Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, October 30, 1903, Image 6

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C J. Howard EdUor
Barton C. V. Brown - Business MR'r.
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AilHUIn( ltalmad known mi
TIU8 PATER In Uf on Ms at B. I'.
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Friday, Octohkk 30. 1903.
"I need the money," says the
saloonkeeper, ns he takes over Ins
bar the Inst dollar of the drunken
workingman and turns hiui into
the street. "Husiness is business".
"I need the money." says the
young woman who sells her soul
for a paltry sum to whoever will
buy. "I am forced to do this by
the unfortunate position I am in.
"I need the money," says the
gambler, as he pockets the coin he
knows full well the poor clerk has
taken from his employer's till. "My
family can't starve."
"I need the money," says the
highwayman, as he raises his
bludgeon or pistol to shed inuocent
blood and wronc those who have
never wronued him. "The world
owes every man a living."
"I need the money,' says the
thief, who lives off others by his
wits, throuch cards, dice, gold
bricks or confidence games. "A
man must live."
Yes, we all need the money.
But we need something else much
more. We need self-respect, we
need an approving conscience, we
need the confidence and compan
ionship oi our fellow men.
Dowie parades himself before
gaping thousands and drags tlie
sacred things of religion into' the
mire. He needs the money for
Bryan defies good taste and im
perils his good name for the sake of
a paltry $50,000. He needs the
money for his iamily.
Perhaos it is that we lack pride
the pride of family, the pride of
reputation. These things were
once most powerful deterrents from
wrong doing. TbeJinbere in so
ciety where money is appraised at
its true value.
Perhaps an aristocracy of birth
and breeding is, after all, better
than an aristocracy of mere money.
Perhaps our commercial civiliza-!
tion needs an infusion of gentility. 1
Is the race of Tom Newcome and
Bertie Cecil and John Halifax ex
tinct? Oregonian.
The following is an authentic re
port of the game laws of Oregon in
condensed form, as compiled by the
United States Department of Agri
culture: KINtm III" OAMK.
Peer (except spotted lawn, pro
tected nt all times), antelope, moose.
mountain sheep (see inceptions).
Nov. 1-Jtily 15. .
Kxckitionk: (Irani, Harney, Mai
ltetir, mnl ltnle counties, deer mid
itutclop. Oct. 15-Oct. 1.
t emnle deer lit rest of Mate, Nov 1-
Atijr. 15.
Ulk, until Sept. IS. 1!01.
Stlver-srey simlircl, Jim. MM. I.
KnulUli or Kri" pntrhlKe, caper
entitle, moor hen, pheasants (silver.
golden, cupper, green. Japanese, mid
Reeve)), wllil turkey, woodcock, un
til Oct. 1, 11105.
Rail, upland plover. Jnn. I -Auk 1.
Mallard, wood duck.wldKvon.tenl
spoonbill (gray. Muck. aprlc-tnll).
cunvnsback duel:, wild koo wild
irhii (except In Jackson, Klmunth.
niul ItVe counties, .la 11. 1-Sept. 15,
nnd In Coose County, Feb. 1-Auir. I.)
Wkst of CAKCAiiKHtscecxcrptlousl.
Quail, bohwhite. patrliluv. Erottse
native phensuut 1 rutted grouscl. riupt
neck or China tontuntus pheasant
prnlrle chicken, Dec. 1-Oct, 1
kxckptionn: l)tniKliiHCoiiiity:(juull
bobwhttc, pntrldge, native pheasant.
rlns-ncck or Chlnn toniiiatiis pheas
ant, pntlrle chicken, Dec. 1-Sept. 1?
(rouse, runVdKroiiM-. life. l-Auji. V
Tlllmuook County: Nuthe pheas,
nut ((rutted croiiM). rltiK-neck or
Chlnn tonjuatus phcusnut, until
Sept, 15, UKM.
lllus grouse. Oct. 15-Auk- 1.
SJCIntsou. Coos, Curry. Jackson, mid
Josephine counties: lllng-neck or
Chlnn tonmatus pheasant, until
I Sept. 15. 1MM.
I Kastof Cascaiiics: Uunll (except
In Wnseo County, Oct. l.VAujr. 1, nnd
except iKibwhlte). pnensnnt, native
phensnnt irufled grout-), groux
ago hen, Nov 1-Ausr. 1.
liohwhlte. until Oct. 15. 1P05.
1'rnlrle chicken lexcept In Wasco
County. Oct. 1 Nov. lo-Aug
Ki.Mw or cami: aknaptikx.
Deer, nutllupe. elk, moe, moun
tain sheep (or hides of said anluials)
for purport- of sale: quail or Itolt
whlte, Kngllslt or gray pntrldgc,
cnerclllxc, moor hen, grouse, sugr
hen, pheasant. Mongolian, mhcr.
golden, copx.r, green. Japanese, nnd
ItreveM pheasants, prairie chicken.
wild turkey, woodcock, rail, upland
plover, wild duck. gooi-e, swan, or
other wild low I eiinlty, for big
game, JlOO-fVKi n l costs, or Im
prUonuient; lor It., .is $15-J00, or Im
prisonment "-lOO days, or both fine
and Ituprisnumeu.
KxrKiTiox: Any citizen of Wash
ington teriiiltted to take one day's
hair with 1dm out of the state.
, Elk, moose, mountain Hlieep, quail,
roum-, rlnu-iieck plirax nits, only
I during last 15 days of oeii M-asou.
irooory Store
& Morse
is the plaee to
your groceries.
I Did
It Ever Strike You
Absolutely Pur
liverythitiir is eleiui.
new, fresh ami f first
jjrutle (jtialitv.
That the one place
in town where yon
c.mUl always secure a
stylish lepeii(lnlile hat
was at onr store.
There is a uason
for it.
Our Utile dmifttiti r had n almost i
(aUI sllsvk ul lusipiiit: sim .
Iruii-hitls." rlleMr W. K. Unw- 5ialaaa0aalSaaMgalla
land, of Armonk. S. Y.. "but. when all
other remclles Ullwl. her Hie -
..hi. it. iini.1. New lUjeovery. Our
nleee, ho had Consninptlo" in an ad-1
inm1 this numlerlul
nietllclne and tlv she 1" iierdilly ;
IVnwrsle throat ami iuhk 1
llr. Knnt e i"
We are iilunxs i,,,,
ing aiiotil ami .
iiK on the I'ntiiii
(if Mill' eilHtoilli
we never lu p
lint the leailu
anil klylcB.
v .ml
eovvrv as to no oilier medicine on earth. ,
Infallible for Couch aiwl Cold. JSV
i,.l il.rtl Uilllrs iiusrantetM uy .e
Kra llrui: Store .
Trial boltUM trt-e.
DliMlif th Dfc
Now. Johnnr." said the teacher.
who had been describing n war ship to
the class, "how la the deck divided T"
A deck I divided." repueu me
brisht box. Into siwdes, beartN uia
mond aud clubs-'-fhUadelphla Tress.
A Chicago man ha observed that,
(.nl devl are better lh.m real estate
deeds couie of the latter aie worthless. .
. . ...I ,1.. .Kt.iA' ftvlntultllV
.ACl Kini'ljr niifi r' .. . I '
.,,.1 I. ii. I luOiiin hind, tou cannot i .
possibly loe by il." Most men appro- .
eiatea kind word and eneoorap-meni
mnn. milwUiitlsl help. There aie
in Una coniinunilv w ho nncli
mit.liitlr uv : "SI v irowi friend, cheer
up. A lew " .loses o( Cliaiulteilain'f
Uwiith ilemedv will rid you of youreold,
and there is no daniter whatever from 1
pneiiiiioiiiii whn you ui that ineillcinc. .
It alwavs cures. 1 know it for It . ha
hll ineoiit many a time." bold by t
The SUslern Pharmacy.
for Sale-
Double rotary complete saw
mill oilttlt, eeepttiiK power
Tills plant incimicrt main ". j
Inside U'lts, saw dust currier. K
two tnaerted tooth IMstoii r
naws. With III horw power 9
5.IHH1 to X.000 f.vt ol liimls r ran
iK'eut ht day.
JI Bargain
and will pay you to luetl J
Kate. The entire plant is In f
trood worklim tinier and con 9
venlently locate.) Will cut A
true and cntlrvcitt can be sold )
on the Krouud under prem'nt A
contracts at kooiI tli:nn-s J
Pacific Timber Co.
lUilir Othl l-Vllow's Hall
C-ot Intro C5 roVt Crcu:ii.
Call at lloheiula XuKP'l tor
furthur particulars.
Lumber. 3000 ft.
(or iilewalk, stable
elc, price f ier .11
two inch suitable
floor, bruise floor.
Call at once.
II. K. JoTer,'-') miles etoISi:insw.
The following from the Alamosa
Courier is certainly good advice,
and should be read by all:
Praise it.
Improve it.
Talk about it.
Trade at home.
Write about it.
Be public spirited.
Tell of its business men.
Take a home pride in it.
Remember it is your home.
Tell oi its business resources.
Tell of its natural advantages.
Trade and induce others to trade
When strangers come to town
use them well.
Look ahead of self when all the
the town is to be considered.
Don't call your best citizens
frauds and imposters.
Support your local institutions
that benefit your town.
Help your public officers do the
most eood for the most people.
Don't forget you live off the
people here, and you should help
otners as tney neip you.
Don't advertise in your local
oaoer "to help the editor," but
advertise to help yourself.
While the people in eastern sec
tions arc shivering and lamenting
the cold, as well as dreading the
severe weather yet to come, we in
Oregon are enjoying the finest kind
of fall weather, the sun shining
brieht aud clear from sunrise to
sunset. Later on, when winter as
we understand it, does come, we
have only to endure an ordinaty
rainy season, during which with
lew days exception cultivating and
the various kinds of work goes on
with little inconvenience. And
yet you will find people who dread
to come to Oregon. It is un
doubtedly because they are ignor
ant of the true condition of things,
and in this instance is not a blessing
but a curse to them.
To Whom It 51av Co.nckkx: Notice
Ih hereby Klvuiitlintuuy nnd nllnotvH
duo blllH, order, accounts and any
and all other ovldenco of Indebted
new In the lianda of or purporting to
bo due or owing from the undoi
Blltned to one O. L. Itnlney, or order,
or otherwise, lire wholly void and
worthlesH lor tlio reason that the
ennio were Riven without any con
sideration wlmtover nnd hnvo been
kept nnd ix'tnlned by tlio said Itnlney
through fraud nnd nilHrepiVHentn
tlon. Dated Dottnge Drove, Ore., Oct.
S2nd, 1003. 1
This clever piny, which will be In
terpreted by C'leiiient-Keefer Co., Is
ierhaps the lest farce comedy ever
written. It hiut been done by only
the liest companion and in the lare
theatrical centers, and the Clemen t-Ket-fer
Co.. which has no siiierlor as
a traveling organization, pay a high
royalty for the play. This company
proposes producing only high-class
standard plays of which n 'llache
lor's Honeymoon" Is a fair lyiic.
The management requests thorn-who
do not en'oy a good laugh to remain
away. The play is credited with
13C"i laughs. The characters are all
llnely drawn and true to life, which
places this play far above the ordi
nary farce. It haa sutllclent logical
plot to furnish legitimate surprises
nnd Is wholesome as well as laugh
provoking. TIiIh will lie the only
opportunity to see the comedy.
Cleinent-Keefer Co. lain sole rights
for Its production In the northwest.
This compnny will apjieur at Star
tin's Hall, Oct. 30. Iteserved seatH
:Vi aud lcts The C. SI. A. Hand of
this city will furnish street and or
chestra music.
Inside each pound package of
Lion Coffee
will be found a FREE game.
60 different games. All new.
At Your Grocer's.
DA"! !.
For n-veral months our younger'
brother had been tmubled witli umIi-1
cestion. He tried eerl remedies but
cot no benefit from them. We pur
chased some of Chamberlain'i Stomach
and Liver Tablet and he commenced
Ukini: them. Imide of thirty day he
had gained forty pounds in lleh. He
it now fnilv recovered. Ve have a good
trnile on 'tin' Tablets . Iloiley llros.,
Slercliaut, luut llraneh. Mo. For sale
by The Sloileru Pharmacy.
A two-year-old Foxhound, solid
light color, with one white nail on
fore foot. Finder return to the Cash
(irocery aton Cottage drove aud
receive suitable rew ard.
It is said of John YYVtley that he once ,
laid to Mistretw Wesley : "Why do you
tell that child the same thing over and
uver strain?" "John Wesley, became
once telling i not enough." It is for
this same reatou mat von arc iu.u
mraln nnd airaui that Chamberlain's
Cough lleniedy cures colds and grip;,
that it counteracts any tendency ol 1
these diseases to result in pneumonia '
and it i- pleariint and safe to take. For!
sale by The Jlodern Pharmacy . I
LOST: Itetweeii the Nen l.ra
Drug Store aud the IWolllce
one leather purse containing the
Three Ilundnil Dollars
(f.tiK).fl0l In bills. M'ven dimes ami
thirty-live rents In nickels and
eunlc, also one npool of thn-ad
and one box of
'Top Km All Corn Sahr."
The finder may Kivp Hie I'nrw
.Money ami Thread, hut I earnestly
reipn-st that theCOIt.N 8AI.VII be
rettintcil an It Is
The Most Valuable rrtpmlfai On The
for the cure of corns, etr 1'leaso
n-turn It to,
Yours ItesMetfully.
Miss N. O. Coii.ns
We arc pleaded to know that jkmiIc of
Cottanc Orovc have Icanictl that "When
vim sec it in our ad it's mi." We told tliem
In our last weeks ad that for 10 days we
would make a sweeping cut of 10 to l.'i per
cent on all Mens aud Hoys Clothing.
As a result our Clothing tinpaeled for
want of room, so will continue the clothing
sale another week hoping to make room
for same. When we tell you we will sill
Miu a hoys suit o to 10 years old lor
$1.20 worth $1.50
von know itsso. Come and lixaiuiiic.
vtn i irvoki .uii, i hi i ifteiiwiirii iwr trt
I llt itft1 tMl'yf 4 ' It4ltl Ml
til til 4 Mil
rrk It i
I 4 V.
I 4 II ' 'I "I ''
h II i d Mrti' I
When you co It
our ad It no.
7,M0(IM3.?Sdl5 001URS
WERE 1.51, 3.50. II, M.CO, It ud II OOLURS
We Imvr 'em uiniiil .h i tan ai lour i-ni ni . m.a,
The Iwidir 'il the 1'bf i.uait Chuf li how I. h
-srirl here (ir .sir. Il 'ittiMin.1 ird. mil it. .1 ti
lie id. or vii inr lake Ilie lull at su Tint a
tiiiucn srp carK-t and its thrift ut. I alt an-l r .u.ti.e
the Leader In Utw
Advertise in the Nugget.
At Medley & Millie's real estate!
olllce, the finest samples of Lime
county products, and a list ol the
liestand cheapest farms and town
lots. Corner '-'ml and Main Sts., Cot
tJiRe Orove.
Are spoiled by uilnn anv kind of
preparation that tills the pores ol the
ekin. The let way to iccure n clear
complexion, free from eallowness,
pimples, blotches, etc., Is to keep the
liver in ftood order. An occasional dose
of Herhine will clcaree the bowels,
regulate the liver, and so catabllth a
clear healthy complexion. Mc ut New
Kra Drug Store.
A Rood ajj-lti wngon. Anyone
tvantliiir a winron can do no Isjtter.
1'rlcu 25. KiKiulru of Medley &
While onn!n! a box, J. C. Mount, of
Three Mile Day, .V ., ran it ten penny
i nail thiough the fleshy partof his hand.
"I thought at once of all the lialit unci
sonnies this would caure me, he says,
. "and immediately aniiliod Chamber
lain's Tain Halm unci occasionally after
wards. To my surprise It removed all
pain anil soreness and the injured parts
were soon healed." Tor sale by The
Modern Hiarmacy.
es for Fa
We are making an early exhibition of the
Latest Styles in in Pall Dress Goods in order that
yon may be able to judge the styles and make
your selections early enough to get the most good
out of your Fall Dress before the rainy days
of any tool Is ninny dBalrnl
one, but of iiiial lmiirliiiiiT 111
power of n'lalnliiK this .tmilly "'
not lo niiiln too rii"'ttt nlmri
IliK. Ily liuilliiK jour pnrclincs l
thcOrlllln & Vcnlelifo itlwy
riTclvt! your money's worth lit 'I
Issit (imlllyo( tools and cn(Wy
proN-rly;ti'tiiH'iil siirl ihat I "
to hold tin ciIki-.
. Few
ol tlic
Heather Suitings, Zihcliucs
Auto Cloth, Yankee Suiting, Drap
D'Alma, Drap Sebaslapol, Mellon
Cloth and Cheviots.
Griffin & Veatch Go.
Cottage Grove Flour Mills
ARTUNQ &. HANSEN Proprietors
Having purchased the above mills we will put out
flour equal to any on the market.
We earrv ft full supply of all kinds of feed such as
Rolled Barley, Oats and Mill Feed.
Special attention given to Winners grist work.
We pay highest market price for all kinds of grain.
If square dealing and courteous treatment will secure
your patronage we will have it.
Correspondence solicited.
Htiy your Dress I'attem early
and get service for the entire
season. The place
I Spring is berc-So are we
js With Spray Pumps and Spray Compound.
S: Hoes, Unites nnd Cultivators.
Ollvur'H HUid and Chilled 1'lown.
ST I'MmIi llroM, Wiikoiw.
E: A full mid complftii Llmiof lliuilwait', HKivch nnd Tinware.
A Ileal llariinlii.
"In time," suld tho struKKlInK urllst.
"(hut palatini; will be of great value.
All you have to do Is to tuck It away
In an attic somewhere and keep It for
about i-DO yeurs, by which time I will
hnvo beooiiio onu of tlio old masters.
Thcil you cun sell It easily for $10,000.
You see, I know tlio rules, but unfor
tunately I am not In a financial por
tion to carry them out. So, if you want
a real barculn. I'll let vnn linvn Mil
HARTING & HANSEN. "Ule ccm for t.50."-Chlcago I'oit.
When p.ilnor imlitlum uxistsonany1 LfS
part of the Isnly, the nppllniticm ol jf. . t
luril sHnowI.iiiimeiit will xivo priiiniit
relief. "It goes rlht to llio spot," Bll d i
an old man who was rubbing it in i,,1
euro his rheiin.atlsm. C. It. huilth I
rrupr. mail i House, Tonahit, Texas 1
writes. "I have lined llnlhird's Hnow
Lliilinoiit in my fiinillyforsuveralyeiir.
and Imvit found it to bo n lino rcinody .
for all m iu anil paliiB.uiiil 1 reroiiuncml
..I rX ' ,"V.M" ami c he t "'
Mining Supplies our Specialty,
Finer &
RcadEakin & Bristow new ad.