Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, December 25, 1903, Image 7

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I'ailly DooMcd.
Hooitnrl Iluru'n n brnml new llvn
Villnr blllt old in'"'! I'll li'txl you
lioriiigh Oli, my; cmi'l you
iloulilo 117
(lowlitrl Burn. Hero goosl '
tloublo It co mow I iloulilo It i;iln
tlitm. I thin hIihjiu, you wo, ll 11 tn
aniivly In my iH!kutlxiijk. Ho lung.
l'.x li uigo.
As It Is Today.
I'u I n on (i Piitlunt Doctor, ptcaao give
mo my mi'illrliin now.
DiK'tor l'nriloit inu. I'm simply
tlm doctor In chiirgn ol Irmuhin liullu
llnaj tliu ollior doctor will I, o hero punt
enlly. Chlncia lluslncaa Methods,
III Clilmi, to eiu'oiinign hiinialy nml
almtirlty, rnnlhh'iilhil clerk nml mlos
nu n In ult liiuni'liwi of Industry receive
mi niiiiunl nut iurtiitiiK "'" 'I"1''1'
IjtialnotM, bealdeH tliulr regular Hilary.
Ants on I'lanta.
Tlm nut K'IiIoiii Injun n I m ri t . nl
tliniittli generally charged with nil aorta
ol lnlitilty In tlila illii'vlliiii, On tho
contrary, they ofli'ii iln good work in
ridding tint plnnta ol tliu npliliIcK,
which It left nliiini will soon Mick nwny
tlio sap which Ih tho llfo ol tho ilur.l.
The Sal Side.
"You'll li sorry mmm day Hint ynu
didn't gut married II you don't."
"Weill, IM rather tint ho married nml
Ixi aorry I wnan't limit to lio married
and ho sorry 1 win." Bait rrnnclaco
An Ancltnt Work on Angling.
Tlio grimiest work n( nntliiilty nn
nngllii; la mud tu lm tho ''Iliillentlcn"
ol Opplnn, n (Irct'k pnvt who llourlahcd
In tlio time n( Keterlia, A. I. MM, (mm
which wo Iciirn Hint mnny itrtlllren In
Hailing thought to ho modern with
known to tinrleiit. Wn nlao lourn
from AthvliiMia that aeicrnl other writ
rrit hml writlcii Ircatlaca or pocma on
llahlng romu rvuturlc lieforo tho Clirln
tlnti era.
No Appetite
Means loss of vitality, vigor
or tone, and is often a pre
cursor of prostrating sick
ness. This is why it is
serious. Tho best, thing
you can do is to tako tho
great alterative and tonic
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Which has cured thousands.
Ill 'Turnout."
Clcrkloy -lan'l thia earlier than
your iiaiuil tlmo (or going homo?
llarkley Yes, hut my wife mild II I
Cfliiio out hy thu 3:45 aho'il meet mo
with tho carriage,
"I didn't know you kept n horse
and carriage."
"V. r It'it a lathy nml carriage."
Vn Qartayi Mfhw le y . ui ( nipa-
yiw-Hliu In ft whiiluaidit tpoccry
euiutt ti .
Vast Hitim I Vnm , Kit l,.t I nm?
Vita I'.i'i --0.I h ' ' "!nr house.
Now Orleona liuiua-l) n.u -t.
The Prickly Tear.
Tho prickly iear of Afrlcn la ao tenn
cloua of llfo that n lwtf or even n amnll
portoln of n lint If thrown on tho
ground strikes out roota alinoat Imino
dlntcly nml Iwcoiiiimi thu parent of n
fast growing plant.
Illrctrlc rial Irona.
Ono factory haa nrarketod 00,000
electric Hat-irons thia ecnton.
Perrin's Pile Specific
No Caio EiUts it Will Not Core
rom l-v .ti m i i -i . .- m
1 In tlm. Hot., br iirnimhii 11
... , 1- .1. 11..
It is natural 10 tuu oj'ui
. , ..! . 4f.-..,.t. 41. n
lains arc snooiwu; uhuubu h
........ .
ax Far v.i to- vn v r.a ry.i rii
BHH ill 1
inllatncu nnu sore, wiu buih - "i,k " . :, . .
for relief: and while such treatment may quiet the pain temporarily,
no amount of rubbinff or bHstcrins can cure : Rheumatism, because it
. . . .. . ... 41.- 1.1.1 ..,1 -ill 41irn,,r1l I mcrnTpm.
is not a skin mscase, inn is m wiu wuu ....n ,
and every time you are exposed to the same conditions that caused
the first attack, you arc ,-0.115 to bavo another, and Rheumatism
will Hst ittst as lonir aa the poison is in the blood, no matter what
vouinolffi ulcl1 aci'1 in the blood is one cause of
Kheuniatismj stomach troubles, bad digestion, weak kidneys and
tornid liver are other causes n,nT-r. TO bleep at iiioht.
which brinp; on this painful dis-
case, because the blood, becomes
tainted with the poisonous mat
ter which these organs fail to
carry out of the system. Cer
tain secret diseases will produce
Rheumatism, and of all forms
this is the most stubborn and
severe, for it seems to affect
every bono and muscle in the
body. The blood is the medium
by which PXtuo BTBlem.
Rhcum' ttt
Rheumatism 3 ou " .. Jd f
bbTsSS S ltaCTr Sn
t-odlSitlo- like
ass ' natural luuuniui.i , T' 1
lolnts and the sore and tender muscles arc immediately
free to those
'"Our snecial book on RUeuma
desiring; ft. Our Pfrn9'c'5uffi
tor special luformatfon oradv
I Bronchitis j
" I Imvo kepi Aycr's Cherry I'cc
(oral In my home for a r.rcot many
yeara, ll la Ilia hot medicine In
tho world for coup.ltt nnd colda."
3. C. Wllllauv, Atllco.N.Y.
All serious lung
troubles bc;ln with a
tickling In the throat.
You can stop this at first
In a single night with
Aycr's Cherry Pectoral.
Use it also for bronchitis,
consumption, hard colds,
and for coughs of all kinds.
Tbrn iliil i 2k.. I0t.. II. All rpitlill.
Coiiinlt yonr Anrtnt. If h Mil tW It.
tlin ilo ft. It ti. t.ll. ,ou nut
l i.Va (I. Ih.ii tli.n'1 l.ka IL 1 kliOWI.
U.l. It Willi I''"'- ' Willi". ..
(Irctk I'alacc I Iscovcrcd.
Ill tho courati of thotuplorntion work
now proceeding In Jlorotla, on tho lt
of OrrliniiiL'ticH, nt ono tlmo n finitll
(lii'ck htalc, which wilt ih-atroyed hy
tho Thchiina In I1II7 II. ('., n lino royal
pnlnco hna Juat Unm dlacovorod. A
niimhcr of frowooa ndortt tho wnlla of
thu atnto rooma.
ituvr'n nllHT
(Vo olfir Ona llandrod bollari Iteward for wit
taaaol fntl.rru lint can tiolbf curod tr lIUl'i
I'atarrh Cure,
K. J. CIIICNKY ACo., rrori.,TolMo,0.
Vatliauiidrtlmil. tiara knotmr. J.L'hener
lor the imt lrrari, aiM L.lgra hi in irl-i;r
hcinirln In li l.uiiiira iriinacilon. 11111 nn.
auciallr al.le tiK-arry but any uLlleattoDaiuado
tjllitlr llrui. ...
WhulMala liruiilila, Toledo,
Vti(ilo.Ia ItrtiKaitii, lolcdo. O.
It all'a Catarrh I.'ur ll t.kon lnt.rn.ll ...llni.
UnctlrontlieUoixl amt innenui an rlarr of
uniyinui. I'rlc 7V pir IkiiiI.. Bold air ail
l. IMtllnoniiila trer,
famllr rill, ira ttig UiU
I'aper Alllla.
Tho cHrllmt ruropm pnper inllla
wi-ro lix-ntiil nt l'alrlano, in Italy, in
lir.O Tin, Arulu llr.t lirr.m.lit Him lt.
ml of pnper makiii)' to Kuropo, tln-y
thuiuHlvin having lenriii'd It from Chi-
uoao priaoncra of war.
Her Supcratlllon.
"Are you aiiwralltloiia7"
"Not in tho looat," nnawcred Mlaa
(llyglna. "I iihkI to he, hut, do you
know, I found that whenovrr I got to
iHdh'vitig in hlgim I had had luck."
Ciinni of ilimfnoM ahouM not lo nl
1owiiI to go without tronltm-nt. Ivvn
tho awmlngly Iioju'Icm ciuhw ahouhl ho
N'nt to tho nurlat for nn opinion us to a
likelihood of Improvement under treat
ment. How It Happened.
Rooney Whero d(jl yo git tho hlack
tyo, Moiko7
Clancy Why, Tlm Dolnti'a juntlKick
from Ida hoiiovniooii. nil' 'twua 1110 uJ-
vised Tlm to git married.
Hotted rith Alive.
It 'a acldom that 01.0 sees n hoilod
flah nllvi, yet thero nro mch In the
hoillng laku of Amntitlati, (iuati'inala.
A specie of llah won lately seen there
liy a Trench traveler. Thtwo llh, ho
nawrtK, often paw dnya In the hulling
wntcr, which cornea from niinibcrlcwi
hot aprlngs.
An Hvldence ol Juvenile (lenlue.
Fcrlhhleo That three-year-old neph
ew of mine, torn up my lnat 10,000
word mnnuiH.'rlpt ymlerday.
I'alay Cuttlny How preoncloiiH!
I didn't know that ho could read.
Divorce Law and Dlvorcca.
Tho country with pcrhnpi tho moat
lenient divorce Iiiwh in tho world in
Sweden, and there the divorce rate la
lower than in tho Netherlnuda, which,
after Kugland, hua the utiictest linvf
lit tho world,
Itonunn Klvnla Potato.
Tho hartana nnd potato nro nlmOBt
Iduiitical In chomlcnl compoaltlon.
41. of 1i-a nml tttlietl rhetlttln.ttfl
Intnla rind itntqrlea nnd thcraTfl
j A , , .
turn to 1 m mien t a .mil nl asters
Sidney, Ohio, Auguat bo, 1003.
A few months ma I waa feallntrweak
and run down ami unable, to iret aleen at
lilnlit. I fait extremely bad, and nlao had
UtKllt. 1 uxviommj , , . ,
. ... . . 1 1 t ...v. m, nnlv
irrrrollt at beat; ao seeing H.t! U.
11 1 gin
bozan Ita uae, and after taking; it
fora'ouia tiins waa welt pleased with the
11 aia away wiiii ma .ii-uuimwu
nalne. eavo ino leimiuiui, .--.
tiutlt up my treneral aystam, Klvtiiir ni
"ine, without a doubt, and I takopleaa.
uro iw auunniHu ...
R.l'.D. NO. I.
nnd it doesn't matter what kind of
tbr0MVh tl,f bl0dJ r y,U
u Ag a curc for rheumatic trou.
It doesn't inflame the stomach
Btimtilatcs the slutrglsh organs, and a
the saiue time antidotes and filters out
of the blood all poisonous acids and
effete matter of every kind ; and when
S S. S. has restored the blood to its
. 1 i:i!., dm nnltifnl. feverish
,.. f; ' asUing
charge is made,
wo C0.,mAim. GA
Itntaa rtltli Million, of Acrca of Till.
I Crop Cnrnlvnla Held.
I Tho corn plnnt growa In nhotit every
Htnto III tho Union, ami peoplo
throughout tho rouutry think they nro
fninlllnr wlili It; im tu nppreclnto
...1.... , . .
mini iwn irniiy nieiliiH ono aiiouiii
mn lio n tour through aomo of tho
V intern Htatea whero tho flelda mny
he mllca rnthcr than ncrca In extent, 1
nml where tho luirveat of n farmer
mciuiH nenrer 100,000 than 1,000 himli
ela, anya tho Now York Trlliuno. It la
In thia part of tho country that 0110
enn na cnally get lout In n cornfield na
ho would In n foreat, ao vnat aro tho
flelda. In tho "Itottoma" of Kanana
and Nehraakn a man riding through n
pntch on horaehack will often ho hid
den from vlow, aa tho tops of tho
plnnta extend above Ida hend, reacm-1
hllng young treea In their proportlona.
I It la no wonder that tho penpln of
mnny of tho prnlrlo Hlntca cclchrnto,
tho coming of "king corn" na tho
(Southerner doea the nppenrnnco of
"king cotton," for aomo of these com-,
monwenltha nlone produco enough
corn In a yenr to feed n nation.' Tho
corn pntch of lown, which covcra over
H.000,000 ncrea yearly, aomcttmea pro-
ducea SOO.OOO.OOO huahcla, Nohrnakn la
nnoyier 8,000.000 Btnte, hut Knnaaa,
tho Klnto of tho sunflower, taken tho ,
lead with nearly 0,000.000 ncrca each
year devoted to thia ccrcnl. Thero nro
counties In Knnana whero ono can aeo
aijunro mllea not ncrea planted en
tirely with corn, whero flelda nro ao
I largo that atnndlng nt ono end tho
visitor acca tho horizon unbroken by
nnythlng except a tnaaa of plants
, nwnylng In tho breeze. '
It la not atrnngo Hint tho corn hnr-'
vcat la mndo tho occasion of fctcx or
carnlvnla In aomo of tho Western com-!
munltlea. Tho Idea probably orlirl-1
tinted from tlio corn festival of the In-'
! dlnna, but the red mnn would never
recognize the old-time festival In tho!
transformation which It hna under
gone. Weckn before harvest tlmo prep
aratloim nro made. Tho prominent
citizens of tho town contribute to a
I fund for decoration, music and usually
tho entertainment of townspeople nnd
1 gueatn at a banquet. I
I Tho acrvlcea of aomo leading orntor
nro secured nnd tho governor la Invited
to attend with other notables. A ape- I
clnl week la act apart at a time when
tho farmera Imvo finished gathering
tho grain nud Imvo lelauro to attend.
Tho railroad companies nro Induced
to offer special rntea for transportation
nnd with o I hers offer prizes for tho'
beat dealgna nnd decorations. A pro-1
gram la arranged, consisting of proctn
alona, public meeting, concerts nnd
other nttrnetlona which will Interest
tho townapcoplo and visitors. Cencr
ally a committee of lending citizens,
bended by tho mayor, tnko charge, 1
nud large sums of money nro expend-1
ed In arranging tho carnival.
Uach resident vlea with his neighbor .
In the decoratlona, and there la shown I
what can be done with the grain In 1
honor of which tho celebration la held.
Somo of the designs nro truly wolidcr-'
ful. As single atalka can be procured
which arc fifteen feet In height, mi op
portunity la offered to construct pa-
godtia, booths and other ortinmentnl
buildings with walla and roofs of tlio
plant Tho stalks have such strength
nnd lightness thnt they can be easily
mndo Into representatives of castles,
forts nnd historic structures. Tho
lenves nro worked Into nn Inconcclvn
bio vnrlety of designs. The women
nnd girls tnako costumes out of tho
husks, oven to hats nnd bonnets. They
nro woven Into parasols and umbrel
las, wlitlo frequently tho front of .1
building will be bidden by n covering
of them, thirty or forty feet In length,
with openings cut for tho windows
nnd doors.
Tho manufacture of corn mlllncry
haa become an art among tho Western
women. At n carnival held In Atchl-:
son tho principal milliners of tho town 1
produced some wonderful creations of,
headgear entirely from tho silk, husks
nnd tassels. Mnny of them wero worn I
during the carnival week by tho belles
of the place.
A Caao or Urfeottve leinory.
An anecdote which has lately been
going tho rounds In llrltlsh olllclal cir
cles concerns the mcmornhlo experi
ence of n certain member of Parlia
ment during tho last year of Queen
Victoria's reign. Tho statesman In
question Is not ono of those who nro
most firmly convinced of tho benefits
of total abstinence, nud tho evening
of n certain public function nt which
royalty wiib to ho present found him 1
lit n condition which would not Imvo
been edifying to the supporters of that
movement. Tho lato Queen was ro- j
colvlng the guests of honor, nnd It '
was necessary that tho convlvnl M. P.
should bo presented with tho rest
As ho approached his sovereign, Vic
toria extended her hand for him to
kiss. Hut he did not kiss It; Instead,
he grasped It nnd shook It with vigor
ous enthusiasm, while ho scrutinized
hor.faco with gravo perplexity.
"Your fnce, mndnm," ho observed,
"Is perfectly familiar to me, but I'm
blowcd If can remember your namol"
Now Hiilistltuto fur Iliibticr.
Gutta-Jootaloug Is a now material
which Is utilized as n substitute for
nud tu conjunction with India rubber.
It Is a product of the ICnst Indies,
jchlcfiy tho Island of Ilornco, nud In
the form In which It Is Imported Is de
scribed ns "whitish In color, looking
something llko marshmnllow enmly,
smelling strongly of petroleum nud
oxidizing on exposure to tlio nlr, be
coming hard." Its Importation has In
creased from 0,600,000 pounds In 1SO0
to 14,000,000 pounds In 100.1.
Penalty or Woullli.
"Wealth has Us penalties," said tho
trlto philosopher.
"Ves," answered Mr. Cmnrox,
"wealth Is what compels a man to eat
fancy cooking tho wholo your round
Instead of having cakes hot from thu
grlddlo and homo-made preserves."
Washington Star.
A Family orolnnte.
In tho Gregory family, Webster
County, Virginia, thero nro 13 sons nil
over 0 feet tall, and each weighing
moro than ISO pounds.
Tho nrerago man wants others to
sco him ns ho sees himself.
When Father Cnma to I.enva He Had
Mo Honor.
Tho hank belonged to tho child, nnd
It hnd all tho Interest of n now toy.
In nn effort to show tho child how
It worked nnd tho object of It, the
mother had aacrlriccil nil her nvallablo
change, nflcr whlrh tho child had
picked up n few pennies that had been
careleaaly left on 11 table, nnd thcao
had followed tho reat Then alio had
waited lo tnnko n Itiinnclal assault on
her father.
"Money," alio sold (0 him as aoon aa
ho wna settled In bis fnvorlto chair.
"Hayl aho's beginning early," he
commented, laughingly.
"Oh, I've got a savings bnnk for her,
nnd she's been crazy to put money In
It all day," his wife explained.
"Well, as long as alio puts It In the
bank It's safe," ho . remarked, as he
gavo her n nickel.
Her eyes apnrklcd and alio laughed
so Joyously that ho was enraptured.
Kho wna n happy, graceful child, with
very pretty nnd cnptlvntlng ways of
expressing her pleasure.
"That wna worth more than a
nickel," ho laughed, as ho gavo her
a dime.
"Hut you mustn't humor her too
much," his wife cautioned.
"Oh, this Is In n good cause," he
urged, with the blind Indulgence of a
particularly proud father. "It'a teach
ing her to save money, and that's
something every child should learn. It
Isn't like spending It, you know, which
would bo wasteful."
Bo bo gavo her a quarter, and In two
minutes ho was laughing ns Joyously
ns sho was and getting as much fun
out of her as sho was out of the bank,
llut after dinner It waa different
"Uy George!" bo exclaimed, "the
bank's got all my money, and I've got
to go uptown. I'll have to borrow soma
chan go from you."
"What little I hnd," she explained,
"was used In showing Tottle what the
bank was for."
"Well, n hill, then."
"Haven't one. I told you this morn
ing you'd havo to bring home some
money to-night Did you forget It?
Ills blank look showed that he had.
"We'll have to open the bank, then,"
ho said. "I'vo got to havo some
money." '
"Tho only wny that bank can bo
opened," alio told him, "Is by taking
It to tho savings bank that Issued It,
and then they'll place the money It
contains to the credit of Tottle."
lie sworo; not there In the house,
but Inter, while he wns tnklng a nice,
brisk, three-mile walk to keep his ap
pointment for that evening. And It
was n week before he could ho In
duced to look nt tho little bank again,
which he has classified as n sort of an
Inanimate confidence man. Brooklyn
He la Uneuriiaeaed In Running and
Tackling Fond of Oanie.
As a matter of prosaic fact, these
hard-working and well-behaved wards
of tho nation at Carlisle have been
from tho start models of disciplined
and educated conduct on the football
j Held as well aa off, and only their
shocks of black hair and their
swarthy faces mark them as unusual
or odd when they line up against tho
"palefaces," says n writer In the Il
lustrated Sporting News.
These lads nro Intensely fond of
football, and they havo left In them
an Inherited Indifference to hurts and
a toughness of fiber that are their
strongest qualities when added to
swiftness nnd agility of movement I
have seen them play through a bard
game without ono call for "time out,"
because of Injury, nnd nenrly everyone
who has seen them play muBt bavo
noticed the fierceness of their tackling
nnd their fashion of breaking out of a
scrlmningo on tlio rebound like so
many rubber balls. In running, tack
ling nnd nggresslve line-breaking tho
Indians aro unsurpassed.
Their weakness Is an argument In
favor of tho claim that football Is
a question of tho trained mind as much
as tho powerful body. It Is mental
alertness and adaptability that the Car
lisle players find themselves lacking
when they meet tho first-class teams.
To analyzo and meet tho unexpected,
and to solve tho problems of a scien
tific attack and defense, of n style to
which they arc not accustomed puzzles
tho slower and less effectively trained
mind of the Indian, and bo cannot
mako as quick n change of mental
baso as tho white youth. This Is to be
expected, and the astonishing feature
of It Is that the Indian player Is able
to mako tho showing ho does. lie
comes to Carlisle from the reserva
tion n llttlo sarago and In perhaps a
halt dozen years bo Is fashioned Into
tho clean, alert, self-respecting young
man who delights thoso who know
good football, played with ardor, yet
with self-control and Intelligence of a
high order. While his opponents shout
nnd rnvo In moments of great stress,
bo plays tho gamo in silence, without a
show of emotloti, whether ho wins or
loses tho typo of the. truo sportsman,
lie Is a vindication both of tho whole
somo training of football In the devel
opment of young manhood nnd of tho
magnificent work accomplished by tho
policy nnd llfo work of Col. Pratt at
A Fair Question.
A hypochondriac who visited Sir Co
nan Doyle In tho days when ho wns
a practicing physician complained of
"a very bad side." Ho told his story
In great detail, says tho London
Ilo put his hand nbovo his waist
line, and said:
"I get a Bharp pain here. Doctor,
whenever I touch my head,"
"Why on earth, then, do you touch
your head?" Dr. Doyle asked, mildly
but drily.
Not Asked Yet.
Tess So she's tov bo Mrs, Roxley,
.Teas I don't kllOW.
Tess Why, I'm suro It was your
self who torn me suo nun uctermiueu
to marry him.
Jess Well, that's different. Phila
delphia Press.
When a man does a foul thing, lie
thinks It's smart or ho wouldn't do
l . , r 1
Against winter Latarrn in us iviany
Neglected Colds in Children
Often Bring Disastrous
I'rninn should be kept in the
house nil the time,
1'eruna should he kept In every
house hcro there are children.
Don't wait until tho child la slrk
then send to a drug store. Hnvu
1'eruna on hand nctcpt nu substi
tute. I'eruna Protects tho Entire
Household Against Catarrhal
As soon as the value of I'eruna
Is fully appreciated by every houi
hold, both ns a preventive and curc
of ratarrhal aUVrtlons, tens of tliou
ftmls of III cs will lie saved, and hun
dreds of thousands of chronic, lin
gering caoes of disease prevented.
Vcruna is a household safeguard.
Pe-ru-na Kept In the House for Five
Mr. Albert I.ietzman, 1506 Milwau
kee Ave., Chicago, 111., writes:
"I am only too glad to Inform you
that I am feeling splendid and have
never felt better in my life. Through
tho advico of a friend I tried Peruna,
and am glad to eay it cured mo to per
fection. I began to tell a friend aliout
Peruna the other day and I had no
sooner commenced than he told mo his
folks havo kept Peruna in the house for
the past five years. I am snre I would
n't be without it. Mother also uses it
to keep herself in good health."
Ask Your Druggist
"I bT cone 14 day at a tlm a to I (boat m
Ttacol or lb bonreU not being able to
mora themcicept tf utln but wiwr injection!.
Cfaroule couttf paitoD (or eteu jert ,)acrd rue Id lime I dIJ er
rytblng I beard of buicf er found aur relief fcucb
wttmrcaie until 1 began utfntT OAbCAUMH. I
now bare from ona to tbree fataasea a day and If I
waa rlcb I would giro 1100 ttJ for each uioTeiueolt 11
Uaucba relief." ati-meii I. IIctmt.
1699 Hukkcll bi.. Detroit, If lob.
Plaaiant. r&latable, 1'otent. Tanle flood. Do
Good, iSaiar Sicaao, Weaken. or Urii-e. 10c, SOo.
tUHliB4f CMu,CUtHlMtr4l, Tar. St
fcfXy yzsrs ft?o and after nw yeara
of use on the eastern coastt Twer's
Waterproof Oiled Coats vwrrintrodjeed
in the West and were called Aiders by
the pioneera and cowboys. This raphfc
rone has come Into such funeral use' that
it Is frequently thou?h wronofulh applied
to many substitutes. You want ine oeraovz.
fa, Look for the 5ln of the Furvand
lire none terrer on ine puiwu.
i ' ruftilXKlUMSYUlOWAW "
luaiK uaiciAN uuiinui i uibhiu. can.
Not an Authority.
Thero aro somo persons tflio can't
take a joke, hut Fogg is not one of
them. Ono ol tho ooys acquainted
with Fogg's frequent changes of abode,
asked him which ho thought was tho
cheaper, to movo or to pay rent.
"I can t tell you, my dear boy, 1
have always moved."
Criminal's Eyes.
A Ruasian savant lays claim to a dis
covery for detecting criminals. Ac
cording to 51. Knrloff, tho scientist in
question, you can toll a criminal by
tho color of his cyea, Sturdercrs and
thieves have maroon or reddish brown
eyes, tramps light blue, and so forth.
II. Karlotf lias clnssllled oyes into mm
I lies and has drawn up rules which ho
declares to bo infallible. Honest folk
hnvo dark gray or blue eyes. London
XlE TftAOl MAAM IOITffO frff
The never ending cures ! n
I Sprains end Bruises K I
I St. Jacobs Oil S&t, I
r .. j. I. w j Hat
Mrs. 8chafer, 430 Uope
"In the early part
, advice for my daughter Alice, four years of age. She had 1
been a puny, sickly, nlllne child since her birth. She had
1 convulsions and catarrhal fever. 1 was always doctoring
unin we commenceu to use reruna. ijlie grew strong nnu 1
well. I'eruna Is a wonderful tonic; the best mcdlclno I 1
nave ever usea.
"I was In a very
1 ed to take I'eruna. I
body, but thank (iod,
would not have any other medicine. 1
"Peruna cured my baby boy of a very bad spell of cold 1
and fever. Me Is a big hralthy hoy fifteen months old. I
have given him I'eruna
think that Is why he Is
enough. We have not
I'eruni an praise to It
Be Sure to Have Pe-ru-na on Hand
During the Inclement Months
of Fall and W.nter.
Croup, capllarry bronchitis, and ar
ticular rheumatism are the special
banes of childhood. These all alike re
sult from catching cold.
Ono child catches cold and scares its
mother into hysterics by having croup
in the dead of night.
Another child catches cold, deve.ops
a stubborn cough that will not yield to
ordinary remedies. Tho parents are
filled w ith forbodings.
Still another child catches cold and
develops that most fatal malady of chil
dren, capillary bronchitis. The doctor
is called, pronounces the case pneu
monia, and if the child ia lucky enough
to live it has developed weak lungs
from which it may never recover.
And yet another child catches cold
and articular rheumatism is the result.
for Free Peinahnmmeari9Q4A
"Jenkins is a qu;r duck."
"What's he done nott?"
"Why, last night he fretted and
fumed and finally slanged because his
wife took three minutes to dress for a
car ride out to the park, and last week
ho sat in art open boat in the hot, broil
ing sun fjVim 2 o'clock until G without
gettingjt bite and enjoyed it." Balti
more Ttyws.
For coughs and cold there la no better
medicine than l'iso's Cure for Consump
tion, .rrice 2S cents.
. Ia Society,
Tess Miss Xuritch talks eo much
about her mother's social position be
fore sho was married.
Jess Well?
Tess Did she really have any posit
ion in socio t) 7
Jess Oh, lots of them. She never
accepted a place as cook except in very
swell families. Brooklyn Eagle.
Mothers will find Mrs. Wlnilow's Sootblna
c.iup U9 uett remeuy 10 use lor laeix ciuiuron
The Baby Humorist.
"Of course," said Mrs. Extrygood,
"you aro fond of bright, precocious
babies?" 1
"Oh, yes; certainly," replied old
Batch, "hut I draw the line on the sup
posed smart sayings made up by the
parents and loaded ou on poor Infants.
Baltimore American.
CIT0 Termanenuy curea. Hoots or nervousness
TI IO anerflrstday'suseofDr.KUne'sUreatKerre
Restorer. Mend for Free S3 trUlbottleandtreaUee. Kline, Ltd.. Ml Area St., mUadslnhla, ra.
Spain is divided into forty-nine prov- (
lnces, eacit ot wtitcu uas nn own par
liament, chosen by popular suffrage,
unuer rcsiriiiiuiio, twiu uicijr i-uujuiumu j
has its own local administration under
an elected ayuntamlento and an alcado
chosen thereby.
Nothiho so aooo roR cmickbws as-thc
It makes Hns Lsy snd Keeps thm laying. It cures Roup, Cholera and All
Dlmiei. It strengthens young chicks, and manes them grow. Price 25c and 50c.
Mr voooff chickens commenced dvlnir, and after losing four dosen I pur
ehued peckaie of your I'llUsaliU fo(jl.TltV SOOD. which itorpd timn
from djlia .nJ I have coniunfly kept i II on aand .Inc.. I c.n reeonmend
It ae jut what is needed la rsuuia' poultry, O. tt. UIUOIN, Laub. Wash.
rOltTLANI) 8i;i:u CO., I'ortlaud, Or., Coast Aeeilts.
,, c,,- l238VashlngtenBt.,near"VoodardClarVeiiCo.
I v O btores m Morrlaois St., near Meier i Frank Co.
anna nnnnwN
Mrs. J. M. Drown, Dun
nrtnn Hprlngs,Mo.,wrlteii
"My little daughter three
years old was troubled
with n very lad cough
which remained after an
attack of catarrhal fever.
Bhe haa taken one bottle
cflVrunn through which
sho has obtained a com
plete cure. Hlie Is now aa
well and happy as a little
?lrl enn lie. When our
rlends say how well she
looks I tell them I'eruna
did it."
I n a Inter letter she says t
"Our llttlo daughter
continues to have good
Ave., 8t. Jmil, Mo., wrltost
of last vear I wrote to you for
wretched condition when I commenc-
had catarrh all through my whole 1
your medicine set me all rleltt. I
off and on since ho was born.
so well. I cannot praise Peruna 1
had a doctor since we began to use
Mrs. iicnafer.
Ankles, knee, wrists and elbows be
come nid '0 ly swollen and painful. A
long diwstrous' illness follows. The
child may live and become convalescent,
a miserable invalid of valvular disease
of the heart. All these mishaps are
tho direct result of neglected cold. Pe
runa is the safeguard of tho family. If
a child catches cold, Peruna should be
used immediately.
A few doeea of Peruna and a child's
cold is gone. The apprehension of the
parents lleo away. The household is
free from fear once more.
If you do not derive prompt and sat
isfactory results from the use of Peru
na, write at onco to Dr. Hartman,
giving a full statement of your case
and ho will be pleased to give you bis
valuable advice gratis.
Adress Dr. Hartman, President ol
The Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus,
TIT A 7vTrCT Krrr man or woman io In
YY AIN I JUL rllnrt to lern Iho llarbar
lrte. A nlrellghtoccopatlon,
KOot! w p,paA7 to l.urn.ron9 ant practice. Too
method li rUht and too prlco anil time reaalr.4
tn h.t poenlble to civ tatl.ractorr reioll..
Wrll.n.r rull jvirtlcu ora to tne A.MEIUt'AN
KAlUIKIt COU.KUE (Inc.), ol Ererett tL,
I'ortUnd. Oregon.
Wood aws, Drag tawi ran tijr iteam or gaso
line englnei, alio the lateit In saw mill ma
rbtnery, stump pullers, well drtlllDs; machin
ery, etc , etc.
write tor your needs.
Toot ot Morrison Street
Portland Oregon
Goocf Pills
Ayer's Pills are good liver
Dills. You know thnt. Thu rtnet
family laxative you can buy.
Thev keeD the bowels remiiar.
a i
cure constipation.
Low.ll, M.i..
Want your moustache or beard
a beautiful brown or rich black? Use
rotim of pixuoitT. oaa r.BiUca,4nH04.a
Ms 52-tfOJ.
TXTllKN writing; to adTertlserapIeaa
V uieniion sins vpr.
HRnST Deserve your confl- Jh
nC dence. Thty have never fjH
LfMC tillol-won't fill now. HKk
(k Sold by all dealers. tTM
. aDH IDO I Seed Annual BaVf
HK postpaid, free. 'SH
VBBBBA- ri-nn, t WW. .jr-BBBBBBBJ
feOetrolt, Mich. .JM
Is the best present In Oregon or Washington you can
give your wile, your daughter, your lady frfond, or
yourself. We sell beauties, of t est quality, at very
reasonable prices. JOHN AIXBSINA, lortland, Ore.