Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, September 27, 1905, Image 4

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Wednesday, Settkm bkk 27, 1905
Cottage Groye is to have many
new enterprises ere long, so report
has it Kvery new legitimate en
terprise is to be welcomed the
more the merrier.
Elsewhere will be found the an
nouncement of the Annual Loratie
Agricultural and Stock fair to bo
held in Oct. Lorane is ahead of many
small towns iu b- ing able to have
such a fair. They prep ire good
orizes for exhibits aud have a tirst
class fair on a small
to bo patterned after.
scale, and are
The Eugene Guard is to be com
mended for its attitudo regarding
the permitting of prizefighting or
sparring exhibitions iu tint town.
Such eqhibitions are of uo value to
ntowo.andare not only a menace
to the welfare of the community but
a detriment to the stauding of the
town, and exert a harmful and de
grading influence on every persou
that witnesses them.
There are three candidates now
before the public tor the Republican
nomination tor Congress in the first
district, who seem to have gone to
the head of the struggle, all others
Beemtng to have dropped back.
Prominent among these three is
Chas. B. Moores of Salem, who
makes a strong and forceful plea
for the support of loyal republicans
on the grounds of his faithful ser
vice in the past and his standing as
a good citizen. The first district
covers the counties of Benton, Clack
amas, Coos, Curry, Douglas, Jack
son, Josephine, Klamath, Lake
Lane, Lincoln, Linn, Marion, Polk,
Tillamook, Washington and Yara-t
he icpot t of the commission ap
pointed by the Dominion
Kovctnmcnt to investigate
the different electric furnace pro
cesses employed in the iron or steel
indvi'tiies. or iu piocess of develop
ment, in l'ranee, Italy and Sweden,
while not conclusive, is encouraging
toatnatked degiee. The comtnis
siotiei seem to have done their
work thoroughly. Their report is
voluminous, and contain many
photogtiphs and diagrams which
assist the uninitiated in understand
ing the excellent descriptions of tho
various processes. The work of the
commissiou was to establish facts as
to the processes investigated, and
these ate described in great detail,
embracing the original tests made in
several cases, giving particulars of
the raw materials used, the expen
diture of energy, th output aud
the results of the extended analysis
aud mechanical tests of the products.
The tests demonstrated that steel
of any composition can be obtained
in electric furnaces of different de
signs, mat is mo most important
point Having established that
v mi .1
electric iurnaces win piouucc in
kiud of steel, the all important
fundamental question ot cost had to
be considered. In the end the com
mercial test is applied, and any
process tuat fails there must be re
jected. On this point the commis
sioners make the following division
of their subject: First, the produc
tion of high grade steels of crucible
tool quality; second, the production
of structuial -steel to compete with
Bessemer and open hearth steel;
third, the reduction of iron ore to
yig iron. The conclusion reached
bv the commission with respect to
the manuiacture ot crucibh' steel is
OAPS for raining districts are
too oltcn lorgottcn in Amer
ican commonwealths. Cus
tom si-ems to have fixed the duty
upon tho tuiniug population of this
country, of building their own
roads. This duty where borne by
a miuing community is not usually
distributed so as to tnako th burden
even, and operators are uot hearty
in undertaking the work.
Britain and her dependencies arc
much keeener in fostering tho in
dustry, by exteuding aid to mining
men, especially iu the early days of
development- Yukon territory has
beeu thriving for soma time under
beneticient road regulations, while
the American side of Alaska is just
beginning to tako up this all-important
work. Iu Australia the
government is aggressive in its
efforts to have prospectors enter
new territory, and capital to develop
mineral in a district where the sur
face has promise.
In many American states a min
ing district has to do practically all
of its road building and improve
ment, and frequently an individual
company, already heavily burdened
by preliminary improvements must
bt. Id its own roads and maintain
tbem. Farmers in adjacent sections
as a rule are hostile to mining,
lighting strenuously any appropria
tiou for road work, and granting it
only after the mines have been de
veloped sufficiently to employ a
large number of men who will con
sume the farmer's products. There
is little state road work for thM
miner, while the assessor is prodded
to hunt out his isolated property.
lor the heaviest tax that it will bear- 1
British people seem more synip-i, :
thy with the mining industry
that -'steel equal in all respects to ! which no doubt explains that s me
the best Sheffield crucible steel can jot" the greatest metal prodiicin.'disv
K,. tnw Im-ed at n cost tricts of the earth are controllo d b
less than with the old crucible pro
cess." An opposite conclusion is arrived
at with respect to structural steel to
Britain. Pacific Miner.
compete with Bessemer and open
hearth steel. 1 he commissioners;
find that "it could not be economi '
oally produced in the electric fur-:
nace." The Kl-'ctro-chemieal In- '.
dustry, discus ing the question, says '
this conclusion agrees exactly with
the status of the industry, since the
electric furnace is nowhere em
ployed to compete with Bessemer or !
open hearth processes. I. W. liar-
bord, the metallurgist 01 tue com
mission, aysthat furnaces often to
fifteen t"ns shou'd give satisfactory
results, but he hesitates to recom
mend larger furnaces, and does not
believe that the small furnaces could
compete with the gas-fired furnaces
of forty or fifty tons capacity. Ou
this point, however, the report is
not altogether satisfactory. Ross
laud Miner.
We have heard it said that there
were a lot of empty houses in Cot
tage Grove, and to such statements
we are now ready to object. We
hare been pretty busy the past week
trying to find a house fit to live in.
There are possibly a dozen fairly
good houses, and possibly half a
dozen still better houses that are
unrented, the balance in the town
unrented would probably not driw
$50 a month altogether if they were
rented every one. The fact is that
nine tenths of the houses that are
not occupied at present are not
rentable except under conditions,
when nothing else can be had.
When such is the case, no one has a
right to say the town is full of
empty houses, there area few houses
unrented, and plenty of .sheds.
It is reported that Sakhalin, the
recent bone ot contention between
Russia and Japan contains t xten
sive deposits of coal of a high
quality and also "naphtha," and
that gold was discovered in the
central part ot the island in 1 SjS.
The coal has been iu control of a
company since 1875, but the an
nual output at tho present time
does not exceed 2o,ooo tons. The
gold deposits have not been worked
in any systematic manner. Judg
ing from the experience with For
mosa it may be expected that the
Japanese will make an extensive in
vestigation of these natural re
sources, in the part of the island
which has come into their posses
sion, and proceed to development
along modern lines, aud Sakhalin
may be a name of importance in
mining liteiature as well as in the
Btory of diplomacy.
II. Bartels has let the contract
for the construction of his new
market building to S. K. Wallaco,
the building to be completed iu 30
days under penalty, for overtime.
The contract and bond were signel
Monday. A cement floor laid ou
he solid earth will make tho floor.
The great amount of travel to
the Western slope this summer is
bound to have a lasting effect upon
the trend of mining investments
from the east. The visitors, as a
rule, are interested iu the possibili
ties of money making, in mining or
any other proposition, and will
either invest on the strength of
what they have seen of tho undevel
oped resources, or go home to
dream about it a while, and then
take their luck. As a rule the
Kastem man that invests knows
more about his business than he
used to do, and when he has been
on the ground, he is a more intelli
gent investor, he understands and
can appreciate the difficulties sur
rounding the operator and that an
investment of today can not be a
dividend payer tomorrow. The
travel from the east will bring all
kinds of investments, it will instill
in the minds of the easterners a
better idea of our country aud
widf-n them out, it will bring us
new iudu.itries, more money to
develop and operate mines, and
tend t ru ike the western section a
still greiter producer.
Amoug the iuiprove'f.ents to meet
the eyes of returning University of
Washington students this fall will
be the new School of Mines build
ing. This structure. 40x110 feet,
is situated next 10 the power hou-e
aud will contain forges and foundry
a three-stamp mill and feeder, ore.
bins, crusher and concentrating
plant complete. The vrk ofth''
state school of minns is distinctly
practical in its nature, the students
having an experimental ruin ou
the campus. A winter school for
prospectors is one of the features.
Inquiries indicate a largely in
creased attendance.
I h' i-e who h.i v i'
lr. lVinin. or h.
wliatcx cr u ill tier
the ,a nni 111 iit'i'iiicii 1
least I ci I to 1
penN and remain i
the Hotel Miieeile, in
repntat Ion . f t lie . I n-i
t lie sue, e-s of Mb e. i
iiiarlo-l ax t. . 1 !i!
t i 1 1 . 1 1 1 i ' i t 1 1 ! 1 1
t hi see I ion -In eii
have r' 1 e 1 1 i i ! 1 !. 1 .1
I mid-t.
; t l ).' II. ! I . I I ' i '
' has red ileei III - 1 --
half hi- form- r .
ha Ve a I pi led .1" I
lllell 1 . r lie a -. 1 . -
: main ler '1 I"- -
IllOtllll, Ol 111 II I I j-
i requited. I'M- -li'M-I
make .1 ll' -te . .' lis
and apply at one.
will only l.i-t fo: a I
doctor' 1iUt.iI on'--
i iM riot a I'O'.ii i o t
appreciated I v t 1 1 . i
pay 1,'irue fee-.
! 'i'liat I r. I 'at I i i ii ,
ordinary :i r---.. afvr
Met e Ml ,- ',-o I.
' - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I - I III I lie I
'I'lie follow 1 1 a r
; II-" 111 pa rl ie t li.l ' riii
i .1,1 'nes I' , V i n i - ;
st i eet , I'.iljeae ie 1 1 1 1 -II.
S I'lllo'i. IV . i
j ilea I ne-- , I 'e I H"l I '. i
j .1. I.. iKfur I, I'.row u
! li'-is, res! oled t p"l f -
a l-
-I lot -
In ell -.i i
! 1 1 f el 1 1 a
i ml
I l
Ii a:
a- -I
I .
. ; n : I -
r a'l l
I" Ml .
' I'
I ll:
a.i . w .-:i i . .
r- .- ' .i.. .
I t;... II. e
! - i 1 1 in j r I .
li'lt Will It
s i ! a 1 1 I . In
I .
n .1
j Mis
II m',
; .1. i:
1 nr., di
; Mrs.
A una
l'.l.V 'lie
1 1 : 1 l ii 1 1 1
I .Oil I -
Kicked Anarchist Out of Town.
Kugene, Sept 21. An Italian an
ararchist who made himself notice
able on the streets this forenoon by
his cursing the conntry, the law,
the officers and almost everything
else, was ordered out of the city by
Chief of Police Stiles. He didn't
leave when told to. but instead
went to the depot, where he con
tinued his bad talk. Chief Stiles
again told him to leave and em
phasized the order with a swift
kick. The dago left up the rail
road toward the south with the of
ficer following ten feet behind till a
point near the university was
reached. When it was seen that
the fellow was well on his way out
of town the chief returned.
Or, catarrhal
head ; cured
Mr. I.'d fi 1 a 1
Htomaeli t n mill--clamps:
Mr. IMit.-r: I
. 1 1 . 1 f -
dea ill"
il Hi'
'o I . I'. II
an 1 w -. 1 k
I 1 li'vii h
ol - vi-
I'll -e.
lie.,1 I
I 1
gomj; under
atld inedieul
greatly trouble
and catarrh 1 if
bronchial t u!
lr. iMriiii' lllellt I
led with 'l:ill
the le-a
I am
elect rii-al
had lieen
l.ltel .-ve
il at;. I
1 1 1 -a y
nice his -o-ur
I thro
lr. Iiarrin has erne I in.
iouiu in laiL'i ne. I;, fi r
to me at f.e.ileir-. r
1'. I l U'MilM
'Jo show the prestige of the
United States Steel corporation it
is worthy of remark that in 1904 it
reported 53. S per cent of the iron
ore shipped from Iake Superior,
and 38 per cent of the total produc
tion in this country; 06.6 per cent
of the coke made; 43.3 per cent of
the pig iron; 70.5 per cent of the
sptegblcison, ferro-manganese and
ferro-phoHphurus; uo per. cent of
the besseiner steel ingots and cast
ings;. 00. 4 tier cent of the open
hearth steel ingots aud castings;
57.2 per cent ot tho bessemer steel
rails; 50.1 per cent of the structural
shapes; 58 per cent of the plates and
sheets excluding nail plate; 71.3
per cent of the wire rods; 28 per
cent of the bars, skelp, nail plate,
open-hearth and iron rails, and 67
per cent of tho wire nails.
Tuesday, the 19th iust., at the
Imperial hotel, this city, James
Ilemetnvay, of the Gannan-IIemen-way
Company, Grants Pass, was
married to Miss Carrio North way.
The bride has been a resident of
Portland lor the past three years,
and has a wide circle of friends and
acquaintances. The groom is a
well known business man of Grants
Pass, in which town Mr. and Mrs.
Hemenway will reside. Oregonian.
Mr. Hemenway was formerly of
Cottage Grove and represented Lane
county in the lower houso of the
legislature a few years ago.
Seholl will have a 1 oinp
holiday sto'k this year.
i:i:d of 1. ami; i
v i-:ks of si
llUVe he.-li llollhlei
ll.'ll'lv for lift I'l'll A ea I-, ale
Complete recovery in
Clllllillierla ill's I', mi I'.
a i:i:.ii:i)V u i riioi r a i-id.i:
"1 lied ( 'ha iiiliei la in -St onnn li and
liiver Tablet s laoi'e l.nelieial than
any other remedy I eei used bu-
Htomaeli trouble," mijsS, P. Klotc,
of I'Mnia, M11. I'or any disorder ol
the stomach. Ml ou.-ne.-- or eon -tip 1
Hon, t hese ! iibl. I m a w i I hoii I a peer.
I 'or sale bv TIm- Mo u rn I 'ha 1 lu.n , .
Absolutely Puro
In Answer to I'rjicnt Appeals l!e
Will Remain L'nt i I Nov. 12
( f '
lour Mills
I 't M lll
pl I I'l
la in I
! i 1 1 1 , l II
1,1 h ii I
11 -
in It'
Try d oner
tune eii.'oiii
id II
I Oi.e.oi,
Ii licrad
IIS Kl:!:!' Ti
ii .
ii i .
M I 1 , I
i . I i AIM SO
r j
' I, licit. I 1
e a ll .1 Ue, i
Id With d-liuh!
that he h ii at
ten to ii reii t a p
!i ic lou'-r ,ii
i:--'Ue, I he
. M: ;
llllhi 1
: l ! i i
I i
llCI 1.1 1 1 I
. r
ti id r oki:
I ii rl:i
few to
MI who
Ih.- IC
ll I, I
1 1
in in.
are I
1 ,
a i
Goruls ;
! I I
I t
etn lino of
AI J'Kl: i:,
I W it ll 1. 1 III''
I I fo'illd a
I he ll-e ol
I I mi," sav-
.lohn (i liisher, lollani. Ind. Ihi
liiiltnent !.-t iilsu w it hoiit an e.pial l a
praiiiM and In uisiw. l i for .-a e by
'I'lie Modern rharma.
Miners Tools
zh a n tlise
f'; fm
: I. v. r', .-J
A .'out lor
Bridciu & Beacb
s oves
Foresters Attention.
The .Senior and Junior Foresters
of America will meet at I. O. O. K
hall Monday night, Oct. 2 for a
Hocial good time. Everybody come.
Uy Order of Committee.
Want to Close Early.
Kugene, Or., Sept. 21. A move
ment is on foot among the members
of the Merchants' Protective Asso
ciation of this city to induce all
stores iu this city to close at an
early hour each evening. At pres
ent the dry goods stores close at 6
o'clock and the grocery stores at 7.
Hardware stores, meat markets and
stores in other lines have no regu
lar hours for closing, often remain
ing open tilt a late hour. A com
mittee has been appointed to ar
range a uniform hour for closing,
and it is thought that all will agree
to it.
1 Moves
I laidware
1 U
! : 1 1'-!)-. MIMMi SUTLIliS
PIPER l VAi wi:NBEIi(i
I I I Hid. .1 r l: 1 1:1 1 1
Of tie. I. ia Morbus ith I n
I'.ol tie ol' ( 'liainbci ;, m CI
era and I Harrln "'a ! I' aici ;
M r. . W.I o, .-i oi Ih.
rela I mm an e p.-i iem-e
1 ie il 1
' it'
1 a j's'w
in 1 .
scr in;' 011 a
r c i.-'- a I I v I w .
of 'I' boa fin- .
While I Inn
I- I
1 !- ,
HI.. 1 v
I ale
t 1 1
A young girl near l'ortlaud re
cently stood guard the best part of
tbe night on a bleak mountain trail,
guarding an old man who wan in
jured by his borne slipping from the
trail. Her courage and kindliness
are enough to cheer ones heart.
'Spi-iik fnr ll !" Mir- ni. . I I., ,!",., -i.-,
l-'or til it- k in w in lor In 1 1.- In in t,
Tint I Mil ill Syi up, ll.illll- s -il
Could In, illli .ui'l
JT!ie grrati-sl Iniiic on e.ntli is a eonil
night's rest. Ki-sllcss nij hl-. and the tei
rible fxli.-insl ion of a huclan'j loii'h hm
dread daiieeis of the pool ci.iisiiii..tive.
Jl!ut why this bar of die iii .'hl vihi n ;i
ft-w ilost-s iii I )i . Itosi In 1 1 i 1 11; in S 1 u
will insure it lu shing tlt-.-p, i iiln. Iv lie.
from rotieji or nijdil mmniI l ie i ,
jH-ctor.itioa in the nioinine is made tei
tain by taking ( ierm.-iii Sv i up.
(JWe know hy 111.' l-xpl l ii lire of "Vei
thirty-five years that one 75 cent boltle l
(a-rniiiu S.vrnp v.ill speedilv n licve 01
cure the win si 1 oiiehs, odds, binni hial 111
lung troubles and that, ia ia bail
ruses of ( oiisiuni.t ion, one bn j e bottle ol
tlcniian Syrup will woil: wonders, ,2
JTwo bi.e-i, 2,c and 75c. .Ml diu;;i',ts,
liUUttOU'b l'llUIHUt',
' II' -a
, In -at a le I some 1 ou.-c lie a I 1 m I
I j.c 1 . ni'' cholera morbus 1 1 1 . , 1
I s" 1 cr.- form I ai- i" s er 1 ,,
111 ' ' 1 111 sen I I ' I 1 11 1 1 in 1 on. I,,'
ee l aiu 1 hoci a mi i nrc, 1 . 1 1 1 1 he Oi a
sent me a bol I Ie of I h bei l.o.i
('lie, Ch. ilei a a lid I i a I I hoc . i . . 1 r , .
iu lead, .sayiiio that, he I 1 I I .1
Men I l,o r, I j 11 1 Dial this In. - I a m
so m 1 11 - Ii It. -tier he Would 1 .1 1 lea -.-i
il. I o ill',' ill I In- li I Was ia. I i...
Ilili' ilu.-N ill' il llll-l ,!: I'd tei 111 ii
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i-t-i. 1 he second do.-,.' 1 in . .I
entirely. Two lellow juror:- w
ablicted In the tame maimer and .
ulna 11 bol I e cured the I h ree . a 11
fill' sa le by The M olerii I'ha 1 in . n
1 i il baLM a FAORITE TONIC.
I'l uiii or imittioh8.
. :ii,ii i-Mimmu only sy
'-Snow Liniment Co.
-J I . I.OUIP, MO.
iti:n-ii.l.-. 111 M i-l-irii I'li.kou.iD
1 1 1 .
1 e
Nat ill'"
K.'iiiudy A Ic Ih
1 1
I'or S il". - - j. iu biisheh 1 1), -a
at J 'liu Hull's. . niilos S'nith
Cottugu Grovu If
' 1 1
a I'
. I
'do I
i" I aid mil 11 iv a ra
1 eit'eci ual. ('hiiiiiberlaln'H
" 'v '" 1 mi this itan. It
l"l relieves tho lllllgH,
a'. Jion, opens tliiiMcrretlun
n il uie in le-ilorlny, tho
a Ii hy nndil Inn. Soli(
-a i'aaniKicy.