Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, May 16, 1906, Image 5

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    It is True
as Emerson
wrote that
"Nlhln ral
r arhUvad with
eel thailam."
Iwitliiisiasiii ih;i r
nclcrinl (In- selection
! our Spring ;ind
Summer line of Hals
from stal l t( finish and is largely re
S nsi 1 !c (or t lie snci iss we have at
tained lor our line. Thev arc tin
1 1 it- s I i n i a I 1 y (lie ',i i adst assort mini
in town. All tin leading shapes and
I ana
Straw priiii.
i t
colors, line
Ilias $('.()().
and Cr.-e-h, ;dl
We sell the famous McKt&fo tia,v-3.
Baseball Goods
Coinfilntfl llmr at Ixiltom (rl'"i.
Photo Supplies
A (lno 1 1 no of i"!ifiiirii Aii'l I'liotii
ftiiilli, Koilaki from II.Ml it .
Shirts and Overalls
A wnrriihti'il llii'iif Overall, I'.VU
to l ki f..r l..) h mill mini . Kl K"1 I""'
ol fancy nml work ulilrt, X lo ' eiiti.
Collars and Ties
WiTiiei rnir, ('dllur mnl tin aiy twin
In Urn fiiiinirr. l,;i'lli'H Itii'hliiK mil
HiiHli r llruvt n i uil.ira, in ami l' r.enl.
Dried Prunc3
l'i in iiv, HicM I'M', Mallin Inc.
llealM i, n H cinln
II.. of IVCI I'nrlnr Mat-In i lor 10
M ill. I'.ir'lii K M;ii U "t nit MT !!.
I.iIIIm huir, I penny r lo .
A. II. N'aptha nml al al Savon
l.auinlry Huap. 7 hart I 1 1 I Knap, if'ie.
Ten Cent Barq iirii
lou't fall l'i a lit i.Ikhh
am u n I Japan so v, ! .
HoiipCrm kmi. nil k In'lt "I Hwlm,
I'n I mil II m ( onk lin, ' a ii I lOirnm
All kinds of Groceries,
(iraphoplioncs and Records
school Hoard Annnuno. F.leotlon of
Ia;hra for Nil Itar,
C. Ii. Slr'itiio, Mrv Mtriiiv
Lulu Cnrriii, Woith Harvey, Venn
I owcrs, ChrisMo Wheeler, Mabel
Mnkny, I,nurn I Iffy, Gertrude
Palmer, Cordeli Grunt, Maud Kel
ley Oluh Mickey, huvo been elated
by the School Hoard to fill th Mime
positions in tho hebools for the com
ing 3i'"r, as thoy have occupied in
flu' p;i.t yi-nr. MisH Maud K-l!;y,
M i -s Flint Taylor and Miss I'crtliR
W'liilc have tendered llicir resigna
tions and their phves have yet to be
The Bazaar.
Hems of Interest in and about
Collate (iroo and vicinity.
t'l'UllUT lit ; to K 1 1 ' j k U C ' ri'litil.
All kind i'f frcsli s(jla and
Ut ! ucLcr nt tlio i'aa'ir.
o vriillu at v"i t"
Cue 8 flajm 8aAftj,a.iiBB8.aa9BS8jiB 9 a a u p.vfl 3 aaj! a aa zstji aa3
CocigiT makes tli ln-st nats in j Suhsi il . f'.u the Ni!K('t
On nun. i lidinu Im uiuI is tl okind fur you
ur tli'i new lu n ut
the lUanr.
Mens Mlhl hoys
II Bt the n.i.aai.
lCii'ctic Steam KauncJry,
ami Hastiniji ni;ents.
Ire.sHuakiii) ut ri-Hidtinc of Mih.
J;. J. Nichols, Hunt kivT slr t.
Dou't fuil to nuU'C who the cn
testautsare in thu inuchino timtiht.
Jo Haker and wile weut to Co
burg for a short viaii on Saturday.
K. M. Veuti-h 1 1 tut nod iyiu n
short busincHS ti to Kii,'ciic Nat
u rd i j.
Kit Steward has hit Coinstock
aod kocb lo Wtiidling to work for
tho liooth.Kelley jt-op!e.
Cochran makcH j;ood photo
graphs and at good piicen too. A
rate in now on. (ut m xt.
Kugene had two bud runniways
Saturday from teams heioininy
frightened at a horse break ing exhibition.
IJulii iiiin i i;::trs ar jufl the thing
and duii't yon for get it.
Sewing nnicliino cotipons receiv
ed on subscriptions wlu-u 3011 pay
Ask for a fue stunple of Chase A;
Sanborn's Tea or ColTec at Mt-tcnlf
100 sewing machine eouiwiia
with each y r's Hul'Hcription paid
in advance.
Ste tln'e fi 1 1 0 golf hhirls, silk and
plain fionM at from 50 to 00 cents
at t no JS'i iar.
Oet a linni!i"ck for your wife
these hot afte 1 iioofiH, Vcnti-h A
son handle nono hut the best.
'I ho I'acihV Honeteu 1 in fi gool
weekly I 1 1 ill 1 fi r inner, and -..n !
. . 1
liad at a red 110 il into ith Xugret
SllllSC'l i lj,
1'ur an ii' it riano tuner im.l re.
Tho I''o gene Kclicf eoninnttee is , airer. call up I,. I,. Woods, l ite of
still active and 011 Saturday sent j Kimb ill's 1'inno Fuctoiy. Cliii-ai-o,
out its fourth carload of supplies 1 on phoi e v;v
for San l'rancineo.
When you want a good iniigiiine
or paper on a clubbing rate, try
your home paper with it. The
price will ttatisfy you.
Hello Central (Jive us every one
on the lino. Wo want to tell them
alout the gieat bargains at the
Hazaai. l'hoiie J'.'.'l
Conner ftud Cochran at the Ha
zaar have put in n new scale of the
latest model and want their custo
mers to obnerve how they prog rem.
Mrs. V.. J. Heidbr mil fun,
Charlvs of Oakland have bc 11 cuchIh
of relatives and friend in this eitj
for a week. They lormer y livid
The Pacific Coum Manufactnn ih'
Journal, devoted to the textile
trade, says that we are pajing $oo
000 in freights to ship Oregon wool
to the east to be manufactured for
us and fully an much money a sea
ond time to get tho product back,
mixed with shoddy and other adul
terants. The new Farmers and Minors
Telephone linn is progresniug rap
idlj. Felix I amicus, who lias
chargo of the coiiHtruetioii work
aaya that lo miles of post polei
Lave been dui; and that uome of
II "ii. C. V. Odloway, democra
tic cat didate for congress a l ived in
Ih" city 'l ues lay afternoo'i to .-.. ak
that 1 u ning.
t'hicl.tii fanciers get 11 Poultry
.lounial, and keep joMcd. The
Noithwest. l'oiillry Journal and the
N";,K' t lor l-r.
The Ounrd Company h is incor
porated with 11 capital of $20,000
with Campbell Uros. and Charles H.
l''isher, as incm poratorn.
l'"ingal Hindu is planning to ,o
to I'oitland on a nhort businej trip
but wants to wait until tho "Made
in Oretio" exhibit is on, ho that he
am take Hint in to .
Some of the laborers 011 the
Sptinglkld bridge struck Friday
for a cent raise er day, and not
getting it are still out, but the
work continues just the Bame.
Han Minogue was up taking in
the town Monday while tho Cham
ber mill is bhut down. Ho huvs
tho mill was running very regularly
and cutting a good 30,000 feet per
Mr. Monro of Loranc was in town
Monday, and was feeling very
happy over the rain. He is anxious
for school to be oyer ho that tho wife
(io-enrts of all styles at Witch &
ha sons.
Sewing machine fiee for some
hidv. Who is hho.
OR SAM'- Five rooai house and
two l'd.s, Iiiouite of C. 1. Uru-
neuu. 13
Fieu samples of Ch'isc A San
bom'M Tea or Coffee at Mctealf A
1 5 t u'id's.
Mr. J. II. Hartel mother arrived
Tue day to pay a visit to her son
and faurly.
Cochran's studio is the place for
you if) yet your photograph. Don't
forget ( ' ichran.
There are go carts and go-carts.
catch A IjHvmiii have them
cheaper and bi Iter.
Iree with Nugget subscription.
The New York Tribune Farmer, a
weekly agricultural paper.
Surveyor Tayl r was busy laving
out the exact corner for the niw
bank ll ck Saturday.
Home industry is all right when
you can get what you want at the
right pric, mich as Congers' cigars.
I'atronio 11 home industry that in
building up a good trade by its
good material. Tho Conger Cigar
The big engine at tho electric
light plan', it all connected up ready
for teding. Tho foundations for
the 'lyiiamo are all in, and the
boiler is being bricked in, t-o that
before long the new plant can It
run and Iho old one t'ikeu out.
Oliver Hart has nearly 1000 feet
of tho pipe line for the North Creek
exlcntioti dug. He was fortuuate
in getting his sand, gravel and ce
ment h an led before the rain. If
his pip comes promptly, he will
h ive his work all done up before
the contract time expiies.
New York is tho largest user of
telephones in tho world, having
L'.iO.'.Mi'i instruments in ire, which
is two ahd one half times more tuan
London, five titneH as many as
Paris, and four times as many as
Iteiiin. It is accounted for by the
rush of tho business men, and the
value of thoir time.
The death of Dr. William Living-
blon at Freeport on Saturday has
leen widely heralded through the
claim that he is Johu D liocke-
fellei'a fathci, on accouut of the
similarity of his habits and his
figure to the sketches of the mil
lionaire, s father, us told by Ida Tar-
bell iu her articles on the Staudnrd
01 Trust and its founders. It
seems that for years there has be;u
a great mystery about John D's
parentage, which has not been
ucTiKt: coi'Rsn arkangld
The Commercial Club has digued
ft contract with tho Midland Lyceum
I5uteau of Chicago for a series of
five entertainments to be given next
Tne attractions will be Dr. Thos.
MtClary, humorist lecturer, Mar
shall C. Crouch, lecturer, Koyal
M'lle quartette, Midland Opera
O iinlette an l Mrs. Wm. ('ah in
Chilton. The entertainments will
bfgin in October nnd be fciven each
Seaon tickets will be $3.00. Single
admission f cents each for reserved
seat-, ami a graduated Kcule i)T
other seats.
In making this contract the Cora
mercial Club sought to bclo out the
winters eu'ei tain men ts by this
course of le'dly first cluss lectures
and on x-rts and it in hopeJ that
the citizens will take hold well
when the time comes and make the
attendance a large one.
Wi Bobcmla nuflgctf;
Memorle.1 Day Exercises.
The members of the G. A. R.
Post will meet Wednesday morning
the 30th at 10 o'clock sharp, in
front of the First National IJank
building aod will march to the
cemetery to decorat'J the graves of
their dead comrades.
At 1 ;3o p. in. at tho Methodist
Church the principal exercises and
program of the day will be given,
the principal address of which will be
by Hon. Walter Ii. Tooze. All
churches, all societies, and all
schools, and everybody not other
wise included, are invited to be
present and commemorate with the
G. A. K. the men, and women, ho
died and suffered for the cause of
our great Union.
fill the Nev5
fill the Time
Neat job Work of j
All Kinds Dope
Olell treat Vou Rli
The Real
Safety Ra
the poles nro on tho grouud and M1"1' thildicn will he homo once again
- 1. -,iit io. wut, on tho farm.
It la the expectation to have the 1 Pat Ilanruhau who has been
line completed to the lied Urulge working ior J . H. Chambers at Al
Bhortly after Juno 1st,
The reult of the government's
winning iU suit against the OenerHl
l'aper Co. of Chicago, on account of
violations of the trust law, has re
sulted iu the company's withdraw
ing as the selling agent tor all the
mills which it had combined, and
now each one has to paddle for
himself, uutil the company can be
reorganized in some form to eviulo
the law, and the brightest lawyeis
lo the United States will be at work
figuring out how the Taw can be
traded, not upheld,
cy left tho last of tho week and on
Sunday wont to W'ondling where
he will bo foreman of Hooth-Kel-ley's
camp No, 4.
A boiler at the Hrown mill sprung
a louk Friday and the livo rolls
camo on Saturday so that the mill
bhut down whilo the rolls were put
iu and the boilers repaired, as well
as several other changes mado to
facilitate the work. The mill was
running again Tuculiy morning,
and the boys are hoping it will
keep up its good record of little or
no delays for accidents.
Looevl to CoUB.g Grove
Indications are good for the ex
tension of the Kugene local to Cot
tage Grove. Eugene merchants
thnt have leeu interviewed by rail
road men on the subject are very
favorable to it and encouraged the
railroad to make the change and
what investigation has beeu made
at Cottage Grove has ma le the re
ports look as though the time for
such a move was ripe. The active
help of the council and the Com
mercial Club as well as the citizens
of both Cottage Grove and Eugene
ought to bo able to bring abmt
this important change.
Gentleman or lady with good
reference to travel by rail or with a
rig, for a firm of $250,000.00 capital.
Salary $i,o72.oo per yoar and ex
penses; salary paid weekly and ex
penses advanced Address, with
stamp, Jos. A. Alexander, Cottage
Grove, Ore,
Fred Fikk For Sheriff.
The Sptingtield News hns
lollowing concerning Fred
nominee for sheriff:
In Fred Fisk, candidate for re
election to the office of Sheriff of
Lane County, the people have un
economical and competent official
and during his carter as sheriff he
has given satisfaction in every de
tail of the work coming under his
care. I ne vast amount oibusineis
passing through the sheriff's otlice
requires a man of ability and judg
ment. Fred Fisk as sheriff is thor
oughly competotit, accommodating
and t ustworthy. If a man has
a hind man who gives entiro satis
faction, who does his work well and
with ability to do all work required
it is not good policy to change him
for a man unknown, untried and
whose ability is seriously doubted.
If a horse works well and gives
satisfaction and is a horse to the
owners liking is it a good policy to
exchange for a horso unknown, un
tried, not halter broke and whose
actions indicate that he would not
and could not pull in harness?
Fred Fisk w as elected to tho office
of sheriff for the first time two yean
ago, after finishing out the unex
pired term of Sheriff Withers. He
has beeu a good and faithful servant
of the people, serving nil. irrespec
tive of politics, witti fairness and
justice and the people will again
r'-elect him to thesheiiff's office.
Can be used in cither hand
and strops like any razor.
x5rlt cuts them off slick as a whi
Griffin & Veatcn Co,
o-okoosmo-oko-ok; moo:-.
New Idea In Furniture Selling.
A firm in Portland has adopted a
new feature in conjunction with
furniture se'ling by catalogue. Tho
Gevurtz Furniture Co agree to sell
all manner of household goods on a
very liberal credit and to pay all
freight charges to any part of the
state, as well. In today's paper
they advertise as a special bargain a
$60 Sewing Machine for 525; $3 to
accompany the order and $3 to be
paid mouthly froight prepiid by
them. They say that buying direct
from the manufacturers in carload
lots enables them to do this. Thrf
Gevurtz Furniture Co have Leen
30 years iu business in Portland
aud are located at 173-175 First
Street. A postal card request will
bring you their c.Va! gue. Their
ad appears elsewheie.
Is Mrs. Alexander, of Cary, Me.,
who bus found Or, Klug'n New Life
Pills to lie tho best remedy she over
tiled for keeping tho stomach, liver
and bowels in perfect order. You'll
iiK'i'eo with her if you try these painless
puriiies that iufuso new Hie. tiuar
an teed by Uonson's l'harmacy. l'rlco
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Cfias.A. Stevens &C
Chicago. 111.
All the n-.v vr -ol -i
mnt' ilal- f ! i-;ii!
skirls and wai -i -. 1 . t''t'. M:it.T
tho yard. Li::' !) .-hi :
.-uiH. Silk an I :
petticoat-. Th"
new 'Prince?" m l
silks in all tie- :e..
No trouble t iniv .:
A few patterns ;:i -in
skirt lcn-tris on hau l
ml .
Mrs. Orpali Cc;:sa:.
Cottage (jrove- 0. egen.
'Phone, Main " ;!.
drcswcll public School.
nDa 10, 1000.
Instrllmenlal Sola
Mule QuarU'tUs
I.inllt'K (Jnanette,
rmnposittoti, '
Male (Juartene,
Ladies Quartette,
I.iulios Qauriotti',
VoohI Duot
Male Cwutette,
MalH'l VolUianr
!.' 'Dill
"Hftoitiial Dri-.iiiii'r"
" Kent r let ions on Immigration"
"AUril Tennyson"
The Misses Ho i
Tlio New South nml Smnhwo-i"
Siimtii l K. 1!. Morito'' llin 1-
"Swi'out Than All tlio R.)Si-i''
"S I'alicri ( Mora-."
't.atlier li irbunk"
' Moil:)' Hoes Our W.'tk"
"Western Seeiiery" Albciin lla'.ilrv
"Susan II. Anthony" StoNa II. .uo
AlUiScoUmul .Mi-ssiM "..,.!
".filUlo ol tho llcll"
.. ! .s;iit;'ur.
I' X-.I.n I
hi sv.ui.r.'.li
l.oyal S It
Gypsy ljueent'aiitatta In Two Act
UyiM.v ch .in, full'; ( hr is.
T rollt'ii l
It M ::!lo
Turt t Mother Grunt li.iasto.on Hoallo, Tyrollo.i in ii.l.ia
mnkeii her escape mi'l lllo (iyi .ioi no iu I'lirsuit.
l'urt 1 After toverHl of wauiieiinij llosullo Is io.ail in I'.iiiylanJ,
l.y her subjects, tlio Tyrulieu.
Mother Grunt
Fairy Queen
Altll Strati'.inl
Hose K'l ar.U
Nulliu Stautoii
1 h