at last it is on the way.
Ho hopes as soon as it arrives to
always have all the logs in the pond
thatthemill can takecare of. Changes
and improvements are constanly
being made eo as to increase the
output of the mill.
A new 15 inch galvanized iron
blow tube 225 feet loug lias receutly
been built and erected by the
Wynne Hdwe. Co. connecting the
fan of the planer with the shavings
shed of the Willamette Valley Co.
plant sheviugs shed, so that all the
Hi : ngs from tho planers are
blown into the shed to be burnt to
make the power for the electricity.
This is a source of income f jr the
mill and furnishes a cheap power
for the electric plant.
Cottage Grove "went dry" by 3o
votes. The dozen or more saloons
up there will now be put out of
business. Drain Nonpareil.
Miss Mary Cunin has resigued
her position as telegraph operator
at the central 'phone office and re
turned home to Cottage Grove.
She is succeeded by Miss Grace
Moore, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
VV. L. Moore. Koseburg Review.
Frauk Jordan has Invested in a
new buggy, In mess and horse and
will take life easy this summer. His
oug2y is furnished through the
Wynne Hdwa. Co. and is a beauty.
wl Celebrate!
Special Correspondence From
the National Capitol for
Nugget Readers.
Washington, I). C.
Oregon has been accorded a
heavy measure of relief from con
ditions loDg complained of ber dele
gation, in one uuassuming measure
well toward the goal of enactment
in this congress. It provides for
the entry of land more valuable for
agriculture than forestry, in any
permanent forest reserve or tempor
ary withdrawal. The measure has
passod both branches of congress,
and is now in conference, the point
of difference between a minor
feature of the bill, and approval of
the President is assured immedi
ately upon his receipt of the meas
ure, as it is an administration fa
vorite. Western States this concession .
Among the leaders in the effort to
keep for general industries all land
best adapted to agriculture were
the Oregon men. Senator Fulton
began his campaign nearly two
years ago, and has been especially
emphatic this session in the po
sition that the Government did not
have the right to use for general
forestry purposes territory that
would yield a slate far more in
other industries. His opposition
first took form against creation of
further reserves until elimination of
all possible agricultural land was
assured. As a remedy for past
evils in this respect, the new meas
ure was cordially supported, and it
will also have the effect of making
further reservations less obnoxious-
If the people are to be permitted to
select any good land from the with
drawals, leaving with the govern
ment euch as is clearly mOBt valu
able permanently for timber, it is
said by the senator thbt little oppo
sition to reserves will '' heard in
Oregon, especially after 'he govern
ment begins its more salutory cam
paign of reforestation, prevention
of fires, and liberal permit-ion for
removing mature timber.
The first section of the proposed
law follows:
"That the Secretary of Agricul
ture may, in his discretion, and he
is hereby authorized, upon applica
tion or otherwise, to examine and
ascertain as to the location and ex
tent of lands within permanent or
temporary forest reserves, which are
chiefly valuable for agriculture,
and which, in his opinion, may be
occupied for agricultural purposes
without injury to tho forest reserves,
and which are not needed lor pub
lic purposes, and may list and de
scribe the same by metes and
counds, or otherwise, and file tho
lists and descriptions with tlio Sec
retary of the Interior, with tho re
quest that the srip lands be opened
to entry in accordance with the pro
visions of the homestead laws and
this act."
Following sections provide for
taking such land under usual home
stead laws and regulatious. There
are additional conditions regarding
location, each entryman being lim
ited to 160 acres, and cannot tako a
tract exceeding one mile in length.
Preterence in taking such land is
given to entrymen on the land
when withdrawals were made, and
thereafter, the first applicant. If
the segregation is made 011 petition
of an eutryman, the latter has pre
cedence over others'in making ap
plication, after the land is opened
to settlement. There are also
especial provisions relatiug to the
Black Hills reserve in South Da
kota, very limited entries there
being permitted.
The fact that tho Secretary of
Agriculture will adjudge the re
spective merits of land covered by
this act is hopeful to tho western
men, who have often been discom
fitted by the prejudice and lack of
western knowledge 011 tho part of
the Secretary of Interior. If he
were to pass on the agricultural
possibilities of such land, little hope
would be entertained of ever segre
gating any of it from the perma
nent forest withdrawals, but little
apprehension is felt from the same
prospect with the Secretary of Ag
riculture at the helm.
Senator Fulton his been assured
that many entrymen will file peti
tions for portions of the various
Oregon reserves as soon as the law
becomes effective.
excursion and Picnic.
The Order of Maccabees Cascade
Tent No. C6, Cottage Grove, Ore
gon, will give a grand excursion
over the O & S E II It to Wild wood
and return to Star where they will
hold a picnic at Stewarts Grove,
Saturday June 1(5, i9o6. One and
one-third fare for the round trip.
State Commander Sherwood will
be the speaker ot the day.
There will be a ball jrame and
other amusement. A jolly good
time is assured. A generil invita
tion is extended to the public.
Come everybody and bring your
lunch. Train leaves Cottage Grove
at 8 a. m.