Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, April 29, 1904, Image 7

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To Itself
In wlmt It Ih nml wlmt It iIoob--containing
Uo bunt blood-purlfylng,
nlturuttvo nnd tonlo MilmtnticoH mid
effecting tliu moHt nullciil nnd per.
iniinent union of nil luimorii and nil
eriiptloim, rollovliiff weak, llrutl,
languid fuulliig.i, mid building up
tho wliolo Mystoni- Ih Iruo only of
Hood's Sarsaparilla
No othur incdlulnu nuU Ilku it)
no other mwllcliio him Aow ho
much real, Hub.itiintliil good, no
othur iiicdlciuu him restored health
and Btruugth at ho llttlo cost.
Hl wa trutililel with irrofnta and nml
naar lotlnit in r eyesight. Fur four month) I
euulil not are to ilu anything. After taking
two butllen of llon.l'i Harnaparllla I couM im
to walk, ami linn I hml taken tlsht bottlM I
touhl aae as wall a er." Husia A. lUllil
TOM. Withers, N. 0.
flood's 8nr(nparllln promliea to
euro nnd koops tho iromlo.
Allmi Mortnla.
Think for n liniment of tlio narrow
Amlts at our knowledgel Hlxteen Itn n
flri'il millions of fentlierles bipods,
moro or less, nru pleklng tip n IIvIiik,
rntltiK nml drinking, marrying nml glv
lug In marriage, an this pretty plnnel
of ours; of wlmt Inllnltt-nlinul proper
lion can you renlly unveil tho secrets
mil gniigo tlio virtues nml tho happl
nrM How ninny people ilo you know
Intimately (mioukIi to say whether thi'li
lot In, on tlio whole, on vlnlilo or tlx
reverse! Uvery liunimi being In n for
tlgu kingdom tu urcry other. Wo niiik
iiliort excursion Into their minds; w(
touch nt n port here nml there; nml we
my glibly Hint wo know them Intimate
ly. Wo know not how ninny ilnrk cor
tiers nro carefully hlililen owny from
II strangers, nml wlmt vniit provlneei
hnvo never been renelicil In our tnnul
fln rliiR travels. How. then, enn we
IuiIko una another? Hueli utter iKiior
snco of our neighbor's thoughts mnl
motives should ninka us woudroui
A Heart Story.
l'olsom, H. Dak. In theso days
when no ninny siiililen deaths nro re
ported from ilenrt 1'iilliire nnd various
iormn nl Ilenrt Disown), it will lw good
news to ninny to learn tlmt there la n
never falling romeily for every form of
Ilenrt Troulilo.
Mr. II. D. Hyde, of thin plnro, wnn
troubled 'or yenrn with n pain in her
heart which distressed lier a gteatdenl.
Bho had trlml innny reuieilien lull hml
not succeeded In (hiding anything thut
would help lier until nt hint nho began,it.nt il t),Ml.1M Kiilrutv I'illa and
thin ory noon relieved lier ami alio linn
not had a single pain or nny distress In
the region of tlio lienrt ninco. Him
lays: "I cannot any too much In
pralio of Dodd's Kidney l'll's. Tliey
ire tho greatest heart medlrlno I have
ever lined. 1 wna troubled for over
ll..u i.,.itrM with M M,VIIM imttl 111 II1V
heart, which entirely illanpieared after
a nliort treatment ot iwwn money
Latest Klootrloal Novnlty.
Down near Atlantic Oily, N. J.,
tlioro haa been In aucceasful operation
for sororal montha nil experimental
trolley rond mlnui tho trolley. Moro
aitonlahmont atlll there la no third
rail or storage battery to lie seen on
tlila unique bit of rond. Without any
apparent men in of obtaining the all-
Important electric current, motor enra
will draw a IWO.OOO-pound load on this
road. Of courae, tlio secret of It all
lies In tho application of a new sys
tem. Every sixteen feot a point of
connection Is established mtdwny be
tween the rails where n metal button
projects abovo a box through which
passes the powerful current carried
along wires In a aubwny. A person
might step on this button nnd ono of
the rnlls at tho smno tlmo mid not
receive a shock, but, as tho enr passes
over, a powerful magnet underneath
attracts tho button nnd In raising It
establishes the circuit which supplies
the motor with enough of tho essential
fluid to propel tho car along tho six
teen feot of track to another point of
contact Tho anvlng of expenses In
Installation nnd mslntennnco over
that of tho old systems, tho freedom
from overhend wires which no sorl
oualy Interfere with tho fighting of
fires In tho cities, nnd the Immunity
from fatal shocks which It Insures nro
factors which will no doubt bring
about Its rapid adoption.
Conflicting- Hvlilmicn.
Tlio Widow I wonder why Minerva
was called the guldens of wisdom?
Tlio lloclielor Probably becauso she
wasn't foolish choiikIi to marry.
Tho Widow Then why wna Solomon,
who had n thousand wires, callod tho
wisest mnn?
! For Rheumatism!
Nouralfjln Sprain
Lumbnrfo Bruises
DaaKaoho Soreness
Sciatica Stiffness
Uh the Cl4 relltble runali
St. Jacobs Oil:
Price), 05c. and 50o.
I Dm! OuumU Sirup, VMlMUooobse
In time. Bold tr drimUU.
(hi ifJO
rirnvnl will ahrltilf 1uit nor npnt'
gravel nnd mind, nlno per cent) clny
nnd elay enitlis, Ion per rent) lontn and
light siindy earths, twelve per cent.
Thesn llgures nro useful In inuklng
etllmales for such "work, J
Aomin; tlin Inniitnerntito experi
ment with lliiuld nlr two nro purlieu-
larly cnrloun. A ball of Indln rubber
Immersed In it becomes ns lirltllo ns
L-lnaa lint n liull nf lend, ill tlio onillO
I'lrctiinntnnres, ncijulrea elnsllelty, and
will rebound Mko runner.
t'reneli aliillntlea show Hint n total
of 'SWJia horse power from tho falls
of tint Alps In now used ror generating
electricity. Tho electric power nervni
tho following: Aluminum works, 22,
Mil hot no power, other metallurgical
factories 20,IH."ii rhlornto or potnsaium
wnrkn, 11,000; calcium carbldii works,
101. Hill: anilliiin rblorntii works, in,-
trnnnmtaslnii of power mid light
ing, aH,727i various industries, iii.uhu.
It Is reporteil from Johnnnesburg
that a new nnd unexpected source of
u'nntth hita been discovered In the ter
ritory of tho lato liner republic. Near
the eastorn liorder or tho Transvnni, on
ll.n i.iU-o nf (tin Inflv Houtti African
plntenu, threo vnlunbln lodes of tin oro
hsvo been found, nnd tho deposits nro
nntmrentlr so extenslvo Hint predic
tions nro henrd Hint tho new colony
niny prove to bo ns rich In tin nnd
copper ns It Is nlrrndy known to be In
Tlio human bodr ehnnacs Its tem
perature Tery slightly under any con
ditions of heat or cold, but a Iluaalnn
iinturnllat finds that tho body tempera
ture of Insects Is prnctlcnlly Hint of the
ntmrianhprii. It liNtinllv rtnes moro
slowly thnn the nlr, though more rap
idly when the nlr Is very moist. non
the Insect begins to movo, tho temper-
ntnro rises rapidly, and mny rench
about 38 degrees ;. (ItH.2 degrees r .)
Itelow OB dogrcos C. Insects remain
motionless, nnd tho wings are not
moved until tho tempernturo renches
about 12 degrees 0.
The latest new form of dirigible bal
loon, Invented by I,. J. Anderson, of
Ijirulnn linn two clonentcd gns-bngs
of tho same shape nnd slxo placed side
by side, llko tho two hulls of n cata
maran boat. Tho car la suspended
lienenth. being omially supported by
both balloons, nnd the driving pro
peller Is placed behind tlicir renr onus,
nnd hnlf-wny bctwoon thorn. In expe
rimenting with n model having bal
loons seven feet long, tho Inventor
iiti,l tlmt tills form of nlr-sblp pos
sesses ndvnntngea In steering and In
maintaining n straight courae. no is
constructing a full-sized nppnratus
with bnlloons 70 feet long, to bo driven
bj n fiO-borse-power elcctrlct motor.
After fortr Tears of agitation, led
by Liverpool merchants, the Urltlsh
government has Just sanctioned mo
use of a weight of fifty poumis in
place of the standard "hundredweight"
(112 pounds), and 'half-hundred-
weight" (flfty-six pounds), 'mo ro
fYirm was demanded because the Im
mense quantities of cotton, corn, to
bacco nnd other American prouiitm
iniuini ni i.trprtiool were calculated by
tho sollers In pounds, while the buyers
wero compelled to reckon in "iiunorru
weights," which did not represent tho
number of pounds Hint tho name Im
plies. It Is claimed that the rofonn
will savo n grent amount of tlmo nnd
lnbor nnd provent mnny errors. It Is
nlao regarded na nn entering wedgo
for tho Introduction of tho decimal
system In Knglnnd.
Men Have Kmplojred Them as Substi
tutes for Havings liuims.
Rnmn time sluco n IdvornOOl COntlO-
mnn dlod, nn It was thought, Intostato.
No will could bo found, nnd tlio next
of kin had nlrendr entered Into pos
session when Uio decorators, In whoso
hnnils tho deconseda old house nnn
boon plnced for ronovntlon, camo
nernas tho lona--somzlit-for document.
pnsted on tho library colling, where It
hnd been lilddon from view ny n myor
of paper, which hnd been plnced thoro
by the eccentric testator nimneir.
The celobrated Ilenu'rirummel, dur
ing tbii first years of his exile, while
yot his fnmo as a dandy was pre
eminent, hnd tho celling of bis bed
room covered with mirrors, so that
ovou while nt rest he could study elo-
pnnce nnd nssunio n gracoriu pose, i' or
such a purpono n glass celling Is, how
oi cr, not unique, nnd tho notorious
durhoss of Clevolnnd hnd audi nnoth
cr constructed to gratify her vanity.
For n far dlffcront renson did n cer
tain Yorkshlro gontlomnn of the Inst
century, moiitloncd by Mrs. Claslccll In
hor "Mfo of Charlotte llronte," hnvo
hli celling paneled with mirrors. Ar
dently devoted to the sport of cock
fighting, ho continued to the Inst to
oninv litu fnvorlto nnsUmo. and oven
when on hie deathbed bis room wns
tho sccno of many nn exciting flglit,
which, lying on his back, ho saw re
flected In tho glass overhead.
Anothor Invalid whose tnstcs wero
certainly moro nosthetlc wna gontlo
mnn who died lately nt Munich. Con
fined for mnnv months to his bed, bo
gratified his love for art by having his
celling papered and covorcn wun nis
most treasured plcturos, which ho In
his younger daya had acquired. These
woro changed from tlmo to tlmo for
others In his collection, which In their
turn wero contemplated with dollglit
by the crippled connoisseur ns ho lay
strotched on his couch of pnln.
During n police enso henrd a yenr
Imrlr nt Tottenham the nrosecutrlx told
the magistrate Hint she had taken tlio
prisoner in out of clmrlty and had per
mitted her to remain, Tins the pris
oner denied, saying that she paid Si
fid n week. "Vou only nnld 2s." ro-
tortod tlio othor, "and Hint Is marked
on tho colling." This novel Idea ot
converting n celling Into a rent book
nvnliml a rnnr of Inuchter In court.
An eccentric Hrlghton pedagoguo
was wont to uso the celling ot his
schoolroom ns n blacltbonrd. It was
covered with a casing of blackened
nml nollsbed wood on which the doml
nle, by means of a long, clialk-potutod
rod, usod to draw geoinotrlcal flgursi
nnd dlugrums while discoursing an tin
subtleties of ICuclld. This unusual pro
c ceding wns but tlio practical nppll
cation of a quaint theory of his thai
the elevation of tho pupils' eye In
dllccd sharpness of Intellect.
Much nunoyed at tho barefaced mnn
ner In which tho photos of his frlcudi
nnd acquaintances that wero scattered
In profunlou about his rooms, wero np
ptoprlnted by his mnny visitors, n gen
tleuinn well known In 1'urlnliii society
hit upon the Ingenious device of bnv
lug thorn n Mixed to tho ceilings of lili
tint. Threo large rooms nro thus deeo
rated, mid that callers, should they
desire, tuny obtain n clear view of the
portraits, opera glasses of special con
struellon are supplied.
When In IWi.'l Mile. Forrester gave n
ilnueii at her liouno In Paris tho celling
of tho ballroom was so constructed
Hint nt given Intervals It discharged
upon tho dancers n lino rnln of white
rose, cherry blossom, Jockey club nnd
otlwr scents. This pleasing surprise
wna likewise propnrcd for his guesti
by a wealthy Husnlnii nobleman, who,
however, heightened tho effect by bnv
Ink tho celling exqulnllely painted with
the flowers whoso essences descended
upon thoso beneath. London Tlt-Illts.
Halt Used ij Ittrl-ultliiv Auellta unci
netting recruits for tho roologlcn'
parks Is not by any menus the easiest
thing In tho world, though the authorl
ties themselves do not bear much ol
tho trouble In this connection. The
work Is mainly dono by travelers and
natives of countries from which the
wild beasts come, from whom tho vnrl
ous zoological societies of tho world
buy, except when the purchases are
made from professional wlldbenst
Home of the latter employ regular ro
crultlng agents, whom thoy send out
whenever they rccelvo orders which
they cannot executo with stock they
havo In hand. If the park nuthoritlei
order nn Afrlcnn lion of n denier and
the denier bus not n suitable beast on
blind recruiting lions In Africa bcglni
at onco mid continues until a good
specimen lias been obtained.
Tho different methods by which the
various wild animals are enptured In
their nnllve stnte are Interesting. Lions
aro generally caught by being tempted
to thrust their heads through nooses ol
strong cords composed of twisted
hides, l'leces of meat nre used for
bait, but frequently tho hunters hnve
mnny days of hard chnslng before the
lion can bo persuaded to try tho noose.
Whon he does the cords nro pulled
quickly around his throat, stilling him.
mid other stout cords nro then bound
around his legs. Hostorattves nre then
administered to revive tho animal.
whose efforts to freo himself from the
noosa bare brought on exhaustion, mid
ho Is cnrrled away and put In a special
ly constructed cage for shipment
Tigers nro moro savngo than lions
nnd can rarely bo captured when full
grown. Itocrultlng Is accordingly car
ried on among the cubs, the parent
tigers being killed and the young, left
without protectors, being easily caught
Tho cubs readily accustom tncmsclves
to captivity.
Perhaps the most dlfllcult of nil wild
animals to capture Is tho giraffe, says
the New York Times. In addition tc
being very rare, giraffes aro exceeding
ly timid and are very swift-footed
There Is no special way to capture a
giraffe, as almost every way has been
tried, and all have been almost equally
unsuccessful. Tho method which lias
occasionally resulted In a capture Is by
using n long cord, at each cud of which
Is a round weight. This cord Is thrown
liy tho hunter In such a manner as to
wind nround tho anlmnl's legs, either
bringing It to tho ground or rendering
It Incapablo of escaping beforo It Is
mndo a prisoner. Most of the giraffes
In captivity have been caught by
chmico when young.
A Ilouao Divided.
Most persons hnve had tlio experi
ence of wnlklnn with n friend out of
stop nnd trying to shift Just nt tho
moment when tlio friend niso niiiKes
tho attempt. This Is nn lnstnnco of
llin-nrtnil linrmOHV IllllCll like Hint
which nppenrs In n story, told by V. C
of nn elderly couple. They wero child
less, nnd hnd never been unitcu uy me
bond of other lives linked with their
own. Ho they wero nlwnys In a stnte
of well-bred disagreement.
ii ii, niiWt of meals thor dis
agreed thoroughly, nnd each usually
suggostcd a dish for me sununy uiuiu-r
which tho other did not approve. One
Saturday tho ninn camo home from
market with n basket.
"You needn't worry about to-morrow's
dinner nny more, Mnrla. I've
nnt It "
"And so havo I. George. You were
so undecided "
"Undecided? I told you wnnt I
u-nnloil '
"Well, I mean you didn't decldo ns
I did. So I bought a goose."
"Why, so have I. 1 told you I'd like
n gooso."
"Well, now wo arc agreed for once.
"Yes, and I suppose wo'll havo cold
gooso nnd stowed gooso for tho next
two weeks."
They relapsed Into their usual si-
Sundny forenoon tho wife asked, "Do
you wnnt n llttlo quince in tuo appie
snuco with your gooso?"
"Vniii- irnnan. VOU nicall."
"No .1 don't. It seemed so absurd
to hnvo two gecBO In the houso tbut I
sent mlno to Aunt Jnno."
"What! I sent mlno to Undo Jool"
llpnaaell fur a IiOIIK Walk.
Mrs. Mnlnpiop I wulked twenty-
Uvo miles yesterday.
Mr. Parloriuop Did you wear a pod
Miss Mnlnprop Oh, no, Indeed Just
a Bliort skirt. Harvard Lampoon.
Tnmimr.r Onllllnil.
The Klancee Tlio Idea of his think
ing that he Is unworthy of mo.
The Confldanto Yes, but you need
n't argue tho ninttor wnn mm. jjo ii
discover bl error In time. llrooklyu
Bomo women havo bo much powder
on tiioin Hint klsslnc them must tusto
t llko tho first blto In a biscuit.
If your blood Is thin and im
pure, you arc miserable all the
time. It Is pure, rich blood
ilmt invigorates, strengthens,
refreshes. You certainly know
the medicine that brines good
health to the home, the only
medicine tested and tried for
60 years. Adoctor'smcdlclne.
"I nmm mj ttl, without 1tiM, to Ayf
HnrNisrlllii fl ! tti molt wmtUrf ill riit4l
fill" In tlm wrirl'l fur (ir-rvitiittM Hrur)ts
l-erilllli'iii l 'mini i tiii niiourii.
wtrk, N.J.
AH fln.(rlI-
Poor Health
Lnxntlvo flooon of Ayor's Pills onch
ril(;l" lirontly old tho Oarsoporllla.
rp-to-Onto .llngmlno Work.
Iliu k Writer- How would you like
nn nrtli le on Solomon?
Miiga.liie Killtur- Klrat rate, If you
can only furiilab n complete aet of por
traits of his whet. Komervlllo (Hans.)
Mow's This?
Wo offer One Hundred Pollan Reward for
any cai of Catarrh that cauaot be cured Ly
Hall's catarrh cure.
r. J. Ulh.NKY A CO., lwa., Toledo, O.
Wo, tho underilEOoil, have kouwu K 3.
Chetior tor the lait Ui yean, and telleTe him
tierloctlr honorable In all builtieii tramao
Iloin and financially able tu carry out any ob
llcatloinmailobylhelrnriD. WT & Tkuax, Wholeials liruriliti, Toledo. 0.
Waujinu, Kikxa.h !l JUhvi.n, Vtnoleiale Urug
li. lule'lo, ).
Hall'a Catarrh Cure ll taken Internally-, act.
Ins directly ujon the bluoil and znucoui iur
laiei ol ino intein. 1'ilre 76c. r bottla.
bold by all Prugglui. Teitlmonlali tree.
llall'a ramlly Pllli are the UH.
I.lttlo Willie.
Willie XIr. Uldboy, nliy do they say
you arc In your sccoud childhood?
Mmlier Willie!
Willie Oh. 1 know; It's because you
nro hnlilliended, Juat like baby Dick.
lloton Transcript.
Plao'a Cure l a good couch nediclne.
It lids cured couchs and colds for forty
years. At druggists, 1K cents.
It All Depends.
"They tell me," aald the youth, "that
men who work live longest. Do you
believe It V"
"Well," remarked the sage, "It dc
pcmla a good deal on who they try to
pita Permanently cured. ro nu or nervouiaeal
f I 0 anerflntdar'Iuwomr.Klllie'lUraatNem
Jtaflturer. Send for Free 82 trial bottle and U-iAUae.
lit. H. II. Kline, Ud .ll.' Arch M.. rblladelpUa, fa.
Homctlilntc Alike.
"Why la a kiss over the telephone
like n straw hat?"
"Ik'cause neither ono Is felt," re
marked Mr. Wise.
And then the old maid was heard
to remark that current events were
certainly shocking. Brooklyn Eagle.
Uothan vlll And Mr i. Wlmlowi'a Soothing
Syrup the beit remedy to uie for their children
auring mo tecttung joituu..
The president of the Itenublic of An
dorra, in the Pyrenees, gets the smallest
salary paid hy any civilized government
It la only $15 a year, nnd be thinks of
asking for a ten per cent Increase, which
would make it ? 10.50.
night relatives of rremler ScJJcn ot
New Zealand draw on au averago of
f'JS.OOO each la salary from the EOT
Perrin's Pile Specific
No Case Exists It Will Not Car
HOWARD L BURTON. Assaycr ani Oicmiit
Hiwcimen tirlci-s. Oolil, bllrer. id.lli tiold. nil-
er,7ic; uoU, 60c ;Zincor Cojiper,I. Cynnldtjimts.
MaUlnv envelope nmt full prlc llftt Rent on nppll ca
non, unniroian.j i mpirewors noncnia. ihU'
lilt. Colo. Kofi'i-cuce Carbonate Nat'l Uauk.
$25.00 PER DAY
a ttlng Water,
CI or Coal with
Maito la all aires and
tylet. Write for Cala
loeuri an4 list of uncriln
the lien.
Beat! & Go.
813 Commer
cial lUock.
84.00, $3.50, $3.00, $2.50
umn;S2 SHOES th&oiVUd.
V.L. Douglas 811003
nro wonv by moro
mon than nny other
mnko. Tho renson
is, thoy hold thoir
longor, niul hnvo
rrrontor intrinslo
vnluo thnn nny
othor shoes.
1 T.ook lp mime Mil i iro oil uuni ....
Duuclna uses Corona Coltaklll, wlitoh la
fiveryn lieroconcedeil toliotlie HiitfRt I'atent
lat1ier)etiradneed. Fait, Color Cytlitt ufd.
Blioes ky tnah,ts nls Mlra. Wrlta tor Ualalog.
W, L, UOUULA8, llrookton, Mass.
P. N. U.
No. 18-1904.
-nritEN wttttne to advartlsara pleas
uieulluu thla paper.
Once Its Color Iletokened the Hank
tlia Wearer,
"Do you know that tho color of a
muff once betokened the rank of the
wearer?" said a furrier to a I'hllndel
plila Itecord man as he stroked a beau
tiful sealskin muff. "In tho days of
Charles IX. no lady could have worn
this fur, for black was decreed by tho
King to be tho badge of the common
people and tho court followers were
restricted to the colors.
"Muffs have gone through moro
styles than It would seem possible to
Invent for such a simple article of con
venience. It has been long nnd nar
row, like a sheaf, nnd, again, largo
nnd round. At the beginning of Inst
cuitury the test of size wns to try the
muff In a flour barrel. If It went In
without much trouble then flint muff
was too small to be really fashionable.
At the present dny nlmost anything Is
proper, but those enormous cylinders
would certainly draw much attention.
One of the most curious styles was
that of Louis XIV., called tho Yhleus
mauchons,' becauso they were made to
convey little dogs In.
The muff when first Introduced was
the cxcluslvo property of the nobility
and originated In Venice. These muffs
wero very small and consisted of a
single plcco of velvet, brocade or silk,
lined with fur nnd the openings fas
tened with rich Jewels. Kuch arrange
ments came In during tho early part
of the seventeenth century, but In the
previous century the ladles frequently
carried a piece of rich fur, which they
used either ns a muff or a neck piece.
The muff reached Its highest point
In the reign of I.ouls XV., when the
productions wero exquisite. Then
fashion declared for a cloth muff In
stead of fur, and the furriers made a
great uproar. They petitioned the Tope
to excommunicate the wearer or a
cloth muff, but to no purpose. Finally
some Ingenious merchant bribed the
headsman to carry a cloth muff on
execution day. The women shrank
from such association and the fur won
the day. We now associate the muff
only with cold weather, but In the old
days It was a regular part of womnn'a
dress and was carried In all weather.
As late as 1830 a muff and a straw
bonnet were not deemed Incongruous."
Savage Athletes.
In this ago of athletics one might
think that no people ever showed so
much Interest In feats of muscular
might and skill as those who have per
fected football; but modern games, and
even the games of tho Greeks at Olym
pla, may bare been more than match
ed by the sports of peoples who are
now held In llttlo esteem. A writer
on the Canary Islands gives an account
of their athletic training which makes
oven the college giants of to-day seem
weak and effeminate.
Tho Canary Islands were subjected
by Spain about the time Columbus dis
covered America. The conquest was
due solely to the superiority ot Euro
pean weapons, and not to better skill
and prowess. The native soldiers were
trained athletes, developed under a
system which held athletic sports an
Important business, like military drill.
Spanish chronicles hare left us ac
counts ot the sports of the islanders.
From babyhood they were trained to
bo brisk in self-defense. As soon as
they could toddle the children were
pelted with mud balls, that tbey might
learn how to protect themselves. When
they were boys stones and wooden
darts were substituted for the bits of
In this rough school they acquired
the rudiments of warfare which en
abled 'them, during their wars with
the Spaniards, to catch In their bands
the arrows shot from their enemies'
After the conquest of the Canaries
a native of the Islands was Been at
Seville who, for a shilling, let a man
throw at him ns many stones as ho
pleased from a distance of eight paces.
Without moving his left foot he avoid
ed every stone.
Another nativo used to defy any one
to hurl an orange at him with so great
rapidity that bo could not catch it
Three men tried this, each with a
dozen oranges, and the Islander caught
every orange. As a further test, he
hit bis antagonists with each of tho
Fishhook Cactus.
Many a traveler In desert lands,
when In danger of dying from thirst.
has been saved by the plant known as
tbo water or fishhook cactus, says the
New York Commercial. During the
moist season it stores up a large quan
tlty of water for the subsequent dry
one, when all tho ground Is parched
with beat and only chaunels filled with
stones mark the course of former rivu
lets. So well has this cactus provided
for the safety of Its precious liquid
that It Is no easy task to obtain It
The exterior skin Is more lmpenetra
ble than the toughest leather, and, be
sides, It la protected with long, wiry
spines curved into books at tbe end.
yet so strong and springy that If a
large rock be thrown against them
they remain uninjured. If the spines
be burned off one may, by long and
tedious effort cut through the rind
witu a stout knife; otherwise nothing
but an axe will enable tbem to get at
the Interior of this well-armored plant
When the top Is removed and a hol
low made by scooping out some ot the
soft Inner part It Immediately fills with
water, cool and refreshlug, though a
blistering sun may have been beating
upon the tough skin above It all day.
The water, when first obtained, has a
whitish or smoky tint, but when set
tled Is as clear as crystal.
Dolnsr Ills Heat.
"Have you ever made any effort to
do your fellow man any good?"
"Certainly," answered Senator Sor
ghum. "It Is a well-known fact that
money widely distributed can nccotii'
pllsh but little. In order to exert Its
full force and achieve great works It
must be concentrated."
"I have been doing my best to con
centrate as much of It as possible."
Washington Star.
A Query Answered.
Laura We have no Infallible for
mula for removing a double chin. Con
suit some man who says he can shave
himself In tho dark. Baltimore- News.
i Know Pe-ru-'na Is
Worn Out
Hon. Nelson Rice of St. Joseph, Mich., knows of a large number ot'
grateful patients In Ills county who have been cured by Peruna.
Hon. Nelson Hice, Mayor of St. Joseph, Michigan, writes:
Tho I'cruna Medicine Co., Columbus, Ohio;
Gentlemen : "I wish to congratulate you on the success of your efforts
to win tlio confidence of tho public In need of a reliable medicine. 1 know
Peruna Is a fine tonic for a worn out system and a specific in cases of ca
tarrhal difficulties. Vou have a largo number of grateful patients In thla
county who have used Peruna and have been cured by It, and who praise
It above all other medicines. Peruna has my heartiest good wishes."
Nelson Rice.
Weak Nerves, Poor Diges
tion, Impure Blood,
Depressed Spirits.
The aun has Just crosied the equator
on its yearly trip north. The real
equator is shifted toward the north
nearly eighteen miles every day.
With tho return of the sun comes the
bodily ills peculiar to spring. With
one person the nerves are weak; anoth
er person, digestion poor; with others
the blood is out ot onier; ana sun out
ers have depressed spirits and tired
All these things are especially true
of thoso who have been suffering with
The Cause or It.
"What's the cause of all this twaddle
about elevating the stage, I'd like to
"Want to t It above the level of the
women's hats, I suppose."
Boils show the blood is in a riotous, feverish
condition, or that it has grown too weak and slug
gish to throw off the bodily impurities, which
then tyonccntrate at some spot, and a carbuncle
or boil is the result. To one already enfeebled
by disease, boils seem to come with more frequency.
causing tixn intensest pain and greatest danger to the already weak and
debilitated sufferer. AU skin eruptions, from the sometimes fatal car
buncle to the spiteful little cat-boil, are caused by bad blood, and tho
only way to avoid or get permanently rid of them is to purify and
build up the deteriorated, polluted blood, and counteract the humor
and poisons ; and nothing will do this so quickly and thoroughly as
S. S. S., which is the acknowledged king of blood purifiers and great
est of all tonics. Where the blood has become impoverished and is
poor and thin, no medicine acts so promptly in building up and restor
ing its richness, purity and
strength. The time to cure
t ml
a boil is before it devel
ops, when it is in a state
of incubation or formation
in the blood ; for boils are,
after all, only the tmpuri'
...jr ...u . .uir,uw- doing- snag-ood when I began It, but altar taking;
ties and poisons bubbling ttfornahort while the boila began to disappear,
t,r4l, ctin nn3 I continued on with the medicine, taking six bot
Use, and
this will Continue in spite yeara have elapaed aince that time, and I hay
( ,,i, :-,- ,i i ' nererbeen bothered aince, showing that the ear
of poulticing and lancing WM parm,n,nt. I had aome thirty or forty
till the blood gets rid of the moat painful bolla one oyer had, and to ba
its accumulated poison. $sistMK ffSstR???
The way to stop boils is you. HJ3NBT ZUfW.
to attack them in the.blood,
and this is what S. S. S. does. All danger of boils is past when tho
blood has been thoroughly purified and the system cleansed of all mor
bid, impure matter. If you are subject to boils, then the same causes
that produced them last season will do so this, and tho sooner you begin
to nut vour blood and system in good
young, and without harm to the most delicate constitution. It is
mild and pleasant in its action, and unequaled as a cure for boils and
kindred eruptions. Write us if you would liko medical advice or other
300 Plrat Stroot. , PORTtAND. ORBQON
- Dmnohosi
a Fine Tonic for a
catarrh in any form or la grippo. A
course of Feruna Is sure to correct all
these conditions. It is an ideal spilng
medicine. Peruna does not irritate
it invigorates it strengthens. It
equalizes the circulation of the blood,
trannuilizes tbe nervous system and
regulates the bodily functions. Tern
na, unlike so many spring medicines la
not simply a physic or stimulant or
nervine. It is a natural tonic and In
If you do not receive prompt and sat
isfactory results from the use of Peru
na, write at once to Dr. Hartman, giv
ing a full statement of your case, and
he will be pleased to give you his valu
able advice gratis.
Address Dr. Hartman, President of
The Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus,
Jarring an Actor.
"What did you think of my death
scene?" asked the actor.
Well, it seemed to me It came a little
I too late In the piece," was the reply..
Chicago Evening Post.
ltl.l..n. Ha Tn . . .
From the are of twantr or thirty I waa eorelv
afSlctail wtthlaxre, awful bolla on my faca an
body. Aa aoon aa they would heat up in one plao
they would break oat in anothorpart oftho body,
and this continued for ten yean. I tried arary-thlni-Icould
hear of to set ratter, bntnothlnr
dldineanysTOOd. I had but little faith InB. 8.8.
all the bolla entirely diaappaared. Tire)
order the better the chance of going
through the spring and summer season
without boils or other painful and irri
tating skin eruptions. S. S. S. is guar
anteed purely vegetable, and can bo
taken with perfect safety by old and
Are not manufacturer!
regular construction, but
Our Own Special Construction
Put up with full knowledge of the re
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