Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, May 13, 1904, Image 8

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    KtiMincHH CartlH.
Repairing t raaaenaMe cnarfti.
All work iturmtlfJ flrat-clate.
Vf aUkaa.Cloeka anil Jeelrr at UwmI rrleai
Attorney at Law,
Offlce on Main UMt, Vt d
J. S. Medley. .1 . C. .1 ohneon
'Medley j- Johnson,
Office Suite it Hank lllilg.
Spcclnl attention clven to Mining
nml Corporation Liiw.
L.T. Hartlt. A. C. Woodcock.
Special attention gltcn to tbe law of Minn.
Uftln itrt. Cot1c drove. Ore.
Don't neglect that house, but call
nt the oxptvBs omee nml have Tom 1
Awlirej write you up n policy In
eitncr tne -l.tnn insurance 1,0. or
the. Oregon Fin? Relief Association d
McMinnvllle, Oregon. eot-3
Come nt once anil hnve your holi
day photos taken In time to Bend to
friends for Christmas. Do not wait
till the last moment.
W. F. SnAXArEi-T.
Gallery on West Side, opposite
Masonic Hall.
The First National Bank1.
Paid J j Capital, $25,000.00
Money to loan on approved security.
Exchanges sold, available anv place
n theUnited States
T. C
Griffin &
The London General Merchandise
Store wish to announce to the buying
public that they now lmvo u very
complete Htock of Oencrnl Merchandise
which they Intend belling at leaHt 20
percent below all competition.
We purchuMj our goods In largo
quantities through KtiHtern Drummerd,
pny cash for all we buy, have no high
rcutu, no insurance rates to puy, and
consequently can sell very cheaj).
Think of CLAY Worsted Suits.
At $7.50
High Oratle Goods and other lines
of Jtendy Mnde Clothing of Neatest up-to-date
style at prices that will surprise
M. D. Wells Shoes
Our lino of M. I). Wells Shoes aro
the best wearer ou the market and at
prices that cannot bo equalled.
Try our Itoast Coffees, tho best
flavor nud will please you.
London. Oregon.
Lodge Directory.
A. F. and A. M.
Cottage Grove No. 51.
1st aud 3rd Saturday.
Oliver Veatch, V.
I. O. O. F.
Cottage Grove No. 68. Meets
every Saturday night.
Geo. Comer, V . Sccty.
w. o. w.
Bohemia Camp No. 260. Meets
every Saturday night.
C. II. Van Denburg. Clerk.
M. W. of A.
Cottage Grove Camp No. 6434.
Meets first aud second Tuesday
C. V. Wallace, Clerk.
F. of A.
Court Bohemia Mo. 33. Meets
every Kriday night.
S. E. Lauder, Sccty.
Women of Woodcraft.
St. Valentine Circle. Meets
1 st and 3rd Tuesdays.
Mrs. C.J. Miller, Clerk.
Royal Neighbors.
Hmrua Colburn Camp.
Meets 2nd and 4th Wednesday
Ethel Bisby, Clerk.
K of P
Tuventus Lodce No. 4S. Meets
every Wednesday night.
Dr. Georce Wall K. of R. S
G. A. R.
Appomatax Post No. 34. Meets
2nd and 4th Saturday.
H. C. Dutton, Adjutant.
K. O.T. M.
Cascade Camp No. 66. Meets
Thursday nights.
Prof. A. L. Briggs. Secty.
L L Hive No 48
Meets 2nd and 4th Tuesday
Minnie Underwood R. K.
Meets every 2nd and 4th Mondays.
S. E. Lauder, Secty.
Order Eastern Star
Cottage Grove Chapter No 4
Meets every 2nd and 4th Fridays
Celia Lurch, Secty.
of any tool Is always a dxidrnhle
one, but of equal Importance le the
power of retaining this quality so as
not to require too frequent sharpen
ing, lly making your purchases of
the Orillln & Veatch Co. you always
receive your money's worth In the
liest quality of tool and cutlery ol
protierly tetniiered steel that Is sure
to hold nn edge.
Veatch Go.
to $9.00
It I Ktil that nothing It smo except
dentli a tnl taxe. lint thhl is not ftlto-
gctlicr true. I)r HIiik a New Discovery
lor Consumption la n atneciiro for nil
lime mid throat tr mlilc. ThoiiNinda
can teallfv lo Hint. Mrs C H Van Me
tro o( ShcphcrdtoAii, n , anya "I
Inula Fttereraacof llronehltts ami lor
ft year tried everything I heard of, but
cot 110 lelief. One bottle o( Dr. KtiiR'a
Son Dlacovery then cured 1110 nbso-
lutely." It'a lufiillililo for Croup.
Wlioontne Couch, drip, Pneumonia nml
Codiuiiipllon. Trv It. lt.ti gtinrnntccd
by Moroni & llrehnut Drnist. Trial
botllea Iree. Ilea, aitea wc, f i.w.
Snlnr In Tana.
The hog tntervats are KOlnK forward
atcatllly throucliout Texas, rtrowlnc
crops will be foil to hogs by the grni
InR process this senaon. llavlnc clear
ly In mtnil a auecesaloii of these crops
the farmer aoes bis way to n cheap
fnt hoc. This also largely Insures
npilnat illsonso. Take RrowliiR isralns
niut alfalfa for early sprliic priutns.
followed by sorghum, rape, eowpena
niut peanuts. Hero Is pork mnkttii:
fecit that lends right up to the corn
crib. Feed a little grain all along, nml
the larger fellows are renily for the
market at any time the price Is right.
Summer prices of pork are usually
best. Farm ntul ltanch.
From the t'hapin, S 0, News: F.nrly
in tin curing inv wife ami 1 were taken
with diarrhoea ami so severe wero the
pains that we railed a physician ho
iirvjcribed for lis, but Ills medicines
tailed to give uiiv relief. A friend who
hid a bottle of Chiiniberliiin'i! Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Keiuedy on
hand gave each jf w a dose nml wu nt
once felt the elleets 1 procured 1
boltlo nud before using tl e entire eon
tents we were entirely cured. It is tx
wonderful reinedv and should bo found
in cverv household. II C Ilailey, F.di
tor. This remedy is. for aale by New
Era Drug Store.
Tltr il ( ll:iilt.-;.
When 11 stii-l.' iiinhnlr 111 .nti'iii- nun.
plant down :u Maine. Willi tuil.diu .-
equal to 11 good si.:iil village, ciiuippro
with the most perfect of up to dud
machinery and employing nearly 3.tmO
skilled men and women In the manu
facture of more thau a score of differ
ent fabrics, absorbing over "O.per cent
of the 2,000,000 lounils of American
prown mohair, U compelled to Import
around 500,000 pounds of Turkish hnli
to keep Its machinery In motion ami fill
pressing orders for Its goods, Is no time
for croaking over the "collapse" of the
Angora and mohair Industry In the
United States. American Sheep ltremt-
Will overcome indigestion and dy
spepsia; regulate the bowels and cure
liver mid kidney complaints. It it- the
best bluod clincher and invigorntor in
the world. It is puiely vegetable, per
fectly harmless, and should you be a
Mitl'erer from disease, you ill use it if
you are wise.
H N Amlicws. Editor and Mgr Cocoa
and Uoekledge News, Cocoa, Fin, writes :
"I have used your Herbine in my
fainilv, und tind it a most excellent
medidine. Its elfects upon myself have
been n marked benefit. I recommend
it unhesitatingly." 6O0. New Era
Drug store.
Spanlsh Maltese Gouts.
The Spanish Maltese goats nre very
hardy and prollUe and are conldercd
the most perfectly henlthy of tlomcstl
animals, says American Agriculturist.
As brush destroyers they are ipial to
the Angoras, some considering them
.iinon. luMviifcfi thnv nrp l.'irmT (Hid
stronger. While there Is no established '
system of registration, great t-aro li overlooked is that the mining in
constantly exercised to keep the breed terests are a splendid second on the
up to a high standard of .perfection. 1 list of the country's greatest in
The goats are especially valuable for tiustries might continue and would
their milk. Apart rrom its tneuicina con,:nue t0 exist but without the
qualities it !".' for coffee and . jdussry they would retro
gives satisfaction for table use, while, . ' f. , . , .
a few drops In n cup of tea nre equal
to a tenspoonful of cream. !
"In the spring of 1001 mv children 1
hud uhoopini! cough," taoa .Mrs I) W
Ca utia of Caiips, Ala. "I used Chauilicr
lain s Cough Hemedy with the most
satiefactory results. I think this is the
beet remedy I have ever eeen for whoop
ing cough." This remedy keeps the
I. la l..., ,1,., c.,,..ll.- ..,.1
frequency of the coughing spells und
counteracts any tendency townrd pneti- i
moniu. Kor Halo bv New Kra Drug
Store. i
Don't Overwork the lluraes.
A practical horseman says:
"It never pays to overwork the
horse. One may be able to do n little
more work for that day, but Is com
pelled to do less afterward. If a horse
Is ovenvorked one day ho Is liable to
feel the effects of It throughout the
remainder of his days. The same wuy
with a man. It Is Just as great evil to
work more than wo can stand as It Is
to be idle. I will not overwork my
horses Just so I may be uble to uny 1
that I did more In'a day than J
neighbors did. I make my horses do ;
whut they can and let my neighbors .
do what they want to."
Mrs Josie Sumner, liretnond, Texas
writes. Annul 15, 1002: "I have uset!
Milliard's Snow Liniment in my family , -
r i.i . ... ...!.. It
iur inreu yours, i wouiu nui ou wuilfllll
it iii my family for three years. I
would not be without it in the house.
1 have used it on my little girl for
growing iiuins and aches in her knees
Itcured her right awuv. I have also
useil It for frost bitten feet, with good
success, itls the nest ltniinent I ever
used.' " 25c, 60c, f 1.00. Now Kra
Drug Store.
l-'or Garden and Trurk.
Formula of Director lteddlng of
Georgia: Acid phosphate (II per cent).
1.UU0 pounds; cotton men (2Vj:T:l'iil.
l,r00 pounds; murlutu of potush (jOpcr
cent), 250 pounds; or knlnlt (Wj per
cent), 1,000 pounds; total, 2,T.'0 pounds;
to bo applied broadcast a week or two
before planting.
To cold draughts of air, to keen and
cutting winds, sudden changes of tern
pcrnture, scahty clothing, undve ex
posure) of the throat and neck after pub
lie speaking and singing, bring on
coughs and colds. Aallard u Horehound
Syrup Ib the beat cure.
Mrs A Ilarr, Houston, Texas, writes,
Jan 31, 1902: "One bottle ofliallard'i
Horehound Syrup cured mo of a very
bad cough. It Is very pleasant to take."
Absolutely Para svEsniirTE
There ate two obstructionists
who stand eternally in the gateway
ol propter, the Mining nud
Kugiuccritig Review. They nre
found in every industry and the
mining business is not exempt from
their evil tulluettccs. The pessi
mist and his twin inothcr, the
fakir, though diametrically opposed
to each other's methods, mintage
to accomplish the same results, by
destroying confidence and casting n
gloom over nuy industry which is
unfortunately cursed by their ma
lign presence.
We have gtven licretolore so
many definitions of a fakir that the
public have a very clear idea as to
what constitutes one. It is poS'
sible to expose and pillory a fakir;
lo rentier Ins illegitimate business
unprofitable and to destroy hi
power for evil. Hut to deal with
the pessimist is more difficult. His
insinuations aud insidious methods
are hidden often bv a business-like
exterior. He can be generally de
bribed as self-opionutcd ass who is
ready at all times to give ti report
ou soinethinc of which he knows
nothing Ami his report is always
a damaging one.
He enters into a discussion ou
the mining industry, for instance.
He may never have seen a mine,
but that makes no difference to
him. He believes (somebody told
him, he never thinks) that the min
ing business is a gamble; that
everyone interested in it arc either
thieveis or gamblers, and he de
nounces the whole industry, and,
like the snake in the grass, the
neater home he can strike the bet
ter he likes it.
There is still another objection
able character mixed up very
well known to all men who keep in
close touch with our mining inter
ests The American Mining Con
gress, through its secretary, Mr
Irwin Mahon, could ttll nil of us
much ou this subject that would be
interesting. The.Aincricau Mining
Congress is making a good fight
for a better and fuller appreciation
by our business meu--riilvay and
others of these things. Our agri
cultural interests are of vast tuag-
nitude, but a fact that must
not be
K'". " " " tr i V
commerce would resolve itself back
to the days of barter; a pair ol
shoes for a coat and n horse for a
lot- Angeles Mining Review.
I United States Land Office.
Hoeeburg, Ore., May 3nl. 1001.
I Notice is hereby given that in com
pliance u itli the provisions of the act of
Comtrecs of June i 3, Ih.H, entitleil 'An
et ,or 'J'" "' ! tiiulicr lands in the
btates of Uhhirnia,()regon, Nevada ami
W ushingtoii Territory, ns extended to
aiune riiniic iinn mates ny uei ot au-
guet 4. 1802.
of Cottage Grove, Coot Lane, 'Statu of
Ore,, has this day Hied in this olHcu her
sworn statement No. fllLM, for the pur
chase of the S'' SW kf.SWl. SIC ti
of Sec I'.' in Tn H, K 4 W, mid will
om.r ,roo to low that the land sought
is more valuable for its timber or stone
than for agricliiturnl purposes, unit to
cutablieli her claim to said land before
J- J- Walton, V. S. Commissioner at
K"Bem-, Oregon, on the lCth day of
"-'T Iw 'Tcottiigo Grove,
0re Vf9 Nowell, A II Nowell ot
Amis. Ore.. Georire. Kderer of Cottage
Grove. Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adverse
ly tne nimve-uescriueu minis aro re
quested to file their claims in this offico
on or oeioresaiu nun nuy oi Jtny, iuui.
J. T. IlttiDOKH. itegister.
"My mother has been a sufferer for
in any years with rlieumiitism says W
II Howard ol Husband, Pa. "At times
she wns iinnblu to move at all , while ut
all times walking wits nainftil. I tiru
rented Iter with a bottlo of Chamber
lain's l'ain Hullo und alter a lew appli
cations she tlecided It wns the most
wonderful pain reliever slio nail over
tried, in fact, sho is never without it
now and is at all times able to walk. An
occasional application of I'uin Ilulm
keens awav the iinln that sho was for
merly troubled with." For salo by
New r.ra Drug store.
At $1, a year
No Investor can afford to lie
without the
Journal for Investors
Any one of lta fc-aturea la alone worth
(lie price of autacrliitlon.
ItwlllfcAve you liuudroda of dollara
every jear.
lta etiaractor liaa never been Impugned.
Koom 0, Chamber of Commerce, lloston,
Addreta lettcri to 1', O. Ilox 2517,
roKTUHn. Mai trv, (Ki IT, 1 fvt,
I Mtnifilcr Win of ranlul unsrlar
an j uwiur mvniein 1 T?r upth
anil t know hrof 1 i'kk. I iuf
ftrJ for nlna tnonlhi wlln ri'ttnl
ravniftrufctlon which nmiiilMelr frot
trtM m. ISiloi wonKlahixtttnmngh
tii? back ml At ftiul I woulil hat
b.lntllitf hiUohi, My llntba would
wU utt anil I would o wak I
oould not tan J up, I natural! fH
tlliovurKl tor I mM lo b tyonJ
I ha hrlp of iihilclani. but Vtn ot
Oantul camaaaa UHlaam1 Ui ma. I
tali a chart for tn batter within a
waak, Aflar ntnataan daja Iraatmant
I muitniaUit without autfiinf tha
ifttnlfi I muallriUtl ami aoon baoama
ragular ami without pain, Wlna of
Cantul ( almiily wonjtful antl I wlah
that all autrarlng woman kaaw of It
good quallttaa,
mim a 0i
Tnaaurar, Portland Boonomlo Laacu
I'rrlcxlicnl hradarliri tell of fc
inula wcAkneaa. Wine of C&rdui
cures permanently nineteen out of
every twenty ease of Irregular
inenara, bearing down palm or
any female. wcakncM. If you v
discouraged ami doctor hate
failed, Hint it the best reason In
the world you aliould try Wine of
Cardiil now. llemeinber that
htwlaclira menn female weakness..
Secure n l 00 bottle, of Wine of
Cardul today
In his "Itossettl Piipera" William
lto.tseltl says that when Shelley was
staying In the villa of the lilsboruo
n most droll Incident occurred. It up
pours that his servnnts, tJlusepi nml
Annimxlutn. who were mini und wife,
lunrrolml, and Shelley, hearing llltl
epM nbuslng his wife very mivngely
und also III using her, rushed upon him
tvlth a pistol, shouting: "I'll shoot you!
I'll shoot your The startled fellow
run for his very life, Shelley after
him, till the servant, wining to a shrub
iK-ry of laurels, managed to slip under
them, Shelley, In his eagerness, darting
past him. The servant III n few lulu
utes found It possible to dodge back
Into the house uniiereclvcd. Shelley
seeing him no more, nt lust went back
to the house, where, to his unutterable
surprise, be found Cluseppe nud An
uiiiizlutti sitting together In the mosi
nmtenble manner, addressing eneh oth
er its "euro" nntl "curlsslinn." "lint
were you not quarreling even nnw v
exelnlineil the iierploxed poet "yin
rellng?" gaspeil (lluseppo In ntini-.-inent.
"No, slgnor, we never .pmnel
wl." "Hut 1 have been running nfi.
you In onler to shtsit yon " S"
gnor. you never ran nf ter me. fur I l.
been sitting hen- for the lust In.ur r
more. You must have fancied nil tins
Ami (ltlsepK- and Antiiiuzluta. tm
hntl Iwtli been ctmsldenibly
continuing to fissure lilm Hint iln-j
hull no qunrrel. nml Mury Sln-ltry
whom they hntl let Into the secret, say
lug the same, Shelley wns nt Inst utter
ly mystified nud Inclined himself to be
lieve that he must have fnnclcd It.
I'u save a life Dr T i Merrilt. ot No.
Mehoopauy, Pa . made a startling test
ifsultiug in n wonderful cure. He
uriirs, "a patient una attacked twin
violent heinori hnges, cuiiscil by ulcer
ation ol the stiinijch, 1 Ituil olleii lniiliil
Klcctrie lliiteis excellent (or iii-u t
stotimcli ii fitl liver truiiblus so I jire
seribed thcni . Tin pain lit gained hum
Ihi-lirsl, and has not had all attack ill
1 1 n. i n'lis." Klectriu Hitters ure iiosl
lively gtiar.iiitc'd for yspepsin. Indi
gestion, otirtip.itioii und Kiudev
iroubles.- Try them. Only 60c nt Mor
gan A Urobilin.
Thu inltiieuee ol climatic conditions
in the cure ol consumption is very much
oveidiuuu. The poor patient, and tho
rich patient, too, can do much better nt
home by proper attention to foisl diges
tion, nml u rcL'iilar use of German
Syrnii. I'nti exiiectoiutioii in the
morning is minlo certain by German
Syrup, m is u good night's rest mid the
ulwuuco ol that weakening cotigu nun
debilitating night sneuts. Kestless
niL'lits mid the cxliiiustion dun to
eo L'hiitL'. the urentest dunger nml drcud
of tliecoiiHiimiitive, can bo prevented or
stotiiied bv tukiin Germnn Bvriiii liber
iillyund regularly. Shoiiltl you bo able
to go ton wanner clime, you will Hntl
that of tho thousands of consumptives
there, the few who lire benefitted unJ
regain strength lire those whouso Ger
man Syrup. Trial bottles, 27c; regular
size. 75c. At nil druggists. Giirmnn &
Hemenwnv Co.
United States LaudOIIlce,
KoHcburg, Ore., March lutti, 1001.
Notice is lieroliv uiven thnt incomtili
unco with tho provisions of the Act ol
Coneresifof Juno ;J. 1H7S. entitleil "An
uet for thu stile of timber lamia in the
States of Callforulu, Oregon, Nevada
and WashingtonTerriloiy,'' asextunded
to all tho Publfc Liiiul States by net ot
August 4, 1802,
of Hnginnw, County of Lime, Statu
of Oregon, has this duy filed in this
ollleo Ins sworn statement Nn. tW'JU for
tho pmchaso of tho NK tj of
NK Yt of Section No. 22, Twp. 21
South, of Rango !l West and will offer
proof to show that tho land sought is
more valuable for its limber or stonu
tlinn for agricultural purposes, nml to
ostnlillsh his claim to salt! laud before
tho Register and Receiver of this office
at Itoseliurg, Oregon on Thursduy the
0th duy of June, lOOt
Hoiiiimes as witnesses:
U. M. Lambert, Kdgnr King, Kmery
fiiislar, William II . Chumplon, of Cot
tugoGrovu, Oregon,
Any und all persons clniinlngntlversely
the nliovu described lunds nru requested
In lllu their uliiims In this office ou or
before said 0th duy of June, 1001.
J. T, IlmnuKS, Register.
Nntlre Islieretjv irlvon that the uiideralitned
Kdinlnlitmtorof llio entate of pana II, Cullou
deceaaed, haa Hied In the County Court
ol thn Stato of Orexmi for Lane County Ida II mil
account aa admlnlatrator ol aald o.luto anil
that Saturday tho 7th day of May I'jul at the
hour of 8 o'clock )i. m., of aald day haa been
nxml liv aalil court for liearlmr nblcctlona to
aald account and tbe tuttlcment thereof.
K. C. (JUNN,
Admlnlatrator of the caluta of Pana II. Oolton
amd union Pacific
Three Trains To The East Dally.
Through I'ulliiian standard nud tour
ist sleeping cam dally to Onialni, Chi
cago. Spokane , tourist sleeping cam
dallv to KnnsiiH City . through Pullman
tourist sleep lig cars (persnnallv con
ducted! eekly toChlfiigo, KiiusiihCIIv .
reelining I'halreuiM (seats free) to the
Knst dully.
Nn rtiange ol oari-
Portlnml i
0 : inn. Iii.i
8 II) p in.
St. Paul
1 art Mail
TlMK Sl'IIKIllH.ks
(nun Portland
Salt Uike, Denver,
Kt. Worth. Omaha,
,' :.'.' p.m.
Knnsas City, HI.
liiiis.Chleugo nml
Sad Uike. Denver,
I t. Worth. Oinaliu.
Kansas City, St.
i.ouis, Chicago itlitl
Walla Wiilln, l.e
islnii , SH)kane,
Wullace, I'ullniaii,
Minnciipolls , St.
Paul, Dulutli, Mil
wunkee, Chicago A
S lH)n. in.
T 1.1..iii.
via 1
t'... u.... L'i,ipl..iwl!virv live daVS
nt S:0t p. iii. Vat Ahturla, way points
and Nurlli lleach Paliv (except .-mi-day)
at S .IH) p. in. ; salnidny ut 10 (XI p.
in. Dally aervice mater permitting) on
Wiilaiiielte and Ynu hill ltivers.
For fuller Information nek or write
your iienret ticket agent, or
trial PuMeiiger Agent.
Tlifll egnii Hiiilrond A N.iviignlloli
Co. Portland, Oleg""
ASK TIIK AtiKS'l rlt
.S;io.(i)ic, .S'f. I'liul,
MiiuietuU, IhihUli,
fVilrnjo, ,Nf .(ills
0 Overland Trilns Dally The Fiver ') ;
j d And The Fast Mill
Splendid Service
Up to date Equipment
Courteous Employes
Daylight Trip across tha Cascade and
flocky Mountains.
For Tickets, Hates, Folders ini'l
Full Information, Call on or address,
122 3d St., Portland Ore.
S.ti. YL'ltKF.S., G. W. P. A.
U FlritArent.e. -raitlr Uaih.
0. & S. I! R II
Time Table No, 2
To Take rilfcel on Apr. 2ml, I!
Kait HoiiiiiI 3 ami IHatmily. W
I ami 2 pally Kx
KoS Nol ci'pt Hiiiiilny. No a Nn
r.M.-A.M. Mia HTTIONH. I' M A M 7:30 0 Cotlii (Iriivu II lo 1.1
7M TM :l . Walilell 10 I'JI t, m
7:&'i A Curtln, in tl VJ
'.';.VJ TTO iu ...X'vrni lliinlu 10 :is, I u
3:01 HM 7 7 Halter 10 a I I 17
n:ll sill S3. . Iinrena . I11..H11 I 11
.1:17 S:I7 OS Ill-it Ruck III '.Mi 4 I'l
,1:.'I0 B:2il 111 II (I avel 1'lt III '.ill I '11
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Hubjerl to plianKtwltlimit notice.
Alloutuarit fri'lulit forvtarilcil iinlyTst !tho
Joint risk of aliljiier anlcuunlKiii'e.
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joruariilnic 011 next train frelitht utiiat isj
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A. u. woou, ActniR tlcn fllgr.
iillco u lioreliv li-lvotl tl, nil vi'liiuii
It iiiu.v concern tlutt tliu iiuticrHlKUt'd,
liiiH bv order of thu Jlonomhlu
County Court ol tho Ktiitv ol Oregon,
for 1110 t.Dtiniy 01 J.uuo uecn duly up.
pointed uilmliilHtmtor of tho eHtiitu
ot Ouorcii Kruderlck (litle. deceiiHctl.
null that nil perHOim hiivlnt: clulnm
ii(,ruliiHtHiiltIcHtiitouroreiiilreil to pro
Hunt tho HiiniH duly vertllled with thu
proper voucherH to tho iiiiilurHhrned,
nt Ida ichIiIciici) In mild County, which
iHUtColtiiKoOrovo within Hlxinoiitlm
from tho ditto of IIiIh notice.
Dated, February fitli 1001.
W. I' HllANAI'lllr,
.1. O. Joiinhon,
Attonier for AdmlulHlrator.
M. 12. .IlltlkliiM cantuko vour ordor
for tho celebrated hoIIiI AtiHtriillnn
Hllverwaro and hIho lor Mm, John A.
Lounn'H pontilitr now book. "Th rt v
noiiou run piuilication.
I'nlteil Hlules l.iind Ollhe.
Hosebnrg, Oregon, IVb. 10. IWH
Notice Is hereby given that In nun
lillulice with tlie pVovlslons ol Ilio iU't ol
t'ongressol June II, IH7H, entil ed "An
net hir the sale nt timber hinds In the
Htnles ol Ciillliniilii, Oregon, Nevada,
nud Wellington Toirllnry," its extended
to nil the I'lllilli! I.iilnl Minrs ny m i "i
August I, SO'.',
' m s. mai: w. Thompson
ol t'otliige lliove, Co. o( Liine, Ktiile ol
(lie., lias Ibis day tiled in (Ills oltti'o her
swoiiislulenient NnMlSSfiirlhu pnichnsu
ol the Si: ; ol Seellon No i!H
tp'JI South, ol Range 4 W, iindwllioiinr
pionl to slum tniit ine iiinn sotignt in
mote, valuable lor lis timber or stiiim
than lor agi ictiituiai pin poses, w
establish her claim to said land bt'liiro
C. K. Ilasiiiil, 1'. . I oininisnioner
at bis olllee at H111I11. Oiegon, on
Wrilnesday the IHib day nl May, ll'OI.
She nntiies us Hlluesses.
Ilerls'tt O. Tluunptn I ( ollago
Gnive, Oie. , Willlnln sheehy.ul 1 1
rlson. lilahii. .latni's N. Jones, Jbihim
Wliitiunl, ol Collage Urore, Oregon.
Any iindnllpi'isiiiiM elaiinlng adverse.
I v iilMive-descilbeil lands are te-
..I. ..I lit III, 1 elullila III this ollll'tl
on 01 Iii fine said lHlh day ol May, IW)I.
.1. I , lllilliiii s. Illginier.
so nru roit piuilication.
United Slates Uml olflre,
ItUDeburg, Ore., Feb. 27, 1001.
Nntlruln heiebv glien that Incom
pliance, with the pioviaions ol the net (it
Congress ol June .'I. I878, enlllhil "An
Act (or the sale nl Tl'nber Lauds in tho
Stales of Culllornln. Oregon, Nevada,
nml Washington Tenitory," n extended
to nil the Public Lund Males by net ol
August -I, IM2.
I.I.OYIl F. Mil.l.lllH.I.FN.
ol Stnrr, Co, ol line. Mate ol Oiegon
has thl duv lllisl tn tl.tsiill'i.e his sworn
taleiuelit S'i. 'i'.WI . fin the imii'liiiso of
the lus 12, III, 1-1 .V I.W fee No. 20,
Tnuiisliip 21 Suulli, "I lliiiige 1 West
und will ell 'r p tH.I In si. on llntt thn
land soitglit 'i tuu'e nliiahli' (or its
tliiilcr or at :. than nr iigticilltuiill
piirjiiwe' diu crluhliali Ilia claim to
said limit beli'ieJ J Walton, t'. S. I'mii
inlsslonerul Kugene, Ore., on SutnnUy
the 7th day ol Mm, ItHll.
lie tinnier nt Hlliirm's:
Win. II. Mlllbiilleii.dl Portland, Oie.,
J. W. II0111 k, J. II. Stewart, Tlioiiian
Mnner, ol Uottngu tirmc, Unr Co ,
Anv nud all pciun claiming ad
versely the nUne-descrilasI land urn
renueiled to lite their claim, in this
office 1111 or before snld 7th day nl May,
UK) I.
J.T. IIridois. Ilrgister.
I Eugene Planing Mill
I Muuufiictiiiern nf
, Sash, Doors, Moulding, Rustic and
I Gemral Mill Work.
Turning nud Stair luill'llng 11 Hpirl
nlt.i. A1! irders h III nrclic prnuipt
nt t.-lit Ion. Slltlsflll tlllll gllilinlllM'il.
Csllinnlc Cheerfully I'lirnlslird
V.ldress. Ill twiwrence St,
lU'UF.Ni:. ulli;
Cream Vermifuge
aiwanc or iMit afiona.
Gnllard-Snow Liniment Co,
Trade MAnns
CorvniaHT Ac
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qulfhir irriiii nur iiiiiion fr wfmthrr n
UiTixillnri U ir t'llr i(iiiitU mmuiilrv
llonaatrlrllrr umiriiiui. HANDBOOK " rifiu
ent f rrn. iMlt (fnrr Jur n urii'ir iaii.i.
rl ()( Ukrii llirourih Munia A Co. rrtT
tprUt ntvfif, without cltargo. In Ihm
Scientific iitttcricniK
A hantlaomtlr lltutirRiM wklr. .arMt fir
cuUtlun of anf rlwtitlfln lountkl. 1ern,93ll
Ilranch orric, S V Ht, W,hluiilun, I). O.
er 1 lour mo mm, u roia uj ui nwnjr.
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