Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, August 21, 1903, Image 7

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It U lilglily lniinrtniit (hill tliimti or
i ib uliuulil iiiiutly perforin llitilr
When limy don't, wlmt lauiKiirni of
Hits ulili) iiimI Intck, wlntt yullowiit'im nf
llm akin, hIiiiI it i ii u 1 1 psi ( Ion , tiiid taMo
III tlm iiioiilli, uli'k Imminent), pimple
mill lilntt'lii H, nnil 1(ih til 'urHU''i tt'll
Ihi' alnry.
A uriml nlliiriitlvti nnil Innlo
Hood's Sarsaparilla
(lli'H llii nn (irintiiH vlur Mini Innti fur
tlm prupiT purfnriiimii'ti til llinlr luiii
tluiiM, nnil rtiriM nil tlit'lr onlltinry nil-
IIM'lllH. Tllltll It.
Advertising Kid It.
Ha illtln't Imvti n tlnllnr; lift illiln't
liawi n tlliuo. 1 1 In clotlioa n lid tliooa
wont looking tint nit tliniiili they'll
aurvod tlitilr 1 1 mo. tin illiln't try to
kill liliiimlt tn iIihIkii ml xfor t tiiio'n
linrkit. Inntiiail, hn ot wimo tuilinn
mill lin llllinl llvo iliiiiin aiicka. Tlimi,
mot lin Ih'kkihI n tlollnr. In llm pnHir
In tlm tixirii lin niUriillnil tin pcllali
that null lil put tlm mill tn acorn. I In
kupt on inlvorllnliiir, nnil, Junt now,
milieu to any, Ini'n nut In C'alifornlu at
III intUu" mi tlm liny. Tlm I.yru,
To (Jliltaifo, l)iijiittiu mid llm
Kunt ; to Den Mnlimn, Kmimin City ami
tlm Hoiitlmuiit, vlu ()iilciio()rt'Ht Wriit
itii railway. Kluftrlc lllilil trulli".
Utir.iiiilliiil -mrvlc". Writ" tn .1. I',
l.linor, (). 1. A., Clil(K", (or Inlorum-tlon,
Women No Longer Kin.
No aumrt HOiniin kiwi Oliu nriotliftr,
mul tlm niont tlmy now do In to ruli
lint'. 'Ililn In nn It uliould bn. In nil
tlm wIiti! world o( Homuii iioIIiIiik limi
to lliililxTKOit"! tlio nmrn limn an tlm
ri'iklem nlor with wlilrli ludlrn iimmI
In hroiinn mi until ntlmr'a roitiilixlotia
wltliout t lio illtlilmt provocation.
Vmiity Kiilr.
Cultivate a Culm Temper.
Wlmii tlm worrlea nnO rurca ol tlm
tiny Irot roti nnil Ih'uIii to wear on you
roti nnil I
rhufu u
mul you rlmfa titular tlm friction Ui
mini. Htop, rem inr a inoumni, nnil ioi
callimi'M and i-twco asaotl tlieinaelvra.
Il you let tliitra Irritating otitalilo Inllti-ruci-e
Kt the ln-ltnr ol you,your con
Inning your Inferiority to tliem by pur
iiiitllnir them to domlimto.
Not a liantcroue Malady.
"I hoHi that Jenklna will pull
tliroiiuli din pIck" of alcknean," re
markixl olio friend, "(or lie wan nlwaya
itch lolly follow." "Ho timet Ui In
pretty Rood condition mid iitlll very vol
utile." miaweri-d tlm other friend
"Ihla mornliiK 1 overheard hla maul
toll mv wlln thai Mr. Jenklna waa
aulTurliiK (roui amonhi."
Ureal llnnunalratlon.
"Tlioy any wlin tlm Kreat plnniat
pltyiil In thla town the tpoulo went
wild," unnarkod tlm comedian.
"Tliov did llm aame when I played,
remarked llm )ouiik My "I'O blowa
the cornet.
"Were they demanding that you
come hack?"
"No. ther wers demanding thalr
money back."
"Do vou make much out ol your II
brnry work?" naked tlm inquliltlva
"Yea, replied the man who acrlbblea
orranlonally, "timcli moioouioi lunun
I do In It.
Canada la llulldlnr Kallroada.
The number ol nil leu of railroad
completed In tbo Dominion of Canada
U 1H.W1H, an Increase of 674 mllea over
the pravloua year.
"Wisdom." remarkeil the man with
the chronic quotation habit, "la better
than riches."
"Of comae." rejoined the plillosoiili
leal person, "you ruler to your wisdom
and other pcoplo'a riches."
Couldn't Pool tier.
"My dear .MIhh .MIIIIiiiu," aattl the
Impceiinloua young man, "i love you
morn ttinn I ran llnd word, to tall."
"Hut 1 presume you could tell mo
In licures. rololnud the tienl'tllul
heiress In tones that sugKuntod ti,e re
lie Ties Cravala.
An cnterprudni! draper In New York
employs an asslHtnnt who la particular
ly uxpeit iu arraiiKinit cravata In tlio
moat faslilonulile aliaiut mo nssl
tnnt Httends wetldliiKS and helps tlm
britlevroom and licit man to properly
adjust tlmlr ties for so auspicious au
As Aesop Might Writ It Nrw.
One day a fox raw a fine ripa plum,
but It was beyond hla reach.
Ho, as he bad no friend to shako tbo
tree for him, ho turned up his nose at
It ami pauod on.
"It's wormy!" he Bald. Chicago
Queen Alexandra's Epigram.
"It la a pity," anid Queen Alexan
dra to the late Illshop of Iximlan,' one
day, "that women are not asdevotod to
tlio birds In tlm air as they are to tliu
lilnls In tholr hats."
Lost Hair
" Mv hair came out bv tho hand
ful, and the Riay bolts began to
creep In. I tried Ayer's Hair Vigor,
and It stopped the hair from com
Inn out and restored the color."
Mrs, M. D, Gray, No. Salem, Mass.
There's a pleasure in
offering such a prepara
tion as Ayer's Hair Vigor.
It elves to all who use it
such satisfaction. The!
Hair becomes thicker,
longer, softer, and more
glossy. And you feel so
secure in using such an
old and reliable prepara
tion. $1.00 a bolll.. All drmiliii.
If your ilrureltt cannot supply you,
send us one UolUr and wo will oxpreiis
you a bottle-. Jlo suro and clvo the namo
of your nearest extireis oQlro. Address,
J. 0. A. put CO., Lowell, tlm.
The Htilliiti of Turkey reiiilrra Hint
nil atnlo iloitliiiienta mid inierH Intend
i'il fur Ilia piTiimil ahull Ural pim
tluoiiuh n direful proccan ot disinfec
tion, A rlirloiia slxht III the HtrcclH of To
lilo In to xt'ii mi old run n aciilcil on n
Hlunnlh pli'rn of Kmiiuil ImvIiik rniiml
him Utile plica of wind nf illffurt-iit ml
in h. nil, liliie, yellow, Iilnrk. etc. I'lne
liiK n pllii'li frnni Wil li pllu In Ida right
IiiiiiiI, hn will tlrnw on tlm amnntli
Kiniiuil the IlKliro of n mini or uniiiiin,
tlu di't'SS nil properly colored hy tlm
mini trli'kllinr throiiKh hla llnncrs. It
In ilium with Ki'i'iit riipldlly mul showa
ii'iuiiiknlifo ilcxlerlly.
An liitllmtliiu nf u new tpnilelicy In
Ni'lentllli' alnily la furnlHlicil hy the
liliill nf the J cotrrtl plilfil I Koi'lely nf
I In It I tiioi i to Hi'iiil to tlm 1 lit 1 nt n in I hI
iiiiiIn ii alilp riirryliiK n fluff of llfiy
pi'mniiB, who will attidy tlm K''"loiry,
KtHiKrnpliy, hotiiny, r.fNiloKy, clluintol.
K.v, ihyali'N mul it'cillrnl unit hygienic
iiiiitlllliiiiN nf thoiiit I x I it 1 1 1 1 h . The ship.
i.pi'fliilly cJiiit ti-rt-il for tlio purpoNe,
will lie lllti'il nnil t'ipilipei na the home
mid Inbiiriitory of tlm pnrty durliiK tlm
"utlro trip.
Airtiuuta of enrly wrltera show Hint
aiiilrrt'la inimt formerly hnva Immmi
mmii'.liiKly niimi'iotiN. liolmmi niijn
I I i it t tlm K'r'iy """t wim n fenrftil
acoiirKi' to llm Coloulnl fnrmera mid
Hint IViinaylvmiln pnld I.H.IiO In bono
tlt'H fur tlmlr acitlpa In 17111 Miotic-. ThU
mi iini urn titmiriininn or imi.miu wun -
In n cninpnrntlvt'ly amnll illalrlrt. In
tlio enrly tlnya of Western aettloment
ifKtilnr liiintN were orKniilred by the
Inbnlillmita, who would rniiKK the
h In two cnmpnnlcs from mornlnc ",a" J',"' " "
ilKht. vylUB to which bnnil!0'"- tatarrbal lutlammation of the
till IllKllt
ahnulil brlliK lionm the pjrenteat iiuin
hcr of trtiphlea. U'litt iiiinntltlea thus
killed lint ill limit Incredible now.
An Afrlrnn chiefs tanbrelln la of
Itri-ntcr luiinrtnnre t tin it tnnny people
liunKlne, npnrt from Ha enormous slr.e.
Its losa In bnltln more than eimnla the
limn nf n atnudnrd of n nuropenn coin
mnntler. Home of tlm utnhrcllna are of
prodigious (llmeualona, Im'Iiik no Icaa
thnu '.Tifeot In tllnmeter, with rllia
IS feet ll Inrhea lasiiff. They nro mnde
of tnnrnwood. ntitl the covorliiK Is of
linrcenusly colorcil clilntr. In varied
HiTtlnna nf rrlmaon. yellow mul lilni"
The tipenlim la pfrftirmed by menus of
pulley nnil ropen nttnehed to tho "mil
ncr," thla operntlon rcqulrlnc tlm sen.--
leea of three or four men. The pole,
or hnuille, la of blrrh, mid la nbout II
or !.' feet hlRh.
A npw method of dlacorvrliiK beds of
ore hidden underk'round, In which elec
tricity serves for a detective, Is said
to linvo met with aomo aucccae In
Wales nnd In rornwull. A current of
IiIkIi potential .'10.000 or more volta
la led to two metnl rods set In the
Kroiind. I'rom tbeae. lines of force
spread In nil direction, nnd can be de
tected by mentis of n telephonic receiv
er connected with another pnlr of
metnl rods", which mny be placed In
liny desired position. When no sounds,
or only very faint onea, are heard, that
fact Indicate n deflection of the line
of force, nnd by shifting the place of
the rods tho locntlnn of the metallic
musses which product) the deflection
inn bo determined.
wire sings ins songs.
A fenlure of tho KIchurd Ktrnuss or
chestral concerts In New York Is the
sIukIiik of bis souks by his wife, n rc
inarknhly pretty nnd tnlented woman.
IVw musical couiKiKltlotis bnve ever
excited the discussions which hnve
it us. IIICItAlin BT1UUSS.
been engendered by tho tono-pocms of
Illchnrd Htrnuss. He tins sought to
make tuiislc express nbstract thoughts
nnd emotions, to reproduce realistic
facts, to be phllosophlcnl, sensual, hu
morous, na tleiiiniiilt'il ny tlio sunject
matter. In doing so he has employed
not bo much melody ns harmonic do-
vices and Instrumental combinations.
'.'entitling n Iik in llentl.
The Intelligence .of animals seems,
ns u rule, to bo underrntcd rather than
overrattd. A tlog breeder described
tho other day a wonderful colllo that
had belonged to Kir John Lubbock.
This dog," ho said, "would, when It
was hungry, lay nt Its master's feet n
curd imii'ked 'food.' When It was
thirsty It would fetch n card marked
'drink.' When It wanted to tuke a
walk It would bring n card marked
out.' Hlr John Lubbock trained lt to
do this trick In less than a month.
Ho put tho food curd over tho dog's
food and mndo It bring tho card to lilin
before he would nllow It to cat, and In
tho matter of drinking mid going out
ho used a Ilko method. The curds
wero similar In shnpo mid color; noth
ing but the writing on them differed.
Since, therefore, the tlog distinguished
them by tho writing alone, lt mny
truly be said that the auliual could
rend." i
IJliitiryn Mosquitoes.
Ccrlnlti species of mosquitoes hiber
nate In the adult state, others In tho
lurvao stato nnd sotno In tho egg.
Lnrvao live through a wlutcr In solid
' Milk In tho Form of I'ovtrdor.
Milk Is now reduced to n powder by
n now Swedish Invention. Five quarts
of skim milk yield one pound of powder.
Compelled to lie on Mer Peet the Larger Part of the
Day Finds a Tonic in Pc-ru-na.
Miss Curtnlti of St. y-Sv ywi--iM-a
Mlra N'elllo Curtain, 04U 1'earl street,
Ht. I'ntil, Minn., head aaleawoman in a
ueparttnent atom write:
"I have charirc of n department In a
i dry coodx store, and after Mandlng
i the larKcr purt tit Hie day, I would K
home with a dull ache, Kenerally
I thrniiKli my entire body. I used I'c
i rutin and feel no much better that I
, ,vnlk . .. .,.. ,. Blor .lw.
( know Permit! to be the beat medicine
, on the market for the dlacsssa peculiar
to womcn."-Mls Nellie Curtain.
I NothitK is o wmkenliiK f) the I u-
iisiii,iin iiiuiii i(i Mil" Jil f-i uvwn tin DAivrai i k
formation ol mucus. Wimtlicr the inn
cub membrane bo located In the hesd
or pelvic or(ans, tho discharge of mu
cus Is sure to occur.
This dischaiKO of mucus constitutes a
Sweet Memory.
Kind Lady Why, little fellow, how
did you ever get that black ere?
Urchin Well, ye see, loddy, me
brother went away (II mornln' an' he
guv me that to remember him by,
IlUVt-lf 1ff NT
csmoI ratuiru ibai cn uotbecured by jiiU'i
a a. a... aa . . uv.. ,,.. , UITUU. I.
w in undi-rilincd. have known F. J.t'beoer
forth" I... l i.,trars,and bclLive him ftlni.y
hont.rakirinsli l.u.ines-transact,,nsatitlfln.
It I f'HI'VPV AT. n T'l f
anris ir si,le iu tarry ouisnr oLl eatlutia m-l
Lt ILrir 11 rm.
WX'T A Tsvx.
Wtloleaale UruexUlt, Toledo, Kims4 tuavi,
Wboletsla prusiriiii, Toledo, o.
nall'sCatarrtiCarels ikrnlniernsllr.etlnr
llrectlr on llie blood ind loucoul inrtaeeiot
(fietyiietn. I'rtcs 76r pr botlla. bold kr alt
tmseiiu. Iree.
Usfl's ramlly rills Ibe Hit.
International School ol Music.
Prof. V. I.. Whitney of the Poston
conseivatory of music la to establish
schools ot opera In lkoston, Paria and
Florence, the headquarters to be in
the firat-namvd cily.
Mothers will And Mri. Wlmlow'a Footblng
Hynip Ihr be.t remedy to uae for their cblldreu
ttia teetblnic Misaon.
He Knew One.
"I have hern," aaid the Industrious
book agent, "a volume which Is es
pecially helpful to business men. I'm
certain It would 1 ne It vou II"
"Can you ment on my businessman
it has benefitted?" uroke In the skep
tical one iu the office chair.
"Sure. There's me, for instance.
I get a big commission." Kansas City
If so then your system is out of
tliere is a flaw somewhere in your constitution,
and a possibility that you are losing health, too.
ThcfalliiiKoff iu weight maybeslight, but it makes
a wonderful chance iu one's looks and feelings, and
unless the building up process is begun in time,
vitality and strength are soon gone and health
quickly follows. If you are losing weight there is
a cause for it. Your blood is deteriorating- and
becoming too poor to properly nourish the body, and it must be purified
and enriched before lost weight is regained It requires something more
than au ordinary tonic to build up a feeble constitution, for unless the poisons
and germs that are lurking in the blood are destroyed, they will further im
poverish the blood and weaken the system, and you continue to lose weight.
In S. S. S. will be found purifying and tonic properties combined. It
not only builds up weak constitutions,
but searches out and destroys germs
and poisons of every description and
cleanses the system of all impurities,
thus laying the foundation for a
healthy, steady increase in weight
and future good health.
Food may be bountiful and the
appetite good, but still the system
weakens and we remain poor iu flesh
unless what we cat is properly digested
and turned into rich, pure blood.
S. S. S. re-inforces the Stomach and
aids the digestion and assimilation of
food, and there is a rapid up-building
of health and strength. S. S. S. nets
promptly and beneficially upon the nervous system, strengthens and tones
it up, and relieves the strain by producing sound, refreshing sleep, You
can find no tonic so invigorating as S. S. S., and being composed exclusively
of roots and herbs its use is attended with no bad effects. Old people will
find that it braces them up, improves the circulation of the blood, and
strong or well, and who are growing thinner and falling below their usual
weight, should take a course of S, S. S, and build up again. S. S. S is
recognized everywhere as the leading blood purifier and the safest and best
of all tonics. We cheerfully furnish medical advice, without charge, to all
who will write us. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO.. ATLANTA. CAs
The Southwick has the largest capacity, l fastest
Pondfor catalogue.
weakening drain; the system cannot
long withstand the losa of niin oa, hence
It Is that women aflllctixl with catarr
hal n fleet Ions of the poMc nrtrans foel
tiri'd stid languid, with weak back and
throbbing brain. A course ol Peruna
I sum to rcst-iro health by catting off
the weakening drain ot the dally loss
ol mucus.
An Admirable Tonic.
Congressman .Mark II. Dnnnell,
National Hotel, Washington, 1). C,
"Your Peruna being until hy mysolf
and many of my friends and acquaint
ances not only as a euro lor catarrh but
also a an admirable tonic for physical
rnctipctratlon, I gladly recommend it to
all persons requiring audi remedies."
Mark II. Dunnell.
If you do not deiivo prompt and rat
isfactory results from tho use of Peru
na, write at onco to Dr. Hartman, giv
ing a fall statement of your case and he
will bo pleased to give you bin valua
ble advice gratis.
Address Dr. Hartman, President of
The Hartman Hanltraluin, Columbus,
Woman Olven Piece of Honor.
Mrs. James It. Hopley of Iiucyrus,
O., Is the only woman who has been
given a place upen the centennial pro
gram commemorating the 100th anni
versary ol tho admission of Ohio to the
union. The theme of her address will
be "The Value ol Good Women in In
fluencing Civilization." .Mrs. Hopley
1,0 'ormer 1
rrated Clubs.
is a former president of the Ohio red-
Hsn a Cure T a reined v fur coughs, colds
and conKumpiioii. Try It. PriceSScenU,
I .rfnit,.i...r
i 00
Not a Success.
A scum Were you onu of her chafing
dish party?
Al. Way Beaton Hull! we were a
chafing chafing-dish party. The
chafing dish didn't chafe as much as
ww did and some of us are hungry yet.
Philadelphia Prets.
CITQ Perrosnenlir Cured. NofitiornerroaiDess
I llu after flrftldar'suteof lr KlIne'sUreatNerTS
lt-trrer Hend for Kpr (S'J I rUI bntlle and treatlaa.
Ur. II. 11. Kline, U4. Ml A rib bt.. I'blladelpbla. ra.
The Inference Obvious.
District Attorney Jerome tells of a
prisoner recently brought to a Harlem
police station whose condition was so
uncleanly that he was advised by the
desk sergeant to take a bath.
"What!" exclaimed the hobo, indig
nantly, "me go into the water?"
"Certainly; you need It. How long'nfter. leaving their winter quarters at
is It since you had a bath?"
The hobo grinned. "Ineverwasar
rested before." New York Timis.
balance, and
Huntsvllle, AU., Jam. 10, 1003.
Borne years ago my general health
are way; my nervona syatem waa
ahattered, and I eould ret nothing- to
do me any good till I besan to uaa
O. Ba 8. I commenced to improve at
once. My appetite became aplendld
and from 130 pounds I tncreaaed to
180. I became well again by taking
B. 8. 8, and would taka no amount for
the good lt did me. Sly health Is
now perfect, and I believe If every
body would take a bottle of 8. B. B.
occasionally, they would enjoy Ufa
'aa I am doing. W. I. WINSTON.
P. Na U. No J4-1O0J. j
WHEN wrltlnc to advertisers pleat I fS - , , . I
nienlliin this paper. I jfyi-4Cffixr I
stimulates an the uomiy organs, ana
persons of delicate constitutions can
take S. S. S. with safety, as it does not
derange the Stomach like the strong
mineral remedies, but acts gently and
without auy shock to the system. Those
whose feel i nrs tell them they are not
Southwick Hav
and eaateit worker of any Hay 1'rcn made.
-Mailed free.
Portland, Qrmgon
? 1
MP or rniAHiPOlt.i and FTpi Mta luep Tictiom Jtiiiw
The Indlnnnpolla and Knstem Interurbnn Hallway linn Inaugurated tho
first lntenirhnu rallwny sleeping car that has ever been operated In tbo
world. With the starting of the first Interurbnn sleeping car service It Is
expected that sift-ping car service will be run on all the electric lines of any
consequence In tbo country.
Tliu Indiana-Mills and Knntcrn, through It allied traffic line, hn begun
a through limited service out of Indianapolis through this place for Day
ton and Columbus, Ohio.
Ileforo ninny month lias pissed through traffic will have been estab
lished tho entire dlstniire from Ht. Iuls, Mo., to Pittsburg, I'a.. nnd CIn
Cincinnati, Ohio, making the longest Interurbnn rallwny system In the world.
All that la now lacking for the completion of this great system of Interurlmn
railways are short of track west of Ten Haute. Intl., a short
atretcb five mile east of Illcbmond, Ind.. and a stretch from Newark to
Hteubenvllle, Ohio. These lines are already under course of construction. A
through line from Chicago to Cincinnati will also have been completed by
the close of the year.
The course of the fit. Louls-PIttsburg line will be as follows: East St.
Loul Traction Company. St, Louis to Colllnsvllle. 111. (line under construc
tion from Colllnsvllle to Terre Haute, Ind.); Terre Haute anil Ilrnzll Traction
Company, Terre Haute to Harmony, Ind.; Indianapolis and Plalnfleld Trac
tion Company. PlaliiQeld to Indianapolis; Indianapolis nnd Eastern, Indian
njMills to Dublin. Ind.; Richmond Street and Interurban Traction Company.
Dublin to Illcbmond; Dayton and Western Traction Company, Illcbmond v
Dayton, Ohio; Columbus, London and Springfield, Dayton to Columbus; Co
lumbus nnd Newark Traction Company, Columbus to Newark. Ohio; Newark
to Stetibenvllle, Ohio (building); Stcubenvllle to Pittsburg. Pa., the Flttsburg
and Hteubenvllle Interurban.
Patriotic Celebration of Its Annlver
aarj In Freehold N. Ja
Freehold, N. J., recently appropri
ately observed the anniversary of the
battle of Monmouth. Patriotic citi
zens from all of the Eastern States,
prominent government and New Jer
sey State officials and troops of mllltln
lent dignity to the celebration. cen
tury and a quarter have passed away
since that memorable day when Wash
ington checked the disgraceful retreat
of the troops under MnJ. (Jen. I,ee.
turning defeat Into victory, and brave
Molly Pltiuer performed the heroic
deed which won for her undying fame
and enshri'ted her name In the heart
of every American citizen.
The bntlie of Monmouth was the
first enrnL'eiiient of Imnortnnce which
J the troops under Washington fought
Vnlley Forge. The privations and suf
ferings endured by the American pa
triots at Valley Forge bad well-nigh
discouraged them, nnd Washington
realized the advisability of winning n
victory over the Ilrltlsh, which would
tend to hearten his men and raise the
flagging spirits of the nation. Accord
lugly, when the Ilrltlsh, under Sir Hen
ry Clinton, evacuated Philadelphia, on
June 13, and marched toward llruns
wick, N. J., with a view of embark'
Ing on ltarltan river, Washington
broke camp at Valley Forge, sent fop
ward some light troops to harass the
enemy, nnd then with the main body
started In pursuit. M Alleutown Clin
ton suddenly turned to the right by a
road lending through Freehold to San
dy Hook. Tho evening of Juno 27
found the main body of the Ilrltlsh en
camped at Monmouth Courthouse, In
tho town ot Freehold, whllo tho .Vtner
Ican advance, under MnJ. Geu. Lee,
wns Ave miles away.
Early on tho -Sth Leo engaged the
rear division of the enemy, hls'ordors
being to hold lt In check until the
main body should como up. The .Amer
icans were successful nt tlrst, but the
changes of tho Ilrltlsh regulars soon
threw them Into confusion mid they
Ix'giin a disorderly retreat In which
their coinuiiiiider participated. Wash
ington, coming up with tho main body
of troops, beheld Lee's Hying men. Tho
face of the American couiinnntlcr-lii-elilef
Hushed migrlly, ns ho spurred
his horse through the demoralized
troops to Leo's side. Sternly he re
buked the commander, nnd then, rally
ing the fugitives, luiRtcued back to
bring up tho main body,
Washington succeeded In placing his
troops on mi eminence In u fnvorablo
position mid soon wns turning defeat
Into victory. Tho Ilrltlsh mndo nn In
effectual nttempt to turn tho Ameri
can left wing and then turned their at
tention to the right, whero they were
nlso repulsed.
All through the dny the light went
on. The drill which tho Auicrlcau
i i:
i .is
- i3
-1 . r
Sl I
troops received from Ilaron Steunen at
Vnlley Forge stood them In good stead.
They fought like veterans, and the
day was won.
There was one other who shared the
honors of the battle of Monmoutb with
Washington, and that was brave Molly
Pitcher. Her husband, nn artillery
man In Oswald's command, was sta
tioned with bis battery In an exposed
position In the American line. Time
nnd again the men at the guns were
mowed down, but the survivors contin
ued the fight with vigor. 'Molly Pitcher
hnd been carrying water from a nenr
by spring for the gunners to wet the
sponges when they swabbed out the
cannon. While returning from one of
these excursion to the spring Molly
saw her husband fall. There was no
one to take his place nt the gun. With
out n moment's hesitation the brave
woman set down the water she wns
carrying, seized the rammer and took
her husband's place. The army cheered
her wildly as she discharged the can-
noil again and again. Washington per
sonally complimented her and appoint
ed her a captain In the American army.
The Hare American Sailor.
The American sailor Is getting to be
a very rare bird In these days, says
a writer In Leslie's Monthly. Perhaps
It is not a well known fact, though
any man familiar with shipping mut
ters knows It. The recruiting officers
for the navy have the very greatest
difficulty In getting .merlcans, even
for our men-of-war. If we have not
sailors trained In the merchant ma
rine, where will wo get crews Iu time
of war? I huvo been with n crowd of
navy men who were ou shore leave lu
kVeru Cruz, when there were uot ten
words spoken lu English.
Even on tho big lines which Hy the
American flng lu the forelgu trade, the
crews nro In reality foreigners, though
ninny of them hnve tnken out first pa
pers lu order to get berths In the Hue.
Throwing Away a Fortune.
.. poor Austrian otllclnl lu tho civil
service recently bought two tickets lu
tho Hungarian Philanthropic Stato
lottery. A little while afterwards his
funds run very low, and he sent back
one of tbo tickets to tho lottery olllce
and nsked that tho money he had paid
for It might bo returned. This very
ticket won tho tlrst prlzo nt tho draw
ing, amounting to one hundred nnil
fifty thousand kronen a sum which
would have mndo tho otllclnl rich be
yond his utmost dreams If he hnd not'
at the last moment let his own good
fortune slip out of his hand.
llullt by Americans.
The twenty-seven railway bridges on
the Uganda (Africa) road are Amer
ican. When a lazy man condescends to
work ho 60011 discovers he's a little
too good for the Job,
Airs. Emmnns. Raved from
an operation for Ovaritis, tells
how she was cured by Lydla E.
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"I am so pleased with tha results I
obtained from Lytllii I.. IMnklmin's)
Vegetable Conpotllld that I feel lt
a duty and a privilege to ivrlto you
about It.
" I suffered for over five years with
ovnriun troubles), causing an un
pleasant discharge, a great weakness,
and at times a fnlntncas would come
over me which no nmount of medicine,
diet, or cxercl&o seemed to correct.
Your Vegetable Compound found the
weak spot, however, within a few
weeks and saved iuo from nn
operation all my troubles hnd dis
appeared, nnd I found myself once
more healthy and well. Words fall to
describe tho real, true grateful feeling
that is In my heart, and I want to tell
every sick and suffering sister. Don't
dally with medicines you know noth
ing about, but take I.ydln K. I'lnk
liam's Vcgctnblo Compound, and
taka my word for lt, you will bo a
different woman In a short time."
Mns. LixitA., Walkcrvllle, Ont.
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IT, .. .1
Flrmt mnU Taylor