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Don't shoot llio Holstolt.s
doing the beat they cnn.
They nre
The Macedonian llfo Insurance com
panics must feet llko n fried egg.
Perhaps we mny have to dig tho
cnnnl first and nak permlaalon of Co
lombia afterward,
We don't liccd an clastic currency
ns much na one wltb n Uttlo slue on
each aide of every dollar.
Tho pension rolla have pnased the
great divide. It will be a gradual do-
scent from now on to the end.
At the exact moment tho proposal la
.mndo n young man actually bcllcvea
that ho Un't worthy of the girl.
Live ahella were fired at a French
warship without any apparent effect
upon It. However. Dewey's men were
not behind the guns.
A branch of Yale Unlvcralty In
China would at least determine to
what extent the pigtail can be taught
to handle the pigskin.
When Charllo Schwab gets his tal-
lorlng trust In operation he should
mnke a specialty of holler-plate vesta
for kings and emperors.
The servant problem Is a simple mat
ter, according to Mrs; llusscll Sage.
Just do without any servants and you
will never have any trouble.
Now the farmers want a trust The
best trust Is trust In elbow grease. It
Is th6 man who works his muscles
and not his politics who gets ahead In
this country.
We presume that the women persist
In wearing hlgh-hecled shoes for some
such reason as the men persist In
wearing those bob-tailed coats and cir
cus tent trousers.
Poultney lllgelow declares that there
are several millions of Americans who
would like to see this country annexed
to Canada. I'oultney evidently makes
tho mistake of believing himself to be
several millions of Americans.
Eupatorluin Rcbaudlum Is the name
of the new plant that Is to supersede
sugar cane and the sugar beet, being
twenty or thirty times as sweet as
cither. When used In connection with
tabloid coffee and condensed milk It
ought to be a great thing for picnics.
Cheap funerals are the fashion In
England just now Lord Salisbury's
having cost only $70. This will cause
a large mortality among Impecunious
i oblemen. It being a well-known fact
mat many of them have been keeping
alive through family pride because
fiey didn't have enough for a decent
An Insolvent woman has applied for
relief from her debts In one of the
nlted States courts. Her appeal, so
lusual as to excite general comment,
siieaks well for the fair sex and Its
keen understanding of financial obli
gations. As a rule In Insolvency pro
. -edlngs woman Is generally the cause
it man's predicament, but Is kept dls
creetly In the background.
sailed away to n region that Is fraught
with danger and death. And all thli
that science mny benellt from 1 1 n-Ir
dreadful experience and at the ex
pense of Illness, cold, hunger and lone
liness. Science and scientists niv, of
course, duly giatefiit. and they hne.
without a question, In-en Immensure
nbly hcnolltrd from these arvtlc ex
ploration, but once In a while some
one Is bold enough to say: "la It worlh
while?" And la It?
A complete explanation of the out
rages In Macedonia Is not cosy to
frame, because there are so ninny rea
sons for the conditions In Kuropenu
Turkey. In tho first place. It should
be noted that the district Is Inhabited
by hostile and Jealous races, Turks,
Albanians, Servians, Bulgarians,
G reeks, and a few others live side by
A. I
A Practical Good Roads Move
PRACTICAL good roads movement haa been
Inaugurated In Venango County, Pennsylvania,
Judge Crlswell called the attention of the cou
stables to the poor condition of the roads and
Instructed them to return the road commls
sloucrs If they did not comply with the law In
rvt,.u 10 seeping them In repair. This Instruction did not
fall upon deaf ears, and as a result the roiul commissioners
"At 0r.h..?:',.,,!C.?."a.1; C"V.?mV. ' four townships wore returned n, negligent In their duty
uiivii uiaeuiiBum iuiu mi; tuiu ui iuo , ,i.- t..,it ....... 1. .. .. ,.t, .,...., .....I
a'uiiu,, 111(4 llivsu IVItlliia luiiivituvuto u , r iivtu f, i v j i i vi
Sultan, Then they linve not the samo
religion. Tho Mohammedan looks
down on tho Chrlstlau nnd the Jew;
tho Greek Christian cannot tolerate
tho Protestant, and tho Catholic re
gards tho Armenian us a heretic. The
task of governing n population of hos
tile races, with differing religions, all
within a comparatively narrow area.
Is difficult at best Hut Turkish gov
ernment Is bad. The administration
of Justice Is so unccrtnln that tho for
eign powera have Insisted that their
citizens accused of crime shall be tried
In consular courts. Hut tho Turkish
subject must submit to the Judicial
Imperfections of the native courts.
Consequently Justice, as the American
understands it is unknown to the av
erage subject of the Sultan. Along
with the corrupt and procrastinating
courts the people have to endure the
extortion of the tax-gatherers, who
levy what taxes they choose without
Interference from any superior so long
as the required sum Is sent to Con
stantinople. Out of the uncertainties
of the financial administration have
developed the complications arising
from an unpaid and dissatisfied army,
to say nothing of unpaid officials In
all oilier departments. Then, to cap
the pyramid of folly, the Sultan at
tempts to look after all the details of
administration, a task beyond the
physical power of any man. Impor
tant matters arc delayed, and the lm
patient people take things Into their
own hands. On this fertile field of
discontent the political agitator sows
his seed of Insurrection. It was the
Macedonian revolutionary commltteo
which held Miss Stone, the mission
ary, for a ransom, that It might get
money to carry on Its work. The pa
trlots on occasion pose as brigands.
and brigands, when It serves their
purpose, call themselves patriots. In
the hope of bettering matters, Austria
and Itussia prepared a plan last win
tcr for Improving the financial. Judi
cial and civil administration of the
district, and the Sultan accepted It
So far as the plan was applied It fall
ed to pacify the discontented, and seri
ous Insurrection began In August
What the outcome will be Is useless
to prophesy. We know only that trou
ble will continue until the district Is
governed by a strong man who docs
Justly and loves mercy.
The weird rumors which the Eskimo
have repeatedly published about the
existence of strange men and beasts,
which walk abroad only during the
unless days in the hyperborean re
gions, may after all be founded upon
truth. However, until positive proof
is furnished. Professor Frazzle's state
ment about, the Hvo mammoth must
be taken as a traveler's highly colored
A study of newspapers east and
west, north and south, may possibly
indicate a growing sentiment that,
while this republic holds out hands
of welcome to every useful and valu
able element among immigrants, it
may be compelled in self-defense at
some time In the future to consider
soberly whether It will be helped or
hurt by the tremendous inrush of un
skilled laborers who have no Intention
of taking out naturalization papers
and becoming American citizens at
any time.
One consideration that Is making
our people Impatient of hard work is
the example of riches quickly made
through the semi-gambling activities.
Men whose fathers would have died
rather than live on bread they had
not earned .find themselves willing to
be taken care or, by the government
perhaps, or by "the party," or by
their more fortunate or industrious
relatives. Such drones know nothing
of the satisfaction of him who "scorns
delights and lives laborious days,"
who can hold his bead high and say
bo has earned his right to live, and
-whoso death Is thus not a debt paid to
nature, for he owes her nothing.
Itobert E, Peary Is about to make
another dash for the pole. During the
last twelve years Commodore Perry
has made six voyages to the frozen
north. It Is a life of hustle the minute
tho far north Is reached. There Is no
time, nor Is it safe to sit down and
think of the work that lies beyond.
These men, like the "Wandering Jew,"
must keep going on and on, because
rest means danger from the apathy en
gendered by the awful cold. In this
land of Ice and snow and desolation,
there Is another element almost ap
palling, and this Is tho Intensity of the
fearsome silence, which oeems like
some gruesome- specter phantom, white
and ghostly, which hovers over the
wist expanse of lifeless, colorless sur
roundings. A trip to the north pole
Is nn outing that takes a man of abso
lute nerve 'and freedom from fear to
contemplate. IIo who ventures Into
this dangerous country takes his life
In his hands. And yet men have for
gotten all trials, have put aside every
human attachment, and, leaving the
land of comfort and pleasure, hare
Foot by foot the old Brown home
stead, for many years a landmark on
the Baltimore and Ohio Katlroad at
Brown Station, Pa., is being raised to
the top of a bluff, a distance of 150
feet The lot on which the bouse stood
was recently purchased by the Balti
more and Ohio Itnllroad from Samuel
Brown. To preserve this home of three
generations Mr. Brown had this gigan
tic task started, which Is considered
one of the most remarkable engineer
ing feats ever undertaken by local
contractors. The amount of money
and labor Involved In raising the struc
ture would build two modern houses.
Pittsburg Dispatch.
He Detested a OunnibnL
A fat man walked Into the restau
rant and, after knocking down a few
hats while hanging up his own, sat
as much of himself down as the only
vacant teat In the room would hold.
He grabbed a piece of the bread that
had come with his right-hand neigh
bor's order nnd began to munch on It.
Then he looked for the bill of fare.
The mlnjstcrlal-looklng man on his left
was reading It. The fat man leaned
over on him and began to read It too.
How's them pork chops and apple
sauce?" he mumbled between mouth
ful of bread.
The ministerial-looking man said
nothing and edged bis chair a little
farther away.
Just then the waiter appeared wltb
a bowl of bean soup for a patron on
the other side of the table.
"Hey, waiter," bawled the fat man.
"bring me one o' tbem soups and hurry
up about It, will yer?"
The ministerial-looking man heaved
a slgb of relief.
"Thank goodness, sir!" ho said, turn
ing to the fat man. "I was so afraid
you were going to order pork. I de
test a cannibal." New York Bun.
against time township road commissioners. At the same
time the district attorney has prepared an Indictment
against the county commissioners for negligence In making
repairs upon a county road.
Here Is an excellent precedent which can wvll he fol
lowed generally In other counties. It Is a practical good
roads movement which Is sure to produce excellent results
Tl.o township road commissioners or supervisors and the
county commissioners are charged with the duty of seeing
that the roads are In good condition. They are liable to
punishment It they fall lu their duty. When a number of
them have felt the haud of the law because of their neglect
of duty, their fellows everywhere are likely to mako haste
to avoid a similar fate. The Importance of good roads can
not be over-estimated. Those who voluntarily assume the
otitce of securing them and theu fall to properly fulfill their
duties are entitled to no consideration. They are guilty of
an Injury to the public of no light character, nnd their mal
feasance richly deserves punishment Pittsburg Press.
Labor and Capital.
& T goes without saying that neither capital nor
labor can be turned to any practical or lasting
good unless there Is co-operation. One cannot
be successful without the help of the other, but
labor has regarded Itself as "ground down" for
so many years tliat m:nj- workmen have been
educated to the belief that the employer Is the arch enemy
of the laboring man. This belief Is due largely to the fact
that capital has been wise, while labor has been Ignorant
Capital has grasped opportunities and strengthened Its post
tion, while labor, through poor advice and narrow-minded
antipathy, has spent its best efforts In glorifying a martyr
dom which Is mostly of Its own making.
Capital Is stronger to-day than It has been for some time,
because It has combined Its strength, and worked toward
a common end. Labor has combined and has worked at
cross purposes with Its own best Interests. An evidence of
this Is the silly, expensive and disastrous sympathetic strike
system. It labor has profited In a small way through this
system. It has lost In a large way by It, because the prln
clple which denies one man the right to earn a living be
cause another man thinks he has a grievance. Is utterly
Money Is a very Important factor In the world, and the
possession of great wealth Is what gives the employer class
Its Influence, but labor does not seem to realize that It
possesses a capital which Is quite as Important as money
The capital of labor Is skill In the trades which make the
Industries of the country. But the strength of this canltal
has been scattered, through Improper organization. Brook
lyn Times.
Common Sense In the Ministry.
flSHOP ISAAC JOYCE tald to the Methodist
conference nt South Bend., Ind.: "I do not
wish to be put down as against the theological
schools, but I do wish those schools wonld In
troduce a new chair and call It the cbalr of
common sense. It is neded in the training of
young men for the ministry."
Standing alone, this seems harsh. But Bishop Joyce
went on to explain that something more than a theological
education was needed to make a good preacher. He con
tended that in a good many cases too much book learning
eliminated the traits of character that made the old-fashioned
preachers of the Methodist Church strong la the
pulpit and a power outside.
He urged that there be a cultivation of the spirit that
would make the preacher In fact the shepherd of his
also those traits of character and that zeal nnd common
sense that made the pioneer pulpit a powcr.-chlcigo Inter
Longevity Is Increasing.
CTUAIUKS, men who make a study of sta
tistics relating to life snd death, say that man's
years are gradually growing longer.
These actuaries of great Insurance compan
ies should certainly know what they are talk
ing about. They are not accustomed to deal In
geiiet-aiizmluns. When they say a thing It has all the cer
tainty that figures can give It, and figures, according to
the proverb, don't He. Emory McCllntock and others of
these statisticians declare that a person now living may rea
sonably expect to have a longer period of life than those
of even a decade ago.
Better hygiene, more thorough knowledge of self-care.
purer water, more thorough drainage, less drinking of liquor
all these thlnga and many others have combined to make
the twentieth century man a finer physical product than
existed a generation ago. The American people are be
coming mora temperate and more Intelligent It Is no
longer the fad for our women and girls to be puny and
delicate. Short skirts, wheeling, rldlug, golfing, walking,
swimming, fencing, even boxing, have contributed to make
the coming mothers of the race fit to bear strong sons
aud daughters. Physical culture Is now a part of our
public school system and a part of the dally life of most
men and women of Europe and America.
Hence, we are gradually beginning to live longer. W
may do even better. If we will. New York Dally News.
Teach the Girls to Cook.
O the average woman a practical knowledge of
the art of cooking will be worth a dozen "nlo
gles." Such an accomplishment will make her
the unquestioned uitstrees of her own house
hold, Instead of the helpless servant of incom
Detent servants, as manr woman am nnu-aitara
Unno It la true that mothers should teach their daughters
the mysteries of the culinary art as well aa how to per
form other household duties. It Is unfortunately quite as
true that many mothers cannot do this because they do
not themselves know how to cook, while others do not from
motives of false pride.
While In the Interest of the better physical development
of the girls In the public schools, fewer rather than more
studies should be required, the study of cooking Is of so
practical a nature and Its acquirement so necessary to their
own welfare and that of their future households, that It
deserves attention.
No other land under the sun la so bountifully provided
witn tne necessaries or gooa living as the United States.
yet It Is probable that In no other country Is there so much
waste as among ourselves; while bad cookery Is resDonst
ble for the existence of a host of dyspeptics. Good cooking
snouiu mean not oniy a roamed decrease In the expend!
ture of multitudes of homes, but an equally marked Im
provement In the health and comfort of their Inhabitants.
Philadelphia Bulletin.
frH,,(,..(..H.-rt-e-t.4-t I money Itv Hint wny mm to marge i"
. I 1 Ainevlcnii pulilK! iniiiseriuiiniiieiy wim
GOOD I' ...pi, i.,.k f brain Is lllllu less tlinn
lint tnkn the above quoted Item seri
ously: U'l ua sen how the oxpenillltno
nt Hnn Francisco nimpnrea with what
tho American pulillo Is really doing In
tho wny of money spending ror n hko
Tho Young Men's Christian Associa
tion of America l composed of only n
snmll portion of the American public,
4 -H"f -H
A llltlo girl thus dcscrllicd n dachs
hund she had aeeni "It was olio of
those funny oues you know, tho ones
Hint nro a dog and n hnlf long and
half n dog high. You must know tho im( n )lnl,t during IINU over f:i,UOO,x0
sort. It Is n dog Hint only hits Tour in its work In this country, 'inn nctuni
legs, but looks ns If It ought to linvo ngnros show Hint on an average tlio
six," society spent III one Sunday iUT,lH.1, or
I.ulgl Aidltl, under the guidance of almost twice tho amount spent by tho
his pupil, Mine. Vnllerln, nnd her bus- above newspaper's "American public"
IhuuI, ohco pnld n visit to HtmiroiM-on- on tho unn roiuuco ngni.
Avon, where ho wns shown nil tho rel- It enn bo snfely estimated Hint on
eonneeted with tho Immortal the Sunday following the t'orbett-Jor-
Hhnkspenro. "Ah," exclenlnied tho en- fries light tho American public went
thuslastlc conductor, when matters to church and deposited in tno money
wero explained to him. "Hhnkvero, collection box hundreds of times the
Itoinoo tl u ottn. Mncbet. Hamlet. In mount pain tno pugilists.
Ah! I understand, zo librettist." It Is reasonably certain that on Hie
When the skeleton of the first gorilla night of that light the American public
brought to Europe by Paul du Ohnlllu - the greater portion or i loin wing nt
wns on show In I-oudmi. tl.o public terly Indifferent lo the Hnn
....... .i i ,...i,,n,.,i ,,f rant, nffnlr wero paying admission to con.
I'li Inln ttiikn at Ann- wrote to Du cens. iei-uin-. i.ikiii ........
flock; that would enable him to appreciate Hint those who
come to hear hint havo heartaches aud ure looking for con
solatlou, for comfort lu affliction, for something to strength
en them In well-doing, as well as for a correct theological
presentation of church doctrines.
There Is force lu this. Certainly the preacher should
hnve common sense, sympathy, and power to console aa
wen na to convince. The old-fashioned Drenchers wero not
given to much teudeniess lu the treatment of transgres
sions, but they understood human naturo.aud they preached
mo gospel in a way to bo effective.
ihclr experience In life enabled them to take a common
sense vlow of conditions on the frontier. Thev were
preachers not always because of their educational ciuln-
ment. but because of their fitness for their work and their
zeal in It. Lducation makes the preacher only In furnish
Ing a better equipment to resell the hesrts of men.
Tho old preachers were at a dlsndvantago through lack
of training. Tho prenchors of the later day havo what
was denied to the pioneer preachcra, but they must have-fuimilhi tttul on such and audi a day performances hundreds of times In ex
Mm Dnkn nf Arifvll immosod to visit cess or tne amount luiigw lor i.y w..r
il,. mirllla " Du Chnlllii. who was of n belt and Jeffries.
very quick temper nnd refused to be There Isn't the fnlntest doubt In tho
pntronlzcd. nt once wrote back that world that on tho night of the ring
tho gorilla was to be seen every day contest In question hundreds of thou-
between certain hours, and that If the "and of American people, most of
link., ,,f Aruvll .inwnlivl Ids cant ho them oblivious of tho pugilistic en
would no doubt be admitted llko the counter, took trolley car rides for
rest of the nubile. wlilcli tuey paiu a grenier nggreguio
.. , ,,. i,,.i.i.,i sum inn ii was rnmeii on nj wie ran
Uiubet's huiublo bruther-ln-law, whom
an enterprising Interviewer culled upon
llrectly after the French President's
election. "How did you take the
hows?" asked the Interviewer. "Oh,
fairly well; without nny rejoicings, of
iuriK. Now, hero am I, for example.
an Ironmonger; In what way do you
suppose It will benefit tno that my
brother-lulaw Is President of the re
public? Why, this very morning I re
colved three letters from peoplo beg
ging mo to get them government to
bacco shops. That Is the only adrant
ngo that tho election will bestow upon
me. People fancy Hint I hnvo Infill
nee. anil I shall therefore bo worried
During his last years, Pope who
had done so much for his relatives In
i financial way, found It necessary on
several occasions to refuse tho requests
of his nephews for further aid. Tho
wife of one of theso nephows Is said
It would not be straining the truth
to say that good, wholesome American
girls aud young women. Innocent of
pugilistic lore, ate enough Ico rrram
on tho night of that fight to net n sum
far In excess of tho Zll.tss) which tho
above paper Is so mournful about.
In comparison with what tho Ameri
can public Is really spending lu a legit
imate way the pecuniary Item of tho
Knu l-'ranclsco prize fights sink Into
ridiculous Insignificance. And by con
templating Hie comparisons tho Injus
tice of the statement above quoted Is
realized. - Burlington Hawkeye.
A member of a party sent out by the
Mmtthannlnti I ( 1 1 II I lull III fha i-nrtv
to have undertaken to get some money dlflltc, , ,,,, , of
from him. She solicited an Interview
and, having obtained It, said: "Holy
l-'nther, I come to seek your advlco. I
am poor. I have a largo family, and,
alas) I am In debt. I have beeu gifted
y heaven with a good voice, and the
proprietor of a music hall has offered
mo a largo salary to appear on his
stage and sing n few simple songs
Ought I to accept the offer?" "Cer
tainly." replied his Holiness; "nnd I
only regret that my official position
will not allow mo to be present at your
The Worm Tarns,
"You're forever trying to give tho
Impression that you're a martyr,1
snapped Mrs. Henpeck. "I suppose
you want everybody to think that you
suffer in silence."
"No," replied Mr, Henpeck, "I suffer
In tho perpetual absence of silence. A
little silence would be a positive pleas
ure to me." Philadelphia Press.
Wise is the man who can recall a
previous engagement when re receives
disagreeable Invitation.
King of Hawaiian Islands Was Tired
of Helns a Sovereign,
Half a century ago the sovereignty of
the Hawaiian Islands came near be
ing disposed of to the highest bidder
among the powers of the world, his
majesty, Kamebameha III., having set
his heart on getting rid of a crown
which, to him, was one of thorns, and
to give the islands Into the bargain
says the Honolulu Commercial Adver
This Interesting statement was made
at the annual meeting of the Hawaiian
Historical Society, when Prof. W. D.
Alexander read a hitherto unpublished
portion of the dairy of Mrs. Laura
Fish Judd, wife of the bate Dr. Judd
and grandmother of Albert F. Judd.
The matter read by Prof. Alexander
was clearly within the Intimate knowl
edge of the writer and was to have
been published In ber book, printed
in the '80s, but for some reason was
withheld from Its pages at the last moment
Prof. Alexander read directly from
the manuscript of Mrs. Judd, about as
"Kamehameba III. set his heart on
disposing of the Islands. He wanted
to sell his crown to the highest bid
der In the world, no matter who of
fered. When he sent his commission
to France he furnished Dr. Judd wltb
power to make the best bargain pos
sible for the disposal of the group, She
saw with her own eyes the documents
which the king had drawn up and she
felt that the strongest proof of the
king's trust In Dr. Judd was In this
strange proceeding. Mrs. Judd says
that she was very glad Dr. Judd had
no occasion to make use of the docu
mints In the manner Intended. Bhe
added that under the administration
of President Pierce the Hawaiian
kingdom was looked upon with favor
and the road to Washington was very
The following were his majesty's
reasons for selling the Islands; First.
His subjects were decreasing In num
bers. Second. The superior civiliza
tion was bringing In foreigners who
would socn displace the natives. Third,
he did not desire a repetition of such
treatment as be received from Ixrd
George Paulet. Queen Pomare, hav
ing lost her possessions to a world
power, the king felt that he would
meet the same fate, and that he es
caped such a fate was only through
the good offices of the United States.
Fourth, the foreign element was In
creasing and became more difficult to
control, and the government would
eventually be controlled by foreigners,
The king expected liberal terms at
bis auction tale, and the monetary re
imbursement expected was to be suf
ficient to recompense the young princes
and other members of the royal fami
lies for their loss of titles, enabling
them, however, to travel and obtain
educations abroad and to place tbem
beyond want. The king became so Im
portunate that be wanted Dr. Judd to
charter a certain schooner and go to
Panama and thus across to Wash
ington as soon as possible, to com
mence bartering the Islands. Mrs.
Judd remarks that It was not strange
that the young prince, heir apparent
to the throne, was opposed to the meas
ure. The document needed the signa
ture of the young princes. His majes
ty was determined upon obtaining tbclr
signatures, when bo suddenly became
111 and died soon after. At the request
of his successor, Kamebameha IV., the
document held by Dr. Judd was nulli
fied, and reciprocity negotiations were
entered into In 1855, which, however,
did not materialize until about twenty-
two years later.
A Farmer Describe a Furious fcr
lis Saw In Vlrulnla.
On a recent evening 'a small party
of gentlemen, most all of whom had
tinges of sporting proclivities In their
blood, were discussing the subject of
chicken fighting and generally regret
ting Its decadence as a bright feature
In the realm of sport An old farmer
from Rappahannock County, Virginia
broke Into the conversation.
"Gentlemen," said he, "In my time
I have seen some bang-up chicken
fights, some be-yu-tl-ful ones, but the
greatest fight I ever saw between
birds In all my born days was a con
test between a bald eagle and a gray
eagle near my place In Itappabannock.
"This fight took place on the bank of
the river. I couldn't forget It If I lived
to be as old as Metbusaleh, I was the
only spectator, and saw the struggle
from start to finish. The bald eagle
had caught a muskrat and was about
to eat It for breakfast, when the gray
eagle soared down and attempted to
rob the other one of Its prey. Then
commenced the combat, and, Lord,
how the feathers flew! They fought
wltb wings, beaks and talons, and I
could hear the talona crack when they
struck and tore each other. The aounda
made by their wings as they buffeted
one another were like explosions ot
musketry, while their screams and
yells sounded demoniacal. The battle
lasted fully fifteen minutes and wound
up with a victory for old baldy, who
drove tho gray eagle away and then
resumed his Interrupted breakfast.
"Oh, yes, there are a great many
eagles up In my part of the State," said
the old agriculturist In reply to a ques
tion. "There are plenty of high rocks
and lofty trees whereon they build
their nests. We farmers do not give
them nny latitude, however. When
ever one of these big birds Is seen soar
ing about the poultry yard, or, In fact,
anywhere on the farm. It's 'Jobnnl
get your gun,' because It not .Infre
quently happens that good-sized chick
ens, young lambs or little pigs are car
ried away by tbem, so they're very un
welcome visitors. I know a gentleman
whose little son, a boy about 0 years
of age, was attacked by an eagle, and
but for the promptness of some of the
farm hands In coming to ble rescue the
child would have been carried away
lcyond a doubt. Washington Kventng
Hnsnr as an Article of XJIet,
As tbero Is alwsys a peculiar satis
faction In the consciousness that duty
agrees wltb Inclination, and that the
action which Is pleasurablo Is at the
same time advantageous, people with
a sweet tooth wilt be glad to learn of
the high rank In respect of Its food
value which the modern physiologist
accords to sugar. For many years the
Idea prevailed that sugar was a lux
ury, serving no other purpose than to
please tho palate, not supplying any
substantial 'nourishment to the body,
and more likely to Impair than to pro
mote the health. Experiment and ob
servation have demonstrated the un
soundness of these opinions, and scien
tific physiology now teaches that su
gar Is a substance whose nutritive
qualities ore Incomparable, and that It
Is an Indispensable aid to manual la
bor and one of the beat agents for
maintaining the body in health and
vigor which a bountiful nature has
This Is tho conclusion to which the
scientific Investigator has been led by
raucn paueut resenrcn, supplemented
by experimentation on men and ar
mals. Philadelphia Inquirer.
Engagement Bracelet.
Designers have been busy with love
affairs and their symbols. The en
gagement ring will probably nqvor lose
us ravor, mit tnero are now several
novelties In the way of engagement
gifts that vie with the ring for popu
larity. A pretty Idea Is the curb
bracelet with tho heart clasp In which
reposes the portrait of tho giver.
IB Informed.
Mr. Upjohn I wish you would tell
Kathleen that sho cooks her steaks
too much.
Mrs. Upjohn You aro three girls
late, John. The name of the present
one is Mollle.
What has become of tho old fashion.
ed woman who referred to her enemy
as "an old gump?"
When a mother lays down a rule. Its
effect Is about as lasting as (he curfuw
Dealer Trr to Chare Htia Three
1'rlcet for Kverj thlus.
Colorado, recalls an experience the
memory of which, ho assures hi
friends, still makes his hair tingle at
tho roots. This Is hi story:
I had left the party for an all-day
exploration on my own account, aud nt
four o'clock In the afternoon I wns
worklug gingerly along a ledgo w hlcli
projected from the wall of the canon.
It was a dizzy spot, with the rocky
walls running straight down to the
river bed.
I came at last to n break In the ledgo
-a sort of vertical split lu the wall
of tho canon. It was about tlv feet
across, aud a tree grew on the other
side, rooted hard and fast among the
crannies. "I.urkr Ihlnir." said I to
"To b a millionaire I not all Joy." mj.0fi ..,,, ,,, trr9 , ht.n Rnd
nis i.,uuu crnbblng a branch that stuck out In
my direction, 1 swung myself across to
the ledge nn the other side of the gap.
Well, I started along all right hut
Inside of two minutes I ramo lo Iho
end of tho ledge. There wns nothing
to do but go lack, and back I went.
When I got to the gap once more, I
he said, getting out of
motor car.
"Tho deuce It Un't"
'Well. It Isn't."
"Why Isn't It?"
"On account of the way everybody
plies It on you In the matter of price,
l or Instance, this morning a dentist
sent my wife's bill for 1150. He f,.it Ju,t i10 way an animal must feel
iiiiku i nun uiutu iu uvr 11111, ami uiu ,vien It Is caught III a liox-trnp.
tun seems exorbitant, l am ou my til ir.. hr u-i.ii-h I imit .mmn- m..
way now to get anoiuer iicntlsfs opin- cf neroi wns now on my side of
Ion on It. aud this other fellow will t,o ledgo. nnd furnished mo no mom
certainly cnarge me for nis oavico, and help In getting back than If It hadn't
no may ue, iiiniiermore, a rrienn or been there.
tne nrst mans, and on account of i knew that no humnn help would
friendship he may say tho bill Is all ever reach me. so I lust hail to rllinr
r'Kht-" to tho rough wall and trv to uinkn un
nuiv (iruToamg. ,iv m w to iumn across from u nhr.
Isn't It? I hnve lo bind everybody row lodirn to tin. other, rlirht mros
1 do business with down to a cou- nn open space with a dron of four '
lrnei. i mess i say, viow now iiiucii hundred feet and nothing but rocks be-
aro you going to cnsrgi-7 nrnw up low me.
n paper, l-ut it ilown In black and A hundred limes I hud my mind all
wrlle'-unless I fence myself In with niado'liii. hut everv tlmo I looked down
1 .. . . . I ' - - "
every precaution, i am neeciit on nil Into the canon my courage failed.
sines. necuuHe 1 am n millionaire It wns very nearly dark before I
peoplo Inko mo for a fool. They think Jumped. I run remember even now
they can cliarge mo double, treble nud how mr nulls scrnned across the nn-k
quadruple. I m In hot water with when I atteiniitcd to retnln a foothold
mem an 1110 lime. on ii10 other side. Mv fVet wer.. all
'Ilemcmbcr." he went on, "that JS allvo with tlncllmr nerve n th..v
pair of shoes you showed me last slipped over tho gravel on tho ledgo,
month? Well, I went to your boot- hut when I found Hint I wns standing
milker nnd ordered a pair Just llko safely nn the other aide, I felt warm all
mom, nnu wnen the inn came homo over nt first, nnd then, although It was
It was for I5. I had made no con- a hot day. I had a real chill, and shook
iraci. jieuee 1 nau to pay up. as If I had tho ague.
uociors nnu lawyers cliarge me
iremeimou r.iies. j noy (ion t gain PU88 IN THE LION'8 DEN,
iii,iiuk 11 ,i, inn iiit-jr Km., nioro
than I do, at tliat. I keep changing Mttla Cat IaaUted on Using Friends
from one to another. But it does mo wiin iier ing conein.
no good. They're alt alike. Tiny, n pet cat at Glen Island, was
"When I go to buy a horse I leave "con oue morning mewing plteously un-
my own carriage, three or four blocks I('f t"Ke containing a largo lion. She
away, and I make my purchase before "ad been Injured, and hopped ubout on
revealing my namo, How mad the "ireo legs, For comfort, or perhaps
dealers look when they hear my namo companionship, she crawled Into the
wnen uiey perceive thnt they hnve "on l'"B n'i began to make herself
given reasonable rates to a well-known nt home. The Hon opened bis eyes wldo
millionaire! But It's seldom I get tho w"n wonder at the presumption, then
bettor of a bargain In this way." tor 'mo paid no more attention to
1'iiiiaaeipma itecora, n imn n suo nau uceu a uy.
A keeper took a long-handled broom
FEW PAY THE PUGILISTS- "' tried to shove her out, of the cage.
I Thl Hnn tiniil.ul n.,,1 l.t. ' .l.nnA
Their Lara Income Do Not Cosn wlckidlv. Tlnr al.H1 tnnr.l tho II,
from the Public at Lsrrs. . .. . . ' 7V. - -- 1
"When the American public will r,, wu?" '" cat ,,,row 0,lt "Is paw to
$33,000 to one man for tho sake of see- 1 , , T ,7l laH,"s 1,10 "on a"
Ing him bit another man In the pit of ,y U) ,,,?y' ''l0 wa" "p '" n Beco"d'
the stomach and will pay tho other f ,cl'l"i,in ue n"w between
man H.0OO for the sake of seomg him "tr ' ,"y 'T '? 1 ll011b" '
receive the blow It 1. evident tl a K"' ' rfm 1 V" T"lc,lt tl,u
there la amoln n.-M in i.i.i. .. . Injured kitten and the lion wero
lllrlno- .,,,.!.. ,.. inenas.
most strennon. .ii .. . ' "fterward took a shine to the
tho good causes that tu nnn li . . poInr l,tar nn1 wled between the
have promoted ,M baH of 41,8 ieD but tlle be lo nt
The above Darairran), I. n.i .... " '' cumoeu up ino
rounds Of the Iowa mmer. ,ii.-.i ,u" "' ,UD re" ol unv 11
Unlna naaa. t. TW- w l .... I "
" iv , a,olU0s uegistcr Tho ,, 0... ,,., ., ,,, ,
nnu meaner anu in others to th nn. , 1 . . ': "
K 0.s',inaet,theTA0me:l,Ub,0 W P 3
nTnaVttVi'' B.i"b "C.. Flutcbed the end of Tiny', tal. and bit
Insignificant and malt i.. ..7. -" " nu impress,
" invvuouij UVJUIIU.
i.uou w. i popu anon ot tne grcnt Shirts Made In Ol( Minutes,
riuouc wn cn contributed to tho pe- At Troy a linen shirt Is made In sir
Zn . . "'! fac-bcn"'" l and half nilnutcsi the working of the
.vow, a.,u vi..L-i.i'uu nennm imtfniiii,,!, r,..,,,,!.,. A..A.n,,nHiAn
aa a i-nli ,r. (,. .... i.i. . .--. .-.....- vi.vuj.iv. v.iv-.juu. iv v. -
- ..... ..v wv viiiiiiiiu iu squauuer i minute,