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    Bohemia Nugget
DhnU NuRtt Pub. Co.
toqo is orn port Arthur.
Russlin Troopi Leaving Nlu Chwang
Uun Sent to Llao Yung.
Clictoo. May 10. Passenger nrrlv
Inir hero on tlio steamer Petrarch from
Niu Chwani-say tlint when tlicy left
Nln Rlitrmw thn HllHllinl had com-
CVRNITQ OK THP 11 A V moncedto evacuate. Some guns had
K'w"uv' "l - " been taken from tho fort and many
troops had already none. In other to-
Ccaiprehenatvo Review of the Import.
ant Happenings o( the Put Week,
Presented In Condenaed Form, Moat
likely to Prove Interesting.
Present Indications point to long
war botweon Russia nnd Japan.
Russia will liavo a largo exhibit at
the St. Loula (air In a short time.
spects. Kin Chwang was quiet.
The passenger understood before
their (iepnrturo that the Japanese had
cut tlio railway, but tlicy learned no
Tort Has 15,000 Me but Runlans Con-
fldent They Can Hold Oil Army ol
100,000 Japanese Force Numbers
JO.OOO-Vlccroy Alcxltfl and Stall
Had Narrow Uicape Irom Capture.
He Will Remain There Till Troops Land
at Another Point.
St. Petersburg May 7. With Vlco
Admiral Togo hovering In llio tmmcdl
ate vicinity o( Port Arthur and trans
ports loaded with troop lying at l'ltso-
wo, liorllieast of that stronghold, Rus
sla has braced horsglf for impending
conflicts with tho foo in which sho will
St. Petersburg, May 0.
(ally announced tonight
-It was otllc-
that tlio Jap,
I-ondon, Mar 10. Tlio Morning
Post's Shanghai correspondent reports anesc have succeeded in gaining a foot
that Rainy was captured Friday, while hold on the l.iao Tuns peninsula, land
tho Toklo correspondent of tho Pally
Tho latest Japaneso victory gives her Telegraph, cabling under date ofSiin
control of much valuablo territory.
There will bo shiall crops of apricot
and prunes In California this year.
Franco believes that tho supremo
atrngglo will como soon at Mukden
It Is reported that Viceroy Alcxlcff troop8 retired to Tashihtchao, and d
. .,,.n,l.l hv ntan.l n,n lng the night most of the guns ero
day, says:
"Rainy was invested yesterday."
Tho Dally Mail's correspondent at
Kiu Chwang, In a dispatch dated May
8, says:
"Yesterday most of tho Russian
moved from tho fort and
ing tones at Pitsewo and at Capo Tor-
minal, IS miles distant, ami hao cut
tho lino of communication with Port
Arthur. Not only that but Viceroy
AUvxicff, Grand Duko llorls and many
ol the higher Husslan olllcors In Man
chnria narrowly escaped capture, or at
least being penned up in tho bcleagu
orcd town.
tho news that tho Japaneso had ar
,-nt to l.iao lived near Pitsewo was transmitted t0 l'hip squadron will bombard Port damage.
Is to bo succeeded by Grand Duko
H It-HUItlO, I . . . t, . , I IV.., 1 .ll,,,. I... ., II....!... .1..!
i lung, Vi HVIU nil .uu mic-inu iuiyi a ikiv .v.. ..iti, tj n ..uroim, niiini iuii'i.
John Alltcneii advocates a iraue coneentrnt Ins. A conference of the olliccr. who sighted the Japanese trans
agreement as tho solution oi me atriKO civll ami military authorities was held port fleet early on Thursday. Ho im
this afternoon and it was decided to
prepare to leave at a moment's notice."
Change ot Weather Catches Fruit In
lltostont-Pears Alto Altccled.
Albanv Tho iiriino croii of I.inn
again play a defensive role, tills tlmo, county will bo almost an entire failure
n is nopcu, wan Doner success, and this year, aecoidlng lo an orehaidlst
therefore with less sacrillceof llfo, than who was In Albany a few days ago
in mo engagements on tlio taiu. Tho frost that visited tho valley came
The war commission sat until 2 at a verv Inopportune tlmo for tlio
o'clock this morning, and at tlio close orchard. The cold weather that held
of the session it was announced their- on until an almost unprecedented hit
was nothing to communti-ato to the date for this valley hud kept the fruit
public. It is known, however, that back until on-hardlsts were rotilldctit o
tlio emperor has In-en informed of the escaping the spring (rusts that usually
presence oi tlio Jiipaneso uooi oil the catch the fruit In March, If at all
l.nlo ang Slum promontory, and the llut tho warm weather durlnc the lira
appearance of transports at Pitsewo. week ot April brought tlio fruit out
Tho fact that tho two event occurred ranidlv. and when the cold rains came
simultaneously may nave signiucauco. again, null ol every description was in
u n lamung snottid taito piaco at ruse- full blossom. Tho heavy Host fouiui
wo It Is anticipated that Adinira Togo's tho fruit in full blossom and did much
Admiral T020 report that his ca
ualtlea attending tho bottling up of
Tort Arthur were largo
' Russia rolies on wireless telctraphy
and carrier pigeons to maintain com
municatlon with l'ort Arthur
A noted Chinese revolutionists is
supposed to bo in San Francisco to In
cite tho native there to revolt.
The St. Louis fair remains closed
Probable Movement of the Enemy
Source of Anxiety.
St. Petersburg, May 10. Two offlc.
ial dispatches, calculated to increase
tho depression existing among all cir
cle in Russia were given out last night.
From the point of view of tho tmi-ivf.ft
Sundays except to those who hold 0f tho campaign, tho moat important is men,
mediated lu.t'Hed the viceroy
preparations were at onco mado for the
quitting of Port Arthur by Admiral
AlcxiciT, brand Duke Roris and the
viceioy'g staff, and in a baggage car
wero placed all important documents
ol the .Manchurian administration
which had been stored at army head
quartets in l'ort Arthur,
Arthur in order to prevent tho garrison
from sending reinforcement by rail
toad to tho troops opposing tlio Japan
ese there.
Neither the admiralty nor the war
ofllco believe that a disembarkation of
lho Japaneso can bo prevented, as tho
guns of tho Japanese cruiser could
command tho point of landing, but
after the Japanese are ashore, tho Rus
slans will strike and otlicers say, will
strike hard
Ti.n i. 1 .....i ..,!.t 1 r., ablo to bring up to resist tho invaders
A,ii,.,.m f., ,1.. cannot bo stated definitely, the
Lieutenant General
mere was great cuiindvnio allium:
and ho did not believo tlio Japan
Tho prime trees were woll loaded
with blossoms, which had liegun to fall
A close examination of tlio tree rc
Teals now that although the embryo
11 ii it within tho blossom is green, ye
tho fruitstem leading from tho limb of
tho tree Is turning yellow. Thi I
said to mean that lho fruit will droi
from the treo just a anon as the prune
becomes large enough to add weight to
the slom. Tho dead stem can not lcar
What force they will ho un any load. The statement ol tho
pruncrgowor I that at least three'
aro ancclcd in
I .1... ..I il.. .........
..... ........... vv ......... ........... j, "v muiLI B VI .UU IHUIIVD
Strwd whn ,.,Mi Utrcngth of the army on tho peninsula this way, and that orchardslts will do
H.,?.f . T. .. '" " of Llao Tung having been kept a strict Woli to save one-fourth of this vear's
- - - - - ......... .... ,
secret. I urn no crop. A prunes constitute the
passes and these aro not allowed In any that regarding tho capture bv the Jan- Lm .im 11.. t.. I..." It is expected tho railroad will play Brcntor part of the fruit crop of tho
of tho buildings. anese without opposition of Feng Wang thouch thev landed an armv nf inn .l"n Important part In tho effort of the county, tho loss will fall heavily upon
. ..... I f'hami l A .. 1? T"l- 1 I I . . " . . '
Braxil and reru are again In dispute Y ,f' 1TO,UU B'vvh uoo. in
' 1 1 ueiaus concerning 1110 Kineo. wountieii 1 .Mti..i.t
over Atre. 1 ... 1 o.....vv. ouiij v. uiius nuu uuiiuit 1
.... i. ana missing among me troop unuer nition and enounh raniiwi nrnvUlmi ir r"
At least 20 people wore killed in the iv,
. : . v..o..Mi . . . . - ' - v 1 iBoi itiitii iur 10 xiiuniiis. 1
cyciune m "u'u"v assautcn, a the result ol the nghting
Russians say tho Japanese can not
take Port Arthur and that the foit has
provision enough for a year.
Tho national 1905 fair board will
meet at once to decide on buildings, so
the architect can begin to prepare tho
The Japaneso nred on tho train tat- alonir this road to Ting Chang Gien, 90 They will be mobilized so that surli
Ing Viceroy AlexicH and stall from Port miles north Irom where he would troops as aro needed by General Kouro-
Armru, 0111 me uisianco was 100 greai niaren uue eti 10 i.iao long, iius patkin can bo sent to him, and tho re-
to De cneciive. woam permu an eueciive nanKing mainder will be held for scrvieo for
A Japanese dlsnatch Bar thev have moTem.em!. u" la. n0: con.8iae"H1 which they may bo needed. Tho work
I on tho Yalu. the number of which
I totals 2,397 officers and men
how that General Kuroki is estab
lished at Feng Wang Cheng, tho Rua
slans nre puuled as to what move he
will make next. The fact that he sent
two companion to D.iliandiapu Tso, ten
The carrison is mntmmt lil, R"ln Puh "e Japanese Into tho fruitgrowers in till part of tho valley
, ! ! n" 1 !" ' . It will permit the rapid transit Pear, are affected in the same way.
.... n v ...... ......-., I.... 1 I
1110 yuung H'aia num jimfc i-),iiiiiiii ,u
form when the frost camo and were nil
lust as hard as tho prunes
Apples are looking well at this time
They wero not affected so seriously by
tho late frost, and tho tree are now
The Japanese army which has under
taken the investmont of l'ort Arthur
numbers fully 30,000 men. General
Stossol has 10,000 to 15.000 men.
among them being somo of the best
tighter in tho Russian army.
It is admitted it will bo necessarv to
can out me entire Kusslan army re
Hitchcock Renders Decision In Favor
the State of Oregon
Washington, May 7. Tho trouble
which the stato of Oregon has been
having with its selection of Indemnity
covered with blossom that look healthy
and glvo every promise of developing
into fruit of tlregon a usual excellent
varieties. This clop will, however,
miles northeast of Feng Wang Chens. Uervn. ht thl l. nt r,,.. i... 1.. 11 .i 1 ....1 1 depend largely on the weather during
mieht indicate hi purpose to proceed L .ln.1ir.1 f, rAi..:.. i tho next two weeks. Another frost
..." .l, -.l " Niiiw. wit Un the ds Pitted porttonol K amath .. 1 1 ...... 1.1 1..
, . ti , , .1 . such na luni u, ii-iviit hvhim 111
red Teng Wang Cheng after fierce ?0''! L "i! "s.e'lu.oou,l5c'n?. ,l .,ne of rushing all of the men to tho front demnity selections on such school lands
Indian reservation has been satisfactor
ily adjusted for all tlmo by tho
Mitchell amendment to the Indian ap
propriation bill, which specifically
give the stato the right to mnko in
jure tho apple crop.
fighting and that the losses on lxtb ra7r from now on. as base Following his action of
.:j .,. Russian retreated toward Liao ang. the ferrv service nernsa I.ilco Roiic.t I . e .....
(ides were heavy.
During the retreat on the Tain a I
body of Russians mistook a small force!
ofth olr own men for me enemy and I
180 wero killed or wounded before the I
error was discovered.
the ferry service acros Lake Baikal
has been resumed.
NaMonal Board Will Send One of Its
Members to Portland.
World's Fair Grounds. St. Louis.
Whole section of the government May 10. The members of the govern-
food exhibit at St. Louis have been ment board of the Lewis and Clark cx-
tolen. Superintendent Ilruner has position left for Washington today to
issued a warning that tho food should report upon the site offered for the gov.
not be eaten, as
terday, secretary Hitchcock today re
turned to tho general land olfice four
Oregon school indemnity lists which
had heretofore been disapproved be
cause tho state was unable to establish
its right to use the school land in
Klamath reservation as base. These
Pocket Struck In the Donanxa
Mine, In Uastcrn Oregon.
Baker City A wonderfully rid
Russia Rcal'zes Danger of Uprlitnr Since
the Yalu Defeat
St Petersbure. Mav 0. The effect nf "'t were before the secretary on ar
I:ai. juuuy liv uircnin vuiiiinirciuiier
Richards to reconsider tho cases in the
light of tho Mitchell amendment,
which is equivalent to ordering an np
proval of tho lists. Theso lists are
No. 104, In
w. .uv 6- ... ,a waning uany reports to tn
present, and organized their board with oflico. Tue rCport received
Theodore A. Bingham, assistant eecre- minister today contained not
strike is said to liavi Wen nudo in tho
Bonanza mine in tlio Greenhorn di
trlct recently. A pocket of very rich
ore was opened upon the lL'OU-ioot
level, out of which less than five tons
of ore were taken w hich is reported to
have yielded $11-1,000 in gold bullion.
It is against tho policy of the mine
owners to give out any facts about rkh
strikes of this nature, and it is only in
a roundabout way that anything can lo
learned about the opening of the
Burns district, involving pocket.
it is unusual to mm sucu ricu pocn-
cts so far lielow tho surface. Tho old
tary 01 agriculture, as chairman, and Inuietine.
I the disaster to Russian arms on the
i alu upon the Chinese is bolne
u-atf.ha.1 with Ira.n Int... nn.l .....1
majority of the I eminent building by Henry E. Dosch. Lr.i.1. , ri,. u,,.;
.1.1 1 1 1 Al . -.5 Jl .uv (Uv
iiiiuga u.o uupv.u commissioner general oi me iwi anu ernment apicara to be satisfied with
tlnn 14 tVin Ph Moaa n 1 Iil inn 1 I Pl -X- ul..t.l i. L. T ...I.I. I. 4
w..t, v.m. "i mo "juismna the Situation for the moment, and Paul
Inlaid In a wall was removed and the Purchase exposition. All but Ivo t... ik.ii 279 acres: Kns. 107 ami 181. In Take.
, ...... il ... .. . -..oc. , .uu i, B, 1 , . ' . .
oppression uuea wuu pias(er oi pans, memoers ol the government hoard were I i, mnn .UiK- n.nnr. i v cw district, involvinu 8.405 acres.
I 1 . . " I 1 inn .1 I.. 1 . 1 ' i . . ...Iha t..a(. I.iai r i I l.aa I Im
rf.m n.A anu iuu acres respectively, anu no. miuu ntuiu. mm to, ll'Ul. in The Dalles (llntr ct. involvinc iw rccora ior ricn iiocKeiu, uui uioy
M'.uif acres, uuier iiBin ui a piniiinr i ,r'-' iwi . mu duwuvu
I . .. I . . e.a . .
rim ivtln mr,ii in character that aro pendinir. or mav and uusany ny nroiessionai iiocnet
of American republics, a secretary. Rusisan reports, seems to be nctim? in hereafter bo appealed, will be similarly hunters, who mako it their business to
Mr. Dosch ottered the government nerfn-t m,l r.ith nrl in.;.t. i i. in. disposed of. search for theso phenomenally rich dc
eimer me peninsula in uuiia a lake or tent upon preserving neutrality. It is
aoiieou .ue nigner grounu overiooK turnine a deaf ear to tho anneals of JTAY LOSO ALL THEIR STORES
ing me laae wirn me resi ox me mma- nti-Rusisan leader, who want China
I... Tl. 1 1 ,1 1 1 I . . '
iiito. luojiitiuucuui un: uuuru are In throw in ipr Int trith .Tanan on, I I.D..I... CI- .. o.A. . .. v.l..
im wvut oi uie peninsula one, anu Will Hnlnr all, In ir. ..II f.. I tl
f II. ... I I f II I ,1 1 I i'wuu.m.w .'. - J' . V . . .(.III. 1 II t iu
ine JBDanese lOrCCU me UZUllOZ nn uciau uuo ui kilo mciuucia US a muv . nn n nHnn amnni, llm nnnn n
the Yalu in the hope that Russia would sentauve to visit Portland and report Nevertheless, tho Russian authorities
rush troop to mat district. on ooin sues, ine government ouuo- regard China a a powder magazine
uui.uiuB, i uinpiuue Xhev realize the danee
The complete isoation of Port Arthur Major William C. Fox, of the bureau
seems now nigniy prooaoie.
Viceroy Aleiiefl ha left Port Arthur
to confer with General Kouropatkin.
Secretary Taft ha asked an army I
officer why be lilted a girl he bad
promised to marry.
It ha always liecn tho theory ol ex,
pert that wlillo ricli ore might lie en
countered in tlio depth, that there
never would lo any "pockot," as the
term is usually utulerstooil, found lie
low 600 feet from tho surface.
Tho Bonanza has been yielding stead'
ily for several months, since tho now
Berlin, May 7. The Russian mill
tary authorities are in a state of
Iv.m. ..!... ....... -.i .. , l. .1..... .1
Postmaster General Payne has or- f hey realize me danget and necessity lha nt .,,B Y.l .,n . ' " V "'"l' .1
dered an Investigation of the official - 'b XlSlt Th a ba" ,hrt M imiiV y'"ago"
conduct of Postmaster Bancroft, of Port- wl at lhe eame Ume am foreign mov ement throughout tran.por, , only able to move five mile, Tlli, strike will encourage deep mining
Doech, who served as commissioner tnr hut fn, il ih aH?y anu " that the Japanese n this part of the state, something that
Many people were Killed ana much general lor urcgon at the Ubtcago, Uma-1 Rnfaia has at least three tlmea aln I 1 . u.uiuiiini tM mt
property and live stock destroyed by ha, Buffalo, Charleston, and Osaka, the outbreak, of the war aadressed the r ?g n,R Cll5n DisPalcllcs re- the past two y
a lornauu w uicu bwcpi over a large i apuu, exposiiionu, is uirecior oi ex 1 nnn-prs nn Ihn anhlpr.1 tlm Inat J J . -v. .....
area 18 mile north of Fort Worth, hioits for the Lewis and Clark exno- K?re5!.?,1 .V,rM?i?!t,J 'V' """S!?: Mn Chwang Wednesday, report no
Texas. sltion, is assured that about two-thirds .iri (fn,i .,' ,, i, cnttn88 In the situation and o far no
of the exhibits in the government build- appreciation of the need of exercising ??!T!!"n. .a r"?hcU , 1' . '
ha not lieen attempted until within
i ! .t i.i..i "i "loeiuiuiiB iu lueKovernmeui. uuiiu- nnnroolall
A 1 1, ill DMlllU HUIU1 VlDlllJI , .,, J -('(.....-nv.i w. ..v mvvu vj. c.biucill;
Kansas City washed out one of the " K . ,,, , . , u a '"'"inins influence on Pekin, and
water main leading from the reser- ?ch T" , eq??.8 . . by th? all the powerj are co-operating to thia
voir and left the other main in such
condition that it may go.
I board to select what exhibits he would
prefer. Tho Portland building, Mr.
Dosch Eavs. will be readv November 1.
A second big battle 1 reported from and exhibit from St. Louia removed
Bt. Petersburg In which It la said the direct
Russians lost 7,000 and the Japanese
10,000. No confirmation is obtainable Shaw Draw Canal Warrant
and the report is discredited. Washington, ilay 10.
, . I hV..U. U1U ,.v. 11. U I1.I.IILII UVlil.Uli UI
fi ? tne Japanese preparations for landing
on the coasts of tho Liao Tung penin
Great Strike Imminent.
Chicago, May 7. Fifty thousand
workmen employed in tho building
I trade In this city will bo thrown out
May Fly to St Louis.
Iji Grnndo Union county is to have.
an entry in the flying machino contest
which will tako' place at tho St. Louis
exposition. For several year Grant
Key, who live on Urlcket rlat, near
Klgin, has liecn experimenting nlong
tho lines nf aerial navigation, and now
firmly believes ho lias devsied a plan
whereby a Journey through tho clouds
will be easily made with his apparatus.
Liberty Bell Will Ue Sent.
Philadelphia, .May 9. The Liberty
ueil win be taken to bt. lxuis. Both
I hrnnclie. nt lha .(! pniitinll Irul...
r,nt passed a resolution appointing a special ' cmP,oyment witllin 48 hours, ao He ha ordered tho engine and is
Secretary j0jnt committee of 24 to escort the rev- 00 B lo "ie slatericnt ' '10 Associ- erecting a large shed on a flat near his
relic and appropriating n"u" ul .'imiuiatiuiL-in mm uunuern, i nonio, wneru jiu win aBBviuuiu iiiu van
lelrav the exnensps Tlio unlcs' a l,PC('y settlement Is reached ous part ol tho machino.
Acablegram from Chefoo say the turned over to J. 1'. .Morgan & Co., ol .tart wiii he made earlv in June, lmt hetween the stone, limo and cement
Japanese are In possession of Niu ric, a disDuraing agent ot thi before the old bell is nlarcd in !) worKern anu tr.eir employer, nearly Pendleton to Have Oas Plant,
Uhwang. govemmeni, on accouni oi me ranama Pennsylvania building it is proposed to wamsiers naunng ouin ing ami Pendleton The city council In ad
Japanese Make Another Attempt to Close
Port Arthur Harbor.
Port Arthur, May 0. Anolliur dur
ing ii 1 1 oi ii ) 1 1 wa inudu by tlio Japanese
yesleiday mnrnliig to bliH'k tho en
triince lo Port Arthur. A few minute
bvforo 1 o'clock lho (list shut wulu
llrcd, nwakuiilng lho luwn wit It their
thunderous nolso. The gunliimt lying
at tlio mouth of tl.o harbor Joined In
the caiiiiiinailo of the biitteries, tho tir
ing gradually Increasing in volume un
til there wits n roiitluuniin crash nf
roiil guns. Homo of tho enemy a lor
peihi boat were illsciivered, nut mey
were finally hwiiIIuimmI up In lh dark-
uvss, and tho liatterlen ami wnrnnipn
itller 40 mliiules' activity wero again
shriiuded In gloom, though the Hashing
si-are b hi il showed that Ihn inllllary
were ullvn to the warnitig culiveyiil in
tlio iiiiproiicli of I In Jiiiiiini'Mi ship
Shortly lu'loro 'J o'clock a seiitchllglit
played from the sen directly upon inn
entrance of lho harbor, lighting It up
to show lho way for Ihn llii'sh.p
Tho projector moved lo lho right hum
l.iao Tlshan to tlnlden lllll. lor a
iiunrler of an hour tho light was
watched with curiosity, mid then a sec
ond caiilionadn began, the heaviest 11m
iH'ltig directed to tho loft ol (loldeii
Hill, where the llieship were Iix'iiIimI
At about 4 o'clock tho batteries erased
tiring, fiivn for an nccnsinmil shot
Just about dawn the bark of the rupl
City Hall Plans Chosen, I (Im linn and lho crneklliig of Ihn ml
fji Grande At a special meeting of trallleuso was heard Irom Golden lllll.
the city council held In the counrll Occasionally there was round nf e-
chamlier for the consideration of the plosions, as of mines going off. II was
many plana submitted for lhe I25.00U the enemy' ship striking on Husslan
cltv ha II. those drawn and adopted hv toilicdoe.
J. I.. Sailer, a Iji Grande man, wero The llrelilp wero ten lnnumler and
solrelcd. Tho bill Id I lie will I two of about U.OOO Ion each. It la re.
stories high, not Including the stone ported that two Jiipuiico torpedo bonis
basement, SUilM feet. All tho others wcio sunk, the remainder withdrawing
will consist of a sulto of two rooms. In a damaged condition, r.lght lire
Tho olllces of tho water superintendent ships woie sunk and very lew of their
and city recorder will lie provided with crew were saved. Most of them welo
roomy vault for the proper protection killed.
of records. Thi will lie one of the
finest building ot tho kind In Kaslem
University President Hint ot Plans
the future.
Forest Grove President W. N. Fur
rln has left for tho Kast un mi extended
trip In tlio Interest of tho Pacltlo Uul
vcralty. llu will visit Chicago and
other Kitstern cities, and will not re
turn before the middle ol June. In
speaking of his trip President l'errln
"Wo wero never nioro encouraged
over tlio prospect of tlio university
than at present. Our finance wore
never in a better condition and every
thing Indicates an Increase in the
school' endowment In lho near Inline
Although I do not wish to make a dell
nlle statement, I believe that wo w
erect several building lieforo long
Wo nre planning to build one of the
largest and liest niulpped tymnaaiums
In the Northwest. We also look for
ward t a new s.lenre hall and will
provide n building for the exclusive
use of the literary societies and other
student organisations a soon as possl
rosier Ranch Sold Well.
Pendleton Tho sale of theroal prop
erty of tho C. II. Wade bankrupt estate
was held last wreV. All the property
was sold at llgure above the apptnlscd
value. The most important parcel was
the roster ranch, located on Umatilla
river west nf Pendleton, which was hid
In by II. N. Slanflehl, ol Kcho, for 8
00. Its appraised value was fn.OOO,
Tho Dixie stock ranch was sold to J. H,
McCloud for H,0&0. Tho ranch con
sists ot 21,000 acres and I conaiileinl
ono of the finest In lho county. The
city property sold well.
Italian Prunes frostbitten.
Canadian Comnitsiloner Is Preparing
Dlipatch Aurvryora,
Vancouver, II. (V, May ft. W. F.
King, Canadiaii iKiuudary commission.
er, I on lhe way In V aucourr to ar-
rangn for the dispatch of Ihrcn Cutis-
llau partle of surveyor, w ho aro to
work Jointly with the American sur
veyor in delimiting tho Canadlaii
Aluskan boundary under Ihn bunion
award of last year. Two Cnnudlitii and
Two United Mates parties will survey
the country where the Ixiuiidary will
cross the headwalvr of lho Lynn canal,
I'hllkat ihn. A Joint party will
make a survey on lh Stiklne. This
will delimit tho mine important dis
tricts through which the boundary will
Corvallis There Is a certainty hero I pais. The total distance to lie stir
that Injury of a serious character liaa veyod extends about f,M) mile from
happened to Italian prune orchards as I. Mount HI. Kilns, east and south. Hut
a result ot tho recent frost. Invesllga- il Is not the Intention lo suney the en-
Don up to tho present am con lined to lire distance, only that portion of tlin
the 186-acro orchard of the Corvalll A Ixiundary which crosses the rivers, va.
llonton County Prune company, but
Ihero the statement Is that serioua
lamuge has resulted. In the rase of
cherries, apples, earhes, and other
fruit, including silver ami petite
prunes, mo condition aro dlllereut.
and there is promise ot an abundant
crop of each.
ley and plateau where travel and
prospecting will Iki probable. J. J.
McArthtir Is also en route to British
Columbia from Ottawa to continue the
work ot relocating the boundary line
between British Columbia ami Hie
states ot Washington and Idaho.
Corvaltla to Have Poultry Show,
Corvalll Tho Corvallis Poultry as
sociatlon has been formed and It pur
poso is to hold a poultry show of clab-
orate character In this town on Decern
wr o, u anu iu. a committee on
permanent organization and another on
membership was appointed, arid anoth
er moiling I to lie hold In two weeks.
Prominent business men and noulliv- ..i..
i .i. .. '
wen me in tun movement, arm 11 is
certain that the coming show will bo
successful In all things.
Heavy Rainfall at Ashland.
Ashland Tho rainfall for the season
at Ashland thus far has broken all rec-
ords and amounts lo nearly 26 incite, abandoned it track in thi
inu aveiugo ior me past ..I years, ae
cording lo lho olllrlal records of the
weather bureau, is only 14.13 Inches
Colorado Railroad Trafllc la Agala Prac
tlcally Suipended.
Buena Vista, Colo., May ft. After
an abeyance ot several hours, theMorm
which ha practically suscniled rail
road trallic in thi section, resumed
with added forco till afternoon. Six
feet of snow has fallen in the inottn-
and while tlio fall ha been
heavy In tho valleys, only about six
Inchon remains on the ground, the rest
having melted. Considerable appro
henslnn I felt for the safety of the
twin Ijikc reservoir, which Is report
ed to be running full nf water.
Tho Colorado Midland railroad ha
The Japanese la resting, burying It Shaw this afternoon signed a treasury olutinnarv
J.A H. .,..JI . f . in nnn nnn Li.u m u. V"". '
W heat Walla Walla, 73c: blue-
tern, nic; vauoy, mjmhoc
Barley Feed, 23.60 per ton j rolled,
Flour Valley, (3.00(34.05 per bar.
and is using tho Rio Grando trac.
Tho trains on tho latter road aro 12
hours behind tho schedule. Tho Colo
ratio Southern ha operatitl no train
on fio Gunnison brunch slum Montlay
morning on account of deep snow which
i piletl high at both openings of the
wliolo wheat,
Oat No.
Piatt will not accent tho chairman- mcn' 10,8 warrant is many pas through the principal cities in the '"P?0 material were locked out . j BeBBlon nilo,,,ci an orllianco
.hip of tho canal c ime larger than any warrant ever be- 8,atea nnd territoriea comprising th. tolay because tho union had called a wI)cI. franchise i granted to the
givoway to SlUcheir fore Issued by this government. The Louisiana purchase. A' the fair Phil- 'trike in two case, and work onanum- forthwcfU!rn 0m & Kiectrlc Light
, 0-"- vw,vavU 1 aueinnia nnnca will cnnri it. i , n.
Russians, on account of reverse in I gle government warrant was for 17,-
tho Far East, are charged with venting 200,000, paid to Russia In I8S8 on ac-
' their anger on the Jew.
General Kouropatkin says the Rus
lana retreated from the Yalu In good
order and that it was not a rout.
count of the purchase of the Alaskan
The Russian losses in the Yam fight-
- ing are estimated at between 3,000 and
1 4,000 men and otlicers
It Is aald many Santa Fe machinist
have not respected the strike order and
that only 5,000 men are out. Of this
number 1,200 are machinist and the
other follow other work,
Convict at the Oregon penitentiary
have struck for Letter food
A strike on the Santa Fe railroad
Dlicuss Canal Work,
Washington, May 10. President
Roosevelt had an extended conference
today with Admiral Walker, chairman
of the isthmiaan canal commission,
be derived from the concerning matters connected with the
canal work. They discussed particular- among t,e Ituesian prisoner is a medl
ly the regulations which are to be is nai ft.M nfncr. Tho .t nan pu nnletmA
sued by the president governing the ca- llm to assist them in carinn for the
Commercial circle throughout Rus
sia remain in a totally depressed con
ditlon. Financiers fail to see where
any benefit will
More Russian Found Dead,
Toklo, May 0. A telegram has been
received here from General Kuroki. In
which he report that a careful search
of the battlefield of last Sunday re
vealed 200 additional wounded and
dead Russians. He expect that a
complete search of the field will result
in Increasing thia number. Continu
ing, the Japaneso general say that
pany to Install a gaa plant
cltv. Tho conditions of the franchise
Carmen Sign New Agreement. ar0 that the company must beirln work
San Francisco, May 7. The new on tho plant In six month after tlio
agreement between tho United rail-1 passage of tho ordinance and havo It
way and tho Carmen's union was completed within 18 months. Tho
signed this afternoon with Mayor company will havo tho right to operate
Schmitz as ono of tho witnesses. Gen- the plant for a period of 25 years. Tho
cral Manager Chapman said today plant will bo built at a coat of $35,
mat mo company would at onco begin 000.
nal zone and the operations of the Russian and their own wounded.
commission. Aumirai naiuer ram, on nfllcer nhnvod
1 t i.. ttri.i,. t t i. I v
ica.iiiK 1110 ,1 uiiu iiuudp, ma, ni J1CD"I
ent the labor supply on the Isthmua la
ample for tho purpose of the commis
the expenditure of $ 1,000,000 thorough.
ly to modernize and extend tho aystom.
The electric lino now running to San
Mateo will bo extended to San Joso.
One of the main Improvement will bo
t. tho erection of shop In which tho com
-tie .-m 1...11.1 it. ....
lu.j niu uu,,4 i, a umi luidi
New Army Appliance a Succcj.
Bills Loses the Meteorite.
Oregon City The Jury in the roploy,
in suit of tho Oregon Iron & Steel com
pany vs. hill Hughes, for possession
ot a meteorite discovered near till city
last winter, found for tho plalnttiff,
The property In dispute Is a metallic
mass weighing about ten tons, and I
Russian Olflccr Blamed.
Paris, May 6. Tho St. I'etershiirr
rnrrninnni i,nt nl fli. K..l. .1. 11.. .1.
rfl! '".'i1 orii?L ""'Kl'f. M34.25; General Kouropatkin, In lolegraphlng
clear, 13.85(34.10; hard wheat nat. Im i,n .,.,.,, i,i t i?., 7
moil m. i . " -...,-w..., ....... vn ...,1.1,1,1
lm'! t-.-ioL.ui granam, f J.outa-1 : fjoncra Zassa tch'a o islnnni v In refn..
t434.26j ryo flour, Ing to retreat in time despite theorder
I lift rrrnli'til. I li Intiduu-,.. mt ....
1 white, $1.17Kai.20: ihn
i mlai it ' I . . . iiiunuiii f
!i n V ' n oigogiins which wero brought from
" l""V .A,V T Por lon ' t okonama on gunboat and landed
middlings, $26.601327; short. 120(4 tlm fmr.n hank nf n... v.i
lit Minn. SIR- lln.i...) .1.,... f.-l i . .. .. . .
-., , , T. , ... iuu.1, tung rango oi meso guns enahleil tho
Japanese to alienee the Hussion halt.-.
if mi 11 ..r3,.. . I . - - . . . . .
liar lllliuiliy, MUISIII per Un: unnl ix nnnn. li. ,.,.1.
.1..... i mffl 1 1 . i - , . I il
Liuiui, fuu, itiuiu, fiiii; cucar,
D.i..l. I ..... If....
Vr-n-ninl.ln. Tnrnlr,. BK. ...I.. ,,.,7.
carrots, 80c; beets, 1; parsnip, tli n , ' ' iJiter report of the
cabba. 2Wc: red cahh.L. 2 Wo, l.i IV'"9ln "" '" Yalu aro to the
tuce. head. 26040c ti-nln-nn, ,,.,.i.. c"cc.' that the Japanese captured 28
25c: cauliflower. 12! relnrv. 7iraoni! "ma" rapid lire guns, Inside 20 Hold
cucumbers, il. per dozen; aspara-
Peru Order Out Troop.
Victoria, R. 0., May 7. A gunnery the largest meteorite over found in the
expert from Halifax, N. 8., ia here united Slates, wlillo there la but ono
testing tho new lire controlling dovice other In tho world of largor sizo. Thi
Coal Strike Is to End
Pubelo, May 9. From a telegram
received from II. M. Simpson, eecre
lir. nf Ilia V .In, T7...1, I. la Inferred that tt,B ',n.i lately introduced in the Rirtlsh armv. I the second caBO ot tho kind ever
Tl Tl f 1 A Til. I I ' ' . 1 . w tt. . .1 n.ii mn n 1 jt I l 1.. rfHl...l Oi.l
i,iiiia. i cru, iuy iu. iub geiierm ati-Ilra In ih snuthflrn mal flnlfln l do- lie PUl Jiaiiery OO. UOVai uamson ar- i-ncu in niu umit-u diuicd,
Intuit Finn nrdnrnd rven linn linttnlinna I .1 1 -rt -kt. .ti.ti t ,. I .tllnrv (h lmmn nn slmnlinn KaHa..,
. . . - I v w I tjiixictx (ill. ill) I1HIUI1H Hm IflVPn. Illir If I - mu uhumuium oiiuuviuk iVWIII
ha leen inaugurated and B.iwu men nd one hatterv of machine truna to nro- It. ,i.i n..i .1,. ... .1. of the nritiab armv. -.InnBr. ln.k ver More llutter From Tillamook,
.are our. coed to Alto Jurua by way of the River M.rinn. tl. .trlL nt nn i.n,i 1. 11.. f.11. of the flsrt nrize. throuch a eerie of Tillamook Tillamook county's out
An Ohio man Is on hi wav to Ran Amueya to repulse any liraziillan rn nf thn national nrirnnl-ntlnn nf test. The Runners In one mlnuto. put of dairy product will bo much
Francitco with a wheelbarrow, paying troops that may be in that territory, United Mlneworkera to further support wlth tllB 12-pounder breech loading largor thi year than formerly, owing
an election bet. mm uuo uuiuiim mm mu umciiuie the striker. Ko communication has ue,u " '"eu iu rounuo anu airucK 1 10 mo quaniuy 01 cxcoiicni grass leeu
guns. They nlso captured 30 Russian
olllccrs ami over 600 mon, many of
whom wero found hiding In tho under
bruah by Japaneso searchlnir pnrtie.
Cossack olllcer who wero captured
place tho numbor of Russian allied
and unnndeil nt Ann. lmt II I. ll.n.,.1.1
that this understate tho Runsiaii loss,
which I considered very much
I mini hna hpun nnlArnrl tnPlinnillpaa nn Ii i 1 . t i i llli. larnnt 90 limn.
mi., .ii..... ...i. i.... !,.. .....1,1.. I : - , . receivou irom iieauquarier. "'i,-- . L-
Alio uiYuiii nuu iii,w livh dv.vmiuk I tl,. I'ltrim rlrnr In nngtnln 1'nrtivlnn I
IOr WIO UOUy OI AUinirai iuaaaroil Have .nvr.lnlv Tim tronnrnt otnlTI Crnn. Ir. n.ilrn, Nn.n.lnn M.n In.l.ll..
1 1 .AT..!. . "'.. . 0 - . 1 .w ..... ...... .........
SUBUUUIigil well ciiuii., alSO Ordered that lOUltO t)0 D aced In a WhO. In Kan Mav f) Aln nnhnnn Tnnnli. Won M.v H Hnnl. V.
Kusslans will continue to retire, as Btete OI defense. messairo lo the Eae lo from Camden. I officials anrnunce th Is tnornnir a rn.
they asy they will not oifer any serlom Okla.. state that a tornado atarted at sumntlon of sbon work all aloni thn
.reltance until the fighting force get Severe Snowstorm In Colorado. Helena and passed through Timber line from Toncka to the Pacific coat
llnto Mnnchurla. Leadvllle, Colo,, May 10. Severe lake, extending to Alva. It cut a They atato that In most cascsihe ehona
now on the grazing land. The late
I season delayed tho grass growth for a
time, but tho herds and especially the
milch cow arc now in good condition.
(lift to Willamette University.
Salem Banker A. Rush ha donated
12.000 to aid In the oroctlon of a
The central military admlnaltratlon snow storms have prevailed in thia vl-laws tit six miles long and one and a half are running with a full complement of building for the medical department of
ha already dispatched all guns and ar clnlty for several days. There I about mile wide, destroying crops and some men. In many places union machin Willamette University. The building
tlllnrv atorea noceasarv for the rearma-1 three feet of enow in the hills but no building at Tlmberlake. Damaging 1st have gone out, but their position will bo erected on the university camp
ment of Hie Russian army in the Far I damage has resulted from tho storm. hail fell in that section, but no .lives will all bo filled by the clog of the u, and when completed will cost (16,
jgsat. - Jit is still snowing tonight. were lost, week, say the oiuctaii, 000,
gus, JI.20J peas, 4(35c por pound;
riiutiarn, ac; ncans, green, luc; wax,
zuc; onions, yciiow uanvora, 12.50(9
3 per sack.
Honey (393.50 per caao.
Potatoes Fancy, $ 1 .25(3 1 .50
cental; common, (1Q1.25; new pota
toes, anisic per pound; awect, 6o.
Fruit Strawberries, $2.60(32.76
porcrato; apple, fancy Ilaldwina anil
Spltzcnbcrgs, f 1,60(32.60 per box: funds for Oreat Irrigation Work.
choice, $1(31.50; cooking, 76c(ft$l. Washington, May 5. Tlio secrolary
gg" urcgon runcn, ioiainc. oi uio iiuerior nas set aside, provision
llutter Sweet cream buttor, 20(3 any, the ' "I $1,000,000, for the
au4c per pound; fancy crcamory. 17W construcllnn ol tho Path Finder rcner,
O20o; dairy and storo, nominal, voir, on North Platto river. In Wvnm
Butter I'at Iwoot cream, 1021o; '" The reservoir will bo of Btifllclent
sour cream, ivc. capacity io supp v n of lho ami nn.
Poultry Chickens, mixed, 13 dor It In Wyoming, hut It Is considered
per pound; springs, small. 20c: necessary to Increaso this nren bv mil,
hens, 13)6 (314c; turkoy, llvo, 1017c; liing water in Westorn Nehraskn, where
nressou, inifliiucj uuckb, ibcso per tuoro are largo areas of arid and semi
aozen; geeno, uvo, oc per pound. arm country.
Choose Full cream, twins, 1213c:
Young America, 14016c, Insurance to De Higher,
n..r nr.a.A.I Kiatua . ......I I ni. t ... . . . .
z. . '"-"""i i wiiiuugu, limy o. ii pa neon nrao-
Ufa. I I.H T1......1 A 171. A ... 1 . I .1 lt ..1 I , . . '
mu.wu 1'iu.ouii, uuTllil'Dr I1UUIIU. I wittily seiiiotl ov inn rntnlnlllnn rtf II..
spring lamb, 8c. Union Firo Insurance association toad
Veal Pressed, 0(3 7c por pound. vanco premiums In the West at lcnst
i or ircroeu, ivaoo por pounu. per rent within n month. By Juno
nopn muo crop, iinsiioc per pound. Ill is uouoTcd, tho Insurance rate in
nooi raiiry, lotanc, eastern ure Liiucago. til, Jx)UI, Denver. Halt Inke
gon, lI6914c mohair 30O82e per Han Francicso and other largo cities In
uuiiu ii u i-uuii-o. mo iv est win ue increased