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    Bohemia Nugget
RohrmU Ncirt't Pab. Co.
General Review of Important Happen-
pcnlga Preacnted In a Drlef and
Condensed Coma.
Iron Sold to Have Dccn Put In Lite
Preserver Mocks.
Wnelilngton, Oct. 4. An alleged
I conspiracy, which lms been developed
I by officials of tlio dcpaitment ot com
mere and labor and of tho department ALL RAILROAD ARC TIED UP
ol justice today resulted tn Hie, arieet
nt Camden, N. J., of J. II. Stone, II. Thirty Blocks In
10. Oulntard, Cliarles V Rum and
I James Russ, officers ot tbo Nonpareil
I Cork works. They were, apprehended
Sir William Harconrt. a noted Brit- by tbo United Btatea marshal for tbe
lab politician, la dead. district ot Now Jersey, under an Indict
A third attcmnt has been mado to mcnt tound on September 29 by tbo
wreck tbo battleship Connecticut. United States grand July at Trenton,
Tiinldad. Colo., reports that it can charging them, under section biw, ol I - h r.timaled. hut which mate recovery
rellovo all distress caused by the flood, tho revised statutes of the United may reach several hundred thousands of On Sunday last
The Scntrmber recelnta of the St. States, with conspll Ing to defiand the dollars.
lyiuls fair amounted to about (2,500.- eovermont and prejudice, the admlnls- . kvcry
000 . I Iratlon of the steamboat inspection
United Stales Senator Hoar Passe
from Earth
Worcester, Mass., Oct. 1. George
Triable Hoar, senior United States
tcnator fiom Massachusetts, died at
his home in this city at 1:35 o'cloc
yesterday morning. The end followed
period of unconsciousness that had
lasted since early Tuesday, and came
so gently ttiat only tho attending phy
slclans woio awoio ot tho exact uiomaut
of his ending.
Tho attend.1 he physicians despaired
Trinidad. Colo.. Oct. 3. A teniflc of the senator's life six weeks ago, but
flood stiuck the city of Trinidad aud bucIi was the vitality exhibited by thol
the wholo valley along tho Las Animas distinguished patient that oven they
river, today, devastating a wide section were surprised, and tbo public was at
and causlnc A money loss which at tunes ltd to cherish laitn in an um
. 7 .... ...I
. be estimated, butwhlch male recovery.
however, alt hoi
was abndoned alter a last unsuccessful
brldco in the citv ot Trinidad attempt to administer medicine and
Flood Works Ruin In Colo
rado and New Mexico.
Trinidad arc Un
der Two to four Peel of Water
Loss Will De Very Heavy.
Is out. tho Santa Fa station is demol
l.t 1 .11 l ll,n ..llrnd.l. .m tl.t lit.
The ltusaiana nave temporarily lawa dv nuttlnc unon tho maiket com- .-.i .i..i.,i,n.i t.,i..l, ..,..1.
-I....I...I T r . .. "i'"" -... I"; -
oia...,.,.. .... - luCssed cork blocks for use In making completely suspended. .More than 3U
KftlkHAH I - I " - - . . . .
ltfo mi.ti.rvM. pocIi nt whirl, hlnrku city blocks In tho residence and unsi
contained in its center a piece ot bar ness sections were
Jron about six Inches long and wolgh- cQ ... ., known at noon no Uvea ment of the body, and only a scarcely
ing eight ounces. The Iron bar was were lost, but there were many narrow pciceptlblo pulso evidenced tho tlnal
Inserted and concealed In the block escapes. stnigglo
Tho czar may block tho plan for tho
immediate reoiganiuttion ot the Rus
aian army.
Poitmaster General Tayno continues
In a dangerous condition. Ilia life
bangs in the bilan e.
Russians mado a raid on junks car
tying supplies to Oyania and des
troyed a number ot them
nourishment. Uriel lucid interval
wcro followed by longer durations
unconsciousness until Tuesday morning,
when the venerable statesman sank into
a staie of coma, from which all effort
to rouse him pioved fiitllo. During
the last bonis tbero was not n move
The Hood was caused by the heavy
lain which has been falling for two
days. At 8 o'clock last night the
storm assumed cloudburst proportions,
and at 2 o'clock this morning the Las
for the purpose of increasing tho weight
to the legal requirement ot six pounds
ot good cork for each life preserver
Tbe men arrested will bo arianged be
r I. . ii ,.. fin..l ii..illn fore the United States district court of Animas liver went over its banks.
Mu os, leader of tho Uruguayan revo- New Jersey, to plead to the indictment, , ,, vT.i 7 , ,
Early in August, David Kabnewell- , t d Commerctti ct WM flood-
era Sons, manufacturers ot lite pre 1 for three blocks in the beatt ot the
Ccnjlderable loss of life and prop-..rvnra In Nnw York rhv. ordered from I business district. Meantime the elec-
orty was occassional by fire in the ar- the Nonparen Cork works at Camden, trie light and gas plants had been flood-
ttlleryand ammunition magailncs at ' . . . ' ed, and the city was in complete daik-
Eebastonol. Ruisla. N- jm bloeka of compressed corks for
lutlonlsts, has been shot by his former
There were present at tbe bedsld
when death came tho senator's son
Rockwood Hoar, his daugther, Mary
Hoar, and D. Warren R. Uilnian,
for weeks has been In almost constant
attendauco upon tho senior.
Eebastopol, Ruisla
The Japanese have begun a general
advance on Mukden.
Heart Disease Develops In Harked
form In Postmaster.
Washington, Oct. 1. Postmaster
Geneial Hemy C. Tayno Is seriously
ill at his apartments at tho Ilotol
Arlington hero. Marked symptoms
heart trouble havs developed, and bis
The condition of Postmaster Geneial
Payne is very serious
Mobile, Alabam, is having the warm
est weather
ot year.
The Japanese have adopted tactics only 6 pounds,
Intended to prevent the return of the Kahnewellera' Sons thereupon wrote
main Russian force to Mukden. the Nonpareil Cork works and that
The Russian squadron at Port Ar- com;iny replied that it would adjust
thnr has made another attempt to es- line matter by sending to Kahnewellera'
1,760 life preservers. Eight of these Hundreds ot cltiiens thronged the
corks are used in each preserver, and I streets on tbe edge nt the submerged
tho United States law requires that uis ricj carrying amem. condition becaae so serious during tb
the eight blocks shall contain six e ' best to provide hose diiven from lQ c,a(0 RraTe concern.
normrf. of ro,k. Whan the rork luf " uo.m" 7 lr . Mr. Payne returned recantly from
r Ytarmn2 01 me uoou was given wiieu . , . -. - , ..
their homes with shelter,
Wnrnlni ot the flood waa given when
tn It. history fo'r the time blocks iwere delivered It wa, discoy. tbo river left iU bank, b, revolver .hoU
ered that eight ot the blocks weighed and the ringing of the fire alarm fol- p Jr Ior ; ,ong ?,mc. ,,. went to th.
loweu UY 1110 uiuniuu . tuu iuw
motive and shop whistles in town.
Citlxens'.upon raits made of sections of
sidewalks paddled through the streets,
rescuing families who were in danger.
Tbe new llacca hotel, a two story
cape, but were driven back, co'.ber Sons some extia heavy blocks, one of ,tru"ur,e.Js' "'chlnf. con,PletIo ?' department
eally is exptcted. ... ... ,, , ', a cost of $20,000 on the river bank, ,"K . 1
J ,V, .rSL whlch couIJ be ueed in each life pre- was destroyed. Tho water then ate its '"V.1." rTV
Knropatkla-nrTeallies that be can-
notnrontb Harbin and the problem
-ol wintering bis troops is a serious one,
The hope of the Russians is to defeat
the Japanese at Mukden.
Souvenir Lewis and Clark dollars
have been sent to President Roosevelt
and member of congress who were in
trumental In securing the appiopria
lion to the Portland exposition,
A mail car from Paris to Havre, con.
eervei, thus increasing its weight
the legal requirement. In due time
tbe blocks arrived. Tbey were so
heavy as to arouse suspicion. One of
them was broken, and imbedded in its
center was found an iron bar six
Inches long, one inch wide and a quar
ter of an inch thick, weighing eight
ounces. Tbe Kabnewellers again
wrote to tbe cflicers ol the Nonpareil
Cork works, demanding to know what
t way through 50 feet of the ground
taininz about 100 pouches of American I they meant by putting Iron in the
mail, was broken into and 91 pouches cork blocks, and informing them that
opened and rifled of such valuables as I as Kahneweileis' Sons were obliged to
they may have contained. There is no put their names on each preserver,
record of their contend or of the valu- such a fraud would ruin their buei
ables abstracted. I ness.
, - , .... I According to the indictment a letter
W. J. Bryan is a grandfath.r. wa8 received ,n . 8UggeBtlDf. tbat
Disease is claiming many Japanese the Kahnenellara were foolish to make
tbo Santa Fe depot, which was carried
The city Is divided by the Lai
Animas river, which is spanned by six
wagon bridges. All of the bridges
were washed ont and many residents
were nnable to reach their homes or to
communicate with their families, tho
telephono system being wrecked.
Effort Is Dclng Made to Annex Part
of Kansas to Colorado.
Pueblo, Colo., Oct. 3. An effort at
a solution ol the Kansae-uoloiado
water suit is in pr igress, and if the
efforts of those most interested in the
White House to attend the meeting ol
the cabinet last Tuesday and that nigh
was very restless. He waa at his desk
at the poetoffico department during tho
forenoon yesterday, although feeling
very badly, and did not return to th
after Inncheon, remaining
He became very ill last
night, and has been confined to bis bed
ever since
Dr. Magrudei, who was his physician
during his severe illness ot some
months aeo. has been attending him
and Dr. Rixej , tbe surgeon general
tbe navy, also has been call kI. During
the evening President and Mrs. Roos
velt called at the hotel and made in.
quiriea regarding tbe postmaster gen
eral'a condition. Dr. Magruder on
leavine Mr. Payne a room later tonigh
nave out a statement which admitted
the setious nature ot Mr. Payne's con.
dition, but said the patient waa resting
easier then.
The battles&iap Connectlcnthas been
succeessfnlly launched.
Tbe Hussion cruiser Orel broke a
cylinder on her trial trip and will be
dlayd six months.
The main Russian army his retreat
... . . I r-a a dn. anpaaaml n nrrin nff thi vp.l.rn
so much trouble about a small allalr ot
Further' examination of the "extra ide' wl" be,a?Ln"S, t0.,the ,tatV'
Chicago School Children Wrongly
Believe Negress Is to Teach
Chicago, Bept. 30. Fifty boy pickets
stationed about the McAllister public
school here prevented pupils from en
UN... UIUIU UIEV.UCCU .UU lUt. .UMb I . , , ... I 1 . .
each of them contained an iron bar ,0,r fuPreme curt ot Washington teting today None of tbe pickets was
similar to that which was found in the
first one. In all 261 of the extra
heavy blocks were received by Kabne-
ed from Mukden, leaving only a small ers' Sons. Kahnewellera' Sons
fnrra in nniril rio roar
- supervisinB inspector of the steamboat .m ul 'a"
The Japanese army has captured Da inspecting service for the district of T.h"' ?gt,
r-a ... ... i niTAn rna irrirrarinn nnnarinn ttii
will be thrown out. more than 15 Tears old.
Politicians in both Kansas and Colo- Outside the picket cordon, a crowd
rado are working for the passage ol a 0 700 boys and girls hooted and jelled
ma mrougu me legislatures 01 oowi a. the teachera look inz from windows
tatea whereby the western portion 01 Every infant striker wors a badee to
Kansas can be taken Into Colorado. ai,ow that he or she belonced to
Practically no reaistanee waa v.i v.t j 1,. ii.. r.. ( ln the Irrigation question
. o. I""" -y- .,,l !l mUc l,.llfT!nll n,I hnth
acting secretary ol the department of V ''
commerce and labor, Lawrence O. ilur
a Russian ray. The inveet.gation and indict
ment followed.
Two Hundred Homeless.
Albuquerque, N. M., Oct. 4. The
states will be benefitted to a great ex
tent. L. P. worden, of Syracuse,
Kas., and C. O. Kennison, of Garden
City, Kas., a candidate for repreeenta
tive from that county are in fueblo In echool yard.
the Interest of the plan. The picketing was the result of
"It would settle tbe water question ".trite" which waa caused by a mia
in Western Kansas forever and the suit taij-n belief of the children that an as
"union." Some nt the badges were
merely scraps ot paper with tbe word
"union" scrawlsd across It, Others
wore union buttons which their fathers
had worn. Many of the strikers car
ried clubs. Tbey threatened violence
aealnst any child daring to enter tbe
offered by the Russians
A Fuget sound tug Just in from Alas
ka, reports having sighted
gunboat at Unimak pass.
A dispatch from Constantinople says
that the villace of Ramra. Armenia.
was the scene of a massacre of Armen- wiId , wat raialng the RIo
tans by Kurds. Details are lackinz. 1 ,1 i .1... i.i..i,.
irnn hv .,i..nrl .n,t f!,r than & vear. has made 200 peorda in now tn the courts would be dropped as ela'ant kindergarten teacher was colored
cents thiounhout the Willamette val- this vicinity homeless. Barelos. a there would no longer be any reason Alter a detail of six policemen had
ley and at North Yakima. Indenend. suburb, is under two feet of water and 'or continuing 11 earn jr. orucn 10- been sent to the school to pieserve or
once growers have receied as high as many homes are abandoned. Alamedo d0' . 1 , t- . der tlie "etriko" was "settled." A
SO cents. is threatened by tbe terrific pressure tb Mr. Worden and Mr. Kennison commiUee appointed by the youthful
. . . . UDon the dam. which It is feared mav appeareo oeioro iuo government com- ,trikers learned that the rumor of
Heavy rams have caused serious g;ve wav, The niUaa have suffered iOU lbea " waVi! ?., .,e' cololed teae,ier having been emPA
damage to railroads in Western Texas, , ' j ,h J, Grande valley. and are tboronghly familial with the m the school was false. About 80 per
Several washouts are reported on tbe
Santa Fe in New Mexico and on all
roads trains are delayed.
The Santa Fe is at a standstill all f'tnation. They say they are supported cent of tbe strikers went back to their
through New Mexico. h practically every resident ot West- claeses. Truant officers began a search
ern Kansas.
for tbe absentees.
Unofficial estimates by Japanese offi-
Inventor Dies a Charity Patient.
New York, Oct. 3. Once wealthy
Would Try to Reach Arctic.
Christiana, Norway, Oct. 1. The
Bridge Washed Out
Fjimnr. (loin.. Oct. 4. Th flnrwl in
cera Place the nnmber of their sick and I t.. , i. ...... .... ...
wounded soldiers at 45,000. and wahel out the north approach of aDd with a bo"' of lriend' ornong prom- Duke of Orleans has asked permission
.,'.,, - the bridee over the river at thia place nent and wea tny men in me coun- 01 me governmeni 10 nave uie An ne
A Massachusetts ust ce fined an at- -"-a .!. , r-h.-u. v
tache of the British embassy and later . fi,T .1 1. i ' is dead at the home of incuiables, a made his voyage to the Arctic regions,
idly but no further damage is antic!- y. .Im"c"i' , f ala,JFlat ,ueo u. ...
pated here. Telephone reports from w,n,c" " na"BU ereowo years, cause., in moo. 11. unoemoou iiat u.e a
l'rowers, nine miles west of Lamar,
found he had exceeded his authority
lie has apologized.
Two more of the Billings, Mont
jail breakers have been captured.
United States custom officials at
Toitland believe that neatly 20 per
cent of tbe Chinese population of tbat
city are in thia country Illegally,
The Vancouver, B. 0., police think
they have In custody the leader of th
three men who held up the Canadian
Pacific train near Mission recently.
The Philippine islands will not be
able to exhibit at tbe Lewis and Clark
show that the water there is at the
highest stage known in 30 years. The
entire Prowers lanch is under water
and tho residents were compelled to
seek safety on the tops of their houses,
his death. Yeaton invented a number miralty will require that tho Captain
of machines, among which was a type- Otto Sverdiup, tho former commander
setting machine, the first ever offered of the tram, shall command the vessel,
for sal a. He enjoyed an intimate ac- if the government agrees to the propo-
nuaintance with President Andrew sltlon ol the duko. Tho plan of tho
Johnson, who offered him a dlplo- expedition has been submitted lor the
matic post at St. Peteisburg. approval of the authorities
Injunction of No Effect.
Leadville, Colo., C ct. 4. The in-
(unction which was issued by Judge!
Tires Kill Wild Animals. Ditter Root forests Burn
Butte, Mont., Oct. 3. A Missoula Hamilton, Mont, Oct. I. Reports
Owers to lestram the so-called Mine- BPecial to A 51 ner . Reports tonight from the Bitter Root fort-6t re.
Ln,. ( (rm .1. .,,,,. that reached here from tho Ulearwatei servo nay that lire is ravaging the tlrn
1 . . t... . country vesterdav Indicate that tho ber of the reserve Hith ereut destrur
fair unless aid is given. Too heavy fan ft"'"" "'?, f",T ,V J17 havoc wiought by the recent foreBt tion, despite tbe fait of the recent rain
Steady Increase ot Invanc Is Crowd
Ing Building's Capacity.
Salem The steady ludeasu In tbo
nuuibvr of patients at the state Insau
asyuui will mako necessary tho con
stiuctlou of a new cottago next yea
with room lor 1UU i.atlenta. bucli
cottage, to bo constructed nt tho asy
lum farm, will cost about $26,000 ami
tho leglslatute will bo aksed to appro
prlato money tor that purpose. Th
growing population will also necess
tato tho construction of a new dining
room at a cost of :i,00l), tho now ad
dltlon to bo 40x40 feet and two stories
Tho last legislature appropriated
money for tho oxpense of leplucln
a number ot wornoul lavatories ami
that work has been attended to
Other old lavntoiies and sewer coimec
tlons havo hccouiii faulty with ago and
must bo leplacvd. To put these
good condition will require an appro.
piiatlon of Slo.000.
Tbo asylum building lias not been
painted for many years and because
that fact It is rapidly showing tho
ctlects ot tlmo ami storm, buporlu
temlent Ualbieath will recommend
his biennial report that the mat
building be repainted throughout
Thia will cost about T12,000. All tl
permanent Impiovements needed 1
that inttttutlton will coat in tho neigh'
borhood of 155.000.
At the reform school, mute school
and blind school only minor repairs
and improvements will lie necessary
and not very heavy appropriations will
ho needed for them. At tho state, pris
on many Improvements have Icen
made in the past year without deflnit
aproprlatlon and not much in tho way
ot large Improvements will bo needed
at that institution next year. Tho las
legislature passed an act providing tbat
tho proceeds of convict labor shall con
stitute a betterment fund, which ma
be expended for repairs and improve
menls umlor the direction of the gover
nor. By virtue of this act money has
been expended from time to time and
the prison property has been put
good condition.
Republicans, Democrats, Prohibit
lonlsts and Socialists Take Step.
Salem The piesldential electnrlal
tick) ts ot four polltcial parties have
bene tiled In the office ol Secretary of
State Dunbar. The parties represent
ed are Republican, Democratic, Probi
bitlon and bocialist, and it is under
stood that the Populists will also tile
petitions nominating au vlectorial tick
et. John II. bimth, one of tho nomln
ees on the Demociatlc tltket, resigned,
and his place was filled by tbo appoint'
ment of W. H. Hamilton by the statu
centtal committee. The electorial
tickets filed arc as follows:
Republican G. B. Dlmlck, James
A. Fee, J. N. Hart, A. C. Hough.
Democratic Thomas II. Crawford,
John A. Jeffrey, W. I). Dllard, W. S
Prohibition Leslie Butler, I. II.
Amos, W. I. Elmore, T. 8. McDanlel
Socialist S. II Holt, William Beard.
O. W. Bargee, J. V. Ilerrington.
etSt.Ioui, is given as tlie 5 ,8 greater than
had no visib In effect. About a. inn ' u u
... . . I aIIidb rta n ilrivon f mm
a .1 a. oi i . caraa nave Already Deen lflfiueu. ana aa.? .
Iron Mountain railway was derailed "eews on an the large mines hold " "
lies from St. Louis and Injured Ear"8"'6 men .wfD l0. w,rK a8.Ufual: "'7'
12S miles from St. Louis and Ini
30 persons, a number of whom are so
badly hurt It is believed tbey will die.
Reports received from near Shang
hai say that the Boxers are openly dis
tributing pamphlets couched In tbe
their haunts
in tbe mountains by the smoke and
were suffocated, and their car
t. 1. ......1 .n .1 cassea are'strown bv scores In the val.
,u lit 1 leva. It is believed that hundreds of bermen on the edge of the reserve havo
men appeared for work without a card, 'be animals were killed aB a result of been destroyed, though no lives hae
ilia 111 ca
fall. One Instance is reported where
tho names fanned by a etiff breeze,
burned a swath about ten miles long
and from a quarter of a mila to half a
mile wide during one night. A num
ber of cabins of prospoctors and lum-
Work on Russian Ships Begun,
Toulon, France, Oct. 4. The man-
Aldermen Indicted for Grafting.
Buffalo, Oct. 3. As tho result of
I been lost.
Russia Orders Warships.
Paris, Oct. 1. A dispatch
same language as inose circulated oe- gr",," ,t' i"l to,la rnn District Attorney Coatsworth's investl- Toulon states that tho Russian govern-
fore the rising of 1000. October 17 Is ttb tito agtion of charges of alleged "grafting" ment has just ordered from the Com-
Used as the date for the extermination Kwm Jtati Ttos on tho part ot city officials, three pres. Pgnie des Foigi el Chantlers do la
ot all foreigners. brtW a nnmtar of cru seis and torpedo aldmen and our folmer aidermen Mediterraneo 11 torpedo boat destroy-
Li-i- t l.n T t.
The Chilean trainine shin Oeneral navv. Thev stated that th npnfl. have been indicted, iheyaro: John era 01 ine laiesi patiorn, 1110 consiru.
Daguedaua is at San Fanclsco. tlons on tho subjett had made consid- i"omas Harp, llenry woesl and Urrin imn o. wi ici s o be i.egiin av ome.
i u.i.i i. u .., ,1, i u .i. r, j. itjitu. Aiucrjjiciii mm tuvraru " wum, m uuiaihiup i
I linilV) 1UUI sit 11 VI tMUII V'Vrt j (una
Coming Events.
Wallowa Fair association, Enterprise
Uctobei 3-B.
Eastern Oregon District fair, The
Dalles, October 3-8.
Portland Presbytery, Fairview,
October 10.
Baker County fair, Baker City,
October U-lo.
Klamath County Agricultural anso
elation, Klamath Falls, Octobei 12-1-1.
Oregon W. O. T. U. Btato conven
Hon, Portland, October 18-27.
Inland Empire leachera' association.
Pendleton, October 10-21.
Teachers are Scarce.
Pendleton The Pendleton public
schools have opened with a largo en
rollment in all the grades. Almost all
the rooms are crowded and Superin
tendent E. B. Conklin is looking for suit
able houses to lelleve the congestion.
Tluee new school houses will be ready
for occupancy before the first of the
year. At the present time scarcely
one-half of the county schools have
been supplied with teachers. County
Superintendent of Schools Frank K.
Welles is being besieged, dally by di
rectors asking tor teachers.
Survey on Electric Route.
Corvallls A party of engineers is
maMng a preliminary survey of tho
line of tho proposed elpctric railroad to
bo built by tho Willamette Valley
Railroad company, connectng Corvallls
and Eugene. The party started at the
city limits of Corvallls, and is survey
ing to the southward along tho state
road In which a right of way has been
granted by tho county court. A fran
chise ordinance granting tho company
pour IbsIoii to run its lines through the
streetB of Corvallls, is pending in the
city council.
Absence of News from Port Arthur
Alarms the SUivs.
HI. l'utorshiiig, Hopt. 811. Tho ontlro
iiIihvih'ii ot hows fiom Port Arthur, II
Is feared, Indicates a closer blockiido
tbcru. Hitherto, dispatches from
(Inucral Htoessel bavo been coining
thruugb soiul-weesly. Thu admiralty
nas nui received any details of tlio re-
runners Did Nut Rolutc Crops,
are Short of reed.
Suloui "Tho unfortunate sltuatloii
In which Wlllainottu valley fanners nortnd
.1. I....- U.I- I.....-,,-.. l I "
.1. ,1 tl.-I. I. I ... . . ... . ...v
ciuiso foi recret. eneclally since It Is N 'lvostuk sipiadtuu, It Is iindvrstiwd,
entirely unnecessary. When J. K. ! 'till In tho harbor. I I 10 cantioiiad
Seats raid In an Interview a fuw days Ing at Anlva was nrobablv a Jananafi
ago inni laiuo win sinrya 111 niu vnm.y .n,,, ,. , ,,ckai o riliihurs.
tl.l. H- I) .1 r.. nf r..i..l lw. I Ii t. I
..1. 1.. 1. it 1. n .-...1. ...,.. A telegram recelvod beru from Bat-
to acknowledge, but It should teach us um" wpoitlng that lesorves ale being
a lesson." transported along tho (.'uucaslun roast
This in an asortlon mado by Director hrlm? tbo first Intimation that trtkitiiM
T - llM.1 1 1 I I
u.....i iuiji m, ..1 u.u wri'KUM ... ,ma ,11,lllul tl,,,r... 'n,.,r.,
erlinental station, ut Corvallls, while
be was attending tbo stale (air.
"I don't mean that any large pmpor
turn 01 valley livestock wl.l marvu, or
that they will dlo because of tho en
tiro ahrouro ut feed. What I mean,
and what Mr. Seats evidently meant,
was that feed la so scarce that many
larmera will put their stock on very
short rations, witli tliu result that
they will become emaciated and will
die from disease or exposure. Call It
what you will, It is starvation
"Now I refer to this only because I
nant to say and prove that It In a ron
dltlon that la us liiineeesary as It Is 1111
fortunate. This ban been a very dry
season, such as Willamette valle
only two army corps In tho Caucasus,
and 'Jim of tliem has apparently been
ordered to tho Fur East.
1'rlnco Hvlatopulk-Mlrsky wan re
ceived In audience yesterday by thu
emperor. Tho prlna. v. ill ussiimo
charge of the ministry ol thu interior
1 ho latest developments In tho situ
ation at the front In thu dt lluitu estab
lishment of the fact that Field Marshal
Oyania has now begun to niovo up his
left. tienrral huropaUln'a report
shows that the Japaneso have leached
Davan, on the west hank of the l.iao
liver. A considerable concenlratloii of
farmers had no reason to expect, but Japanese Is observed at Hiauihan, on
this does not excuse tholr being unpre- H'e Hun river, 35 miles soulhwrit ot
paied for It. Our experience at tbe Mukden, ami Japanese cavalry Is mass-
agricultural eollego firm shows that It InK In tho vicinity of the Pu river,
ciopsweio rotated as they should be, Tl, lattes Is a tributary of the Hun.
tho yield ot hay would not have been river, which crosses the line of lallway
light, and spilng-sown grain would '"'""ay between Tie pass and Mukden,
IrtTvo produced well, notwlthstadlng the ami may furnish a natural line of ad-
lack of lain." t ranc from tho west.
Uyama s armies now apparently cor-
r a front ot 00 miles for suveloplng
movements. Ills wings ale eiteniltd
to the northeast and west of Mukden.
Thus far the Russians ham found llttlo
Ashland foundry Uurncd.
Ashland Tho Ashland Iron works,
foundiy and machine shops have burn
ed Involving a lots which may reach strength of pressure from the Japaneso
center, wtaina seems 10 rw moving
with trust deliberation, probably gath
ering strength for a rapid udvanro of
loth wings when an attempt is mado
to close tbe net.
Although the Imaginary linn Connect
ing the eitieme Japanese advance and
wrat ot Mukden still panics ten lullert
Tlio I below that city, It Is evident that tbo
and I h"0 ' Mukden cannot long be delayed.
If Ueneral Kuropatkln intends to try
to hold the city fighting on his Hanks.
ill bugin almost iminvdlately.
(10 000. By haul work the detached
pattern shop building was saved, but
the molding, machinx shop and olllcn
buildings, In which nro much valua
hie machinery, were badly gutted
The lire started between the foundry
and the machine shop looms, fiom a
cause unknown. The company carried
insurance amounting to 111,500.
plant was kept busy with orders,
employed a good sited force.
To Make Good Roads.
Ashland The now ten-ton steam
road roller recently purchased by the
Jackson county couit was unloaded
from the earn at Ashland thu (1 rut of
the week and has already Ixcn started
to work lu building a permanent road
out of the county highway iHitween
Ashland and T.ilont. The machine is
one of tho latest Improved and reorc
Bents an ouilay o 3,fi00. Thu county
already possessed a rock crueller and
the steam roller will no used to furnish
power for this as well as In grading
State Pair Has Da lance.
balem vwillo not all the year's
business of thu state Iiboanl of agrleub
Ilia Position Will De That of An
Advisor to the Emperor.
St. Petersburg, Sept. 20. Although
an olllclal announcement to tlio effect
is not expected Immediately, since It
wilt irqiilr some littls time to get Rut-
sla'a second army in the field, the des
ignation ot Grand Duke Nlrliolan
Nlcbolasvltch, th Inspector general of
cavalry, as commander In chit t is re
garded prictically settlad. Tlio sit
uation at the front, with two, and per
haps ultimately three, big armies, la
ture bus been coruludul, Secretary considered to demand, above all else.
vyllo A. Slcv.res Hilda from hie records that the supremo commander lie of
year came out ....i. 1 ....i..i.
IS.fi00 to tbn rnal. Th total rer-lnt. I"""""" ........;.
weru 130.000 of whirh 110.000 ramn JO",, jealousies and the possibility or
from the stale appropriation for ngrl- '"'''Rue on t is part of subordinates.! r., ..,... Ti,.. iIlr.i and such a man the ernparor now rea-
. ... ... ... n.,,
paid premiums to the amount of 110.- "ur "7 memiH-r
600. the additional 1M1II Ixdnc t-lr-n ol the imperial lamlly. Urand Duko
' r " l vi.i .1.. t 1 1 11
from mlscellmeous receipts. u-nuia i irgsroii as exiiemeiy wen
Grand I)ii1t.h KlrhnUn will tint rv
t nmm I . I . L, (. I. . I ..... oindn. unon a simile advisor, but on a staff
Salem "About two sections of good comprising tbe ablest strategists of tbo
iimuer were uestroyeu uy loreel llres genera' stall, who in reality will con-
thls season In tbe Santiain country," stiule a board ot direction ol military
tt .. . HI , I .. '
nuya .uniinur dunn a . ouaw, 01 cue operations.
Curtis Lumber company, of Mill City. Viceroy Alexlcff In regarded as pi-
iiicie tirc iiiuiiBunu 01 ncrea 01 most rxica n to return neru. inn re.
lashing burned over, but fortunately port that he mav beenmo chancellor of
the amoiini 01 good timber destroyed the empire, however, is eiplodrd. Ho
was small in comparison with tbo la more likely to retain his title and
uantlty ol danger of destruction. Tho
Curtis Lumber company lost about
040 acres of timber by lire."
Worh on McKcnzle Road,
Eugene Reports from the superin
tendent ot the work on tho McKenxie
road show rapid progress and Indicate
much good to come from tho
comu to tit. Petershnrg. nominally lit
tho rapacity of adviser to thu emperor.
and will thus efface himself as a factor
nf the military situation In the Far
Attempt to Ruin Warships.
New York, Sept. 20. With tho
1 ,1 ...... 1 1 .. 1 ... ...
SU 000 ruining me nun 01 cue riaicie-
expenditure, half of which was appro- ,,T.' ,' "
prlated by the county and half raised V. u"""""'
by subscription. Already 15 miles ol ') llce on, u, ""J"' w."f " wn
the woist part of tho road have boon ' ' r """ n',,t
put In first-class shape, and the ciew kP0W". " " discovered until.
... . . ' - I illt'uril urnm emit ilnarn 4.. inbn .. I
ill work about a month longer. .v... ...... ... m-
mado ub a matter of precaution and tho
Conullle Sawmill Sold. naval olllcern then learned that an oli-
.Rlverton A company has purchased M 'net Ion had been placed on thu wayn
tho Coquillo saw mill anil also Peart's
coal mlno adjoining Cooulllo City,
Tho company will make extensive Im
provements at once, It Is raid, In both
the mill and tlio mine. It Is under.
stood that the mill will start up nt
once for thu purpose of cutting tlim
tbat would hnvo destroyed tlio work
The Japanese are meparlnc for a ...1.1.1....1 ' Reiser. Louis G. Rocdel Henrv G
flanking movement against Kuropatkln. r.,r.i 1 u. 7.' .,i ' . Sclinelder ond John G. Butch, former and three at Laseyne. They will take
. . , 0 aldermen. All tho Indicted men were lo months to build.
1 jirH i.uiuuHrs 01 rain. . -----.
forcements are being hurried to Muk
All the Indicted men wero 16 months to build. Russia has also
arraigned today and pleaded not guilty, ordered four cruhers of tho Iiayan typo.
American Diplomat Pined. British Steamer Stopped. Wills City 4250,000
N.W Vn.l- A A ....... n.nn ' ' A 1 n 'TM It J i 1 .. I. O.l 1 T...I.1I. 1
i -.v.. u wv. . ...,uu, ..gum vjneiou uc(. q. xne iiriiiBii eitainer i .ud.u... uh. i, x uunu uvtiuco.o hk'
w I Plot ImorKsn l.oa l.a.n Unt. ( l II I Ml... . I .. 4 1 . . l(rlIl . t. .. 1. ......
. . iim uu llKOttllg, iruuiug 111 Vlllliu Dues, Br-I HB.i"15 T1UU,UUW, .110 iai(JCDb
nneu lu shillings, according to an r veil toi av and reports showanstnnneil beinir a Kilt of f 2G0.000 to tho !itv of
American dispatch from Dublin, for hv a Japanese tornedo boat destroyer New Bedford, are contained In tho will
Senator Hoar la very low and hla nnn furious riding on a motorcycle within outside of the harbor of Cliefoo. After of the late Mrs. Sarah Potter, of Boa-
eays bis death may be expected at any I tlje city limits. Ills case was heard in her papers bad been examined, the ton, which was filed lor probate this
moment. a ponce court. ' Yik Sang was allowed to proceed. 'afternoon. J
The Port Arthur fleet is expected
make another attempt shortly to
Surveying for Trolley Line.
J-.ugeno Ihree crews of surveyors
aro making the preliminary surveys for
tho Willamette Valley Electric Rail,
way company. One crew started fiom
Corvallls and will work toward Eu
gene. One is working In tbo direction
of the Slualaw and tho third is work
ing eastward up the McKenzIo river.
It is stated by tlio manager of tho com
pany that this preliminary work will
be followed by permanent surveys and
then tbe work of construction.
Enrollment at Agricultural College.
Corvallls Tho registration of stu
dents at tho Oregon Agricultural col
lego breaks all former records. The
enrollment to dale Is 400," against 320
last year. The Increase is 80. Tho
freshman class Is largey Increased, tho
number registered being 107, or, In
cluding Eubfreshmen, 200.
Wheat Market.
Portland Walla W.lla, 8182oj
bluestem, 86o; valley, 86c,
Tacoma Bluestem, 87o; club, 82c,
Colfax Club,71c; blueatoin, 76c,
Threatened the President.
Des Moines, In., Sept. 2U Edward
Dalhrmer wnfl arrested at Eminettn-
burg this afternoon by n postofllce in-
bers for llio new bunker which will be 'peetor, charged with sending ohsceno
at once constructed for the mine. u"d threatening letters to President
Koosovolt. Miss Allco Roosevelt. Helen
rim. 1. 1 ...I i i inn n i.. i. n i
Coalbunker for Rlverton. to ho,.' nn.i i, .n,,nUn,i ,i.
Rlverton Tho lit) W COU 1 hunker Ol I and ilpmntwli! innnnv frnm If. dim
the Itiverton MlnlnK Dovolonment Gould. Hn ileiTintiiliil mnniiv nf Mill.
company Is nearlng completion under His letter to Miss Roosevolt is not
tlio supervision of tho McLood Bros
who have tbo building contract. This
hunker has a capacity of about 000
tons, having an upper and a lower com
paitment for shipping and local trade,
made public, That to thu president
wna lined with denunciation in vllo
terms and throats.
Shelves for State Library.
Salem 8tato Librarian J. 11, Pu'
nam has procured four new oak book
cafes, with shelves on bath sides, bav
in',' a capacity of 1,000 books to each
case, Ihe cubcs cost 125 each. Tills
Carshops arc Closed.
Chicago, Bopt. 20. Tho Chlcauo.
Rock Island & Pacific railroad company
today practically closed down Its car
and locomotive shops hero. Tlio en
forced Idleness cnirio unexpectedly.
Tlio union boiler "makers employed in.
the shops had made demands for high
er wages a fow days before llio shut,
down camu. Genera! Superintendent
of Motlvo Power Reed, however, denied
addition to the llliraiv enulnmont was
, . t . . ul iuuuvu l uwer jfceru, nuwuvur. ciemcu
AfiT? i t;,,,,ml,atl0"0' that the shutdown was In any way nt.
books which have been piled up on tho .ii..,ii.i i .i... ,i i ' '
H . . 1a1 I ...uu.i.M.u , j incau uvij.iiiiua.
Tnrnrilohimt lnl.
leacners scarce in Linn County. inminn u on ti. n.m.i. ...
... . . i v.v ... a. iu ..(,1,(1(1 iur-
Aiuauy Dciiooiioacuers arco ecnro in nadn boat ira rnvsr R unn. I. I... i,
Linn county, and tho probabilities aro lost off the Isf and of Pei.hnlnnln In
that somo schools In the rural districts the Mediterranean. All on boaid wero
may havo to remain closed during the lavod. While going at full snood on a.
.s.n iifnn I.... ton i. r re i . . i i , i .
yuui iittKuu lauuiuK iruiu tuu iu cuu i iriai veitieruflv. a nrrmv himin mmn nrr
aro offered, but competent teachera ore pierced tho hotton of the dcatroyer and