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    Bohemia Nugget
nowAnn rtnovrn, bs.
Comprehensive Review of the Import
nt Happening! of the Past Week,
Presented In Condensed Form, Most
l.lkely to Prove Interesting.
Colorado miners htivo gone on a
The United S'tntoe battleship Maine
has been sent to Colon.
Russo-Japanese conflict Is growing
more and moro remote.
St. Loula Jury In the bribery case of
Stalo Senator Fnrrls. Is unablo to
Demnrt-ntn hnvo selected John S
Williams, of Mississippi, as their
Tim rannlitlxnti linilCA mtiniH liaS
unanimously selected Joseph G. Call-
noh as speaker.
Great Britain was surprised nt the hands of the Chlneso nftcr the Bus-
Some Members Urge War for Reoccupa
tlon ot Mukden.
Pckln, Nov. 9. Yuan Knl Shal,
viceroy of Chi I.I province, who, ns
cabled to tho Associated Press yes
terday, was dispatched to Mukden by
tho Dowager Empress with Instruc-
tlons to Investigate affairs there and
It nosalblo to nrrango a settlement
with tho Husslans. did not go any fur
thor than Tien Tsln, which ho roachod
sostordny evening. It Is now consld
ored doubtful whether ho wilt go to
Mukdon at all.
The Chinese are more enraged at
tho Ilussan proceedings nt Mukden
than they havo been by any events
since tho capture of Pekln. Somo of
tho hot-headed members of tho Coun-
ell hnvo advised tho Dowager Empress
to declaro war on Russia, and send
troops to releaso tho Tartar General
whoso detention nt Mukden, growing
out of tho decapitation of tho Chinese
bandit, who had enlisted In tho Bus-
slan service, but who fell Into the
quick recognition given tho Colombian
revolutionists by tno unucu amies.
Colombian troops will march on
nnlnn nnd Panama desnlto tho recog
nition of tho new republic by tho
United States.
Howard Havnle. convicted of high
way robbory by a Seattlo court, has
been sentenced to six years In the
Walla Walla penitentiary.
Governor Chamberlain will call a
anoclal session of tho Oregon legisla
ture If a majority of tho members will
pledge themselves to enact no laws
other than remedial to tax levy.
The Maryland democratic plurality
Is 12,376.
Representative Hermann Is work
ing for a Flace on the river and bar
bor committee.
It is sold King Peter, of Servla, has
announced his Intention ot abdicating
In favor of his son.
All European powers have Indorsed
tho attltudo of tho United States In
the Colombian matter.
Colombia says she will be able to
put down the revolution If the United
States keeps her hands oil.
Senate and house leaders can't
agree as- to the method of putting the
Cuban reciprocity treaty into eneci.
Thcro are 2,000.000 sheep on the
Oregon ranges. The worth of this
year's wool output Is placed at $2,550,-
Governor Chamberlain has not yet
decided whether or not he will call
an extra session ot the legislature to
remedy the defects In the Oregon tax
Z. F. Clark, a Portland man who has
Invented a steel hardening process
that will make armor plate bullet
proof, has been offered $100,000 for his
patent by New York, capitalists.
The Dreyfus case Is to be again re
Two more Americans have been as
sassinated on the streets of London.
Senate and house leaders are bound
to crash over Cuban reciprocity pro
After an Interval of a month the
Venezuelan arblratlon case has been
Cable cars at Kansas City. Kan., col
lided In a fog. One person was killed
and 51 Injured.
The senate committee will stand by
Smoot, the Utah senator, despite nu
merous protests.
The San Francisco street railway ar
bitrators have rendered a decision
granting an Increase In wages.
Six men were killed and ten Injured
by an explosion at the United States
naval arsenal at lona isiana, n. i.
Authorities In Wyoming may clash
over the Indian trouble. The Indian
agents want those under arrest re-
slan9 had evacuated Mukden, wound
Chinese susceptibilities, Binco It
considered to be not only an Insult
a high official, but as Insulting to the
Chinese government Itself.
Better-Informed ofllclals, however,
icaltzc the helplessness ot China, and
tho madness of going to war with
Russia. Their counsel has hitherto
prevailed, although thero Is much
baseless war talk In tho native press
and among the younger Chlneso offl
Cuban Alcalde Disposed to Quibble Ov
Terms of Treaty.
Havana, Nov. 9. There seems to be
considerable disposition on the part
of a number of Cuban government of
ficers to cause troublo to American In
terests In tho Isle of Pines Archlpela
go. Several natives said to havo been
inspired by Cubans, some of whom
are believed to bo In tho government
employ, are endeavoring to Institute
suits to question titles to realty In the
isle of Pines Archipelago, acquired by
Americans prior to the signing of the
Squlres-Palma treaty, which provided
for the cession of tho Isle of Pines
proper to Cuba, as a quid pro quo for
coaling stations at Bahla Honda and
The Cuban alcalde, or sub-governor
of the Isle of Pines, has refused to
lend police protection asked by Amer
ican settlers In several of the small
keys adjacent to the Isle of Pines, on
the ground that, according to a strict
Interpretation of the treaty, these
keys were no ceded to Cuba, and
hence are not entitled to the police
protection asked from the Cuban gov
dencral Qreeiv Recommends a Line From
Valses to Sitka.,
Washington, Nov. 10. Based upon
a recommendation contained m ins
annual report of General A. W. Greely,
chief signal officer of the army ,an at
tempt will be made at the coming ses
sion of congress to secure an appropri
ation for A submarine telegraph cable
to run from Valdes to Sitka, Alaska.
General Greely urges the appropri
ation of $321,580 for the construction
of this cable, and gives as a reason for
the expenditure the fact that this last
link In the government telegraph Bys-
leased, but the governor refuses to do I tem of Alaska Is needed to give an all
Haynle, of spotted horse fame, has
been convicted of highway robbery In
Seattle. He always drove to and from
tho scene ot operations behind a spot
ted horse. His wife held the lines
while he did the holding up.
The epidemic of yellow
Texas continues to spread.
fever In
American line connecting with every
part of Alaska In order to do away
with tho necessity of utilizing Can
adlan lines. Secretary Root, In his an
nual report and estimates, is expected
to indorse General Greely's recom
Alexander J. Dowle, the
leador, indorses Roosevelt
During October there was coined at
the various mints of the United States
The case of W. H. Machen, charged
with postal fraud, has been set for No
vember 23.
T. A. Wood, of Portland, has been
discharged from practice before the
pension bureau.
Congressman Jones, of Washington,
will Introduce a bill giving Alaska a
temporary government
' The sea dredge Chinook has arrived
at the mouth of the Columbia river
and will commence work at once.
The German mall steamer Dulsberg
has been wrecked near Lisbon, Spain.
Most of the passengers were saved.
A reward of $5,000 Is offered for the
arrest and conviction of the persons
who wrecked the Santa Fe Train at
Asflshapa creek last week.
.A netltlon slcned by a Iaree num
ber of Filipinos has been recelted at
tho navy department asking for the
establishment of a gun factory near
Cavlte, P. I.
In tho state elections just held the
democrats elected the mayor of oreat-
er New York, and governors In Ken
tucky. Rhode Island and Maryland.
Tho republicans carried Ohio, Massa
chusetts, New jersey, I'ennsyivania,
Colorado, Iowa and Nebraska.
A blato at the Vatican, Rome, de
stroyed $oo,uuu worm oi property,
Diplomatic Agent Named.
Panama. Nov. 10. M. Philippe
Bunau-Varilla has been appointed dl
plomatlc agent of the Republic of
Panama at Washington. He is one of
the financial agents of the Panama
Canal Company. His first official act
was to officially notify the junta that
the United States has recognized the
do facto government ot Panama. The
News has caused great rejoicing here,
and was telegraphed throughout the
country. Preparations are being
made to celebrate the event with
great enthusiasm. M. Philippe Bunau
Varllla is now in New York.
Conflict With Russia Sure.
London, Nov. 10. Telegrams from
Shanghai say the Grand Council at
Pckln has Issued a circular to the
viceroys and governors declaring a
rupture with Russia Is inevitable, and
urging them to raise funds and troops.
The correspondent of the Morning
Post nt Chefoo, reports that the con
centration of Russian troops In South
ern Manchuria Is proceeding, and ex
presses doubt as to whether Russia
has capacity for coaling, docking and
maintaining tho enormous fleets she
is accumulating in uninese waters.
There Is a Strong reeling That It Would
Be a Uood Arrangement for the Unit
ed States to Preserve Order Among
All Central Amarlcan States England
Will Indorse Our Action.
London, Nov. 9. The British onle
Ials' attltudo toward the events at
Panama Is that It Is entirely tho
United States' affair. This feeling,
with the consequent comparative
apathy, appears to be shared In all dl
plomatlc quarters In Loudon. Except
In the unlikely possibility ot some out
side Interference, no action Is contain-
plated by tho British, or, so far as the
Associated Press Is able to ascertain,
at the various Embassies here, by any
other government. Uron request of
the British diplomatic or consular rep
resentative In tho disturbed region
war vessel would bo sent to protect
the rights ot subjects ot Great Brit
sin, but such a request would not bo
encouraged, as Downing street is ot
tho opinion that tho forco the United
States Is sending to the Isthmus Is
moro than sufficient to maintain tho
safety of the foreign residents.
The question ot the recognition ot
Panama's Independence entirely de
pends on the action ot tho United
States. If Washington communicates
to the powers thnt It Intends to recog
nize tho Independence of Panama, It
Is not likely thnt thcro will bo the
slightest objection on tho part of
Great Britain, while, according to the
views of tho diplomats here, tho other
European powers probably will quick
ly follow suit.
Thero has long been a strong feel
ing In British official circles that It
would be an excellent arrangement If
the United States would undertake
Alaska Commissioners Let One Stretch
Uo-No Data to Work On.
Washington, Nov. 7. Contrary to
tho general understanding, It develop
ed In Washington today that tho Alas-
knu boundary commission, recently In
session In London did not finally lo
cate tho entire boundary lino between
British nud Auicrlcnn territory, but a
stretch ot over 139 miles between
Kate's Ncedlo nnd tho Devil's Paw,
two prominent mountain peaks lying
southeast ot Skngway, Is yet to bo de
finitely located. Because ot the fail
ure of tho commission to determine
tho locatlou ot this Hue tho joint sur
veying commlBSlua that will bo charg
ed with marking off tho boundary as
recently determined will bo unable to
opcrnto over this stretch ot territory.
which Is about one-fourth of tho entire
length ot tho boundary that Itns long
been In dispute.
It so happens that tho country lying
between Kate's Neodlo and DoyII's
Paw Is desolate, nnd apparently worth
less mountains ot snow nud Ice. The
determination of the actual location
of the boundary Is tbereforo of no Im
mediate Importance, but should mines
bo developed, or should other resourc
es bo discovered, thcro would bo n rep
etition of tho dispute that has existed
all over Southeastern Alaska since the
discovery of gold In tho territory.
Tho boundary commission did not
havo before it sufficient duta to enable
It to fix this portion ot the boundary
with any degree of satisfaction.
Posscngers From Panama Also Say Amer
icans Favor Rcvelt.
San Francisco, Nov. 7. When the
steamer San Juan, which arrived hero
today, left Panama, October 29, tho
preparations for the revolution wore
Advice Ulven to Orovicra by ex.Commle,
sloncr Reynolds,
Hnlom "Pruiiogrowera who hnv
not nlready sold their fruit should hold
It for n prloo thnt will glvo thotn n fill
Profit." says Lloyd T. Reynolds, for
merly horticultural commissioner for
tho second dlstilct.
"Dealer are around offeiliig to pay
a basis prlc of lsi cents. Probably
mnjorlty of tho prune crop this year
will average in thn B0-C0 to tho-pound
site, nud at this basis growers would
got only 3 cents a pound for their fruit
Since tho cost of labor and fuel line
advanced, 3 cents a pound Is about th
actual cost of production. Growers are
cutting their own throats when they
sell nt such figure.
"The condition of tho fruit marks
does not warrant hucIi low prices,
Franco had a very short crop and Is
buying prunes henvlly in this country
Tho dispatches from New otk ten u
that the packing Iiousch In this country
have had illfficulty in filling the orders
na fast as they nro received. Tho
annlo eron of the United States Is 1.000
000 barrels short and prices for that
fruit will be high. Cannot! goods hnv
advanced very materially. In every
view ot tho situation I can see no ren
on why prunegrowers should not re
ceive a fair prlco, If thoy will ask for
"It seems to me to bo certain that
all tho prunes will bo wanted and th
proper courso for tho growers la to
wait until n living price Is offered. 1
do not advlso holding for speculative
prices, but for n living price. Oregon
prunes this year are of first-class quail
ty and they glvo satisfaction wkcrovor
well under way, and secession was
the preservation of good order nnd the talked everywhere upon the streets.
stability of all the Central American
states. This feeling Is well known to
the American diplomats In England.
At the oerman Embassy, here, a
representative of the Associated
Press was Informed that there was
not the faintest likelihood that Ger
many would take any steps in the
matter. If the United States Is sat
isfied to recognize Panama's Indo-
Evidently, the government has known
for at least two weeks
was approaching.
Passengers on the San Juan who
came from Panama and various points
In Central American republics are
agreed that tho revolution, which the
cable reports as In progress, was most
pendence, doubtless Germany will cor- carefully planned, and they predict
dlally agree to It.
On all sides America's paramount
Interests and rights to deal with the
situation single handed are recog
nized by tho diplomats, thouch the
Globe, In Its usual anti-American tone,
declares tnat on account ot the prox
imity of the West Indies tho British
Government should take a hand in the
matter. The other afternoon natters.
however, comment on the correctness
Its success. They also state, according
to the Evening Post that the diplo
matic representatives of the United
States are favorable to tho revolution
The men at the head of tho seces
sion movement are friends of tho Pana
ma canal and want the canal built by
the United States and maintained un-
Land Agent West Puts Records la Order
and Gathers Figures.
Salem Stato Land Agent Oswnld
West has Just completed the classlft
that a crisis cation and filing of the correspond
enro and papers relating to atnto lieu
land selections In Oregon. Hereto
fore the records have been In confus
Ion and ono seeking Information re
gardlng any particular selection
would havo difficulty In finding It
Now the records are arranged so that
any desired Information may bo hnd
at n moment's notice. Tho list shows
that tho lieu land selections upon mln
ernl base, which have been passed
upon by the Federal Land Depart
mont within the past year or two ag
gregate 74.000 acres, of which about
000 acres havo been clear listed and
about 70.000 tins either been rejected
or Is still pending with tho outlook
poor for Its approval.
tlon of the Interoceanlc canal prob
lem irom tne independence of Pan
rtnnnV,?iielStf',.attltVfe MCT thS m,Iltar7 Protection Of the Unit-
. . . .. w w - ...... V ...... 1 1. H DU1U-K. C .. -
Among the San Juan's passengers
was John Jenkins, United States con
sul-general at San Salvador, who said
'The Independent government now
being formed In Panama will always
remain there. Tho Bogota government
la out of place and has no reason for
longer existence.
President Sends Orders Recognizing New
Panama Government
Washington, Nov. 9. Tho United
States government has recognized tho
do facto government of Panama. It
was announced at tho state depart
ment after the return of Secretary Hay
from the cabinet that Instructions had
been sent to United States Minister
Bcaupre at Bogota, assuming that he
has not left the capital yet, and to Mr.
Ehrman, the United State vice-consul
at Panama, and now acting' consul
Will Assume Charge of Manchuria Unless
Demands Are Met.
Tokio, Nov. 7. Reports from Pckln
say Russia now tbrctens t assunio
sole charge of the government of Man
cburla unless China promptly dlsmls
Pendleton Owns Its first Park.
Pendleton Pendleton Is now the
owner of n city park. For years such
a move has been ngttnted. but nothing
was dono until a week or so ago. when
the council bargained for tho property
In tho east part of tho city, where the
water supply Is secured. Tho money
has been paid over and tho deeds
filed. The Innd waa purchased froia
Jessie S. Vert, consisting of ono on
tiro block, nnd for which sho received
$1500. and four lots from V. StrobI
Tho city purchased this property to
prevent buildings from being erected
ses Yuen, the taotal of Mukden, and
there, to Inform the governments of decaDltates nnother mandarin who re-
v-oiomoia nnu i-anama, respectively. ccnty punished disorderly
nlzed 6".Uu.cul . recug- ,)andltl n RnsUn empojr
The decision to recognze the de fac
to government of Panama was arrived
at after a protracted session of the
cabinet today, at which every member
was present except Secretaries Root
and Wilson. The president empha
sized tho Importance of the recogni
tion of tho do facto government. With
tho withdrawal of the Colombian of-
nciais, the isthmus was left entirely
without a government unless that es-
lauusnea by the secessionists nhnnM
bo recognized, and this step seemed
necessary for the transaction of the
routine business of the United Slnlpn
on tne istnmus.
Water a Scarce Article.
Pendleton There Is a scnrclty of
water throughout tho county. Com,
plaints can bo heard from sheep and
cattlo men that It Is difficult for them
to get a supply fo their herds and
flocks. Many of tho wells havo gona
dry. Some of tho creeks and streams
Chinese I of tho district, which hnvo nlways
Decn well supplied with water, havo
The action of Russia has caused con- '" ,n tl " f"1"',."",:
probably entirely duo to thn lone dry
spoil whlciT has visited this part of
tno uiue Mountain district this sum,
slderabla resentment against the Czar
In Chinese officials circles. It Is look
ed upon a showing that the alleged pa-
clfic attitude of Rusla Is not borne out
by her actions. A number of tho high
officials continue to advocate the ad
dressing of a forcible appeal ot protest
against Russlas attitude to tho row,
ore, with a request that they Interfere
to preserve the integrity of the Chi
nese empire.
America Heads the Navy.
Panama, Nov. 9. General II. O. Jef
fries, a graduate of West Point, has
teen appointed commander of the Pa
cific flotilla by the provisional govern
ment. Carlos Constantino Arosmena
has been made assistant secretary of
lurcign reiauons. Troops of tho new
republic will be sent to Colon at once.
ine provisional government has al-
eaay organized the m Htarv to ha
cummanaeu oy ueneral Domingo Diaz.
All tho soldiers forming the division
fcught with the government or lihnml
army during tne last revolution.
Oriel May Kill Booth.
New York, Nov. 7. Commander
Booth-Tucker, of the Salvation army.
sailed for England today on the Cedrlc
In response to a cablegram from Gen
eral Wlllllam Booth, the head of tho
army. It was said the commander
had become so overcome by the sudden
death of his wife that General Booth
wished him to take a few days ot rest.
It Is said General Booth Is suffering
greatly Iron the shock of his daugh
ter's violent death, and on account of
his age It Is feared the result may be
Release of 171 Atnrlgages.
Pendleton Tho Pendleton savings
bank has filed with tho county record
er releases of 171 mortgages. This Is
the biggest bunch of mortgages that
has ever been paid off at ono time for
a number of years. The banking com
pany held thce mortgages, principal
ly against farmers, sheep nnd cattle
men. Tho amount of somo of the
mortgages was as high as $10,000.
whllo some of thorn were as low as
$50. They nvcraged $1600. making the
total amount pnld $200,500.
Nearly 3,000 men are Idle at Lorain,
Ohio, bocauso or tne snut-aown oi me
large steel plant inere.
Postmaster Goneral Payne will ask
for about $15,000,000 more than tne
last congressional appropriation.
A conflict with Russia Is regarded
hv Jan'an ns sure, sooner or User, and
sho will not yield one polat I the
present controversy.
Rear, Admiral Endlcott, chief of the
bureau of yards and docks, recom
mends on appropriation of $140,000
tor tho rugct Sound navy yard.
May Use Force With Porte-
Constantinople. Nov. 10. In conse
quence of tho Porto's reply, pleading
tne superfluity or the new reform
scheme tor Macedonia, on the ground
thnt Turkey Is carrying out the pro
posals previously agreed to. It Is be
lieved that Austria and Russia will
send an ultimatum giving the Turkish
government a fixed term within which
to accept tho proposals, and that In
the event of another refusal, tho two
powers will tako steps to compel
Turkish action.
Blockade Is Raised.
Washington, Nov. 10. Captain
Brlggs, of the cruiser Baltimore, ca
bled the navy department today from
Puerto Plata, on the north coast of
Santo Domingo, announcing his ar
rival, and stating that tho Cherokeo
was discharging her cargo. This Indi
cates that the blockade has been
To Exclude Foreign Ships.
Havana, Nov. 9. The Importers and
exporters of Cuba have sent Mr. Place,
one of their number, to Washington
as their representative to endeavor to
have the reciprocity treaty with tho
United States so frameil thn hnnn.
nts to no derived will accmn nnlv in
tho case of goods exchanged in Cuban
anu American Bottoms. This is In
tended tO CXClUdO Entrllsh Hnnnluh
and German trade, carried in vessels
of any of these nationalities, from the
results of reciprocity between tho
unueci mates and Cuba.
Transport In Typhoon.
Ban Francisco, Nov. 7. Tho United
States army transport Thomas, which
arrived at Honolulu today, had a hard
battlo with a typhoon on tho voyago
from Nagasaki, and narrowly escaped
destruction. Sho was severely batter
ed up by the storm, and sovera'i men on
board narrowly escaped death, News
of tho trying experience of tho Thomas
reached here In a cablegram to tho ma
lino exchange. Tho Thomas encount
ered tho typhoon October 25. and buck
ed Into the teeth of the galo for 12
Put Up Much Fruit.
Ashland Tho ABhlnnd Preserving
Company, which has been operating
an extonsivo cannery In this city the
present season, will close operations
for the year this week. Tho season
has bcon longer than usual and there
have been moro pcoplo emnloyd than
eyer before, tho averago number ot
operatives being between 40 and (fl,
Manager Charles Pierce reports that
during the four months' run tho plnnt
has canned 15 tons of Bartlett pears,
21 tons ot peaches, 10 tons of string
beans and seven tons ot blackberries.
lloulton Will Have a Plant That Will Em
ploy 100 Men,
St. Helens It Is now a Bottled fact
thnt tho Western Cooperngo Company,
composed of Kentucky capitalists, will
build a largo Rtnvo factory nt
lloulton, on tho Northern I'arlflo rail
rond, Just on the outer udge of tho cor
porate limits of St. Ilvluiis, A dnton
men am nlready at work gutting
camps rendy In, tho woods, where the
bolts for tho stnvca will bo cut up
and split Into the usual alio.
A factory alio linn been purchased
from W. II. Dolman, nt Moulton, which
has ample space for swltrhcH and side
tracks. Options hnvo boon secured on
several tracts of timber land, and a
contract has been entered Into with
tho Oregon Wood Company to Hunt
down 800.000 cords of atavo bolts an
nually. Construction work will begin
on tho factory at onco, nnd tho mini
agement atnto that fully ono hundred
men will bo employed In tho mill and
Thin company owns factories
Kentucky, Arkansas, Georgia and
Seattle and Aberdeen, Wash.
Pennsylvania Capitalists Preparing for a
Heavy Cut or Vlniber.
Roaeburg The Kelloher-Skelley
Lumber Company has Just been In
corporated here, by W. J. Kcllcher.
Johu K. Bkelley and W. II. Sykos with
n paid up capital of 150,000 The com
pany has already acquired about 5000
ncros of nno timber land on Hilly
Creek, n few miles west of Yoncnlla,
In this county.
A sawmill building has already been
erected and part of tho mnchlnery Is
now In place. The plant will have a
dally capacity of 50.000 feet of lum
ber to begin with, and will be ready
for operation within 30 days. A flu inn
win io put In from tho mill to carry
the product direct to thn Southern rn-
cine railroad irac at nrain, wnern n
lumber yard will also bo established.
Looking for Reservoir Rites.
Ashland II. II Green nnd J. 13
Reeso, of tho hydrographlc branch of
tne united blnlcs Geological Survey
arrived In Ashland last night from
San Francisco. Thoy nro In tho re-
cliimatlnn servlro and will cross the
mountnlns eastward from here on an
extended exploration and Investigat
ing trip to locato possible sites for res
ervoirs for tho storage of waters for
Irrigation purposes. Thoy go to Pel
lean Bay. Tort Klamath. Tho Accncr
flprnguo River Valley. Illy and Bonan
za, and tholr Itinerary will take In nil
tho Modoc lava beds and the Honey
Lake district.
Atontanans Want Legislature to Remedy
lUlstlng State of A'falrs.
Ilutlo, Mont.. Nov. 5. A llulonn ills-
pnteli to the Miner miyti thnt pctltluna
fiom all sections of tho ntnlo nro
penning lulu tho Kovnriior'r olllco nuk
ing Hint nn extra session of Ihu IokIs
Inturu bo culled lo louindy (hu statu ot
nffiilra existing In Montana ns it re
unit of the HtiHpcnslon of thn AiihiIkii-
muted mlmm and smelters, Governor
Toolo ns yut hnn Hindu no ntitiouucc-
incut ns to IiIh dotoriiiltmtlon lu Ilia
A luovo Is on foot lo hnvo a memor
ial proaentod lo the legislature. In thn
event It In convened In oxtm mimhIoii
.skliig that body to unbuilt to tho voters
of Montana mi iiliietiilmeiit to tho con
sllutlou providing that eight hours
eoiiNtltulo n workday for minora and
smelting men.
Notwithstanding Mayor Miilllu a or
der, every gniablliiK houao In the city
was open ull night, i ho rour big es.
labllnhliionlH were notified to ('loin nt
midnight, but they pnld no attention
to the order. Long nftcr 12 o'clock
and until an early hour lliln morning
tho houses did n rushing hualneaM,
Piesldent William Hcallon, of tho
Anaconda mining company, nud F.
Augustus llclnt, both deny thnt any
negotiations nro on for the purrhnao
of tho Helnzo properties In Unite.
Thla denial followed a report emanat
ing from Boston lo tho effect that Mr.
Ilelnzo had been offorod $15,000,000
for his llutto mines.
Good Fall Planting Weather.
Pendleton With tho exception of
sovernl days of rain about tho first of
October, thero has been no wet weath
er In thla section of the Illuo Moun
tain district for sovernl months. Tho
last heavy showers, however, came
at a time when thoy wero badly need
cd, putting tho ground In excellent
shapo for seeding. Tho long dry spell
since thnt tlmo hna mado Ideal weath
er for fall planting. Tho irrenter nor-
tlon or tho seeding of this district Ib
now done nnd a heavy rain will be
greatly welcomed by tho tillers of tho
In the Sugar Ueet Fields.
La Grande Tho sucnr beet factory
hero liaB already this hcbboh received
10.000 tons of beets, nnd hna worked
over 7000 tons, which means 1C.O0O
sackB of sugar. It Is axnerted thai
about 1000 tons moro of beets will be
received by the fnclory this season.
ami mat tno run will continue until
shout November 10. Bo far tho beet
harvest has Droved a atieeesa. a1.
though thero was a shortaco In the
iron, ine sugar maionai in the beet
was neavicr than last year.
Independence ol tbs Isthmus Has Been
Panama, Nov. 6. Tho Independence
ot the Indiums was proclaimed At I
p. m. today. A largo ami enthusiastic
crowd of nil political parties assem
bled and marched to the hea'dqunrters
of the governmeut troops, where Gen
eral Tovnr nnd General Amnyn, who
arrived thla morning, were Imprisoned
In the name, of tho Republic of Panama.
The enthusiasm was Immense, and nt
least 1000 of tho moil In the gathering
wero armed.
Tho battalion of Colombian troops nt
Pauamn fnvora tho movement, which
Is also thought to meet with tho op-
proval or at least two of tho govern
ment transports now here.
Tho Booming Inaclvlty on th narl nf
tho government In not preparing somo
defense when rumors of the unrlalnu
became rlfo nro looked upon na show
ing confidence In the reports mado bv
General Obnldla, tho governor of tho
department or I'annmn. who Issued n
manifesto thanking all political parties
for the adhoHlon promised to thn aov.
ernnient when It waa reported n heavy
forco waa marc-l !-g in tho vicinity of
The streets of Colon todnv nresenl.
od somowhat tho same nppearanco as
during the days of tho revolution.
Several hundred troops, who arrived
today from Savanllla on tho Colombian
gunboat Cartagena, with their wives,
are Bouatted On thn street rnrni.,.
Tho battalion consists of -160 soldiers,
nil well supplied with ammunition, un-
mvr win niminnnu or ueneral Ixirnr,
who left for Pnnamn today, but the
troopB still remain here.
October Asylum Report.
Salem The report of Siinorlnteml.
ent J. F. Cnlbreath, of tho State In
anno Asylum, for thn month nf iicin.
her shows thnt tho ccnnrnl health nf
me patients is good. The total cost
i articles consumed was $7103.99.
nil tho expenditures for snlarlcs
5099.10. or a total of $13,103.09. The
avorago oally enrollment was 1330.
making tho cost per capita per month
.o;t, ami per capita per day 32 cents.
Massacre All the Ocrmans.
London, Nov. 9. According to
Capo Town correspondent nf
Dally Mall, the Bondelzwar tribesmen
who are engaged In a native rebellion
in uemaraiand. succeeded In ntr.
ing wnrmbad, a German fort They
uuwieu nits juri anu vniaca mflRnncp.
ed all the Germans nnd took the Eng
lish, families prisoners. A relieving
forco from tho north engaged a large
muy oi mo natives nnu heavy flehtlnr-
ensued, tho result of which u nni
Told to Prepare for Strike.
Kansas City. Mo., Nov. 7. In all
probability a general strike of tho un
ion employes of tho local packing hous
es will bo ordered within tho next 24
hours as an outcome of tho sausago-
makers' strlko at Cb caeo. Officers in
this city of tho Amalgamated Mcatcut-
ters' and Butchers' Union received
word to prepare for a strike order.
Should such an order bo Issued, It
would, It g estimated, affect 1600 men
and 800 women In the Kansas City
Wood $7 a Cord.
Pendleton There Is a scarcity of
wood In Pendleton. This U duo to the
lack of cars to bring It from tho Blue
Mountains, from whero Pendleton gets
her supply. There seems to be plenty
or wood at the licit, l rlccu nro excep
tionally high. Fir Ih selling at $7 per
cord and pine at $c.oo. This price Is
nearly $1 higher than last year. Coal
Is selling at $8 per ton,
Sale of Qreal Timber Tract.
Astoria A deed has been filed for
record whereby tho Oregon & Mon
tana Lumber Company, of Helena,
Mont, sells to Samuol McCluro, of
Stillwater, Wash., 1506.29 acres of
timber land In the Lewis nnd Clark
district. Tho consideration named Is
$1000, but It Is supposed a much high
er price was paid.
Malheur County Clcan-Uo.
Baker City Gennrsl Mnnnror rt n
juiiiiHun urougui in the cloan-up of a
uw-tia run irom mo uicii urcek placer
mine of the Eldornrin Minn x, mit.
Company, of Malheur county, today.
Tho clean-up amounted to about 800
ounces valued at ahout $18,000, R.
n. uormirn, or Carroll, la., Is the
principal owner or the diggings.
Wheat Walla Walla, 75cj blue-
stem, iic vailgy, 78c
Barley Feed, $20 par ton; brewing,
$22; rolled, $21. "
Flour Valley, $3.7503.85 per bar-
raij nitru wneai airaigiits, IB.75&? -J.10 ;
naru wncai patents, 4,ZU(S4,00; gra
ham, $3.35(88.75; whole wheat, $3.66
ii ryo wneai, s-i.ou.
Mlllstuffs Bran, $20 per ton; mid.
dllngB, $24; shorts, $20; chop, $18;
wnnccu uMiry loou, s lu.
Hay Timothy, $16 per ton; clover.
$13; grain, $11; cheat, $11,
Butter Fancy creamery, 37K30c
per pounu; uairy, l0tf320cj Btoro,
Cheese Full cream, twins, 15c;
Young America, 16910c: factory
Pound In Twenty. rive fathoms of Water
In Barclay Sounu.
Victoria, II. C . Nov. 5. A report has
been made to Captain Oaiidln. Agent
of Marine, that a submerged wreck,
seemingly of nn Iron vessel, tins been
found lying In 25 fathoma of water off
Amphrltlto Point. Barclay Sound.
Hahormen havo como In contact with
tho wreck when trolling and tho fact
that their lines, when clenred. hnw.t
rust and Iron ntnltm Imiirnina n,
slblllty of It being nn Iron vcasol. The
vessel in nvo nines rrorn shore.
Captain Onudln hna communicated
with Admiral Blrkfnnl cn,nn.nn4in.
he Btatlon, Intimating n possibility of
tho wreck being that of tho HritlBh
warahlp Condor, which foundered In
December two yearn ago. Wreckage
from tho Condor waa found by aenrch
Ing veKBela In Hint vli,,it i.
a nothing to Indlcnto thnt It Is thnt
lost warship, for mnnv wrcrv. h...
occurred near by within tho past year.
(live Up Indian Hunt.
Douglas, Wyo.. Nov. 5. John lift-rton,
member of tho Douglna dobbo. aavs
tho Indiana who shot 8hcrlff Miller
and n deputy In n bloody battlo Sat
urday have scparatod, and each par
ty la taking a different trail. Tho
posso wna unabln In fnttxu, tt,
and tho purBiilt was temporarily aban
doned. It la tho opinion of many of
tho officers that tho redskins cannot
bo caught until thoy return to the res
orvntlon, and as fast ns thoy como Into
too I'lno Hliltrn nrnnrv Hiav mm i.
Inkcn Into custody.
Dowlcltts Again at Hots.
Chlcngo, Nov. 6. Weary and travel.
stained, John Almnnder DowIo'b "lies
toratlon Host" today roturncd to Elon
City from Now York. It was noar mid.
night boforo tho Inst of tho eight spoo
ls! trains bearing tho returning fol
lowers of Dowlo roachod homo. Tho
return of tho host wan mado thn nrr.
slon oMi holldnv In 'Inn mt .,
each train renchod Its destination the
travelers wore glvon a rousing wol
como by tho mombers of tho colony
who had remalnod nt homo.
Fire Causes Million Loss.
Albany. N. Y.
boYtt0n1ortRT " i170"8' lm-
nvu tui iwu 1 1 OUTS
boforo It wns undor control, and de-
nivT'-I,,al. Inrg0 '"'"'lings on
Ijlvor stroet botwoen Broadway and
Mormonn Buy Pamaus Jail,
KcoVult. Ia.. Nov. 9. The Mormon
church has purchased for $4000 the old
fall at Carthago. III.. In which Jonnh
mini, me mormon propnet, and his
brother Hiram, wore killed bv a mnh
Id the early history of the state.
Porte Absolutely Rejects Plan.
London. Nov. 7. Tho Constantinople
correspondent of Uio London Dally
Mall writes the sultan has absolutely
rejected every one of the proposals
contained In the joint aote of Austria
and Rusia, demanding that the Mace
donian reform be carled out under the
direction and supervision of ofllclals
appointed by the two powers.
Vacancies In Legislature.
Salem Not only will a special ses
sion of tho legislature be necessary to
cure tho defect In the taxation law.
but a special election will be neces
sary to fill sovcral vacancies In the
legislature. Tho vacancies must be
tilled before the session Is held, ac
cording to the language of the Constitution.
, . . - "--.- .'i.fiiunuy inn
tv.,,11. m.i.i . . noconu stroota. ncliwllncr ti,n .,..
U,,I"J wiuiiciin, Illizuu. lUUfllllKf. I Ai. .."""' '" "VHUIIIUI
Mcnir u, ; rare?. &''Tho 5r
fresh, 2420 Xc. ' ' " . " -"".iou.
Potatoes Oregon, 6005o ner sack- u..i. c .. .
sweet potatoes, 292Xc. ' Paris Nov r, ti " ,
Hops-1003 crop. 12022c n.,,l l,7 'e! i ETT"'."'ivl.n.8liy' "-
according U quality. Minister ot ' voiZu 7faC In nn In
Wool Valloy, 1718oi East fw torvlow thla
gon, 12016c; mohair, 85987Kc. "Ires general poaco In both the near
ijceiuresseu, per pound. u"u '"r ent and Is not anxious for
Veal Small, 7K8o!larire. 6 Wan ?.n.y Pfotoxt for n clash with V
rfer pound. , nao ? as como of tho Jingo-
Mutton Dressed, imei Ln.l,. v'L 1.r,88 W"'1 try to show. A solo.
"1.6e. . s llnff thf ?liem. ' .?.' ,m.v bcn &u
MyitV-Drened, Bootfc. , -- we secretary