Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, December 20, 1905, Image 13

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Whenever u wn: nr ulcer 1! nut Ju-ul, m matter on wliat pntt of t1i
Ixxly It limy I.e. It in because f.f a jiohon. , t tiliti.u r.f Hie Mood. Tliiu
luiiwui may l.e tlic icniaiiiM f.f Home constitutional; tlictffitt of a
long Hu II of h'u knc.M, which i;,:, , ft i, J,, vitii 1 Mteani .ollute(l nml weak,
orLecausf tho liatuial tcfuse m.ilt r f.f the, whii h filioiiM t.ass fiff tlie fhaiinil: f.f nature, ha-il.Mii left in the nystcm jiml iihsoihc.l
Into the ciiculalioii. It dm i not matter how the j.oisoii .e( ainc Jntrent hc.l
in the Mood, the fad that the Hore i tin-re ami 1o h not heal in nee f.f
Oflee., umleilyiuj; t ause. Thcie i.i nothing that ciiusch nunc tlim-omfott,
wony nnl nuxu ty than n fcstciin, flis hai(;in;; 11 Hore that resists treat
ment. The yeiy r.i;;lit f.f it i'i nl)i.i t t-nt mid Min:'t.i pollution nml disease ;
lei.leM the tiuii-un.l nttentl..ii t juin l to kci it f mxl ficcficm oilier
infection. As it linnets, hlowly rating Icc.( r into the Hiirioun.linj' ilesh, the
milkier prows iim.i lilly imxioiis, fi-aiinjj it may he tamtrous. Home
i.l uiorir umicini wnil (III Ol'l note or
ulcer know how useless it is to ex
pect a cute fioni Milves, i.ow1 t.s, lo
tions nml other external tnalinciit.
Tbfouch the tise f.f these they have
Herri the place bcin Id heal and hi ah
over, nnd were congratulating them
Helves that they would noon l.e rid f.f
the detestable thin, when a fuslt
mipply of poison front the blood
I ..
...-muse me 1.100,1 is
......,;,. W...-.C-,. ...-,. vime youn
Buffer wi 1 twin hea 11 r Br. u t
woui.i cause ine inuiuniiiniic.n nii'l f.I.l flisehar;e to rettirn nnd the Rre wouhl
be. ns bad or worse than Ufote. Sores that da not heal aic not due to out-
Side causes ; if they were, external treatment would cuie tin in. They arc
I'dha.t ..a... I At. ...... .
."..x.., .,wr.. iniMt limiting iiHiiuiii mi: i.ei -lon.'f i.virti
middle life. Often, willi ttir-tu n u-fitr ,,r .... I ..... ;..n 1 t.
gins to ulcerate fn-n, little rouKh handling ; or a deep, offensive ulcer de-
velops fr..nt a li,:ht cut f-r bruise. Their vital enerrie and powers of re-
abitanrc havejtown less, and circulation weaker, and 'pethaps home taint i.l
tlieMootl, wliich was held In check by their Mron. r constitutions f.f early
particle of the poison out f.f the blood. I'e.r this purpose nothing equals
K. S. S. It poes down to the very bottom of the trouble, cleanses the blood 1
nnd makes a permanent cute. S. S. S. enriches and freshens the circulation
Bo that tt can u s ncxv, htronj; blood to the diseased parts and allows the place
to heal naturally. When this is done the discharge ctiws, the Hore wabs
over ami fills in with healthy flesh, and the skin regains its natural color,
ltook on Sores and ulcers and any medical advice dehired will be furnished
I. any rri,
1 have Keen Mnmetlilug of h'k'nl prac
tice on i.olh kIiIi'M of the Allantl'', nnd
my iipliilnii In that our proTcnou
wi.hM 1 tii 1 1 1 -1 1 -1 y t.y o.inlilnliiy
the two brniii'lieH pretty mtn-h as they
lire combined In the 1 ' n 1 1 t Staten and
Cumula, hhvh a writer In the l"inluii
Saturday Itevlew. It Is obvlmiM that
the Mollcltors would prollt by Hiu!i an
UgreiMiieut. 'I'hey Would have tlie rltfit
of aiiilleiice In iin courts and the op.
pi.rlmilt.v to niiallfy themHelves for
pn.iuol Inn to the bench.
In America the young lawyer goes
Into an oltb-e, where be makes his
merit known by Hteudy attention to
I'IIhIiicnm There will always be two
kinds of lawyers - thnxe who May in
their ollbes. dealing directly with ell
ent.4 and altemllng to mutters of roil
1 1 in-, and thoie who ailvlse 011 points
f.f law and argue cases In court.
These two orders of men are clearly
fllHtl-iiNliivl in America, but they
xvork bvether as partiiers to the reat
advuntage of the client.
Noinrtvhnl Similar.
"Women and men are very
nl!Ue In one respect," said the
I'owii philosopher.
"Wliat's the answer'" queried
Inexperienced youth.
"Men," explained the philosophy ills
peliser, "lie about the fish they didn't
entcli and women lie about the men
they could have married had they
wanted to."
ftrxrr Smllrd A km In.
"How do you manage to write nil
those funny things?" asked the inquis
itive female of the JoUesmlth.
"With a typewriter, madam," an-
wcrcd the so much per yard grin pro
ducer. Indeed!" exclaimed the I. f. "Don't
you know, I Imagined you used some
sort of copying apparatus."
Infrrijuput Oeraalona.
"You must try to love your papa as
much as ho loves you," said the vis
itor. "Oh, I love him more," replied Tom
my. "Indeed? Doesn't your papa love
you very much?"
"Not much. He saya he only lovea
me when I'm good." Philadelphia
Mystery of the I'iis Doir.
It's awfully luinl In understand linw
pug dugs can like the sort of people that
like them. Cleveland Leader.
I'm Falling
Thus cried the hair. And a
kind neighbor came to the res- R
cue with a bottle of Ayer's
Hair Vigor. The hair was
saved! In gratitude, it grew
long and heavy, and with all
the deep, rich color of early
life. Sold in all parts of the
world for sixty years.
About on year w I lust nearly all of my
imlr fulliiwliiu all attack of ini-a.lin. I wa
ailvl.od by a fileml to !. Ayar'a Hair Vlnnr.
1 dlU . ami a raniilt I new liava abnautllul
head r hair " Mas. W.J. liuowM, Mcuom
uuea rail., Wli.
Alalia by J. 0. Ayar Co., Lowall, alaaa.
iso luauuiauiurere es
I )iti had a orlpiilnit foot all ny llf,
wl.h li ooiM!nlli ma to ut a t.raun. Mr
ti.iiin iitiBoijouiitKliln l.ioi. Oil t.raoa
c Miiand a on my log, about aix
yr mo. I had iroofl innJlc.l attin
tlon, litit lh Vi r not won. I vral ln
ducail to try H. H. H., and am glad to say
H curad ma nntlialy.and I am outirlnond it aavnd my lia- for ma. I Lav,
tliaraforn, rnat fnltli In H. H. H. and
almlly rnroininand It to all tiandloa; a
rnllabla Mood mndlclna.
Bristol, Va.-Tanu. W. 3. CATE.
M.-ej.e.i m poison, which Inula on outlet
j.t-o ,ie, and even clnKlieu, floinetinies
.,.t 1 .. ni ...1
lile, hliows ttseir. It is well to be bus- " ' roved it. i.a.iy (in pnrt view
picious of any Hore that does not heal 1 l"lf atone quarry): And which In the
readily, lieeause the flame fjertit that foreman'" Casey (proudly) oi am.
products Cancer is back of every old I.ady Iteally ? Caaey OI kin prove
eote nml only needs to be. left in the ' ut. (Calls to laborer). "Kelly. Kelly!
circulation to produce, this fatal disease. ' yer folred!"
J lu re is only one way to cure these old I
holes and ulcers, and that is to i'ct rverv '
A ppmrrd In a llri rnl luu of a
London VrimprP.
Willi 111. iiiulllli nl lou, hihIiiI or Inti'lli'i--tunl,
li.lnlljr ili'viilil vt kliuw Ii-'Iji- on uny
1 himiIvbIiIi- niiliji-it, tlinriniKtii IniluliMit
nil ui.t riiNt 1.1 1 by, n ilmlrtiita f.f i.t.liilii
tiitf n ri'iiiiniiTiitu r punt In nt.y rnpni'lly.
A.lilr. . y, a, Mui'llD rouii, Went KfU The subline.' candor of the above'
j ad vertlKeinent which appeared in a
1 recent Issue of the Iondoii Times lias i
j caused Swine amusement and attract d
a great deal of attention auicng lml
: ih'ns men, nays the London KxprehS.
I Many declared that "I. l" was l
practical Joker; others that 'ie had a
i ilelllilte object In View whe.l l.e made
himself out to be a fool.
That this latter solution was the cor
rect one an Kxpress rvprcsenliitlvo
learned yesterday from "I. F." him
self. Ills object, he said, was to at
tract the attention of employers by
going out of the beaten In k.
"I. !'.," who Is about "7 years old.
Is rattier more ak-rt and Intelligent
than the average man with an onli-
nary public school education, ami his
face is a particularly honest one.
"I thought if I said exactly the op
posite to what most people in search
of a billet insert In the newspapers,"
he said, "I might stand a good chance
of hearing from employers tired of
superlative virtues, and I have imt
been disappointed.
"I have this morning reivlvod two
genuine ofTers and appointments Ur
Interviews from the heads o' good
tlrins and a large number o' letters
and post cards from practical J'.Ucis.
It was Inevitable, of course, tliar threv
or four of the writers should ii.'v
advised me to apply at once to the
war other, 'where I would tie sure of
a billet.'
"I have bis-n schoolmasterlng seven
years, and although I have a small
fjlllct now, I wish to better myself."
All the Cumlurla of Home.
"Naf Goodwin, the comedian, once
possessed a tine country house on the
banks of the Thames Hlver, near New
London, Connecticut. Kvcry summer
he used to Invite some of his Thespian
friends to Join his house party.
On one such occasion Goodwin de
livered himself of a hen mot that is
worth repeating.
"Nat," said some one, "you certainly
have a line place here. Just think of
It, a lawn right on the river!"
"Yes," drawled "Nat," "It's fine. In
the spring xve have the lawn on the
river, and In the fall we have the river
on the In xvn."
Knicllah-Spraklnir I'ropie.
Fnglisli Is now spoken by ahout 12',
000,000 people. A century ago it wui
sunken bv "O.OOO.OOO nixinle ontv Dur
ing that period no other leading Kuro-'
peiin laugtiage has made the slightest
advance. German has held Its own, 1
and la now spoken by 80,(HK),(Hi, hut
this is no higher percentage of the
totaj number of people of lOuropeau
descent than It had u hundred yearn
C'orrrela a Mlaaiireheualun.
"Wasn't that same young man hero
to see you last night?"
"Yes, papa."
"Well, what does he mean by com
ing every night In tho week?"
"Ho doesn't come every night in the
week. I never met hliu until last
Thursday, and he was only hero
Thursday and Friday and Saturduy
evenings." Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Beat Cuutfh byruo, Tualua Uutxl. V
In tune. H0I1I by ilriiKKl'ta
A Now Way. Mr. Corrida 11:
much d' ye. eharKe fer pnllln'
Ilentlst: With Ks, one dollar.
CorrlKflti: All' how much wld e
Appetlto Iii'cldeH. -Teacher: Can
you tell me the difference Let ween
"like" and "love?" Hmall Hoy: Ves,
ma'am. I like my father and mother,
but I love pie.
The Hilling Passion. ---" Yes, I quar
reled with my wife ahout nothing."
"Why didn't you make up'" "I'm go
ing to. All I'm worried about now Is
the Indemnity."
Queer Charge! "Von are charged,"
l1 the j.ollreiiinn, "with IuivIhk
I vot..l twlro. "harKed. am I?" rinit-
tfre.l tin .rUoner. "Thafa oild. I
I m
' expected to h paid for
Kf.lmr the Metropolis
m uuif trie .xifiropoim
' t.
I 11
that tall Kti'iicturw
I V ,"In fl" '
I Wnm Il,,rll'"r": " " "' ' "
! w'lfr' ,h,"y n,nlte n,,t lr""" f,'r "ie
1 ,luM wol,,
Tretty Lucky Friend of the Fam
ily: You are very lucky, my boy. to
bt the seventh son. It will bring you
ererlastlng fortune. Son No. 7: It
hasn't so far. All it's brought yet is
the old clothes of my six brothers.
"Do you think that the automoMIs
will displace the horse'" asked the
conversational young woman. "It
will," answered the nervous you. 14
( man as he down the road. "If
It ever hits him. "--Washington Star.
j l'arson Coopiih lie choir will now
slug dat beautiful hymn, 'We hain't
Got lying to Stay Here," arter singln'
which day will consider demselves dis
charged and tile out quietly. We will
hab only congregational slugin' hereafter."--I'm
I A Kchcarsal. "Klsle!" exclaimed
the girl's mother, "why are you shout
ing In that horrible fashion? Why
can't you lie quiet, like Willie?" "He's
got to be quiet, the way we're playln',"
I replied Klsle. "He's papa coming homo
I late, and I'm you."
j Visitor I Mggltig potatoes, eh? Far
mer's Hoy Yep. Visitor What do
you get for digging potatoes? Fanner's
Hoy Nawthln". Hut I git somethln'
fer not diggtn' 'em. Visitor Indeed?
What would you get for not digging
:hem? Farmer's Hoy I.h'ked. Judge.
Careful Philip had gone to bring
In the new kittens to show them to 11
rlsitor. Ills mother, hearing a shrill
, mewing, called
kittens, Philip:'
out. "Iion't hurt the
From the hall came
the reassuring answer, "Oh, no. I'm
j carrying them very carefully by the
I Absent-minded "Talk about ahsent
, mlndedncss! Jenkins Is the most ab
' sent-mlnded man I know." "What's
I he done now?" "Why, he wrote the
combination of the safe on a piece of
I paper to keep from forgetting It, and
(then locked the paper in the safe to
Keep rrom losing it.
Contrary Counsel. The church was
packed, even the aisles lined with
chairs. Just before the benediction
the thoughtful clergyman, who loved
order, thus admonished his hearers:
"In passing out, please remain seated
until the ushers have removed the
chairs from the aisles."
Fully Kxplalned. Teasing Friend:
"What makes that new baby at your
home cry so much. Tommy? Tommy
(Indignantly) it don't cry so very
much; and anyway, if all your teetU
xvere out, and your hair off, and your
legs so xveak you couldn't stand on
them, I guess you'd feel like crying
"I wish to adopt a child," said the
wealthy xvoman In the orphan asylum
"what have vou?" "Oh. xve have them
lu all shades," replied the polite lady
superintendent, "which do you pre
fer?" "I think a blonde child will be
most appropriate," ansxvered the
wealthy woman, "my auto Is finished
In blue." Puck.
Clear as Mud. "I xvas going over
Westminster bridge the other day, and
I met Fatsy Hexvlns. 'Hewlns,' says
I, 'how are ye?' 'Purty well, thank
ye, Donnelly,' says he. 'Donnelly?'
saya 1; tnat a not my name. suro
an' mine Isn't Hewlns,' says he.
so xve looked at each other again, an'
it turned out to be neither of us."
A Trltlo Unconventional An eecen
trie farmer xvas married the other
night. "Do you," said tho preacher,
"take this xvoman to be your xvedded
wife, to love and to cherish In sickness
and health, for better, for worse, for
rich or poor, until death do you part?"
There xvas an uwkward pause. Then
the bridegroom finally replied,
"Them's the calculations." '
Punctuation A high school girl oald
to her father the other night: "I've
got a sentence here I'd like you to
punctuate. You know something
about punctuation, don't you?" "A lit
tle," said her cautious parent. This la
what he read: "A live dollar hill How
around tho corner." He studied It
carefully, "Well," he tlnally said. "I
simply put a period after tt, like this,"
"I wouldn't," said the high school girl;
"I'd make a dash ufter It."
tiara! I'opii In I Ion llrrrraalnaT As
XVralfh Inrrra.H.
It seems a paradox, but Is neverthe
less well established as true, that In
certain of the best funning regions of
the United Slates great nnd abounding
agricultural prosperity has resulted In
decreased rural population. A no lens
striking than surprising Illustration of
this Is given In a recent. .Slate census
I report of Iowa, which Is reported ti
' kIiow falling ofT of 2 rf-r cent In tin
I population of that great and glorious
Slate hliice the general census of I!).
Of course, such a result was not ac
ceptable to Iowa's pride, and It win
not readily accepted. Close Inquiry,
however, Is rejuted not only to con
firm the general correctness of th !
new count, but to show a sufficient
reason for Its disappointing result.
The explanation offered a that It l
all due to the land hunger of the pros
perous Iowa farmer. Having money
ahead and .well knowing that good
farm laud In the Mississippi valley Is
one of the safest and most profitable
of Investments, be has been buying in
the adjoining farms of his less fore
handed neighbors to such an extent,
the reports say( that vacant farm
houses dot every township in the State.
Many of these vacant farmhouses may
again be occupied by the sons and sons-in-law
of the purchaser; some of them
will be abandoned, and the newly ac
quired lands consolidated Into larger
farms. And If Iowa follows the course
of development that has been going on
for many years in the magnificent
farming regions of Central Illinois, the
consolidated farms will be leased In
tracts of HO or .'WO acres, or more, to
thrifty and prosperous tenant farmers.
The process as It has gone In Illinois
for a number of years Is that the
wealthier land owner buys out the 4")
and KO-acre farms of his nelghliors,
tile drains and otherwise Improves
them, often renting the same land or
!ar,'-r tracts to the vendors, who gen
erally made nnlre money as tenants
than they had done as owncy, The
tenant farmers of Central Illinois put
their capital into the best of farm im
plements and machinery and live stock.
Their prosperity is seen In their com
fortable and xvell furnished houses, the
well kept vehicles and horses which
their families drive to church and to
country gatherings. In Central Illi
nois Just now the tendency Is to larger
farms, the tenant generally desiring to
increase his area nnd the landlord regu
lating the quantity of land he will
lease by the proved capacity and suc
cess of each tenant. Uor its best farm
lands Iowa appears to be approaching
the same system. Springfield Repub
lican. CASTOR 1 A
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
Trlrk of the Trade.
"Madam," began the peddler as he
opened Ins red satchel, "can I sell you
something this morning?"
"No," snapped the elderly matron,
raising her broom ominously, "aud
you better move on."
"Just as you say, madam. I was
going to offer you the greatest xvriukle
remover on earth, but I see you dou't
need it."
"Ah, I"
"And also this wonderful remedy
for restoring gray hair to its natural
color, but you have no use for that,
"Why, how kind of you to think so!
"And this little volume entitled 'How
to Itemaiu Heautiful Forever.' Hut it '
xvould be superfluous to offer It to you. j
(iood day, madam."
"Come back here! Come back here j
this Instant. I do not need them, as '
you say, but I xvlll buy them and give ':
them to some friend. I always en-1
courage truthfulness." i
A KrKulnr Customer.
Uncle Krastus, the village plasterer
nnd xvhltewasher, xvho had married
and buried four wivy, xvas about to
acquire a fifth. He xvent to the house
of the Presbyterian minister, a vener
able man xvho had officiated at several!
of his previous weddings, to make ar-1
rangements to be married there tho'
following evening.
"Of course I shall be glad to marry
you to your nexv wife. Uncle 'Hastus," 1
said the minister. "This will be the
third or fourth time for me, won't it?;
How does it happen, uncle, that you
never have a colored preacher tie the,
knot for .you?"
"Well, sail," he ansxvered, "I's kind !
o' got In de habit o' glttln' a white
man to do my marryln', an I reeou
I'll alius do It. I's turrlble sot in my
ways, Mlstah Pa'ker."
Art Note.
Mrs. Syllie My husband takes a
deep Interest in art. '
Mrs. Older You surprise me.
Mis. Syllie Weil, It was a surprise
to me. Hut I heard him telling Jack
Koxvnder last night that it xvas 11 good
thing to study your hand before you
draxv. Cleveland Leader.
Is the short, sure,
easy cure (or
It penetrates to the
Prove It
By Hie Oven Fire
Put the
S, "C ,t
25 cents.
So4 a
I of
Ant liullt K07 Two.
When Michael Hurke Joined his
brother James In this country, the
noney he brought over, added to
lame's savings, enabled them to go
iito the lee business. In course of
:lme their custom Increased, and 't
became necessary for them to have an
jfllce. In this James soon Installed a
lice roll-top desk.
"The one desk will do for the two
)f us," he explained, tne day it was
tet us. "And here are two keys; one
for you, Micky, and one for me."
Michael accepted the key, but seemed
jo be studying the desk.
"That's all right," he said. "But
ivhere is my keyhole?"
Chinese Ruler.
The Empress Iowager of China was !
sold into slavery at the age of eleven,
to .save her family from starvation
Afterwards she was presented to the
late emperor, and, upon his wife's
death, became Empress. Her leet
were never bound, and she was taught
to read after persistent pleading. The
sterling qualities of this wonderful
woman, like those of Pillsbury's Vitos,
have overcome every obstacle. And
she holds herself at the bead of China,
as does Vitos at the head of breakfast
Johnny Smokln' cigarettes is dead
sure ter hurt yer.
Jimmy Go on! Where did ye git
dat Idee?
Johnny From pop.
Jimmy Aw! He wuz jlst strlngin'
Johnny No, he wuzn't stringin' me:
he wuz strappin' me. Iiat's how I
knoxv It hurts. Philadelphia Press.
Plso s Cure is a remedy for coughs, colds
and consumption. Try it. PricelScents,
t druggists.
Scrlualon Xeceaaary.
Mrs. Psmith Itut hoxv did you
age to keep that secret a xvhole week,
Mrs. KJones It wasn't hard. I sim
ply stayed axvay from the Hrowning
Club and when callers came I sent
xvord that I wasn't at home. Cleve
land Leader.
Mothers will find Mm. WimJow's Soothing
Syrup the best remedy to use for their children
during the teething teriod.
'Ware of the 1obt.
Boh Miss Suhhuhs has asked me to
call to-night.
Pick Yes?
Hub Yes. What shall I wear?
Iiok (who has been there) 'Ware of
the dog! Philadelphia Ledger. j
Beware of Ointments lor Catarrh that
Contain Mercury
as mercury will surely destroy the seme of
smell and completely derange the whole sys
tem wtu-n entering It tbrougu the mucous
surfaces. Such articleasr.ould never be used
except on preacriptiuna fro.u reputable il.y
ku ihe damage they will do is ten 1. Id
to the good you can poasibiy derivefrom ll.ein.
Hall's catarrh Cure, manufactured ly Y. i.
i heuey A t o., Toledo, 0.,contalnaiiomertury,
and in taken internally, acting directly uik.u
the blood and mucous surfaces of the system.
In buying hall s Catarrh l ure be sure vou Ki t
the g.-uuiue. It is taken Internally, anil made
in Toledo, Ohio, by J. Cheney V Co. Testi
monials Iree.
Sold by Druggets, price 75c. per bottle.
Hall's l amil y 1'ilU are the bent.
Troata va. Ulnar.
"What," queried the fair ma!d, "Is
the difference betweeu a trust and a
"I'm afraid I cannot explain the dif
ference In so many words," replied the
young man In the case, "but If you'd
put your trust In me I'll blow myself
for the ring to-morrow."
And she put her trust In him.
Wa do o-own and brldgnwork wltbout palo.
Our 16 y am' expcriem-e lu plate work ea
ables us to at your nioutli comfortably. Dr.
W. A. W Ise baa found a sale way to extract
trvtb absolutely wltbout pain. Dr. T. F.
W8 la an expert at nl. lug and crown
and brlilgewurk. KitracllUK Iim wban
plates or bridges are crdirud.
Falling Illilg., Third and WaaliliiKlon Hts.
Open eveulnits till o'lioclc. Mu inlays from
s to li Or Main 'A'-U
Rheumatism and Neuralgia
seat of torture, and relief promptly follows.
wonderful KC Bak
ing Powder to the test. Get a
can on approval. Your money
will be returned if you don't
agree that all wc claim is true.
You'll be delighted with the de
licious, wholesome things that
will bring to life in your oven.
K C Baking Powder is two
thirds cheaper and makes purer,
mnr Vi al t Vi f til (nnd than
other powders anywhere near
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China and Japan are pre-eminently ths
seaweed-eating nations of the world.
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ht. H. 11. Kline, Uil.,ui Ar h M. Philadelphia, tm.
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Wasn't that same young man here to
sep you last night?"
"1'es, papa."
"Well, what 1ops he mean by coming
evpry night in the week?"
"He doesn't come every night in the
week. I never mpt him until lat Thurs
day, and he ns only here Thursday and
Friday and Saturday evenings." Cleve
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Foot of Morrifton Street fortland, Oregon
-jonp rz. a. Aa
Park and Washington, Portland, Oregon
The School of Quality"
A. P. Armstrong, LX. B., Principal
Thousands of graduates in positions;
hundreds placed each year; more calls
for help than we can meet it pays to at
tend our school; largest, most modern,
best equipped. Departments: Business,
Shorthand, Typewriting, Penmanship,
English. Open all the year. Catalogue,
penwork free. Call, telephonp or write.
Dr. C. Gee Wo
This worn!' rful Cht
nete Doctor tn c&U d
grt'ttt bet-uuMe he curt-s
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tion that are tikve.t tip
to die. He turfs with
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the actum of over 500 different r 'inedte whlfti
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f.uuranu ettocureca'aTh. asthinu, luoi;, ihiva:,
rheumatism, nervotitturcM, Moinnt-h, Mver; k d
ncys, t'U'. ; has hundreds ot tt alimonlul.-i,
i hnrKes modern, i'all at d see him. atlenta
out of the city write tor hlmikr and o rculur.
beud btamp. CUNSl'L TATlu.N fuKt.
162S First St., S. C. Cor. Morrison
Mention paper.
P. N. a
New SI -1905
WIIEN writing to adTertlsere plesae
mention tula paper.
Price, 25c. and 50c.
ur. i. p. wise.